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A. Ryder Log #10

They find the Archon, the Map to Meridian… and Aria dies for the second time. This time is different, though, and she locks herself away, hiding from her crew.

Jaal draws her out, and has a request - meet his family - and Aria’s happy to focus on something good.

Also on AO3 under The Misadventures of Aria Ryder

Jaal x Ryder, Early Relationship, Spoilers for Jaal’s romance. We’re getting into the actual romance now, guys!

Every time Aria closes her eyes, attempts to sleep, she sees the Archon and jolts awake, chest heaving desperately for breath as the memories fade.

So many things have happened - so many accomplishments, victories, - and yet all she see’s is the Archon staring her down, deeming her unworthy, and then-


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Kylux Rec List #3

So many great fics in this fandom.

I tend to prefer longer works, and I love all the common tropes such as modern AUs with bed sharing, etc.  But this is Kylux, so I’m here for plenty of angst and a walk on the dark side (although not the unrelievedly dark side), too.  Mostly Es.

A mix of completed fics and WIPs.

What Happens After the Events of TFA?

Everything of Me (Series) by squire, @sinningsquire
E - 52,200
All post-TFA; the Emperor and his Enforcer.  It starts as a cold and transactional relationship, but then: “Kylo Ren needs Hux; that’s a given, that’s an elemental constant, weaved into the fabric of the time-space. But Hux needing Ren… that might as well be the big bang of a new, unpredictable, violent universe.”  Lovely imagery and details.  After he wins a contest between them, only Hux would claim as his prize that Ren should do lots of paperwork for him - while wearing a cock cage.  I FUCKEN’ LOVE KYLUX

Broken Skin by IshaRen, @isharan
M - 61,500 - NOTE - this is Reylux
Set ~60 years after TFA; Hux became the Emperor, with Rey his Empress and Kylo the Enforcer.  Snoke was never defeated.  The story mostly takes place in this time frame, as Hux is dying.  Rey, long estranged, returns to see him, and they both miss Kylo, who died around 20 years prior.  They also consider the futures of their children - some are Hux’s, some are Kylo’s.  We slowly learn how they got to this point in flashbacks.  I’m really not doing this justice - very solid world building and OCs; writing that’s somehow spare and rich at the same time.  Not going to lie - I was crying at the end.

Your Rules and Wisdom Choke You by CyanideBreathmint, @favomancer
T - 11,200
The war is over and the First Order lies in defeat.  Hux is captured and put on trial for war crimes; Ben has returned to the fold of the Resistance.  As the author notes, “this is the starkiller base of fics”.  If you are looking for angst with a side dish of unrequited suffering and sadness, you will find this very satisfying.

We Hang Side By Side by @reserve
E - 8,300
Oh, that Snoke.  What a naughty minx.  Immediately after the events of TFA, he sends them on a mission to retrieve a Sith holocron from the Bothan system (poor Bothans, when will we get their story?) as a means of atoning for their mistakes.  It quickly becomes a ‘fuck or die’ sort of situation where secret, long-held feelings can’t help but leak out.  A good mix of imagery, psychological insights, humor, porn, feels, and Just Kyluxy Things (“Hux tugged at his gloves and shut up. He was cloaked in an undulating wave of loathing, it was almost intoxicating.”)

In the Days Still Left  by careful_ben (MissUnderstood), @careful-ben
E - 40k, updated 1/5/2017
Post TFA (and pre-slash), Snoke gives them each a chance to prove they can still be useful, by going together on a mission to a faraway planet - each with goals and instructions the other knows nothing about.  The planet seems to have mystical powers, which doesn’t prevent them from fighting like cats 95% of the time (down to about 80% at the current point in the narrative).  The mood of this is sort of dreamy and mysterious, with visions, nightmares, memory-walking, etc., and there are many hints of traumatic events in both of their pasts. Possibly, Snoke ships it.

Son of Mine by ballvvasher
E - 103,400, updated 1/16/17
Two part series; Part 2 is at Chapter 18 of a projected 22.  Part 1 starts ~5 years pre-TFA, and with many dark themes - rape, forced mpreg (surgical intervention required), and emotional breakdown.  Part 2 mostly takes place ~3 years after TFA - Snoke still rules the FO with Kylo’s help, but Hux is a fugitive.  Their child, abandoned to the care of droids, is found by Rey & friends.  There’s imprisonment, torture, and betrayal…but there are also moments of kindness and sweetness in a terrible sort of dysfunctional love.  This is a roller coaster of a fic; every time things start looking up for Our Heroes, the 20-story drop follows.  Skywalkers should be required to take parenting classes before they reproduce.

Canonverse - Pre/During/Unspecified Relation to TFA

Give Me My Sin Again by neon_bible, @its-the-neon-bible
E - 9,400
Hux propositions Kylo in a hilariously clinical fashion - “Any heart or neurological conditions?”.  Even the discovery during his sex planning interview that Kylo is a virgin doesn’t alter his businesslike manner.  It’s just sex, but as he recalls his own first time, and also gets a good look at what’s under the robes, he can’t help but be a little kinder and softer.  And there are jokes about the Outer Rim.

The Entertainer  by @vadianna
E - 10,700
They have fallen into a pattern of having drunk sex ‘on a dare’ as chosen by the winner of their weekly gambling get-togethers, which Ren has lost every time…for a year.  Can’t cheat, can’t use the Force - Hux always knows.  Then he remembers a game he is likely to win, and when he does, his chosen reward is unexpected (except by anyone who reads fan fiction).  The card game invented by the author - I wish it were real as it sounds fascinating.  Dirty talk galore, and surprising sweetness.

Finitum by plinys, @plinys
E - 36k
This is one of those fics that explores the thought that many people had upon seeing TFA; namely, ‘they act like former lovers who now hate each other’.  A young Lt. Hux is diverted from his mission of collecting children for the Stormtrooper program to pick up another, different kind of ‘asset’ - it’s Ben, fresh from killing everyone at the Jedi school.  Over the course of the next few years, they warily come together, part, and come together again.  The author pulls no punches - we see a child murder enacted by one of the protagonists (not just a flashback to the events at the school).  The story goes through the events of TFA and the ending is open, on the shuttle taking both of them to whatever Snoke has in store.  

Orderly Conduct by Ajaxthegreat, @singardener
E - 2,900
A uniform kink one shot with a Kylo who’s smarter than fanfics generally give him credit for being.  Smart enough to show up sans mask at a meeting in his perfectly-tailored First Order uniform (please, Episode VIII, give us Kylo Ren in a FO uniform…please!) which he knows will drive Hux batty.  There is inappropriate use of the Force on the command bridge, which is how this gets its E rating despite there being no physical contact.  

The Face of the One by @vadianna
E - 85.500, updated 10/25/2016
This fic is a little unusual in that it directly characterizes Hux as a sociopath - not just using this term as a signaling descriptor, but instead delving into his personality and showing what that means, from the inside.  The subtitle of this could be: two virgins (one utterly clueless the other less so) with difficult personalities get together and at least one of them tries to be a Real Boy.  "Well, here we are. In bed. Having a fantastic time discussing our feelings.”  - and their pillow talk just improves from there.  Much abuse of the Force.  Dark and intense.

The Sun in Wintertime  by kyluxtrashcompactor, @kyluxtrashcompactor and oorsprong
E - 6,500, updated 1/12/17
Soft Kylux here.  This WIP is a follow-up to a shorter completed work.  Watch as one emotionally repressed person and another who lacks the context for understating human relationships get together.  No angst (at least, not so far).  Little drama.  Tagged E but so far it’s very sweet.  In fact, there’s a decidedly 19th century-esque pace to the rather formal courting going on here, in all of its delightful awkwardness.  It’s kind of like…Jane Austen-y Kylux?  If Jane Austen wrote (eventually) explicit gay porn about murdering space husband relationships, that is.

AUs - Mostly Modern

Wasn’t Made for These Times by Baethoven, @celloing
E - 22,600
Set in Los Angeles in 1970; the author gets every detail right to bring that time and place to life.  Kylo is a sort-of hippie with some deep-seated issues; Hux an assistant DA (yeah, he’s workin’ for THE MAN) when they meet in front of the Whiskey a Go Go - and the attraction is immediate.  They fall into an easy and shallow relationship, set against the backdrop of the hazy, druggy, uneasy LA  of that time - Charles Manson, Vietnam War protests…all of that.  This will rip your heart out (if you’re anything like me at least).  You have been warned.

The Vanishing: Being an Account of the Apotheosis &c. of James Allan Hux, Esq. (as culled from evidence presented at the inquest surrounding his disappearance)  by CyanideBreathmint, @favomancer
E - 40,800
It’s 1924.  Mrs. Solo asks Detective Hux to find her missing son Ben.  Hux finds Kylo Ren, Eldritch Horror and necromancer, instead.  There are tentacles and a far-reaching plot with dozens of canon elements neatly mapped into a richly-detailed Lovecraftian AU.  The writing is polished and sophisticated, with loads of period detail, language, and thought-forms.  “The vulgar use of the word “spunk” to denote seminal fluid is attested to 1888, so I’m all good here.” - author displays the kind of attention to detail that I appreciate in my historical fiction/fan fiction.  Bonus points for a very novel use of the ‘we must lie naked in the same bed together for temperature regulation’ trope.

Control Risk by littlesystems, @littlesystems
E - 25,300
A comedy of errors, half of it told through email group chats (the epistolary novel form of our time) among Kylo, Rey, Poe, and Finn.  Hux has his own auditing firm, and is called in to audit the processes, procedures, and record keeping of a new client.  He has it out for Kylo as a result of a misapprehension from an overheard conversation.  Great characterization and humor.  This is the author’s first fic according to chapter notes.  

Cadavre Exquis by @universe-c

T - 9,200, updated 1/8/2017
Modern art world AU; Snoke is a creepy but very influential patron of the arts.  Hux is a meticulous and technical painter; Kylo a conceptual performance artist.  The story begins with Kylo accidentally (?) destroying Hux’s piece in an important show; soon enough Snoke has a proposition: work together to create synergistic art, dangling the carrot of a career-making gallery show.  Everything is now in place for the usual dynamic contrasts of this pair to play out.  Only one chapter so far, but very promising.  If you haven’t already, take a look at the author’s completed (and excellent) work, Pseudesthesia, where Hux is turned into an AI.

Ace of Spades by betts, @bettydays
M - 57,700, updated 12/29/16
An intense childhood friendship becomes more so as Ben and Hux age into high school in this modern AU set in the 1990s.  It’s psychologically very insightful and the author excels at expressing subtle thoughts and feelings, almost all from Hux’s point of view.  Hux here is much more strategic and tactical than is typical in modern AUs.  The character development arc for Ben is sadder, somehow, transposed into the everyday realities of modern life.  This is a story of achingly tender first - and obsessive - love.  

My Rec List #1 (Completed Works) and Rec List #2 (WIPs)

I still have a big backlog of things on my TBR pile, so more lists will be forthcoming.  

List #4 
List #5
List #6

they will see my strength (in this love i’ve found)

Merry Christmas, @chris-evahns! You wanted a two parter - an Ark AU, and arranged marriage or fake dating. I tried to work as much in from your prompts as I could! Hope you like it.
Rating: T for language.
Words: 7K+, oops. 
Note: Things are basically the same as canon. Clarke’s dad is still executed, as is Bellamy’s Mom. Lyrics for the title and inset are from “Hard Love” by Needtobreathe. I worry Bellamy and Clarke are a little OOC here, but since it’s an Ark AU, I took some liberties. If that’s not your thing, skip this one, friends.

Trading punches with the heart of darkness
Going to blows with your fear incarnate
Never gone until it’s stripped away
A part of you has gotta die today


Clarke wakes up 4 days after her Dad dies with a knot in her stomach and her head aching. She doesn’t know how to do this – she doesn’t know how to grieve, or how to lose someone. She’s never had to go through this before.

“Clarke?” Her Mom knocks. “Someone’s here to see you.”

“I don’t want to see anyone right now.” Clarke wills her voice to be somewhat civil. She hasn’t spoken more than few words to Abby Griffin since Jake Griffin was floated, especially now that she knows her mother practically turned him in.

“You should get up. I made breakfast. I have to go to the clinic.”

Clarke takes a little vindication in how tired her mom seems, but doesn’t pause for any more thoughts of sympathy. She hears a sigh, and then retreating footsteps, before the sounds of someone talking at the front door. Clarke rolls over, ignoring them, and shuts her eyes tight, trying to will herself to go back to sleep.


Clarke sits up, eyes wide. Nathan.

“Miller?” She asks, and the door to her bedroom creaks open.

“Your Mom let me in.” He comes in, but hesitates before sitting down on the edge of the bed. “I wanted to check on you.”

Clarke stares at him. “I don’t understand. You were in the Skybox.”

Clarke and Nathan grew up together, and with Wells, they were like the three musketeers, until Nathan started hanging around with a different crowd of friends. Clarke didn’t hold it against him, but she didn’t expect to see him here, either.

“They had my trial early. I think my Dad pushed for it.”

“And?” Clarke sits up fully now, turning to face him, pushing her unruly hair out of her eyes.

“Probation, for now.” He smiles ruefully. “Not taking a space walk anytime soon, though.”

“Have you seen Wells yet?” She asks, and he shakes his head, frowning.

“No. I– my Dad told me about yours when I got out. I’m sorry, Clarke.”

Clarke feels her throat tighten. “Yeah. Me too.”

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bleedingprose  asked:

All these post about ff have me curious, are there any good Star Trek fic you've been reading lately? I've been having issues finding a good story lately; any recs would be super appreciated! I feel like I can trust your judgement implicitly. 。◕‿◕。

HEYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I haven’t actually ad the time to read any new fics lately and the one I’m reading just now is actually a TWD fic, BUT I do have some Star Trek fic recs!! They’re all spirk though. Because Spirk is usually all I bother to bookmark hAH……….also these are all 18+ and TOS woops

I originally intended to make a really professional fic rec list but since my contribution to the ST fandom has been so depressingly little lately thanks to college I feel like I owe you guys something. 

The Property of the Victor (18+)
Kirk and Spock are taken prisoner by a Romulan in Pon Farr.

Rhapsody in Rain (18+)
In a strange town, during a rainy night, Kirk and Spock healed their wounds.

Ritual (18+)
In the aftermath of Balance of Terror, both Kirk and Spock struggle to accept the violence and the deaths. Kirk prowls the ship, disturbed by the knowledge that Spock might have easily died along with Tomlinson. But Spock has a Vulcan ritual to remember the fallen, and in the dark cocoon of night, he invites Kirk to share it with him.

Something (18+)
Kirk must face his demons… but not alone.

Dare (18+)
Spock would do anything to defend his captain, even humiliate himself by breaking the Vulcan customs that forbid emotional release. But once Spock’s controls are undone, who will protect Kirk from the beast that lurks in the Vulcan soul?

After Altair (18+)
Spock hasn’t been the same since the ordeal on Vulcan. After Altair, when assigned to milk runs, Kirk decides to take the opportunity to break through Spock’s shell. What happens when he does?

From the Heart (18+)
After V'Ger, a year into the second five year mission, Kirk goes to Spock one night. 

None So Blind (18+)
Spock convinces a blinded Kirk to allow him to create a mental link between them while they are stranded on an uninhabited planet after the shuttle crashes

God’s Forge (18+)
Set between Galileo Seven and Space Seed, about one year into the first five year mission. A peace conference goes bad, leaving Kirk and Spock stranded in a desert without enough water to last until the Enterprise returns.

The Secret Admirer, and The Admirer himself. (18+)
Academy and early career era fic, Lt. Spock gets a mysterious Valentine every year and every year, he has no idea who send it.  Who could be the one sending Spock Valentine’s for over a decade?

Surrender (18+)
The Captain has been through a rough time, and needs someone else to take the reins for a while. This story contains dominance/submission in a consensual relationship, but the lines of consent are deliberately blurred.

Debt of Honor (18+)
Six months after being taken prisoner and raped by a Vulcan captain, Kirk finds that same Vulcan is now being assigned as his first officer when peace between Vulcan and Earth is declared.