there i made a batch for you guys

Made some quick little June calendars that I thought I’d share with you guys 😊 There are only two colours this month because I wasn’t too happy with how the last batch turned out, but the mint and peach seem to be the most popular choices, and I quite like how these combinations turned out!


Mint + Silver |  Peach + Rose-gold

Let me know if you have any issues or queries, and I’ll do my best to help out. As always, feel free to share a picture on tumblr with my handle, or #thegirlygeek, or on instagram (@the_girlygeek), I’d love to see them! Enjoy! 💗


I’m back from hell a week of exams, so I finally finished those ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و There are some more in my inbox but they’re pretty much [character] + one expression over and over, so this will probably be the last batch for now (though I want to finish the rest of them when I’m bored or have some free time) oh and one more thing


I thought that fact was pretty clear after I made that one post, but I’m STILL getting requests, so I’m just reminding you I haven’t been accepting them for some time now



sculptor and all-around badass @hrzone2 made a batch of these hand-painted, hand-sculpted little dudes, and they are going to be hitting the mean streets of the SPN con scene, starting in seattle! they should be wherever i’m at for $30!

as of right now they’ll probably be con exclusives, but if they do super well, maybe there would be an online release!!

i’ve been so excited to tell you guys about these ;u;

AND on more god’n’gabe news, i should be releasing content from the third book here in due time! YEA

Battle of the Dates

Request: oooh! hello, can I request a reader x eth on a double date with amy and mark?? (psst if you want split it into a couple parts where they do something different each time because I support the idea of lots of double dates) thanks love xx // hello again, I requested the double date with amy and mark, just wanted to add that it would be a fem!reader :) thanks, sorry for not telling you before xx

Summary: Fem!Reader goes on a double date with Amyplier. It’s a fun time I guess.

A/N: You guys I made a gif for you people. Be proud of me, I’m crossing mediums! Jk I just went to a website and typed in a URL I’m not special haha. But forreal, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, WHY ARE THERE ALMOST NO TEAMIPLIER GIFS IN THE GIF SEARCH THING it’s annoying af and results in me having to make crappy gifs on the internet. Anyway, this fic is open to multiple parts! If you have an idea for a part 2 to this, send it in! There is a text conversation in this fic! ‘-’ is the reader, ‘=‘ is Amy. Hope you all enjoy!

Wordcount: 1000, it was so short originally I literally had to add in an entire extra scene to not give you a shitty 500 word fic lol

Request some more guys! I’ll get to them in the next batch of fics!

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Who Brought POT BROWNIES To The Bake Sale?!?! (Lafayette x Reader)

I’m so sorry I have no clue what being high is like, but I’ll try to portray it the best way I can in the characters :) (This gets a little steamy, I’m sorry)

You wiped the sweat off of your brow, and continued furiously mixing cupcake batter. Yes, you had to admit that having a bake sale in order to raise money for military supplies was a bit desperate and pathetic, but at this point in time you were going to take anything you could get. On your baking team was Marquis de Lafayette, a french man who swore that he could make the best treats out of anyone else in the army, and Hercules Mulligan, a large American spy who you were pretty sure was only here because he wanted to wear an apron. However, he hadn’t shown up yet. Your friends Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens were running the business side of things: making the sales and informing people about the event. 

You slowly poured the batter into small paper cups decorated with cartoon turtles, chosen by Laurens. When you were finished, you slipped the tray of cups into the oven and closed the door. That was your last batch, so you had some time to focus on other things, like mixing the blue icing for the cupcakes. 

You glanced over at Lafayette.

He looked like an expert, diligently spreading powdered sugar over his freshly made lobster-tails sitting on the counter. His hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and you could see beads of sweat forming on his brow from the extensive concentration. You smiled to yourself. He looked absolutely adorable, and you wondered how anyone could be so incredibly interested in pastries. 

You both knew how into each other you were.

With Hercules gone and your tasks done for now, it gave you some time alone together. You walked up to him and wrapped your arms around his back, resting your head on the space in between his shoulder blades. 

Mi amor, you are distracting me from my work.” His heavy french accent was incredibly sexy, you had to admit.  

“Don’t act like that’s a bad thing, Laffy.”

“I did not say it was a bad thing, darling.”

Setting down the sugar spreader, he unwrapped your arms from his waist, and turned to face you. You noticed the little splotches of sugar around his face.

“So, petite gateau, why are you not working?” He said with a smile.

“I blame you,” you smiled back.

Moi? Why would that be?”

You’re the one distracting me.” You flirted.

You noticed a particularly large smudge of sugar on his cheek.

“You’ve got a little something,” you said, leaning up toward him and kissing the spot. You could feel the warmness suddenly come over his face. 

When you had finally kissed his cheek enough so that the spot was gone, you lowered yourself and could see how much he was blushing.

You then saw a mischievous idea flicker in his eyes. Grinning, he reached to the counter and pushed his thumb into the mess of powdered sugar. Then, he used his thumb to smudge it onto your lip.

“You’ve got a little something as well, mon beau…” 

Leaning down, he tilted your head towards his and gently pressed his lips against yours. It was a short, sweet kiss. You didn’t want it to end. He pulled away eventually, looking satisfied with himself. 

“I think you missed a spot…” You suggested.

“Ah, well I’d better get to work then.”

He crashed his lips into yours once more, this time grabbing your waist and pulling you into him.Your lips moved in perfect sync with his and he quickly spun around, so he could press your body up against the counter. Quickly dipping his right hand down, he grabbed a pinch of sugar and quickly threw it onto your neck. He then removed his lips from yours, and you could feel his hot breath hit your neck before he began roughly kissing it.


As he tenderly sucked on the skin you felt his hands move to the knot of your apron, skillfully undoing it, and then reaching up to untie the apron bow around your neck. Your apron slid off your body and onto the floor. He wanted you. You wanted him. Badly.

“…here?” you innocently asked.

“Oui…” he breathed, before returning to harshly kiss your neck once more. His hands then slid down to button of your pants, where he began to undo them, with his other hand placed firmly on your-

“HERCULES MULLIGAN!!!!” a booming voice shouted, as the kitchen door exploded open and you and Lafayette practically leapt away from each other. 

“Sorry I’m late guys, I got caught up in something, but I did bring these!” he exclaimed, brandishing a plate of home-made brownies. 

“I figured we could sell these while….wait… what happened here?”

You spun around, trying to re-button your pants and stop blushing while you had realized the mess you made, sugar spread all over the counter and yourself.

“Uh…uh….uh…” you stammered.

“(Y/N) had a bit of an accident, and we’re in the process of cleaning up.” Lafayette lied.

Before Hercules had time to question him, there was another sharp knock on the door. It opened to reveal Alexander Hamilton.

“Guys, could we have another batch of something? Sales are skyrocketing and we can’t keep up.” Alex explained, looking stressed and overworked.

“Sure, take these,” Mulligan offered, handing him the plate.

And with that, Alex grabbed the plate, and slammed the door shut. You could hear the large crowd of people being served outside. After that, you continued with your work as usual, with Hercules now on the team, acting like nothing had happened, even though Lafayette would nudge you every time you were working side by side.


It had been a rough day, and the kitchen crew had just put out their last batch and were in the process of cleaning up. You were sweeping while Lafayette and Herc were cleaning off the counters and putting the cooking utensils away. Suddenly Alex stuck his head into the cooking area again. 

“Hey, not to alarm anyone, but John is acting a bit weird…”

You turned your attention to him.

“How weird?”

“You may want to come check this out.” he responded.

Following him out of the kitchen area, you saw John sitting on a chair, with this legs propped up on the table. His eyes were closed, and his head was tilted back, and he was grinning. You looked around and noticed many customers in the store had the same manner.

“John?” You called out.

He slowly turned his head and you noticed a glassy look in his eyes when he opened them.

“What’s happenin’ chicken butt?” he responded slowly, then began to hysterically laugh at his joke that made no sense at all.

“John…. are you… high?”

He stuck his finger into the icing of a cupcake and then stuck it in his mouth.

“This tastes like blue.”

You spun around and stormed back into the kitchen area.


The boys all jumped at your sudden anger.

“Just…. a brownie.”

You walked back outside and snatched a brownie off of the display plate. breaking it open, you saw just what you expected, little green flakes baked into the brownies.

“WHO BROUGHT POT BROWNIES TO THE BAKE SALE!?!” You called out, slamming the brownie back onto the display plate.

You heard deep, hysterical laughter coming from the kitchen. Rushing in, you found Hercules practically rolling on the floor, his eyes flooding with tears.

“HERC SO HELP ME GOD,” you yelled as you grabbed a rolling pin, whacking him with it.


“I don’t think we have to be worried about that…” Alex started. 

You looked at him, confused.

He gestured to one of the customers sitting in the eating area, who had his body stretched out, and was looking up to the sky. Sure enough, it was Washington.

“I never really realized how great the world is…” Washington dreamed to himself.

You set the rolling pin down, and stared at Washington while Hercules continued laughing his lungs out. You buried your head into your hands.

“We’re toast. We’re beyond toast.”

You looked up to find your co-workers continuing their cleaning job, while Alex tried to get John to leave his seat.

“How on earth are we going to explain this…” you sighed.

Lafayette grabbed a plate of goodies off the counter and sauntered over to you.

Mi amour, you sound like you need to blow off some stress.”

“You’ve got that right.”

He extended the plate to you.


Dating Jason Todd would be like...
  • Playful insults.
  • Constantly.
  • Like instead of a “Hey Beautiful.” in the morning. He says something like “Get up ass breath.”
  • You retort with a smart comment about him being a technical zombie.
  • “Hey Walking Dead. What’s for breakfast?”
  • You guys take turns cooking.
  • But you have to admit that he is the best cook out of both of you.
  • Like when he makes pancake, you literally just cry.
  • “Y/N? What is wrong? Why are you crying?”
  • “These are just some good pancakes.”
  • He kisses you and makes you some more.
  • He is weak in the knees for your puppy dog eyes.
  • He can never say no when you look at him with those eyes.
  • And it’s your personal secret weapon.  
  • “Can we watched Frozen?”
  • “No! We watched that movie at least a dozen times!”
  • “Please.”
  • “NO!”
  • You look at him with the puppy dog eyes. “Pwease…”
  • You guys end up watching Frozen two times.
  • When he has one of his nightmares, you get up and make him hot chocolate and ask him to talk about it.
  • It’s usually the same nightmare all the time.
  • But you just want to be there for him.
  • He’s so good at reading you.
  • If you’re having a bad day, he will literally make all your favorite treats.
  • “Mmmm…are those M&M cookies I smell?”
  • “Yep. I made a whole batch.”
  • “Either you are trying to make me a diabetic or you want me to tell you about my awful day.”
  • “Why else would I slave in front of hot stove for?”
  • You nag him all the time when he comes home looking like bloody murder.
  • But you reluctantly patch and stitch him up with a pout on your face.
  • “I’m just saying. When you go on patrol, try to be a little more careful. You cheated death once, I don’t think he’ll give you a third chance.”
  • “Yes my royal pain in the ass.”
  • You love giving him hugs. 
  • No matter what you always hug him everyday.
  • But he really doesn’t know why you are hugging him. 
  • “Why are you hugging me Y/N?”
  • “Don’t question it. Just roll with it.”
  • He pretends like he hates them, but he can’t help but love it. 
  • Him being your stubborn little love.
  • You being his one and only light in this dark world.

Please excuse the bad quality phone pics, but these guys are for sale! They’ve been sitting in my apartment since November and its time for them to find real homes. I’ll be selling them for $5 each, and shipping them for free within the continental US. There are only 1-3 of each so I’ll be selling them on a first come first serve basis, and I’ll update this post when one of them sells out.

They are handmade plastic charms, printed on slightly translucent plastic (except for the 5 in the second pic which are the only ones available on the opaque white plastic) and sealed for waterproofing. The charms themselves are about 1.5 to 2 inches tall, and vary slightly due to the fact they were made by hand in small batches.

You can email me at if you’re interested or have any questions!

The Shape of You, Part 2/2

A/N:  If you haven’t read Part ½, you will want to read it first to get the background.  WARNING:  BOTH PARTS ARE NSFW.  CONTINUE READING AT YOUR OWN RISK.  I did my best to stay true to what I heard in the song, but please don’t send Ed OR Harry after me.

Part One is here.

Part Two

Squinting at the clock on his nightstand, you realize your eyes are gritty and your mouth tastes like it’s full of cotton balls.  After the sex on the stairs, you and Harry managed to make it upstairs to the third floor where you had strewn your remaining clothes around the room before commencing parts two and three of the most amazing sex you’d ever had in your life.  Yes, you knew it had been a year, so your senses are probably more heightened by the absence of orgasms for that extended time, but after wracking your brain, you can’t think of a single time that Charles had managed to make you cum three times in the same night.  Mostly, he fell asleep immediately after his first orgasm, whether you’d had one or not.

With your awareness of the time of day, you also become aware of your actions, and embarrassment floods you.  It may have been amazing sex, but should you really have allowed this stranger to fuck you three times in one night?  You know practically nothing about him other than his first name and that he must have money since this house is mind blowing with its size and decor.  

Softly, you slide out of bed, careful not to disturb Harry.  In the moonlight, you grab your skirt and your boots from his bedroom, but you can’t find your silk panties.  They’re so tiny that they could easily be missed, so you give up when you hear Harry shifting in the bed, afraid he’ll awaken and ask why you’re leaving. Or worse yet, that he’ll awaken and be glad you’re leaving. Tiptoeing out of the bedroom, you gather the rest of your clothing on your way downstairs, dressing carefully without the sliver of silk you’ve left somewhere upstairs.  

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@panonnes late birthday gift

There were many facts in this world that could never be proven false. The sky is blue, grass is green, Chat Noir loved Ladybug, they were both bisexual, Marinette had a thing for blondes, and Marinette Dupain-Cheng was late. Again. For the third time this month. It didn’t help matters that her first class was chemistry with Madame Medlenive. The purple haired woman had a temper hotter than any fire and an attitude stricter than an uptight grandparent.

          Therefore it was understandable, that when Marinette woke up and glanced at the time, she cussed a word that would make the innocent Chat Noir blush and stammer while scolding her. After letting out multiple merdes, she rushed through her morning routine, and made it to class in 7 minutes (it definitely did help that she lived right across her school). With three minutes until the bell rings, she ran into her class and caught sight of her best friend’s fiery red hair.

          “- with three minutes to go, Marinette Dupain-Cheng makes the final touchdown! She made it! Against all odds! Now, Nino, I think you owe me a croissant. Serves you right for getting against my best friend.” Making her way though the class, Marinette caught snippets of Alya’s commentary and apparent bet.

          “You bet on me? I’m hurt. Anyways bonjour guys, I was going to ask you if you wanted to eat croissant and macaroons in the park at lunch, but seeing as you were getting on me, I’d rather eat them alone. Such a shame, my parents made an extra batch of chocolate chip cookies for us, but I guess I’ll have to eat them alone.” Marinette sighed as she faked a hurt expression. Immediately, three horrified faces turned to look at her. As of on cue, three looked at each other, and then at her, and then at each other again. The silence was broken when they all started pushing each other while talking to Marinette.

           “Marinette! My favourite person in this whole cruel world! The only one eho treats me right here! Hey, remember how much fun we had as kids when we played together?”
           “Shut up Nina. Marinette, my best friend. My one true love.” At this Nino scoffed, but Alya continued unfazed by his reaction. “My bi buddy, remember how much fun we had on that one date?”
           “Marinette! My talented cute fashion designing friend who happens to be an amazing baker, have I ever told you how much I love our Ultimate Mecha Strike tournaments and how much I appreciate and love you?”

          Marinette couldn’t help it. She lost it and burst out laughing. Her giggles invited her friends into joining her. Soon enough, they were all laughing in class. That was put to an end when Madame Medelenive walked into the class slamming the door with a sharp ‘Bonjour’. Marinette spaced out after that, tuning every sound out except that of her teachr’s, only glancing up every once in a while to take notes.  Therefore it was understandable that Marinette squeaked when Alya shook her after she failed to answer her.

        "-inette? Marinette. Marinette!“ The last sentence was shouted in Marinette’s ears, nearly piercing her eardrums. "Ow! Ow! I’m here! Stop shouting,” She whipser-shouted while rubbing her ears. She’d be lucky if her ears didn’t ring for a few days. “Well, did you hear what Madame said? No wait you didn’t, well, we’re doing a project!  With partners! Remember last project?” Oh. Oh. Of course she remembered. She had been partnered with Alya, Nino, and Adrian! It was one of the few times she looked forward to chemistry. She not so secretly hoped that they would be partners again. Her hopes would soon be dashed.

          “Today I want you to research Boyle’s law, Gay-Lusaac’s hypothesis, Avogadro’s hypothesis, and the experiments that led them to make their conclusions. I will be grouping you into groups of two. You will have your lunch break to make a quick summary of your researches and you will have to write a paragraph on each topic and present it after lunch break. Therefore the rest of the day, until after lunch, is free for you to complete your research. Now here are the partners.” Marinette hoped she’d end up with any of her friends, since the chance for a group project seemed to be thrown out the window to all four winds.

          “Adrien and Nino.” The two boys high fixed and Alya and Marinette looked at each other hopefully. “Juleka and Rose. Mylène and Ivan.” The girls grew excited, all their classmates were being partnered with their best friends. “Max and Kim. Nathaniel and Lila. Chloé and Sab- One minute,” Madame Medlenive muttered the last part under her breath and continued, “since Sabrina is absent, Alya you can go with Alix and Marinette will be with Chloé. Any questions?” Without waiting for an answer, she said, “Good. Now pay attention as this information will be vital for your research. Now…”

          Marinette’s mind spaced out again after hearing 'Marinette will be with Chloé’. It was true that the girl had changed her attitude last year. She wasn’t annoying and bossing people around as much. Marinette suspected it was due to a certain model having a serious conversation with her. Still, they weren’t exactly 'best of friends’ but it was better than nothing, she supposed.  She’ll have to make do with it.

          Marinette had no idea how to handle this situation.

          Lunch came much faster than Marinette thought it would -or wanted to, if she was being honest with herself. While Chloé was packing her tablet and books, Marinette took a deep breath and steeled her nerves before approaching the blonde.

          “So, um, hey Chloé."  The girl received a glance and a nod in her direction. "Since the project is due today, I was thinking we can start it now at my house, if you’d like of course. I get it if you want to go to your place if it makes you feel more comf-” The rambling girl was interrupted. “Okay.” Chloé was finally done packing her bag. Marinette blinked.

          “So we’re going to the bakery?” She asked. “Yeah. Daddy has a big meeting over at the hotel so its gkinh to be crowded. What are you waiting for, let’s go.” To say that Marinette was surprised with this change of attitude would be an understatement. She was more than shocked, she doubted words would be enough to describe it.

          “I’m done. Let’s go.” The two walked in silence to the bakery. The fact that it was right across the street meant that the walk was short, it didn’t give them enough time to sort out their thoughts. Unlike what the half Chinese girl thought, her companion wasn’t as collected as she seemed to be.

          In fact, if Chloé was anything, she was not collected at all in any way. In that moment, she probably was the furthest from calm and collected she ever was in her whole life. There were around two coherent thoughts in Chloé’s mind, and they happened to be: I’M GOING TO MARINETTE DUPAIN CHENG’S HOUSE, and FUCK!

         Chloé walked through the house as if in a haze, only looking at the pictures hung on the wall, focusing only on the baby pictures belonging to a particular blue eyed girl. It seemed to be seconds before the duo reached the bedroom. Chloé looked around the room. It was very… pink. No, it was very Marinette. She could see hints of the other girl’s hobbies. Chloé was brought out of her thoughts when the petite girl started speaking.

          “Okay so let’s start. I’ll get snacks later. Okay so Boyle’s law is really easy, it basically says that the pressure and volume of a gas are inversely proportional. Avogadro’s hypothesis might take some time though, and as for Gay-Lusaac’s hypothesis, it isn’t really hard so it will take less time than Avogadro. I think we should…”

        Of course she had to be perfect in everything she does. Of course, heaven forbid, Marinette Dupain-Cheng had to be perfect in everything she does. God forbid she isn’t an amazing designer, or a talented baker, or a wonder, person whom everyone loves. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Marinette is perfect in chemistry too. No surprises, she was talented in everything she does, she’s smart and pretty and popular an - .

“Chloé?” Shit. Okay Chloé, act calm and maybe she’ll forge- “Are you okay, you look red.” She inched in closer to the blushing blonde. Never had she ever thought that this would happen! Than anyone would catch her daydreaming! Especially the subject of said daydreams! She had to say something that would stop Marinette from being suspicious.

          “I-it’s nothing. I’m not used to the heat from your ovens. That just it.”. 'That should throw her off my track.’ Chloé was sure that she threw all suspicion away from her.

          Marinette was confused at this point. When Chloé came over, she expected her to be cold and silent, not… that. She inched even closer to Chloé,  as if trying to see in her mind through her eyes. Chloé?

@panonne @chiimei thank you guys for supporting me and encouraging me to post it. Im actually really happy you liked it :,) also panonne sorry for getting it late (don’t kill me I love you girl). Hopefully I’ll post part 2 by the end of June. Chi, thank you for supporting me, ily too.

@re-unknown you probably don’t remember but in April I wanted to write something but I was too much of a scaredy cat to post it so I didn’t. But you still encouraged me to write it and you helped me a lot even though you probably didn’t know. So thank you for everything ^^
Also @megatraven I think you would enjoy this..

Hello again, guys! I hope you aren’t tired of me yet. Here’s an update about my doujin.

For those who have pre-ordered, I’ve started to ship out your orders batch by batch. If you haven’t received an email from me about your shipment status until march 14, please contact me.

Now comes the question: will it still be possible to order the doujin after the pre-order date?

The answer is: Yes, but you have to wait until SEPTEMBER.

That is because I plan to release the SECOND doujin on September 2017. And this was made possible by your overwhelming support! So just like before, please stay tuned for updates (and possibly more goodies) in the coming days. ♥

Again, thank you so much for supporting me!

Charm Commissions

Hey guys, I’m ordering a batch of new charms in July. Since I’m making a charm of my OC (Lian on the right), I figured I’d open it to you as well. It’s a great opportunity to get charms of a character you’d otherwise never see made into merch! 

$80 will include 1x Design, 4x Charms of the design, and Shipping. 

Email me at by 6/23/17 if interested! 

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Tj Perkins, 97 "You're so cute when you pout like that"

Drabble Masterlist

A/N: So you guys remember when I did these? Well, I’m thinking about picking about the ones I like out of this batch and reopening the requests! There will be more guidelines because I tend to get super swamped and stressed with this stuff! 

Originally posted by deandeeds

TJ, despite everything he may try and say, is a total loser when it comes to games. His gaming expertise ended when games made the jump from arcades to consoles. So, when his inability to comprehend three dimensional graphics was on display, he got a little salty.

“Oh come on y/n!” TJ shouted, “you’re cheating!”

“No I’m not!” You yelled back, laughing. He tried hard to catch up in kills in your game of Call of Duty but it was worthless. You had an almost fifty kill lead. Finally, the timer went off and the score was shown at the end. You had 103 and TJ had 39. When you look over at TJ, he was pouting. “Oh what? Become a little baby when you lose?”

“You cheated!” He shouted, his face turning pink. You reached forward and pinched his cheeks. He slapped away your hand. You laughed.

“Hey, don’t be slappin’ me. You’re so cute when you pout like that.” TJ’s face went an even darker shade of red.

“I don’t look ‘cute’,” he growled, looking away from you.

“Yes you do,” you say. Suddenly, and without much control from you, you leaned forward and kissed his cheek. You lingered a little too long because TJ turned his head and your lips connected for a few seconds. It was you that pulled away first, but you didn’t pull away far. Slightly out of breath, you looked into your best friend’s eyes.

“Uh,” he said. Something changed in his eyes and his lips curled into a smile. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against yours, kissing you deeply and passionately. Your hands slid up into his hair and tugged a bit on the ends. He grabbed your waist and pulled you into his lap, tugging on the bottom of your shirt. You pulled away with a gasp, pressing your forehead against his.

“I’ve always really liked you,” you say in a rush.

“Me too,” TJ says. Both you wear identical smiles as you lean back into kiss each other, the next round of the game completely forgotten.

i bet pietro is on team floor turned 1 today!

i know i’m probably really annoying posting about this so much but this should be one of my last posts today i’m going to bed soon xD

Tumblr sent me this email and I couldn’t help but post it. SO now I’m taking my time to appreciate my year on Tumblr.

I hit 100 followers in my first ten days. A thousand in two months. Two thousand in three months. Three thousand in five months. And finally, five thousand in eight months. It was insane, and I never imagined this many people would like my blog…so I thank you. The old followers, and the new followers. Thank you for sticking with me for so long and if you’re new, I hope you stick around and enjoy your time on my blog :)

Gonna be honest…When I wrote my first fic and posted it here, I had only seen the two Cap movies that were out and the two Avengers movies. But the fic I wrote centered around Tony…AND I HADN’T EVEN SEEN THE IRON MANY MOVIES XDD, I was really cringe. But I found a fandom I fell in love with, and I still love it to this day. Everyone is so nice and encouraging, and even with a few bad apples (anon hate?) it does not ruin the whole batch. I made so many friends that have improved my life…some you guys know better than others. EVERYONE I HAVE MET BY BEING ON HERE IS SO AWESOME AND I LOVE THE SUPPORT WE ALL GIVE EACH OTHER AHHHAHAHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THIS FANDOM I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Friend appreciation time.

I kinda don’t even have to say this one because if you even scroll down my blog just a little bit you see her everywhere, but, damn, Jadyn @jaderz-mega-yikes i mcfreaking love you. We bonded so quickly and I still have the screenshots from when we first interacted. Thank you for always being there and I’m so happy we’re friends..ahh, still highkey jealous you’re in New York right now, though. I can’t wait to meet.

I made other friends from the group chat we made over the summer (HAHA THE SQUIRREL SQUAD) that I actually haven’t really talked to recently, but I still value them and see them on all my social media and they helped me continue in my blog. Magic, @theflameofdeath , Hannah @rejectedmarvel , and Mira @queenmira29​ ahh it’s been so long guys but i still luh you.

I MADE OTHER REALLY COOL FRIENDS TOO. @buckyslion@justcameforthefanfiction@mcuimxgine@marrvelle@fangirlingisajob @tatortot2701@mehrmonga@i-write-and-stuff@thecoffeestudyblr@peter-maxiimoff@sarcasticcritic@themcuhasruinedme @captainamericasinnocence@livforthegames@moonfairydraws​ and i really hope i didn’t forget anyone but I’m so tired it’s really possible that i did and i’m sorry i really love you guys and thank you so much for being mah friend and i know some of us don’t talk as often but i still get really happy seeing you show up on my dash and ahhhhhhhhhhhh i just love this community of avengers lovers and i need to show my love because there are just so many great people on this site and im rambling

Thank you.

I’ve never really done a big appreciation post like this before, and it is really long overdue, but I think I show a lot of love when reblogging stuff or answering asks, but it was time to put it in a post. Thank you guys for a great year, friends and followers, old and new, TO MANY MORE YEARS!

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56. “It brings out your eyes.”

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Alright I decided to make this kinda comedic cos writing 100 drabbles of pure fluff can get really repetitive so I’m attempting to try different genres and play around with the characters so yep! Hope you guys will like this :-) (Also, just thought I’d let you guys know that out of the recent batch of requests, only one is of jay and the rest is for none other than our won and only ssamdi and tbh this amuses me kekeke)

Day offs were great, but being a YouTuber who mostly worked from home it didn’t really made a difference…until your boyfriend gets a day off too and it’s usually then when the day becomes a little more special because Kiseok was one to entertain, cuddle, laze around or even work (to both your fans’ delight) with you on his stay home days and today was no exception.

“So what video are you filming today?” He asked, taking a seat beside you at your desk as his eyes scanned the scribbling on your notepad.

“I don’t know,” You shrugged, flipping the pages. “I used to have this whole lineup of videos that I wanted to do but looking at it now just looks really boring.”

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Do you guys still sell the rey staff? It's up on your store but says pre-order. Is there another order going out, or are you waiting for more people to order before making another batch?

Rey staffs are ALWAYS up for preorder. They are made to order! As soon as an order goes through, I start a build on it. I don’t think the est. ship date has been updated, but it’s usually 2 weeks. time. You can email me if ya have any questions.