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I was the one to reach out to you. I tried to fix what you broke. I tried to give you one more chance. After months of waiting, I still haven’t gotten a response. I wish you would have wanted to talk things out, or at the very least screamed at me, told me it was my fault, spewed hatred at me, or called me stupid for even trying to fix this. At least then, I would have had closure. At least then, I could go to sleep every night thinking, “It wouldn’t have worked out.” But, instead, I got nothing. Just an empty chasm of nothingness. I wish, more than anything, you would’ve just called me back and barraged me with your ballads of hatred, because your silence is so much louder.

simon and izzy are really starting to annoy me all they do is use raphael at this point i just ship raphael + happiness.

you know, call me crazy, call me biased af, but i just think it’s bullshit that we get all these sappy, ridiculous climon scenes and malec can’t even finish a goddamn conversation without someone walking in…and demanding, once again, that magnus fix their problems.

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Hi, I know you're not taking prompts so feel free to ignore this, but I was thinking a fix it where Kara and Alex (maybe after Maggie talks to her about it) actually talk about what happened between them with the whole Jeremiah thing? ("You're either part of the family or you're not.") On another note, I'm so sorry things suck at the moment, I'm thinking of you in this hard time. You deserve all the best things in life, I hope you know that. ❤ (again, feel free to ignore the prompt 😊)

Talk to her, Al.

She’d spent the night weeping in Maggie’s arms, spent the night alternating between gasping sobbed explanations of all that had happened throughout the day and allowing herself to be soothed by the strong arms and soft kisses of her girlfriend.

Maggie had said close to nothing for most of the night. Close to nothing beyond affirmations and reassurances and everything, everything, everything, that she knew, somehow, that Alex needed to hear.

But it was morning, now, and Alex’s eyes were still swollen, but they were dry, and she was slipping into DEO-mode, and she could handle a gentle nudge.

So once they both got to work, Maggie texted her two things. The first read You are amazing, Alex. Thank you for letting me be here for you. and the second, twenty minutes later, was Talk to her, Al.

How did you know I’m scared to talk to her?

I’m a detective, Agent Danvers.

The response made Alex smile helplessly.

You detect, do you?

That’s right, Danvers. Now go talk to your sister.

She does.

She finds her standing with James, his arm around her shoulder, no doubt as she tells him about yesterday, about Jeremiah and, probably, about Alex.


Her little sister freezes with her back toward her, and James looks over Kara’s shoulder at Alex with deep sadness in his eyes. She tries to convey how sorry she is with the expression on her face, and maybe it works, or maybe James just understands how hard yesterday was – how hard today is going to be – for both Danvers girls, because he gives her a small, reassuring smile back.

“Yeah,” Kara says without turning around, and she knows she’s drying her tears. Her heart breaks, because these two don’t hide tears from each other.

“I’ll let you two talk,” James says softly as he squeezes Kara’s shoulders gently and steps away, touching Alex’s arm with a reassuring hand as he does.

“What do you want, Alex?” Kara asks without turning around, and Alex’s heart shreds. They’d worked together so well last night, so flawlessly. She’d hoped that meant they’d forgiven each other. That Kara had forgiven Alex.

She apparently was wrong.


“Kara, please.” She watches Kara sigh and turn around, arms folded across her chest, and it looks like she spent as much of the night crying as Alex did.

“Kara, I’m sorry. I… the things I said to you, they were… they were inexcusable. I failed as an agent yesterday, but more importantly, I… I failed as a sister.”

“So I’m back to being your sister now,” Kara observes, but her voice is more pained than cutting.

Alex steps forward and nods to herself. “I deserve that.” She forces herself to look into stormy blue eyes, blue eyes that have saved her life on more than one occasion; blue eyes that have been her home for so many years.

“Kara, you will always be my sister. You will always be my family. I don’t know what… I just wanted so badly for you to be wrong, I wanted – “

Her voice cracks and her face twists up, and she’s reminded forcibly of the dreadful day she told Kara that she, not J’onn, killed Astra.

“I’m sorry,” she squeaks, and Kara doesn’t hesitate. She takes her big sister into her arms and she rocks her, rocks her, rocks her.

“You just wanted him back,” she whispers as Alex grabs at her collared shirt, hard, messy, desperate.

“You just wanted him back, and I should’ve… I should have come to you, not Mon-El, not Winn, I just… I was trying to protect you, Alex, I…”

“I know you were, I – “

“You’re not alone in this, Alex. I know you felt alone yesterday. Like you were the only one on his side. But J’onn was fooled, too, and it… you are never alone, Alex. Never. I promise you.”

Alex pulls back and stares at Kara with streaming eyes.

“You’ve been feeling alone for a long time now, too.”

Kara freezes and tries to shake it off, but Alex knows her better.

She pokes the space between Kara’s eyebrows with a shaky finger.

“Crinkle,” she explains, and Kara huffs.

“James and Winn were wrong, Kara. They were wrong to lie to you, and I was wrong to let them. I encouraged them to tell you, sure, but it – you – we all failed you. And I wasn’t understanding with Livewire, and no one believed you about Lena, and I…I know you’ve been feeling alone, too. But you’re not, Kara. Ever. I will always be your big sister, and you will always be my person. You don’t have to be in a relationship with someone who constantly disrespects you to feel close to something, to feel needed, to feel close to all that you’ve lost. You have your family, Kara. You have me. Always.”

Kara’s lips are trembling and her body is starting to shake, and Alex just nods – like Maggie does whenever Alex is silently realizing something – and she pulls her back to her, pulls her close.

“I love you, Kara. You and me are always, always family. Alright?”

“Stronger together,” Kara chokes out as she grabs at the back of Alex’s uniform.

“Stronger together,” Alex whispers, because they are.

I literally know of like 10 family members alone who would have voted for Trump if we lived in the US…. so believe me when I tell you that yes, white people ARE the problem. 

these past few days have been absolutely shit mental health-wise for me, but today i decided to do some more hunting around for songs to listen to while working on my taako cosplay, and something about listening to significantly more upbeat music than my usual tastes has had an absolutely magical effect on my mood this afternoon

Monsta X reaction to their s/o cutting their legs when shaving

Can I request a monsta x and bts reaction to their s/o always cutting themselves when they shave their legs

[BTS Version


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“You should really be more careful, Jagi!”


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“I can do it for you if you have difficulties.” ;)


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*Sees you in just a towel, worrying about your cut*

*Thinks you look cute*


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“And now the band-aid goes on…”

*Very focused as he fixes your wound*


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Honestly, this bitch thinks it’s funny. Almost like an annoying brother.

“Haha, you cut yourself!”


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“Don’t worry babe, Dr. Lee is here.”


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“You’re hurt? b-but how? are you in pain?”

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kunikida's gravity-defying hair triggers me, why is it like that it makes no sense

Ah, Kunikida’s hair. How sad, troubling and nonsensical.

This is a serious issue and I think it needs to be talked about. What kind of godforsaken abortion is that? Which disgrace of a barber created this abomination unjustly labeled as a ‘haircut’ on his unlucky scalp? 

I mean, let’s examine this scandal piece by piece. You take a look at the bangs and well, they’re a bit unruly but still tolerable, hell, they kinda look like Odasaku’s. Except they’re parted sideways while still having the two little strands of equal length. 

These little fuckers here. With the parting being on one side, it’s like the whole thing makes a feeble and anemic attempt at being asymmetrical and symmetrical at the same time, ultimately failing at both things. It’s like those little hairs are shouting ‘Hey, the hairdresser butchered us, but give us a golden star for trying!’.

And then there are these gravity defying things which you took issue with, and rightfully so. What kind of 90s shonen anime bullshit is this?? Is he smearing gel all over his hair every other hour, is that one of his ideals??? Those spikes must be so rock solid that he could stab the living shit out of you just by headbutting you… In fact, I’d like to courteously ask him to do so after subjecting myself to looking at his haircut for so long to make this post. Those locks don’t even flow in the wind, they don’t even move. They just rigidly stand sideways, especially on the left (director’s right) side of his head and they make me so uncomfortable.




This is the worst of all, that’s why I left it for the end. It’s just…   Please??? Decide what hair length you want?????? Either keep it long or cut off all of it???? BUT DON’T GIVE ME THIS HALFWAY MEASURE, I STG. No, dawg, it doesn’t work this way. My buddy, my pal. You either have the cool spicy action protagonist hair, or you have the mysterious bishie long hair. You can’t have both, you need to pick one. You can’t just take half of one then half of the other and slap the two together. Look, I love instant noodles and I love bread with salmon, but that doesn’t mean I can drench the fucking salmon bread into the bucket of noodle soup, you get me? Don’t be too greedy with haircuts because this is what happens.

And I have no idea whether there’s official art with his hair untied or not, but you know what, just thinking about how embarrassing that would look makes me not want to find out. I will live with the mystery. But just so you know, Kunikida, you’re a great champ, interesting character. You got a bit of a stick up your ass, but that’s a personality trait, so it’s fine. YOUR HAIRCUT, HOWEVER, is the furthest possible thing from ‘fine’ and I suggest you walk up to your hairdresser and demand multiple refunds because this is unacceptable. 

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tim is pissed off at jason for making a tumblr post that says 'stop👏over👏sexualizing👏tim👏drake👏 he's only six and doesn't know what thicc means' and tim complains to his girlfriend about it and later he sees that's she's reblogged jason's post saying 'as his best friend i can confirm this' and tim is like ¿¿she didn't only roast me but she friend zoned me online?? and people think they've broken up cause she friend zoned him and it's all a big mess till bruce is like FIX THIS NOW

This is one if the best Tim requests I’ve ever gotten

“Why haven’t you ever tried this hard for anyone before him?”

No one ever made me feel the way he makes me feel. I never saw a future with anyone, but then I met him and I swear he flipped my world upside down and now I can’t picture my future without him in it.

“You love him, don’t you?”

I do. I really do.

“Are you in love with him?”

I softly chuckled while letting out a short sigh;

God, I am so in love with him.

—  a conversation I had with my mom a few days ago
Star Trek & Suicide Squad Drama

You know all this Suicide Squad vs Star Trek drama probably would have been fixed if they had just presented both the Best Makeup & Costumes and Best Special Effects Makeup awards on the award show rather than having one of them being an award that’s given but not presented.

Also, I could understand people being angry if Suicide Squad received an award for pretty much anything else, but for them to say that they aren’t deserving of Best Makeup in honestly so disrespectful to the makeup artists for that film, and just in general, that dedicate their lives to their art.  Saying that Suicide Squads makeup is equivalent to Halloween makeup is screwed up on so many levels. And what is with these bullshit comparisons of a more simple makeup look to a full on special effects look as a way to say Star Trek is more deserving of the win? They BOTH rightfully won their own rewards in the makeup categories that made sense for their films.

I really wish the people making these judgements would actually have a chance to talk with the makeup artists from both films so they would realize the serious talent it takes to do both styles of makeup and realize why it was decided that they deserve their own individual awards.

Arc V 144 - Masks and Symbolism...

…I mean in case anybody missed it :P

The Good:

  • I know there are endless jokes about how Hearland still being destroyed means some dark thin about Zexal ending or whatever, but since we already have proof that the world didn’t just rewrite itself I think I like it better that way, I not a fan of the “World-healing wave” that magically fixes eveything, here it means that the wrongdoing of the Academia kids are not magically erased they still have to work towards forgiveness.
  • I can’t believe it, this episode actually made me care for the Heartland citizens for once, particularly that family at the end, and the sight of the Tower.
  • Dennis continues to “play” the bad guy for a moment there, I think him trying oh so hard at being a soldier here (particularly the forced expressions) means that he only needed Yuya’s acceptance of him as an entertainer duelist for him to pick for himself.
  • This duel was so much fun to watch! I mean right after Dennis tore his mask off if was a non-ending outgambit after outgambit and Yuya defying Reiji’s expectations means that he’s getting back his Entertainer self.
  • The Tyler twins are back and was that Noro carrying a child on his back?

The Bad:

  • Ok, continuity error here, I’m pretty sure Yuya didn’t witness the bracelet girls being assimilated into the Arc V machine thingy,  he was too busy raging.
  • Lol, with the exception of the family, if you expected some Xyz relevance here, in the Xyz dimension you ain’t going to find it :P (just putting this in the bad because… dunno, I know some people wanted it)

The Random:

  • Is Grace’s crush on Yuya confirmed then?
  • Hello Kaito, yo made your cameo now you can go back to the mooncave.
  • Will next episode make me care about the Kurosaki silbings? Find out next week, but remember: lower your expectations :’D

can u believe i….actually… maybe.. sorta… kind of ….like … like the colouring i just did??????? hell how did i do that

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HI COULD YOU PLZ WRITE AN EMOTIONAL, ANGSTY, FLUFFY EXTENSION TO THE LAST SANVERS SCENE??? I need fanfiction therapy cuz its the only therapy i can get. This episode fucked me up so hard. Alex is my poor baby and there was way too much heterosexualness even for a bisexual. I need more sanvers and I trust that you could do it justice. thanks :)