there has been a reckoning


#Impressed with your manipulative bf.

Wynonna: Nicole, please don’t sleep with my sister.

Nicole: Wynonna, the heart wants what the heart wants. Who am I to deny chemistry?

Wynonna: At least try not to sleep with her.

Nicole: Fine, I promise to “try not to sleep with her.”

Wynonna: Thank you.

**Next Morning**

Wynonna: So…. You slept with her. You promised.

Nicole: Yes and Hitler promised not to invade Czechoslovakia, Wynonna, welcome to the real world.

Here’s my piece for the @kagehinaficzine! And Happy Haikyuu Day!!!

It was my first time doing something so detailed and “finished”! My styled has changed a lot even though it’s only been a couple months (I reckon I’ve completely given up on drawing anything too realistic) but this piece will forever hold a very dear place in my heart!

It was a honour to colab with @someone-stole-my-shoes - who wrote the most breath taking fic - and to be a part of such an amazing project full of so many talented people. I’m kinda sad it’s over now, but our mods were lovely and all the beautiful stories and art warmed my heart, so there are a lot of nice memories left. Thank you everyone who participated and supported this zine!  ♡


joshgad: This has been a battle of attrition. #daisyridley has been a force to be reckoned with. In many ways she is the Vader to my Luke or the Taylor to my Katy. But like any good opponent, I have tried to outmaneuver her at every turn. This will be her final judgement. May the force be with her, because kids, she is going to need it. All I ask is that you don’t ruin the surprise for others. #TheLastJedi#starwars#broughtsomefriendsalongfortheride@disney @starwars

Re: sneks and rednecks

**On the phone with my mom**

Mama: …so you got the snake? 

Me: Well yeah. I mean, the other girls in the office were gonna call the police. I thought that was kind of silly. It was just a rat snake and we didn’t need to kill it. We just needed to move it away from the waiting room of the office. I figured there had to be at least one redneck in the building who would be willing to do it. 

Mama: And it turns out you were the redneck. 

Me: Reckon so. 

dan and phil play keep talking and nobody explodes: a summary

hoodie!phil i am immediately enthralled and this video isn’t even a second in yet

“you da bomb of our lives”

they keep clothes fans give them which is nice shoutout to that lucky son of a gun


phil is insistent on everyone seeing speed

supportive boyf dan has his back

dan nudged phil’s arm in a bro-esque manner

they mentioned escape rooms finally i can relate as i have now been to one too

“i think we’re a lot nerdier than we think” why do they think we refer to them as nerds all the time

“rest in peace environment” / “fuck you trees”

“i’ll punch you if you look at this” going to provide no context there have fun

“DAD…. playing halo with me” nice save dan

the wholesome howell blanket is always on hand

“they’ll see if we do a single glance…”

how is dan going to go a whole extra seventeen minutes without glancing at phil i think he’s going to implode

they already did the tutorial but didn’t show us yet phil can’t remember the title of the game wow rip nerd!phil fic trope

“this is going to be a mistake”

“i can’t speak if i’m under some kind of situation” mister english degree back again

phil spinning dan around with those sweet sweet seconds of skin to skin contact (hand to arm)

also lowkey hand porn

look at his hands

the curly hair and shaved sides from the side profile makes my heart warm

sassy hand clicks from danny


five seconds in i am already stressed for them why is this already the most intense video of this game i’ve ever seen i’ve watched like six different channels play it

“there’s, there’s-” “no phil, i’m guiding you.” someone likes to take control don’t they

during the wire puzzle you can slowly watch dan get more stressy look at his pursed lips and expressive strict hand gestures

“there’s an alien man with a triangle head and he’s got a T coming out of his neck” their best friend mind meld really needs to come in handy here

i’m still really enjoying dan’s side profile i can’t get over it

“that’s you selecting the module you dork”

“guys we’re nailing this” i was going to make the obvious joke but i won’t we’re classy here

“shut up shut up SHUT UP” stressy dan is here to stay

they did one wow who says youtube gamers can’t game screw you comments

“what everyone out there is thinking now is we need you to get the manual, phil” i think dan honey you just want to be in control again i know that was hard for you

getting their last glances at each other in before they can’t for at least five minutes

opposite sides again why has this happened two videos after one another this is weird what is the post-baking video universe coming to

“this is weird. now you’re the person with the really bright face… wow it makes my hair look so much less white now that i’m here”

“it makes my hair look grey… i promise i don’t have grey hair” honey you’re thirty years old it’s going to happen inevitably sometime soon best to break us in gently

i’m hyped for side profile phil

dan quoting the marriage mantra of something old something new etc…. foreshadowing perhaps who knows with the way 2017 phan is going

phil looks so confused he’s like me facing every exam i’ve ever taken

i’ve been cheated out of side profile phil ffs dan get your hands on him and spin him around i feel attacked

“oh shit new stuff” literally everyone every few days when they upload a new gaming vid with no warning????? they know our struggle????

phil looks so focused i’m entranced


“oh god it’s hurting my brain so much”

stressy phil is a new experience but i’m digging it

dan being the little shit he is just laughs all the time

“stop freaking out!” stressy dan is still here despite having the opposite role

they did two attempts and won them both wow

they high fived yes for more skin to skin contact

phil is reeeealllly making up for lost time by shamelessly staring at dan

like seriously that was at least a solid six seconds of him staring

oh and more glances

i get it you’re in love

“kept calm under presh”

more staring seriously phil are you aware the camera is still rolling

“i hate to alarm you phil but what is your catchphrase on this gaming channel?”

*awkward silence whilst phil realises he’s being spoken to thus has to tear his gaze away*


*resumes staring*

seriously what is with him today subtlety ain’t in his vocabulary

p h i l i get it you’re in love

oh now dan’s at it

dan just got super close to the camera and did that creepy smile he has i was unnerved

“i’m frickin terrified as diddly heck”

they’re back on their own sides balance in the universe has been destroyed do you reckon they’re as insistent about which side of the bed they sleep on

side profile dan is back welcome back old friend i missed you

i thought he dabbed for a second but it’s okay he didn’t

they’re determined as fuck but i can already see dan’s stressing

yep there’s the hurry up hand gestures

“i’m going to explode…. literally” because of the intensity or because he can’t stare at phil i don’t even know anymore u decide

dan’s eyes just got really really wide they were like bulging

“is the button yellow?” “no it’s blue i told you it’s blue!” welcome back stressy phil i hope you had a nice break

phil’s little “ooh” is so cute i want it as my ringtone

“we did it? oh christ”

stressy dan is really coming out to play in this symbols puzzle isn’t he

phil’s expressive hand gestures aka he’s beginning to panic too

dan’s doing some kind of gang sign okay boy you do you

aaaaand there’s the deafening dan scream for this video i can’t believe we lasted a whole 17 minutes and 40 seconds without one

rip headphone users it was nice knowing you

stressy dan has never been more present

phil is surprisingly calm(er)

“dan come on” all of us all the time

oooooh they couldn’t last five minutes without a quick glance at one another could they jfc get a room

they managed with three seconds to spare

phil is giggly and dan is….. well, dan

dramatic as ever my little actor that never was

phil initiates skin to skin contact again why am i not surprised anymore

“i was winding you up” dan says as he adds flames on top of himself in editing i am nodding furiously

the camera pans back out and phil’s hood is up who even is he

“we could have died!” “but we didn’t” *dan adds a halo above his head aka can’t relate*

“see if i worked in bomb disposal, i’d be cheeky like that” your colleagues would throw a bomb in bed with you

“i’d be like ooh what’s the timer steve???” the danxsteve fic coming atcha real soon

dan’s in an obnoxiously good mood now he has won a game and can freely stare at phil again

“we could be bomb disposal experts” again expect the fic coming atcha real soon

“what you just saw was two nerds that grew up playing puzzle games that have a psychic connection because they have no other friends defusing bombs” they literally said they go to escape rooms for their friends birthdays but alright i’ll take the exclusivity

they’re considering coming back in hard mode YES I NEED THIS

again i could have made the obvious joke there but i didn’t

let them know how you felt throughout that video type out long essays i dare you

“subscribe if you’re happy you didn’t explode”

“if you want to see us do that more challenging version where we might blow up… or not 'cause we’re the best… disposers ever”

“subscribe to us, have a good day, don’t explode” the best advice comes in threes



EP Review: Frank Iero and The Patience - ‘Keep The Coffins Coming’

Frank Iero is truly a force to be reckoned with. The musician has been on the punk rock scene for seemingly his entire life (which is a feat in and of itself). Iero began his musical journey with raw and emotional Pencey Prep in the early 2000s before being recruited by My Chemical Romance as a second guitarist. He released four monstrous studio albums with MCR before the inevitable end of the run in 2013. All in the throes of this, he fronted hardcore band Leathermouth, which managed to shred plenty of faces in and around the New York / New Jersey area for about three short years. He’s also dabbled in industrial hardcore with his project Death Spells, alongside James Dewees of The Get Up Kids and Reggie and the Full Effect. 

Needless to say, Iero dips his toe in whatever suits his fancy at the time, so it was only natural for him to establish Frank Iero and the Patience in 2012, a shambolic and noisy punk rock outfit that has managed to separate itself from the emo undertones of Iero’s previous projects. They’ve released Stomachaches and Parachutes respectively since their beginning. The project has a little more bite and a lot more heart. Especially so on the band’s most recent EP, Keep The Coffins Coming. Recorded with Steve Albini, it’s the “missing link” between 2014′s Stomachaches and 2016′s Parachutes

It starts off with “I’m A Mess” which occupied the track listing of last release Parachutes. The song puts all insecurities under a microscope and celebrates them energetically – it’s an elaborate and jarring introduction to an equally spooky and fun EP. It begins with some beautiful feedback before punching you square in the face with a punk riff and an addictive melody. It’s not far off from the Parachutes recording, but it certainly has a more stripped down element that is immediately noticeable in contrast. 

“BFF” was written with Iero’s kids. Hardcore fans have heard it before (and probably seen the video). It’s cute and well-meaning but I have two differing opinions on the track that I can’t pin down. The sentiment makes you want to sigh aloud because it’s adorable. On the other hand, it feels out of place on an EP that gives off a “spooky” and haunting vibe. It would have been better suited as a b-side, but it’s understandable why The Patience went with “BFF” as the second track – it buffers the zone between “I’m A Mess” and the punk rock party that is “No Fun Club.” 

Wow. What can I say about “No Fun Club” that won’t be said by every other rock critic in the realm? It’s so good. This track is absolutely badass. As someone who has closely monitored Iero and his musical career since the MCR years, “No Fun Club” captures exactly what he’s been all about sonically for so long. It’s a quick-witted and spunky punk track that pulls you in and then pushes you out the backdoor and right on your back. If I don’t see fans annihilating each other to this song in a live setting, I’m gonna be disappointed. It begs for a good pit. This song is the climax to the EP, and it strikes me as the epicenter of a release that screams to be, well, screamed. 

Last but not least is the closer “You Are My Sunshine” which is a song so old that it’s tough to credit to the original writer. It rocks and rolls in it’s own way and it’s as dreary as it is magical. The harshness of the guitars work so well here, and it’s a joy to listen to. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness it performed live, and it was just as intricate and well done in this setting as this track is in studio. I had my fingers crossed that it would eventually be recorded in a studio setting, so I was psyched to see it as part of the track listing for Keep The Coffins Coming. It promises soothing rock, and it delivers. 

The artwork for this release sets a Halloween vibe, and the music itself carries it over. Keep the Coffins Coming is a beautiful selection of some of the band’s favorite back alley traits, from the highs of punk melancholy to the lows of slower and more lullaby-esque pieces. It’s a great introduction to Frank Iero and The Patience, but it’s also a much needed mainstay for the fan listener. I would recommend it to anyone who isn’t familiar with the band and it’s bound to be an adored addition to an already massive discography for Iero.

Keep The Coffins Coming drops on September 22nd via BMG / Vagrant Records.

Catherine Dempsey thinks the cover art is sick too. You can follow her on Twitter

This has been a battle of attrition. #daisyridley has been a force to be reckoned with. In many ways she is the Vader to my Luke or the Taylor to my Katy. But like any good opponent, I have tried to outmaneuver her at every turn. This will be her final judgement. May the force be with her, because kids, she is going to need it. All I ask is that you don’t ruin the surprise for others. #TheLastJedi #starwars#broughtsomefriendsalongfortheride@disney @starwars@penelopecruzoficial @prattprattpratt@brycedhoward @colintrevorrow@leslieodomjr @lucyboynton1@brycedhoward @derek.connolly#tombateman @jjabramsofficial

My opinions on Harrison & his problematic actions.

Alright. Here I go. You might agree or disagree, and I am open for discussion as long as it doesn’t turn into an insulting shit show.

(Includes actual screenshots of instances).

Keep reading

Okay but like...


Guys. Season 4 showed so many different things about the characters, so much world building happened and so much foreshadowing was sprinkled in. 

Shiro got Black back. 

Allura is learning more about her powers of quintessence. 

Lance is becoming so much more than I expected of him. 

Pidge and Matt are together and strong (a theme that runs strong with the show). 

And Hunk has grown into someone more confident and comfortable - he’s a force to be reckoned with!

But then…

Lotor has been shown to take whatever means necessary to survive. 

The generals show that they value loyalty and honor more than he. 

Zarkon seems even more unstable after his awakening. 

Haggar has begun to develop her own layers as a complex character. 

But there is one moment that truly horrified me. 

I was glad when Keith left. It was two way thing. On one way, I was glad that Keith’s absence would make room for the others. On the other, the fans would stop saying its all about him when he’s basically in three episodes and barely that. 

But in the very last episode of season four… when Keith goes to literally kill himself to give the others a chance…


Can we talk about this?


The Edge of the Abyss (The Abyss Surrounds Us #2) by Emily Skrutskie

Three weeks have passed since Cassandra Leung pledged her allegiance to the ruthless pirate-queen Santa Elena and set free Bao, the sea monster Reckoner she’d been forced to train. The days as a pirate trainee are long and grueling, but it’s not the physical pain that Cas dreads most. It’s being forced to work with Swift, the pirate girl who broke her heart.

But Cas has even bigger problems when she discovers that Bao is not the only monster swimming free. Other Reckoners illegally sold to pirates have escaped their captors and are taking the NeoPacific by storm, attacking ships at random and ruining the ocean ecosystem. As a Reckoner trainer, Cas might be the only one who can stop them. But how can she take up arms against creatures she used to care for and protect?

Will Cas embrace the murky morals that life as a pirate brings or perish in the dark waters of the NeoPacific?

Disclaimer: I received a copy free from the publishers via Netgalley is exchange for an honest review

The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie follows the events in the previous books. Cassandra Leung has pledged her allegiance to the ruthless pirate queen Santa Elena, rather than return to the safety of her home. The Reckoner she was training, Bao, has been released free into the vast ocean. Cas is now training, she’s in the running to take over Santa Elena in being the captain of the ship. However, that is the least of her problems. The Neo-pacific and the whole eco-system is in danger. Bao isn’t the only Reckoner roaming free, there are many other illegal Reckoners sold to pirates that have escaped their captors and are wrecking havoc in the ocean. It’s up to Cas and her fellow crew members to stop it.

There are so many things I love about this duology. It is a futuristic science fiction book, a fantastic one at that. It has pirates! Sea monsters! A f/f romance! And just a lot of badass ladies.

The world building is fabulous as usual. I really liked the introduction of the pirate alliance and expansion of the pirate world, that was a really interesting aspect. This series is very action packed, which I also really enjoyed. Skrutskie has a really good writing style which makes this a very easy and quick, fun read.

I was a massive fan of Swift and Cassandra’s relationship in The Abyss Surrounds Us and I loved the further development in this instalment. They are truly a great power couple. In The Edge of the Abyss, there was a lot of conflict in their relationship between them following the revelation in the previous book, but also due to Santa Elena showing a lot more interest in Cas and her role in potentially taking over the ship. This led to some really surprising development with Swift. We find out what really motivates her. We explore her internal conflicts, her wants and wishes, and I really loved that.

Santa Elena is also another favourite of mine. She’s intelligent, brave, fearsome, manipulative, and ruthless – she’s a true pirate queen. I’m a little disappointed in how it all ends for her. The rest of the supporting cast were also great, which came as no surprise.

Overall, though, this is a great ending to a fantastic duology. A duology that I’ll forever be recommending.

I’ll definitely be reading more from Emily Skrutskie because I love her writing – I’m especially excited her next novel Hullmetal Girls, pitched as a YA Battlestar Galactica ‘in which two girls risk everything they have for new lives as mechanically enhanced soldiers; after a rebellion against the governing body forces dark secrets to the surface, the fate of the entire fleet is left in their hands.’ HOW AWESOME DOES THAT SOUND?!?

RATING: ★★★★☆

anonymous asked:

Can you do yandere Turkey or yandere China head canons


-He has seen a lot of beauty in this life, so it takes a lot to wow him.

-Appreciates inner beauty and finds wisdom and kindness far more attractive than looks.

-Once he likes you he will always think you are cute. He will also never shut up about it.

-Snuggle attack? Snuggle attack.

-Will take a long time before he kidnaps you, he wants to feel things out and really get to know you. Slow and steady wins the race.

-Follows Confucianism and Buddhism more so than Taoism.  Expects you to follow him and be subservient, seeing as he is both older than you and you will both be in a relationship “husband and wife relationship.*” Meaning that it is your job to respect him and it is his job to protect and guide you.

-He may be small compared to the other allies (physically, obviously not by land mass or population.), but he is still a force to be reckoned with. He has been trained in self-defense for an exorbitantly long time and has been through a lot of shit, be careful.

-Has a lot of people at his disposal as well, so if he decides he wants you, then he gets you. Have fun.

-Tricks you into being with him. He has been around long enough to know how people work. One day he gets you to kiss him, the next day you’re moving in.

-Prepares your room by filling it with a fuck ton of plushies.


-Quite the show-off.

-Tries to impress you by cooking you amazing Turkish meals.

-Also, likes to show off how strong he is.

-Might try using you as a weight. “Hey, I betcha I can bench press you!”

-Loves energetic and goofy people, thinks they are the most fun to be around.

-Gets you to do stuff for him through a game of dares. Ex: “Okay okay, now that I picked up that stranger and carried him around like a princess, I dare you to makeout with me. Come on, you know it’s better than the penalty game~”

-Has zero shame, will do pretty much any dare, try him.

-Tries to initiate a relationship once you two are good enough friends.

-One of the few yanderes who will laugh it off if you reject him. He’ll just make sure you don’t end up with anyone else while he waits. He knows you will come around eventually. If you don’t, well, he isn’t above kidnapping. He used to do it all the time, after all.

-If you say yes, then he becomes super clingy and affectionate. Ties you down as much as possible. Shows you under his mask if you have not seen already. Makes you trust him with everything.

Reference: I'TIKAF

Assalaam Alaykum,

Dear brothers and sisters,

The last 10 days of Ramadan has come. There is a great sunnah called: I'tikaf.

Please remember us in your dua'as.

Objects and Advantages of I'tikaf

The reward of “Itikaf is great. The mere fact that the Messenger of Allah (saw) always performed it is sufficient to explain the virtues that are attached to it. The example of the one that resides in the, masjid in I'tikaf is like the person who, having gone to a high personage to appeal for his needs, remains there until it is granted, He thus says to Allah: “0 Allah! I have placed my humble request before You and have faith in Your generosity; and I shall not move from here until my request is granted by You,” When someone comes begging at the door and then refuses to leave until his request is granted, it is certain that even the most selfish person will eventually accede to one’s request; and how much more Merciful is Allah.

In every moment of I'tikaf one remains in lbadah (worship), even when asleep, one is still in His service, striving for nearness to Him. Allah says, according to a hadith,

“Whoever draws near to Me an arms length, then I draw nearer to him two arm lengths; and whoever draws nearer to Me by walking, I draw nearer to him by running.”

It is also deduced from the various narrations that one of the major objects of I'tikaf during Ramadan is to search for Laylatul Qadr (the Night of Power), What better manner can there be than to remain in ibadah at all times, whether one is awake or asleep, to obtain the reward of 1,000 months (over 83 years) of worship, Furthermore, in I'tikaf one is free from all daily tasks and thus has all the time to devote to dhikrullah (remembrance of Allah) and meditation.

Virtues of I'tikaf

Ibn ‘Abbas relates that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “The person performing I'tikaf remains free from sins and he is indeed given the same reward as all those who do righteous deeds (in spite of his not having done those deeds as a result of having been secluded in the masjid).”

Conditions of I'tikaf

The following are conditions for performance of I'tikaf:

1. to be a Muslim.
2. To be sane,
3. To be clean from major impurity, monthly menses, and bleeding of childbirth,
4. To perform I'tikaf in a masjid (for males only),
5. To form the niyyah (intention) for I'tikaf.
6. To fast for wajib and sunnah I'tikaf (discussed below).

Note: Women may observe I'tikaf in the home. It is also not necessary to have reached the age of puberty to observe I'tikaf; therefore an intelligent child (male or female) may observe I'tikaf.

Types of I'tikaf

There are three types of I'tikaf:

1. Wajib,
2. Sunnah,
3. Nafl.

1. Wajib I'tikaf: I'tikaf becomes compulsory (wajib) when a person makes it obligatory upon himself. For instance, when a person makes a vow of thanks-giving to Allah that if Allah fulfills a certain wish of his, he will perform so many … days of I'tikaf. In this case, the moment his wish is fulfilled, I'tikaf becomes compulsory. Or, a person may merely make an unconditional vow whereby he makes I'tikaf compulsory upon himself for a certain number of days. This becomes a duty on him from that moment onwards.

A wajib I'tikaf cannot be for less than one day and one night and has to be performed while fasting, irrespective of whether the fast is specifically for this purpose or not. If the niyyah is for several days then the same number of nights will also have to be spent in I'tikaf. The I'tikaf will thus begin before sunset and terminate at sunset after the avowed number of days has been completed. The night proceeds the day in Islamic reckoning. The intention for this type of I'tikaf must be pronounced, mere mental niyyah is not sufficient.

2. Sunnah I'tikaf: This I'tikaf was observed by Rasulullah (PBUH) in every year of his stay at Madinah Munawwarah. This I'tikaf means to seclude oneself inside the masjid for the last ten days of Ramadan. This I'tikaf is Sunnatul-mu'akkadah ‘alal-kifayah: that is, if a few persons from the locality observe it, the rest will be exempted. If no one observes it then all the Muslims of that area will be sinful in neglecting this sunnah. The niyyah for Sunnah I'tikaf is that a firm intention should be made for this purpose before the sun sets on the 20th of Ramadan, in the masjid that is chosen for the I'tikaf. It terminates at sunset if the crescent is sighted on the 29th or on the 30th of Ramadan. There is no prescribed salah to be performed for this purpose. It is noteworthy that generally no Nafl salah should be performed after 'Asr salah until Maghrib.

3. Nafl l'tikaf: There is no special time or specific number of days for Nafl l'tikaf. A person may form the niyyah for any number of days at any time of the year, even for his whole life. While Imam Abu Hanifah ® states that it cannot be for less than a full day, Imam Muhammad ® states that there is no limit as to the minimum period of time. It could even be for just a few seconds. The fatwa is on this latter view. There is no fast associated with this type of I'tikaf. .It is desirable for anyone entering a masjid to make the niyyah for I'tikaf as long as he will remain in the masjid. So, while he is in 'ibadah (worship), he also gains the reward of I'tikaf.

It is advisable for everyone who comes to join the congregational prayers to form an intention of I'tikaf upon entering the masjid. This will mean that as long as he remains busy with salah, dhikr,’ listening to religious lectures, etc. He also receives the reward for I'tikaf.

Itikaf for Females

Females should perform I'tikaf in the room set aside for prayer inside their homes. Where, however, no such room exists, and the desire to observe I'tikaf is present, the room where salah is normally performed should be set aside for this seclusion. If salah is performed in the bedroom, I'tikaf could be performed there. The domestic duties should be carried out by the daughters or servants while the person in I'tikaf remains constantly in 'ibadah in her room.

I'tikaf is a much easier task for women, for in fact, she remains in the confines of her room at home and receives the same great rewards of I'tikaf. It is very unfortunate that in spite of this ease, our womenfolk still remain deprived of the blessings of I'tikaf. Generally this Sunnah is neglected so much so that many have not even heard of it!

Additional Rules for Females in I'tikaf In addition to the general rules of I'tikaf that apply to men, there are some rules that apply to women only:

a. A woman may perform I'tikaf in the room that is used for her daily salah.
b. A woman must have the permission of her husband for I'tikaf. Once the husband has consented to his wife’s I'tikaf, he then cannot withdraw his permission.
c. If there is no person to serve her meals during I'tikaf, the woman is allowed to go to the kitchen to prepare a quick simple meal.
d. If, during the I'tikaf, the woman has her hadith (monthly menses) or nifas (bleeding after child birth), the I'tikaf is nullified. She has to observe make-up of the remaining days after she is pure again. This is if the I'tikaf was a wajib or Sunnah, in which the vowed number of days was fixed. In the case where the Itikaf was a wajib in which the days vowed for were not fixed in number, she will have to observe make-up of the full I'tikaf. e. A woman is allowed to sleep on her bed and use a chair while she is in Itikaf. She could also walk around in the room for a short while to relieve the stiffness in her limbs.

When a Mu'takif could leave the Masjid or place of Itikaf

The Mu'takif (a person in I'tikaf) could leave the defined masjid area for the following reasons only. If he/she leaves for any reason other than the under mentioned then the I'tikaf will terminate forthwith. When going out for these necessities do not spend more time than is absolutely required. Return as soon as possible and do not talk to anyone. If someone greets you, it is wajib to only answer.

a. To answer the call of nature when necessary.
b. To perform wudu when the wudu’ terminates (breaks). It is not permissible to leave the masjid to perform wudu’ when one still has wudu’. When out of the masjid for these necessities it is permissible for one to greet others and to reply to their Salam.
c. To perform the wajib bath (due to a wet dream). If one leaves the masjid to have a shower to cool off on a hot day or a bath for Friday, the I'tikaf will be nullified. When going out for wudu’ it is permissible to have a wash while performing wudu’, provided it is done in the same time during which wudu’ is made.
d. To perform Jum'ah salah if it is not performed in that masjid. It is only permissible to leave for Jum'ah just prior to the commencement of the khutbah. One must return immediately after performing the Sunnah rak'at succeeding the Jum'ah.

When a Mu'takif cannot leave the Masjid or place of I'tikaf allowed to leave the defined masjid area for the under mentioned reasons. If he does leave, even though for a few seconds, either intentionally or unintentionally, his I'tikaf will be nullified.

a. Because of illness or fear.
b. To visit the sick.
c. To attend a Janazah salah.
d. To extinguish a fire or save a drowning person outside of the masjid area.
e. To wash hands, gargle, and brush teeth or to expectorate (spit). (These should all be done while performing wudu’). To fetch a glass of water.
f. To assist the caretaker in his duties outside the masjid area.

[Note: in situations (a) and (d) it will be permissible to leave the masjid but the I'tikaf will be nullified and for example, if it is a wajib I'tikaf, then quad will be necessary.]

What is allowed during Itikaf?

The following are allowed in the masjid during the Itikaf:

a. To eat and sleep
b. To change clothes.
c. To clip the nails or trim the moustache.
d. To recite the Our'an aloud or recite tasbih or dhikr with a raised voice if it does not disturb others.
e. To have religious discussions and lectures and to speak about lawful matters.

What is disallowed during I’tikaf?

The following are not allowed in the masjid during the I'tikaf:

a. To talk about worldly affairs, backbite or tell an untruth.
b. To remain silent and regard it as 'ibadah.
c. To shave the beard.

What to do during I'tikaf

All the time spent in I'tikaf should be beneficially used for 'ibadah. This is the opportunity when one is able to observe all those devotions that could not be normally carried out. The fard salah should be performed with meticulous care and humbleness and without haste. The most virtuous act is reciting the Our'an, thereafter du'a, istighfar, and nafl salah.

There is undoubtedly a great link between the month of Ramadan and the Holy Our'an. Almost all Allah’s Divine Scriptures were revealed in this month. Therefore for those in sunnah I'tikaf the most virtuous act, after the farg salah, is the recitation of Allah’s final Book to humanity - the Our'an. An effort should be made to complete at least one khatam during the sunnah I'tikaf.

I'tikaf is the opportune time to communicate with Allah, to beseech of Him, to ask Him for forgiveness and to ask Him for all one’s needs. In the hadith it is said: “Du'a is the essence of’ ibadah.” For forgiveness of sins the Sayyidul-Istighfar should be recited as many times as possible.


I’ve always liked to write, and writing FF has been something I’ve done off and on for many years. Joining tumblr and reading all these incredible works of fan fiction has inspired me to jump back in there, so I hope you enjoy my first story in a while!

Summary: Ron Weasley sometimes likes the quiet. Hermione Granger likes to talk.  He figures out the best way to get the quiet he craves. link here

Rating: MA

Word count: 2610

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The Sins of the Father

I am firmly of the belief that Chloe is the flip side of the same coin of Adrien; the person Adrien could have been if he were in the exact same situation.  

We see in them both in highly affluent families with an absent parent, their mothers, both with no current canon explanation for the absence.  As best we can tell, Adrien’s mother’s absence is far more recent, and we have no good means yet to test whether she found his isolation and homeschooling to be an issue.

Both of them are spoiled rotten, and yet the appear to have emerged from it very differently.  

The reason why is easiest to see when we look at the (questionably) present parent.

With Adrien, we see in Gabriel a workaholic father who has clearly attempted to buy his son’s affection, but who doesn’t seem to understand (or perhaps even care) how lonely his son truly is/was.  For all his likely sins (of which there are probably many), this is the most damning for which we can be certain.

All of that loneliness actually made Adrien kind and very genuine and honest.  He sought out understanding and human connection in any sort of means he could, up to and including a ton of TV and anime.  Once he finally got the chance to meet new people, he relished the opportunity and was as kind and polite as he could be.

With Chloe, we get Andre Bourgeois.  He too seems to be the workaholic father who has clearly attempted to buy his daughter’s affection and doesn’t truly understand her loneliness, but he has given her the means to cope with that between his hotel staff and a sycophantic friend in Sabrina.

But here’s the rub: while he is at least somewhat more present in her life, he keeps demonstrating all the worst ways to deal with people.  The entitlement, the disdain for others of perceived lower class, the ends justify the means mentality as we heard about in Darkblade.  To him, power and money are everything…and clearly can also earn him his daughter’s affection.

To his credit, he does truly seem to care about her.  He’s just a poor example for her to emulate.

Chloe has all of his cleverness and learned all of his ruthlessness to get what she wants.  She feels entitled, that is her right to have have best clothes, the best hair, the best boyfriend, and friendship of the city’s heroes–to have everything she wants.  She’s not afraid to tear down anyone and anything, because her father will just get it for her.

Unfortunately, as she has already seen in the first season, some of those are going to be hard for her to come by.  Sabrina may actually be one of the sole shining moments, as Marinette’s various interactions already seem to be putting Chloe and Sabrina on the path of a slightly more balanced friendship…and will probably also help her on the path of being something other than the resident Akuma generator.

Season 2 spoilers below the cut:

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choccibikki  asked:

Given how long Bendy has been cut off from society, I reckon I'd it be kinda interesting to see how he reacts to modern technology. How likely is something like this to happen?

First contact (technology ask ½)

With Todd being a millennial, it was bound to happen. ♪


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