there i am on the news


Will you take this matter seriously?

I am taking it seriously! What makes you think I’m not taking it seriously?


All I really want to do is mend
Every soul that needs a friend
Each and every beating heart
Can I spread peace and joy through art?
Chaos proliferating all around, There’s hateful protesting in every town
The earth is trembling & voices too
Signs held high
They loved once, just like you
Don’t give up, Mama said
How blessed you are to read the news from your bed
I’m crying in bed wrapped in my silky duvet
600 thread count, who am I to complain? I’m living in euphoria amidst the chaos that remains
I spent last Tuesday beneath the rising sun
While a terrorist was online shopping for a gun
I ask for your forgiveness. Because I know I can do more
There’s children in Aleppo who don’t know life without war
While bombs went off and families said their final goodbyes, I was at peace, under cotton candy skies
Waves crashed as I sipped red wine
While rates of violence, terrorism, and human suffering took a massive incline
It’s time I turn my prayers into actions. Damnit, please stop bombarding civilians
Let us plant seeds of peace and love for generations to come
And if we all start accepting and understanding our differences, one day those seeds will blossom
Let us cherish the times we hear “Honey, I’m home” Before we’re forced to face the true meaning of being alone
Teach your mind to only look for the similarities. Show empathy and be a precious jewel through your rarities
If you spread anything but light, then why are you here? In a world with too much sadness and not enough cheer
In the Buddha’s words, “Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
I pray to god one day you can stop feeling scared
You have a purpose. You are the change you seek. You matter, you really do; and I dedicate this poem to you
Wherever you exist in this beautiful world, let my words be a hand to hold, reminding you, be brave and be bold
Harmonize love. This I know is the key. Everyone with a decent heart deserves to be free
It’s not about win or lose
Your strength and courage can do wonders when you try walking in someone else’s shoes
Don’t you ever forget the power of love
And may you live for the angels kissing you from up above
How do you want to be remembered? 
What will your legacy be?
To inspire one human to rise above hate, 
that in itself is enough for me
Prioritize your education.
When your knowledge on the world expands, your potential can only strengthen
Because through education the resources to make a difference are provided
To someday live in a world that’s not so divided
What makes you passionate, my dear?
Answer this question and infinite potential is near
I know there’s something within you. 
A match that’s waiting to be lit
And once it’s sparked the journey you’ll embark on will be one you’ll never quit
Roses are red
Violets are blue
America’s got a new president
And dear god I hope he’ll practice empathy too
—  “We Are All One” by Riley Burke

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Why does everyone have to be gay.... my goodness. wooow big news there are also straight people. am so sick of it

Lmao everyone in the ending was straight. Why are you so mad? We know straight people exist!! You’re the ones who oppressed us after all. You’re all over movies and shows and books!!! We know!!!
Here’s who I hc as LGBT in the series: Ginny, Luna, Harry and Draco and possibly Seamus. I hc Ron, Hermione, Neville, Goyle, Crabbe, Pansy, the Weasley twins, etc all as straight. So don’t come to me with that shit and even if I did hc all of them as LGBT, then it’s no ones business but mine because it isn’t harming anyone. No one’s erasing you.


Wow…Okay, I am still Very taken aback by this reveal…

Okay, so it has come to my attention that my best internet buddy pinkipie125 has deactivated :( She was one of the partners for the-sterling-home-for-children blog. Pinkie had the wonderful idea to start this adoption blog for TS4. Our other partner seems to have left as well, which is totally cool. This just means that I am now left to start up this blog by myself. Which is fine, I love independent work. I’d really like to honor Pinkie and her great idea so if I have trouble running the adoption blog alone, I might need some help. Anyways, I don’t need anyone quite yet but I may soon.

I will deactivate the shared blog and make another one as a side blog so keep your eyes peeled

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Uh, hello! I am still a baby witch. My witch blog is sphynxish and I really hope to get your books soon!! (Broke college student) but I have a quick question. I just tried I feel was my first true sigil magic and well. It was a lot. I used candles and paper. The flames were super strong and the paper wouldn't go out out until I poured water (my fire alarm went off, that's how much of a flame there was) and uh my glass candle holder shattered???? What am I asking is: good or bad? Or possibly....

I angered something and now what I did isn’t true?? Help?? Please and thank you!!! 😅😅            

Good news, witchling - it’s most likely that you just had a little mundane mishap with the fire. It happens to every witch who works with candles from time to time. Things flare up faster than you expect them to, things burn more energetically than you’d planned, and glassware shatters when it gets too hot.

Happens all the time. Just be more careful with that fire in the future! :)

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Karkat owns like a bear dog thing and takes it to the dog park every other afternoon and Dave only knows that because he hangs anywhere to avoid home (and also because God damn beef man with the bear dog walked out with his heart) and he goes and thinks on how to get to talk to karkat and all his ideas get fucky and next thing karkat knows there's a lanky kid dressed in a dog suit following his dog and he can't even deal with it because he walks gamzees dog every other day so it isn't (part 1)

(Part 2) so the dog isn’t cooped up all week but the good news is is that Dave ended up getting his number from Gamzee (and he got gamzees number from the collar) and now at 3 am He gets messages and that’s how karkat met dave

i feel like im having a fever dream rn

Hoy recibe los aplausos: supo ser sal y también, miel, 
y conecta con sus pasos, que resbalar no cae bien.


 uno. strange news from another star, blur. dos. hijo de las armas, no te va gustar. tres. razors edge, albert hammond jr. cuatro. don’t look back in anger, oasis. cinco. va a escampar, la vela puerca. seis. rebellion (lies), arcade fire. siete. i am the rain, pete doherty.ocho. evil eye, franz ferdinand. nueve. el loco, babasónicos. diez. two evils, bastille.  [LISTEN

+BONUS: when the cows come home, blur.

Everyone talking about Jungkook sleeping in jhopes room but if the rumor is true that Jungkook has his own room that means that Jimin and Namjoon share a room now. Where did it say that Jimin shares with Jhope still? When the news about Jungkook having his own room came out it was also said that Jimin shared with Namjoon. Am I mistaken?

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Haley! idk if this counts as ggn but 2 years ago I was on a trip and there was these like youth leaders in training. 2 of the girls were like super besties- I'm talking cuddled at night etc.. besties so everyone thought they should date each other cause they worked so well together but they both had boyfriends flash forward to valentines day this year and it comes up on facebook as they're in a relationship and I swear my heart !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just so happy for them bc they're perfect!

are you kidding???? this is the best, gayest news ever omfg like im literally so happy like thats romcom level stuff i want to know how it happened kkasdksad

To Anyone Experiencing User Interface Graphic Glitches:

A few Windows users are running into a problem with parts of the UI not displaying in their game (textbox, etc.). If you experience this issue, first check that your archive.rpa file is 228,138 KB. If it is, then the problem is not with the downloaded file itself, but something occurring on your platform.

I am currently looking into the cause of the issue, and will update everyone as soon as I have news.

In the meantime, please try some basic troubleshooting by checking that your anti-virus software is not interfering with the download or extraction.

If anyone has any tips for dealing with this issue, I would greatly appreciate your input. Please send me a message here or email me at Thank you!

Whenever that one post comes up about bringing back the original meaning of “coming out” (as in “coming out in the gay community” like a debutante ball) and one of the comments is “your majesty, I present a gay”

I always think about my stories and how His Majesty would be like “I am also gay, this is not news” and his husband, also His Majesty, would just be like “Everyone at court is gay, dear.”

also i am initially intrigued by the “we’re going to ala mhigo AND doma!” reports and tbh i’m even more interested than i thought i would be in stormblood. not because i’m super interested in doma, but because my biggest fear re: stormblood, which i’ve previously discussed, is that it’d just follow the HW structure and setting formula, just replacing ishgard with ala mhigo. i do not think that’d be a good choice to make. so this news makes it very clear we’re not repeating that formulation. so for that, i find it welcome news.

and i hear a lot of people concerned that this means that ala mhigo will be done wrong or underserved by this development. and i understand the concern. but keep in mind, even if the entire xpac was ostensibly dedicated to one’s favorite nation, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to give one’s favorite nation a good story or do right by its fans :D

*inhales deeply*

The news about Liam’s writer is I N C R E D I B L Y disheartening, but if I am being 100% honest, I was not going in with high expectations to begin with given the franchise’s piss poor record with writing black characters.

This was honestly not beyond the realm of what I was expecting. It’s more a confirmation of my suspicions.

I will hold out hope that, like the previous games, the aliens will prove to be the most human feeling and real characters the franchise has to offer and be the saving grace it needs to have any kind of emotional impact on players.