there goes my hour


there’s nothing I can do

i’m helpless without you


Singing in the Rain and Star Wars are two of my all-time favorite films and have been since childhood. Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher have both always been idols of mine, and I can’t believe these last fews days of 2016 have taken them both from us within less than 48 hours.

My heart goes out to the Reynolds-Fisher family for these two horrific losses.


The winds are calling up we can’t stop the rain
Wish that you could take it back but it’s too late
It’s too late

AU in which Killua has really homophobic parents and Gon helps him accept himself. 

Also big thank you to seekerofweird for sticking with me throughout the whole process of this comic!!

Things that happened to me working electronics on Super Saturday (weekend before Christmas)

- a manager called me in two hours early, politely explaining that she was worried about how busy it might get since we just closed a set of doors and registers in the home department.
- my helpful ass goes in two hours early
- I get there and there’s five people in line already and two workers trying to get them down so I automatically hop on our third register
- snooty girl with a star tattooed under her eye cuts in front of the line and demands i get her reserved hoverboard. i politely say i will once I’m done with the people in line. She seems to accept this.
- two people later i hear a snooty voice go “um, heloOOO, my hoverboard??? i dont plan on waiting all day!!” at which point i call the supervisor over and she goes “my cashier will help people in the order they came up” and even tho snooty girl doesnt like it she has to wait.
- she doesnt even buy the hoverboard because she didnt realize they cost $400 on sale.
- a guy bought literally four copies of pokemon sun and four of moon
- a couple calls me over to ask about some speakers. man points at the clearance tag and says “is this $40 for both of the speakers here?”
- I explain it’s a display showcasing different colors and that they are $40 each. I am met with blank stares. I explain again: “Both of these together are $80. they’re $40 each.” The man smiles and goes “okay” and i think i did it.
- instant souring of face and “is there a manager i can talk to?”
- *phone dialing* “B someone wants to talk to you…”
- right as i am left alone for half an hour in the department, the floodgates open.
- a woman wanted a tablet we didnt have in stock. refuses to accept that we dont have it despite me explaining what the large “out of stock” sign on it means. complains to customer service, not about me (i was doing a good job for being by myself in the department, in fact, one of the service ladies later tells me she said,), but about the fact the store advertised a tablet we then ran out of.
- register froze on me twice
- had to explain to four separate grandmas that their grandkid’s six year old DSi wont play 3ds games, and two more that they need to know what their grandson’s console is before they ask me for call of duty.
- sold two (heavy ass) hoverboards to some dudes and had to explain that this model didnt explode, that was the old one.
- overheard a lady screaming at customer service because she didnt know a car charging cord wouldnt work when the car was off and felt personally offended that nobody told her.
- overall, didnt get to sit down once in six hours and would not work the day again.

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jklfghkl victor going overboard the first couple of weeks they live together is so real tho. yuuri sneezes and victor goes on a five hour dusting spree

oh my god

okay but for REAL like he’s aware…. yuuri left japan for him, yuuri’s in a foreign country where he doesn’t speak the language for him… yuuri’s literally giving up time that could be spent refining his own programs for him and MEANWHILE yuuri’s over here fretting abt whether victor is going to have enough time to practice, is he intruding on victor’s space,

so they’re both like EXTRA CAREFUL the first week or so until victor’s cooking dinner one night and accidentally knocks over a whole bag of flour and they’re both like 😱😱😱😱😱😱 and start frantically trying to clean it but then they start bumping into each other and smearing flour on their faces and laughing and making a HUGE MESS and laughing and kissing and laughing

and then they’re like ok.. i think we’re fine

 what dumb boys please u love each other. know this

I know this is the worst month to ask for help but, this should be the last time we have to ask for donations. I just had orientation today for a job at a decent company that won’t screw me over in two weeks time. Problem is, I won’t see a paycheck for 2~3 weeks and rent is due on the 20th, they threaten to evict us on the 25th if rent isn’t paid. 

What money I have now goes to gas b/c my job is an hour+ away and it’s not enough to appease the landlords as is. But like I said, this should be the last time we need help, this job will pay for our bills and tide us over while my roommate works on their long term career. 

So if you could donate or signal boost, I’d really appreciate it. Homelessness would make for a pretty shitty present and we need like 700+ dollars. More if we want things like electricity and phones.


I wish I an “early to bed, early to rise” type of person but I’m a “ok let’s go to bed early tonight, but doesn’t and ok let’s try to get up early but snoozes all of my multiple alarms and goes back to sleep for another couple hours” type of person