there goes my first baby


I’m bored so here’s El Guaco being gay with everyone on the dance floor

Except that being with @thatonenerdygirlinclass‘ OC @kaythemarshmallow isn’t gay (yes I have been reading/stalking your and @jellyboy-surs‘ rp and SCREW YOU YOU GOT ME SHIPPING THEM TOO, THEY’RE GODDAMN CUTE AND THEIR CHEMISTRY WAS GUAY [also I see you’re having an NSFW scene going on now. let me take my popcorn]) Guac’s harem just keeps growing

Anyway. My combobreaker OTP El Doucho in fiery latin american passion as always, and the super fabelnaf frankführer getting dazzling with his hot Mexican chevalier. (I imagine the Sauerco pic particularly takes place in the Liquor Aisle)

(Not my photo! I take no credit; I’m only using this beautiful picture for cover purposes! Nothing more! All credit goes to the photographer) Happy Friday, all! Hope you have a great weekend! Currently Reading: Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch! This is the February pick for one of my library book clubs. And what better book to read in the month all about love? I’m so excited for this book; I’ve been dying for romance in some form. I’m about four chapters in and it’s so lovely. Italy! First love! Coming of age! I find that I’m really starting to warm to contemporary books. What are you guys currently reading this week?

  • Me: *goes on Tumblr*
  • Me: *sees drama with Dan and Cat on my dashboard*
  • Me: *goes to Twitter*
  • Me: *sees Dan's first tweet*
  • Me: *sees Cat's reply to his other tweet*
  • Me: Oh that must've been a joke
  • Me: *sees all the negative replies*
  • Me: Ugh why is the Phandom so against Cat, she's cool, why tf is everyone hating on her it was a joke.
  • Me: *leaves Internet forever*
  • Me: *comes back tomorrow*

[TRANS] 160402 Fan account of Junior promising he’ll take care of Jackson

(Our) representative asked Junior to take care of Gaga, make sure he sleeps more! Mm, our Junior promised her, and said in response: he’s my little baby !  ( It’s a very tender feeling, I can already imagine Junior’s tone of voice saying these words) 

I'm Pregnant and Pro-Choice

To the ignorant commenter on Facebook: yes, it is possible to be pregnant and pro-choice. I know this is true because currently I am both.

I have suffered five miscarriages, and if this pregnancy goes well this will be my first baby. I can’t tell you how many hours I have cried over the babies I lost, and how my heart aches over the quietness of my household and the emptiness of my arms.

But let me tell you: pregnancy is HARD. And even though I’m not lucky enough to have my baby yet, I know that raising a baby is also HARD. And expensive. And stressful. And so many other things that I have barely begun to comprehend. Yes, it will be rewarding, but only because to ME, having a baby is the reward.

I hurt every day for the babies I’ve wanted, loved, and lost, and I hope beyond hope that this will be the pregnancy that sticks. But no matter what, I will always stand by a person’s right to not be pregnant, to choose when to have children, and to know what is best for them.

I am pregnant, and pro-choice.



look at how scared they both were when they heard the raven…The Doctor was so scared but as soon as he sees Clara, he squares up his shoulders because he must be strong, even if it breaks his hearts…and by the time she faces him, she has put on her brave face too. But clearly they are both very scared of loss and death. And those last two, look at how he is smiling and pouring all his love out while she is looking…because these may be the last few moments. But the moment she turns away, you can see all the pain and suffering he has been hiding, because he doesn’t want her to see that…he doesn’t want her to be sad/guilty for them.