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Celebrate the night life with some Splatoon based sprites! Feel free to use everything seen here!

Ourchin: My Splatfest team has over 10,000 members! There’s no way we can lose, so join our side! If you don’t, consider yourself human! Y'know, extinct! 

Amemone: We get it, you’re bad at Turf War. Aren’t you losing 8 - 3 to me now? 

Ourchin: …Let’s unveil today’s stages. 

Hey guys! I’m writing my final paper for one of my grad classes on LGBT identity building and empowerment through music. I’m comparing songs written by members of the community versus music coming from an “ally” in support of LGBT people. With that being said, I want to analyze about 4 songs (2 from each category) and if any of you have any recommendations I would be super grateful! 

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jessica jones (the defenders)
rose tyler (doctor who)
allison argent (teen wolf)
sansa stark (game of thrones)
amanita caplan (sense8)
emma swan (once upon a time)
annie sawyer (being human uk)
inej ghafa (six of crows)
clarke griffin (the 100) 
rosa diaz (brooklyn nine-nine)

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ASOIAF + (some) houses’ prominent traits
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Reigen stared at him, his expression stern in the way Serizawa had learned it was when he didn’t have to keep up his customer service pleasantries. He stepped close to him and rested his forehead against his shoulder, hiding his expression. His quiet words, however, Serizawa could hear loud and clear.

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disney meme [2/8] songs➞ where you are
“ you are your father’s daughter: stubbornness and pride. mind what he says, but remember, you may here a voice inside. and if the voice starts to whisper, to follow the farthest star, moana, that voice inside is who you are. ”


One year ago I wrote Nightmares

Nightmares was the first fan fiction I ever wrote for Voltron, and it is BY FAR the biggest response I’ve ever gotten for something I’ve created. It’s a year later, and I am still very active in this fandom, and a lot of that has to do with the continuous comments and messages I get from you guys about this fanfic.

Thank you. So much. 

This year has been very difficult for me, but Voltron and talking to you guys has been an important path of escape. Without you guys, I can’t imagine how difficult the past few months may have been for me. 

Here’s to another year of Klance hell and creating content that I find fulfilling and I hope you guys enjoy. 


as you wish, anon and @bokutothekid <3

“Don’t know what position you play in quidditch, but you look like a keeper ;^)”

//I would like to thank my dear potterhead friend for that pickup line


bonus: he strikes again!!