there i made it now i never have to think about eridan again

just noticed something

in [S] Make Her Pay, right before Aradia starts beating the shit out of Vriska, there’s this image:

which i originally thought was Vriska trying to start something. But upon closer inspection, what I had seen as a fight pose is actually much more peaceful and submissive. 

Notice how her left hand, which, being (arguably) her dominant hand as well as being made of metal and therefore much stronger than her right, is lowered and in an open, somewhat relaxed position, while her right is loosely extended with her hand open and facing sideways. 

that doesn’t seem like an aggressive gesture to me. More like a handshake, or maybe an apologetic ‘hey, look,’ sort of thing. We know when she’s feeling cocky she’s ALWAYS smiling, and she folds her arms over her chest and leans backward, or puts her hands on her hips, or otherwise just really gives off an arrogant facade that gives the impression that she just really loves fighting. 

But we can see here that isn’t the case. Her body language is much more submissive and apologetic. She’s not smiling, her back is stooped, herhead is down, and her face gives off more of a ‘hey, I’m sorry’ kind of impression than a ‘you’re in for it’ one. 

And let’s be honest here. If Vriska wanted to fight, she would have pummeled Aradia all over again. She’s powerful enough to give Jack Noir a run for his money. But she let Aradia beat her up. Why? 

Because she was trying to make it up to Aradia. She was trying to apologize for killing her. Vriska feels awful about what she did. She didn’t want to do it in the first place, but Scratch maniulated her into it (that doesn’t erase the fact that she still did it, but the fact remains that she never wanted to be the way she is). In this frame we catch a glimpse into a side of Vriska we rarely get to see: she’s apologetic, insecure, reaching out to make amends. And she lets aradia beat her to a pulp without retaliating because, deep down, she feels that she deserves it, and she doesn’t want to hurt her again. 

Now, an argument could be made that she was trying to get aradia to beat her to within an inch of her life so that she could get Tavros to take her to her quest cocoon and ascend to god tier. But if that were purely the case, wouldn’t she have orchastrated a less painful way? Wouldn’t she have come at aradia the way she normally does, ensuring aradia would be angry enough to attack? Would she have put her life in Tavros’ hands willingly, not knowing for a fact that he would stand up for her? This is the person she always accuses of being spineless and weak. And using her powers would undoubtedly make it impossible to convince aradia, because being mind-controlled by her would make him appear like a zombie–aradia would know in an instant that her longtime friend wasn’t acting of his own volition. 

One thing we know about Vriska is that when she takes chances, she makes sure all of the odds are in her favor, and that she is in control of every piece of the puzzle. A plan in which she depends upon the heroic action of someone she thinks of as cowardly does not sound like a plan she would make. Rising to godtier was obviously only a plan B for if she ever got seriously injured, otherwise she would have just cut out all the middlemen and done it herself. Asking Tavros to put her out of her misery yet not psychically forcing him to do so wasn’t premeditated, it was the product of a severely wounded Vriska, who feels betrayed by aradia, and is now seeing a new, braver side of tavros and pinning her hopes of having someone there for her on him by testing his resolve. She doesn’t want to make the choice for him again, as she had pre-sgrub, because she feels guilty about that too. In a way, this is her twisted way of asking for forgiveness from tavros, feeling that her chance to make amends with aradia is shot. In the ‘K8LL ME″ scene, she has become isolated from everyone she had considered her friend, having burned all of her bridges before sgrub, and is now pinning the last of her hope for…redemption, friendship, validation… all on tavros, because he’s the only one left. The only one who helped her when she was dying, the only one who believed in her (or so she feels). 

And this really explains her behavior on the meteor. The whole flash, every single one of her interactions is her desperately trying to reach out to anyone and everyone, trying to redeem herself by hatching a plan to kill jack–blinded to the concequences of this action, trying to antagonize terezi for some bit of blackrom normalcy from their scourge days, initiating a conversation with eridan of all people, being friendly and supportive to feferi and nepeta, trying to connect with equius and kanaya, encouraging tavros, trying to joke around with sollux, and humoring karkat and gamzee. And her interaction with Aradia? She avoids trying to apologize, seeing as it was something that apparently set her off last time, and instead adopts her usual abrasive style of talking. She admits that aradia’s clapback hurts. When Aradia threatens her, saying she could ‘kill her with a twitch’, vriska says ‘yeah, but you won’t!’…which seems like a taunt at first, perhaps meant to imply weakness, or rub it in her face that tavros protected her, but I think it could also betray a bit of hope. ‘you didn’t kill me when you had the chance’, to vriska, could seem to be something like ‘there’s hope that we could put the past behind us and be friends’. 

idk just some thoughts 

I keep seeing "blogs Homestuck characters would have” and I'm going to set the record straight

 John: 2010 memes and tutorials on practical jokes. He posted a screamer once but a follower told him that was fucked up and he deleted it and never did again. Sends kind anon messages. Basically the leader of a whole friend group, seems to know everyone personally? He and Jane have running arguments about cake. 

Dave: aesthetic pictures of swords that he’s glitched beyond recognition, his own “art”, basically a tumblr funnyman along the lines of like, slimetony, but with more SBAHJ. Lots of weird niche memes, makes his own music and it’s actually really good. 

Rose: “Welcome to my twisted mind” is her header, no one can tell if she’s serious or not. “Here’s how to summon a demon” kind of tumblr witch. Probably the reason people in that world worry about the literal Stealing of Human Bones.

Jade: “I will take care of you with crystal energy” kind of tumblr witch. Lots of pictures of dogs and other cute animals! Didn’t really figure out that you don’t have to add comments to every post you see but it’s okay because she’s super sweet. Someone once sent mean messages to her and her friends and she took them down so brutally and effectively that they deleted. Everyone’s a little scared of her but they love her so much.

Roxy: Used to post a lot of positivity for others along with a lot of self-hate, later revamped and is all about positivity all around. Also sends kind messages. When she deletes things They Stay Gone. Despite Dave’s popularity her posts circulate the most and it’s not uncommon for them to go around 4 or 5 times on everyone’s dash per week. She’s just nice. Once someone yelled at her for her posts about booze and alcoholism way back and she did the internet version of sitting them down and talking earnestly about addiction. They apologized. She said it was okay but never do that again because no one owes you their life story. Running series of “jokes” with Jane about being married, eventually they start dating.

Jane: tumblr version of those surreal food bloggers. She posts tons of recipes but they’ve got kinda weird shit in the background like “obey” in tiny font on the pictures and the descriptions are vague. Basically food gothic. Also posts terrible jokes and puns, on occasion starts discourse in the utensil and cake mix fandoms. Also posts A TON of comedians, Parks & Rec gifs of Ron Swanson, and makes gifsets of her favorite black-and-white noir detective films. Posts selfies of herself in a mustache. Replies to anon hate with stuff like “Listen, buster, I have literally dealt with attempts on my life. I have received letter bombs from people angry with my family’s cake mix. You don’t scare me.” Once had a huge breakdown though. Everyone ships her and Roxy.

Dirk: Made a tumblr bot called, like, “halbotover9000″ or something, but it became sentient and started making callout posts for him and ruining his friendships. It went inactive for a while and everyone assumed he deleted the bot, but really he just passed it on to Equius. When it resurfaces there are just tons of posts about milk and horses.

Jake: He has no idea what he’s doing, how do you use tumblr, can everyone see these posts? Here’s a cool rock he found in the forest. Starts a whole Gigantic Tumblr Anger Thing, is totally oblivious until it all crashes down. Deletes his blog for a while and then makes a new one in which he barely interacts with anyone ever but he seems somewhat happier. Puts tags in the description like Jade, but more unintentional.

Aradia: Similar to Rose, but posts WAY more depression memes. Also her blog has a lot of archaeology stuff? Talks about time travel a lot, too. Really enthusiastic or totally apathetic there is no in-between. Has an elaborate ongoing roleplaying scenario with Vriska, Tavros, and Terezi. When Vriska hurt Tavros, she set a bunch of her followers (she calls them “ghosties”) on Vriska, which ended with Vriska doxxing her. She came back though, in a quasi-relationship with Equius, who she broke up with after discovering lesbianism. Now gay as hell.

Tavros: POKEMON! GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! He posts a lot of stuff about the Peter Pan movies, books, musicals, etc. Reblogs posts about being disabled and also posts about self-esteem and how to build it. Is constantly being torn down by Vriska, eventually tells her to fuck off but not until WAY after the incident. He posts stuff about keeping animals, especially cows.

Sollux: Who are we kidding, he’s on reddit. He says it’s because it’s cooler but he’s really just sort of scared. 

Karkat: His blog is Emo™. He posts sad song lyrics, rom-com gifs, and FUCKTONS OF ANGRY POSTS ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIKE WHAT HE LIKES. All his writing is in all caps, people ask why. He says it’s because the world has earned his rage. Really the caps button got stuck a long time ago and he got used to it and now lower case looks weird.

Nepeta: Cat gifs cat gifs cat gifs!!!!! Volunteers at an animal shelter, posts about kitties looking to get adopted. Super sweet. Lowkey a furry and interacts on those “open rp” posts only to get made fun of, doesn’t really understand it. Gets a ton of anon hate for no reason? But she’s friends with Equius and Equius is………. uh…….. so eventually people leave her alone. She’s listed as a “cringey” blog sometimes but everyone who actually follows her thinks she’s adorable and is a little happier when they see her on their dash. 

Kanaya: Lesbian Blog. Inserts herself into tumblr drama all the time to mediate, mostly ends up making things worse. Got so mad at Eridan that he deleted his blog, is very proud of this. Posts pictures of herself with her chainsaw and elaborate topiaries. Fashion aesthetic. People reblog her selfies with “holy shit step on me” and “I’m too gay” and she loves it.

Terezi: get ready for that shitty leetspeak, it’s ya gal Terezi Pyrope here with so many gotdamn bright colors that your eyes will spin. You thought Dave had a bad theme? She’s got the worst one. Posts memes about everything. Roleplays with Nepeta sometimes and no one can tell if it’s sincere. Used to roleplay with Vriska but they had a horrible fight which ended in a way people don’t really know but afterwards she got someone to post a picture of her with bandages all around her eyes and the caption “1M BL1ND NOW YOU DUMB FUCKS”. People tried to call her out but damn she is. She is the law. Don’t try that shit on her she’ll destroy you.

Vriska: The literal worst. holy shit. Has done most of the terrible shit in the book. Scams people, doxxes them, sends SHITTONS of anon hate. Spams the block button on anyone who calls her out and then posts infinite shit about them. Pulls receipts. But she’s holy shit pretty and has a legion of loyal followers who are just as willing to attack people because she Can Do No Wrong. A few people know about her awful home life but she warned them not to spread it on pain of death. Ran a fortune-telling blog but it was Bad Shit. Spiders, so many spiders.

Equius: Fetish blog he doesn’t know is a fetish blog.

Gamzee: ………….part of the clown uprising???

Eridan: “Eridan Ampora. 13. Male. Bisexual but don’t let it fuckin fool you I don’t take shit. White. My family has money. Basically everything tumblr hates. Women are bitches haha amiright?” Constantly posts about how he can’t get a date, also posts… wow some terrible shit. Also history, for some reason? And selfies with his rifle collection. 

Feferi: ENDLESS CUTTLEFISH PICTURES. ENDLESS. SO MANY FISH PUNS! SHE TAKES PICTURES OF HER FISH AND GIVES THEM CUTE CAPTIONS. Was friends with Eridan for a while, eventually realized how terrible he was and left.

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV.

One thing I’ve noticed in the reread of Homestuck I’m doing is that Light players, among all their other dysfunctions, have been characterized as being obsessed with “meaning.” Rose has a minor meltdown over the appearance of Rosesprite, due to her representing a meaningless intrusion into what Rose perceives as a neat, orderly arc to be traced through her Seer powers. Meenah mentions offhand that Aranea could never just do a thing, she had to make everyone aware of the significance of the thing. 

Vriska is kind of the odd duck among the heroes of Light. Whereas Aranea and Rose merely place great importance on “meaning,” Vriska seems reliant on it. Her manifestation of the “meaning-obsession” takes the form of her fixation on the concept of relevance. She talks about clawing her way back to relevance, uses it as a cudgel to assert dominance over others, and overall seems to treat it as an end unto itself. She simply must be relevant at all costs. And while one could write this off as just her being a glory-hound, it remains a very peculiar and borderline meta way of expressing herself. I would be inclined to write it off as one of Hussie’s little in-jokes, except for this:

“(VRISKA): It’s terrifying 8eing dead, and having to live through memories forever, and dealing with the fact that nothing really means anything. ”

I think this is a good starting point for thinking about thinking what lies at the root of Vriska’s character, because this is her as she is when she is utterly alone and without defenses. While other characters, notably Karkat, have expressed discomfort with the dreambubbles and the existence they prolong - an eternity of weirdly uncomfortable encounters with other versions of your friends and yourself who might not even have fucked up so much as just succeeded wrong - Vriska is outright frightened by them. She goes far beyond even Rose’s reaction to unwelcome, meaningless phenomenon. Vriska fears a lack of meaning more than anything else in the world. And this meaninglessness is tied to reliving her own memories, recollections of her life.

I think one could make the case that everything Vriska does in the comic, all the identities she cycles through and all the bullshit she engineers for the purpose of self-aggrandizing “relevance,” is an attempt on her part to wrest some kind of meaning from her life. To stave off a feeling of pointlessness that terrifies her. To take it a step further, possibly into the realm of fanfiction, I think shes afraid that theres no reason for her to be alive. And of course the reason for this, like almost everything else in Vriska’s character, comes back to Spidermom.

“I’ve 8asically 8een playing this role as a slave in the food chain my whole life. It is what she selected me to do. ”

Thats how she describes her relationship with her guardian, the only time in the comic she doesn’t evade with vague comments about not really missing the life she left behind. Consider what an existence that must’ve been - going out to collect sacrifices every night, just so she could earn the opportunity to do it again the next. Survival for survival’s own sake. How pointless must that have felt, with no promise of escape? How do you justify such an existence to yourself? No wonder she adopted the persona of her ancestor just to get by. When the villainous Marquise identity fails to hold up after she kills Tavros, she starts justifying her existence through the lens of protecting reality. After her search for the juju peters out following Aranea’s departure, she adopts Meenah’s nihilism as a method of coping. She deals with the fear of meaninglessness by taking an attitude that its okay because nothing matters, lets go on the horse-a-whirl! 

As a brief tangent - her mutable sense of self is especially alarming when viewed through the context of her brief incarnation as Tavrisprite. Because, bear in mind that Tavros has so little hatred in his soul that he cant even bring himself to be mean to her while he's gloating. And yet, Tavrisprite somehow produces this outburst:


“Fuck my name, its nothing" 

Between Vriska’s manifold issues and Tavros’ willingness to just submit to adversity instead of resisting, they create something that cannot exist because it has nothing but hatred for itself. 

Back to the main point - I think this reading of Vriska as being driven by fears of not having any reason to be alive goes a long, long way to explain a lot of her attitudes. Her cavalier attitude towards her own well being, her cheerful acknowledgement that she’s deserved everything she’s ever had done to her, her vicious hatred of her ghost. Most interesting, however, is the particularly bizarre dickering over what to do with the corpses after the retcon.

“VRISKA: I don’t want to 8e the ar8iter of Eridan’s value as a person 8ecause of the mistakes he’s made! 
VRISKA: Or Feferi’s or Nepeta’s or Sollux’s or ANY8ODY’S! ”

Vriska honestly comes off as being devious here, but she apparently, legitimately has no ulterior motives for not prototyping the other corpses. Unless we assume that there was some extremely long con in play - which is honestly not how Vriska rolls at all; thats more Terezis wheelhouse - we have to assume that she left them unprototyped for the exact reason she says. She doesn’t want to play arbiter of the relative value of Eridan’s life versus Nepeta and Feferi. Because if Eridan doesn’t deserve to be alive, what does that say about her? Of course she hates her ghost so much - aside from laying bare all the deeply-guarded weakness inside her, (Vriska) is conclusive proof that by all objective measures she should really, really not be alive right now. And to top it all off, (Vriska) has given up on justifying herself to be… happy. Which of course represents nothing but rank selfishness in Vriska’s eyes.

People talk about whether or not Vriska will be “redeemed,” but I’ve sort of stopped thinking in terms like that. There doesn’t seem to be much there to redeem; she’s just broken. She can’t be happy until she settles down, but she can’t settle down until she’s proven that her continued existence has meaning. Her memories are full of mistakes and violence and thousands of dead children and so she’s constantly in search of some monster to slay if only to justify the price of her life. If she can’t do something huge and grandiose to once and for all cement herself as the best forever, maybe she should have just taken a half-gainer into her lusus’ mandibles. How do you redeem someone like that? Hell, how do you punish someone like that? 

More than anything, I think her story will involve someone having to stop her from hurting herself in a very existentially terminal fashion. Because bear in mind she’s about to face off with Lord English, and the plans of Serkets are required by universal law to never work. If she can’t beat him, which she can’t, the opportunity to make all the memories and fear and regret go away forever is right there in front of her. All she has to do is stand still and embrace oblivion. Homestuck is 50% callbacks by volume, and I would be unsurprised to see a callback to this:

“TAVRISPRITE: Whoever the fuck you are???????? 

God deliver us from Serkets and their drama.

Fantastic Vriska analysis submitted by the wonderful @intocleanness

a vriska/terezi relationship analysis

this has been sitting in my drafts for a week and it’s still really messy, but I think it’s finally time to post it. i’ve been meaning to write this post for like, 2 or 3 years.

one person’s case for Vriska and Terezi’s relationship not only “transcending the four quadrants”, but directly or indirectly driving the story more than any other relationship in the comic!

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.I FINALLY finished drawing all of the gems for my lil gemstuck au ;w; shoutout to bushime​ for helping me to find a lot of these great gems!

The story behind this au: All 12 of these gems are defective in one way or another. The gem leaders decided to “dispose” of them because they’re useless in their eyes, but these 12 gems manage to steal a ship and escape. They eventually crash land on earth and try to adjust to human civilization and make human friends and many many a wild shenanigan  (btw all of the gems in this silly au use she/her pronouns since all gems do this)

Click the readmore if you’d like more details on each of the gems and how they’re defective and whatnot ;v;

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Make Homestuck Great Again

How I think Homestuck could have been better

Vriskagram never should have happened, or at least not the way it did.
It was just one big hand wave
Rose + Roxy
Vriska being around shouldn’t magically stop Rose becoming an alcoholic. Roxy could have helped Rose resolve issues with Mom and help kick her addiction. That would satisfy the lingering Mom thing and show those two bonding

Terezi, the badass, cunning, no-nonsense girl became… submissive. She lost most of her authority and momentum to Vriska. Now she rides backseat and that’s lame as hell
S: Remember should happen much earlier and force her to deal with pushing her blame away. She killed Vriska for a reason. She should have a chance to confront her about that

Gamzee shouldn’t be reduced to slave/prisoner.
Everyone was just ok with Gamzee being forced to serve Vriska??? Nobody put up a fight?
Besides that, he still has the insanity thing that Vriska likely stole the spotlight away from.
Karkat can calm him and Rose can be his therapist. Those two can resolve his issues and make sure he never gets thrown into the fridge

Bring back Feferi + Eridan
Feferi is the Witch of Life. She commissioned the dream bubbles.
If anyone can come back to life, it’s her.
She should have been there for fighting the Condesce. If Roxy was there because of what she did to humans Feferi should have been there to fulfill her destiny and truly eliminate the old ways of Alternia

Eridan ended a villain and never got to be happy. That’s just messed up.
Without Vriskagram’s hand wave there is plenty of time to focus on Feferi coming back to life, giving room to show Eridan’s growth
Seeing his doomed ghost versions should have made him come to his senses
He should help Feferi come back to life and be a major planner for the ghost army/final battle, seeing as how he is well versed in warfare and could easily take over Vriska’s role

Big plot changes: The Ring of Life makes you alive even after you take it off. Alpha Feferi wears it to come back and offers it to Eridan since he would have helped her. Eridan now aware of his role decides to stay dead to help lead the ghost army
Gamzee is free and helps fight the Felt with Jake. Crowbar recognizes Gamzee and doesn’t want to fight, but they ultimately do. Jake remains the victor/hero, just with whimsical sidekick. Gamzee is still serving an English, just not Lord English
After the fight Gamzee and Jake persuade them into following them and they do
Jake becomes Boy/Lad English, leader of the Felt + Gamzee

These are the major/not too major changes I propose.

through the window

Sollux and Eridan, despite what most people might think, are actually incredibly fond of each other. Eridan, not wanting to risk his father suspecting that he might be in a relationship with the boy next door, continues to act cruel to him at school, their only affectionate moments when they sneak into each other’s rooms at night through the window to fall asleep in each others’ arms. After awhile though, that’s not enough.

Word Count: 4149

Read under the cut or on AO3

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treegona  asked:

OT3 soulmate idea, a person rounds a corner and suddenly sees two people in full color instead of in black&white. The other two have no idea how they're going to meet their soulmates. They try stuff out to see who belong together. It's only when all three of them, simultaniously, hold hands that one of them hets his/her insight. Last one thinks they're not a part of the pair, so they try to leave (cus they were really starting to like the others) but then something happens and BAM! OT3.

holy crap this one hit me like a freight train and i couldn’t not do it.


==>Karkat: Find soulmates

Your name is Karkat Vantas and oh my gog this can’t be happening.


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Anita Blake Deconstruction: Guilty Pleasures ch 1-2

In which I have opinions about books and I make you listen to them. :D

But first, a little scene-setting:

I first encountered the Anita Blake series in my freshman year of college about a decade ago. (Oh my god has it been ten years already? TEN. YEARS.) They were my first real urban fantasy novels and it was love at first page and I identified with Anita so hard.

There were already a dozen books out and I used to run upstairs to borrow them from a friend who owned the series. I still remember the first thing she said to me after recommending them: “they get weird later.” I assumed she was being cautious and dramatic because they had (gasp) sex and violence in them and at the time this was very edgy for li’l sheltered me.

She was not.

So the thing about this series is I have NEVER heard anyone bring these books up without adding that qualifier. If you hear someone talking about a series of books that gets weird they are talking about this series. I will lay money.

Anita Blake Vampire Books: They Get Weird.

Let’s discuss.

Ch 1:

Willie McCoy had been a jerk before he died. His being dead didn’t change that.

This is a pretty catchy start. Someone is dead! And in Anita’s office wearing polyester and looking like “a bit player in a gangster movie.” Willie is a vampire but he is not a love interest. We know this because he is short and awkwardly dressed and clearly low on the pecking order. He is also the first vampire Anita knew before he died.

One thing I never noticed before is how this first sentence sets up a key idea of the series. Vampires act like people. They remain essentially the people they were before they died. So are they people?

Don’t worry, Anita will spend thousands of pages angsting about this topic in books to come.

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You ever just think about Homestuck, like:

  • Aradia, while suffering major depression, sacrificed a small army of alternate-timeline versions of herself so that she could get her friends to safety, then came back to life just in time to stop Jack Noir, arguably the most powerful character in the comic at that point, with about zero difficulty.
  • Tavros suffered through years if not centuries of abuse, and finally moved on enough to not only stand up for himself, but to become a kind, respected leader and tell his abuser to suck it
  • Sollux was forced to kill his girlfriend when he was just a kid, watched most of his friends die, was generally apathetic about everything, and still cared enough to sacrifice himself so that his friends could get out of their broken session
  • Karkat is surrounded by literal gods and people with planet-sized egos, but is confirmed to be the only shot his race has of actually having a decent future because despite his insecurities and self-loathing he’s a genuinely good person and leader
  • Nepeta grew up hunting big game for fun, died trying to avenge her best friend’s murder, and has been resurrected into a session she knows nothing about because Jasperose likes cats.  If she survives, she’ll have to face what’s left of her best friend becoming a part of the enemy her friends are determined to kill.
  • Kanaya spent three years believing that Eridan had destroyed all hope of her species’ future.  She was presented with a chance to save it just when she was about to risk her life for her friends, and will now have to choose between helping them and protecting herself and Karkat for the good of their race.
  • After years of abuse and self-loathing, Terezi worked out a plan to give her friends a chance to succeed using powers that she barely understood and wrote it out in her own blood before succumbing to a sucking gut wound and dying in a chalk outline she drew herself.
  • (Vriska) spent her childhood killing other children to feed her mother, became a bullying, abusive perfectionist, and was ultimately killed by her best friend.  She spent centuries unlearning her toxic behavior and examining the flaws in her narcissism, only to be abused and berated by an alternate version of herself for being “weak” and to be abandoned by the only person who had ever made her feel truly happy.
  • Equius, the only troll never to attempt murder, died trying to protect a best friend who outlived him by less than a minute, and was resurrected as a narcissistic, sociopathic caricature of his past self.  A final attempt to protect his friends resulted in him becoming a part of the worst villain in paradox space, leaving him partially responsible for the deaths of millions, including the friends he died to protect.
  • Gamzee grew up worshiping Lord English.  The first time he met Caliborn, the kid – who he raised – emptied a machine gun into his gut for five minutes straight.  He still did his best to help Caliborn on his quest.
  • Eridan died at 13 with no shot at a redemption arc.
  • Feferi was killed by her best friend after spending her life planning ways to help lead her people to a better future.
  • John watched his father die, Rose go crazy, and all of his best friends die horribly on his thirteenth birthday.  On his sixteenth birthday, he got to finally reunite with friends he hadn’t seen in years, only to be trapped in another universe while they all died painfully again.  He still kept his sense of humor and, rather than falling apart, actually managed to fix things.
  • Rose became an alcoholic after realizing that she had missed hundreds of opportunities to connect with her mother throughout her childhood, but managed to address her problem and begin working to fix it before it ruined her life completely.
  • Dave finally addressed his unhealthy, abusive childhood in a way that allowed him to finally begin to move past it
  • Jade spent three years waiting to meet her pen pal and his friends, only to be immediately used as a weapon against them.
  • Jane received much-needed encouragement from an alternate version of herself, helping to restore her belief that she could turn out okay
  • While her friends fell apart, Roxy worked through her issues and became someone they could all admire.
  • Dirk acknowledged his potential to become a terrible person, but expressed a desire to check himself and be better that received approval from the person he idolized throughout his childhood
  • Jake is constantly belittled, but he did more damage than anyone in the battle against Caliborn, proving that he will one day reach his potential.
  • Callie has the chance to finally live as her own person, rather than as Caliborn’s sister or the less-important version of Calliope.
  • Even Caliborn overcame a terrible childhood and a learning disability to become a substantially less terrible artist and the most dangerous and powerful being in the history of paradox space.

I just really love this webcomic and all the characters in it.