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sooooo,,,, last weekend i hit 1k??

i’ve been on tumblr for 6 years now (under quite a few different fandoms) but only since 8 months ago have i actually started being active and making friends on here and creating my own content. i honestly still can’t believe anyone even reads my fics let alone enjoys them but i’m so very grateful that you do. thanks to the wonderful feedback i’ve received, i’ve even been inspired to change not only my college major, but to completely change schools and my entire career path to follow my dreams of writing and editing and publishing, no matter how hard it may be. y'all mean the world to me and i honestly wouldn’t be where i am today without you guys so thank you. <333 

anyway, as my thanks, i thought i’d shout out some of the blogs that make my dash the fantastic place that it is! (under the cut because this is gonna be a loooonnggie)

this is also a response to an ask from last night saying do you have any blog recs? well, golly do i, anon! these blogs are all a+++ and my dash truly wouldn’t be the same without them :)

if you don’t want to see this, blacklist the tag claires1kfollowforever! (and if i forgot you, feel free to deck me and send me a message and i’ll add you in!)

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Kylux Fic Rec List! (Part 3/?) XL Edition!

I meant to do this like…4 months ago. I’m awful. Sorry. Here’s a bunch of things I loved reading. As always, mind the tags.

A Lover’s Token | @vadianna
Rated: E / 6200 words
Kylo gets off on physical evidence of his trysts with Hux. So he gets Hux to regularly rub him off through his leggings. He doesn’t wash them. More or less.

Pretty Little Thing | @kyluxicle
Rated: E / 8500 words
Being a General is stressful, and when the stress becomes too much Hux goes to Kylo Ren to decompress. Sometimes decompressing means being dressed up and fucked like a whore.

The Mountebank | @kdazrael
Rated: E / 15200 words
For the Kylux Hard Kinks prompt: ‘Broke student Kylo answers a call for medical research subjects that he finds online- $150 per visit. It takes several trips to Dr Hux’s office and an inordinate number of things up his ass before he realises it might not have been a genuine advert.’

My Skin Is Theirs | @claricechiarasorcha
Rated: E / 10800 words
Apparently, Lieutenant Mitaka has quite the collection of saucy softcore Cadet Hux pictures. Apparently, Kylo Ren thinks this is entirely inappropriate in men of their standing. Apparently, General Hux has an idea.

Delineation | @vadianna
Rated: E / 7000 words
Kylo is always astonished by his visits to the specialty club in Hutt Space, even after so many trips. This time, Hux runs into an old kitonak acquaintance.Or: They have sex with an anonymous alien as a third partner.

The Immaterial Stardust of His Being | @saltandlimes
Rated: E / 5200 words
After a Resistance attack, Finalizer’s main reactor is only hours from total collapse. Hux tries to hold his ship and crew together, while planetside, miles below him, Kylo Ren races the clock to bring back parts for the reactor and save them.

Nudge | @obsessions-and-dreams
Rated: T / 2050 words
Ren would nuzzle softly against Hux’s throat or jaw or cheek and every time, without fail, Hux smiled or laughed. For some reason Ren liked that, and so he kept doing it. And Hux kept letting him.

The Walkout Bout | @nerdherderette
Rated: M / 3300 words
“No, don’t want that shit.” Ben doesn’t want it, or need it. His years of training and a lifetime of name calling have taught him to deal with pain, especially when it came to matters regarding his face. He lays back as Hux begins cleaning the wound, the sting of the antiseptic replaced by the prick of the surgical needle entering his skin.He breathes, feeling the pull of the fast gut drawing the ragged edges of flesh closed as Hux’s fingers flew. It never fails to surprise him that Hux would choose to slum away several days a week fixing up amateur boxers in a fight factory. It’s nearly as surprising as the idea that someone as beautiful and talented as Hux could be interested in someone like Ben.

New Soul, Strange World | @hollyhark
Rated: T / 4900 words
Ren senses Hux in extreme distress and rushes to his aid, thereby discovering that Hux has a phobia of basic medical procedures due to childhood trauma. Ren deals with it, reluctantly but in a way that would make his mother proud (which he resents).

Fools of Us Both | @theearlgreyalpha
Rated: E / 3750 words
Somehow, Kylo had convinced them both that he was far more experienced than he was. His infatuation with Hux proved to be his downfall, running his mouth to boast about a sexual prowess he simply didn’t have, and when the time came to prove it…he failed. Miserably.

Friends With Renefits | @moonwalkingcrab
Rated: E / 37400
The Rules:
1. Just sex, no feelings
2. The arrangement lasts as long as is beneficial
3. Either party can choose to end the arrangement, no questions asked
4. No kissing

All The Way To Your Door | @kyluxtrashcompactor
Rated: E / 44550 words
Six months ago, Hux lied to his father. He said the man in the picture he pulled up on his phone was his fiancé. Hux never anticipated telling his roommate, Ben, that he had been cast as Hux’s lover, but when Hux’s father dies unexpectedly, he is forced to tell Ben the truth, and ask him to play the role at Brendol Hux’s wake.

strange phenomenon | @brawlite & @kyluxtrashcompactor
Rated: E / 65750 words
Kylo Ren is haunted by recent tragedy. He answers an ad posted by one Armitage Hux for a roommate, and he thinks a fresh start will help him begin to heal. He brings next to nothing with him from the past when he moves in.Or so he thinks.

Uniform Code be Damned | @pangolinpirate
Rated: E / 3700 words
How long had it been since he’d been touched this way? The bitter answer that floated to his mind was ‘too long.’ Hux sighed and leaned into the knight’s touch, stretching his neck toward Ren’s lips and capturing them with his own.

Accidentally on Purpose | @onewhositswithturtles
Rated: E / 3800 words
Kylo has been harboring feelings for his uptight boss, Hux, over the last year but said nothing for fear of getting fired. Unfortunately one night Kylo’s friends get him drunk and Kylo decides Hux should see what he’s missing, and texts Hux a dick pic. The next morning when Hux tells Kylo to come to his office after work, Kylo has no idea what to expect.

Noise Resolution | @gefionne
Rated: E / 5450 words
Hux’s neighbor Kylo Ren is infamous for having loud sex with a new guy every couple of days. When Hux gets fed up and files a noise complaint, an enraged Kylo confronts Hux about the report. Hux tries to protest at first but soon ends up in bed with Kylo, screaming just as loud as the boys previously.

Leverage | ballvvasher
Rated: E / 6250 words
Written for Kylux Hard Kinks prompt: “Hux, tense one evening, coms for a massage droid but accidentally sends it to Kylo instead.”

Pleated Skirts and Perverts | @maps-to-nowhere
Rated: E / 1000 words
Ren has a talented mouth, and Hux appreciates it maybe too much.

Incense and Cinnamon | @mothdustmouth
Rated: E / 49000 words
Kylo fights with a broadsword at ren faires after becoming disfigured as a teenager. He’s able to hide his face and stay in his comfort zone until a troupe of actors, along with one very slender Armitage Hux, start to preform at the same festival. or: Kylo is a knight and Hux is an elf.

Mr. June | @nerdherderette
Rated: E / 4300
A simple loincloth barely covers the outline of his mouth-watering length, his stomach ripples with muscles Hux never knew even existed, and his chest and biceps are deliciously thick.  His hands are enormous and strong—meat hooks that look like they could span Hux’s waist.  A simple gold collar encircles the man’s neck, connected to a thin, gold chain. In short, Mr. June looks like someone who had stepped out of a holoporn, and into Hux’s wet dream.

griffphandor  asked:

So I'm kinda new to the phandom (watched my first vid about 3 months ago) any advice for me? And suggest more phan blogs to follow thanks.

aa welcome !! i’d try to make as many friends as possible and be super nice to everyone! occasionally theres drama which is a bit yikes but if you can, stay out of it. as for gaining followers, try to post content, whether its igfs or edits or just funny text posts, stay active, and talk to ppl ! there are so so many nice people i lov. 

heres some of my faves (in no order bc im a mess):

@@phtl @goldan @flowersphil @glowinghowell @donthavetobebrave @lesterp @lcssamazingphil @japhanz @amazingphilz @doinganap @ratinof  @huphilpuffs @danslester @dantichrist @furryphil @dailybooth @fuckinlester @nihilist-toothpaste @cafephan @goincrazyfast @danielbear @rebloggingphan @2k17rebrand @phandum @boncasphan @dansucc @bondange @forgetfullittleguy @dnpsb @danschode @princessdan @phiru @fondan @pseudophan @pugjumper @dadinof @themostfuniveverhad @astronautdan @prettydan @philester @prettyphil @cringe-attacks @sharkdan @dangoghs @howelloddle @boncasphan @redhowell

It’s so easy to forget with all of the drama that keeps creeping up in this fandom, but I am here for these two people and the show that we all love, as I know many of you are too.  In a little over a month, they’ll begin filming the 11th season of The X-Files.  Let’s not forget how truly blessed we are to be receiving this gift.  I am beyond excited, as excited as I was the day we found out that a new season was finally happening.  Let’s enjoy this time instead of making it miserable.  Let’s remember why we’re all here in the first place, and let’s enjoy the wonderful friendships that have been made along with the way.  We have so much to be thankful for, and it’s time that we put things back into perspective again.


ADOT’S NEXT CHAPTER (CH. 40) IS NOW DONE. FINALLY. BLESS. It clocks in at 5.3k words and awaiting edits/betaing, but for all of you who have been so kindly waiting for an update for two+ months, it should be up in the next couple of days depending on how fast we can get it turned around.

THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING SO PATIENT WITH MY INCONSISTENT BUTT (I blame it on finishing Proposal and Dramione and kdramas and general distraction lol). ILU.

I have all the free time this vacation yet it feels like a blink of an eye. I’m not suprised anymore that April and May have gone by so fast, and now, there’s only a week left in June! But before I start ranting about how school is fast approaching (which will start on July 3), here are the things I have been up to this vacation.


I revamped my blog! I may not be always active here but I still want to make my blog look presentable. I’m happy with the outcome but I won’t lie, the html codes gave me a hard time. Haha! It’s also useful how I’m able to apply what I learned from my information technology course last semester. I edited this header gif from powerpoint. You can almost do anything on powerpoint, I swear.

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Lucifer Fanfiction  Completed & To Do List...

Why am I posting this? 

I just wanted all my Lucifer fanfics in one post. Yet beware… I’m not an English native speaker/writer. I mess up quite a lot and I tend to edit several of my chapters and one-shots for months afterwards. You see I have the bad tendency to post first and edit more thoroughly later. 

Additionally, my plots are usually absurd and most often than not I write them because an idea was stuck for too long and it had to get out. Writing fanfiction is an outlet and a practice for me so I might not be the Lucifer fanfic author you would be interested in. A03 has almost 1400 Lucifer fics. In short, know your options. 

Only on Archive of Our Own (A03)

1) Matters of Light (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: A Mother always knows. A Mother can always hope that the ones who will be left behind, will be safe and happy. Thus, a chat occurs.

2) A Place That’s Warm and Dark (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: “You really believe I take after Dad? We both know now where this is going. Don’t we?” Lucifer gave a bitter chuckle rubbing his tired aching eyes in hopelessness. He realised it too late. Oh, so late…

*CO-AUTHORED* with @ships-sailing-in-the-night  

Standalone One-shots

1) Just a Job Description (Two Chapters/Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Exploring the first kiss between Chloe and Lucifer and the awkward question that followed. Submitted for the Lucifer Gift Exchange Round 1 (2017)

2) A Heart’s Arduous Return (Oneshot-Drabble) for Yearning: Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Chloe Decker celebrates her 36th year on this Earth. She will probably never know but love is the small gestures even when coming from afar. Set between 2x13 and 2x14.

3) Who is Afraid of Charlotte Richards? (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Lucifer has been gone for two months, Uriel for four and a half. Mother finally wants to talk about these two different kinds of losses. Linda Martin reluctantly agrees to listen. Pain overtakes people, only for them to find an immeasurable kind of love somewhere in the depths of their existence. Set between 2x13 and 2x14.

4) Caterpillar-Duck Race, Hello! (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Lucifer is being childish, Chloe is finally unwinding and granting her inner child some freedom. It’s the heat, it’s the children, it’s a Caterpillar-Duck Race, Hello! Takes place between 2x10 and 2x11.

5) Aurio (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Lucifer goes back to the penthouse after his 72 hours are up in the psychiatric hospital. The Detective is there, being what he needs her to be. A short drabble about “Tomorrow”…

6) My Blue-Grey (H)orison (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Amenadiel realises how deep his brother’s feelings run for Chloe. Set after the end of 2x15.

7) End Me With a Kiss (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Out of all the idiotic things Lucifer could have done, he had to go and kiss her.

8) The Sun Shines Through the Rain (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Chloe makes perfectly clear to Lucifer that she doesn’t need him anymore. Lucifer disagrees in the best way he knows how. Melodiously. 

9) It Has Been a Year (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary:*In Honour of the 1st Lucifer Anniversary / 25th of January 2016 - 25th of January 2017*

“Did you love her?”

“Deeply. You seem… surprised by this answer Doctor. They say the Devil cannot love but he did once. He was created out of love. The stars you gaze every night were created by that deep, gut-wrenching emotion as well.”

10) Handle With Care (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Two weeks after his departure (2x13), Lucifer is standing right in the middle of her case’s crime scene.

11) The Definition of a Hellbound Tenebrific Soul (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Lucifer is coming to terms with what it means to be unworthy before Chloe finds him on the beach. 2x11

12) The Sense of Completion (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: "Our most honest conversations are done at 4 AM and while you are sleeping.“ 

An additional scene I needed from Lucifer after the ending of 2x17.

13) On a Chemical Level (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Linda asks a question and a favour. Chloe replies on a chemical level.

Series I : A Devil of a Time

1) 3 Seconds of Sorrow (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: When she would wake up Lucifer would smile to her, joke to her but never promise her she would see him again. It only took three seconds of sorrow to realise that soon he would be gone and thus how much she means to him. Prequel to 60 Seconds of Silence. *A spontaneous 20-minute challenge! Or when sleep deprivation motivates you abort, abort!*

2) 60 Seconds of Silence (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: In the era of camera surveillance, Chloe Decker finds how *team* effort worked to save her in 2x13. This was not what she had in mind when she was told that Lucifer had gotten a hold of the formula through unconventional means.

3) 60 Years of Pandemonium (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Lucifer knew how to wager deals with humans, unfortunately, no one ever explained to him that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. You see Chloe Decker is not exactly happy and she knows precisely how to track him down after 2x13. *An unexpected sequel to 60 Seconds of Silence.

Series II : Tis the Season to be Folly 

(including the Lucifer’s A03 Christmas Countdown Challenge entries)

Given in their correct reading order

1) Guilty as Sin (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: “Care to explain?” he asked somewhat too distressfully for his taste. In the midst of a chaotic day at home, Trixie has a very interesting question for the Devil.

2) Carols of Rum and Raspberries (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: When Lucifer is caught in an awkward situation due to his earlier that day vandalised sensitivities, a counter favour will have him illuminating the ivory keys while talking over matters of rum and raspberries.

3) Walk 8766 Miles in my Elven Shoes (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Kidnapping Dan was a necessary evil for Lucifer. After all, in his book, a promise is a promise and the Devil will go to great lengths this holiday season to keep his.

4) My Mutineer Santa (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Maze had been entrusted with the Christmas grocery shopping. Amenadiel just wanted to get into her good graces. He should have known. Never let a demon make purchases at the spree of the moment. How will the rest react?

5) Lucifer in the Sky with Lions (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Having Lucifer as a forced house guest was never the plan. Neither was him tugging along for the most important errant of this holiday season. Thankfully, he claims to have plenty of experience but does he really?

6) A Tree for the Latchkey Kid (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: Amenadiel is house-sitting for Lucifer. For the past year, he knew that his dear brother was changing yet this holiday season a discovery will make him realise just how far this change goes. Thankfully the good doctor is there to help or at least she gets credit for trying.

7) On a Wing and a Prayer (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: CHAPTER 1 of Alis Grave Nil. Beatrice leads Lucifer to new, uncharted paths this holiday season. What makes a man and what makes a believer? Joyous, precious, burned to crisp and even bitter presents will be given. Even from Father himself. 

8) Father is Waiting in the Wings (Oneshot): Written - Edited - Completed

Summary: CHAPTER 2 of Alis Grave Nil. His playful eyes roamed her figure and a sense of familiarity enfolded him. “Are you sure that we haven’t met? I could swear I’ve seen you naked.” Christmas held the significance of their connection in time. But they were unaware of how deep it ran. Standalone Outtake of On a Wing and a Prayer. *(The somewhat mature version of AGN Ch2)*

9) Alis Grave Nil (Multichapter): 25 chapters - Ongoing - 16 Chapters Posted

Working Summary: There is a rule to never steal from the Devil. A masterfully blurred memory and a stolen token bring Lucifer to his breaking point. Nothing is heavy to the wings* but what happens when you have severed yours? Romance, Mystery, Angst and your occasional Fluf.

Second Summary: Nothing is heavy when you have wings, but what happens when you have severed yours? Divine plans, destiny and above all free will get Lucifer’s world spinning. Revelations and surprising twists all come down to Lucifer’s will, but freedom always has a price. Perhaps it’s finally time for him to reap the rewards as well. Romance, Mystery, Angst and your occasional Fluf.


1) Black Sea  

Summary: You rise I fall, I stand you crawl, you twist I turn, who’s the first to burn?

To Do List:


1) The Penthouse Chronicles
(Mid-length Multichapter) 

Summary: Hilarity, Fluff and Angst. Lucifer Morningstar’s Penthouse has seen it all. 

2) Untitled (Short-length Multichapter)

Summary: Trixie in 1x10 decides to take matters into her own hands so she flees her house and makes a deal with her favourite Devil. An AU take of what if Trixie had found Lucifer at home. 

3) Untitled (Short-length Multichapter or Oneshot)

Summary: Based on my Maze and Wings theory. 


1) The Other Night

anonymous asked:

Wow I love transference! I read the first two chapters a while back when they were the only ones up and it was good, but I didn't realize you were an active blog! Coming back and reading it now and seeing how good it is and all the character development you've put in is so awesome! Great work, I can't wait for the next chapter!! Thanks for creating such a good fic!

No worries! I’m on here daily because it’s cheaper than participating in irl activities. I just don’t upload more often than around once a month because I write slow and am really strict about the editing process.

Thanks for reading and sharing your feedback. I’m working on Chapter 6 heavily this weekend!

anonymous asked:

you should make a youtube channel, my friend. i think you'd be good at it. love your simblr btw! thank you for being amazing <3

thanks! there are moments when i think about it, then i remember whenever i play i’m very quiet so there wouldn’t be much commentary (if even any..) and i’d lose the motivation for editing video’s and all of that. with youtube you have to be consistent, but i’d be that person who uploads once every 5 months.


I’ll always be proud.

[click the gifs for better quality ❤]

Decided to remake this for pride month!!! Happy pride, everyone 🌈 ❤

You’re all special. You’re all wonderful. You’re all valid. Be proud  ❤ ❤ ❤

Edit: Just a reminder that even if your flag is not included, this post is still for you ❤
Sorry I couldn’t do everyone’s flag.
This post’s message is still valid for you even if your flag is not here.
Happy pride  ❤


Everyone is smiling except Keith, because he’s got better things to do than smile at you.  

Right! So I made y’all a few icons you never asked for! If anyone wants one with a different flag behind it, feel free to PM me, I’ll fix you up.

Fixed version: And by this, I mean I’ll 100% make this post about pride, and not about my headcanons for the characters :) 


Colour Palette Challenge 11/? >> Oikawa Tooru requested by @oikvw​ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

If you don’t think Stiles is going to text Derek,

“Guess who’s putting the BI in FBI?!”

Then I don’t know you.