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Yuuri's a florist and Viktor skates at the rink across the street. Viktor sees Yuuri opening his shop and watches him the whole time. After practice Viktor goes over and buys literally everything, so he can see Yuuri again when he comes to pick up his orders. Yuuri thinks it's sweet and everytime Viktor comes to pick up one of his orders he flirts and eventually gives Viktor his number. Viktor is nervous being in the presence of such a beautiful person, so he's just a blushing stuttering mess.

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can i have some love starved junkboi headcannons? ^3^

  • Who needs constant love and reassurance? Jamison ‘Junkrat’ Fawkes needs constant love and reassurance
  • Like if he goes on a mission and is away from you for longer than twelve hours he feels like he’s dying
  • He seriously talks about how wonderful you are and how sweet you are and perfect and how nice you smell and taste and he won’t shut up
  • Roadhog will have told himt o shut up like a million and one times and he will…for about five seconds before waxing your praises yet again
  • He actually beings to whine, like it starts off as just really sad sighs that evolve into quiet whines when he’s talking about you
  • When he is back with you his hands are everywhere; your face, your hair, your body, your hips and waist. He just wants to feel you, it helps to ground him
  • A million kisses and hugs and I love yous await
  • And he’s asking you if you missed him with that puppy dog look in his big citrine eyes
  • He’s not letting go of you for the next hour or so, might as well get comfy on his lap and let him tell you how his mission went or vice versa
Bots Reacting to a Kiss on the Cheek

I don’t have the actual ask in my inbox but to the person who asked for this adorable request, (you know who you are) ;) I really hope you like this one! <3

  • Cyclonus is a bit startled the very first time you do it, especially if you don’t give him any warning. He kind of looks at you in shock for a moment like why would you do dis to me, I don’t even have cheeks. Then he goes back to being his usual broody and stoic self, not acknowledging your little smooch. He still thinks it was sweet of you but you likely won’t ever hear that from him. You’re too good for this world.
  • Still gets blushy if you try to do it again but doesn’t freak out like attempt #1. Still doesn’t admit your kisses are cute, but he actually likes it so much that he prefers it to the conventional kisses on the lips. ;) He’s old as balls and his brand of affection is probably more reserved and FREAKING ANCIENT. (Just like he is.) He’ll reciprocate with his own little chaste cheek smoochies sometimes and never makes a big deal out of it. It just happens.
  • Megatron is very touched, though he doesn’t show it. He doesn’t expect anyone to treat a former warlord tenderly but you continually defy that expectation.  He will probably think about it for the rest of the day, especially if you haven’t done this before. Like Cyclonus, he will never bring it up again. He still thinks it was a very romantic gesture and appreciates your affection.
  • He doesn’t have much of a reaction any other time you try to do this again, but prefers that you not do it in public.  In private, he’s got no problem giving you a parting kiss whenever he needs to leave for a meeting with Magnus, getting Roddy out of trouble, or saying goodnight to you.  In the past, he wouldn’t be caught dead showing physical affection to anybody. You helped him open up a more, even if it’s just a little bit.

  • Skids is a SLY LITTLE FRAGGER and is good at reading body language. He knows what you’re going to do before you even go in for a kiss. He turns his head as you lean in so you kiss him on the lips and then laughs at you if you get flustered. He’ll apologize if he senses that you’re pissed, or if he accidentally bonked your face. Otherwise, he’ll tease you about it, jokingly bragging about how smooth he is, and lets you try again. He just likes your kisses.
  • Adores your kisses, especially if you do it around his friends. Also has no problem returning your affection and randomly steals kisses from you. He’s naturally affectionate with people who are close to him but he really likes the fact that you take time to reciprocate. Easy to tell when he wants your more of your smoochies cause he drops blatant hints. 


  • Whirl is confused at first, like what’s the point of kissing a faceless bot, but hey that was hella cute so whatever. He quickly becomes amused and goads you into letting him return the favor. He will literally peck you. Like a space chicken. It soon becomes an inside joke between the two of you, with bots frequently questioning you as to why Whirl likes to chase you around, trying to lightly jab you with his face. He won’t do it ever again if he ends up poking you too hard, but he’ll find different ways for sure.
  • Doesn’t understand why you keep trying to kiss him, but he secretly likes the attention and provides unnecessary commentary on any other smoochies you try to give him in the future just to annoy you. After a while, he muses about wanting his pre-empurata face back so he can kiss you back like a real mech. Brags about the super amazing lips he used to have.He’d probably give Overlord a run for his money.

I just…I just want a scene of Lance reacting to Keith being part Galra, and just getting dismissive like oh you think that makes you sooooo coooool and just

“Yeah, okay, but you’re still Keith.”

and Keith just getting this little smile on his face and

“Thanks, Lance.”

like sincerely and Lance just goes all sputtery and red because that wasn’t a compliment, you shit but also oh god he’s so cute what do I do

and then later Pidge says to Lance

“That was really sweet of you, what you said back there.”

and Lance just goes all sputtery again and tries to claim that it wasn’t a compliment and he wasn’t trying to be nice he was just saying that being part Galra didn’t make him any less annoying and goddammit Pidge don’t do this to me

one of the purest angelo/nero moments is in ep8 when nero is all stressed and sleep-deprived from the delphy investigation and angelo purposefully seeks him out to cheer him up?? like he has 0 reasons to do that if he was solely focused on getting his revenge 100% of the time. and kill me it was so cute angelo goes to meet him in the garden and cracks a joke??? this sweet child.

angelo: “nice weather, huh? want to go for a drive?”
nero: “sorry, but i made up my mind to never get in a car you’re driving again.”
*cue mutual chuckling/laughter*

AAAAAAAAHHHH and then angelo advises him on fango/being careful :’) and then nero angsting over protecting the family. AND THEN!!!

nero: “will you come with me?”
angelo: “yeah.”

like what does this mean 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 i never rly understood exactly what they were referring to lmao but i gUESS obvs angelo did lolol but ofc corteo observes this entire scene and is like not cool w/ their chumminess but ughhhh how can people say angelo always hated nero’s guts 100% of the time look at these children!!! i know it’s just a small subtle moment but a show like 91 days is all about the subtleties :’)

You know that scene where River kisses Twelve on both his cheeks. I love how she grabs the back of his neck and just goes for it. It’s not like a steamy kiss with Eleven. This was more like she’s just discovering him all over again and wants him to know how sweet he’s being. T’was their first date, my friends.

 And look how Twelve’s just cool with it. He’s not weirded out by anyone touching him anymore. I’m so proud of him.

Here’s a request by @chibisquirt​ for VIktor styling Yuuri’s hair post-GPF!!

The prompt got away from me but I hope u like it anyway!! ♥

“Remember when the triplets took that picture?”

“What pi- oh,” Yuuri huffs, a smile gracing his lips as he tilts his head back to look up at Viktor. His eyes flicker closed for a blink of a second when Viktor runs his hand through black locks, before opening again In twinkling burgundy while Viktor gently gathers the long strands in one hand.  “That picture in Hasetsu of you combing my hair?”

“That’s the one,” Viktor hums. “It was my favorite picture that week.”

“You’re so fickle,” Yuuri says with an amused smile. There’s a teasing tone to his voice, something coy and sweet, and Viktor sighs in his affection. Teasing, occasionally cold- Viktor doesn’t think he could ever get tired of being in love with Yuuri’s complexity, with Yuuri’s entirety. Yuuri goes on to say, “It barely took three days before you decided the beach photos were your favorite after all.”

“Any photo that has you in it is a good photo,“ Viktor says, blithe and frank, and Yuuri scoffs his disagreement through the flush of pleased embarrassment on his face. Viktor adds, “Your fans can attest to this, you know. They rarely ever get photos of you that getting any at all is like finding an oasis in a desert.”

“If they’ll be satisfied with just any photo, how can you say the photo is good at all?” Yuuri asks, obediently tilting his head forward when Viktor nudges him with a tap to the crown of his head. Viktor hums softly, combing Yuuri’s hair into submission as he thinks of how to answer.

Eventually, he ends up with, “The point is that you’re in the photo.” Viktor clicks his tongue as he wiggles the thin hair tie off his wrist and onto his fingers. He adds, “It’s not the quality we’re looking for as much as it is you. You in a photo- and smiling, too- would be enough to keep us happy.”

“Us?” Yuuri asks, eyes closed and one eyebrow raised when Viktor leans over to take a peek at his face.

Viktor smiles brightly, and says in the chirpiest voice he can manage, “Your fans, of course!”

Yuuri laughs. “Ah, I’m lucky,” he says, tone teasing as he lets Viktor tie his hair up in a high ponytail, “I have Viktor Nikiforov as one of my fans.”

“I’m not just any fan, obviously,” Viktor insists, nose wrinkling as he purses his lips. He sits back on his haunches once he’s done tying Yuuri’s hair, and smiles when Yuuri turns to face him. “I’m the Vice President of your fan club!” he says cheerily.

Yuuri barely holds in a snort of laughter at Viktor’s excitement for something so trivial. “Very nice,” he drawls in monotone, before squeaking out a laugh when Viktor tackles him onto his- their- bed. He cries out, trying without his full strength to get away from Viktor’s tickling hands, “Viktor, no-!”

“I’m so sad that you won’t take me seriously about this, котлетка,” Viktor says, voice low and playing at mourning as he wiggles and digs his fingers into Yuuri’s sides. Yuuri squeals his complaints and continues to struggle, and eventually Viktor stops- only to rest his entire weight on Yuuri’s supine form. “I just want the world to know that I love you,” he whines, nuzzling his cheek into Yuuri’s own as he embraces him. “You should be happy that I’m so proud of you!”

“I already am,” Yuuri says, breathing hard after his short but loud bouts of laughter under Viktor’s hands. There’s a smile on his face even as he pinches Viktor by the forearm, to which Viktor whines his protests, and he says, “And if the world still doesn’t know that you love me because of these rings,” he clasps their hands together and wiggles them a bit for emphasis, “then it’s not theirs to know or understand. Just us knowing is enough.”

“You’re so smart, дорогой,” Viktor whispers, feeling the frailty and quietness of this moment as he presses his forehead to Yuuri’s. Yuuri smiles sweetly in return, before raising their clasped hands and pressing a kiss to his ring finger. Viktor just about melts at the sight and sensation of it.

“Of course I am,” Yuuri says, smile becoming more amused than anything else.

“I got you, didn’t I?”


Baby Tao being cute at the Fiji airport on 16/04/08

Tao told a fan that he will go back to the hotel to rest, then he softly asked her to rest when she goes back too. She didn’t hear it clearly and said “huh?”. Tao said again louder “You remember to take a good rest when you go back too!”. What a heartwarming idol!

A random person at the airport mistook Tao for a boxer, she asked who Tao is, the fan said a Chinese star. She then asked “Is he a boxer?”. Fan said “No, ofc not, he is a singer”

Sweetheart Tao also bought a popsicle for a fan while he was eating one too. (the 2nd pic)

fanacc cre: zytttong on weibo

ykoriana replied to your chatSteve: *Becomes young and attractive again in the…

YAY REPLIES ARE BACK :D So how did Steve get rejuvenated this time? Did they find a batch of Super Soldier Serum hidden away in S.H.I.E.L.D. storage?

Okay so the whole issue was pretty sweet, especially that story. We had Steve at first saying that he was going to die, because he was being hella beat up by crossbones. 

You also see how things actually went wrong in Pleasant Hill (the super-prison) and how Zemo held everyone hostage etc. Stuff goes down long story short, they find Eric Selvig (Kobiks handler) - Selvig says that after all this time, Kobik would be probably hiding in the bowling alley while the place is being terrorised, so while Selvig stays and helps Hill, Steve goes in search for her. Turns out Father Patrick who was helping them earlier, was actually the Pleasant Hill mask for the Red Skull. [something tells me that’ll be the topic of his solo!] 

Meanwhile, Steve goes back to the bowling alley to find Kobik (who he’d met in the previous issue of Assault on Pleasant Hill). 

Okay so Kobik is essentially the cosmic cube, Steve explains it here [she’s been in Pleasant Hill all this time];

And boom, Crossbones comes in and ruins the moment. Thats where we’re back to the start where Steve’s being beat up, thinking about his past as Cap; the battles he fought, the wars he faced - he reminds himself of all of those things to give him the strength to fight. 

You see some really cool parallels being drawn too. Of course, beautiful montage of the significant events in Steve’s life. 

He’s just about accepting death, ready for it when he hears a voice, Kobik, saying he doesn’t have to accept it. Saying ‘You don’t have to go. You can stay if you like. I can make you strong again, I can make you a hero again.’ And she reaches out his hand to him. 

Then a FLASH of bright light and he’s fighting Crossbones, feeling the strength come back to him. 

And then he forces Crossbones to stay down. Bucky and Sam rush in, in a panic assuming the worst, and then they see Steve young again, all thanks to the Cosmic Cube! 

Me too Bucky, me too. 

So it as OFFICIALLY been 1 year, 9 months and 27 days  (aka 666 days) that Steve has been old  and now he’s back to good health again! Thanks Cosmic Cube! 

Imagine that you are blind. You’ve lost your sight and family during Loki’s attack on earth four years ago. You despise him and have fantasized about giving him what he deserves. But, a few months after the incident, you’ve met a charming boy who goes by Lok. During the course of a few years he has warmed your heart, taught you how to forgive, love and feel happy again. Now it’s 2016 and with the advancement of technology came a surgical cure for blindness. You decide to do the procedure in hopes of being able to see Lok’s face. After a few weeks your eyes have healed enough for you to see. You soon rued ever opening your eyes because standing before you wasn’t the sweet boy you’ve come to love, but the very god who had slain your family. 

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Ooooh mixed.

Chouchou is love Chouchou is life, but this who is my real dad joke is becoming too repetitive thus tiresome. Bring somthing new.

Big Daddy using Obito`s tech (Tobi 2.0 is Obito again? :D) and Hit-Boy having MS? At this age already stronger than Sasuke was wow. Considering Obito was as well and not without extra Madara help - seems like he is indeed some genetical experiment.

Juubimon still cute.

NaruSara bonding is sooo sweet. I guess we gonna see the same with SasuBoru in the movie. Sarada`s blushy reaction is understandable - being raised by mother, she never had male acting fatherly like that in her life.

I was never a fan of Naruto, but he is realy great as adult.

Yeah. Here goes *Sakura isn`t Sarada`s mother* bs. Naruto sees both of her parents in her. Him recalling Sasuke and Sakura giving him lunch when Sarada does it in real time made me ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚ ヾ(*´∇`)ノ ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

Situation with Sasuke is simply strange. Naruto for a sec is surprised she doesnt remember him same as Shizune? Eh? I still don`t believe he would leave his family simply because *he likes taking a long walks* lol. Now just gonna wait for his own explanations. And why didnt Sarada ask Naruto about her birth?

Sarada finds new way to awaken sharingan. Oh wow the vivid imaginaton. Can she awaken MS if she imagines or dreams about her loved ones dying?           ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)

Sasuke gonna Sasuke. Scene of their meeting is just as dramatic as funny. Poor Sarada discovers what it means to be Uchiha in Kishi`s manga :D Drama continues and we haven`t reached a middle yet so i expect Sasuke to give her another cold shoulder next chapter. Maybe even say something bad about Sakura for better effect ( and be totaly not like Naruto in general). Basicaly, pull Itachi for now.

Oh and Sasuke keeping forehead protector is uber adorable