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–It is time we settle this once and for all.

purifiedwate  asked:

Hello, I was wondering if I could request you to draw Allen and Kanda in modern day clothing

Totally not inspired by that poster.

It was really pleasent to draw something that wasn´t my webcomic. So thank you for requesting!



as if i needed a new i needed a new oc, but the idea kept eating at me, so we’ll see where it goes.  

anyways this is N’aalta’sh, she’s a diplomat and absolutely despises war.  she has been working for peace almost her entire adult life.  she’s still pretty in the works rn, but i do know that she works for the empire and is rapidly becoming disillusioned with their warmongering and just wants everyone to calm the fuck down and stop killing each other.  she mainly got into diplomacy because she was disgusted by how many people (soldiers and civilians) were killed because some pompous lord/lady wanted to get more land/power.  she does her best to work for the betterment of those who aren’t nobility, which is difficult because many of the Alderaanean nobility think that they are more important than the ‘common man’.


Daddy didn’t want me and Momma couldn’t be at home;
She was working hard, making money to buy my school clothes.
I was only 12 going on 22,
Momma was doing all that she could do.
I grew up fast, man was it quick.
All that immature kid shit, I had to skip.
I got a job at 15 making subs and making tips,
working hard so Momma didn’t have to buy me shit.
She’s a damn strong woman with a heart of gold.
She’d give me the shirt off her back if I said I was cold.
Someday I’ll give her more than just my love,
she made it clear it doesn’t matter where I come from.

Man I’m really irritated. On top of those 3 nights where I didn’t get sleep, I keep having to leave the house for various reasons so I’m still left with barely any time to get work done. Like tomorrow I have to go clothes shopping with my mom, and the day after I have a psychiatrist appointment and on Friday I have to go to the DMV

It hasn’t helped that it’s just been way too damn hot lately to function. We’re working on getting AC but until then it’s just nothing but sweaty misery.


Even “casually wearing my boyfriend’s clothes long before we were official Bech Naesheim

All the light that you possess is skewed by lakes and seas.

  • Draco: there's a big sale going on right now
  • Harry: really, where?
  • Draco: in my room. Clothes are 100% off *winks*

This answer is so much better than any tag line I could have ever come up with.

this is the only other thing i’ve drawn today and it’s just a sketch but i felt like i needed to share,

Ballet au inspired by all the fics I’ve read (mostly pick lilacs for the passing time by astralelegies on ao3 bc Yuuri en pointe. Yuuri. En pointe. Also, danseur!Victor.)

Outfits… Unintentionally inspired by @beanpots‘ lovely day and night au. Like, go. Check it out. It’s great.

Big thank you to @cookiecreation for putting up with me spamming her with my wips for this and every other art I’ve drawn since ever. Thanks, friend!


More Women than Warriors by @steklir  (moodboard)

“The first time Clarke sees the Head Girl she’s sitting on a throne, presiding over her dominion with a piercing stare and a crown of braids in her hair. Her warriors are spread at her feet, a multitude of them, all long-haired and wild and clad in identical brown regalia. There’s something of the sacred about her, like the crimson cloak draped across her shoulders and her divinity are one and the same.

Or at least it feels that way”

British girls’ boarding school AU. Obviously.

As thanks for the 2k+ followers for this Sterek sub-blog, I wanted to show my eternal gratitude by giving you guys something in return :’D

I’ll be picking two winners (via like and via reblog)
First winner will get the Sterek acrylic charm and “Stiles Werewolf Oven” pin.
Second winner will get the “Werebun!Stiles & Wolf!Derek Pin” and “Stiles Werewolf Oven” pin.

As for the rules, it’s pretty simple (I think haha)

  • Keep your ask/tumblr chat open, I’ll be leaving a message for mailing info
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