there i made a batch for you guys

Made some quick little June calendars that I thought I’d share with you guys 😊 There are only two colours this month because I wasn’t too happy with how the last batch turned out, but the mint and peach seem to be the most popular choices, and I quite like how these combinations turned out!


Mint + Silver |  Peach + Rose-gold

Let me know if you have any issues or queries, and I’ll do my best to help out. As always, feel free to share a picture on tumblr with my handle, or #thegirlygeek, or on instagram (@the_girlygeek), I’d love to see them! Enjoy! 💗

Hey yo guys I’ve been thinking about soulmate AU prompts post that I made a while back. I’m completely floored! I didn’t know that so many in the fandom were thirsty for Rickmorty soulmate AUs like me XD

Since you guys loved the last one so much, and I’ve got too many ideas rattling around in my head, I’ve decided to sit down and write a brand new batch of AUs for you guys :’) Hopefully it’ll get people’s creative juices flowing! Here it is, Rickmorty soulmate AU prompts, part the second:

·Soulmate AU where the first name of your soulmate is inscribed on the inside of your wrist. Rick’s wrist reads a simple “Morty.” He dates people named Morty, loves them, only to be heartbroken when he finds out that many of them used him and his name wasn’t on any of their wrists. Rick swears off Mortys, hides the name on his wrist, and moves on when he gets lied to one too many times. He’s shocked to discover years later that his grandson was named Morty and had the name “Rick” on his wrist.

·Soulmate AU where soulmates are predestined and revealed to you by an oracle/psychic. Imagine the family’s shock and outrage when they take Morty to the oracle and it points to Rick as his true soulmate. Imagine the family trying to force them apart, but fate is too strong to overcome and weird situations always bring the two back together. Imagine Rick going to the oracle in his younger years and knowing Morty was his soulmate this whole time, and that’s why he was gone from Beth’s life for so long.

·Soulmate AU where everyone dies at the same time as their soulmate. Imagine Rick hating himself and being so guilty for being born decades before Morty. Imagine Rick thinking he was technically murdering Morty because he’d inevitably die before his grandson reaches old age. Imagine that his greatest fear was dying too early, and the last sight he’d see was his grandson dying alongside him. So Rick searches desperately for a way to extend his own life.

·Soulmate AU where people stop aging when they reach the age of 18 and don’t start aging again until they meet their soulmates. Rick’s been frozen at this age for a long time, and he’s definitely seen it all. But after centuries of seeing terrible things and enduring mind-numbing boredom, Rick wonders if he even has a soulmate, and he starts dreading the idea of being immortal. Until he meets one of his descendants, Morty Smith, and he sees gray hairs form on his head.

·Soulmate AU where you share your dreams with your soulmate at random. Imagine Rick and Morty sharing a dreamscape with each other and using it to do and say all sorts of things that would be unthinkable to them if they were awake. The catch? Rick and Morty think they’re just ordinary dreams, and they were too ashamed to bring them up to the other.

·Soulmate AU where you gain a new tally mark on your arm for every person you fall deeply in love with. Everyone thinks Rick has several tally marks on account of how promiscuous he was. They think he hides his arms because it isn’t socially acceptable to have more than a few tallies. But Rick doesn’t hide his arms because he had too many: he hides it because he has none. Until he wakes up with his first tally mark on the day after he realizes he fell for Morty, that is.

·Soulmate AU where you share all your pain with your soulmate, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, or otherwise. Imagine Rick gritting his teeth and trying to ignore his own pain when Morty gets injured so he could tend to the boy better. Imagine Rick trying to quit his alcohol addiction because he knew how much his hangovers affected his grandson. Imagine Morty sensing Rick’s anguish and self-hatred, then promptly hugging Rick and calling out his bullshit when he tries to lie about feeling okay.

·Soulmate AU where only a tiny fraction of the population can see soulmate marks or know if people are soulbonded. Imagine if either Rick or Morty had this gift, but the other didn’t. Imagine their confusion when they see that the other was their soulmate. Imagine the pain they feel as they try to hide their gift and pretend they didn’t know about it, but continue to fall in love anyways.

·Soulmate AU with a reincarnation twist. Soulmates are destined to be together in every life until the end of time. Rick remembers each and every past life he had with Morty, but he wishes he didn’t: fate was never kind to them and their lives together always ended in tragedy or death. This life was especially painful: not only does Morty not remember him, the boy was actually Rick’s grandson.

·Soulmate AU where soulbonding is a choice. Rick never believed in soulbonding and has gone his entire life without a soulmate. But when Morty falls ill to soulsickness and needs a soulmate, Rick is forced to take the matter in his own hands and bond with his grandson.

Like last time, feel free to add any more if you have ideas! And do with these prompts as you please~

Btw– friggin’ huge shoutout to @rnm-bin for inspiring me to make this part two! Your jaw-dropping soulmate AU comics have wrecked me for life! Look what you did lmao this entire post exists because of you! This is all your fault, I hope you’re happy! X’)


I’m back from hell a week of exams, so I finally finished those ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و There are some more in my inbox but they’re pretty much [character] + one expression over and over, so this will probably be the last batch for now (though I want to finish the rest of them when I’m bored or have some free time) oh and one more thing


I thought that fact was pretty clear after I made that one post, but I’m STILL getting requests, so I’m just reminding you I haven’t been accepting them for some time now

anonymous asked:

Marry me senpai

Heh, well, I–

–oh, y’see, that’s, er–

*tidal wave strikes*

*thinks he remembers making an applicable gif before*



Whereas I don’t think I can accept the latest batch of figurative marriage proposals, thanks, all… you make me blush.

It’s rare praise for a geeky photographer to get, and I don’t mind bein’ eyecandy eyeScoobySnacks for the guys ‘n’ gals of the internet.

Some fans have inquired a little more seriously, and made me realize… it would be hilarious to meet a local friend (or, even funnier, future wife) due to writing a Scooby-Doo-themed humor blog.

Imagine having to explain it to people.

So, how’d you two meet?” 

Oh, y’know, the usual… I wrote jokes about ‘70s cartoons on the internet, and things just happened.”

It’d be cool to have an NC-triangle SDM meetup one day… we’d have to host it in the modern equivalent of a malt shop, though. 

It’s what Scooby would want.

There’s surely one somewhere here, Durham is the Portland of the south.

I may be an introvert, but I love meeting locals, so don’t be afraid to shoot over a message!

And as for some other ladies who’ve asked with more-romantic intentions, as much as I feel a little shy… hey, you never know.

As long as you aren’t too weirded out by a 22-year-old PR/theatre photographer who just named a camera after a Shakespearean fool… what the heck, feel free to reach out. I won’t bite!

At least, not a turkey leg with a bone. Bad for your teeth, that.

The SDM community has always been so kind and supportive over the years – even when I’m a tad shy, I’m sure you guys will continue to be <3

–Colin (art blog | instagram)

two cups of sugar

summary: after visiting a new pastry shop down the street, mark lee becomes a regular for the sweet treats, but especially for the even sweeter girl that works the counter.

pairing: mark & patissiere!reader insert || patisserie!AU

includes: fluff, humour

wc: 12.2k

note: A cute little scenario for mark! Happy birthday to my baby and me :’) I hope you guys enjoy! I based this off a scene that occurred in my friends life, which had me crying on the floor in laughter. Haha

Mark Lee, prevailing university track star and notorious stunner, was more farouche than one would expect.

He was ebullient at least, vibrant at most—there was never a dull moment if Mark Lee was in the milieu, for he knew how to brighten up the entire ambience with a simple thread of words. Girls loved him, boys supported him—he was frequently praised for his outstanding accomplishments and periodically went out to treat himself with his friends.

Right after track practice was one of those occasions. He was almost drained, exhausted from sprints and leaping over hurdles; he wanted some treats to rejuvenate, and so he went out with his friends. Word spread that a new pastry store had opened downtown, known for their palatable bursts of flavor and appealing display. It raised Mark’s curiosity and he extended the word to his friends, who only craved for a bite of the sweet treats. So, falling right after their arduous practice like a flawless, quick cascade, they walked to the patisserie, ravenous for fresh delicacy.

Their legs were growing sore, and it was not a good combination with the balmy heat beating down on their skin. Mark let out a groan, weary and ready to rest. “How far is it again?” Mark complained, stretching his arms to the sky. “My legs are dying.”

His friend shot him a glare, annoyed at his words. “It was your idea to visit the new store. You have no right to complain about the walk,” he shot back. “Even if it is taking us twenty minutes.”

Mark laughed. “Gosh, Donghyuck, my bad. I didn’t think it would take this long to make it to downtown.”

“You thought wrong,” chimed in another friend.

“Jae,” Mark pouted, “you were complaining about the same thing five minutes ago!”

“There’s nothing to complain about anymore because”—Jaehyun peered down at his device and back up to see if the maps app had led the crew to the correct place—“I think we made it.”

Mark grinned in relief, ready to take rest inside the store. There it was, only a couple of steps away. The three boys made their way to the pastry shop, heads turning in every direction as they observed the exterior. The walls were painted an inviting baby blue; two tables along with chairs were by the opened window; the mellow music tunes were audible from a short distance. Clearly, it did not look like the place for a couple of rambunctious boys to visit after a sweaty, messy practice.

The three boys stood out prominently when they waltzed into the store, and it was not due to the ring form the bell that hanged by the door that caught everyone’s attention. Their disheveled appearance and sunblock sheened self (and glowing sweat) drew attention indisputably. It was as blatant as the illustrations in a pop-out book.

The sweet scent of cinnamon swirled together with fresh strawberries within the humble shop. The aroma was spreading throughout the area, a delectable ensconcement that wrapped its arms around the three boys. Each person within the pastry store appeared convivial, and they all awaited the next batch of steamed cake that was preparing itself in the designated confinement. When it was opened by a worker the steam rose into the air like talons before disappearing into nothing. Mark was astounded by the interior—the neat arrangement of periwinkle to ivory tables and chairs, wooden decor, an array of blossoms, and much more—before being stunned by what the pastry store had to offer.

There was an array of treats to choose from: seeded bagels, blackberry pastries dusted with powdered sugar, miniature buttered croissants—each in their own section. There was way too many choices for him to select one, and he was investing himself in the beauty that rested within the cases until his friend tapped his shoulder. “Mark, what do you plan on getting? This place looks incredible,” asked Jaehyun.

Mark’s eyes never left the glass case the held the wonders of the pastry store. So far, the goodness that was the cornet pies, chocolate drizzled over the surface, caught his eye. “I’m not sure yet, there’s a lot of things to choose from.”

“May I help you?” asked a worker behind the counter.

Mark saw from his field of view a blurry frame of a woman approach behind the glass and he straightened his posture, tilting his head up to look at the worker as he said, “Ah, yeah. I’d actually like to try—”

Mark’s words cut themselves off short, for his mind went blank at the sight of the worker—at the sight of you. You had a gentle smile tugging at your lips, hair out of your face as a work requirement yet he found it charming, and a powder blue apron hugging your body. Every time you blinked stars would ignite their own luster, enthralling him impotently.

Immediately, Mark obtained a unique taste of nonpareil palatableness on his tongue, and he only craved to satisfy his sweet tooth with you.

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sculptor and all-around badass @hrzone2 made a batch of these hand-painted, hand-sculpted little dudes, and they are going to be hitting the mean streets of the SPN con scene, starting in seattle! they should be wherever i’m at for $30!

as of right now they’ll probably be con exclusives, but if they do super well, maybe there would be an online release!!

i’ve been so excited to tell you guys about these ;u;

AND on more god’n’gabe news, i should be releasing content from the third book here in due time! YEA

An Avengers Supernatural AU

Part 1: Fledgling

Y/N has created a chatroom: Meet the new Fledgling

Y/N has added Tony, Clint, Sam, Natasha, Thor, Steve, Bucky, Bruce.

Thor: Our human! We have missed you!

Tony: New fledgling?! Some of us are thousands of years old, we can’t have a fledgling join us! I am too old to look after a child!

Y/N: I missed everyone too!

Y/N: except Tony

Sam: a burn not even sunlight can best

Y/N: He’s a newly turned vampire, Stark. You and Natasha can guide him through the process. Plus, I don’t get to decide who joins our group. I’m just assigned to make sure you all abide to human laws.

Thor: Yes, our human speaks the truth!

Bruce: A vampire? Pity. I would have liked another werewolf to join Barnes and I.

Y/N: I’m ordering everyone to meet at Stark Castle. Introductions can be done in person then, but for now, the chat will do.

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San Myshuno Shopping (Pictures Parte 2)

Hello, guys. All right?

Lily came back and brought a super batch so you guys know about SAN MYSHUNO SHOPPING, a place for your Sims to enjoy their friends and family. Come and check out this amazing batch togetther with me, I made with all love and affection for you my loves.

This Shopping contains: 1 - Clothing Boutique 1 - Shoe Store         1- Beauty Salon 1 - Musical Store 1 - Gym 1 - Food Square              1 - MC Donald´s 1 - Starbuks 1 - House Gaming 1 - Cinema.


Battle of the Dates

Request: oooh! hello, can I request a reader x eth on a double date with amy and mark?? (psst if you want split it into a couple parts where they do something different each time because I support the idea of lots of double dates) thanks love xx // hello again, I requested the double date with amy and mark, just wanted to add that it would be a fem!reader :) thanks, sorry for not telling you before xx

Summary: Fem!Reader goes on a double date with Amyplier. It’s a fun time I guess.

A/N: You guys I made a gif for you people. Be proud of me, I’m crossing mediums! Jk I just went to a website and typed in a URL I’m not special haha. But forreal, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, WHY ARE THERE ALMOST NO TEAMIPLIER GIFS IN THE GIF SEARCH THING it’s annoying af and results in me having to make crappy gifs on the internet. Anyway, this fic is open to multiple parts! If you have an idea for a part 2 to this, send it in! There is a text conversation in this fic! ‘-’ is the reader, ‘=‘ is Amy. Hope you all enjoy!

Wordcount: 1000, it was so short originally I literally had to add in an entire extra scene to not give you a shitty 500 word fic lol

Request some more guys! I’ll get to them in the next batch of fics!

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So, i’ve gotten all of my last batch shipped off and now i’m ready to open commissions again. (plus, i have have a lot of bills coming up and it would be frickin sweet not to drown in bills this month. it would be cool if you guys could signal boost this for me!)

The facts:

my blankets are made of flannel, fleece or minky. fleece and minky will cause price to increase.

all of my blankets are a yard and 10-15 pounds. i will consider different sizes on a case by case basis.

most of my weighted blankets are done a bit different. The pellets are loose in the blanket to reduce the suffocation risk. The weight settles on either side of you and weighs it down. It’s actually quite nice because you can choose where you need more or less weight lmao.

I can do quilted so the weight is even but that will affect the price as well.

i have made myself two so far and they’re super durable and nice.

The base price for a 1 yard, 10 pound, flannel weighted blanket is $55 + $12 shipping (these suckers are expensive to ship! i ship them in medium flat rate boxes.)

I prefer to make them for people who need them instead of people who want them for the novelty fact but will consider it in a case by case basis.

Turn around time is 2-3 weeks give or take. Now that my sewing machine is up and running again, i can get them done faster. It just depends on my workload.

If you’re interested in a weighted blanket, message me and we’ll get one started for you!

Who Brought POT BROWNIES To The Bake Sale?!?! (Lafayette x Reader)

I’m so sorry I have no clue what being high is like, but I’ll try to portray it the best way I can in the characters :) (This gets a little steamy, I’m sorry)

You wiped the sweat off of your brow, and continued furiously mixing cupcake batter. Yes, you had to admit that having a bake sale in order to raise money for military supplies was a bit desperate and pathetic, but at this point in time you were going to take anything you could get. On your baking team was Marquis de Lafayette, a french man who swore that he could make the best treats out of anyone else in the army, and Hercules Mulligan, a large American spy who you were pretty sure was only here because he wanted to wear an apron. However, he hadn’t shown up yet. Your friends Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens were running the business side of things: making the sales and informing people about the event. 

You slowly poured the batter into small paper cups decorated with cartoon turtles, chosen by Laurens. When you were finished, you slipped the tray of cups into the oven and closed the door. That was your last batch, so you had some time to focus on other things, like mixing the blue icing for the cupcakes. 

You glanced over at Lafayette.

He looked like an expert, diligently spreading powdered sugar over his freshly made lobster-tails sitting on the counter. His hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and you could see beads of sweat forming on his brow from the extensive concentration. You smiled to yourself. He looked absolutely adorable, and you wondered how anyone could be so incredibly interested in pastries. 

You both knew how into each other you were.

With Hercules gone and your tasks done for now, it gave you some time alone together. You walked up to him and wrapped your arms around his back, resting your head on the space in between his shoulder blades. 

Mi amor, you are distracting me from my work.” His heavy french accent was incredibly sexy, you had to admit.  

“Don’t act like that’s a bad thing, Laffy.”

“I did not say it was a bad thing, darling.”

Setting down the sugar spreader, he unwrapped your arms from his waist, and turned to face you. You noticed the little splotches of sugar around his face.

“So, petite gateau, why are you not working?” He said with a smile.

“I blame you,” you smiled back.

Moi? Why would that be?”

You’re the one distracting me.” You flirted.

You noticed a particularly large smudge of sugar on his cheek.

“You’ve got a little something,” you said, leaning up toward him and kissing the spot. You could feel the warmness suddenly come over his face. 

When you had finally kissed his cheek enough so that the spot was gone, you lowered yourself and could see how much he was blushing.

You then saw a mischievous idea flicker in his eyes. Grinning, he reached to the counter and pushed his thumb into the mess of powdered sugar. Then, he used his thumb to smudge it onto your lip.

“You’ve got a little something as well, mon beau…” 

Leaning down, he tilted your head towards his and gently pressed his lips against yours. It was a short, sweet kiss. You didn’t want it to end. He pulled away eventually, looking satisfied with himself. 

“I think you missed a spot…” You suggested.

“Ah, well I’d better get to work then.”

He crashed his lips into yours once more, this time grabbing your waist and pulling you into him.Your lips moved in perfect sync with his and he quickly spun around, so he could press your body up against the counter. Quickly dipping his right hand down, he grabbed a pinch of sugar and quickly threw it onto your neck. He then removed his lips from yours, and you could feel his hot breath hit your neck before he began roughly kissing it.


As he tenderly sucked on the skin you felt his hands move to the knot of your apron, skillfully undoing it, and then reaching up to untie the apron bow around your neck. Your apron slid off your body and onto the floor. He wanted you. You wanted him. Badly.

“…here?” you innocently asked.

“Oui…” he breathed, before returning to harshly kiss your neck once more. His hands then slid down to button of your pants, where he began to undo them, with his other hand placed firmly on your-

“HERCULES MULLIGAN!!!!” a booming voice shouted, as the kitchen door exploded open and you and Lafayette practically leapt away from each other. 

“Sorry I’m late guys, I got caught up in something, but I did bring these!” he exclaimed, brandishing a plate of home-made brownies. 

“I figured we could sell these while….wait… what happened here?”

You spun around, trying to re-button your pants and stop blushing while you had realized the mess you made, sugar spread all over the counter and yourself.

“Uh…uh….uh…” you stammered.

“(Y/N) had a bit of an accident, and we’re in the process of cleaning up.” Lafayette lied.

Before Hercules had time to question him, there was another sharp knock on the door. It opened to reveal Alexander Hamilton.

“Guys, could we have another batch of something? Sales are skyrocketing and we can’t keep up.” Alex explained, looking stressed and overworked.

“Sure, take these,” Mulligan offered, handing him the plate.

And with that, Alex grabbed the plate, and slammed the door shut. You could hear the large crowd of people being served outside. After that, you continued with your work as usual, with Hercules now on the team, acting like nothing had happened, even though Lafayette would nudge you every time you were working side by side.


It had been a rough day, and the kitchen crew had just put out their last batch and were in the process of cleaning up. You were sweeping while Lafayette and Herc were cleaning off the counters and putting the cooking utensils away. Suddenly Alex stuck his head into the cooking area again. 

“Hey, not to alarm anyone, but John is acting a bit weird…”

You turned your attention to him.

“How weird?”

“You may want to come check this out.” he responded.

Following him out of the kitchen area, you saw John sitting on a chair, with this legs propped up on the table. His eyes were closed, and his head was tilted back, and he was grinning. You looked around and noticed many customers in the store had the same manner.

“John?” You called out.

He slowly turned his head and you noticed a glassy look in his eyes when he opened them.

“What’s happenin’ chicken butt?” he responded slowly, then began to hysterically laugh at his joke that made no sense at all.

“John…. are you… high?”

He stuck his finger into the icing of a cupcake and then stuck it in his mouth.

“This tastes like blue.”

You spun around and stormed back into the kitchen area.


The boys all jumped at your sudden anger.

“Just…. a brownie.”

You walked back outside and snatched a brownie off of the display plate. breaking it open, you saw just what you expected, little green flakes baked into the brownies.

“WHO BROUGHT POT BROWNIES TO THE BAKE SALE!?!” You called out, slamming the brownie back onto the display plate.

You heard deep, hysterical laughter coming from the kitchen. Rushing in, you found Hercules practically rolling on the floor, his eyes flooding with tears.

“HERC SO HELP ME GOD,” you yelled as you grabbed a rolling pin, whacking him with it.


“I don’t think we have to be worried about that…” Alex started. 

You looked at him, confused.

He gestured to one of the customers sitting in the eating area, who had his body stretched out, and was looking up to the sky. Sure enough, it was Washington.

“I never really realized how great the world is…” Washington dreamed to himself.

You set the rolling pin down, and stared at Washington while Hercules continued laughing his lungs out. You buried your head into your hands.

“We’re toast. We’re beyond toast.”

You looked up to find your co-workers continuing their cleaning job, while Alex tried to get John to leave his seat.

“How on earth are we going to explain this…” you sighed.

Lafayette grabbed a plate of goodies off the counter and sauntered over to you.

Mi amour, you sound like you need to blow off some stress.”

“You’ve got that right.”

He extended the plate to you.



PokeFusion is addicting.
Here’s the first batch of PokeFusion arts!

I’ve literally never done the PokeFusion redraw things. I’ve made a huge folder of screenshots, but never actually did any of them. XD

MR. BAT IS MY SWEET PINK BEAN. And the top image is actually an evolution line I worked out! Also, ODDFFA. SO DARN CUTE.

Anyway, I’m thinking of possibly doing commissions for PokeFusion redesigns like the above. Let me know if you guys want more.

Dating Jason Todd would be like...
  • Playful insults.
  • Constantly.
  • Like instead of a “Hey Beautiful.” in the morning. He says something like “Get up ass breath.”
  • You retort with a smart comment about him being a technical zombie.
  • “Hey Walking Dead. What’s for breakfast?”
  • You guys take turns cooking.
  • But you have to admit that he is the best cook out of both of you.
  • Like when he makes pancake, you literally just cry.
  • “Y/N? What is wrong? Why are you crying?”
  • “These are just some good pancakes.”
  • He kisses you and makes you some more.
  • He is weak in the knees for your puppy dog eyes.
  • He can never say no when you look at him with those eyes.
  • And it’s your personal secret weapon.  
  • “Can we watched Frozen?”
  • “No! We watched that movie at least a dozen times!”
  • “Please.”
  • “NO!”
  • You look at him with the puppy dog eyes. “Pwease…”
  • You guys end up watching Frozen two times.
  • When he has one of his nightmares, you get up and make him hot chocolate and ask him to talk about it.
  • It’s usually the same nightmare all the time.
  • But you just want to be there for him.
  • He’s so good at reading you.
  • If you’re having a bad day, he will literally make all your favorite treats.
  • “Mmmm…are those M&M cookies I smell?”
  • “Yep. I made a whole batch.”
  • “Either you are trying to make me a diabetic or you want me to tell you about my awful day.”
  • “Why else would I slave in front of hot stove for?”
  • You nag him all the time when he comes home looking like bloody murder.
  • But you reluctantly patch and stitch him up with a pout on your face.
  • “I’m just saying. When you go on patrol, try to be a little more careful. You cheated death once, I don’t think he’ll give you a third chance.”
  • “Yes my royal pain in the ass.”
  • You love giving him hugs. 
  • No matter what you always hug him everyday.
  • But he really doesn’t know why you are hugging him. 
  • “Why are you hugging me Y/N?”
  • “Don’t question it. Just roll with it.”
  • He pretends like he hates them, but he can’t help but love it. 
  • Him being your stubborn little love.
  • You being his one and only light in this dark world.

Hey, Friends! ☕️

I recently made a batch of SouRin mini prints, and have a few left over I’d like to sell!

The prints are 4x6 inches, and are of the two pictured illustrations. The one on the right is holographic ✨.

Each is $2 (+$2 for shipping within the US, and $3 for international). Paypal only, as I don’t have a store set up;;; haha. So if you’re interested, feel free to shoot me a message!

EDIT 10/26:  Both are sold out!  I might make more prints in the future if there is interest, so THANK YOU GUYS!! 


The Beginning

Huge thanks to @wubbalubbaweirdness and @rickandmorty-18plus for inspiring this fic! This is based off their AU with Demon!Rick and Paranormal Investigator!Morty. Hope you guys like it!

On the sixth day of creation, God created man. Man was just one of His many creatures, but they were special in His eyes. Created in His image, made to be pure and good, man would be the stewards and protectors of everything the Lord had created. Then God assigned his most trusted guardians, the mighty angels, to look after humans and ensure they stayed in His light. Man would dwell in His paradise for all eternity, and never know the pain of death. All would be well in the garden of Eden.

Until everything went to shit, that is.

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anonymous asked:

Heith meeting at a coffee shop au?

I…really have no excuse for this

send me a ship and a number for a short fic

Keith blinked again, staring down at his keyboard. Despite his best hopes, his fingers still hadn’t started moving, and when he looked up, the document that stared back at him was a vast expanse of nothingness. He groaned, dropping his head to the wooden tabletop.

It was a simple essay. Two pages. Not a big deal. Still, somehow, he couldn’t manage to get the words in order in his brain. He’d start planning out a sentence only for the words to fall out of order as his thoughts drifted elsewhere. He scrubbed at his eyes. Running on four hours of sleep probably wasn’t helping, either.

His phone vibrated, skittering across the tabletop and earning him a couple sharp glares from the tables around him. Ignoring those, he swiped the lock combination across the screen and opened up the text waiting for him.

Pidge: coffee now
Pidge: y/y

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Evan x Reader - Baking Headcannons

• okok so
• Evan looooves baking
• and hes like, SUUUPER fantastic
• you can TRY and rip this hc from my COLD. DEAD. HANDS.
• ok onto the headcannons
• Evan’s loved baking since he was a kid
• when Heidi was sad, he would make her red velvet cupcakes
• he used to be fairly open about it
•UNTIL jared found out
• jared probably told him it was “ultra lame”
• and Evan didn’t want to be ultra lame
• so he stopped baking as much
• until he met you
• for your birthday he made you some of your favorite sweets
• when u first bite into them you meLT
• ur gushin over HOW GOOD they are
• and Evan is just beaming
• and Evan
• this angel
• hes just “uhm, actually I.. uh, I made them?”
• your jaw drops
• HOW???
• You start RAMBLING over how skilled he is!!!
• he doesnt believ you???
• he’s just- “no, theyre not that good, they’re just average if anything…”
• and you cannot believ
t h i s b o y
• finally you convince him theyre at least good
• and ur just “TEACH ME BLEAS”
• And so that weekend
• you guys get all the ingredients
• and are gonna make a nice batch of brownies
• you get to his house
• and as ur washing ur hands thIS BOY
• he brings out two aprons
• one thats a nice sky blue for him
• ((he used the money he was supposed to use to buy pizza i stg))
• Its all white and simply saying “WORLDS CUTEST COOK”
• he drapes it over ur shoulders when u dying ur hands
• and yOU READ IT
• sMoR cH
• the entire time ur baking
• Its basically hugs, giggles, and batter fights
• it starts when you’re mixing the bowl of batter
• hes standing behind you, his hands are on urs, helping you get a good folding motion (and also so he gets to touch you he loves u)
• then as ur mixing he goes to push ur hair out of his face
• but his hands are covered in frosting
• and he gets frosting ALLL over ur cheek
• long story short
• u r both throwing access batter at each other
• u forget about the brownies and they almost burn
• u dorks
• after calming Evan down (dont lie to me the idea of burning the brownies scares him cause what if they catch fire or start smoking and you cant breathe and)
• its a mess
• u dweebs forgot like two ingredients
• the brownies are all wonky
• at first Evan’s like
• “I’m sorry this was supposed to for you to make brownies and theyre awful and you hate them dont you im sorry -
• u shut him up by shoving a brownie in his mouth
• “Evan this was the most fun I’ve had in years”
• its now a tradition
• every holiday, you cuties are baking up a batch of somethin
• and now everytime someone mentions brownies
• you two break out laughing
• everyone else is confused
• you dorks

Game Over - [BTS] Namjoon!Au

Prompt: “Times like this I doubt your intelligence.”

Namjoon tries to poke the screw into the USB port. “Where does this go.” He muttered to himself as you watch. At the same time, you were looking around to see if there’s cars passing by, but it’s close to evening and there’s barely any cars or kind people around. Namjoon forgets his phone and drained your battery, playing cooking games on them—and now you’re stuck in a semi-used highway that’s about to be abolished in two weeks’ time because there’s another highway being developed.

“There’s barely any car passing by Namjoon, we’re going to die here. How can you be so relaxed?” You throw your head back and spun around in frustration. “Because, panicking about it won’t solve the problem.” He shot, sitting on the dashboard of the car, cross-legged in the calmest manner any human could afford to be in this alarming situation. “It’s going to get dark really soon, and we don’t bring food.” Pacing left and right wasn’t going to make the situation better. “Besides, being relaxed about it doesn’t solve it either.” You added a tiny shake of your head, disapproving his method of problem solving.

“I shouldn’t have listened to you.” You muttered.

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Man, this batch had a lot of big guys! Here’s Rotor for choromatsu-twan, Uncle Chuck for thatgirlcalledbcc, Nephthys for verdita2, Snively, Von Schlemmer and Mogul for robotnik-mun, Shortfuse and Tekno for cg-scrapbook, and finally E-123 Omega for crush-maim-destroy

Alright, so I’m still gonna be taking requests but I’m gonna let you guys know I’m only going to do 13 more characters! I need to get working on some other stuff, and I think I’ve gotten a good chunk of characters done so far. If you’ve already made a request and haven’t seen it yet, your all good! 13 may seem like a weird number, but with the requests I already have I’ll have about 2 more complete batches before I take a break. I’ll make another post in a bit with these slots and the characters I’ll be drawing next that I’ll be updating with each request so you guys will stay updated and know when there’s no more slots left.

I’m not done yet, but I just want to thank all you guys for making requests and participating! It’s been great stretching my artistic muscles and drawing all these wonderful characters, most of witch I hold really close to my childhood. So, thank you all, and I hope to do more request type stuff in the future!

If you want to make a request, check it out here for more info!