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TEACH ME |Chapter Five

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summary: “Not now, Holland. I’m not in the mood of hearing your nasty comments.” you answer him back.
“If you really want to be noticed by Harrison we have to work together.”
You roll your eyes “So what’s your plan, Genius?”
Tom smirks “I’ll give you a few lessons about how to flirt with a guy, how to kiss, things you can say during a first date and so on.”

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Teach me | Chapter Five

You just nod as you kiss him again “I need more”
“That’s just the beginning, darling”
Tom’s hands travel down your body and stop on your hips as his lips move on your neck. Instinctively, you bend your head to give him more access to the sensitive skin of your neck.
“Jump” he whispers in your ear.
You obey and Tom’s hands reach your bum, as you fasten your legs around his waist.
You don’t complain about Tom touching you booty, but you take a mental note to scold him later for that action. For no reason at all you want to break that kiss.
Tom starts walking and he carries you with him towards the kitchen to place you on the counter.
Once again, his lips give a small bite on your lower lip making you shiver.
“Do the same to me” he tells you between kisses.
You capture his thin lip between your teeth and pull a little as he did before to you.
Tom’s grip tighten on your hips, making you squeal.
“Did I do it wrong?”
“You did it amazingly good” he says kissing you again.
Your hands reach his curls, enjoying the soft sensation of his hair between your fingers.
“Too good, I’d say”
A rush of confidence floods into you “Do you want me to do it again?”
“Someone is giving me attitude, uhm?” he jokes.
“You do it all the time to me” you answer him back.
Tom chuckles “You still have plenty of things to learn before teasing me”
“Teach me, then”
He’s about to reply when a cough coming from behind you destroys the atmosphere.
In front of you, two boys are staring at you. One of them has an embarrassed expression painted on his face while the other one seems to enjoy the situation.
“What… what are you doing here?” Tom asks them in a very high pitch voice.
“We’ve finished early” the first one explains, giving you a quick gaze.
“Yeah and Tom has just started”
“Shut up, Harry. We were making lunch”
Harry giggles “Sure, and she was your meal” he says as the other boy nudges him.
Tom sighs “Y/N, these are my brothers: Sam and Harry”
You wave and give them a shy smile.
“Hi, sorry about him” Sam says pointing at his brother “Now we go upstairs”
He grabs his twin by the elbow and lead him towards the stairs. You can hear Harry whining a “but I wanted to stay”
“Well” Tom starts “Now you know them”
You try to draft a smile “I think I have to go now, it was pretty embarrassing”
“No wait, you don’t have to go” he almost begs you “I swear they won’t come downstairs again.”
You sigh “Ok, but now we have to clean the mess we made and cook something.”

Saying that Tom has messed up your mind is saying something reductive. You spend the rest of the day sketching hearts on your exercise book.
The following day, you’re attending English with Violet and your hand is still drawing hearts in every blank space you find in your books.
“Dude, what’s that?” she asks, pointing at your sketches “Are they for Harrison?”
You blush a little. Violet is the only one to know about your crush, apart from Tom, obviously,
“I don’t know” you admit.
What?!” she screams, getting everyone’s attention.
“Something is changing, Violet” you explain.
You spent an amazing afternoon with Tom the day before. After his brothers walked in on you kissing, you ordered a take away pizza from Pizza Hut and watched a movie in his living room. At times, Tom bender over to give you a small peck on your lips or his hand caressed your check as you laid your head on his shoulder. You looked like a couple, at this didn’t bother you at all.
“Let me guess… this ‘change’ has curls and used to annoy the shit out of you?”
You open your mouth to answer when you feel your phone vibrating in your pocket.

From: Tom

Join me in the Science Laboratory xx

You smile and raise your hand to ask your teacher if you can go to the toilet.
Violet murmurs a weak “Yeah, the toilet” as you stand up and leave the class.
A shiver runs down your spine, it’s like your body feels empty without Tom’s touch.
You don’t even need to give the command to your feet to go to the science lab, your body is doing everything without your mind’s control.
When you open the door of the laboratory, your heart misses a beat.
You don’t even have the time to say something, not even a ‘hello’ that Tom’s lips are attached to yours, his hands on your hips.
“Were you missing me this much?” you ask between kisses.
Tom is ravenous, he kisses you millions of times without saying a word.
Remembering what the taught you the previous day, you take his lover lip between your teeth and start biting and sucking him, driving Tom completely insane.
As usual, it’s all a matter of second as you find yourself pressed against a wall.
“You have no idea of how much I love this” he says as he starts kissing your neck, finding almost immediately the spot that makes you sigh the most.
That’s how things go with Tom: every time you gain confidence, he always finds new ways to make you shiver, remembering you to be good.
His teeth biting your neck interrupt your flow of thoughts.
'Has he just left me a hickey?’ you ask yourself.
Tom stops his actions and takes a step from you to admire his work.
“What th-”
“I’ve left you a small souvenir” he says with a smirk, your shocked face was one of the funniest things he has ever seen.
“Tom but what if my parents see it?”
He just shrugs his shoulders “I don’t know and I don’t care” and with that, he leaves the room.
“Idiot” you murmur.
When you come back to the classroom, Violet notices immediately the hickey on your neck.
“Did in find Dracula in the toilet?” she asks with a smirk “oh and your phone buzzed twice”.
You pretend not to hear her comment about your hickey and grab your phone.

From: Tom

“You’re beautiful when you’re angry at me”

From: Haz

“Hello beautiful. Would you like to come to my place this afternoon? I’m still sick and I need company”

You reply a strong 'fuck off’ to Tom and you write Harrison that you would come after school.
“Sooo” Violet starts “Where were we with your story?”

“Hello Rudolf*” you greet Harrison with a huge smile and a kiss on his check.
“Hello to you too” he replies as he blows his nose “This fucking cold won’t leave me”
Even with his red nose, lucid eyes and his pajama he still looks attractive.
“I like how you’re dressed” he compliments you.
You smile widely “Thank you. I’m also learning how to put make up on.”
“Well, that’s impressive. You can go to my bedroom while I make some tea” he says closing the front door behind you.
You did as he told you and reach his bedroom upstairs. When you open the door, Harrison’s essence floods into your nostrils making your head spinning.
“I’m coming” Harrison yells from the bottom of the stairs.
You take a seat on his bed as Haz enters the room with a tray.
“Green tea or earl grey?” he asks you.
“Green tea, please”
You look at him carefully, trying to memorize every single movement.
“Are you ok?” he asks you giving you your cup.
“I was just thinking. Are you feeling better?”
Harrison seats next to you “yeah, more or less. Saturday night I was at a party and I got cold.”
You feel your heart clenching in your chest “Oh really? Was it good?”
“Oh yes. I had a really nice time” he takes a sip of his tea “I had a blast. And I have so many things to tell you!”
You fake a smile “Serious?”
“Yes” he smiles widely “I’ve met this girl a few weeks ago. She’s really pretty, super nice, with the best smile in the world. We chat a lot, and we’ve been on a few dates.”
You just nod, trying not to scream at his face that he’s an asshole.
“And Saturday I asked her to become my girlfriend”.
Your eyes widen and you jaw falls open in surprise “You what?”
“I asked her to be officialize things” he repeats “Aren’t you happy?”
No. “Yes, I’m super happy for you” you lie and you leapt towards Harrison to hug him, so that he can’t see your disappointed expression.
“I’m so happy that you approve it. I can’t wait to introduce you to her. Oh, and her name is Jess” he explains, hugging your closer.
“Sure, I’m excited as well. How did you meet her?”
Harrison breaks the hug and puts his empty cup on the tray and shrugs his shoulders “It was thanks to Tom. You see, Jess is his cousin. She moved from New Castle two months ago.”
Your eyes widen again “Tom?”
“Yeah, he organized a sort of blind date.”
A rush of rage crosses your body and your eyes fill with tears.
'How could I have been so stupid?’ You ask yourself. Tom didn’t want to help you, he just wanted to make fun of you, using you as a toy and then throwing you away once he finished playing.
“Y/N, are you ok?” Harrison asks you, caressing your shoulders.
“Sorry Harrison, I really have to go, now”

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*Rudolf is Santa’s reindeer, the one with the red nose (I specify in case you didn’t know, lol) 

Picked up some mini prints today!! They would have looked a lot better if I had the versions of the book that I based the colour schemes on and also if the people who work at Staples understood the concept of using bleed when printing images.


<b>Fugue by, Elywyngirlie @hauscrashburn</b>

<i>Reylo Fanfic Aesthetic</i>

I made this for @hauscrashburn as I wait eagerly for the next chapter of Fugue! Seriously, go and read this beautifully written fanfic.


fangirl meme: books [3/15]

“The gateway Doctor Dethridge opened is clearly between your England and our Talia, but there is no clear explanation about how the time changes between our two worlds.”


when akshay joined ranveer & did an impromptu jig  during his act

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Hi Gisele is it ok to ask who your favorite bloggers are? Could recommend me some, preferably ones that are Multifandom heaven like yours?

OH MY GOD afagshdjdlflfl you’re an angel ;;; I’m glad you’re multifandom lmao we need more people like you!!! there’s honestly too many blogs that I could list, but I’ll try to make it short if you don’t wanna follow too many people, but these are just the loveliest blogs I’ve ever seen 💗💞💕💝💖💘💓💟💝💓💘💗💖💞

@jjonghyun~  all the shinee content you could ever ask for and wanted +some posts of other groups that you probably already stan. One of the best gif makers, honestly I think this blog was one of the first I’ve followed on here and I love it <3

@ashawol~  another lovely shawol blog, I’m guessing they’re mostly taemin biased tho ;;;;; also amazing gifs and edits, honestly shawols are the best at this and I can’t get enough

@jaesgirlfriend~  a day6 based blog, lmao she’s hilarious and is high key representing every jae stan out there and makes me fangirl over jae even tho he’s not my bias awww

@titty-boyzzz~  I could list a bunch of topp dogg blogs, but I’d totally follow them bc they do update more often than other topp dogg, seeing as they haven’t had a comeback in a while :(((( I love my tiddy boyz

@earthtogot7~  my baby Tiffany  <333 she’s literally one of the sweetest people ever, and if you’re looking for mostly multifandom blogs, SHE’S IT although she’s mostly an igot7 and exo-l :’) plus she writes BOMB AF headcanons and scenarios, seriously check her out

@k0ntz~  the one and only to fangirl with about BTOB oml and she makes cute af gifs, go request some!!! ++ hella funny and relatable posts I honestly love her

@honeyjaehwan~  might be the softest Ken stan ever, the cutest <3 I probably liked and reblogged every single one of her posts, I just love my bf and I love her blog. It’s mostly only Ken w/ some posts of other members, but you’ll fall for him eventually so *shrug*

@day6nerds~  a day6 blog where you can fangirl your heart out, and they always keep it updated and it’s very well organized!! One of my fave day6 blogs

@imeightout~  cute af multifandom blog, and I love her aesthetic ++ she also writes fanfiction!! The whole package <3 maybe it’s bc I love my mutuals hella but yall should go follow her

@anna-something~  tbh her tags should be the only reason you follow Anna for, she’d hilarious. She’s kinda the reason I got into bap and she ruined my life w/ her blog :* love you babe even tho you always spell my name wrong aw <3

@glitzyeol~  oml the cutest blog with the cutest blog owner ever. She makes hella edits of exo members, I love it <3 I’m so glad we became mutuals, I love this blog

@whenxoxosmilesunshines~  agshejfllfkdhaba BEST EXO-L GIF MAKER ily Ashley <3333 also………my fellow Sehun stan, I finally found one to fangirl with and I’m blessed w/ her posts

@3ouncesofwhoopass~  a hard core minseok stan, gotta love them. Makes hilarious posts and sometimes I’m scrolling through her blog and laughing my ass off lmao her blog is mostly exo, mixed with vixx + Monsta X + nct :’)

@vanillainverse~  my sweet child is literally an angel, I love Francine. One of the best multifandom blogs, if you stan pretty much all the groups I do <333

@smol-kihyuns~  just a fellow kihyun stan who was ruined by kihyun’s ass :’))))) i love this blog and I always go on it to fangirl for a lil when I’m in my kihyun feels

@cha-latte~  blesses me w/ gifs of vixx and that’s the only reason you need to follow this blog tbh, I love it

@umma-jy~  one of the best got7 gif makers, also Jinyoung biased ay!!!!! Also tags are hilarious and I love everyone who spills their guts out in the tags bc same

@cozybaozi (aka raviyeolie-reactions) lmfao we literally became friends in a matter of hours while both our followers thought otherwise ??? Girl I love your blog, keep blessing me up and quenching my thirst for exo, I’m here for it :’)

MatPat deserves love

I always enjoy seeing theories whenever they pop up, whether it be Game Theory or Film Theory. I don’t always have time to watch GTLive, but I when I do manage to catch a stream I always enjoy the silly jokes and Mat and Steph’s adorableness. I’m appreciative of all the time they put into their videos to make them top quality for us. Love you Matpat and Steph, and all others who work so hard to make these channels possible. <3

Save Me - Chapter 21

Jared was right, they moved through the line pretty quickly and within an hour, he was walking through the door of his dressing room with Emma carrying trays of food. Perfect timing, we were starving and I needed a distraction from my thoughts.

“You guys hungry?” He asked

Shannon and Tomo eventually came in with their dinner too and it was nice to sit around chatting while we ate. It’s a different side of them to see, relaxed and chill without their guard up. The upcoming tour dominated the conversation. After this date they were heading to Europe and would be there for quite awhile. I already knew their crazy tour schedule, I saw it when I was first buying our tickets to yesterday’s concert. Back then, this was just a little adventure for the girls and I. Right now though, a mere 24 hours later, it was entirely different. The thought that after tonight I wouldn’t see Jared again made my heart sink and that feeling was terrifying.

Eventually Shannon and Tomo went back to their own dressing rooms for some quiet before the show. Emma was in and out and the girls were keeping to themselves. Lily even fell asleep on the couch…yes, THAT couch…eww! I could feel the heat creeping up my neck as memories of what Jared and I did on that couch not all that long ago flooded my mind.

Jared and I cleaned up from lunch then sat down, finally as alone as we were going to be for the time being. We were in the opposite corner of the room from the girls sitting in two chairs. Far enough from prying little ears.

“You ok?” He asked looking me in the eyes.

“Of course, I am, why?”

“I don’t know. I guess a lot has happened and we haven’t been able to talk about it. I can feel you distancing yourself since we finished eating. Don’t do that.” He said quietly as he took my fingers in his. I quickly glanced at the girls, I didn’t want them to see anything.

“They’re in their own world, they aren’t paying attention.” Jared said trying to pull me back into the conversation.

“Jared, you don’t have to explain anything. I mean, you definitely shocked me but I’m good, everything’s fine.” I said looking away from him.

I didn’t want him to see the lie. Self preservation mode was kicking in, I know that’s what’s happening and I know exactly why too. It scared me to my bones that he could get under my skin so much in such a short period of time. I was an adult completely crushing on a rock star celebrity, that in itself is embarrassing and you don’t have to be a genius to figure out how this is going to end.

I didn’t want him to see my inner fangirl feelings and I really, really didn’t want to have some uncomfortable “morning after” conversation. We’re adults, we had sex. That’s it.

Emma’s timing was impeccable, I’d have to remember to thank her later. Just as Jared was about to talk, she popped her head in to let him know he was 10 minutes from stage. While his attention was on Emma, I stood up telling the girls we needed to get our things together so we could head into the venue. I had it in my mind that this was going to end so I wanted it to end on my terms.

“Girls, you can leave everything in here. You’ll be coming back here after the show.” Jared said looking directly at me. I could tell he was getting frustrated with me, probably feeling blown off. He’s probably thinking he needs to treat me like he treats his 20 year old flings but that isn’t me. I’m a big girl, I don’t need to be let down gently.

The fact is, I’m a realist. As we sat around during lunch, my mind was going and going, I couldn’t stop it. I would have to be a total moron to think anything real would come of this. Was he being sweet? Yes…but I’m sure when he’s on his way to the next show, whatever this is will be a little blip in his memory then onto the next girl and that’s it.

“I’ll take you guys down to stage if that’s okay?” Emma asked. She could sense the sudden tension, I’m sure. The girls were already at the door waiting as I turned back to Jared.

“Have a great show, Jared.” I smiled but didn’t get one back. He was trying to figure out what to say. I turned to leave but before I made it out the door I felt his hand wrap around my arm preventing me from escaping.

“We aren’t done here, Vivie. I don’t know what’s going on in that pretty little head but I’m almost positive whatever it is you think you know, you’re wrong and that’s my fault. I’m going to fix that after the show.” He said letting go of my arm and walking away. The conversation was over in his mind and obviously he didn’t want hear a response from me.

Every passing moment felt like it was getting more complicated than the next and I just don’t understand why.

Fangirl was my favorite book to write. I wrote it really quickly, and I was immersed in it. I was just really happy inside of it. And it’s still the book of mine that I most enjoy going back to. So, when I meet someone who’s connected to the book, it’s like we’re sharing this really happy, personal thing.
—  Rainbow Rowell when asked: “What has it been like to meet fans who have found such a strong connection with the book?” (link to interview)
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Introducing the “King of Dad Dancing and Cuteness Overloads"♡