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I'm sorry if what I am asking is against your rules of not picking up works after others have scanned. But the group that originally translated the first two chapters of HASHIBA Mizu's Harami Bara absolutely refuse to translate the rest of the manga because they found out it has m-preg. You're the only group I know who are willing touch m-preg so is there anyway you can either translate the rest or help in getting someone else to translate it?

lol whaaa the fuk. they should know that it’s mpreg just by the title alone. i read it up until i saw some labor axn but i dropped it bc the story is repetitive and meh. i love me some mpreg, but if the story is boring, i sure as heck don’t want to spend time scanlating it. 

there are much better mpreg stories out there imo!

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How old are you? 22

Current Job/Dream Job? Current: US Marine and Carpenter/Dream Job: Someone’s eccentric wealthy uncle

What are you talented at? I like to think I’m a pretty good writer, probably better at being a Marine.

What is a big goal you are working towards(or have already achieved)? Be debt free, build my wife a house on fifty acres of forested land.

What are your aesthetics? An ARAK-21 leaning against a hand built walnut work desk that has nothing but a typewriter and a cup of coffee on it.

Do you collect anything? Books and ammo

What is a topic you are always up for talking about? Pretty much anything, I’m a talker so if you’re ever bored hit me up.

What’s a pet peeve of yours? Taxation

Good advice to give? Live deliberately

Recommend three songs.
Bop Gun-Ice Cube
Traveler-Chris Stapleton
Imagine-A perfect Circle

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  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: yuuri's going to end the student-coach relationship because he sees how much viktor ice skating means to him and how drawn he is to the ice. viktor nikiforov, five time grand prix final champion, was in a major slump. he ruled the ice skating world and there was nothing he could do to surprise people the way he wanted to. that is until he met katsuki yuuri who made him feel both life and love. viktor gave the best years of his life to skating. at the very peak of his career he tossed it aside to find what he has been missing. i can see viktor coming back into the next season at full force with yuuri by his side because he's not letting him go for anything and a newfound passion to go against all the skaters that have surprised him.

Making The Hamilton Mixtape: Lin-Manuel Miranda explains the stories behind the songs (Entertainment Weekly):

“Dear Theodosia” Regina Spektor featuring Ben Folds and “Dear Theodosia (Reprise)” Chance the Rapper feat. Francis and the Lights

Hamilton and Burr’s lullaby to their newborn children was in high demand: Both Regina Spektor and Chance the Rapper, a new father, requested to cover it. “We were like, ‘Okay, who’s gonna be the bad guy to tell this person that the other one has the song?’” producer Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson recalls. But when both artists submitted remarkably distinct tracks, the team made an unorthodox choice. “I said, ‘Well, this is a mixtape. There isn’t a rule against what we can do with it,’” says Thompson. “We decided to keep both.”

Ben Folds, for his part, is pleased with that decision: “Reggie sang the s— out of that song,” he says. “I was just happy to be there. I would have been the water boy if she wanted me to… But I was glad I didn’t have rap.”


“That Would Be Enough” by Alicia Keys

Miranda says his favorite evening during the making of Mixtape started with a phone call. “We got a call from Alicia Keys, who had agreed to do ‘That Would Be Enough,’ saying, ‘She doesn’t want to just send it to you, she wants to play it for you in her studio and talk to you about it,’” Miranda recalls. “I turned to Jonathan Groff [who originated the role of King George on Broadway], who was my roommate at the time, and said, ‘Do you want to come listen to Alicia Keys’s version of the song with me?’” He breaks into excited giggles at the memory. “So we jumped in a car immediately after our show, raced to her studio downtown, and as the Great Blizzard of 2016 started, we were sitting in a room at midnight with Alicia Keys—not only hearing her amazing version of ‘That Would Be Enough,’ but she also played us half the tracks on her new album early.”


“Burn” by Andra Day

Scheduling issues have kept R&B star Andra Day from catching Hamilton on Broadway (“I’m the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen it,” she says), but she was deeply familiar with the story. “I was actually obsessed with Alexander Hamilton in school,” she says. She chose to cover “Burn” after being drawn to Eliza’s “raw, fiery, painful emotion,” and says it was easy getting into the mindset of Hamilton’s wife when she finds out her husband has had an affair: “I already had such an empathy for her. Even before the show came out, I was like, ‘You know what? The guy’s a dirtbag.’”


“Washingtons By Your Side” by Wiz Khalifa

While Wiz Khalifa admits that “Dear Theodosia” made him cry when he saw Hamilton, there was only one song he instantly felt he could rework and make his own: Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr’s taunting, “Washington On Your Side.” “I was like, ‘That’s the one,’” he says. Miranda adds, “He was like, ‘I want to do Washington’s On Your Side,’ but I want to be talking about money,’ and we’re like, ‘Go! Go and bring it back!’” The result was a hit with Miranda: “I was just happy he liked the idea,” says Khalifa, “instead of thinking it was kind of weird.”

either save it for surprises or prepare yourself for the full drop with notes on the rest of the Mixtape!

I still, to this day, don’t understand how Simon could be so oblivious about his feelings for Baz. Are you actually telling me that it took Baz going against all of Smokey Bear’s rules on forest fires to make Simon realize he wanted to kiss the dolt when he has been thinking things like this throughout the whole goddamn book

‘I’m just lying in my bed, thinking about Baz.’

‘I know I should be happy about Baz being gone–but it seems so… wrong’

’If he weren’t a vampire, Baz’d be bloody perfect.’

‘Smarter than I am. Better looking.’

*literally there’s hardly a paragraph that goes by where Baz’s name isn’t mentioned at least like 6 times I mean come on*

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' ...... the children of Moon, Night, Lilith and Faerie, all are souled. It seems that you rules as to what does and does not constitute a human being are stricter than our own. Do you intend to challange Heaven, like that other Morning Star ..... ' - Raziel in City of Glass. Surely Raziel's own words should carry a lot of weight with the Clave, if Clary were to testify as to what she heard. It would be a strong argument against the Cohort.

This is an interesting question. Clary very likely already has made this testimony. What Raziel said to Valentine wasn’t a surprise. Shadowhunters have known for a long time that Downworlders have souls, or at least that there is no good reason to believe that they don’t. But there are always people who believe that they want to believe, and people who will interpret what they hear in a way that is consistent their preexisting beliefs.
None of the discussion of restricting Downworlder rights in Lord of Shadows touches on whether or not they have souls. Shadowhunters are perfectly capable of discriminating against their own. The root of the Cohort’s hatred of Downworlders is xenophobic fear, not logic.
Essentially you’re asking the question “Why, if God said ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill,’ do we still have war?” I wish I could answer. But as a novelist, I tend to be more focused on exploring questions than on answering them. : )

malibumag New issue hits stands tomorrow. Sophie Turner @sophiet “Sansa has been such a gift to me, but I really do actively work against the possibility of Sansa Stark being the only thing I’m known for. So, every role that I choose, I’m quite selective about it. I try not to do any period work, or princesses, or anything like that. I’m trying to make myself—before Game of Thrones ends—to be seen as diverse as possible. I want to have a huge catalogue of work in different genres. I would love to do comedy. I would love to do horror, maybe. There’s nothing I would rule out at this point because I think I need a large repertoire for people to be able to see me as something other than ‘that girl from Game of Thrones.’” Photographed by @brian_daly Styled by @ruthhigginbotham Hair by @hurrbydavid
Makeup by @kimbrownmakeup
Cover feature written by Gregg LaGambina
Court Refuses to Reinstate Travel Ban, Dealing Trump Another Legal Loss
The ruling, the first from an appeals court on the travel ban, is likely to be quickly appealed to the short-handed United States Supreme Court.
By Adam Liptak

WASHINGTON — A three-judge federal appeals panel on Thursday unanimously refused to reinstate President Trump’s targeted travel ban, delivering the latest and most stinging judicial rebuke to his effort to make good on a campaign promise and tighten the standards for entry into the United States.

The ruling was the first from an appeals court on the travel ban, and it was focused on the narrow question of whether it should be blocked while courts consider its lawfulness. The decision is likely to be quickly appealed to the United States Supreme Court.

That court remains short-handed and could deadlock. A 4-to-4 tie in the Supreme Court would leave the appeals court’s ruling in place.
Federal judge rules that existing civil rights laws do protect against sexual orientation discrimination
"There is no more obvious form of sex stereotyping than making a determination that a person should conform to heterosexuality," US District Court Judge Cathy Bissoon writes.
By Chris Geidner

In Pittsburgh, a federal judge has ruled that existing civil rights laws do protect people from facing discrimination based on their sexual orientation.

It’s been a long-standing question in terms of nondiscrimination protections for workplaces, particularly in the context of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled in 2015 that Title VII’s ban on sex stereotyping also applied to sexual orientation. 

In this case, Judge Cathy Bissoon’s ruling means that the EEOC can continue its case against Scott Medical Health Center, which is accused of mistreating an employee for being gay. 

While Bissoon is not the first judge to reach the conclusion she did on Friday, the decision is significant for a few reasons. The opinion itself — as direct and forceful as it is — is important, because it can be cited to in lawyers’ briefs and in other judges’ decisions. More importantly, however, is the fact that it comes in a case brought by the EEOC itself — the agency in the federal government responsible for interpreting Title VII.

Finally, it is notable that the ruling comes a few weeks before the full federal appeals court in Chicago is due to reconsider a decision of a three-judge panel from the court rejecting the argument that sexual orientation claims are currently covered under Title VII. The three-judge panel of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals held that only the US Supreme Court or a change in law could provide those legal protections. The full court — with the urging of the EEOC and others — agreed to reconsider that decision, which it will do on Nov. 30.

It makes for sort of dense reading, but this is really important. 


“Let my final words to you as your Commander-in-Chief be a reminder of what it is that you’re fighting for, what it is that we are fighting for. The United States of America is not a country that imposes religious tests as a price for freedom. We’re a country that was founded so that people could practice their faiths as they choose. The United States of America is not a place where some citizens have to withstand greater scrutiny, or carry a special ID card, or prove that they’re not an enemy from within. We’re a country that has bled and struggled and sacrificed against that kind of discrimination and arbitrary rule, here in our own country and around the world. We’re a nation that believes freedom can never be taken for granted and that each of us has a responsibility to sustain it. The universal right to speak your mind and to protest against authority, to live in a society that’s open and free, that can criticize a President without retribution—a country where you’re judged by the content of your character rather than what you look like, or how you worship, or what your last name is, or where your family came from—that’s what separates us from tyrants and terrorists.” —President Obama on upholding the values that guide the United States at home and abroad

Liberals who complain that white workers who support Trump are “stupid,” and those Marxists who chalk it up to “false consciousness,” are two sides of the same coin.

First, there is no pre-given “true consciousness” for anyone to be tricked out of attaining. Consciousness develops via concrete historical processes and there is no “true” outcome determined in advance. Nor do people have a priori interests that they can be made to work against. Interests are, like anything else, produced in a struggle that is always on-going.

Second, although there may be a partial truth in saying that poor people turn to reactionary ideology when they are desperate and there are not strong alternatives from the left, this remains a (small) part of the picture. Ideology indeed has a grip on all of us because it is a critical part in how we understand ourselves and our relation to the world. Bourgeois ideology can make us act in ways which reinforce the rule of the capitalists while we feel that what we are doing is meaningful or even rebellious. However, ideology alone cannot account for everything. Bourgeois ideology would be disrupted by day to day realities (as it is to some degree all the time among the most excluded parts of the populace) if it were not backed up by certain structural factors. Ideology is most effective when it works in conjuction with economic and political concessions which reinforce the dominant “world-view.”

The support for white supremacy among white workers is the product of an historical processes of granting property and political power (however meager) to whites while at the same time excluding other nationalities and national minorities from the same. In return for social passivity (or at least for channeling resistance in ways that ultimately reproduce the status quo), and for acting as “shock troops” against the resistance of colonized people, white workers have been granted certain privileges, a process which has created a community of interests between most white workers and the bourgeoisie. Support for white nationalism is not a matter of white workers being tricked into “acting against their own interests.” It is a matter of white workers acting upon interests which have been created in the course of u.s. political struggle.

It may be that to some extent, white workers are having the rug swept out from under them, but historically privileged populations tend to cling harder to reaction when their position is perceived to be at risk. Again this is not a “false consciousness” but a product of historical processes which can be traced.

Framing reaction among poorer whites as if it’s a matter of those whites being “duped” into acting against some innate interests they supposedly have is in its own way incredibly condescending and arrogant. People who support Trump are not “stupid,” nor have they been “tricked,” and they know what their interests are: those interests are just not compatible with communism. And this is not to say that it’s impossible for these interests to be displaced. But, in the u.s. and canada at least, the development of revolutionary interests and consciousness requires an acceptance of total decolonization, which for settlers means accepting the relinquishing of land and political and cultural dominance. Some white people may be prepared for this but we’ve got to be realistic and acknowledge that if we’re waiting around for widespread support for decolonization among white people we’re gonna be waiting a long time.

I think this all needs to be said but to some extent i think discussing this shit so much puts too much emphasis on white people. Just strategically speaking, especially when looking at the global scale, revolution does not even depend on widespread support from white people, so i wonder about the productiveness of the left scrambling to rationalize support for white supremacy among poorer whites in the first place.

The Dalish and Transgender Identities

So, because my Lavellan!Inquisitor is a transwoman, I’ve had a lot of time and motivation to consider Dalish attitudes towards trans folk. My conclusion: in general, they’re pretty fuckin’ cool with it! here’s why:

1) Being nomadic and an oppressed minority, clans are pretty dependent on the skills and effort of each and every one of their members. Therefore, so long as you do solid work and contribute to the well-being of the clan, people don’t really care how you express yourself.

2) From what we see in the games and books, clans are usually pretty small, unlikely to have more than 50 or so members, maybe 100 tops (the clan you meet in Inquisition only has 8, counting the younger one who gets himself killed before you show up.) As a general rule, it’s harder to be bigoted against a demographic when someone you know intimately is in it. And when you spend your life around more or less the same 50 people, and have as little private space as the Dalish have? lemme tell ya, you know those people pretty intimately.

3) This is entirely my own headcanon, but I think the Dalish would hold trans people as sacred to Dirthamen, god of secrets and knowledge. If you ask a Dalish elf, gender non-conforming elves are the way they are because Dirthamen blessed them with a great secret hidden deep within their souls, a truth regarding the nature of the self. Beliefs hold that if you allow such a person to express themselves and flourish, they may come to know certain aspects of the secret, and can pass that knowledge on to their clan. The Dalish, valuing ancient knowledge highly, take this very seriously. To this end, gender non-conforming elves among the Dalish are referred to as “dirthenansal,” which directly translates as “gift or blessing of Dirthamen.” This is often shortened to “denan.”

This post contains condensed notes made from Marty Lobdell’s 1 hour long lecture (link’s here), which features many effective study techniques and tips.


25-30 min of studying, followed by 5 min break (a.k.a. pomodoro technique). Once you get used to the load of studying, you can increase your time of one study session, just follow this rule:

“The moment you start to slide, you’re shovelling against the tide, what you need to do is what? Take a break.”


”Things that are reinforced, we tend to do more of. Things that are punished or ignored, we tend to do less of.”

To put it simply, rewarding yourself after every study session will make you more likely to study later.


Everybody has special rooms for sleeping, food making, bathing, etc., but who has a room for studying?? Not many. Well, obviously, not everyone can afford one, but there’re some tricks, which will help you to create a study environment.

  • Get a study lamp. ONLY turn it on while studying. DO NOT use it for other purposes.
  • If you’re studying in a room, which has bed (bedrooms, dorm rooms…), turn your desk away from your bed to face a blank wall.

The context provided by environmental cues largely determines your behavior, so create a study environment, which encourages you to study. Distracting cues’ examples: bedroom - sleeping cues (bed), kitchen - food cues, living room - TV, radio, people, etc. All these distractions prevent you from studying!!


For example, it is like knowing the words of a song but not knowing what a song is about. FACTS = song lyrics, CONCEPT = song meaning.  
Facts can easily be looked up if needed.


Or at least no highlighting after reading a text once.


Take notes during your class/lecture/etc.. After the class is finished, take out your notes the first free moment you’ve got and expand everything you’ve written. Give it some depth. If you do that like 2 (or more) hours after the class, you will have forgotten much of what you had written. So do this as soon as possible.


One study showed that best way of studying is to do 80% of reciting and 20% of reading. So, teach others what you’ve learnt or dialogue with empty chairs if you have no one to teach. What you can teach, that you understand.


Survey - go through an entire chapter, look at the pictures, graphs, questions…
Question - While surveying, you might get some questions. If not, then ask yourself questions like: “What’s this?”, “What does this graph mean?”, etc. This will cause you to look for answers and “if you intend to find something, you find it.”
Read - (20% of time)
Recite -  (80% of time)
Review - after some time has passed.


Study groups are not only good for finding someone to teach (#7), but also great for reviewing the learnt material (#8) - discussions with your study buddies might provide you with different perspective and insight. Also, study group members can point out your mistakes that you haven’t noticed! Moreover, they can help to create a study environment, too (#3)! When you see other people studying, you get more motivated to study yourself.


Because sometimes concept learning is not enough. :(  Make acronyms, coined sayings, or interacting image associations  to help yourself remember the facts. The weirder, the better.

6 numbers sum up Trump’s collapsing agenda:

2 — the number of federal court decisions striking down President Donald Trump’s newest travel ban.

After the president’s first executive order banning travel and immigration from certain Muslim-majority countries was struck down, the White House had hoped the second, narrowed order would not face a similar fate. But hours before the ban was to go into effect, a judge in Hawaii said the order should not be implemented. The judge’s decision relied heavily on past public statements made by Trump and his advisers. U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson wrote, “the executive order was issued with a purpose to disfavor a particular religion, in spite of its stated, religiously neutral purpose.” Read more from Watson’s decision.  

On Thursday, a federal judge in Maryland also ruled against Trump’s revised order.

5 — the number of times Trump’s two bans have lost in federal court.

So Trump’s latest ban has lost twice in court — that’s on top of the three times his original order faced comprehensive legal blows. The lead attorney in the Hawaii case told MSNBC that presidents rarely lose cases on national security grounds. “There’s only been a handful of presidents that have lost cases on national security grounds in an entire history,” Neal Katyal said. Trump’s losses are “not a good omen for the future.”

24 million — the number of additional people who will lose or go without health insurance by 2026 under the American Health Care Act.

The Congressional Budget Office estimate, released Monday, immediately raised alarms that the Republican health insurance plan was in trouble. A little more than a week after the bill’s release, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) is now saying the AHCA will need changes to pass the House. A dozen Republican senators have already criticized the legislation, making passage of its current form doubtful. The CBO score will allow the House to “make some necessary improvements and refinements,” Ryan said Wednesday — a break from his earlier comment that voting on the bill was a “binary choice.” Vice President Mike Pence also told House Republicans the bill could change.

So did Trump. “It’s very preliminary,” Trump said of the AHCA on Wednesday night. The president also told reporters on a flight back to Washington from a rally in Nashville, Tennessee, “We will get something through.”

28% — the proposed reduction in funding for the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development under the president’s budget.

Among all the numbers in the Trump’s proposed budget blueprint, the $10.1 billion cut to America’s diplomatic infrastructure may attract the most opposition on Capitol Hill. Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) have said they will not support a budget with such a deep cut to the agencies overseeing foreign policy.

Read more on the budget proposal, full of cuts to federal agencies, below.

2 — the number of Congressional Republicans leading investigations into Russian hacking who are demanding proof of wiretapping.

Graham and Rep. Devin Nunes, a California Republican, have both joined with their Democratic colleagues to demand the Justice Department show proof President Barack Obama had Trump wiretapped during the campaign.

Nunes, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, said Wednesday, “I don’t think there was an actual tap of Trump Tower.” If the FBI does not respond to his inquiry, Graham said he will subpoena the agency to tell his Senate committee whether a warrant was issued to wiretap Trump.

40% — the portion of Americans who approve of Trump’s presidency.

Near its lowest point since Trump took office in January, a majority of Americans have not approved of the president since he took office, according to Gallup. A RealClearPolitics aggregation of all polls shows a similar level of dissatisfaction, reporting an average 43.9% approval rate. Polling on the AHCA has found the voters do not like specifics of the Republican proposal — and are supportive of some of the core tenets preserved from the Affordable Care Act.

Nearly two months into the presidency, Trump’s agenda is on the rocks. Read more (3/16/17 10:41 AM)

Minho trying to make you confess your crush on Newt
  • Minho: Who is it y/n?
  • Y/N: Not telling.
  • Minho: Fine I'll start guessing. You can stop me when I'm right.
  • Y/n: Like hell I will.
  • Gally: That's against the rules.
  • Y/n: WtF? Min?
  • Minho: Not him? Okay Hey there's Zart! ZART! Y/N HAS THE HOTS FOR YOU!
  • Y/n: You're unbelievable.
  • Minho: Hush, you love me. Hence I must find out the identity of the other guy.Hey look Thomas! THOMAS Y/N WANTS YOU!
  • Thomas: Okay, what' happened Y/n?
  • Y/N: *face palm*
  • Minho: Okay, definitely not him. Oh it's Newt! HEY NEWT- *knocked onto the ground by Y/N*
  • Newt: Y/N? Minho?
  • Minho: Nothing shank, just wanted to solve a doubt.
  • Y/N: Kill me now.
{Imagine} College AU where the school’s ‘ bad boy’ Jungkook has a crush on you

His lip curls in a smirking way, his thickly lined eyes pinning men and women alike as he swaggers the hallways in that confident strut that has almost everyone experiencing what must be a mixture of true love and lust. But the key word there is almost. You’re the exception to the rule. You’re the only one that can reject his sexy exterior, but somehow that only enhances his interest in you. His eyes scan over your body as he reaches his locker which is inconveniently placed beside yours. He claws at his lip with his teeth, and you can’t help but glare at the dark haired male with the provocative lip ring, and the earphones that are blasting heavy guitars and drum beats in his ears. Your eyes like daggers, piercing the electric blue of his eyes as you once again reject the notorious playboy, Jeon Jungkook. 

“Changed your mind against that date offer yet, {y/n}?”

“No chance”

I need to get something off my chest.

I know I said before that I personally don’t like the stereotypes yaoi has or the way fujoshis portray gay couples

But lately I feel like all the bashing against them or straight women who watch shows with LGBT characters in general is uncalled for

Usually, they simply enjoy the ship like any other ship(Of course excluding the ones who call it sin) and even learn to support the LGBT community along the way?

Meanwhile straight men who enjoy lesbian porn and content in general still treat the LGBTQA+ community like shit, only like lesbian couples for their sexual fantasies and even sometimes claim they dislike real life LBTQA+ women?? Yet I don’t see long ass posts bashing them or people giving them names with awful meanings like fujoshis?

Also, whenever there’s a show with a gay ship straight men spend their time bashing the shippers (and the show if this ship becomes canon), meanwhile straight women react to lesbian ships with neutrality and even positivity most of the time, if not always?

This feels like yet another way to hate on women…

when i was a kid i had a collection of really old peanuts comics and this particular one from 1970 stuck with me so much

it is so perfect, such a study in contrasts between the nine panels of buildup and the crushing payoff, the bright clear day vs the all-encompassing rain, the restrained eagerness of the way he leans to see just a little further around the corner while waiting for the bus in the first panel, the enormous emptiness of the stadium around him in the last one driving home the fact that he has waited there, hoping for the sun, so much longer than anyone else, this contrasted against the adventuresome solitude of the set-up, because he’s there so much earlier than anyone else too, the MOST excited, that the only words in the comic are him sadly reading the rain check rules out loud to himself while still in his seat, in the rain

that the bus is the BASEBALL Special

if you boiled my comedic sensibilities down to their purest essence it would just be this comic, framed, hanging on the wall in an empty museum


Leaked NFL handbook reveals the sexist rules cheerleaders endure — for abysmal pay

  • If you want to be an NFL cheerleader in California, you’ll have to learn to keep your legs closed. Literally.
  • In 2014, the Los Angeles Times released excerpts of the 2012 Raiderettes etiquette agreement. Mic has obtained a comprehensive copy, embedded here
  • It provides an unsettling overview of the rigid and blatantly sexist double standards cheerleaders must endure with a smile, because “negative facial expressions” are prohibited.
  • The agreement details fines for cheerleaders who fail to expose their belly buttons on “2 Piece Tuesdays.” It also warns against fraternizing with players, lest they risk “being assaulted” and ruining their “reputations." 
  • All this, allegedly, for a salary of around $3,000 a year. Read more (2/16/17 5:00 PM)