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Hey, Dollface

Description: Maybe going out with Tony Stark is a little intimidating, but he is way sweeter than he would like everyone to believe.

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: fluffff, smutty smut good stuff mixed in with all of the actual substance writing (for once), Tony being a flirty little shit as per usual

A/n: I just had to write another Tony fic. Idk. Every single Tony/RDJ fic I read I love because he’s so sassy

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Working at a coffee shop inside Stark Tower might not have been the most conventional job to take up, but it sure was an interesting one (not to mention, a very well-paying one). Geniuses were constantly wandering through, sometimes doing work at the tables. There was also the occasional avenger coming through, and you still weren’t quite sure how to process it. These people were out saving the world, punching aliens, doing whatever; and now you were making their coffee. Your life seemed to be like a bad sitcom. You could still remember the first time you ever saw one of them.

“Hi.” Sam Wilson said, walking up to the counter. 

“Good afternoon, what can I get for you?” 

He looked over the menu before deciding on plain black coffee. You quickly prepared it, handing it to him as soon as you could. He gave a quick ‘thank you’, and headed to the elevator. 

If it wasn’t completely unprofessional, you might have screamed. But things were different now. It wasn’t uncommon to see Steve and Sam walk in and order. An occasional visit from most of the others, too. It seemed strange and surreal, but that was your life, and you figured you got pretty lucky to be in a place like it. However, there was one man you never saw, since he always had an assistant bringing everything up to him.

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That time of the year ey Sansy?

Consequences {Min Yoongi}

Prompt:  can i request 7, 11, and 19, girl reader x yoongi👀👀 maaaaybe some daddy kink if thats ok with u  🙈 || Requests Open || Smut Game

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warning: spanking, daddy kink, degradation, PWP

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Like That

[listen to Like That by Bea Miller.]

The car ride is silent and the only sounds are the loud rain pouring on the car, and my fuming thoughts. Shawn looks out his window, a slight intoxication to him, and acts like everything is normal, but things aren’t. I can’t stand to be in the car with him. How can he act like things were normal when things weren’t?

Within a few minutes, we pull up to the house. Instead of waiting for the car to be shut off and the chauffeur opening the door for us, I unbuckle my belt and hop out of the car and walk towards the front door. The rain begins to soak me and I search for the spare key, but curse under my breath when I see that it’s not in its usual spot of being taped under the outdoor lamp. Shawn takes his time getting out of car and I know that he does that on purpose. I cross my arms under my chest and feel goosebumps forming on my skin and my teeth begin to chatter.

The car door opens and out walks Shawn, the keys tossed up and down in his right hand as his left hand is in the pocket of his pants. By now I’m fully soaked and Shawn is on his way to being soaked by how slow he walks.

“Are you in a rush?” Shawn asks as he begins to unlock the front door. I don’t reply. He chuckles and then as soon as the door is open, I walk right in and head into the house.

My heels make noise, but I remove them and begin to walk towards the kitchen. The door closes and Shawn’s voice echoes through the hall, “So you’re mad at me now, huh?”

After finding nothing to eat, I opt to just go upstairs and call it a night. I walk back towards the front of the hall and see Shawn hang up his jacket.

“Silent treatment tonight?” Shawn asks me. I ignore him and head up the stairs to the bedroom. I hear his footsteps follow me and I prepare myself for whatever it is he’s going to do to try and get himself out of trouble.

“What did I do this time?” He asks. I walk to the vanity mirror and take a seat and begin to remove my jewelry and makeup from the night. I see his reflection in the mirror and he leans against the doorway.

The white shirt he wore for the night clings onto his torso and the shadow of his abs is prominent. I watch through the reflection as he slowly unbuttons the top buttons of his shirt as he removes his black tie.

“Wanna tell me what I did?” Shawn asks.

“I can tell you what you didn’t do. That’d be less time.” I reply.

“Was it about tonight?”
“Not just tonight. It’s almost every night.”

“Ali, what am I doing here? What am I doing wrong?” Shawn asks as he begins to walk closer. I turn around in my seat and point at him.

“You know exactly what you do! You hide our relationship and it makes me look like a fucking groupie! Just say it, Shawn, say to everyone that I’m you’re girlfriend and you’re not fucking some model or other celebrity.” I say.

Shawn puts his hands at his hips and shakes his head, a laugh emitting from his lips, and he lets out a deep sigh. “This again? We come back to this again, huh?”

“Yes, Shawn, we’re back here. Again. And we wouldn’t need to be back here again if you…”

“If I what, Ali?” He asks as he raises his voice slightly. “Tell me how can I prevent this silent treatment that you give me? Because you know there is nothing I would love more than to know what the fuck is making you act this way.”

“Like that!” I raise my voice as I stand up. “It’s when you treat me like that!”

“Like what?”

“Like I’m dumb! Like I’m the one who just loves to start fights! Like I’m not your girlfriend! Like I’m just…not important to you.”

“So we’re doing this again?” He asks. Shawn turns around and places a hand at his forehead.

“Perfect example. You make me feel like I’m not important. Like the words I say aren’t important. Like - you know what? What’s the point? You’re just gonna direct this back to dumb questions.” I walk past him and head down the stairs.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not everything he wants me to be. I head into the kitchen and rummage through the cabinets in search for a headache reliever. I grab the bottle of pills, open it, swallow a pill, close the bottle, place it back, and then pour myself a glass of water. I stand in front of the sink and sip my water as the moonlight slips through the window.

From behind, I can feel Shawn’s presence in the room. I place my glass in the sink and stare out the window. I hear his steps coming closer and eventually he’s behind me. I drop my head and close my eyes. His arm snaked around my waist and I felt my breath hitch. He felt it too.

Shawn pushes my hair behind my shoulder and tucks a strand behind my ear. He brings his mouth by my ear and as he licks his bottom lip, he licks a bit of my ear. “So what do you want from me?”

It’s a simple question. One that usually gets a rise out of me in arguments, but with his tone, and the grip he had on me, it made me shiver. I feel a drip of water fall from his hair and it lands on my right collarbone. Shawn places his right hand at my right wrist.

“Alley cat?” He calls me by his nickname for me. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Oh,” I scoff, “you finally want to listen?” I turn around and am now facing him. His grips on my waist and wrist remain, but now I’m looking into his eyes that look a different color due to the moonlight. His usual curly mop of hair are no more, but instead wet strands that have framed his face.

“Yeah, I wanna listen.” Shawn says with a serious gaze.

I roll my eyes and place my hand on his chest to push him away, but he doesn’t budge. My hand remains on his chest, and I glance from my hand to his eyes. The rain continued outside and I take notice of how the white shirt clung to his body perfectly. I find myself debating on wanting to unbutton his shirt and wanting to stand my ground and not fall into temptation.

“What’s the matter?” Shawn asks as he takes note of how silent I’m being. “Cat got your tongue?”

My chest rises and I find myself pressing my lips onto his in a heartbeat. He lets go of my wrist and picks me up by my waist and places me on the sink counter. I wrap my legs around him as I place my hands in his hair. His tongue runs over my bottom lip and I open my mouth, gasping as he slithers his tongue inside.

His hand goes to the back of my dress and he unzips it. I enjoy the feeling of his lips on mine, his tongue on mine, as he slowly began to pull the sleeves of the dress down my arm. I remove my hands from his hair, and eventually break the kiss as he removes the top of my dress. I lick my bottom lip, biting it, as I place my hands on the collar of his shirt and pull him close to me again. Our lips attack one another once more and he lifts me off the sink and turns me around to the kitchen island.

I moan into the kiss as I begin to unbutton the rest of his shirt. Shawn’s hand goes in between my thighs and I gasp. With my mouth open, he gnaws on my bottom lip and it makes me moan.

“Shawn,” I moan. He smirks and kisses me before placing his other hand under my dress. I feel him removing my underwear and it dangles at my ankles. I kick off the fabric and break the kiss to unbutton his shirt. Shawn, not wanting to kill the vibe, kissed at my neck. My heart fluttered at the feeling of him gently and teasingly kissing at my neck. He occasionally would bite at the skin and it would make me pant.

The shirt is unbuttoned and Shawn pulls back and I look him in the eyes. He smirks and I remove the shirt from his torso. The fabric clung to his skin and was slowly tugged off his arms. I place my hands on his arms, open my legs, and pull him close to me.

Shawn’s hands go to my thighs as we continue to kiss one another. He removes his lips from mine and kisses at my neck and down to my collar bones. My hand is at his shoulder, the other at the back of his hair.

I hear the noise of his belt buckle and then the sound of his zipper coming down. I bite at his ear and he lets out a raspy moan.

Shawn detaches his lips from my neck and kisses my lips gently before placing a hand at my lower back and bringing my body closer to him.

“Shawn,” I pant at the feeling of him separating my legs with his body. Slowly, he slides inside me. I bite on my lip and rest my forehead at his shoulder as she continued to slide all the way in.

“Oh, fuck,” Shawn curses. I gently bite on his shoulder and he lets out a low moan.

He grabs me by the waist and it takes me by surprise when he carefully and gently, still inside me, takes us onto the floor. Shawn places me on my back and then pulls out, only to thrust all the way inside me again.

It makes my body twitch and my breath to hitch. I go to touch him, but with one hand, he holds my wrists above my head and pins them to the floor. With his other hand, Shawn holds onto my right thigh and pulls out halfway and then slams back inside me.

“Shawn,” I moan his name. A roar of thunder and a flash of lightning are seen and heard through the window. The lightning lights up the kitchen and it allows me to see Shawn’s intense gaze that made me shiver.

I feel him in my stomach and he continues to roll his body into me. My moans are heard throughout the kitchen and Shawn begins to lowly grunt with each thrust.

“God,” he grunts, “you feel so good.”
“Shawn,” I pant.

He lets go of my thigh and then holds a wrist in each hand. My hands are still pinned to the floor under his touch, but instead of being above my head, they’re by my shoulders. Shawn looks me in the eyes as he pulls out, and then slowly rolls back in. I arch my back and wrap my legs tighter around him and he brings his head down and kisses my lips.

I want to run my fingers through his hair, tug at the strands, and even touch him, but all I can do is touch his fingers.

“Shawn, Shawn,” I pant. His lips continue to kiss mine and I close my eyes at the feeling of him inside me.

Shawn releases my hands and I instantly place my hands in his hair. I begin to tug at it and then trail my left hand down to his shoulder and claw at his skin.

He feels good.

His skin is warm against mine, even though we were caught up in the rain, and he still smells intoxicating. I throw my head back at his thrusts and my head lands on the back of his forearm. Shawn takes me by surprise and pulls at my hair, making me moan louder. My moan echoes off the kitchen wall and I listen to Shawn’s grunts and pants.

“Sh-Shawn.” I moan. “Don’t, don’t stop.”

He slowly pulls out all the way and I look at him. There’s another bolt of lightning that lasts a couple of seconds and I look at Shawn. He looked hauntingly breathtaking. As I was admiring him, he takes me by surprise and begins to rub the head of his hard erection onto my clit. My body jolts in surprise and at the action.

“Shawn,” I moan. “Oh, fuck!”

“Does that feel good?” Shawn asks me.

“Uh huh.”
“Tell me what you like.”

“I li-like that.” I pant. He continued to run his head against my clit, but slower and a bit rougher. I sink my teeth onto my bottom lip as I quiver at his actions.

“Tell me what you want.” Shawn says.
“You.” I say.

The teasing stops and he slowly slides back inside me. I go to wrap my legs around his waist, but Shawn takes me by surprise and hitches my left leg over his shoulder. He’s now deeper inside me and I open my mouth to moan, but am silent.

“Say my name.” Shawn demands, knowing full well that when we’re in this position I can’t find my voice.

“Sh,” my voice is a raspy pant. “Oh, fuck.”

“Fuck, you feel good.” Shawn grunts as he thrusts harder.
“Shawn, I’m gonna -”

“No you’re not.” He says. Shawn places a hand at my neck and applies pressure with his thumb. I bite my lower lip as he applies more pressure and feel myself ready to cum.

“Shawn.” I say in a raspy voice.
“Not yet.” He replies. Shawn starts to thrust slower, in a grinding fashion, and it throws me over the edge.

“Did I tell you to cum?” He asks.

I try my hardest to hold it, but can’t. “Fuck!” I reach my orgasm and moan loudly, almost close to a scream, but his hand is still at my neck.

Shawn picks up the pace and I feel him go deeper in my stomach. I moan louder as he releases his hand from my neck and instead places it on my waist. He pins me down to the floor and continues to thrust into me.

“Oh, baby, fuck!” Shawn moans. He pulls out just in time and I feel him shoot out on my inner thigh.

Shawn spreads my legs open with his hand and with two fingers, he wipes up his cum from my thigh and brings it to my mouth.

“Open.” Shawn says. I open my mouth and suck on his fingers and swallow the cum. “Good girl.”

He leans down and kisses my lips, his tongue gently running over mine. He pulls back and tugs at my bottom lip before kissing at my neck.

Shawn looks at me and smirks, “Now I like that.”

Ticking All The Boxes Pt. 3

warnings: Language



This was meant to be longer. I had to cut it and will post a 4th part later this evening.The issue is that I started this and saved on the laptop as a draft and I am having issues editing on tablet when I open up in Tumblr app. My dad needs the laptop so I am just picking the best place to split and posting now or it won’t get posted XD.

You step out into the crisp air. It’s L.A. but it’s November and the temperature is in the mid 40s. Might as well be below zero. Californians had no tolerance for cold weather. You curse yourself for wearing a dress. Your legs are freezing and your teeth are chattering. You rummage through your bag for your cell phone. You sigh in frustration. You could never find anything in that damn bag. You finally find it and pull up your Uber app. Your hands shake as you struggle to light a cigarette. 

“Those are really bad for you.”

You raise your head from your phone and look across the patio. He isn’t looking at you. 

“Yeah, no shit.” you reply, taking another drag before snubbing it out on your heel. 

You roll your eyes and return your attention back to ordering your ride. This night couldn’t be over quick enough. You just wanted to go home and eat some cookies. Then delete your tinder profile. You weren’t doing this again. Ever.

“Funny thing, you said on your profile that you were a non-smoker.”

You snap your eyes back at him. Again, he is looking away from you. You laugh to yourself. 

“Yeah well, I quit last month. That was my emergency cigarette. I was saving it for a time just like this.” 

That is a lie.” he accuses, his words annoyingly matter of fact. 

Excuse me?” 

Your mouth drops open in shock. The nerve of this guy!

“I could smell it on your clothes when you walked in.” he replies with a shrug. 

His gaze is trained on the street. You can still see the smug grin pulling at the corners of his lips. His neck is cocked to the side and his chin rests in his hand. Your eyes are shooting daggers. There goes that tongue in his cheek again. 

“My roommates smoke, for your information. It is hard to get the smell out.” you lie.

He slowly turns his head and casts a narrowed skeptical eye on you. He raises his brow and pushes a rude little puff of air through his lips.

“Right. Okay.looking away againhe mutters under his breath, but loud enough to make sure that you heard him.


You roll your eyes and return your attention to ordering a damn ride so this hell night can finally come to an end. Fuck. You have no fucking signal.The restaurant’s wi-fi keeps kicking off and on. You screw yours eyes shut in frustration and let a stream of curses fly.

 "Are you okay?“ 

He doesn’t sound concerned, his tone resembling one an adult uses in cajoling a small child who is crying over a scraped knee. For a split second your hand tightens around your phone in a white knuckled grip and you contemplate throwing it across the patio, right at his beautiful smug face. 

“I am fine!” you snap a bit too harshly, wrapping your arms tightly around your bare shoulders in an attempt to shield yourself from the biting cold. You feel a lump rise up in your throat and your breath hitches. You sniffle. 


No. No. No. Not now. Stop that. Do NOT cry in front of him. Stop it now.

“Do you want to use my phone?”

You hesitate for a moment and the two of you have another awkward stand off. The image of a modern day spaghetti western comes to mind. Staring each other down from opposite sides of the patio. He holds the phone out to you. You look to your feet and kick at a weed growing up through a crack in the concrete. 

“Come on, stop being stubborn, my driver will be here soon.” he sighs.























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Seungcheol eating you out in the bath please

not THE Cheol smut, but still a Cheol smut 😚 hope you like it! ♥ there was a also a request for “bath smut”, which I’m now taking the freedom to join with this, since eating you out is smut. 😘 if someone still wants to read about going all the way in bath with him, your chance is when we open our requests.

You were eating dinner at the hotel restaurant when Seungcheol glanced at you, and with a small smile playing on his lips, spoke up. “So… I was thinking about having a bath tonight.”

His almost innocent tone made you giggle, and you raised your eyebrows meaningfully as you took a sip of your drink. “And you’re telling me this because?”

“I was wondering if you’d like to join me,” Seungcheol admitted bluntly, showing you a wide grin that slowly faded into a suggestive raise of his eyebrows. “We always have fun bathing, don’t we?”

You almost choked on your drink at the mention of your past baths, most of which had ended with one or both of you very sexually satisfied; whenever it was only one of you, it was fixed afterwards in bed. It wasn’t that you couldn’t bathe without doing a bit of something, it was simply that it was rather often that you were unable to keep your hands off of each other while doing so.

“I wasn’t going to say no,” you said with a small grin and moved your eyes from the candle between you two to Seungcheol’s deep brown eyes, staring right into yours. 

He gave you a smile before returning to his food, and you continued talking about more casual things, such as your common friend Jun and how he was coping with his most recent break-up as well as what food you’d be having the next day, when you would return home from your small holiday spent at a rather luxurious spa hotel. Had it not been for his parents, you probably couldn’t have afforded one.

The evening went on as per usual, with the two of you working on your assignments in your hotel room, because as much as you wanted to just relax, you had things to do, until the excitement about having a bath got the best of you.

“It’s getting late,” you said nonchalantly as you put your laptop screen down and put it away, and side-eyed Seungcheol. You could see the right corner of his mouth tug upwards.

“It is, isn’t it,” he mumbled and turned off his own laptop before putting it aside. After that, he turned to you, his hand slowly moving to rest on your thigh. “Shall we go?”

With excitement already building up inside of you, you placed your hand on top of his and leaned closer to him to kiss him by his ear. “Do you have any predictions about how it will end?”

Seungcheol chuckled darkly and squeezed your thigh, moving his hand a bit higher on it. “If all goes according to plan, with you cumming on my tongue.”

You jolted at his words as your breath hitched in your throat. Even as you spoke, all you could think about was how wonderfully close his hand was to your crotch. “Very well.”

He cupped your cheek with his free hand and brought your face away from his neck, and as soon as your eyes had locked with his, he pulled you into a hungry kiss, during which your eyes fluttered shut. You placed one hand on his shoulder and one on his thigh, trying to get some support as you replied to his kiss with just as much hunger.

It didn’t take you too long to decide that sitting next to him wasn’t enough, and soon you were climbing to Seungcheol’s lap, your fingers tangled in his hair as you desperately deepened the kiss, your hips rocking against his on their own accord. His hands were starting to slide into your pants, and it wasn’t until his fingers began tracing the crotch part of your panties that you forced yourself to detach your lips from his.

“Let’s go,” you breathed, letting out a quiet sigh when Seungcheol gave you a slow stroke with one of his fingers. His lips curved into a grin when he felt the thin fabric of your panties get a bit damp.

“Hold onto me,” he murmured and gave you a quick kiss before placing his hands snugly on your ass and standing up. You obliged readily, your ankles hooking behind Seungcheol’s lower back as soon as he stood up, your arms already around his neck.

He carried you to the bathroom of your suite, just as luxurious as everything else in the hotel. It was rather roomy, decorated with white and beige as the main colors, and the bath tub  was one that you had fallen in love with at first sight. 

The tub, too, was quite big, and very comfortable in other ways, too. The ends weren’t too upright and the edges were smooth; all in all perfect for relaxation, whether it was just soaking in the tub or doing what you were about to.

Seungcheol halted his steps when he had reached the bath tub, and before letting you down, he hummed and leaned in for a kiss. You smiled against his lips and began uncrossing your ankles, ready to get down. Once your feet were steadily on the smooth tile floor of the bathroom, Seungcheol turned to the bath tub, put the plug on and turned on the water while you undressed.

You had just pulled your shirt over your head when you felt Seungcheol’s hands on your hips and his lips pressing to your shoulder. “Get comfortable in the tub, baby.”

A playful smile spread to your lips at his words, and you turned your head a bit towards him. “Gladly.”

Tossing your shirt to the floor - you knew you wouldn’t use it until you had washed it back home anyway - you turned to face Seungcheol and wrapped your arms around his neck loosely. He rubbed his thumbs gently into your hip bones, grinning at you. “What?”

You shook your head with a smile still on your face, and leaned in to give him a quick peck on his cheek. “Nothing. Mushy stuff.”

Seungcheol snorted and gave you a kiss on your forehead. “You gotta open that up later.”

With a nod, you unwrapped your arms and, having already taken off the rest of your clothes, got settled in the tub while waiting for it to be full enough. While doing that, you had your head turned to Seungcheol, and you excitedly watched him undress. No matter how many times you had seen him undress, it always felt like foreplay of a kind; there was something very arousing to see his toned body be exposed little by little, especially when you knew you were about to have fun.

And well, some of that might’ve been because because Seungcheol knew you loved watching him, and that was why he always put on a subtle show. Not that you minded.

When he was naked, he turned to you with a lopsided grin, biting his lip a little. “That’s enough water, don’t you think?”

You looked down to see the water level, and knowing he’d get into the tub as well, you nodded. After all, you didn’t want the water to overflow - more than it would when he ate you out, anyhow.

Seungcheol got into the tub on his knees, facing you, and ran his hands up and down your legs in the water. “Are you ready?”

Letting out a content sigh when his hands reached high on your legs, you nodded. “When am I not?”

He sat fully down, crossing his legs a little, and began lifting your legs. You moved a bit higher on your end of the tub - it was good that it was as gentle as it was - and let out a yelp accompanied by a giggle when Seungcheol got your legs over his shoulders in one swift movement, chuckling afterwards.

You placed your arms on the edges of the tub and looked at Seungcheol’s hooded yet playful eyes, peeking at you from between your legs. And just like that, with his eyes locked with yours, he gave you the first, slow lick with the tip of his tongue that made you sigh in satisfaction already.

“Relax,” Seungcheol said lowly, and you hummed as you closed your eyes and tried to relax, as difficult as it was with his plump lips pressed to your pussy that was gradually starting to show signs of arousal.

He kissed your lower lips and moved up to your clit, which he spent a good while pressing gentle yet utterly amazing kisses to, each one making tingles travel up your spine. Quiet sounds left your lips, whether they were hums, sighs or almost whimpers, as you let Seungcheol do his magic.

He brought his tongue out slowly and began giving you licks, the first few ones teasing and kittenish, but it didn’t take long for him to move on to slightly longer ones that always lingered a bit longer on your clit.

“Seungcheol,” you whimpered when he took your clit lightly between his lips, only to let it go and do it again, and tightened your legs on the sides of his head a little. He chuckled and moved his hands to your breasts, squeezing them.

“I love the way my name sounds on your lips,” Seungcheol murmured, teasing your erect nipples while swirling his tongue around your clit. You whined and bit down on the inside of your lower lip, your hands starting to grip the edges of the tub rather tightly. He noticed every little reaction of yours, and each one of them turned him on. “Do you like it when I do… this?”

Right after emphasizing the last word, Seungcheol began poking your clit with his tongue so fast that it almost felt like you had a vibrator pressed against it, which was more than enough to have your back arching and a moan ripping from your throat. 

Yes,” you whined, your hips bucking against Seungcheol’s face. He grinned into you and returned to just running his tongue around your pussy, up and down as well as sideways, circling your clit as well as rubbing it. 

Seungcheol always got really into oral, so it wasn’t that surprising when you not only felt his mouth get more desperate, but also started hearing him moan quietly into you and the water splash as he was unable to keep his body still. His hands had moved from your breasts to your hips, and he was trying to pull you closer, but in vain.

But oh, how it turned you on to know that Seungcheol enjoyed eating you out that much.

With him getting that desperate, it felt like he was everywhere, and only in a good way. By then you were already soaked, swollen to the point of being extremely sensitive to everything Seungcheol was doing, and it all only made it so much better. 

Your breathing started getting more labored, your legs shakier on his shoulders and your hips more restless by his mouth, and moans started slipping through your beautifully parted lips more frequently as your orgasm approached you. Seungcheol took note of everything, and every small detail of yours added to his arousal.

Your face was contorted in pleasure, your lips were absolutely gorgeous in his eyes, you tasted absolutely fantastic, and knowing you were that close to coming only drove him further.

“I-I’m going to cum,” you whimpered, your hands balling into fists on the bath tub’s edges and your toes curling. Seungcheol hummed into you and continued eating you out, his tongue rubbing your clit in the best ways possible until you were letting out high-pitched, satisfied moans and quiet whimpers of his name as you came.

Seungcheol continued running his tongue up and down your wet slit throughout your orgasm, lapping away at your release that leaked out. You let out content sighs as you slowly began letting your back slide down the wall of the bath tub, and it didn’t take long for Seungcheol to gently let your legs down from his shoulders and lick the area around his mouth clean.

“That was fucking fantastic,” you said, slightly out of breath, and giggled quietly when Seungcheol pulled you to sit on his crossed legs. 

He smiled widely and hugged you, looking up at you with affectionate eyes. His dimples made you feel as giddy as they always did, and you found yourself poking them gently with your forefingers, which made Seungcheol laugh out loud.

“I knew it was a great idea,” he said a bit smugly and gave you a long kiss, into which you smiled.

It was impossible to ignore what was poking your crotch, though. You grinned against Seungcheol’s lips. “Is it my turn to take care of you?”

His voice was amused yet playful. "If you could, I wouldn’t mind.”

Admin Scooter

I don't understand a guy who feel that he has to get something in return for eating his girl out...

This isn’t a hostage deal. Stop tryna coerce her into some head… Goddamn.

I just like feeling her convulse and hearing her voice quiver at the end of my tongue just before she rolls over and goes to sleep.

Sue me. I get hungry.


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Can you do one where you take away Eric's virginity?

He looked nervous, way more nervous than I’ve ever seen him before. This was our first time alone ever and we were both nervous. I could see through his silly, little facade that he would always use to mask the real Eric from everyone.

I admired his face for a few more moments before deciding to speak.“Eric.” I look deep into his eyes, biting my lip, not really sure what to say next.
He breathed deeply, I could see his body language change from soft to very tense after the last syllable left my lips. “Yeah.” He tried to make himself sound less nervous than he really was. I had no idea what to say. I feel a wave wash over me, a wave of so many different emotions.
Instead of speaking I shuffle closer to his rested my head on his shoulder, cuddling into his arm. I could pretty much hear his heart from where I was sitting, it was sweet. “You’re such a dork.” I giggle.
He tries to hide the blush appearing on his cheeks, “Says you.” He deepens his voice quite obviously. I smile at his attempts to impress me and nuzzle the crease of his neck.

I interlock my fingers with his gentility and then wrapped my arm around his neck, pulling him in closer. He awkwardly places his hands on the back of my shoulders. I inhale his scent, he smelt like typical teenage boy mixed with hunny. I don’t know what had came over me, but I place my lips on his ear and gentility whisper, “kiss me.”

He gripped onto the fabric of my sweater and leaned in, our foreheads were touching then. I could feel him breathing heavily, his plump lips just a few inches away from mine. He filled each of my senses, and he got in closer and placed a soft kiss on my lips. Despite it being only a few seconds, that kiss felt like it lasted forever. I inhale sharply and place my hands on his chest, at first my intent was to stop the kiss by pushing him away, but it ended up just saying there. His hands drifted slowly down from my shoulder blades to my hips, he admired my shape and pulled me closer in.

I could feel him becoming more and more flustered by the second as he begins nuzzling my neck with delicate kisses. He slowly moves his soft lips against the skin of my collar bones, not kissing, he just ran them across and left a trail of his hot breath. The pace of my breathing quickened, as did his. It was as if my brain was set alight and the warmth spread across my entire body. I shudder as he nibbles my collar bones, I suppress my moans by tugging on the thin fabric of Eric’s shirt. He dances his fingers up from my waist to underneath my grey sweater. His hands were cold compared to the rest of his body. His chest was warm and comforting, I could have fell asleep in it, but his hands were icy cold and made goosebumps appear across my whole body, causing me to shiver. They travelled slowly up wards until they reached the thin fabric of my bra.

Eric looks me in the eyes as he was silently asking for permission to continue. A swirl of emotions stirred in my stomach: lust, desire, and love fought for dominance. I looked at him for a few seconds longer, pushing my lips against his. His lips were my salvation and torment. I didn’t reply with words, I just put my mouth back to his, sliding my tongue over his lower lip. He became more aggressive and threw me on top of him so I was straddling him. I didn’t want to waste time though, I went straight back to kissing him. His lips were so sweet. I felt so apart of him in that moment, as if he was a part of me that made me complete. His lips caressed mine ,they were softer than I could have ever imagined, he parted his lips and let out a small grunt as his hands went back to what they were doing before. He slips his hand under the thin fabric of my bra. His ice cold hands instantly began playing with my nipples, moving his thumbs in a circular motion around the small nubs. I couldn’t help but let out an audible moan, which just added to his sexual hunger.

He used both hands to feel my breasts and play with the sensitive pink nubs that he had now made hard. The only things keeping my moans quiet was his lips being pushed up against mine so violently. Everything had started so sweet and innocent but had turned rough and passionate. He didn’t ask, but he grabbed the rim of my sweater and pulled it over my head and mindlessly threw it to the floor. He immediately goes back to my lips, his tongue sided against mine.

I knew Eric was a virgin but the way he moved made me think he was experienced . The way he tore off my shirt, the he kissed me softly when I wanted him to and rough when I wanted it, the his hands cupped my breasts all made me think he knew what he was doing. He gently bit my lip, smirking while doing so.

I can feel him as he became hard underneath me. Every time he’d grab my breasts too hard or got too carried away with the making out, I’d subconsciously grind myself on him. Even though doing this made him grab me harder and kiss me rougher.

He undoes the button on my jeans, he looks up at me with a look that says ‘is this okay?’ Without actually speaking out loud. I nod and he proceeds. He gentility lifts me and places me on his bed so I was laying on my back. He steadily pulled down my jeans. He tucked two of his fingers into the waist band of my pants and slid them down. He was holding himself back at this point, I could tell by the look on his face. His eyes were staring directly at my crotch the entire time he was pulling down my pants, he bit his lip in anticipation. He tossed my pants off to the other side of the room and got on top of me. He lifted my legs so they were around his waist, and went straight to my neck. Not holding back this time, he nibbled each inch which caused me to moan uncontrollably. He covered my mouth with his left hand and looked at me with a serious look on his face.

“You have to be quiet, my parents are in.” His eyes were full of desire. I wanted him so badly, but I had to keep quiet. He licked and pecked at the sweet spot on my neck before finally moving his right hand downwards. He started at my cheek, down my neck, across my breasts, traveled down my stomach, until he finally reached my black lace panties. He continued to leave a trail of small hickies all over my neck and he still had his hand over my mouth. He placed his other hand on the fabric that covered my core. He moved his hand in a circular motion, causing my hips to buck a little bit. He slipped his hand under the fabric. I bit my lip, even though I could tell he had never done this before. He couldn’t stay in one place, he moved his fingers from the top to the bottoms, sometimes slightly brushing against my clit.

Although, Eric was inexperienced, so was I. I shuddered every time his fingers skimmed my clit, I would wince at every slick movement of his fingers, begging him to play with my clit more. I had never had anyone touch me there before, it was so new and I didn’t ever think it could feel that good.

Suddenly, Eric changed his focus. He kissed from my neck downwards. He nibbled across my collar bones, and didn’t stop making eye contact on his journey downwards. I could tell he was desperate now, he didn’t waist anytime. He quickly removed the underwear from me, tossing it aside with my pants and sweater. Eric earned a lusty moan as his tongue slid across me. My back arched and I covered my mouth, trying my best to suppress the moans. He threw my legs over his shoulders to give himself better access to my womanhood. He went back to work, flicking the sensitive bundle of nerves between my legs with his tongue. He inserted a finger as his muscle swirled around my swollen clit. I was trying to stop the moans, instead they came out as small winces and mewls. The movements of his tongue were sporadic and random, this was probably because of his inexperience. I shifted my hips, trying to get him to create a pattern to follow. Finally he got it, each way his tongue moved made me squeal in ecsacy. Each small touch he placed on me, filled my entire body with pleasure. My hips bucked, I grabbed his pillow that was next to me and covered my face with it. Lick after lick sent rapid impulse of pleasure through my body. It was as if I was drowning in a pool of euphoria, each wave that washed against my body was a wave of ecstasy. His finger pumped steadily in and out of me, making small clicking noises because of the wetness. My muscles began contracting with an intense feeling of bliss. My breathing became quick and sharp. Heat filled my body, along with immense pleasure, causing my hips to twitch and buck against Eric’s face. The knot in my stomach rapidly grew tighter and tighter, I tired to hole it in but I just couldn’t anymore. With a few final licks, an incredible sensation washed over my body. I felt a release of pleasure. I found myself almost screaming into Eric’s pillow as I climaxed.

I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest as I lay on his bed. I flung the pillow off my face back to its original position. I sit myself up and look at Eric in the eyes. He had a smug look on his face, like a little kid who had just won a sticker that said ‘first place’ on it. I rolled my eyes.
“I’m that good, huh?” He smirked.
“Shut up.” I said playfully, biting my lip.
Before I could even comprehend what was going on, Eric has removed his pants. He even contemplated taking off his shirt, but decided not to because of his chest dent. He pounced and had pinned me to his bed before I knew it. “It’s my turn now.”
I nod my head, complying with his instructions. It wasn’t even an instruction, it was more of a demand. The seriousness in his voice made it obvious he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

At first it was awkward. He didn’t really know how to move or position himself. Finally, he found a way to insert himself. He placed the tip of member at my entrance and looked me in the eyes, his arms were on each side of my head, his elbows sticking into the mattress. I could see the desperation in his eyes, but he went slowly. He moved his hips, pushing himself into me. At first it didn’t hurt at all. I felt it, but it didn’t hurt. For a moment, it felt like the people who said that losing your virginity hurt were complete bullshitters that just wanted to scare teens out of having sex but after he bucked in and out a few times I understood. I whimpered, nuzzling my head into the crease of his neck for comfort. His scent. His scent of hunny, now mixed with sweat. It was comforting, and made it easier knowing I would losing it to Eric. I had always been wary as to who I was going to lose it to, I was thankful it was Eric. The desire in his eyes was still there, but it was over shadowed by concern.
“Are you okay?” He whispers into my ear, he does it gently in attempts to console me.
I look up at him, I had pain written all over my face. Yes, it hurt, but it wasn’t unbearable. I loved him. I would do anything for him. I raised my lips up to his, sharing an almost innocent kiss with him for a few moments before nodding.

This signaled for him to start again. He was slow still, even though I could tell he wanted to go faster, yet he kept his pace slow and steady. He let out small moans, speeding up each time. My nails sunk into his back, trying to minimalism the pain. The pain did begin to fade after a while and I allowed him to go faster, He grunted and began moving quicker. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as much as it did when he was moving slowly. Eyyyy physics. He pumped in and out of me, his breathing was heavy. I kiss his cheek and neck, which made him pick up the pace. In between the grunts and moans I heard the occasional ‘fuck’ and ‘shit this feels so good’. I smile as he throws his beloved Rammstein shirt to the ground, and quickly resumed to penetrating me. I could feel his heart pounding, his breathing sharpened, his thrusts became irregular and sporadic.
“I love you, (y/n).” He moans into my ear, thrusting quick and hard, in and out of me.
The pain was still there, but those words made it go away. “I love you too, Eric.”
With that he climaxed and collapsed on top of me. It was nice, he just lay there for a few minutes. He was drenched in sweat  and sounded exhausted. He panted, as if he had just ran cross-country in the boiling summer heat. I kissed his for head.

He cuddled into me, placing sweet, loving kisses all across my face. “You’re a fucking goddess, you know that?” He smiled.
“Shut up, Reb.” I giggled, placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

"Did you like your punishment?"

-mature content

“Controlla! Controlla! You like it when I get aggressive. ” I sing while I wine my hips on this guy behind. I’m honestly just feeling the moment. I look good tonight in Balmain dress. It fits my hips and breast perfectly. I don’t know why Justin isn’t drooling on me. But, it’s whatever. I’m turning the fuck up and I am feeling it. The dj turns the song to One Dance by Drake and that’s when everybody goes crazy. I start to get even more turnt. After having that Vodka soda I just got in the zone. The man behind me started getting even more crazy as my movements increased.
“Y/N, let’s go.” I hear behind me as I dance. I turn around and see that it is Justin.
“No, I just got hype, Justin. Lighten up we haven’t been out in a while.” I say as I slow down my hips to the rhythm of the song.
“Fuck it.” Then I feel my body get lifted off of the ground and I immediately know it’s Justin. I’m so out of it intoxated that I can’t even fight him. So, I just let him carry me. As he gets outside paparazzi are taking pictures and flashing their lights at us.
“Justin baby, put me down.” I plead.
“No. I need to show you what dancing on other guys does to me.” He says as he carries me to the car. When we get to the car he throws me into the back seat and he hops into the drivers seat. He pushed the keys into the ignition and he drives to a nearest alley.
“Justin where are you taking us?” I say while looking up at him.
“Just shut up. You are frustrating me. ” Justin says while slapping the back of my thigh.
“Ohhhhh! Justin is getting handsyyyyy.” I say slurring. I’m so tipsy, but it feels good.
“Oh you want to see handsy.” He pulls the stick shift into park and he climbs up out of the front seat and moves to the back seat.
“So, how was your little dance with the guy in the club?” He asks me while licking his lips and looking down at me.
I just giggle he looks so good right now, lawd save my pussy ‘cuz it’s screaming for him.
“Oh stop, Justin. It wasn’t that serious. ” he pulls his shirt off and starts to pull of my shoes.
“Get on your stomach, Y/N.” Justin demands as he pulls down his pants.
“No. I like it like this.” I say teasing him.
“Oh so you want this the hard way.” He forcefully pulls me up and turns me around. I loudly giggle. Then he pulls my dress up and smacks my ass really hard.
“Uhhhh!” I moan really loudly. I love when he gets aggressive, but let’s not tell him that or he won’t let me cum.
“Don’t. Play. With. Me.” He says every word and follows it with a smack on the ass. “You. Are. Mine.” He growls in my ear. The heat from his breath gives me chills and makes me get goose bumps. I’m hella horny and he needs to speed this up. The stinging on my ass increase the pleasure I am feeling and I am getting more horny as the time goes on. The then takes off my dress and he rips the strap by accident.
“Justin this is Balma-” I get cut off by him spanking me again.
“Don’t speak unless spoken to. You want to play hardball, then that’s what you’ll get.” he turns me back over and pull down my panties with his teeth. Oh god. I’m about to get some tongue action. He trails kisses down my thigh.
“I’m gonna show you who you should be wining on.” He then kisses my pussy.
“Ahhh!” I scream out as soon as he kisses me. Then he parts my pussy with his fingers and licks my entrance. He slowly goes up and down my walls and begins to suck on my pussy. He goes to my swollen clit and swirls his tongue around. He then leads his tongue back down and sticks it into my hole. He rotates his tongue around. I scream out in ecstasy. Oh my this feels amazing. My pussy is crying. I’m dripping wet. I arch my back, but he pushes me back down.
“You like that, huh. Y/N?” He says while he sucks on my clit.
Out of breath I reply, “Mmm… Yes I do.” Then he pulls away and stops. No. I was slowly reaching my climax and he stops.
I know what game he is trying to play and I won’t let him win. So, I pretend not to be affected. He then pulls down his Calvin Klein boxers and that’s win Big Willy decided to spring free. Damn Daddy. That’s all I have to say. He inches towards my face and puts his dick in my face.
“Suck.” He demands. I quickly lick up and down his length. I slowly swirl my tongue on his tip and then I begin to slowly swirl and suck on his tip. He wants to tease me. I will tease him. I slowly push my head forwards and take as much if him as possible into my mouth. I gag a little bit as he thrusts inside of my mouth. His dick is hitting the back of my throat, but I will be fine. I slowly pull my head back to give him a handjob, but then I realize that I have to tease him.
“Uhhh…” He says when I pull him out of my mouth. “Oh so you want to play?” He pulls me down, so that I am lying comfortably on my back. He puts his fingers in my mouth and bends down to kisses my forehead. “Let’s play. ” he pushes in my vagina forcefully. I cry out in pure pleasure.
“Ohhhh!” I yell. He starts off fast. You hear skin slapping skin. He is biting his bottom lip and muttering curse words.
“God damn, Y/N. You feel amazing around me.” Justin says in between thrusts.
“Mmm” I moan in response. I slowly start to shake and squirm. He is going at a regular pace. His dick is pushing on my walls. It is rubbing the back of my pussy it feels like heaven as his dick thrust in and out of me. I feel him in every part of me. Oh fuck. My toes are starting to tingle. And I feel it all down my spine. I know I will cum soon. The Justin pulls out. Fuck he knows my body, so well. I hate him. He won’t let me cum.
“You thought you were sneaky, huh?” He lifts me up on my knees and pushes me forward, so know I am in a doggy position. He bends forward and licks my butt hole. He is being so kinky. After I get really moist and juiced up he sticks his tip inside of my ass. He slowly creeps all the way inside and then he pulls out teasing my ass. He pushes in and pulls out. He continues to hit the g-spot that is up my ass.
“Ahhh!” I yell everytime he punds in me.
“Oh god, Y/N” he pulls in and out repetitively too make sure I am comfortable with anal. Which, I definitely am. Then he picks up then past. Feeling him inside me is so foreign. The feeling if anal is insane. It feels so weirdly good. At first it stings, but the as his dick rolls in and out of my ass and slowly hits the spot it feels amazing. I pushes my hand underneath me and I start to fumble with my clit. But, Justin pushes my hand away and pull it to my back. Now I am restrained. He pushes in and out and I start to feel even more knoted and Justin is getting more sloppy with his thrust we are both really close, but I need to olay this off. Justin spanks my ass really hard increasing the tension in my stomach.
“Fuck, Y/N.” He says while he spanks me.
“I love you, Justin.” I am trying to sweet talk him, so that I can cum. He realizes what I am doing and he removes himself from me.
“Don’t play games with me, doll.” He sits in the seat and pulls me on top so that I can ride him. He slides his dick on top of my clit to my entrance. He does this repetitively until he pushes himself in. I slowly bounce trying to upset him. I hate that he keeps on interrupting my cum. But he lifts me up slightly and begins to pound upwardly inside of me. He hits the spot every thrust lord does it feel amazing. Justin’s hips work like magic I swear. He pounds into me as I scream his name then he pulls out of me and brings me to my knees, so that I suck him off until he cums. But, he won’t cum unless I do. So, when I go on my knees I just stare up at him.
“Y/N, is there a problem?” Justin asks while he plays with the tip of his penis.
“ You want to cum, well so do I. ” I star up at him while I am on my knees behind the front passenger seat.
“You don’t get to cum. You made my dick jealous and now you can apologize. ” He says to me as he slowly pushes my head towards his dick. I huff and slowly start to bob my head on his dick. As suck really hard and strong. I lick and swirl my tongue around. I’m working my Y/N magic on his ass. Then his dick begins to twitch between my fingers. So I take my fingers and I squeeze his tip. I lick his tip and I suck his balls. Until he erupts and moans out loudly and slowly his dick sways side to side.
“Good Job” he says out of breath. “Did you enjoy your punishment?” Then he pats my head and he gets dressed and hops back in the front seat. I stay naked because I have a trick up my sleeve. As he starts the car and slows out of the alleyway. I part my pussy with my fingers and I start to play with my clit. I can make myself cum. Take that Justin.

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Scream - *SMUT*

“ Do you write smut ? If so pls make a dom rough calvin i beg you “

Well, uh, shit. I just wrote smut, so that’s great. I hope you guys enjoy this. <3

I watch Calvin’s back. He is currently sitting at his desk, finishing up editing his new video on ‘Lucid dreaming’ He looks like an angel right now, the glow coming from his computer screen creates a shining aura around his body. I sigh, bored of laying here by myself. Calvin promised he would be done in ten minutes and that was half an hour ago.

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Connected  - [BTS] Taehyung!Au

[A/N] Sorry, today’s Sunday update was a little late than planned. My mom isn’t around (she’s travelling), so I had to do some house chores, fold the clothes, etc.etc. But here you go! As promised, one shots!

Originally posted by kths

Have you ever come across someone that you will–without fail, find the urge to protect, even if they don’t do the same to you?

That no matter how you meant little to nothing, to them, that everytime it rains, you want to make sure that they have an umbrella and stay dry. That they’ve never go to sleep without eating. That they won’t be tormented by anything or anyone, regardless if they could handle it or not. A foolish kind of love?

To Taehyung, it was you.

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Say It

Part 4 of the Swipe Right series

Warnings: 18+ SMUT as hell. I’m sorry I just had to go there.  If you’re under 18 get the hell away from here -  I don’t want you here. If reading SMUTTY stuff makes you uncomfortable go away. This is pure dirtiness for the sake of these two needing pure dirtiness

A/N: for @ladyblablabla - hope this fulfills your request! I keep writing this version of Ben and have to remind myself it’s my version of him and he’s probably not this way…..I really secretly hope he is. Logan lives SOMEWHERE IN THAT MAN!  Hope you all enjoy!

You’ve barely make it through the door of his condo before his hands are you, needing to ravage and consume you. Yours hands find his face and you drag it towards you, needing to taste him again. He happily obliges, his teeth capturing your bottom lip causing you to involuntarily groan. He takes the opportunity to capture your mouth in a searing kiss, his tongue easily navigating against your own.

You both had been moving backwards, unaware of your surroundings until you hit a wall and you involuntarily yelp into his mouth, causing him to smile.

“You all right there sweetheart?” he mumbles, his lips trailing down your mouth to your neck. You nod silently, hands getting lost in his dark locks, needing him closer to you. Your hands skim over his broad shoulders - ‘Had he always had broad shoulders?’ You think to yourself - as they trail down his long torso, grabbing the soft cotton fabric and tugging it over his head.

He chuckles, his lips skimming their way between your cleavage, his head lost in the mounds of flesh before tsking,

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N…must you always be in control?”

Before you can respond he’s pushing aside the left side of your shirt, exposing your taut nipple before capturing it into his mouth, causing you to groan involuntarily, body arching into his tongue.

“This shirt, this fucking shirt, has been driving me insane since I’ve seen you in it.” he circles your nipple with the length of his tongue, his body holding onto your hips firmly as your body begins to shake. He dips down, capturing your breast in his mouth and sucking on it until you’re sore but needing more, before releasing you with a pop of his mouth.

“I’m going to ruin you for wearing this fucking shirt.”

You look down at him as he skims to your other breast, his tongue leaving a heated trail that has your skin ablaze with goosebumps. His eyes stay on you, the chocolate brown irises consumed by his dark, dilated pupils and when he takes your breast in his mouth, his teeth softly nipping at the tender skin, you swear he smiles wickedly when you moan.

Apparently, there was always a part of Logan buried deep down in this man. Lucky for you.

He lifts you, your arms wrapping around his torso as he carries you to his bedroom, his mouth finding yours again. He’s not gentle as he drops you on the bed, his body slowly hovering over yours as your legs try to bring him closer to faster. When your hands move down to his belt he swats them away gently, grabbing your wrist and pinning them above your head.

“Not so fast sweetheart.” he whispers, his body wedging between your thighs and rubbing against your center. You whimper, your legs wrapping around his torso, trying to cause some tension.

He reaches behind your neck, untying your shirt and pulling it over your head, only releasing your wrist to get the soft fabric off of you. He kisses down your naked torso, his soft lips caressing your skin in reverence. Your breath hitches as his lips find their way to your midsection and he stops, watching you in amusement.

He takes his time unbuttoning your shorts, releasing your wrists to pull them down your legs. When there off, his hands find themselves on either leg, his mouth finding the flesh of your left calf and kissing its way up softly.

“Then you wear those shorts that expose these legs. Fucking goddess legs…” he murmurs this as he nips his way up your thigh, stopping when he’s closer to your center. He licks his way to the hem of your underwear, growling as he buries his face between your center. He takes a large whiff of your arousal between the thin fabric of the lacy panties you had on, his nose dipping dangerously close to your clit and you throw your head back.

You were so aroused at this animistic side of him and he hadn’t even touched you

“God, you smell so fucking good.” He pulls back a bit, watching you watch him before he bends down, his mouth circling around your center as his mouth begins to suck you through the fabric. desperately trying to taste you and you moan, your lip biting down on your mouth as you try to get closer to him. His eyes never leave yours as he licks up your folds, softly biting down on your soft bud causing you to lift involuntarily. He easily pushes you back down on the bed, his right hand keeping your hips down.

“Tell me what you want sweetheart.”

You barely hear him say it and your eyes find his again, breath labored.

“You know what I want.” you whisper back, unable to bite back the sassy comment and he chuckles, shaking his head as he pulls your wet underwear down your legs. He throws it aside before his eyes find your again, pulling your body down to him. His right hand finds its spot on your hip while his left slowly circles your folds.

“Where has this woman been hiding?” he his finger circles around your clit and you moan loudly and unabashedly.

“Tell me what you want Y/N. I want to hear you say it.” his finger continues its torturous assault on you and you close you look at him again, your lips puckered.

“I want you to fuck me with your tongue until my voice goes raw from pleasure.”

You weren’t expecting to be so brutally honest and based off the way Ben’s eyebrows raise, neither is he. He gives a chuckle, low and dangerous before his head is plunging between your legs. Your eyes close in bliss as his tongue makes easy work out of you, skimming up your folds before sucking on your bud tenderly. It’s only when he sticks two fingers into you that you scream out his name, your release quickly following you.

He doesn’t stop, holding you down as he begins sucking you through another orgasm, this time his nimble fingers arching up to hit that spot that makes you see white and you’re screaming, on the edge of losing yourself, your body shaking from the pleasure.

He watches you as he he works you through your orgasm, tasting you that he’s skimming back up your body, his mouth a gleaming mess.

“You’re a dirty fucking girl Y/N. Who would have guessed?” he whispers, looking down at you reverently before you pull his mouth down on yours, relishing in the taste of you on his tongue. He moans into your mouth, his tongue lazily lapping against yours  and your hands move down to his jeans, making quick work of his belt.

“You’re no boy scout yourself Barnes.” you mumble, your hands pushing down his jeans and rubbing against his erection. He moans again, loudly and animalistic and you smile against his lips, pushing his jeans down his legs.

“I think it’s only fair that I only return the favor.” you whisper before your legs wrap around his and you flip him over, straddling his chest. He looks at you in surprise before he smiles, shaking his head.

“You’re just full of surprises tonight aren’t you?” he asks, his words lost on your ears as you make your way down his chest. When you reach his lower torso your tongue glides along his v line, causing his hips to hitch up as you drag his boxers down, allowing his erection to spring free.

“Geez Barnes, you’ve been holding out on me.” you whisper and he chuckles, watching as your mouth bends down over his head, licking the few drops of pre-cum that has beaded his tip. He groans, his head thrashing backwards and you take your time as your mouth swallows over him, tasting him and expanding around his girth. Wanting to feel every ridge of him.

When you’re mouth reaches his base he yells out “Fuck”, watching as you slowly start to bob your head back and forth.

“You look so fucking good Y/N….” he mutters, watching you under hooded eyes. You moan and he throws his head back in pleasure, focusing on the way your mouth is making you feel. You suck him hard, taking your time until he’s shaking, and he pulls your head away with a loud pop, pulling him on top of his body.

“You’re going to make me lose it sweetheart and I can’t have that. Not when I want to be buried in that sweet little cunt of yours.”

You don’t know what causes you to blush but you do, surprised at the vulgarity of his words and he smiles, his hips rubbing against your center.

“Don’t get shy on me Y/N,” he grabs your hips and angles you above his cock, “I want to see you riding my cock in absolute euphoria.”

You shift above him, your folds teasing his center and he smiles, thrusting into you slowly. Both of your mouths open as he enters you, taking his time until he bottoms out. He waits a beat, wanting you to adjust to the feel of him, before you begin shifting your hips on top of him. You slip out of him before slamming back into his hips and you moan in arousal, needing the feel of him to consume you.

He responds in kind, he’s hips thrusting into you harder and he pulls you down to him, his hands getting lost in your hair as he kisses you sloppily, full of lust. God you were lost in the feeling of him, and you  moan loudly when his penis bumps into that spot in you that makes your body writhe in delight. It doesn’t take long before you feel your body shaking and you grasp onto him, your nails digging into his skin.

“I’m……Ben….I’m….” you can’t manage the words and he sits up, his hands finding your clit.

“Come for me Y/N.” he whispers in your ear and your a mess, unfolding around him as his lips lose themselves in yours. He pushes you down on the bed, his hips slamming harder into you sloppily, trying to chase after his orgasms before his fingers bite into your flesh, his head falling into the crook of your neck as he spills his seed into you.

Your laboured breathing consumes the room until you feel Ben kiss your neck, sitting up and pulling out of you. He grabs his shirt, cleaning up his mess before pulling you to him, both of you falling into his pillows as your head rests on his chest.

“That was….” You pant and look over at him as he smiles.

“Amazing.” He finishes and you nod, your eyes looking up at him.

“Is there anything about you that isn’t perfect.” you ask honestly and he chuckles, his hand skimming down your back.

“I would argue the same about you.”

You’re both silent. You take in the sound of his heartbeat against your ear, memorizing the soft pounding motion.  The way his breath is slowly evening out, the feel of his hand idly caressing up and down your back.

“I don’t want to rush things-“ he finally says, breaking the silence and you chuckle before murmuring,

“A bit too late for that.”

He swats at you before continuing, an amused smile plastered on his face.

“I don’t….I really like you Y/N. You’re entitled to date other people but I’m content with just having you.”

You look up at him, a goofy smile on your face as you shake your head.

“Barnes for the last time, act like this is a first date and play it cool. I’m supposed to squirm for weeks wondering how interested you are in me. You can’t get laid and confess your undying love for me on the same night. That’s how you scare a girl away.”

The confident domineering man that had just ruled you in the bed is gone now, replaced by the kind bashful Ben you have grown to love and he blushes as he defensively states,

“I didn’t confess that I loved you!”

You roll your eyes before placing your head back down on his chest, shaking your head.

“You did in so many words…”

He swats at your bottom again and you laugh, kissing his chest tenderly before saying,

“Let’s take it slow Ben.”

“I’ve been taking it slow for the past five years…” he sighs before finishing, “I just don’t want you think that I don’t want something more with you.”

You keep the large grin forming on your face as you whisper,

“I know Ben. Lets just take it slow and see where that takes us. I’m not going anywhere.”

He draws you closer to him, his mouth kissing your hair before whispering,


Your eyes close, happy to let sleep consume you when Ben’s door flies open and Cole is standing there, a bowl of cereal in his hands.

“Ben how’d the date goooooo….Oh.”

Ben groans, covering your body and you giggle, digging yourself into the comforter. 

“Cole, knock! Boundaries.” 

Cole is smiling, his head cast down as he slowly shuts the door. 

“My bad!” he says through the oak doors and you smile, shaking your head up at Ben. Cat was out of the bag now. 

Jen was going to kill you. 

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