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ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore

(more) random french phrases and expressions i’ve picked up from marathoning french tv shows all night

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  • tu veux parier ? = wanna bet? 
  • moi, c'est [nom] = i’m [name]
  • tout aussi bien = just as well / just as good
  • se mettre en colère = to get angry
  • qu'est-ce qui t'arrive ? = what’s the matter ?
  • faire l'affaire = to do the trick / to fit the purpose
  • bien joué = well played
  • en quoi puis-je vous être utile ? = how may i help you? / what can i do for you?
  • c'est à moi = it’s mine 
  • trou perdu = middle of nowhere
  • je regrette = i am sorry / i regret
  • en vrai = for real
  • mes gamins = my kids
  • on se débrouillera = we’ll manage / we’ll take care of things

Okay but guys, some (sibling) Amanda/Lucien bonding after Lucien also gets accepted to Horne Institute for the Arts (he’s actually, surprisingly, really good at painting):

  • the first time Amanda’s roommate meets Lucien, she walks into their dorm room to find him passed out on Amanda’s bed. The poor roommate has no idea what to do, so she texts Amanda like “there’s a guy in your bed”. And Amanda replies almost immediately that “Oh, yeah, that’s Lucien. His roommate kicked him out to have sex, so he needed somewhere to crash. Don’t worry, he’s harmless.” That calms the roommate down a bit, but she doesn’t want to accidentally wake him, so she gathers her homework and goes to work on it in the common room.
  • the next day, Amanda’s friends are all giggling and gossiping about her cute “boyfriend.” And when Amanda overhears, she’s just kinda really confused like “…I don’t have a boyfriend???” And when her friends bring up Lucien, the look of utter disgust that crosses her face has them all in stitches. “He’s my little brother,” she corrects, and the conversation immediately goes from “oh my gosh your boyfriend is so cute” to “PLEASE LET ME DATE YOUR LITTLE BROTHER”
  • Lucien is absolutely terrible at making friends, so he spends the first month or so hanging around at Amanda’s dorm. He becomes such a constant presence there that half of the residents there are convinced he lives there as well and that he just tends to forget his keys a lot, and most of them will let him in if they see him standing outside.
  • Lucien will totally skip classes to make the 14 hour drive back to Maple Bay with Amanda on the anniversary of Alex’s death so that she can visit his grave. Their parents don’t exactly approve of it, but they don’t say no either.
  • Amanda does kickboxing. So when she finds out that Lucien’s new boyfriend is cheating on him, she lands that bitch in the hospital. Lucien protests that he could totally have done it himself, but Amanda insists that it’s her duty as an older sister.
  • Amanda is pretty popular with the guys in her classes, but most of them are scared away when they see her with Lucien or any of his friends (who all adore this dangerous, spunky little ball of fiery wrath). In the end, she actually ends up dating one of Lucien’s friends who likes to act all badass and punk, but gets adorably flustered whenever he’s around her and likes to buy her flowers and stuff, and probably asks Lucien if he’s okay with it before asking Amanda out because he may have a crush on Amanda but Lucien’s friendship is important to him too.
  • The two of them totally invite their friends over to their place for like a week or two of summer break. Damien and MC promptly adopt all of them.

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Okay so the illusion Gadget thing made me sad and my imagination decided to torture me. Since Infinite is well Infinite the bad guy in the eyes of the Resistance, I imagined one of the Resistance guys (whether it’s the main characters or another avatar) finding Infinite mourning over Gadget with illusion!Gadget while in a mission on finding Gadget since he “mysteriously disappeared.” :) This is what happens when I have too much free time.

Ah shit.

Rip avatars

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A fact: Jimin watching I need u and Begin performance when he's alone at dorm. Okay probably "dope" too, but its because of that police uniform. How do you even see Jungkook's sweat while you're performing w him at the same time?

jm: *gets caught watching their performances*

jm: oh haha i’m just watching them to see how i did

nj: this is a 4k begin fancam

A Day in the Life: Ravenclaw

o   5 am: Accidentally wakes up. Gets really angry because they think the day is starting already. Rolls over and sees they have more time to sleep. Cries real Jesus tears in relief when they realize they have another three hours

o   8 am: Slowly wakes up (again). Writes dream down in dream journal (usually something crazy and Oscar-worthy), Tries really hard not to fall back asleep

o   8:30 am: Rolls out of bed (finally) and gets dressed. Hums theme song from Indiana Jones for motivation.

o   9:00 am: Goes for breakfast which they have to eat really fast because they took too long to wake up and get ready. Makes sure they 100% have everything for the day because they don’t want to get stuck outside the common room for an hour thinking of the answer to a riddle.

o   9:30 am: First class starts. Transfiguration. Has a minor heart attack when they can’t find their homework in their bag to turn in, panic attack intensifies when they realize they didn’t do their homework, lies to the professor saying they forgot it (the professor believes them, holla @ reputations)

o   11:00 am: First lesson finishes, rushes to lunch. Furiously shovels food into their mouth while intensely focusing on finishing the homework they forgot to do, runs back to the professor to hand it in, saying they went and got it before their next lesson (professor is impressed—reputation upheld)

o   12:00 pm: Next lesson begins. Potions. Executes first potion flawlessly and turns it in, has extra time and begin experimenting with their leftover ingredients,  accidentally invents a hair growth serum, which they figure out the hard way by spilling on their arm. Has to go to Madame Pomfrey.

o   1:30 pm: Mid-Day break, which is usually spent in the courtyard with friends. However, that day they are in the hospital wing getting emergency hair removal.

o   2:00 pm: Third lesson of the day. Charms, is working on confundus charm, . partners up with their friend and keeps “accidentally” casting it too strong because they can’t “seem to get the hang of it.” Friend eventually catches on and hexes them with a freezing charm so their hand gets stuck to their wand. Both get into trouble and are assigned detention.

o   4:00 pm: Classes are let out for the day. Ravenclaw and friend stay behind to serve their detention, hand is still frozen to their wand. Professor quietly acknowledges that both charms, the confundus and freezing charm, were executed flawlessly. Their time gets cut in half and they only have to re-organize cabinets for an hour.

o   5:00 pm: Heads down to supper. The freezing charm finally wears off and they are able to eat. Days get recounted, dreams get told, human interactions get analyzed, homework gets discussed, books get shared. As an afterthought, food gets eaten.

o   6:30 pm: Heads back up to the common room. Ten other students are stuck outside the door: this riddle is difficult. A fight breaks out, a piece of pie is ruined, someone cries, the knocker opens the door. Students spread out immediately, claiming the best chairs and floor space for homework.

o   7:00 pm: Homework and ensuing experiments begin. One seventh year wants to test what would happen if they put the hair-growing serum that Ravenclaw developed on a rat.

o   7:30 pm: A funeral is held for Cheese, the best rat a House could ask for. He is honored with a full memorial and whatever flowers they could manage to conjure. Everyone in the house attends. Music is provided by the piano someone enchanted to play the theme from Ratatouille. They plan on burying him by the lake tomorrow

o   8:00 pm: The house gets quiet as everyone goes back to doing homework. This lasts for approximately thirty minutes until someone asks what would happen if they put the hair-growing serum on a dead rat. Cheese gets taken out of his coffin. He is re-buried with a lot more hair than originally.

o   9:00 pm: Ravenclaw crawls into bed with a book. Ends up staying way past when they should go to sleep.

o   12:00 am: Finally decides to sleep. Dreams about rats cooking up potions to make hair grow.

some modern Davey Jacobs headcanons that no one asked for but y’all are getting anyway:

  • davey’s a giant english and history nerd and while he’s still really good at maths he’d rather write like 5 essays than do a page of math
  • he wears those rounded hipster glasses in that tortoiseshell colour but is completely unaware they’re hipster… he just needs to see 
  • lives in short sleeve button downs
  • modern au davey is basically an accidental hipster okay
  • everyone goes to him for homework help and they get worried that they’re bothering davey too much but he genuinely loves helping his friends 
  • is generally a quiet and peaceful person but say something bad about his siblings or Jack and you will get punched in the face
  • his room is like 50% bookshelves he owns so many books
  • jack doesn’t find this out until he and davey start dating but davey is a real cuddler. he’s not super affectionate in public but when they’re in bed or on the sofa he likes a good snuggle
  • his taste in music is purely orchestra stuff, both classic and modern, or just random soft pop he finds on spotify. davey rarely gets given the aux cord. 
  • davey wants to leave a mark on the world. he’s not sure how, but he’s going to do it.