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sherlolly and warstan children being bffs. mary, john, molly and sherlock being parents and loving each other's children headcanons? JUST ALL THE PARENT!LOCK HEADCANONS INCLUDING MARY AND JOHN LOL

Oh, I am soooooo down for this!

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  1. Mary and John have their second child, another girl, before Sherlock and Molly have their only child, a son. Molly doesn’t have a very easy pregnancy, and she and Sherlock decide one child is enough for them because they are also a pretty integral part of the lives of the Watson girl’s lives.
  2. Rosie and her sister, Abigail Louise, absolutely adore Victor Hamish Holmes. He is not quite as enthused most of the time because he is in a “girls, eww” stage. But if anyone picks on his honorary sisters, they get fists in the face. Only he can pick on them (they take it in stride because he never says anything REALLY mean).
  3. The “eww girls” phase only lasts until Victor is six, and then he and Abigail (who is seven, nearly eight) are inseperable. Rosie is nine and she says her sister and Victor are MATES and they usually tackle her and then tickle fights ensue until there is one true victor (usually one of the adults, because they get drug into it and they are bigger).
  4. Molly and Mary don’t dare get their hopes up that Victor and Abby actually fancy each other, but sometimes they muse on actually being related and all and being the sisters the other never had and wouldn’t that be nice?
  5. Rosie goes through a phase where she thinks about nothing but being a specialist registrar when she’s eleven and she shadows Molly at Barts and no one except her teachers are at all disturbed that she’s spending time in the morgue on the weekends. She’s actually quite good at the little tasks Molly gives her and she takes note to see if Rosie is still interested when she gets older to see about getting her into the university she went to or an internship or something.
  6. When she’s twelve she gets interested in her Uncle Sherlock’s work, and so do Victor and Abby, and suddenly there’s three children shadowing Sherlock and John at crime scenes and Scotland Yard is asking DIs Lestrade and Donovan why don’t you find this disturbing? When they say the kids are Holmes and Watson’s, it’s understood some things are just meant to be.
  7. This phase actually lasts three years. Victor solves two cases before his father. Abby solves four. Sherlock suggests they start their own blog. His wife and the Watsons say perhaps they can just start with cases at school instead. Sherlock slips them the occasional 1s and 2s.
  8. Rosie meets a boy she’s crazy about that John isn’t quite sure about. Mary is even less sure and shadows them on their first date, blending right into the crowd. The boy tries to make a move Rosie doesn’t want him to and she breaks his nost and sprains his wrist the way her mum showed her. Mary gets home before Rosie does, a wide smile on her face. She never tags along on one of Rosie’s dates again.
  9. Victor and Abby go to a party their mutual mate from school is throwing where there is a ton of alcohol and random silly games. Neither imbibe but they do play some of the games. One is a truth or dare game, and Victor is supposed to kiss Abby but refuses. Abby leaves in a huff and Victor goes after her and when he catches up to her he asks if she fancies him. She rolls her eyes and says it should be obvious. He said he thought it was but he wasn’t about to kiss her for a silly game without properly courting her first, and she’s surprised for a moment before she moves and kisses him first.
  10. Mary and Molly almost start planning the wedding the moment they hear about it.

send me an AU and i’ll tell you 5 of my headcanons for it

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What kind of au do u like??? And please make it into a jikook headcanon!! Tysm

As you and @confidenceatitsfinest probably know, I’m absolutely enthralled by wedding/marriage AUs (especially recently idk) so I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this jikook marriage headcanon anon~

+ Jimin and Jungkook had been friends ever since childhood. It was only in college when they started dating.

+ After 5 years of dating, Jungkook finally built up the courage to get down on one knee and promise the rest of his life to Jimin

+ Jimin had tackled Jungkook in the middle of the park screaming a flurry of “yes!’s”

+ Their wedding was small, but beautiful and intimate. Jimin swears his heart stopped when he saw Jungkook come down the aisle.

+ Their friends were overly embarrassing with their speeches at the wedding reception, causing the couple to blush and hide their faces, mortified

+ “I remember one time I walked in on them–”  "Tae, no, please!!“

+ They had their honeymoon in Hawaii (cliché I know) because Jimin had mentioned that he always wanted to go there.

+ Their honeymoon was possibly the best week of their entire life. Spending time together on the beach and kissing every moment they could

+ When they got back, they moved into a house of their own, wanting to start their lives together

+ They were probably the most domestic couple that anyone would ever see

+ Every morning they would make breakfast for each other, sitting across the table from the other with their ankles crossed together

+ Sometimes Jimin would make Jungkook a nice lunch and bring it to him at his work, while he was on his break

+ They spend their Sunday’s together, cuddling and staying close

+ When they grocery shop, neither complain and simply get what they need with their pinkies loosely linked

+ Jungkook finds it endearing when Jimin asks him to help him grab something from the top shelf. "My little shortie husband~”

“I’m like two centimeters shorter than you, shut up.”

+ Jungkook leaves cute little notes for Jimin on the fridge before he goes to work. “I love you my wonderful husband. Work hard today and come back to me~”

+ Jimin’s favorite thing is to introduce Jungkook as his husband when meeting new people

+ Date nights were reserved for Friday’s. They always planned on a simple and nice night out. It was the highlight of their week.

+ They love to take bubble baths together. Lighting candles and sometimes drinking wine.

+ Sometimes they would be at the opposite ends of the tub, Jungkook rubbing Jimin’s feet and pressing kisses to his ankles. “Do you ever get tired of that?” Jungkook chuckles. “Never.”

+ Other times Jungkook would lay cuddled into Jimin’s chest as the older strokes his wet hair.

+ Their clothes are so mixed together that they don’t even know whose is whose now. (But Jungkook didn’t mind seeing Jimin walking around the house in his dress shirts)

+ Jungkook’s mouth feels dry as he watches his husband walk in the kitchen with only one of his dress shirts on. Jimin smirks at him, catching on to it. “Eyes up here, Mr. Park.”

+ They fiercely take care of each other through sickness and health, and for better or for worse. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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can I have suga with “Just pretend to be my date”

“Oh my god.” You gasp, looking at the male that walked in to the bar. Your ex boyfriend, of course! The one time you think ‘hey let’s go out with my friends and not be a social shut in’ and this asshole shows up! 

Your friends look at you sympathetically, as the ex in question catches your eye and grins a little, running a hand through his hair and beginning his trek over, weaving through dancing bodies and people with their drinks. 

“Fuck, what do I do?!” You ask them, tugging at your hair. Kiyoko pats your arm, a tender smile on her face. Not even she knows, and she’s the one that solves everything. Cripes. 

Looking around wildly, you finally spot three very familiar faces just a little ways away from you - Daichi Sawamura, Sugawara Koushi, and Asahi Azumane. Guys that you went to school with just last year - thank your luck. Immediately, you stand up, gliding over to their table. The first person you reach is Suga, and you take his hand immediately. 

He jumps, before looking up to see that it’s you, a wide smile curling his lips. “Hey! What are the chances of seeing yo-”

“Please.” You cut him off, desperate. “Just pretend to be my date.” He looks confused, but then glances over your shoulder to where your ex is getting nearer, and he purses his lips. Ah - so that’s what had you so frazzled. That guy was never any good for you, anyways. 

“Have a seat.” He pats his lap, and you pause only for a minute, before sitting down and he’s winding his arms about your waist comfortably and good god were Suga’s arms always this nice? 

He rests his chin on your shoulder, whispering an ‘act natural’ in to your ear. To anyone else, it would look like a shared secret between lovers, and the thought makes you shiver. As your ex approaches the table, Suga presses a kiss to the back of your neck, before smiling at the newcomer. “Oh, hello. We haven’t seen you since high school, have we?” 

“Uh, yeah.” He brushes Suga off without a thought, smiling at you instead - that sleazy, disgusting smile he always used to try and get in your pants. “___, it’s so good to see you again.” 

You crinkle your nose. “I wish I could say the same.” 

He visibly glowers, but his smile is back in full force again a moment later. “Why don’t you and I go somewhere? Maybe….catch up?” There’s an edge to his tone that tells you he plans more than that, and you’re just about to tell him off when Suga does it for you. 

“Can you not tell they’re with me right now? Please leave my date alone, thank you.” He snaps, chin held high. “You’re free to leave.” 

Your ex opens and closes his mouth, before scoffing and muttering a ‘never good enough for me anyway’ under their breath. Suga goes to say something, but you stop him with a kiss on the cheek, flushing as you smile brightly. 

“Thank you. I was really worried I’d have to find a way to deal with him…you know. Properly.” 

Suga smiles and pulls you to his chest. “I’d never let you do that.”

Daichi whistles and Asahi laughs a little, to which Suga merely shoots them a little glare. “Anyway. I was wondering…” He trails off, one hand scratching the back of his neck. “If maybe…you’d like to go somewhere with me?” 

You grin, shifting in his lap to face him properly, and peck his nose. “Sugawara Koushi, I would love that.” 

today started like shit lol and its not over yet but this gif is how im feeling already; Saturday I planned an outing for me and ol boy….wrote all the time details from the time I leave work til, we meet, til we get to where we’re going and back home….so Sunday, plan goes perfectly. almost too perfectly until the night ends….we both have to be up at 3am…its 12ish…he goes for a hug….I’m thinking ew, really? a hug? that’s it? before he actually steps out the car, he hugs me again & kisses my cheek. and it really didn’t hit me til after I was almost home….my heart jst cracked, I literally felt it. so when I got home I sent him the middle finger and wrote some cryptic msg on snap… I went to bed on the verge of tears lol it was bad, I’m surprised I slept; get to work, he was late, so he got a ride, and he’s apologizing and apologizing, tryna hug me and I’m like nope….nope…u good cuz IDC bout u being late I have other issues wit u, he tried to get it outta me n I wouldn’t say so he finally let me pass…. maybe 20mins or so pass and finally I’m like no, I can’t NOT say something, fckn tell him whats wrong….so I pull him into the freezer and cross my arms; he tries putting his hand on my shoulder and I’m like nah jst let me talk….I told him I felt like my efforts were a waste & he was like well I told u I’m going thru stuff, I want us to stay friends for now n I feel like ever since I told u that, u been trying harder…lol no comment but I said I feel like no matter what u going thru, when we together, u can be u, it’s our lil bubble…and he says “I see u tho, I notice, I see u” and suddenly I get all teary eyed…and I’m like well u could say something, let it be known and he’s like true, you’re right….and he’s like u dnt even have to try, if anything u need to stop being so fckn perfect….u can walk in in the morning, grab a headset and start working and I’m jst like ((gotta finish this later…somebody talking to me on break….fck))

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Get him Back

After a harsh break up with Wesley, I knew it would be harder to get him back because of his over confidence self. Even though we were never officaly together we were close in many different ways. The only way I knew to get him back was to make him jealous. This could go two ways either really well or blow up in my face. So after a date with Zack, I got him to walk me home knowing Wesley will probably be there outside of his house. Walking up to the front doorstep hand in hand I peeked over Zack’s shoulder and saw Wesley leaning up on his car and knew this was my one chance. 
“Today was great, thank you for being so sweet.” I said place a hand on his shoulder. Zack’s a nice guy but I like my bad boys, they are more fun, and that’s exactly what Wes was. He’s not afraid to sneak me out of the house or sneak into my house, skip class cause to be honest when was Wes ever in class for more the 15 minutes, or pull over on the side of the road for a quicky when we are already late to everything.
“Well I’m glad you had a good time, maybe we can do it again soon?” He said putting a hair behind my ear. This is to easy. I pulled up a bit and let Zack come down to kiss my lips. In my head it was Wesley who was kissing me, so when I slightly opened my eye I saw his jaw clench and his eyes widen, looking dead straight at me. He was pissed and he would sure as hell punish me later if this goes as planned. I pulled Zack in a little bit deeper and his hands snaked down to my butt, this could not go any better. I pulled away and smiled before saying bye and watch Zack leave with a giant smile on my face acting like it was the best moment of my life, and it was since Mr. Over Confident saw the whole thing. I did not look at him acting like I never saw him and just walked into my house. 
It was 2 am in the morning and I was laying in bed wide awake wishing I could just be asleep. Zack is texting me and asking to hang out and I’m trying to play him out long till I have Wesley in my grip and next thing I knew, the bad boy is in my window and standing at the foot of my bed.

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So about Derek never having had a date until Stiles.... obviously we all know Stiles would treat him right but what if they had already been together for a wile before he finds out? What if it's been a month or two since they passionately kissed on the battlefeild and confessed their love to eachother? So Stiles decides one night to be romantic and take Derek to dinner before the movie they planned to see and Derek goes "I guess this is my official first date" and Stiles is just like WHAT?

I mean obviously enter Stiles trying to be THE BEST buying him flowers and stuff, leaving an hour earlier to GET said flowers just so he can pick Derek up, and then at the end of the night he does the “So I had a really nice time” speech and kisses Derek’s cheek and leaves and Derek screams “STILES YOU LIVE HERE” (Because it’s my headcanon that they live as roommates for a few months after Stiles graduates before becoming a couple) and he went out to get ice cream just so he could say goodnight

I went from this

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to this

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This would be such an end of date thing for them to do. 

“Well, are you going to invite me in?” Stiles asks, waggling his eyebrows. 

Derek frowns, looking down at the keys in Stiles’ hands. Their keys. His heart definitely does not flip at the image. “Do I have a choice? You live here.”

“Ugh, Derek, honey pie, I am trying to be sexy. Work with me!”

Derek gives him a look.

“You already are sexy, dumbass.” He rolls his eyes, taking the keys and opening the door. “Now get in here and fuck me.”

Stiles grins, saluting. “Yes, sir!” 

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"Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight Do my hair up real, real nice And syncopate my skin to your heart beating." -- bellarke

The first time Bellamy sees Clarke wearing what he will come to think of as The Dress is Octavia’s fancy graduation party. Octavia insists on it being fancy–“Like, really fancy, Bell. You’re wearing a tie. Maybe two ties.”–because she only graduates once and she’s a classy person, and Clarke spends about a week complaining about it.

“I don’t even have a fancy dress.”

“You have an entire closet full of fancy dresses.”

“Yeah, but at home. And those are, like, rich-person fancy dresses.”

“Are you saying they’re too fancy for us?”

“No, I meant–they’re for weird charity galas. They’re not fun fancy dresses, they’re republican wife garden party dresses.”

Bellamy snorts. “You know a lot more about this than I do,” he tells her. “I didn’t even know that was a genre of fancy dress.”

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Someone To Watch Over Me

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Harry’s parents hadn’t been thinking about his initials when they’d named him, that much was obvious. His grandfather’s name had been Alan so of course it was a fine, strapping, name for their son.

His aunt had gifted him with a set of monogrammed handkerchiefs for his eighteenth birthday, something every young gentleman ought to have, and though he’d thanked her graciously at the time, he’d never intended for them to see the light of day. Not outside of necessity.

So, of course, his new roommate at Cambridge managed to unearth them while helping him unpack.

‘Okay, I knew you came from money but I didn’t think you were this old fashioned.’ Lachlan held up the stack of folded kerchiefs, eyebrow raised in askance as he gestured to a nearby shelf.

‘They were a gift- I only use them when I have to see the person who gave them to me. And I’ll put them in the bottom of a drawer somewhere, just put them on the bed for now.’


'Did you look at the embroidery?’ Harry walked over to pick one up, unfolding it with a wave before placing it back on the bedspread and stepping back.

'Oh, they’re monogrammed- this doesn’t help my case about your family being old-fashioned.’

'It wasn’t intended to. What are the initials on them?’


'Yes, you see? It laughs, because my life is a joke.’

Unfortunately his Aunt Louise passed away later that year, and with her passing came a great wave of nostalgic appreciation for the gift. He began to carry them around regularly- offered to friends when they might be of use, the odd girl he saw in distress, and on one particularly interesting occasion to help a man staunch a gunshot wound. That had resulted in what was probably the most ridiculous and exciting job interview of his life, ending with a fancy codename and money that he’d actually earned as opposed to ended up with through others’ misfortune. And his own, to be honest; his aunt had had no children of her own, and his parents had died a short while after her. He was far more than comfortably well off.

Still, he cared for that set of handkerchiefs the way some handled priceless heirlooms- still carried one in his pocket, even though Kingsman made their own that were far more useful.

It was one of these that Harry offered to Eggsy when he came back. He’d bypassed any notion of stopping by Kingsman and instead gone straight to his home once his feet had touched British soil. He hadn’t thought there would be someone there- just a spare set of glasses and his own bed- but Eggsy had been there, eyes wide and hair a mess.

'Alright, either I’m hallucinating, or you ain’t dead. Which is it?’

'I’ve a fair few more scars than I did the last time we saw each other, Eggsy- I doubt your mind would compensate for such things.’

'Fair point.’ Eggsy promptly pulled Harry to him, gripping him far too tightly,  but he didn’t dare correct him- the front of his shirt was damp in seconds. 'I’m so fucking sorry, Harry. I never shoulda said that stuff before Kentucky.’ It’s said brokenly, between shuddering gasps, as Harry rubs his back mindlessly. He thought he’d be crying, as well, when they reunited- but perhaps his body had decided to hold off until he knew Eggsy was okay.

'I said things I didn’t mean, too, Eggsy. I was angry at myself for not realising- for not preparing you. The blame rests at my feet, not your own. But, might I suggest we go to the living room and sit down? I’m afraid I’m not in the best of shape, at the moment.’ Eggsy pulled away, wiping his face on the back of his arm, and Harry had offered a kerchief before he’d consciously decided to do so. Eggsy looked at the proffered bit of cloth for a moment, and Harry took that moment to wipe at his face himself. His hand shook, something he’d been able to get rid of since The Church, but after Eggsy recovered his hand came up to rest atop his own. He didn’t try to direct it, or take it from Harry, just rest his hand on top of Harry’s shaking one.

He appreciated it more than words could express.

'So what’s this, then?’ He and Eggsy were sat in front of the telly, which was still running whatever mindless show Eggsy had been watching before they arrived.

'I’m sure you know what a handkerchief is, Eggsy.’

'Well, yeah, but no one actually carries them around anymore- why do you? They’ve got embroidery and everythin’ they’re fancy shit.’

'It’s called a monogram, Eggsy- they’re my initials. And sentiment, mostly- they’re also incredibly useful. Actually landed my Kingsman candidacy with one of those.’

'Now that is a story I’ve got to hear.’ They fell asleep at some point after that, tucked up against one another like kittens for warmth, the soiled kerchief still in Eggsy’s grip.

The first time Eggsy came back from a mission more bruise than man, Harry gifted him with his own set of monogrammed handkerchiefs.

'What’re these for, then?’ Eggsy idly rubbed his thumb over the golden E.T.U. embroidered onto the square of black cotton, looking between it and Harry every few seconds.

'Just in case.’

'In case of what?’

'You never know what can happen.’ They sat in companionable silence for a time, an old film Harry didn’t really pay attention to playing in the background, Eggsy’s fingertips still tracing the embroidery.

Harry had been agonising for nearly a month over how to propose to Eggsy. He’d never thought he’d have the opportunity, or the desire, to marry someone but here he is and he wants to do it right. He wants it to be the kind of thing that Eggsy tells Daisy about for a bedtime story, a proposal as wonderful and unique as Eggsy, but he has to do it on his own. Merlin was a simple man who’d sooner just inform his partner that they’d be getting married than pull together an elaborate plot, and he was the closest thing to family Harry had.

So when he walked into the kitchen one morning, Eggsy already there singing beneath his breath, it seemed like a sign from the god he didn’t believe in.

'Where’s that from, love- it’s familiar but I can’t quite place it.’

'Hm? Oh, Mr. Holland’s Opus s'where I heard it- but it’s a Gershwin song.’

Definitely going on the wedding playlist, he thought to himself, a plan already forming.

'Harry where’s my hankies?’

'Your what?’

'The kerchiefs you got me- can’t find 'em.’

'Oh, sorry- I threw them in the wash with a few of my own- you can take one of mine?’

'Alrigh’. Should be quick, but you know how it goes- I’ll see you in a few days, babe!’ Eggsy kissed him quickly before leaving the office. Harry smiled, pulling the small box that he’d been hiding from a drawer in his desk and sauntered from the office.

Eggsy came back from Croatia whole and unharmed, brandishing Harry’s kerchief like a trophy. 'I almos’ lost it, but I got it back!’ He looked so pleased with himself.

'And for that I thank you- you and the kerchief in one piece is quite impressive.’ Eggsy stuck his tongue out, which Harry pretended to ignore. 'I left yours on our bed- was reorganising the dresser.’

'I’m gonna go clean up a bit- be down in a three shakes.’ Harry continued to cook dinner, feeling incredibly domestic as he heard the water running and Eggsy singing.


'Yes, Eggsy?’

'What’s this?’ He’s still dripping from the shower, towel barely staying at his hips, one of his handkerchiefs hanging from his grip.

'Well that’s a handkerchief, Eggsy.’

'Not the- the monogram you pillock.’ It’s said with exasperated fondness, though Harry doesn’t miss the slight tremble in his voice.

'Well, I thought it was about time we fixed them.’

'There was something wrong with them?’ Harry pulled a ring from his apron’s pocket, turning to Eggsy and kneeling in one smooth motion.

'Well, there would have been- I’d be incredibly honoured if you would marry me, Eggsy. It’s traditional that, when one weds, they add the initial of their partner’s last name.’ He pulled one of his kerchiefs from his pocket, displaying the black U added at the end of his own. 'I had mine done months ago- I just couldn’t figure out how to ask you.’ Eggsy seemed in shock, looking frantically from the kerchief in his hand, to the one in Harry’s, to Harry himself kneeling before him.

Yes, Harry’

(song in question)


In which Pedro hacks Ben’s channel one last time.

(So yesterday thetenthdoctormccoy and I were talking about this plot bunny and about how I’m kind of a perfectionist about my writing. And then today I was bored on the train so I ended up writing this oneshot, and just to challenge myself to shut down the editor part of my brain for a while, I decided not to edit this at all before I posted it (apart from fixing a few mistakes with tenses, because turning off editor-brain is deceptively challenging.) Anyway, hope you enjoy this!)

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