there i changed my icon

OUTOFDOLLS.   Alright! After a few moments of heavy consideration and lots of friendly advice (THANK YOU!!!):    Selenia’s name will NO LONGER BE SELENIA GENIVIVE RUDENBERG. She will now be known as SOTOMI TAKAHASHI  ソトミ タカーシ, HER ORIGINAL BIRTH NAME! Thank you all for bearing with me for this and I’d really like to thank that EXCELLENT ANON FOR SENDING ME THIS!!!!! This will leave me more content with our beloved doll maker’s character, a name fitting for her roots, traditions, and origins.

this shot of the joker pulling up his pants leg seems to imply that the white part of his feet is actually just bare skin, not fabric spats over a pair of dress shoes, as i had always assumed?? which means that the animated series joker has actually been wearing, like, kitten heeled pumps this entire time