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Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…


Sharing this story has been in my mind for five years that I’ve had alopecia. Alopecia is an autoimmunity disease that causes hair loss to a different extent. I have alopecia areata, which symptoms include bald patches on scalp, eyebrows and lashes in my case. For many years I felt alone with alopecia because I was too ashamed of my condition to reach out. At times I was just tired of thinking and talking about alopecia that I ended up hiding it for years even from my closest friends. Many with autoimmunity struggle in hiding like I did but lately I’ve seen people with alopecia sharing their stories on social media. I’ve even gotten to know about others suffering with alopecia in my life. It took me five years to get to this point where I’d rather share my experience than hide it as I realized how important it was for me to see and know others who had alopecia.

I also wanted to share this now since my hair is falling out again and I’m going to start using wigs soon. So much great things have happened already this year and more are bound to happen and I don’t want to spend more time being afraid and ashamed. So from now I’m going to do what I’ve been wanting to do for five years: be more open and keep sharing my experience with living with alopecia💛


While I’m at it, let’s have ourselves a proper Throwback Thursday :) Here’s all 5 of the current main gang, from their very first appearances to their current ones!

Lenoire - Asleep Eidolon 冬至/Solstice (December 2012 ➡ September 2016)

Her first faceup was done by Eludys, current one done by me after light eye modification. Current wig is from Nine9style while her first one was from Kaleido.

Polaire - Little Monica Sophia (March 2014 ➡ September 2016)

She’s gone through 7 8 faceups to date, more than Lenoire, even though the core elements of her appearance haven’t changed at all :) She’s also blazed through 3 different pairs of eyes and now has a pair of fancy DollBakery
Pancakes I haven’t managed to photograph yet. I play favorites.

Haerang - Switch Shiho x HD57 girl body (November 2014 ➡ June 2016)

Surprisingly Haerang “DJ” hasn’t changed much besides dark red eyeliner and a switched up manicure. Eyebrow shape is now shorter but you can’t see it under her melonbowlcut hair…

Estelle - Fairyland F60 Celine (October 2015 ➡ January 2017)

Biggest change award goes to Essie, everyone’s favorite bad girl! Not much difference between her 2nd and 3rd faceups, but the difference between the first and the latter two is gigantic (mostly because of a jump in technical skill). I also got rid of her #ruined Licht wig and replaced it with a nice clean custom wig by Mitsukeru :)

Tamako - Fairyland FLA60 x FM60 body (May 2016 ➡  January 2017)

Softened her look with an eye mod, replaced 14mm Oscars with 16mm MehiArt eyes, and gave her a little egg sticker under her right eye, but she’s going to be changing again this May once Cygne arrives! Signature wig made by Fansea ♡

Feel free to dig through your photo archives and tag me if you decide do the same, I’d love to see how many upgrades/image changes your collection’s gone through!

Dreams Really Do Come True

Another Princess of Hearts fanfic! Based off the wonderful post done by my dear friend @asa-de-ouro.

It was supposed to be another Saturday morning. i mean, it started normally. I woke up, brushed my teeth, checked my notifications on phone, went to my kitchen to make some tea. No one else besides my sister is up, just another day.That’s when it changed. As I went to the study my eyes focused on a oddly placed red button by the front door. There was something written by the button “Those whom you ship yourself with become real and are happy to see you but This includes those whom you shipped yourself with in the past”. Reading the note, my heart swelled at the thought, the idea of those who I adore with all of the heart being here in the world of reality, being with me and loving me unconditionally. My hand was hovering over the button, but my mind was racing. “Maybe this is just some prank bro put out for. “But if that’s true, how does he know that I have fictional crushes. This could only be a sick joke.” My thoughts fought with each-other for a while until I finally decided. “If this is really a joke, let’s put to the test” I say to myself as I press the button. Nothing happen….figures. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes, it was my own wishful thinking. Disappointed with myself, I’m about to sit down at the seats in the kitchen when the doorbell ring. “It’s probably the mailman or something”, raising to get it, the teapot warming up the water is the background noise. I peek through the glass on the door connecting the porch to the outside, there’s what I can assume a head of blue hair and a pair of strikingly red eyes. “No, that can’t be….” my body wanting to open the door while my brain tried to process the events. I opened the door and standing only a few steps away is Cu Chulainn from the Fate series.

 His eyes met mine and he gave me a smile seeing only love and accomplishment, like I’m an oasis made by the gods. He kneels before me, placing a closed hand against his heart, I’m taken back and from his mouth “It’s been too long my princess” comes out. “Is this really happening?” is all I’m thinking as he rises. We stand there for some time until he coughs, “So can I come it?” he speaks, his smile not leaving. Snapping at the trace, blushing at the fact that I standing there like a idiot “O-Of Course.” comes out. I lead him to the living room where he sits in on the sofa. There’s an awkward silence on my part when the teapot signals it’s ready, “Uh…D-Do you want something to eat, or drink, or something?” I say nervous as all hell. “Not really.” he replies, his eyes not leaving mine for a second “W-Well, If you don’t mind I-I’m going to make some tea”. Speed-walking to the kitchen my mind is racing for answers “This has to be a joke. Yeah, that’s right. He’s just a professional cosplayer that paid to do this. He would never actually fall in love. I’m not pretty, or smart, I’m annoying and stupid and AGH!. As I’m pouring the tea and loathing myself for falling for the prank that my brother is probably laughing his ass over, I noticed that Cu is staring at something on the wall. Following his line of sight my eyes are now noticing that there’s a clock that was never there before. It’s counting down the time, 120:15, that’s weird. He sees that I’m focused on the clock when he chuckles, again snapping me out of my foolishness. “Don’t worry about the clock, i’m just waiting for the rest of the gang to show up” he turns to look me still in that adoring stare. “Wait! There’s more comin-” I can’t get the rest of the words out when the doorbell rings agains. “This is just a dream” I say repeatedly to myself as I head to the door, opening it, my eyes laid more figures that I know more then anything. Kiyomasa Senji from Deadman Wonderland, Sho Minamimoto from The World Ends With You, S-Sha for Hyperdimension Neptunia, Satan and T from the Puyo Puyo franchise and tower above them was Blue Diamond from Steven Universe. My brain is almost explode when Cu comes up behead me, “Hey, guys! Nice to meet finally you!”. Sho two-finger salutes him, Blue diamond waves while the others nod. They see me and they all smile with the same simile of love. “Well, don’t just stand there! Come on it, there’s tea if anyone wants some.” Cu said heading inside. They follow, passing by me, the diamond transforming herself into a smaller but still tall enough height. “It’s good to finally meet you” Senji spoke while passing me patting my head. The once fictional characters entering my house while I stand still trying to make out if this is real or fantasy. “I have to be dreaming, there’s literally no way this is actually happening” going back inside I see that everyone has settled in and are now chatting. Gaining some confidence I clear my throat “Can anyone please explain to me what’s going on here?”everyone heads turn to face me “And I’m a just the willing participant in a elaborate joke?”. The questions hang in the air for a bit, “You can admit it, I know you’re doing this just to get a laugh…I don’t mind” I added. S-Sha walked up to me taking the hold on my hand. “We’re here to be with you, it’s that simple.” her voice was true and sounded genuine. She guided my hand to her sliver hair allowing me to feel. It’s was so soft, and I couldn’t feel and wig cap underneath. Again the doorbell rang.

“I’ll go get it.” Senji said as he rose from the seat. S-Sha sat me down and Blue Diamond got me my tea that I ignored. I took notice on the strange clock again it now reading 100:09. The door swung open and another bunch of the people I love walked into the living room. This time a group of ten. Their faces all too familiar to me as everyone greeted each other. The group would then come over to me, with hellos and how much they missed me like I’m a loved one they haven’t seen in a long time. My heart is beating and my whole body is swelling from all the attention. “Maybe this isn’t a dream after all.” I ponder the thought as I get up to make the new guests more comfortable. Making some tea and coffee I offer the refreshments to them. Some take the offer while some recline. There’s chatter with laughter as stories are being told, I stand against the wall enjoying the scene. Another ring from the door, rushing to get it, the clock changes to read 90:00. The next group of ten enters as I’m now greeted with hugs, head pats, even kisses on the hand and/or cheek. The living room and kitchen are almost full so I direct the party to the garden outback. The conversations continued outside. Soon enough, my parents and my older brother walk downstairs to witness the party at hand. All three of them are stumped speechless at the size of the group. “Oh! Morning you guys! I’ll explain everything later!” My simile is now slightly hurting but I couldn’t care less. This is a dream come true and I don’t want to wake up. My twin sister has now joined the party, having almost of excitement as me. My parents don’t want to question the fact that we’re having the time of lives so my dad started to breakfest while my mom talks to guests. I pulled my brother to the side “Okay, so was this your plan for a joke or something?” I asked in all seriousness “No! I have literally have no idea what’s going on!’ he said in total honestness “Okay, well that explains that”. My eyes was against fall in the clock as another group invites themselves in. The time reads 70:15, the dots connect in my head. It’s counting down every group I’ve had a crush on. I giggle at my own forgetfulness as i rejoins the party. 

Everything is going smoothly as more of the people I love come through the door. Everyone is having a grand time. My parents are getting along with the guest, my sister looks like she’s going pass out from seeing fictional characters in real life while my brother is confused as fuck but is going along with her. The talking is pleasant and the food is almost done. I’ve talked to the loves of my life about whatever come to my mind and have been to able to my loves of my life with some of them. I simile at the crowd, not wanting this moment to end. There’s a knock at the door “Coming!” I shout as my feet rush to the door. On my way to the door I see the wonderful clock counting down. 7, 6, 5… my steps matched the timing as my hand grip the knob 4, 3, 2… I open to the door and stare at Roronoa Zoro, my very first fictional crush. “It’s been forever, Melanie” are the only words he gets out as I leap into his arms. Hugging him with every fiber in my body I feel tears beginning to fell. He hugs back as the harem see that the final guest is here at last. “This isn’t a dream, is it?” I asked looking up at his face, our eyes locking. “Not at all” a warm grin spread across his lips. It’s just like the stories, dreams really do come true.       

siriusass  asked:

Have you dressed up as Umbridge, Draco, Pansy, Ron, Luna, Cedric, Bellatrix, any of the Weasleys, Tom (Voldy), Hermione or Snape?

(( OOC: I’ve done AVPM Umbridge… Does that count?

I had one of my best friends play Umbridge once and now I can’t top it. She kicked ass. XD 

I did Draco once… but I’m not a fan of how he turned out. The wig I had was terrible, haha. I’m probably going to try again with him soon. 


I did Ron and Luna when I first started the blog, but I’ve never RP-ed as them, just dressed up and took some pics, lol. 

But my baby sister makes a fabulous Luna. 

I have not done Cedric (add one to the list. XD ).

I’ve done several versions of Bellatrix. XD 

Any of the Weasley’s huh?



*James Potter voice*………. “Snivellus”

………… Yup. )) 


Wanted to share these because even though they lack DST3 context, I thought they were really cute! 

I’m so excited to get pictures back! i just have a few ones here and there to post, but we got in some dignified shoots too! (and crossing my fingers hoping my costume wasnt totally messed up, i was having some issues with the bodice piece) 

Photo taken by Doug Bushong

I saved some things I was going to buy for a cosplay in a Tumblr draft becausehey maybe I’ll post it no big but I forgot that im the user who has 814 drafts and I saved this a few weeks ago most of these are fucking reblogs and its been a wild ride of art references, memes, shitposts, things I want to buy, comics to read, and jokes to dirty to put on my blog shit dude I forgot what I was doing ten times but like fuck im going to find that exact eridan wig again but im going through what’s basically my secret blog just for me that literally no one else has ever seen and I don’t even fucking know man holy fucking shit I don’t even know if the post im looking for saved and im

I Got A Boy - Chapter 12

IGAB Tag / FF.Net / AO3


Annabeth stopped inches away from Luke’s car and pressed herself up against the sun-baked door. The wig blocked out the light that tried to sneak in through her closed eyes and the darkness calmed her a bit. She caught her breath, panting as she realized what could have just happened.

That was close. Too close. If Percy had so much as got a good a glance at her face, it would have been Game Over - Fatality. Her heart refused to stop pounding in her throat, especially since she had sprinted half a mile back to the parking lot. She swallowed thickly and turned when she heard Luke.

“Hey!” He was jogging up after her, a little winded and concern etched in his forehead. “I know you love your homework and all but would it kill you to slow down?”

“I’m sorry… I just had to get out of there.”

Luke relaxed to a walk and came to her. She could smell his spicy deodorant when he jutted his thumb over his shoulder. “We forgot your cinnamon roll back there.”

“That’s okay. I’m not hungry anymore.”

“My Annie? Not hungry? You’re someone else entirely,” he grinned, nudging her with his elbow.

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~~~Wig Commissions~~~

So I’ve been thinking about it for a while an so I decided I’m going to open wig commissions again. I’ll have a lot more free time coming up so I think its as good a time as any.

-I can do short, medium and long wigs! (Spikes, simple dyeing, extensions, ect)

-Paypal only(

-For pricing or question send me an email at

-I can ship anywhere, although shipping price will vary for location and size of package.

-Total cost is for Wig, Shipping, Supplies and Labor

-please have references of what you want

Thank you for the support guys!  (*´∀`*)

!!!! WIG SALE !!!!

okay so i have quite a few wigs taking up space that im never going to use again i think so here u go.

  • All wigs are as listed not including shipping. 
  • if you have any questions or want better pictures or if youre interested DM me!! (preferably off anon)

also, it’ll be really cool if y'all would signal boost this please and thank. 

Update: The brown, purple, and both ponytail wigs have been sold!!

Hello everybody! I just got back from Comic-con and after review of my finances I realized that I’m severely in the red for the month and that I owe my dad like 400 dollars, so I figured now would be a good time to send out a post asking for help/selling old stuff to try to pull myself out of this post-con-depreciation I’ve seemed to have fallen into. Looking back on it, I probably should have budgeted better, and I thought I did! But all of the money I had saved up for it ended up being used by my dad for things so I really need help now.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, Hello my name is Hanari and I’m the cosplayer who looked like this all throughout NYCC:

You probably saw me. If you didn’t well, I wish you would have! I think I looked pretty cool! Long story short is that I’m a cosplayer and I cosplay a lot of things, and I plan on continuing to cosplay a lot of things in the near and far future. I see cosplaying as something I can make a career out of, so if you like my cosplays and want to help support me in my day-to-day cosplaying life, there’s a really neat DONATE button on the front page of my blog over to the left hand side. I’d sure as hell appreciate any and all help.

But this post isn’t about donations. This post is about me giving something back to you guys! I have a lot of extra cosplay and costuming crap in my closet, and with Halloween coming up around the corner and NYCC over, I figure now is probably the best time to get rid of anything I don’t want anymore. So without any further ado, let’s see what i’ve got for you guys!

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i was bored and rewrote the lyrics to "Do you want to build a snowman" so they matched my current cosplay feelings

Do you want to sew a cosplay?
Come on, I have hot glue
I can thread the needle for you
We still have time, 
The con is months away 
But lets not procrastinate
We always do
If we start now, there’s no stress 
Do you want to sew a cosplay?
It doesn’t have to be from One Piece.

Do you want to sew a cosplay?
or maybe work on all our props? 
I think the time to start is overdue
We’re running out of time
Cons a few weeks away
Where’d all my money go, 
All these unstyled wigs, 
Rather re-watch the series again
(Why’d white haired boy have to die?)

Please, there is no more time, 
The con is fucking tomorrow, 
They say “have courage”;
And I’m trying to, 
But nothing is even done
Grab the glue gun
Just pin everything and pray
Lets just sew away
Sorry did i stab you?
Why’d we ever try to cosplay?