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im so exhausted that someone’s gonna need to use the Necronomicon to get me up tomorrow

hey i made a playlist about being a fuckin gay who’s crushing on a girl give it a listen so u can pine more, or something

since @nerdgasrnz was so eager for me to introduce her, meet my BNHA OC- Hikari! Or more well known by her hero name- Ultra-V

She’s nationally ranked #94 in the total ranking system- and constantly afraid of dropping above 100, primarily because being in the top 100 is an essential part of her branding.

Her Quirk is called Lumenize, which allows her matter to mimic the properties of light, giving her abilities like intangibility, near light speed dashes, as well as energizing portions of her body to function like practical, but blunt lasers. She can’t pass through refractive surfaces like crystal or ice without getting horrendous vertigo. She can also be struck with other energy attacks when in light form. It also has a stamina limit- and overusing her quirk traps her in intangible hologram mode- where she can’t hit or hit anything until she gets her stamina back.

She’s the biggest gay possible and embraces the more celebrity-esque portions of the hero role, but can most certainly fill her responsibilities.

You’re the Poison Running Through My Veins

@voltronwhumpweek2017 I rewrote my fic for Day 6: Poison because I didn’t like how it came out the first time.

(Title from the song Poison by Alice Cooper)

TG: Puking. Not very graphic, but it’s there.

“This sucks.” Pidge grumbled.

Keith couldn’t agree more, but he smirked at her. “I thought you liked the outdoors now.”

She frowned, “Just because I like it a bit more than I used to doesn’t mean that I don’t still have allergies.” she said, sniffing as if to emphasize her point.

Keith shrugged and lifted a hand to wipe the sweat from his brow for what must have been the hundredth time in the past half hour. “Fair enough.”

“Besides, you look about as miserable as I feel, and you’re the one who’s always liked the outdoors.” She said, reaching out to push her sweat drenched bangs out of her face.

This time Keith grimaced, “Yeah, when it’s not so hot and humid that I feel like I’m literally melting. And wearing the armour isn’t exactly helping.”

Pidge nodded, “Remind me to talk to Hunk and Coran about upgrading the armour’s temperature regulators. I mean sure the armour protects us from freezing to death in space, but it’s doing absolutely bupkis to keep us cool enough in this heat.”

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It’s so goddamn exhausting to ALWAYS have to care about everyone’s feelings and sensitivities. I’m tired of pulling that fake facade on Tumblr that’s like “ily sm<3<3<3 ur the best hey ur cute” but in the end you know if you don’t do something EVERYONE’S way, you’re gonna be called a bitch and shit.

PLEASE, understand that if I don’t reply to your IM’S immediately, I’m not ignoring you. It’s pretty fucking stressful to have someone asking you ‘why’re you ignoring me’ when I clearly am not, but since they go with this mindset, it’s basically a dead end. I’m not ALWAYS cheerful, I’m not always gonna shower you with love 24/7 but my said love and appreciation isn’t diminishing because I’m not reminding you all the time that I love you.

I. WANT. TO. TALK. TO. ADULTS. I understand not everyone’s built like a rock, but it’s hard for me to talk to someone who is extremely versatile (i don’t think that’s the accurate word) and can go from you’re my bestie to wow bitch u haven’t replied to me in like 2 seconds we done. 

Furthermore it is not MY duty nor YOURS to make me/you feel happy. I don’t want to feel like I’m talking to babies, but to adults since that’s something Tumblr LOVES bragging about. I want to be y'all’s friend, meaning we understand that we are different people, with different way of handling things. Some of us are naturally joyful, some of us are shy… And it’s okay, but if because of your own insecurities you are ready to put words in my mouth and feel like I’m hating you then that’s where it stops for me.

I want to be able to act like me without guilt. Even if I appear cod, I AM NOT. I BEG YOU TO LEARN TO KNOW ME. That shit works in anime, but irl people’ll label you as a bitch.