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my headcanon is genos gets nightmares about his encounter with the cyborg and saitama gives him his childhood teddy to feel better


Well. The trash post hit 100,000 notes. And then some lmao. @arkadycosplay​ and I are totally freaking out this is completely wild.

Thank you everyone who reblogged it, some of you multiple times because you are actually the best friends that have ever existed!  Thank you to @lady-lucrezia​ for taking the pictures, and thank you to @dog-of-ulthar@sharkalanche@n7-commander-ryder​ and @crimson-blade-cosplay​ who hung out with us at ALA; that was the most fun, stress free convention I’ve been to in like a million years.

ADDENDUM: thank you to everyone who has followed me from this post and everyone who has kept following me even as I descended into Star Wars hell. Also if you have not followed Arkady yet, you really should because she’s the whole reason that post is funny. (Also she’s pretty cool.)

Ok now listen to me only because Bellamy is gonna make some bad decisions doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. He never was a bad person not even in season 1. This boy cared so much about everything and everyone and he risked/risks making bad decisions even tho that would make people hate him. That’s what leaders do all the time. So please stop Bellamy calling names and spread hate about him. He doesn’t deserve this, he tries the best he can, and I believe in him. I know he can make things right he might have lost his way atm but Bellamy freaking Blake will not go down he’ll fight this, either way ha :3 and again please don’t forget Bellamy is still pretty young and has to learn a lot so give him a break!


ok since i’ve never done one of these before, and i hit 600 followers recently (thank you all again ♥) i thought why not try out blogrates? i’d love to talk with all you lovely cutie pies!


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