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I couldn’t control myself when @upthehillart drew these two loser girlfriends..

also i have been collecting aesthetic for my interpretation of pansy- who by the way, is a total baby girl!


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Handsome Jack©Borderlands
-going to bed-©me

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Unpopular Opinion: I think it would have been cool if Firestar had a son or two if only because it would have added more gene pool diversity into the clan.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

i mean i love the fact that he got 2 daughters but i wonder what it would have been like if they would have had a 2nd litter and leaf & squirrel have a younger brother who follows them around all the time

like imagine leaf & squirrel are apprentices and there’s just this little kit trailing along because he wants 2 train with his sisters and they’re just like ugh go away pls

or him being the fun uncle who plays w the three and sneaks them out into the forest for the first time (just outside the camp ofc)

(he would be cream like sandstorm is)


ugh i’m exhausted… i don’t think i’ve ever worked this hard in my life, school wise or job wise. the past two weeks i’ve gone straight from class to work 8 hours shifts at the restaurant and every moment in between studying for exams and doing my huge research assignment..

but it’s finally friday and thanksgiving break starts monday! after the break i only have 2 weeks of class, a few exams and then korea!!!! the cold weather has been making me even more excited and i get butterflies just thinking about being back in korea and seeing bb again

random life update lol

Taking it slow

Looking at the date and remembering that there are only two months left until I turn eighteen and with that become an actual adult (at least on paper) makes me wonder where the time has gone. It could have been yesterday that I turned seventeen and celebrated it with a nice brunch with my firends.
I have no clue whatsoever on what I could do next year. I’m not that into parties and getting drunk and unfortunately, my birthday is going to be on a Monday. Ugh, I hate Mondays..
Instead of worrying about this day, which is still so far away, I focus on upcoming events and try to sort my mind out (watching the beautiful sunrises during the last days really helped with that). Besides, I have some more time to read and be creative because spending time outside with a time limit is getting harder every day..

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“Yeah, Yeah.. I’m here!” Jaron beamed as he spoke excitedly down the phone to his boyfriend. “The flight was okay, but it felt long and gosh, do I miss you so much already!” He pouted, and walked up the steps to the apartment building he was going to be renting in for the next two months. “Ugh, you best get your butt over here at some point.” He giggled, and threw open the door without even looking who could have been on the other side. Only, he realised this when it was too late. “Oh my gosh, I’am so sorry! Did the door hit you?” Jaron gasped, and pulled his phone away from his ear. 

Why I love Dorothy L. Sayers
  • "...the conversation, such as it was, rather resembled the dialogue of a Russian Tragedy. Thus : -
  • Harriet: Oy!
  • Peter: Hullo!
  • [they meet, centre]
  • Harriet: A boot! I've found a boot!
  • Peter: Alas! Alas! What boots it to repeat.
  • Harriet: Hobnailed and frightfully ancient.
  • Peter: Only one boot!
  • Harriet: Yes; if it had been two boots it might have marked the place where the murderer started to paddle.
  • Peter: One foot on sea and one on shore. The tide has risen and fallen ten times since then. It isn't a good boot.
  • Harriet: No, it's a bad boot.
  • Peter: It's a rotten boot.
  • Harriet: Can I throw it away?
  • Peter: No; after all it is a boot.
  • Harriet: It's an awfully heavy boot.
  • Peter: I can't help that; it's a boot. Dr Thorndyke likes boots.
  • Harriet: Oh, death! Where is thy sting?
  • [they separate, Harriet carrying the boot]
  • Peter: Oy!
  • Harriet: Hullo!
  • [they meet again]
  • Peter: Here is an empty sardine tin, and here is a broken bottle.
  • Harriet: Have you the pen of the gardener's aunt?
  • Peter: No, but my (female) cousin has (some) ink, (some) paper and (some) papers (use du, de, la, des, de l' apostrophe).
  • Harriet: How long has the bottle been there?
  • Peter: The edges are much abraded by the action of the water.
  • Harriet: Do murderers eat sardines?
  • Peter: Do cats eat rats?
  • Harriet: I have cut my foot on a razor-shell; Paul Alexis had his throat cut with a razor.
  • Peter: The tide is going out.
  • [they separate]
  • Harriet: [after a long and unproductive pause, meeting Peter with a sodden Gold Flake packet in one hand and half a Bible in the other] Dr Livingstone, I presume. Do murderers read the Bible?
  • Peter: Any book had served as well, Any book had stopped the bullet - that may be; I cannot tell.
  • Harriet: [reading] "Last of all the woman dies also" - probably from backache.
  • Peter: My back aches, and a drowsy numbness stills my brain, as though of hemlock -
  • Harriet: [suddenly practical] Look at the cigarette-card.
  • Peter: It belongs to the new series.
  • Harriet: Then it may be quite recent.
  • Peter: [wearily] All right; keep it; we'll call it a clue. How about the Holy Writ?
  • Harriet: [in a marked manner] You can keep that; it might be good for you.
  • Peter: Very well. [in a still more marked manner] Shall we begin with the Song of Songs?
  • Harriet: Get on with your job.
  • Peter: I am. How far have we come?
  • Harriet: How many leagues to Babylon?
  • Peter: We have walked a mile and a half, and we are still in full view of the Flat-Iron.
  • [they separate]
  • Peter: Oy!
  • Harriet: Hullo!
  • Peter: I just want to ask whether you'd given any further thought to that suggestion about marrying me.
  • Harriet: [sarcastically] I suppose you were thinking of how delightful it would be to go through life like this together.
  • Peter: Well, not quite like this. Hand in hand was more my idea.
  • Harriet: What is that in your hand?
  • Peter: A dead starfish.
  • Harriet: Poor fish!
  • Peter: No ill-feeling, I trust.
  • Harriet: Oh, dear no."
  • - Have his Carcase, Dorothy L. Sayers.

Genre: Fluff

Warning: swearing, making out

Word count: 883

Dan’s POV

He’s just on a trip. He’ll be back and he’ll realize that he missed me so much. Why can’t he just love me? Am I not good enough for him? Maybe, since he’s been gone for so long, he’ll want to stay with me forever, and he’ll finally admit his love for me.

Two more hours. Ugh, why can’t he come home earlier? I’ve spent two weeks without Phil, but it feels like a lifetime. If only he knew how much I needed him, he would never leave if he did.

I should probably clean the flat a bit. Phil won’t be very happy if he has to come home to a dirty home. Over the past two weeks, I may have neglected cleaning, so the entire house looked filthy. The kitchen alone took an hour to clean, which felt like three hours. As I’m going from room to room, I realize there are more pictures of me than Phil.

Once I was finished, I still had to wait fifteen minutes. I check my phone to see if Phil had texted. I told him to text or call me if he would be early or late, but nothing. Phil hasn’t texted me all day. Normally even if he’s on time he’ll text me.

I decided he probably was tired, and started to get ready. I went to my room and laid out my favorite clothes, which happens to be the ones Phil’s complimented me on: black skinny jeans and a black jumper. I undress in my room, and head into the bathroom. As soon as I turn the shower on, I hear my phone go off in the other room. I sprinted into my room and dived for my phone.

It was just a text but it was from Phil. He said he’d be a few minutes early. I still have about ten minutes, I could take a shower in time. I go back into the shower and get in. It was a great stress reliever. I knew I probably been in for a little too long, but it didn’t really concern me. That is until I heard the door open. Panic spread throughout my body. I stopped the shower, even though I still had a little shampoo in my hair. I could hear his footsteps coming up the stairs. I have to get in my room. He sounds far enough away. If I run I could probably make it without him seeing me.

As I begin to get out of the shower, Phil opens the bathroom door. We both shrieked. He stared for a few seconds until he realized what he was doing. He ran out of the bathroom. I looked around for a towel. Thank god, I found one within seconds, and I ran after him.

I found him buried into his pillow. I chuckled. He rolled over, “Can’t you put some clothes on?” he asked burying his head into the pillow again.

“You didn’t seem to mind it that much before you ran away,” I retorted.

He threw a pillow at me. “Shut up!”

“Make me.”

He stood up, and I realized he wasn’t wearing a shirt. I stared at his perfectly shaped, pale chest. God, I want him so bad, fuck, fuck, fuck. I noticed I started getting hard. Apparently Phil noticed too because he started to laugh. Even his laugh is perfect. I was still only wearing a towel. I started to think unbelievable things. As if he was reading my mind, Phil shook his head and chuckled again, “Maybe we should move a bit slower.”

I start blushing. I can’t believe I did this. I am so stupid. I start walking back into my room. Phil grabbed my head and pushed me onto the bed.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked sweetly, grabbing my arm.

“I was going to go get dressed,” I answer completely confused.

“When I said we should move slower, I didn’t mean I didn’t like you. So, stop looking so sad and confused.”

I went to get dressed, and as soon as I walked out of my room his lips were on mine. It was a tongueless kiss for about five seconds. When his tongue entered my mouth I was in complete awe. Is this actually happening? Why haven’t we done this sooner? I wrap one hand around his waist, pulling him closer to me. The other hand was in his hair.

We continued like that for about thirty minutes. After it was over I was basking in euphoria. I realized what just happened. I needed answers, and I intended to get every last one of them.

“So, how long have you known?” I asked getting beside him in the bed.

“Know what?” he asked with a smirk.

I gave him an annoyed look. He replied with a chuckle. “I’ve always known, you’re not exactly discreet,” he finally answered.

“Oh, so why haven’t you talked to me about it?”

“Why would I do that? You’re so cute when you try to hide it.” He gave me a small peck on the cheek.

I blushed. “So, do you want to, um, go out?”

He put his arms around me and whispered, “Absolutely.”

I’m angry over this whole thing because YG never gave 2NE1 or actually his female artists nothing compared to what he gives his male artists. 

Having only TWO full albums, a few minis, and a few singles sprinkled in, is far from enough. Where is that English album with Will.I.Am? Where is the second half of Crush that was supposed to be released? 

YG says it’s delayed due to Bom reflecting, but really how long can she reflect. It’s been 2+ years now and 2NE1 as a group sounds dead. What’s going on with CL’s US advancement (istg is that even happening anymore; I’m giving up on it slowly at this rate)? 

I just want YG to give 2NE1 the attention they deserve. They started something amazing in 2009 that many girl groups didn’t even attempt then. They have amazing songs and many albums. Each member brings something that makes 2NE1, 2NE1. And please give Minzy something. My heart low key hurts for her the most. 

Let us not blame any member of 2NE1 for this, but blame YG for his shitty promotion schedules and why the heck does he NOT know what a calendar is. 2NE1 could have literally been the same level as SNSD but they’re dropping cause YG isn’t USING THEM OR LETTING THEM DO ANYTHING AS A GROUP.

I pray for something good from this conference. 

You have one chance YG. 

Don’t fuck up or else you’re gonna see fire and flames.

How he Tells you he has Feelings for You (GallyxReader)

“Ugh, not again.” You groaned to yourself as you looked up to see Gally walking hurridly towards you. It’d been nearly two months since you’d been deposited in The Glade, and you were adjusting to everything nicely. You enjoyed your job as a Med-Jack, and you were getting along with almost everyone. Almost. The only Glader who seemed to have a problem with your presence was Gally, Keeper of the Builders. You’d tried to be nice. You’d tried to be friendly. But, to no avail. It seemed you would never find your way into Gally’s good graces. Admittedly, this bothered you a fair bit, and you’d been desperately trying to find a way to change it. As a matter of fact, you’d driven your closest friends (Newt, Minho, and Alby) shucking crazy, constantly mulling over the situation and asking for their suggestions and opinions.

       “Newt, I swear, I just don’t understand what I’ve done. It’s like my very existence makes him angry.”  You’d exclaimed to your best friend over last night’s dinner.

       “Y/N…” he’d sighed heavily, letting his apple drop onto his plate with a clatter, “I’m not trying to be insensitive love, I’m really not. But, it’s Gally. It’s not exactly like he’s thrilled by anyone’s existence. It’s not just you. Just…stop letting it get to you.”  You’d rolled your eyes, wishing more than anything that you could do just that.

       "I can’t Newt. I wish I could, but I can’t.“ You’d sighed, allowing your head to fall into your hands.

       "Why, Y/N? Why can’t you? What’s the bloody big deal about him?” Sensing the tension in Newt’s voice, you’d turned to face him.

       "I dunno Newt. I really and truly shucking don’t. I just…I feel like I want him to like me. Like I need him to like me. I can’t explain it. Just forget it.“

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The idea that Korra would have EVER been a mere "prize" for Mako is frustrating. Let's look at B1 finale vs. B4 finale, shall we? Korra gets together with Mako only after SHE'S ready, and the finale ends with a celebration of her as a character. But the B4 epilogue considers her character for a single minute before Asami shows up and steals the focus with her grief. Then because ASAMI is hurt, the two run off together, end of story. Ugh. The way Mako treasured Korra, she could've been the FOCUS.

Korra’s never been a prize for Mako; if anything, he was the prize for her, though Book 1 was obviously more complicated than that in a number of ways.  “Prize” characters are ones whose feelings don’t get much narrative focus (since they’re mainly there to reward their partner), and that’s not true of anyone in Book 1.

The Book 4 finale is really weird, though, insofar as it makes the protagonist feel like a prize for a secondary character.  Korra’s previous feelings on about a possible relationship are so non-existent that it feels like she was given to Asami to make up for Hiroshi’s death or something.  =/

Reasons why the Tokyo Ghoul √A anime is one big mess:
  • No proper explanation as to why Kaneki joined Aogiri.
  • Kaneki has only said like two words the entire series.
  • Terrible pacing due to being only 12 episodes.
  • Banjou and his friends are rescued by Tsukiyama and then are basically non-existent.
  • Random fanservice scenes of Touka being sad that could have been used for more development from Kaneki.
  • Extremely butchered Tsukiyama character development.
  • Loser the cockatiel has had more screen-time than Kaneki.
  • No explanation about Shiro and Kuro and their relation to Kanou and Kaneki.
  • No Kanou and Kaneki confrontation.
  • Mediocre animation quality.
  • Seriously just read the manga.

Tumblr talks a lot about Bernie Sanders and the US elections, and yes those are important, but barely anyone is talking about the UK’s EU referendum, which is honestly terrifying me right now.

If it goes through, I likely won’t be able to live here in Finland and my Finnish fiancee won’t be able to live in the UK with me, even if we do get married. I’ll have to move back in with my parents and my fiancee will have to move back in with his parents and work at his dad’s factory instead of pursuing a career as a journalist. Everything the two of us have been working for for 5 years will be over. Millions of other British expats living in the EU are in a similar situation to me.

Those aren’t the only negative effects the Brexit (ugh, what kind of a word is Brexit?) will have, but it is a major one that will affect me personally. I know I shouldn’t be worried since most polls show the ‘stay’ voters are in the majority (just barely), but it’s causing me so much stress that I can’t sleep and it’s affecting my ability to work.

Please share this around as much as you can because it is a major issue that affects a lot of people.

everyone has been gushing about kubo and the two strings, and okay, it sounds like it’s true and that’s wonderful, but frankly? with that astounding animation, i’d take anything. i don’t usually say this, but it’s true on this case. i haven’t watched the movie yet, and though i’m pretty sure that i’ll probably like it, i know that even if i don’t enjoy the story i will still fucking love it regardless because that animation. boy. i’d take the room with that animation. i’d take vanilla sky with that animation. i’d take showgirls that that animation. anything

So, as the banner suggest - This is my first follow forever! I’ve only been here a short amount of time ( A month and two days to be exact! ) and with the amount of followers I have quickly approaching 500, I decided this would be a good time to create my first follow forever. 

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge my awesome directory all-in-rp for excepting me into such a diverse and colorful community. I’ve meet so many great people there and I hope to meet more soon! 

With that being said, let’s start with the first people I role played with. I appreciate you guys and hope to role play with you all again very soon!:

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