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Random Venezuela rant

Yesterday I was doing some Christmas shopping, basically new clothes and the odd college supply here and there, and all day I had troubles paying with my card, as terminals were slow as hell and many times rejected my card.

Well today I found out it’s because the fucking regime put a cap on business for electronic/card sales (don’t know the proper term for this), the equivalent of about 700 bucks a day, and once reached the terminal goes to hell and it’s basically luck if your card actually goes through, and that coupled with the poor state of the telecommunications infrastructure means there’s a fuckton of lines for paying stuff up, and you never know if you’re actually going to be able to pay.

And the worst thing is, there’s currently a critical lack of cash on the streets, with ATM lines that extend for hours and unbearable bank lines, mainly because thanks to the hyperinflation and the current useless bank notes in circulation (the highest ones, 100 BsF, being worth HALF A FUCKING CENT), means that you literally need bags of cash to pay for stuff, I seriously had to use about a fucking THOUSAND BILLS (mostly 20′s and 10′s, because that’s what I could get from the bank the other day) to pay for a fucking big-ass light bulb and some industrial glue, and I was forced to, because their terminal collapsed thanks to the above point!

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

The good news is, the government finally gave up and accepted our cash is useless, so this month they’re going to releases new bank notes, 500, 1.000, 2.000, 5.000, 10.000 and 20.000 bills, alongside 10, 50 and 100 BsF coins, to replace all current currency in circulation, which by this point most of it had become obsolete, no one taking coins for the past two years, the two lowest bills (2 and 5) for the past year, and the 10 bill being seen as an insult to your face (sorry hardware store clerk!)

So yeah, business as usual, the country collapses around me yet life still goes on, gotta hand it to the Venezuelans, they really adapt quickly to terrible situations, hopefully someday they will be free of the tyranny of socialism/pseudo-communism, and the megalomania of its leaders. 

*Jumps back into Star Wars Feelings mode* OKAY, SO I WAS RANTING ON TWITTER, which is much of my life these days, about Finn in TFA, which is all I ever want to do really.

One thing that reeeeeally bugs me is the assumption from both Finn’s detractors and even a lot of fans that he has or needs a “redemption arc”. I absolutely don’t agree that either narratively or from an in-universe perspective that what Finn goes through in TFA counts as redemption, for the simple reason that Finn has nothing villainous to be redeemed from.

When we see Finn in his introduction, the first thing we learn about him- literally the absolute first thing- is that he is a stormtrooper who on his very first mission is unable to kill innocents. Not even just unwilling, but seemingly unable. His defining moment is that he is not like the other stormtroopers there, who he is contrasted with in a lot of ways- visually with the bloodied helment, in terms of his body language, in his actions, even in how the camera focuses on him and humanises him. So Finn’s story is not framed from the outset as one of “the bad stormtrooper has a change of heart and goes to redeem himself”. It is, instead, that Finn is ‘not like’ the other stormtroopers, who are killing without question.

The question asked of Finn isn’t so much “can you redeem yourself from being a stormtrooper?” but instead “if you can’t be a stormtrooper, what can you be?”. That’s not a redemptive narrative so much as it’s a flat-out heroic one. Finn has no deaths to atone for or terrible deeds haunting him so much as he has to deal with the consequences of immediately jumping ship and going off to be a good person. He is, from the outset, liked and trusted by Poe, not judged for his being a stormtrooper so much as praised for running off to escape them. Finn might gain a lot of bravery and willingness to act and fight over the course of TFA, but he doesn’t have to earn his basic moral stripes; they’re shown to us the audience very early on.

There’s not really any point where Finn isn’t shown to be a fundamentally decent, kind young man with a likeable personality and the ability to make strong emotional connections! He’s just a hero on his hero’s journey, really, with an interesting twist in that for a long time the stormtroopers were entirely faceless and dehumanised in the movies, and he injects a sense of real people into that image.

So: Finn is not, even in the sense of what happened in-universe before the events of TFA, any kind of “redeemed antagonist”. He’s the guy who was groomed to act as the antagonist who didn’t want to and escaped before he was made to fulfill that role.

This ties in a lot to how I see people treat his relationship (narratively, not in the sense of character interactions) with the role Kylo Ren plays in the film. They’re almost mirror opposites of each other if you squint hard enough, in that Finn escaped that antagonistic role despite being forced into it while Kylo Ren chose and continues to choose it despite an explicit “pull to the light” and it not coming “naturally” to him. Kylo Ren is, of course, the actual antagonist of the movie, and a villain besides; he fits both roles unambiguously. Like, I am all for many interpretations of media, but I firmly believe they need to be textually plausible, and I can see no textually plausible reading of Kylo Ren as anything but the antagonistic villain.

My point is, it kind of frustrates me when I see people try and support Finn’s arc and presence in TFA with the idea that “Finn is everything Kylo Ren is, but better!”, because it misrepresents and even sells Finn short, IMO. They have totally different roles in the narrative, totally different arcs, and Finn’s arc and characterization are more than able to stand on their own without that comparison being made. He doesn’t need to be shoehorned into that role to make him seem “better”, he just IS a perfectly great and engaging character.

Likewise, I also disagree with the idea that from a storytelling perspective there is anything about liking the idea of a Kylo Ren redemption arc that *inherently* shifts focus from Finn onto Kylo Ren, or that Finn’s arc can automatically hit the notes narratively that a Kylo Ren redemption would? Finn is a protagonist as well as a lead. He is by default a far more 'important’ lead than Kylo Ren, because he is an audience perspective character and, well, a good guy in films primarily about the power of the good guys to overcome. Because Kylo Ren occupies that totally distinct narrative space, rather than it being one shared by the two characters, it’s not a matter of allocating resources from Finn’s story towards Kylo Ren’s, it’s just… a totally different set of narrative resources altogether.

(That’s not to say this doesn’t happen in *fanon*, mind you. It does; I’ve seen Kylo Ren get used as basically an outrageously OOC replacement Finn a million times over in fic, it’s ridiculous. But it is not actually an inherent demand of the actual, honest to god canon of the movies themselves, IMO.)

Again, for me this argument is actually not about Kylo Ren so much as Finn, and not selling his story short. Assuming it’s impossible to have a Kylo Ren redemption story (and I’m thinking less what fanfic tends to indulge in and more like… RotJ style Vader stuff here, ftr) without shafting Finn basically ignores what Finn’s real role in the story is, IMO.

And I care about that A LOT AS YOU CAN SEE, did you know Finn is my fave, anyway the point is FINN IS AWESOME AND HEROIC AND I LOVE HIM!!! ok, thanks.

fuck your Oppression Olympics

if you want to base your personal identity as part of the LGBTQIA community on the oppression that you face, be my guest. however, do not for a second think that you get to base my or anyone else’s identity as part of the LGBTQIA community on the oppression that any of us face.

as if you even fucking know the oppression that i or anyone else face(s).

as if everything that i am or anyone else is in relation to the LGBTQIA community could even be boiled down to the oppression that any of us face.

seriously. fuck you.

as a black person who is also non-binary, queer and ace it is so incredibly mindfucking to me how some people on this site insist on trying to boil the connection that i or anyone else has with the LGBTQIA community down to oppression. fucking oppression. and not just oppression, presumed oppression.

how the fuck anyone even thinks that is okay is beyond me. it’s not fucking okay.

stay the hell away from me with your use of my oppression and the oppression of others as a tool to further your own personal opinion.

stay the hell away from me if you fail to even realize that that is exactly what you are doing when you host or take part in The Oppression Olympics™ to try and keep someone out of this community that is just as much mine as it is yours.

Highlights of one of my jobs

I work in a liquor store and the place is soo fucked I could rant for hours about it. Instead I’ll just give you all some highlights of the wonderful things I deal with from mainly my boss and one coworker.

- I was called unreliable because I missed one day in three/four months due to severe food poisoning. She also stated I was lying about having food poisoning.

- Coworker A goes home “sick” every weekend she’s scheduled, including holidays and has never been reprimanded for it.

- My boss, C, once told me she refuses to fire people so they can’t receive unemployment and “spend all day playing video games.” She instead cuts hours down to force people to quit.

-I just had my hours cut to 10 a week instead of the almost 30 I was getting.

- When I told C I was in the process of getting a second job and wasn’t sure of the hours yet, she told me “why don’t you just work there full time, then.”

And finally:

- C once told me that women “deserve to be harassed and disrespected” based on how they dress.


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Kurt Wagner x Reader


Author: Morgan

Prompt: Kurt always telling the reader how much he loves her in German then lying about what he said until one day Hank gives her a translator earpiece that Kurt doesn’t know about and oops I accidently gushed over you and confessed my undying love for you.

Note: Awwwwwwwwww!

“(Y/N), I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why exactly do you need a translator?” Hank asked, handing you the metal earpiece.

“Oh, it’s just for…things…” you told him. “Sometimes Kurt goes on German rants, and I don’t always catch all of it.”

“Ah. Well. Good luck with that,” he waved as you left the lab. You paused, pushing the piece into your ear and hiding it behind your hair. Now you were ready to figure out what the hell Kurt was saying.


“Hey blue, what’cha doing?” You asked walking into the living room. Kurt was spread out on the couch, a book of German fairytales in his hands.

“Reading,” he replied, smiling at you.

“Wanna read to me?” you asked him. He nodded eagerly, setting down his cup of tea. You walked over to the couch and laid on top of him. The first time you had done this, he had freaked out, but now he was accustomed to your presence, your warmth. He used his tail to gently stroke your hair while his hands held the book.

“Is German all right?” he asked. You nodded. “Okay.” Kurt cleared his throat. You reached up and tapped the button on the translator.

Once upon a time, zhere vas a little blue circus freak. He traveled from city to city vizh zhe circus, never quite finding a place he belonged. He began to feel like he belonged novhere. But one day, zhe little circus freak found a place to call home. It vas a great big mansion, full of people just like him. Zhese people didn’t make fun of him. Zhey didn’t…treat him like a freak. Zhey treated him like he belonged.” You sighed as Kurt told the story. He continued.

Vhile zhe little blue circus freak vas at zhe mansion, he met zhe most beautiful girl he had ever seen. And vhile he vas somevhat embarrassed by his appearance, she looked at him as zhough nozhing vas wrong vizh him. She made him feel…alive. She had zhe stars in her eyes, and every time she looked at him, touched him, he felt as zhough he might melt into a little blue puddle. And zhough he loved her vizh all of his heart, she vould never know. He couldn’t vork up zhe courage to tell her in a language she understood.” He paused. “The end,”

“That was a nice story,” you smiled softly. “But I think it has a happy ending,”

“Vhat do you-”

“I love you too, Kurt.” You stroked his cheek, tracing his scars gently. His amber eyes went wide.

“You speak German?” he asked, startled to say the least.

“No, but Hank loaned me a translator,” You pulled it out of your ear to show it to him.

“So you heard everyzhing?”

“I did,” you brushed tufts of blue and black hair out of his face. You decided to be bold and go for it, leaning forward to kiss his soft lips. His hands gingerly held your waist and he nervously kissed you back. When you pulled apart, he looked at you nervously. You could feel him shaking beneath you.

“You okay?” you checked. He nodded, gulping.

“Zhat vas my first kiss,” he confessed nervously.

“Was it everything you imagined?” You asked.

“Better,” he replied, smiling. “C-could I…vould you mind if I kissed you again?”

“Not at all,”

I still think one of my fondest memories of my mother is when I was stuck at some guy I was semi-seeing’s lake house (don’t ask), confused and pissed off because he was acting all kinds of weird, and I was sitting on the dock explaining the situation to my no-nonsense mom on the phone, and after listening to like ten minutes of me ranting she goes, perfectly seriously, totally humorless, in a thick Puerto Rican accent:

“Mm, see, the problem is if he’s one way with his friends and another way with you, how’re you going to know who the real Slim Shady is?”

And that’s the story of how an otherwise bullshit day became one of my favorite ones ever.

So my parents pastor went on a rant about how paganism these days takes the form of “inviting people to worship at altar of self expression” and I thought that sounded just beautiful.
That being said, I think I’m going to construct a travel altar around this and hopefully be able to let y'all know how it goes. I’ve never really been drawn to altars before now, but I feel very much compelled to do this.
Wish me luck! 😉

I just remembered I went on a date about a month ago and somehow we got onto the topic of the Cursed Child, so naturally I was ranting about how Harry saying “sometimes I wish you weren’t my son” was SO out of character and SO not what an orphaned adult Harry would ever fucking say to his son, and the girl goes, “yeah! Like, that’s totally a Draco Malfoy line or something." 

… yikessssssssss

did not go out with her again. because of that one thing? no. maybe. moral of the story is that you shouldn’t put one character down in order to bolster another, ESPECIALLY if that character is my moon-child son love of my life, Draco Malfoy. 


hamilton + sick day headcanons

so instead of writing my valentine’s day fic, i am writing more headcanons aha whoops


  • he literally goes into panic mode
  • and not panic as in, oh shit what do i do mode, but more like, i have to do everything for you mode
  • you always tell him he’s doing too much
  • as you know, he’s just casually feeding you spoonfuls of soup he made for you
  • but he never listens
  • seriously he will drop everything for you
  • and if somebody so much as texts him, he will rant that his lover is sick and everything is irrelevant until you’re healthy again


  • he is so sweet when it comes to taking care of you
  • he pops in your favorite movies and cuddles with you
  • he always tries to kiss you and you scold him because he’ll get sick too
  • but he finds a way any way
  • you end up taking care of him later that week when he gets sick


  • laf also goes into panic mode
  • not in the alex mode, no in the complete opposite
  • he’s just rapidly cursing in french as he runs around your apartment finding medicine and tissues and everything
  • it is quite the sight to see
  • he never rests for a moment
  • all he’s focused on is taking care of you
  • that’s it


  • herc always knows how to take care of you
  • he knows all the correct ways to pamper you and make sure you’re comfy in time of such discomfort
  • he gives you the correct medicine and makes you food 
  • he always brings you to the doctor if necessary
  • he knows you’re sick but he insists on holding your hand the whole time


  • burr also knows just what to do
  • he’s really calm and collected
  • he’s a bit wary of falling ill though so he’s not as hands on
  • so he apologizes
  • and apologizes again
  • and apologizes more
  • seriously he probably only apologizes for being so distant than anything when you’re sick
  • it’s endearing really


  • she’s just so concerned for you
  • and puts flowers in a vase next to your bed
  • she always sings to you or sits and watches movie to distract you from whatever sickness you have
  • she’s not very good at taking care of you but she definitely knows how to make you comfortable
  • so 
  • many
  • forehead kisses
  • lots of affection during your time of need


  • she goes into instant mom mode
  • she cooks and checks your temperature and makes you stay in bed and call out sick for work
  • she constantly checks in on you and lays with you to make you feel better
  • her main focus when you’re ill is to make you feel better
  • that’s it
  • everything else doesn’t matter


  • much like eliza, she’s really unsure of what to do
  • she knows the basic things she was taught from ang, but really she burns the food and doesn’t take your temp right
  • she ends up ordering food and asking angelica to help
  • she still gives you lots of affection to make you feel better though
  • she just wants you to know she cares


  • he will be so calm though
  • he knows that your sickness won’t last long 
  • or so he hopes
  • he tries to act like he’s perfectly fine and collected but really on the inside he’s like !!!! will my baby be alright !!!!
  • thankfully you never notice the worried looks he gives you or how many times he asks you if you’re okay or need anything throughout the day


  • always takes you to the doctor’s immediately 
  • seriously if show the tiniest sign of illness, he’ll drive you straight for a check up
  • most of the time it’s a common cold or something
  • he just wants to make sure
  • will do everything for you 
  • you always offer to do things but he won’t allow you 

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Mom! I was just casually relaxing when I got slapped with what I think is my new favorite headcanon... What if Alex gets fed the fuck up with Maggie's anti-Valentine's day shit and she goes on a huge rant about how she's never gotten to really enjoy Holidays like Valentine's day and enjoy things like prom before because she's never had someone romantic to share them with and she just wants to share them with her... and now Maggie goes out of her way to help Alex experience those things.

Is this not… gonna be canon? Because probably it is ;)

Cute Flannel (Noah/Reader)

requested by anon

reader and noah have a lazy day


You scooted closer into Noah as you tried focusing on the movie, you’ve seen it a hundred times since it was his favorite, but you didn’t have the heart to tell him no.

“See, why does he do that? He knows there’s something in the attic! Who goes into a dark attic when they hear a noise?” Noah bean ranting as the scent played out.

You laughed at your boyfriend, “You’re such a dork.”

Noah scoffed, “Yeah says the girl who gave me 25 reasons on why we should watch Star Wars.” He wrapped his arm tighter around your shoulders as he spoke.

This was how your weekends usually went, you and Noah holed up in his room with junk food and a bunch of movies.

“Hey! Those were very valid reasons!” You defended yourself with a pout.

Noah pecked your forehead, “I know that babe, but we saw Star Wars last weekend so this weekend was my turn to pick.”

You knew he was right, you did make him take you to see The Force Awakens last Saturday.

“Whatever,” You muttered as you moved yourself to where you were laying completely on him.

“Whoa Y/N!” Noah chuckled as he got a hold of you so you wouldn’t fall of the bed.

You stifled a laugh at your clumsy boyfriend before resting your head on his chest, looking at him.

“I really like when you wear my flannels.” Noah continued as he began playing with the hem on the flannel you were wearing.


He nodded, “You look cute.”

A smile crossed your lips, “Cute enough that you won’t get mad if I put Star Wars on?”

Noah dramatically rolled his eyes as he sighed, “Fine.”

You jumped off him and did a little happy dance before putting the dvd in and getting back into bed.

“If you do that every time I let you play Star Wars, wow..” Noah breathed.

“Shut up.” You laughed as you pressed your lips to his.

Today’s lazy day was gonna be a good one.


Awkward, off-putting, people skills are rusty
Might as well be an alien 
Put them all together and 
Yup, that’s an Aquarian 

One little thing goes wrong
I run to complain to my friends
I could rant all day and night
And there’s only two of them 

Repressing emotions
Is my favorite hobby
And if I don’t like you 
I’m always really salty

I could be creative 
If I wasn’t so fucking lazy 
I’m Aquarius and 
I like to keep the lines hazy 



So, let’s say monsters happily live on the surface and Papyrus goes to college to another city, leaving his brother behind.


Observations on Coraline

I was re-watching “Coraline” for about the twentieth time today (it’s my favorite sick-day movie) and, as with any movie possessing clever details, I noticed a few things that I hadn’t before. (Spoilers ahead.)

There was a particular sequence near the end that really struck me, when Wybie comes to ask Coraline to return the doll. As Coraline rants about the sinister goings-on in the Other World, Wybie looks very uncomfortable and remarks, “You and Grandma been talking?”

You and Grandma been talking.

You and Grandma been talking.

Wybie has heard this story before. Perhaps Grandma Lovatt goes on about the past when the moods strikes her. Clearly, she has talked at length about her lost twin sister, enough that the family is familiar with the story of her disappearance.

Perhaps it’s even become something of a gallows-humor family joke. Perhaps it’s something Wybie’s parents roll their eyes over.

“Now Mom, we all know she wasn’t really stolen. If she was in that house, they would have found her. Now stop scaring the boy.”

Wybie has literally heard these stories all his life, has heard his grandmother talking about something sinister connected with a doll, and a shady figure that “stole” her sister. He even shows Coraline a picture of the two girls with the doll when it looked like Grandma’s twin.

And then it hit me.

They were twins. They were TWINS.

Grandma Lovatt has been to the Other World too.

Which one of them went there first, it’s impossible to tell. Perhaps only one went as first, then the other grew curious after hearing stories of a fantastical world where everything was perfect. After all, twins so often do everything together when they’re young.

So what happened? Did they argue over the doll? Did Grandma sense danger and hang back on a return trip while her sister ran ahead? Or were they trapped there together, and only Grandma managed to escape?

However it happened, I think Grandma Lovatt has seen some shit. She must have some idea of what actually happened to her sister.

Why else would she lock and wallpaper over the door before renting out the house, and even then refuse to rent to families with children?

Why else would she warn Wybie about the doll and forbid him to ever go into the Pink Palace?

And this isn’t even touching all the headcanons I have regarding the book.

Thanks so much, just getting any kind of response made me happy, i hope u have a good day guys 🐣

My beautiful hold-myflower, it’s absolutely no problem!! If you ever need to rant or need support, you can always come to us!  We love you very much and don’t want to see anyone sad! ~Admin 404

You don’t need to apologize!!! We’re always here for you!! I hope things got better bby <3 ~ 626

My urologist surgeon was doing a scrotal exploration with orchiectomy the other day & out of the blue, he goes...”Did you know that you can tell a man’s fertility by the distance between their scrotum & their perineum?!”...

Apparently, the farther apart the distance, the more fertile the man is

And at the end of the conversation, he looks at me and goes, “Well, that’ll be a good fact to share in parties…”

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Going off of my normal Elitown rants™: imagine one day asagao alex and Eli end up calling each other "James" and "Moosey" in front of the guys and they all just,, pause for a second because they know that's Caddy's and Ian's thing and no one understands

FHDJSDHFD CADDY AND IAN JUST LOOK AT EACH OTHER ALL TRIPPED THE FUCK OUT and eli just goes ‘caddy, listen -’ and he just ‘no, james, go on’ and ian is just ‘but i’m moosey’ the entire club is in shambles

Some quick thoughts

One of my least favorite pro-choice arguments is “There is no difference between a fetus and the skin cells you shed all day–they’re both just clumps of cells.”  This is just wrong, guys.

A single-cell human embryo is a totipotent cell–through cell division, it can become literally every other type of cell in the human body, which happens over the course of human gestation.  As time goes on, a fetus retains stem cells, which are pluripotent cells, which can become a variety of cells when they divide.

Adult skin cells (and most other somatic cells) are not totipotent, or even pluripotent.  When a skin cell divides, it can only become another skin cell.   A mature adult still has some pluripotent cells (like the cells that regenerate epithelial cells on the skin and inside the intestines), but they can only become one of a few possibilities of cell types–nowhere even close to the potential of an embryo or fetal stem cell.

In other words, left on its own, an embryo will become a mature individual, barring any mutations or environmental effects that render the fetus inviable, while a clump of skin cells that’s forced to divide will only ever create more skin cells.  Same with a tumor–it will only create more unspecialized cells, rather than creating new cell types upon asymmetric division.

So, no, a fetus and a regular clump of cells in an adult’s body are completely different, and I’m tired of hearing this misinformation being spread around as an argument.  There are other topics that can and should be used in this debate that don’t rely on bad understanding of biology.

Appreciation post for the girl who’s always been there for me since the day we started talking.

Hi bru, idk why I’m doing this right now but I just want to thank you for listening to my rants and shits. You’re the first easiest person I can run to and talk to even though we’re miles apart. I mean, I just love how our friendship works. When you cry, I cry. When you’re happy, I’m happy then same goes with the other emotions. Sobrang open natin sa isa’t isa. Like seriously, it’s one of a kind. Kahit na dito lang tayo sa tumblr nagkakilala, I wasn’t expecting na makakakilala ako ng kaibigan na isang katulad mo. Isa ka sa mga taong sobra kong pinagkakatiwalaan. Parehas tayong may mga pinagdaanan na parehas din tayong nagdamayan sa mga panahon na kailangan natin ng kaibigan. Malayo man tayo sa isa’t isa, tandaan mo na andito lang ako lagi para sa'yo. I love you bru!! 💖

hey guess what time it is


ok so anyways, our roommate got this fucking thing that goes over the drain in the shower 

like its literally just there to catch hair. of course my first issue is?? she doesnt even know how to use it?? like ur supposed to do whats in the pic: flip it upside down and PLACE IT into the drain as a cover. simple enough??

BUT INSTEAD she has it the other way around. so its just, fucking sticking up like a hat over the drain

this would still be fine, but guess what! we also have a shower mat. you know, the mats that keep you from slipping, suctioned to the ground?

myself and my sister both shower, as in just stand in one spot. you dont really have to worry about it moving at all

MY ROOMMATE HOWEVER does not shower. she just HAS to get a bath, which means shes CONSTANTLY moving the mat and not putting it back. and fuck if IM gonna put it back, since shes the one that moves it a half inch each week.

and THIS results in her, for some reason, putting the hat-drain-cover partially onto the mat. and if you ever leaned a flat thing against a stair or a curb, you would know that hey!! theres a HOLE under it! 

and we’ve TOLD HER that hey! please put the mat back in its place after you bathe!! but oh, oh no. “i have sensory overload issues!! i CANT do it, the noise makes me upset!!” well FUCK YOU that is not an excuse for you to be a lazy ass.

so the gist of this is, she wasted five dollars on a thing she doesn’t even know how to use, makes it completely worthless, and doesnt even fix the mat anyways so it wouldn’t even matter