there have been attempted ones though


See the big gold chain that I’m rockin’
I got the ring for the bling, not a problem
I got a stash full of cash that I owe to my brother
All up in the club, just to live it up (x)

12 Days of Newt: Day One - Amortentia

Author’s Note: Hello! This is the first fanfic I’m writing for 12 Days of Newt. I hope you like it!

Rating: G

Warnings: None, unless you count lots of fluff

Nearing Christmas time, (Y/N) and Newt would clean up the suitcase to make way for the presents for his magical beasts. This year, (Y/N) decided to do something extra-special for his creatures.

(Y/N)’s P.O.V

I have never been good at potions. Ever. Which is why, I wonder, attempting to make a successful batch of amortentia was a good idea. Unlike Ilvermorny, I couldn’t just simply test it out on my partner, which never resulted well. I couldn’t test it out myself since I needed to know if it smelled different to the other person.

But that other person won’t be Newt.

Reason number one being that the potion might be a failure and I might injure him somehow (even though I’ve probably injured more people than Grindelwald in my years at Ilvermorny) and reason number two being that he might misunderstand my motives for making the potion.

You see, what I wanted to do with the amortentia was to spray it on the creatures’ presents so that it would attract them to it, instead of being afraid (like all the other years, which resulted in a few scratches).

My plan was to separate Newt with all the presents (which was about as difficult as separating him from his creatures) and spray the potion while he wasn’t looking. The only flaw I thought of was if the potion failed. If so, then everything would just smell like (Your favorite scent).

Like I said, everything worked like I planned. Newt went to feed his creatures and while he was gone, I sprayed the amortentia onto the gifts.

Only, there was one problem. Remember that flaw I talked about? Well, it was the only one I THOUGHT about.

What wasn’t part of the plan was that when Newt came to wrap the presents, he said this:

“(Y/N), why does everything smell like your perfume?”

The potion was a success.

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Title up to change, but tl;dr I’m writing a dating sim where you play as Junko Enoshima attempting to bring the 78th class to despair.

It’s a monstrously big project and even though I already have a route done and am working on the next ones, I need some extra help to bring it to fruition. I am willing to pay people for their work, either an upfront fee or a cut of potential earnings once it’s done, but keep in mind that I really don’t have much. I’m doing a massive share of the work and I’m not getting paid. What’s needed:

  • Programmer - I’ve been doing my best to build the game in Ren’Py, but unfortunately I’m over my head. I’m looking for someone that can implement some python into the game to ensure that the routes happen in the order they’re supposed to with a few extra twists. If you choose to keep the game’s programming in Ren’Py, I can continue doing basic programming, but if you have a platform you’re more comfortable in and I can’t figure it out, I’ll have to just send you raw scripts.
  • Secondary artist - I’d like to potentially attach a small fee to downloading the game once it’s finished considering the amount of labor involved, so for that reason I’m hoping to have it feature completely original art. I have an artist onboard already, but I’d like to lessen the load on him as there’s a lot to do. Specifically, I need someone to do backgrounds. So far there’s only two, but my main artist isn’t comfortable enough with them.
  • Character experts - Do you think you know more about a SDR2 character than anyone? Talk to me. I know many of the characters pretty well, but it’s always helpful to have an expert onboard to consult with as I write. This is not a paid position, but you will feature prominently in the game’s credits.
  • Anyone else? - If this project sounds like it’s up your alley but I haven’t listed something you can do, contact me anyway. Maybe we can work something out, I’d love to see what you can do.

Lastly, if you think this is a worthwhile project but don’t want to help, please please signal boost! The more eyes that see it the more likely it’ll be seen by someone that can help make this happen.

Hawkmoth vs Gabriel

So… as a result of me posting pics of Kubdel, people keep coming to me about Hawkmoth/Gabriel theories. Either agreeing with me or telling me why I’m wrong. Both are fine–no one’s been uncivil–but I suppose the best thing to do would be to make a post about it. And so I will now attempt to address as many physical points about Gabriel and Hawkmoth’s identities as I can. Not Kubdel because, though I know I use him as an example, I don’t actually think he’s Hawkmoth, lol. 

I will admit that, yes, Gabriel and Hawkmoth have the same shaped cheekbones, chin, and nose from the profile–this was proven in Origins based on the silhouettes - 

Same lower profile —–^

Same cheek structure and ear shape. HOWEVER! Since we’re looking at these pics ANYWAY, I would like to point out some details other people seemed to have missed. Aside from the fact that Hawkmoth isn’t wearing glasses like Gabriel does (why would he take them off? Anyone who wears glasses regularly knows that would be silly), Hawkmoth doesn’t have HAIR where Gabriel does. 

If you look above and below their ears, you’ll notice the lack of hair silhouette. You can see in Gabe where his hair is shaved close to his head. If Hawkmoth had hair, you’d see it. Hawky appears BALD in these areas. So for all the similarities on the left of their faces, I’m not seein’ ‘em on the right. And in a show where the characters don’t change clothes or hair, THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Moving on - 

Gabe the Babe and Hawky do not have the same TEETH. Hawky’s are smoother on the bottom and smaller. This implies that they have DIFFERENT facial models. And do you know what that is? More expensive. And sure, the miraculous can “change things,” but why the teeth, or anything else I’m about to list - 

Their MOUTHS are not the same. When Gabe smiles, his upper lip all but disappears (Gabe never has an upper lip, really), and while his lower one can become more pronounced, it’s not nearly as apparent as Hawky’s. Also, the last two images, another look at those teeth. 

BUT IN THE PROFILE THEIR LIPS MATCH! Well, yeah, in PROFILE! This can be very misleading. Hawky and Gabe may look the same from the side, but once they turn to the front, those angles are clearly very different (if anyone has a strict profile pic of Hawky while he’s tranformed, I’d like to see it. If it doesn’t match up with the silhouette above, then none of this matters because that would prove transforming DOES impact all these small details. However, I don’t think a strict profile pic of Hawky, while he’s transformed, actually exists. To my knowledge, which I’m always willing to admit is limited). 

You see it in his nose as well. Hawky’s profile could clearly support the shape of his nose as well as Gabe’s, but you look at them straight on and Gabe’s nose is rounded more across the top than Hawky’s, which is relatively pointed. And I GUESS it could be the cowl, but, like the teeth, if Hawky is SO OBVIOUSLY supposed to be Gabe, then WHY change these things? It’s only more expensive.  

Their mouths don’t even MOVE the same–Gabe is all severe lines and Hawky has more curve to his lips.

Now we’ll get to the eyes -

Aside from their eyes not even being the same shape, they’re not even the same COLOR. Gabe’s are darker on top and blue, whereas Hawky’s are lighter and a more purple/blue. 

The POINT is that when people say Gabe and Hawkmoth have the same eye color, what we can see of that is WRONG! As we see them separately, Gabe and Hawky have different eye colors. This could be the work of the miraculous, or even the lighting, but, then again, that doesn’t aid any defense of them having the same eye color because we can’t know that for certain. 

Speaking of eyes - 

In both of these images, we see that both men are furrowing their brows in very similar fashions. And yet their eyes are not shaped the same. The corners Hawky’s eyes point up while the corners of Gabe’s eyes point down. 

WELL IT’S THE COWL! Are you seriously telling me that the miraculous is changing Gabe’s teeth, his nose, and the shape–as well as the outer corner placement–of his eyes?

Really? Really? Are you sure?



Yes, these things are true. Maybe Hawkmoth likes silver rings. Maybe Hawkmoth KNEW Mama Agreste. Maybe he’s related to Gabriel. Maybe he was also in love with Mama Agreste. MAYBE he’s related to Mama Agreste (they do have pointy noses and eyes that turn up at the corners, unlike Gabe’s whose turn down). I don’t know. There are a lot of other reasons for the locket and the ring than there are for the fact that Gabe and Hawky’s faces just are NOT the same.

Yes, I know there’s a lot of Butterfly symbolism around Gabriel–when he’s turned into a butterfly in Jackady, Adrien’s shoes, their last name being Agreste. But, at the same time, symbolism is supposed to be subtle, not blatant. Which means that, like so many writers do, they’re luring you down the wrong trail on purpose. Gabe is a red herring, in my opinion. It seems obvious that Gabe is Hawky because that’s what they want you to believe. And I know, it’s a kids show, it’s “not going to be that complex.” Well, I’ll point you to things like Avatar and Steven Universe. Kid’s shows can be plenty complex. 

And yet, we get images like this -

In which Gabe shares similar hair, the same striped theme, similar color scheme, and suit design (elements which I’ve previously explained are important). Yet…


Maybe Gabe is Hawkmoth and his miraculous gets stolen and someone else akumatizes him into The Collector. Maybe The Collector isn’t an Akuma. Who knows?! I don’t, just like I don’t know for certain that Gabe is Hawkmoth. So yeah, anyway, hopefully you all found this enlightening.

I’m clearly too obsessed with this show, but now that I have this post done, I can use it as a reference whenever someone asks why I don’t think Gabe is Hawkmoth *shrugs*

And PLEASE refrain from messaging me with things like “It’s a SHOW! GOD! Calm down!” I’m a literature major with emphasis on analyzation–I do these things because it’s FUN for me. It’s like a HOBBY! So please take your sour attitude somewhere else, because I’m going to keep coming up with theories and analyses because I LIKE doing it. I couldn’t care less what you think about it.


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You got dem questions, I got dem answers

Oh, sure. “Eternally doofy best friend from childhood who can’t get his life together and is always turning up in the middle of messes” ring any bells?

No, he won’t. I know that saying “non-binary” is important to a lot of people for crucial reasons of representation and visibility, but that’s not possible in the Juniverse because we’re attempting to set up a world where the gender binary is irrelevant and queerness is completely normalized. Equally, he will never say the word “bisexual,” even though he most assuredly is. Saying these words is very important, but we believe that another equally important task is creating worlds where the words no longer apply. And, unfortunately, we can’t do both at the same time. 

I’m not trying to dodge the question here; I know that people have been burned before with creator assertions like “Oh, no one’s sexuality is relevant here” or “You can headcanon whatever you want.” That’s why I try to be VERY explicit about the fact that Juno is canonically bisexual and non-binary (I myself am canonically bisexual and non-binary!). The point is that, in his world, those aspects of his identity can be central to who he is as a person without requiring him to label himself as such. I hope that helps–please know that we really have put a lot of thought into this. 

EYYYYYOOOO!!! We honestly were not really expecting that and we are very flattered. Thank you so very much to everyone who voted for us, and congratulations to the other winners!

Same. Ask Noah Simes. 

Nobody knows, but he has made it extremely clear to me that he will not be singing ever. So it’s just endless monologuing for us, I guess. 

(A lot of people have asked me this question, actually, and it makes me laugh because SO MANY of the other actors on the show are extremely talented singers–I’ve had the privilege of hearing Noah Simes, Kate Jones, Kat Buckingham, and Melissa Ennulat sing and they are all spectacular.)

Meow. I promise we are still working on this as fast as we can–as you know, we are a TINY crew working to do a near-impossible volume of things, including launching Season 2 (which is obviously our top priority). We are actively making progress on merchandise and will let you know as soon as we have something concrete. It means a lot to us that people are eager to show their support in that way, so thank you.

I do know! Season 2 will launch at the end of March, but in late February and early March we’ve already got some serious content coming at you–a Nureyev bonus episode, the fan-requested Concierge bonus episode (required listening, by the way, since Season 2 won’t make sense without it), AND….the rewritten, recast, and rerecorded version of “Juno Steel and the Case of the Murderous Mask,” parts 1 and 2. 

The 1951 Disney adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s novel is considered a timeless classic. But while the cartoon you know is a masterwork of whimsy, the original vision was something ripped right out of our nightmares.

Walt Disney had planned on making an Alice In Wonderland film as early as 1932, which would have made it his next project after Snow White. He hired storyboard artist Al Perkins and art director David Hall to produce a story reel, but Perkins and Hall had apparently read a very different version of the book. It would have been less “surreal, lighthearted voyage of self-discovery” and more “Pan’s Labyrinth, but with cats.”

Sure, the book does get kind of dark in places for a kids’ story, but Perkins and Hall’s treatment went above and beyond. For one thing, unlike the book, it would have included a scene in which the Knave of Hearts is executed by cannon.  The movie would have also ended with the attempted execution of Alice by guillotine, though she wakes up just as the blade comes down …

5 Absolutely Insane Early Versions Of Totally Regular Movies

The Eve Of My Sadness - A Miraculous One-Shot

Hi everyone! So, this is my first work for this fandom, so I hope you all like it! Special thanks to @confusednonage , my friend, beta, and partner-in-crime.

Notes:  I meant to post this on Christmas Eve, but I’ve been procrastinating busy. Sorry haha! Also, my first one-shot. Ever. Please enjoy, and reblog if you enjoy!

Summary: In which Sadrien is Sad, and Marinette tries to help. Angst ensues.

                           FF                                                        AO3

Gabriel Agreste’s Christmas Eve soirée was spectacular, as usual. The food was exquisite, the decorations were ornate, and the tree was magnificent. Everyone chattered among themselves, though all were making attempts to approach Gabriel himself. Adrien would have attempted to sneak out hours ago, except his father would call him over every few minutes to “introduce” him; Adrien knew that it was mostly to prevent him from leaving.

“I hope you don’t have plans for tonight, Adrien,” Gabriel had said, “because your attendance is required. I don’t want anyone to be under the impression that I can’t control my own son.”

Yeah, imagine a world like that, Adrien had thought bitterly. “I know. I’ll be there, so don’t worry.”

So, Adrien forced a smile, and gave a warm handshake (he’d been keeping his hands in his pockets, blowing hot air on them every minute or so to keep them warm) to everyone to whom his father introduced him, and utilized every small-talk question he’d learned over his years of entertaining his father’s associates.

A thought struck him, well into the night. What was Ladybug doing tonight? Was she with her family? Did she have a lot of brothers and sisters with which she shared her holiday cheer? Did they watch Christmas movies over hot chocolate and bûche de Noël? Did they have a tradition of opening one small gift on Christmas Eve? If so, was she opening hers right now?

Was she thinking of him, too?

Adrien suppressed a lovesick sigh. He knew that his every move was being watched not only by the press, but also by his father; even still, he couldn’t help it. Ladybug made him giddy and nervous whenever she intruded his thoughts without warning.

He wondered if she was a fan of him as a model. He hoped not. If she was, then she didn’t see him as a human, just like everyone else with the exception of his friends. He was just a body, a doll that the photographers could pose any way they wanted, and they made millions because of it.

Adrien shook his head. He didn’t want to think about that now. No need to add that to his sadness. He just had to take things as they were and deal with it.

All he knew: later tonight, he had to get out of here.

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Baby was such a good episode!!!!!

Seeing Queen Moon so concerned about Star being alone on Earth and without a magic mentor, while King River defending Star having a life on Earth. They care so much about Star! So heartwarming~

Interesting how Star and Moon feel about Glossaryck vs how Marco and River feel about him. 

Star knowing how important her evaluation is, but still being herself by how she cleans her room is wonderful. Her struggle was real though.

Having Marco cooking endlessly to help Star win Baby’s favor and the hug at the end is precious

Don’t think I didn’t see you, Toffee’s Finger Cameo.

Baby is interesting… and has been around since Queen Eclipsa. And River doesn’t care for her one bit, but she couldn’t care less.

Edit: Also seeing Star show her green magic, only to show her balanced Pink and Green magic to summon a tree was nice, since the last time we saw any green was in Bon Bon the Birthday Clown.

From her last attempt to the end was amazing. Having Star be beyond Moon and being a prodigy, but one of Eclipsa and having Moon and River know that, I can’t get over it!!!!! And them looking at Star in a new light and worrying about “Monster Love” and what that could actually mean. 

To be Honest, it’s great to see where Star stands in regard to her training and time on Earth. She essentially failed, but came around in the clutch of things. She’s our Star. Keep it up, Princess ~

jim and spock both agree to not do anything for valentines day but both sneakily do something anyways so that night jim comes in to their room blushing and is like “hey babe i know we said we weren’t gonna do anything but………. i made you this card and also bought you some of that orange-chocolate you really liked on your birthday for us to share and that eyeshadow you’ve been wanting please accept it even thou-” and spock looks so happy and is just shyly like “i admit i have a gift for you too jim, as i wished to express your importance to me, though it is only a card….” and he hands it to jim and the handwriting is neat and precise and theres a little drawing jim and spock together and also its literally covered in glitter and inside are little coupons that say things like “good for one back massage” or “good for one day without spock attempting to get you to fold your clothes” and jim almost starts crying (also: “spock how did you keep this glitter from getting everywhere” “i…… did not” “oh?” “i fear i will be constantly finding glitter everywhere on my body for the foreseeable future”)

Revolutionary Set X Reader: She’s Sick

Word Count: 1069

Request: @artisticgamer Hi! Can I request poly hamilsquad x reader were its the anniversary of someone close to them death and they’ve been very distant?Thank you!

Pronouns: They/Them

Note: Even though the fic scheduled for today was posted on Monday, I wanted to give you guys something today, so here is this one. 

Another Time, Then? [Prequel]

You purposefully wake up an hour earlier in an effort to avoid the boys before you could head out to work today, despite having been on the phone late into the night. Shutting off your alarm clock, you yawn and rub your eyes. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you head towards the kitchen in an attempt to feel more awake than you already were. Entering your dining area, you notice Hercules sitting at the table, pondering over several designs laid out in front of him.

There goes avoiding people, you think, internally groaning.

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I’ve been in the throes of the mother of all art blocks running on months now, so this SGRU that ended up in @momiji-no-monogatari‘s planner is pretty much the only proof I have of my existence since June :P

Still quite fond of the result though

Diabolik - Beauty

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(I apologize in advance for any grammar errors). 

Laying down on a sofa up against a plain wall, you look down and notice your stomach has more of a bulge to it. These past few dinners in the Sakamaki house have taken their delicious toll. Even though it shouldn’t bother you, the new stomach downs you. You sit up in an attempt to hide it with your poofy shirt. As if sensing your distress, one of the many brothers appear in front of you. 


He looks at you with concern. “Why are you in distress?” 

 You look up at him with a mildly angry look. “You wouldn’t understand.” 

 He sighs as he sits next to you. “I think after all this time you’ve been with us I would be able to understand.” 

 You’re silent for a bit. “Well… I’ve noticed I’ve grown more of a stomach.” You’re hesitant to lift your shirt, but you do anyway to show. 

 He sits blank while he figures out a way to try and cheer you up. “That’s the cause of your distress? Most girls would probably kill for your stomach. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen.” He awkwardly chuckles. 

 You smirk to his comment. “I know you mean well, but that doesn’t exactly help.” You notice he’s getting a little frustrated, but hides it as best as he can. 

“If you were so plain and boring then why do I desire you more than anything?” He leans closer to you. “Remember, you aren’t perfect, but that’s okay because we all like you for you.” 

 You embrace him with a hug. “Th- thank you Reiji-San.” 


“Why are you in such a bad mood? Its ruining my sleep.” 

 Looking up, you see Shu glaring at you. It quickly softens as he sees you’ve been faintly crying. Taking a seat next to you he wraps an arm around your lower back. Pulling you closer. You’re surprised by this action, but go with it as you lay your head on his shoulder. 

“Thank you.” You sigh shakily. 

 “Tell me why you’re crying..” You don’t look at him as you speak. 

“I don’t think you’ll quite understand but I’ve grown quite the stomach in the past few days and it bothers me.” 

 He sighs as he lifts you up facing him on his lap. He then pulls up your shirt. “What stomach? I see nothing wrong with it.” You gasp while pulling down your shirt. 

He pulls you back into a hug while you struggle to escape. “No. Stop. Its clearly there.” 

 He nibbles on your ear. “If I show you your worth, will you stop complaining?” 

You can’t help but shiver when he whispered in your ear. “I’m not sure there is a way to prove that.”

 Scoffing, he pulls you back to face him. Standing up, he holds you close. “If you were fat, then why can I pick you up with ease?” He leans his face closer to yours. “If you were ugly, then why can I look at you with this much desire to devour you?” 

 “Well, you have inhuman strength, and you’re a vampire but thank you Shu.” 

He smiles, “Your welcome Y/N.” 

Kanato and Azusa- 

“Why… are you… crying… Y/N?” Azusa spoke with slight concern. 

 “Yeah. Its bothering me.” Kanato scoffed. 

 You look up with small tears streaming down. Kanato looks down at you with a panicked look. Azusa sits next to you and wipes away the tears. “Why… are you… crying?” 

 You finally are able to form a sentence, “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to disturb you.” 

 Kanato looks at you sadly, “Then you should at least tell us why you are like this.” 

 Azusa’s frown deepens, “You… don’t have… To tell us…. But… It would… help…” 

 You sigh as you wipe away the fresh tears. “I’m not the petite girl you all put me out to be. I’ve grown a stomach in the past few days and its bothering me.” 

Kanato pulls up your arms with one hand and lifts your shirt with the other. “What stomach? You’re petty excuse for being sad is not going to work. What’s the real excuse?” 

 Azusa smiles slightly. “You’re… Pretty… Why are you… Concerned?” 

 Slightly smiling, you break free and pull down your shirt. “Its a valid excuse for a girl Kanato and… Thank you Azusa.” 

 Azusa stands up and pulls you up with him. He embraces you and takes a nibble on your neck. Drawing blood you pull away without a word. “Your blood… Is so good… You’re perfect… Y/N.” 

 Kanato looked angrily at Azusa. “Hey! Just because you had the opportunity to doesn’t mean you can just grab a snack out of her whenever!” 

 Azusa laughed, “See? If you… Were ugly… Then we.. Wouldn’t be here..” 

Kanato pulled you towards him, “Or protecting you for that matter. Damn wolves…” 

 They both looked at you with small smiles. When you realize that they meant what they said you embraced them both and thanked them. 

Laito and Kou- 

“Why is M- Neko- Chan sad?” Kou pouted. 

 “Is Bitch- Chan being self concious again?” Laito giggled. 

 You look at Laito slightly angered. “N…. Yes… I’ve grown a stomach in the last few days.” 

 Kou scoffed. “I’m sure you’re just over exaggerating. I’ve seen girls who could use a body like yours.” 

 Laito giggled. “We’ve neglected to pleasure you.” He walked up to you and crouched in front of you. 

 “Please don’t.” You tried backing away.

 Kou sat next to you and hugged you. “Don’t be so selfish Laito.” 

 He giggled, “And you have room to speak?” 

 In a room with a pervert and a selfish idol. You shift uncomfortably. This is a bad combination. “Uhm.. You guys don’t have to be here.” 

 Kou looked at you with his cherry smile, “Oh, but we do Y/N!” Laito held your arm. “We must make you smile again.” Kou picked you up swiftly, “Had you been chuby, I would have had trouble picking you up!" 

 Laito took advantage and lifted your shirt to take a nibble on your side. You squirm uncontrollably. "Had you been ugly I wouldn’t have taken a nibble on you just now." 

 "Hey! Unfair!” Kou set you down abruptly.

 Laito giggled. “What? You can’t blame me!" 

 You back up enough to look at the both of them. "How does this cheer me up?" 

 "You fatuous girl. We’re fighting over you with compliments.” Kou spoke a little offended. 

 You blush furiously. “I’m sorry, you guys are just so hard to read sometimes.” Walking up to them, you embrace them both with a hug, “Thank you guys." 

They glared at each other like two rival wolf packs, "You’re welcome." 

Yuma and Subaru- 

"What’s with the face?” Subaru avoided eye contact. 

 "Sorry to bother you, it’ll be a waste of your time if I told you.“ 

 He clenched his fists. "Waste of my time? If it was I wouldn’t have asked you a question." 

 Unaware of Yuma leaning against the doorway Subaru punched the nearby wall in frutration as you refuse to answer. Finally Yuma makes an entrance by popping a sugar cube in his mouth. "What’s with the bad vibe?" 

 "She won’t answer my question." 

 "What question?” He shifted the cube in his mouth. 

 "Why she looks so flustered.“ Yuma walked closer as if to examine you. 

"If I give you a sugar cube will you speak?" 

 You think about it but decline and decide to just speak. "Its because of my stomach… It grew a bit bigger after the past few days." 

 Subaru glared at her, "Oh so what? That doesn’t change you at all!" 

Yuma noticed him clenching his fists again and thought to lighten the mood. "Hey. Just be thankful you aren’t like the girls at school. They seem skinny and perfect but that’s because of rich families." 

 "Your beauty is natural.” Subaru quietly let out. 

 "Yeah see? Even he agrees with me.“ 

 "Thank you, but that doesn’t change my weight gain." 

 Yuma sighed as he sat down next to you. Wrapping an arm around you. He noticed Subaru back up a bit. "Why ya backing up? Do I intimadate you?" 

Subaru scoffed, "No!" 

 Yuma chuckled, "Relax. I’m only messing with you." 

 He looked away disgusted. "Whatever." 

 Yuma stood and laughed, "Come on. We have to cheer her up if we want her in a good mood.” He picked you up like a child, “See? No hesitation!" 

 Subaru scoffed, "Like she believes you. You are way stronger than her." 

 Yuma put you down after you started to squirm uncomfortably. "I guess. But my point stays clear." 

 Subaru finally walked up to you. He cupped your chin in his palm, "You are beautiful. I don’t understand why you’ve gotten yourself all worked up." 

 You smile at them both as you hug them. "Thank you guys." 

"Yup sure thing." 


Ruki and Ayato- 

"Oh Y/N! Where are you?!” Called out Ayato. “There you are. Why do you ignore Yours Truly?" 

"I’m sorry. I wasn’t ignoring you." 

He scoffed, "Then why did you not answer me?" 

"Leave the livestock alone. She clearly needs time to herself.” Ruki walked into the room.

 Ayato pulled you up close to him. “Oh?” He leaned his head closer to your neck to the point where you felt faint breaths. “What are you gonna’ do about it?" 

 Ruki kept his stoic demeanor. "Nothing. Seeing as how she’s merely livestock." 

 Ayato laughed. "So you’re saying you wouldn’t be the least bit affected if I were to take a bite?”

 "Of course I would. That’s why I won’t let you.“ 

 You break free from Ayato. "Stop you two. I’m not in the mood for this." 

 Ayato chuckled, "Not in the mood?! Thats absurd. What makes you think that will stop me?" 

 Ruki nodded, "I also would like to know." 

 You sigh. "I’ve noticed my stomach has grown to be chubby. It makes me self conscious." 

 Ruki walks up to you and lifted your chin to eye level. "There’s nothing to be self conscious about stupid girl." 

 Ayato pulled you away. "Get that idiodic thought out of your head. I don’t care about your appearance. Your blood is what’s important.” He licked his lips as he went for a bite. 

 Ruki pulled you back before he could. “I also could care less about your appearance Y/N. You’re merely livestock for us.”

 Finally able to back away you scold at them. “I’m not going to listen to you both put me down like a dog!" 

 Ayato’s face went soft, something not never happens. "Look Y/N, I’m not saying bad things about you. In fact, you should be happy Yours Truly is complimenting you.” It didn’t last long. 

 Ruki took a step closer. “Fine. You want to feel better?” They both walked your way and backed you into a corner. 

Ayato was first to speak, “If you were fat then why does your stomach look like this?” He lifted your shirt and brushed his hand against it. 

 Ruki now held up your arms. “Had you been so disgusting then why is it hard to not get lost in your gaze?” He went in to bite your wrist. 

 "Oy! She’s mine!“ Ayato pushed him off you. "All mine.” Smirking, he leans down and takes a quick nibble to your neck. “Mmm. Delicious." 

 Ruki shoves Ayato. "I don’t appreciate you." 

 "Who said you did?" 

 You can’t help but giggle a little. It was cute the way they tried to do something they weren’t too good at. 

 "What’s so funny Chichinash?" 

 "She’s laughing at your stupidity.”

 "Why you…“ 

A/N: So so so sorry for the delay! A lot of drama happened and delayed this scenario request! But finally here it is! Do not worry, requests are still open. Directions on how to request should still be somewhere below! Hope you enjoyed 😉

Training Ground 44 (The Forest of Death)

So I read a headcanon about Training Ground 44 (and heck if I can remember where, but its been eating at me…) which states thus: The tower in the center of the Forest of Death is the original Hokage Tower and the Forest of Death was created by Hashirama due to an assassination attempt on him and his family.

The following canon facts are what keeps me coming back to this though:

- Hashirama and Mito have at least one kid as evidenced by Nawaki and Tsunade’s existence

- The Senju Clan is essentially extinct barring Tsunade by the series start

- Kakazu is the only known person to survive an assassination attempt on the First Hokage

- Hashirama died during the turmoil preceding the First Shinobi Would War


It just dawned on me that my former “best friend” hasn’t made any attempt to talk to me or check in on me in ages lol so long I guess

Ace Attorney x PQ

I’ve been meaning to draw some Blackquill and Athena for a while now after I finished AA6. I never really appreciated Blackquill as much before then. I mean sure, I loved his shenanigans in AA5, but AA6 reminded me how much I loved them AND made me appreciate the weeb that he is~ =w=

I originally can’t decide what to draw… actually, I have a LOT I wanted to draw, but I can’t decide which to do. Then heck one day I was just gonna do a chibi just cause, when I somehow ended up attempting a PQ style :P

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn some proper art, took me quite long to finish this ^^”

Also I’ve been addicted to Mystic Messenger as of late, so I managed to work on this on-off while I wait for new chats to pop in =3= In a way, MM got me back to drawing….? Though I’ve been sleep deprived for the past few days cause……. yeah.

“So for the month of December we buy a fake tree, decorate it with lights, sparkly bits of plastic and paper, all because the man in the red suit will bring us presents?”

“Yes. When you say it like that it sounds weird but essentially, yes that is what we’re doing.”

Explaining Christmas to Charlie has been somewhat of a challenge so far but Matteusz had been doing reasonably well, the mistletoe debate had been slightly frustrating but they made it through, although he wasn’t looking forward to the cracker conversation they were bound to have on Christmas day.

“Humans are so strange” Charlie sighed. He’d been assigned the task of sorting the round ornament from the snowflake shaped ones.

“You must have had weird traditions on Rhodia?” Matteusz said while attempting to untangle the fairy lights they’d just brought.

“Nothing like Christmas though. When your entire religion is built around a small box there’s not really much to talk about” Matteusz always knew when Charlie was going to drift off, he got a sad wistful look in his eye and started to grow eerily still. There wasn’t much he could do for him when Charlie got like this, other than distract him and try to keep him grounded. it always made Mattuesz really nervous whenever he did slip away, he wasn’t quite sure that Charlie would always come back.

“Hey look what I found in that charity shop.” Matteusz said, holding up a slightly tacky angel tree topper. “Just like the one my Babcia has back in Poland”

Charlie looked up at Matteusz wide grin and couldn’t help but smile himself, he didn’t quite understand all of these human customs but one thing he could understand was how happy they made his boyfriend so he’d try his hardest to get into the Christmas spirt.


Request: Halloween request! (Because I’m trash… And OCTOBER!) Imagine the electricity going out after you just watched a scary movie and bumping into Harrison in the dark. I’m down for fluff… But if your creative drive takes you elsewhere… YOU DO YOU BOO BEAR. Please and Thank You ;)

A/N: And so we begin the Halloween loving!

Upon reflection attempting to finally watch a horror movie, by yourself at that, may not have been your brightest of ideas of late. The reviews had made it seem like a good idea though. Between the fact that the one and only Daniel Radcliffe played the main character and that many had said it wasn’t half as bad as other horror movies, you had decided it would be a good starting place… boy, were you wrong.

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Things YoI Fans/Ficcers Should Know About Skating (#3)

There is no such thing as a quadruple (quad) axel. No one has landed it, I don’t think anyone has tried.

The axel is a really difficult jump because of its forward takeoff. You have to throw your body into the air forwards and twist to rotate backwards right after. It takes a huge amount of speed and power.

Men do triple axels in competitions. It’s rare in women’s competition, but there are at least five ratified landings in competition. The first was Midori Ito. Other female competitors include Japan’s Mao Asada, and Russia’s Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.**

Keep in mind that quads became a necessity in the men’s completion recently in the last fifteen years. One used to be a big deal.*** Now, Nathan Chen just broke the record with five in one program.

**Edited with aid from friendly @jennibeultimate (Thanks!) and my sister (who’s a coach).

***As @jennibeultimate pointed out, since 2015 having two quads is necessary to be competitive in the top field. However, they are not a technical requirement (you can compete without them, see Jason Brown 2017 U.S. Nationals) but you won’t rank highly.

(( Enjoy <3))

-Your first almost kiss with Gabriel is honestly more awkward than either of you thought it’d be.

-You ended up hitting your noses together, which results in the both of you cursing and drawing backwards.

-All is quiet for a few moments, it’s tense… Until you start laughing like crazy at how silly it was, your laugh is infectious and Gabriel joins in. No one understands why the two of you are cackling like hyenas on the floor.

-You two never bring up that attempt for quite some years, but it does remain a fond memory.

-Definitely a story to tell your future children (if you have/adopt any).


There had been many times you had kissed your love, Gabriel with desperation. It was nothing like this though. Both of you were covered in grim, dirt, sweat, blood, and tears; yet you two couldn’t be any happier. You gripped onto Gabriel as if he was going to disappear, and he held you like you were the only person in the world that matter. Your lips hungrily and passionately devoured each others’, it was the thrill of being alive and being safe together after a dangerous mission. You’d occasionally part for air before Gabriel stole your lips once again. Your eyes pricked with tears as you stared lovingly into the eyes of the man who had taken your heart, soul, mind, and body; you’d gladly give it all to him all over again, after all he’d do the same for you.

You two were starting to shed your ripped clothes before Jack & McCree loudly coughed, reminding you that you weren’t alone. You of course were deathly flustered, apologizing.

“Jealous, Jack?” Gabriel smirked, picking you up like a sack of potatoes.

“Get a room!” McCree yelled at Gabriel’s back.