there go the boxers

  • *Mom walks into room without knocking*
  • Me: When in the twenty first century did people forget how to knock?
  • Mom: Are you wearing boxer briefs?
  • Me: Why are you here again?
  • Mom: I was wondering if you have any dirty laundry.
  • Me: When did you start washing my laundry?
  • Mom: Since you were born.
  • Me: I've been doing my own laundry since like middle school.
  • Mom: So why are you wearing underwear usually made for boys?
  • Me: I don't know if you remember, but I'm gay.
  • Mom: Honey, you're a lesbian. I'm gay.
  • Me: What?
  • Mom: I like guys. I'm gay. You like girls. You're a lesbian.
  • Me: Seriously, mom?
  • Mom: Is that why you wanted to do your own laundry? Because I could never differ your flannels and underwear from your brother? I also couldn't tell who's snapbacks were whose. Speaking of which your brother's girlfriend left her flannel on the couch. It looked a bit big for her though so I thought she was just wearing your brother's until I saw your initials on the tag. And I'm pretty sure you two don't have the same initials. I also know that I've made it habit for you to put your initials on your tags since you were a kid. So please tell me why your brother's girlfriend was wearing your shirt?
  • Me: *Fidgets uncomfortably* I mean she's kind of my ex and never actually returned a couple of my flannels, but looks like I got one back huh?
  • Mom: JFC, are you for real?
  • Victor strips himself when he’s super drunk.
  • Phichit is that one friend that cheers you on and takes a ton of photos that’s either embarrassing, humiliating or compromising that just makes you wanna hide in a hole and uploads it with an angelic smile.
  • Yuuri’s used to getting his ass groped.
  • Chris’ digs ass.
  • Leon and Guang-hong are fanboys.
  • Victor isn’t the boxers type of guy.
  • Victor was totally going to kiss and hug Yuuri but the moment was ruined because Yuuri was going to the kiss and cry booth and it wasn’t in Victor’s direction which Chris helpfully pointed out.
  • Georgi needs a hug.
  • Victuuri is growing closer and closer.
  • Celestino is called Ciao Ciao. And he’s allergic(?) to shrimp.
  • Victuuri was definitely having  a date. Until Phichit came. lol
  • Minako sensei is weak against Chris.
  • Chris nearly came in his pants.
  • Morooka didn’t see that side of Yuuri coming.

binder positivity by joey




Hey, my first cosplay is officially finished! It may not be the best one ever, but it’s the first one I’ve done pretty much by myself (except for my mom teaching me how to sew and helping to clean it up, thanks mom). So this is my halloween costume/cosplay for any future cons, and I am so damn proud of how it came out. 

Presenting: The Boxer from the game Transistor

this episode was a beautiful christmas gift. we are blessed
  • “I say we do it and I’m the boss, so meeting adjourned.” holt omg
  • they have matching ugly christmas sweaters. amazing
  • “merry christmas and…… don’t think about the bomb. bye.” HOLT
  • I laughed so hard at charles beating up that mob guy while saying “I love you, my son. you’re a special boy” in Latvian
  • “my rapping is still on the table.” “it’s not even in the dining room.” holt is KILLING IT tonight
  • “curse my perfect bubble butt” jake……..
  • are they really going to take down this mob in their boxers?
  • yes. yes, they are.
  • “you’re not a father and you never will be!” “yes i will!” JAKE WANTS TO HAVE KIDS WITH AMY #CONFIRMED
  • “turns out it wasn’t a bomb, it was a clock made by an overachieving minority student” HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT SHOTS FIRED!!!!!!!
  • “you guys look more upset than aaron burr, sir” so many Hamilton references!!! I’m delighted
  • “i’m sorry i said you’ll never be a father. you can make that happen tonight” charles once again is the voice of the fandom
  • did jake wrap that present himself?? aww
  • the caroling!!!! what a nice heartwarming episode :’)))
What Kyle was (probably) like when he was alive:


- he was totally on the football team

- a giant dork

- he drummed on every flat surface

- was a fuckin’ sweetheart who helped everyone

- in addition to Toto, listened to r&b/rap
- “give me that - toot toot - give me that - beep beep””i’m gonna kick you out Kyle”

- danced in his boxers and socks

- go to car guy

- tutored others part time

- hella athletic

- sang Fergie when cleaning

- wore layers and layers when cold

- “call me mr flinstone i can make your bedrock””god Kyle get a girlfriend”

- called everyone bro or dude

- did everyone’s laundry

- frisbee all day every day

- never told anyone what happened at home

- liked looking at art

- sweaty football practice

- “l-l-l-l-lick me like a lollipop…”

- mumbled under his breath

- sarcastic comments

- lots of nights alone when the boys went out

- ‘studying’

- more like procrastinating

- “g-l-a-m-o-r-GAH I DIDN’T THINK ANYONE WAS HERE”*holds duster to chest*

- blushed super easy

- “she moves her body like a cyyyclone””dude wtf”

- embarrassed his frat brothers

- all the time

- to the point where they left him places

- tried ‘dancing  sexy’ and failed

- cooed over dogs

- “i want your body…need your body…as long as yo with me don’t need nobody…”

- took lots of instagram pics

- dank tons of Starbucks

- Toto jam sessions

- trying to be a wingman

- “you like  the barteeeeeeenderrrrr””really T-Pain, Kyle, really?””you do”

- complaining about how buildings were built

- going on a 3am milkshake run


Coming Home to Fight

Requested: hi love, could you write an imagine where the girl and shawn get in a heated argument about shawn being away all the time when he comes home from tour

Note: Probably my favorite imagine that I’ve written so far that involves a fight between y/n and Shawn. Also, I am now obsessed with adding gifs to my imagines, so enjoy.



“I’m fucking tired, y/n.” Shawn says, all the energy drained from him as he’s sprawled across the bed in just his boxer briefs.

“Fine, I’ll just go by myself.” You respond, slightly bitterly. You have a business dinner, meeting with your boss and his wife and you were supposed to bring Shawn along. It was a dinner to discuss some work things, but also because your boss and his wife wanted to be able to get to know you and Shawn better. Since it is a very small company, your boss has dinners with every new employee, and you’ve only been working there about two months so the time for your dinner has come.

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Preference "How they react to you finding their ticklish spot"

(Awww this is so cute and lighthearted :3 Yay for our favs being giggly and adorable. Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Yay for Eric and Richard being  added :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

Negan-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his inner thighs. You were about to go down on him but as you removed his boxers and traced your fingers along the inside of his thighs for a good while, he started to giggle and squirm, closing his legs together. He’d then feel so vulnerable that he’d try to convince you to keep it a secret.

Daryl-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his sides. You were in bed together and as you cuddled, you ended up tracing his side, up and down and suddenly he started to squirm and he burst out into laughter. He’d tried to get away and off the bed but you would hold onto him and keep at it.

Rick-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his calves. You were play fighting with one another on the bed and as he got closer to the pillows, you pulled him by the legs, and ended up touching his calves, making him giggle and squirm away from you. He’d beg you to stop and try to find your ticklish spot back.

Merle-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his tummy. He was making fun of you and as you got “angry” you decided to get back at him by poking him. However, you ended up touching his tummy and instantly he giggled and tried to get away from you. You kept at it and he just started to deny he was ticklish there of all places.

Glenn-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his chest. You were laying on his chest, early in the morning and you had decided to trace some circles over him. He’d suddenly feel ticklish and start to squirm around and once he couldn’t take it, he’d just burst out in laughter and try to get your had away.

Carl-You’d find his ticklish spot to be the back of his neck. He was in the armory looking for something and as you saw him, you couldn’t resist surprising him. Quietly, you got behind him and whispered to the back of his neck. He didn’t only get surprised but he squirm and started to chuckle.

The Governor-You’d find his ticklish spot to be the back of his ears. You were out for the day and as he had gotten into a lot of work, you noticed his hair being messy. Wanting to be kind, you tucked his hair back for him but instantly he shied away from you laughing. He’d deny it tickled him and would change subject.

Abraham-You’d find his ticklish spot to be the side of his neck. You were cuddling together and you decided to nuzzle against his neck. As you did, you somehow made him feel different and realize it tickled him. He’d struggle to stay still and end up trying to move away. He’d then tickle you back as revenge.

Eugene-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his cheeks. He was simply feeling down and as you saw him, you sat next to him and tried to cheer him up. You brushed his cheek wanting to kiss him then, but suddenly he started squirm away and you heard a faint sound of laughter. You did it again and he quickly forgot about his problem.

Ron-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his forehead. You noticed his hair were covering his forehead as you were both reading and decided to brush it away for him. As you did, he started to chuckle and quickly moved away from you, putting a hand to his forehead to cover it from you.

Jesus-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his chin. He had come back from a run with a pleasant surprise for you and you just wanted to thank him. You tried to cup his face and kiss him but you ended up holding his chin while doing so and the longer it got, he started to chuckle. As you noticed, you went in further and started to tickle him.

Dwight-You’d find his ticklish spot to be the back of his knees. He was laying on his stomach while in your bed in nothing but a t-shirt and his boxers and as you saw him, you decided to climb on top of him. However, as you did, you put your hand behind one of his knees and he started to chuckle and move his legs away. Sleepily, he’d tell you to stop and deny he was ticklish.

Morgan-You’d find his ticklish spot to be the inner part of his elbows. He was in the kitchen and as you saw him, you noticed he was in a simple t-shit for once, so you came up from behind to surprise him. As you squeezed his arms you brushed his elbows, he instantly giggled and squirmed trying to get away from you.

Shane-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his nose. You were cooking something together and you noticed him getting some food on his nose. You then decided to wash it away from him by using your thumb. As you did, he started to laugh and tried to get away from you. He’d get shy and start to deny it tickled him.

Milton-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his whole upper body. You simply hugged him and as your hands wandered, you suddenly felt him slightly shifting here and there and you understood what it meant. He started to chuckle and tried to get away from you. However you’d hold him tightly and and he’d start to deny it tickled him.

Aaron-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his the underside of his feet. He was simply laying on the couch taking a nap and as you came back from a run, you saw him there. You approached quietly wanting to surprise him and you sat by the edge of the couch. You then simply touched his bare foot and instantly he jumped awake in surprise, getting his feet closer to him.

Gabriel-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his lower back. You saw him in the church putting stuff away and had simply came up from behind wanting to hug him, after the long day you had. However, as your arms wrapped around his waist, you had spread your hands on his lower back and it made him jump and laugh before you could hug him.

The Wolf-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his elbows. You were sleeping next to one another, when suddenly a noise woke you up. Scared, you wanted to tug at his shirt to wake him up but ended up tugging his elbow instead. It didn’t wake him up but it sure made him laugh in his sleep.

Noah-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his shoulders. You were simply told to go on a run together with the others and as you did you made your way to the cars. Wanting to be playful, you followed him from behind and put your hands on his shoulders. As you did, he felt you brushing him and giggled and tried to get away.

Simon-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his upper lip. You were both playfully planting light kisses here and there to each other but his mustache tickled you the whole time and you just had to find his weak spot back. As you put your finger to his lips, to stop him, you ended up brushing upper lip, making him squirm and back away laughing.

Ezekiel-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his the inner part of his arms. You were simply cuddling in bed together and his hands kept wandering all over you, making you chuckle here and there. You wanted to get back at him, so you backed away putting your hands over his arms but as you brushed him, he started to squirm away laughing.

Benjamin-You’d find his ticklish spot to be the inside of his ears. You were both at the movies and he was so into it you wondered what he’d do if you just told him you loved him out of nowhere. You then approached to whisper at him and as you did, he squirmed making the popcorn fly and started to chuckle.

Caesar-You’d find his ticklish spot to be the back of his thighs. It was an early morning and you woke up to find him holding onto you while resting his head on your chest. You just stayed that way and held him back but then you decided to wrap your legs over him. As you did, you brushed his thigh and instantly he giggled.

Heath-You’d find his ticklish spot to be the upper side of his ears. You were spending the day on a run together and you were both teasing one another. He kept poking and tickling you, you just had to find his weak spot back. You reached all over and suddenly grabbed his ear for fun, making him laugh and squirm away.

Spencer-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his wrists. You saw him feeling down and you decided to join him to have a talk with him. As he did, you tried to cheer him by holding his hands. However, you decided to slide your hands from his shoulders before doing so and as you got to his wrists, he instantly started to smile and laugh even more.

Eric-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his toes. You were simply helping him change the cast on his foot. As you wrapped it back up, you noticed him squirming and giggling each time, you passed the bandage on his toes and foot. You couldn’t resist teasing him and quickly he burst into laughter.

Richard-You’d find his ticklish spot to be his hips. You were on a run together and you sat on the same horse as him. You were behind and had wrapped your arms around his waist. However, he suddenly came to a stop and your hands had slid down to rest on his hips. Instantly, you felt him squirm and he nervously chuckled.

Michonne-You’d find her ticklish spot to be her collarbones. You saw her in the kitchen preparing something and you just had to urge to hug and kiss her. As you got closer, you decided to wrap your arms around her neck and kissed her shoulders. Instantly, as she felt your arms, she laughed and tried to get away all while denying it tickled her.

Maggie-You’d find her ticklish spot to be her armpits. You were having a silly fight about something and suddenly she reached to tickle you, knowing exactly your most sensitive part. You panicked and ended up reaching and brushing under her arms, making her squirm as well. Instantly, she started to deny it but as you kept at it, she kept giggling.

Andrea-You’d find her ticklish spot to be her forearms. You were simply working together on something and you had simply brushed her forearms by accident. Instantly, she jumped and chuckled. As you realized it tickled, her you kept it and she quickly started to deny it made her feel that way.

Jessie-You’d find her ticklish spot to be her back. She had simply fallen asleep on your lap and you just wanted to wake her up to get her to bed. As you did, you ended up stroking her back and instead of just waking up, she jumped and chuckled at the feeling.

Beth-You’d find her ticklish spot to be her neck. She was resting her head on your shoulders after a long day out and was just casually talking to you. Suddenly, you just had the urge to reassure her and cup her face but instead you ended up brushing her neck. It made her squirm and laugh and quickly she tried to move away from you.

Sasha-You’d find her ticklish spot to be her arms. You were simply passing by her and seeing how happy she seemed, you just had to squeeze her arms real quick. As you did, she jumped and laughed, asking you to stop. She’d then start to deny it tickled her as well.

Rosita-You’d find her ticklish spot to be her outer thighs. You were at a meeting in the church and sat right next to her. As you did, you accidentally brushed your hand against her thigh. Instantly, she squealed and tried to get away from you asking to stop it. However, feeling mean, you decided to keep it making her burst in laughter.

Enid-You’d find her ticklish spot to be her knees. She had scrapped her knee and had ask you to patch her up. As you did, you accidentally touched her other knee and made her laugh and smile. Instantly, you understood and started to tease her about it, making her start to deny all of it.

Tara-You’d find her ticklish spot to be her ankles. You had woken up before her and as she was sleeping in, you decided to wake her up. You pulled on the blanket and such but nothing worked so you decided to pull her away from the bed. As you did, she started to laugh and tried to get her legs away from you.

Carol-You’d find her ticklish spot to be her hands. She was having a talk with you about something quite serious and was holding onto your hands. However, you suddenly rubbed her hands with yours and quickly she pulled away and started to smile. She’d try to deny it tickled her and get back at the subject matter.

Somebody born with an arm that ends at the elbow probably isn’t going to become a championship boxer.

They might, if they spend their whole life working towards it; it’s certainly not impossible, just incredibly stacked against them, and it is in no way their fault.  Amethyst is technically correct here; Jasper came out right, and Amethyst came out wrong…

…for fighting.

Amethyst is that one-armed boxer going up against Muhammad Ali in his prime.  Jasper is going to beat her in a one-on-one match.  There’s really no two ways about it.  But…fighting isn’t what Amethyst is about.  Amethyst is about creativity, and fun, and living life.  Jasper is the one who wants to define her as a fighter, because Jasper is a narrow-minded control freak who needs somebody less capable than herself to prop herself up.

Amethyst gets to live her life on her own terms, and she shouldn’t have to define herself by the one thing she’s not as good at as somebody else.

remember my love when we’re apart by tiedbows

my ultimate sheith playlist (equal parts tender and emo)

the postal service - such great heights // fall out boy - sugar, we’re going down // the boxer rebellion - if you run // run river north - shiver (cover) // shawn mendes - never be alone // vance joy - fire and the flood // little green cars - the john wayne // ruelle - war of hearts // the cab - intoxicated // dashboard confessional - hands down // no doubt - running // run river north - somewhere // gavin degraw - belief // bon iver - skinny love // howie day - collide // of monsters and men - king and lionheart // snow patrol - set the fire to the third bar // coldplay - in my place // the fray - look after you // relient k - must have done something right // bleachers - i wanna get better // the all-american rejects - there’s a place // daft punk - something about us // angels & airwaves - saturday love // brandon flowers - crossfire // keane - somewhere only we know // rudimental - lay it all on me (feat. ed sheeran) // utada hikaru - hikari // coldplay - violet hill // run river north - seven

Undercover 5: Five Times Mulder Openly Admired Scully’s Breasts


He wakes you once, in another cookie-cutter room, in another cookie-cutter town, in the middle of another cookie-cutter case.  You’d think for all of this, you’d at least have some snickerdoodles to show for it.  At twenty-five, you’d never have predicted the things that would pass for mundane ten years in your future.

What happens next, though, is as far from cookie-cutter as it gets for the two of you.

You answer his urgent knock at the connecting door half-asleep, murmuring his name in the whiniest voice you can manage at 3 AM—it lacks the Mulder-this-damn-better-be-good bite that you’d like, but his eyes tell you he still gets the point.

“You’re okay then?” his voice is an apology already, and you regret your behavior immediately.  “I just…I had a dream…I’m sorry…go back to sleep…”  He wears nothing but boxer shorts, and you stop your eyes mid-abdomen from dropping and determining their color (black would be nice, the naughty side of your brain supplies).

He turns away, but you reach for him, catching him by the warm, smooth curve of his shoulder (have you touched his bare skin at 3 in the morning before tonight?)  “S’okay…,” you say gently, “Do you need to talk?”  Your brain’s still sluggish—it doesn’t catch up with your body until you’ve trailed a dreamy path down his arm with your fingertips.

“Ummm,” he fumbles, and you snatch it away, but already the air is charged and buzzing.  You feel a flush as it spreads across your chest and travels to land at your cheeks.  “Umm, no, it’s okay…It was just the same….ah…the same…”

He pauses, and you fight back a shudder as his tongue slides slowly across his lip.  (You certainly wouldn’t have predicted waking tothis ten years ago.)  And then you see his eyes, and they—they’re not cookie-cutter eyes at all.  They’re dark and sultry and settled right at the level of your breasts, precisely in the spot that flush blossomed just seconds ago.

Looking down, you realize the top button of your pajamas has come undone, revealing a deep swell of cleavage and pale, pink skin.  You gasp quietly, but do nothing (you’re not cookie-cutter Dana Scully tonight either).  Maybe your brain’s still sluggish.  Maybe you’re transfixed by the way his jaw muscles twitch beneath his skin.  Or maybe you’re finally hungry for a snickerdoodle.

Five seconds pass.  Ten.  Both of your breaths become ragged.  It’s almost torturous to feel his eyes upon your flesh, when his body is only inches away.  Your nipples harden against the satin awaiting his touch.  Your eyes wander past mid-abdomen this time, and verify that yes, you were right—the answer was black.

He’s the one who finally breaks the spell.  Reaching down, he slips your button back through the hole, while you bite your lip and try not to tremble.

“Your button came undone,” he whispers, then turns and closes the door.

(To be continued, obviously…we’ve still got second, third, fourth, and fifth to come!)