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BORN TO BE A STAR — JOEY CLAIRE, MAID OF LIGHT – optimisticDuelist – Medium
MAID: One who makes Light, or makes through Light — for themselves. LIGHT: Power, Fortune, Enlightenment, Knowledge, Ideas, Importance…
By optimisticDuelist

Here’s a post on Joey’s Hero Title–The MAID of LIGHT!–and how understanding it strengthens our reading of Joey’s struggles with neglect and loneliness, her STRIFES, her skills and abilities, and more! We even look at some interesting foreshadowing for where her arc may be going in the next Acts!

(Credit to @thricequeen and @dahniwitchoflight for providing key details that feed into my own speculation, btw! Thanks a ton, peeps)

Classpecting has so far been a hugely underappreciated part of Hiveswap’s narrative, and I’d like to change that. This post is also a focused introduction on Classpects in general, and should ideally be perfectly easy to follow if you’re a new Hiveswap fan with no exposure to the system from Homestuck! 

I do have to warn, however, that there will be Homestuck Spoilers in this essay. So heads up about that! Now, on to some bad news. I have similar Classpect essays brainstormed for Xefros Tritoh and Jude Harley.
But alas, it may be a while before I can write those. 

As excited as I am to post this, it comes with an announcement I wish I wasn’t making. If you enjoy this essay and want to know more about future content from me, please read on.

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Hey um, I've been wanting to become an animator for years now, in fact I've been working on my own original cartoon! But I don't know how to move into the world of animation. I'd really appreciate if you could give me some tips! I love you art so much! It's got a fun creative style about it 😆

Well, I’m glad to hear you like my art!  Unfortunately I don’t have a very good answer for your question – it’s a taaaad broad, so it’d be helpful if you had more specific questions for me to answer.  For now, I’ll do my best.

Number one, as I’ve said before, WORK ON YOUR PORTFOLIO.  Keep drawing, CONSTANTLY.  Obviously don’t wear yourself out, but don’t let yourself slack off too much!  Draw with the intent of getting better, and try out styles you’ve never tried before, and keep searching for your own style until you feel like you’ve got it… and then, search some more.  You will never be done learning how to improve, and you’ll never be done improving either.

You’ve got a pet project, eh?  GOOD.  Work on it.  Develop it.  Keep it in your back pocket, let yourself fall in love with it, and whatever you do, DO NOT get too glued to how it is at any one time.  You’ve gotta let it grow and get better – and sometimes, what somebody else suggests might just be the missing piece you didn’t even know you needed.

As for breaking into the industry… it’s both as difficult as it’s made out to be and much easier.  Look for the studios that are actually doing the animation, not necessarily at Nickelodeon or Disney or Cartoon Network proper.  Those are… VERY difficult to break into, and nearly impossible for newcomers to the industry.  Look for studios like Copernicus, DHX, Mercury – those are the ones being commissioned by the bigger networks to actually make the shows you see on TV.  Very few of them are done in-house by the companies you associate with them!  We at Copernicus handle Pickle & Peanut for Disney and Teen Titans Go for Cartoon Network, for example, as well as a handful of other projects I’m legally not allowed to disclose.

Apply online.  Even while you’re in school, apply.  Even if you’re not ready to make the move, or even if you’re not sure you meet ALL of the requirements for the job, apply.  Even if you don’t know Toon Boom Harmony, APPLY.  (Some studios will teach you the program on the job, but you can always learn on your own!  And you gotta be willing to take that initiative!)

Look for which ones are recruiting at which times, which studios need what positions, so on and so forth.  Many of them are looking for fresh-outta-college students, believe it or not… and remember: YOU CAN MOVE TO WHERE THE WORK IS.  Even if it’s inconvenient, YOU CAN MOVE.  That has to be your answer.  Do you have transportation?  YES.  Use a bike.  Use public transit.  But you DO have transportation, and that has to be your answer.  Offer to work remotely.  Let them know you’re interested in whatever positions they have open, and keep track of where you’ve applied so that you can follow up later.

In the meanwhile, look for internships.  Make connections.  Share your art, improve your art, MAAAAKE CONNECTIONS good golly Miss Molly that is so important.  Talk to the artists online that you admire.  Chat up a few guests at conventions.  Talk to people about your interests and exploits – you never know who knows who.  Remember, your connections will come from the unlikeliest of places.  (Case in point: one of my friends is a former senior Disney animator who I met at a convention… while I was in costume, and while he didn’t even know about the convention.  His wife had called me and my pal @summer-of-the-shinx over for drinks, and we just found out about the coincidence that way.)

And seriously – DO NOT STOP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.  This industry is HARD on people – hard on the aspiring artists, hard on the workers, hard on even the seniors.  It’s not as easy as getting your foot in the door and then you’re in – it’s more like a series of doors, and you gotta keep looking for the next door and forcing your way through it.

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your blog has become an inspirtation and honestly i love how you look happier on the pic than a few weeks ago. you looked so dead and tired and sad and now you just look like you're better, you live a little and im so glad for you, thanks for sharing all that insp and how you're growing as a person, i look up to you for changing in a better direction, keep up being a great human being

oh man what a nice message

I mean, I also think I am a bit better? At least I’m not dead inside first thing in the morning (and even if I am, when I go out for a walk and put my fav podcast on, I feel much better)

If you are interested, I actually started building these habits thanks to an app called Fabulous. It’s really helping me being constant with what I do! 

To be honest, I’m still sort of tired throughout the day but it’s really better compared to how I felt before XD 

I’m glad I can inspire you, somehow! I never thought I would do that ahah 

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hello! idk if you remember me but I'm the anon that asked you for advise for architecture. I told you how overwhelmed I felt and I wasn't sure if I could do it. Well, I just wanted to thank you for the advise, and tell you that I feel much better now I think it was just the stress of the first couple weeks. I'm really enjoying studio and the projects now. So thank you, you really are a role model

hi! I do remember you and I’m so sos ososososos happy to hear that like you don’t understand how truly happy I am to hear you’re liking your projects and yesss bitch studio is the bessssttttt especially when you get in the zone but ndnfkngvks thank you so much??? it’s so strange to know a lot of you look up to me. I feel like there are so many better people to look up to but sjdnkdsnkjnsjdkfnjkdg thank you…I hope everything continues moving forward and you continue to love everything about architecture  

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Sketches are sketches yes, but sketches are good for practice as well. They help build the foundations of what comes later. For example a talented chef does not always create a three course banquet. This does not mean when the Chef makes a simple Mac and Cheese that this is not tasty. To those who like Mac and Cheese it could be really really good, and they rave on about it. But the chef might not listen because it is not what it normally can make. In other words, don't worry too much. Have Fun.

Funny thing - if people talk about something philosophical and try to support somebody (mostly in art)  they give as an example cooks

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Maybe sketches will help me, maybe not. Now i feel like i can do only them

anyway, thanks that you care about me, its very nice and i feel a little better 

i`ll try my best for you

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Hi I was looking for a place to speak my mind and this place seems nice. I came out as bi to myself and my closest friend yesterday and I feel so much better now that I can accept it. It was a long road of self-doubt but I got through it. My friend was very supportive :)

I’m glad that things were positive and successful for you! And that your friend was supportive of you! Hurrah! ^^
With love,

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Headcanons for good!Ganondorf?

Good!Ganny BOTW AU (Meaning that Demise is the villain, and not Ganon)

  • I feel like if he were in botw he’d be this mysterious incognito character that gives Link the most arbitrary side quests, but with the best rewards (especially lots of food, which Link always needs).
  • Link just keeps running into this guy and supposes it’s a thing now.
  • Riju is his daughter and he just wants to do right by her and show her how to be the best Gerudo chief she can be.
  • Initially he was the one that was supposed to accompany Link to Vah Naboris, but Riju is much better at sand seal riding than he is (especially given that he’s so big and prone to lose his balance while trying). He was really hesitant to let her do it until he learned that she would take the Thunderhelm with her.
  • Does this mean Urbosa is, like, his grandmother, or something?
  • He’s a really good chef when it comes to Gerudo cuisine. His culinary creations are also good for heals (5 hearts minimum).
  • Looks like he could kill you, but is actually a cinnamon roll.
  • Knows Link isn’t a vai from the start when he enters Gerudo Town, but he also knows he’s the hero, so he doesn’t say anything.
    • As their King/chief, he is the only male allowed in Gerudo town.

~Mod Zora~

okay i’ve been at uni for several days

and i think i’ve been feeling more happy with my parents off my back. i feel better now that i’m my own person and am responsible for my wellbeing and grades and everything.
there’s been so much work assigned so far and it’s a little overwhelming but i’m determined to do well this year.
also my roommates are very nice. i generally have a hard time getting along with people. i have issues with my temper but i think living with multiple people kinda forces me to assess things better before i blow up. they’ve invited me out places earlier this week too and we went partying a few days ago. it was cool.
i don’t have a lot of friends but i joined some clubs (viet student union, archery club, kendo club) so i hope i can find people that share the same interests as me there. a lot of people approach me on the daily and we exchange info but it doesn’t really go past snapchat. i’m grateful that people are coming to me because i’m too afraid to come to them. luckily most people i met have been super nice.
oh also i made a tinder??? i’m trying to figure out how it works

ummm that’s my update lol

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VIKI OMG OK ITS THE CRUSH ON TEACHERS DAUGHTER ANON AND GUESS WHAT. So she was like "ehh I don't wanna spend 3 hours alone...." so I asked her if she wanted to come over but she lives a bit far so she didn't come BUT she asked me if I wanted to chill with her before class so we arrived a bit early to chill AND THEN we had SOOOO much fun at school with another friend AND YOLO SHE BROKE UP WITH THAT DUDE !!!!!!!! She was like "I feel so much better now" and she's so touchy with me now !!! The fuck

she broke up w him!!!!!!!! this is one of the best updates so far im screamin

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different anon but hearing you say you like college better makes me feel so much better. if everything is like high school is now I couldn't deal with life

dont worry, high school is a special kind of hell and college is a lot better so far

I’ve always been an introvert shy person growing up. I’ve gotten better but now I have to work in group with girls who are all outgoing. I feel like I can’t get my voice in because they overpower the conversation. I guess I also have a hard time speaking up and I hate it so much. I feel kinda down about that right now because i hate being like this. Being shy has really affected me and idk how to change that :/

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Haha it’s okay! He was tricked and too easily tricked at that. It’s unfortunate how things turned out but he had it coming. 

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What To Do was just... 😍😍 I literally have no words! (Probably cause I've just woken up but oh well) I loved it! Thank you so much for tagging me to your stories since I think you're a really good writer! PS: I hope your migraine is better now 💙

Originally posted by shootingdaggersdaily-blog

How I feel with all my feelings for you guys! I love you all so much :,) I wish my migraine would get better but I have one everyday which sucks :c

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SDiT anon here; I'm repeating myself I know, but that makes me feel so much better! I've been burning MYSELF out going "oh my god, look how much people can do with their 2 month old that my 4 month old isn't doing yet" and I've just recently realized how much I wasn't ENJOYING my dog. Now it was a matter of "I'm having fun now but am so behind". I'm really glad to hear that I'm not being an idiot for taking things slow; I'm totally gonna save your response to look at when I start stressing out!

Haha, I know the feeling! I just want my dog to learn to be a DOG before anything else. I want them to learn how to live in the house and ride in the car and be good with people before I ever worry about what their job (show/sport/working) is. Cas is learning how to settle in the house and not be a lunatic and not eat furniture as well as not being a resource guarder - things that are super important for just being a dog! Thank you for thinking of your girl and caring so much about her to not rush her and spoil her experience as a working dog. You two will make a great team.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness