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A prompt for Valentine fic, if you don't mind c: So: first time Stiles gets a date for Valentine, detailed plans and all, but that morning he's being stood up and shit goes down with a new baddy, so he's kind of freaking done, and he also gets hurt (but not too much) so Derek, feeling how much he's sad and angry, since Der called him there, decides to make up for it even with his awkward social skills and angry eyebrows. Cool date (and sex, if you're up to) ensues. HAPPY ENDING yeah c: Thanks c:

Also on ao3!

Stiles brought the bat down on the kelpie’s head again with a sickeningly wet thud. He raised it only to slam it back down on the creature’s pulverized cranium, bone cracking under the overzealous assault.

The rest of the pack looked on in a mix of horror and morbid fascination as Stiles continued to literally beat the dead supernatural horse. Black blood seeped out of the kelpie’s many various wounds, painting the rocky riverside with dark gore, the moss stained by the dark blood.

After a couple hikers had been reported missing in the preserve earlier that day, the pack had spent hours trying to figure out what had happened, attempting to decide whether or not there was a supernatural component or not. Their suspicions had intensified when the hiker’s dead bodies were found downstream, pre-mortem slashes and bruises covering them, fluid in their lungs indicating that they had drowned.

It was Stiles who had come to the conclusion that a kelpie was responsible for the deaths of the couple, pointing out the hoof shaped contusions on one of the men’s chests. Derek deeming it very plausible, the pack had taken to the preserve, searching the area in which the hikers had gone missing for any sign of the kelpie.

After over two hours of canvassing the area, searching for the creature, it had made its whereabouts known by bellowing out a deafening roar when Isaac got a little too close to the river where it was residing. In response, Isaac had thrown his head back and howled for reinforcements while trying to fight off the crazed kelpie.

The rest of the pack had arrived in time to save Isaac from getting his skull crushed by one of the kelpie’s hooves, Derek tugging him out of harm’s way with a ferocious roar of his own. The alpha had received a lash to his face from the kelpie’s whip-like tail of seaweed for his troubles, a line of blood smattered across his face as he flashed his bright red eyes at the kelpie.

With the pack surrounding it, the kelpie had become even more aggressive, lashing out at them whenever one of them so much as breathed, leaving almost all of them wounded, dragging a few of them into the river with it as it attempted to escape. Crawling out of the frigid water, Stiles had ended things with one fell swing of his bat, the kelpie collapsing on the riverbank with a loud thump, but once Stiles started, he couldn’t stop.

He was pissed. It was Valentine’s Day and there he was in the middle of the preserve, soaking wet with his side throbbing from where the kelpie had scratched him with the sharp edge of one of its hooves.

He grunted as he continued his assault on the kelpie’s skull, the rest of the pack wincing each time he landed a blow on the kelpie’s head, eyes riveted to the gut-wrenching scene. Eventually, after several excruciating minutes of the violence, a hand shot out to grab the bat, sparing the kelpie corpse another hit and stopping Stiles in his tracks

“What?!” Stiles growled, snapping his head up to meet Peter’s eyes, baring his teeth in a human snarl, panting heavily as he tightened his grip on the bat. Peter just rolled his eyes at him with a snort.

“As much as I am a fan of unnecessary violence, this―” he waved his hand to indicate the kelpie’s dead body, black blood seeping out of its demolished skull “―is just plain excessive,” Peter drawled with a judgemental grimace. He dropped his right hand, wrinkling his nose at the sticky black blood covering his palm before wiping it off on the side of his designer jeans. Turning back to Stiles, he casually suggested, “Now, why don’t we just wash up and spend the rest of the evening having rough, wild sex, hmm?”

“In your dreams,” Stiles spat viciously, straightening up and squaring his shoulders, narrowing his eyes at the smirking werewolf. He was in no mood for Peter’s perverted little teasing.

“Well, yes. But that doesn’t quite answer my question,” Peter pointed out, raking his half-lidded eyes over Stiles’ body, not bothering to conceal his blatant interest. Stiles rolled his eyes, freezing stock still when Peter tacked on, “One would think that after getting stood up this morning you would be more than happy to jump into bed with someone as good-looking as myself.”

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I finally found the original video from the exact moment the electric chair was being tested during Ted’s last interview with James Dobson! I cut the part and uploaded it on youtube.

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The reason why I'm saying for Touka to move on is that Touka seems to be stuck in the past where she wants to recreate Anteiku and changes her hair to when her and Kaneki met. She just wants to "pick off where they left off" from the past. But they never started and at best Touka just pinned for Kaneki for years unlike Akira and Amon where they at least knew that something was there.

Thing is anon, being stuck in the past is only considered a bad thing on the assumption that the past cannot be regained. So what’s really bad in that scenario is “longing for what you cannot have”. This does not apply to Touka Kirishima. Touka is not only able to regain the past, she has done it.

To continue from the life she once knew at Anteiku, Touka needs the old staff: Kaneki, Hinami, Yomo, Nishiki, Koma, Irimi, and Yoshimura. Everyone on this list is alive, and 6/7ths are currently with Touka at :re. In the case of the old manager, Touka has adapted the same calm, wise and parental aura that surrounded him into herself, and now her coffee tastes just as good as his did. Another important member of her old life, Yoriko, is also alive and is on course to reunite with her very soon. Even Ayato, the part of her life that was still missing even during those happy days at Anteiku, has come back to her side. The only irretrievable element are her parents, but even there, Yomo has provided closure for the issue of the mother she never knew, and as we’ve seen from Ch 120, she’s come to terms with the person her father really was.

It’s not just Touka that wants to recreate Anteiku either.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: wanting to go back to Anteiku is a sign of sanity in this series, because Anteiku is entwined with the concept of hope. The hope for Ghouls and Humans to live alongside each other. Yoshimura’s hope for Eto to recover her humanity. Touka’s hope for Kaneki to survive and find his way in life again. Whenever someone leaves Anteiku, their life takes a helter-skelter towards the tragic; both Kaneki and Hinami can testify to that, and it was people from Anteiku that saved them both at Cochlea. So yes, please do recreate Anteiku, Touka! It’s because you did that Kaneki and Hinami and all the lost souls of Goat have a home again. She’s done far more than just pine for Kaneki for all those years, she’s recreated the TG universe’s symbol of hope. 

Touka’s arc was about recovering her empathy and ability to connect with others - to abandon Kaneki now would reverse all of her positive change, especially now after Akira’s just left him. It’s not as if she’s gambling everything on the chance Kaneki returns her feelings either - she genuinely wants to help him, and all she needs in return is for Kaneki to remain in her life. As for the contrast with Akiramon, that (now canon) pairing had the same level of ambiguity as Touken; Amon blocked her kiss the first time, and it was unclear whether he felt the same as she clearly did.

I think a lot of the time people mistake Ishida’s thematic intentions utilising characters with those characters own individual motivations. I don’t think Touka’s trying to pick off where they left off, I think Ishida is - that’s why he had Touka dye her hair black. He’s trying to emphasise that this is where the original story continues proper, now that Kaneki is back at home; Tokyo Ghoul :re was Kaneki’s attempt to abandon his old story and start a new one, but his return to a second Anteiku with his old friends proves that he can find happiness in the world of his original story. The old story has finally found its way back on track after tragedy sent it flying off the rails. 

@ that anon a while back, and also the rest of Gotham City who will know what I’m talking about - I finally found it! The origin of the do the butts match meme!

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Told You

Request: hey there! I saw you wanted some angsty Spider-Man requests and I absolutely love for angst (; could I request a scenario in which he’s about to go off fighting/stopping crime or something of that sort and the reader has a v bad feeling about it and he assures her that it’s nothing but he ends up getting severely injured and there’s just a lot of angst and a lil dash of fluff perhaps to balance it out (-: thanks a million!! <3
+ : Hello love!! 💖 Could I request an angst with peter parker, when he’s about to leave for a mission of some sort (fighting the Vulture perhaps?) and the reader has always been there to support him and fix him up after dangerous situations and she’s really scared about this one and he assures her that it’s all going to be fine BUT she sneaks out after him once he leaves and sees the wreckage that they created and sees him on the ground and thinks he died? (’: lots of angst if u don’t mind! <3

Requested by: both anonymous.

A/N: I thought these two worked really well together, and instead of just making two imagines very similar I thought it’d be better if I combined and made it extra angsty and a bit long ;) hope you both don’t mind. Thank you both of the request, this was super fun to write. btw, this is completely based off memory from the movie, i saw it last Monday, so this is just the best I can remember.

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: angst.

Originally posted by vintagejosh

“I don’t know about this, Peter.” You sighed, crossing your arms over your chest. There was just something about it this time just didn’t feel right. It just didn’t settle right in your stomach, but no matter how hard you tried to convince Peter otherwise, he didn’t listen. Saying he ‘needed’ to do this.

Peter stepped forward, allowing his hands to fall on your arms. You looked up at him, trying to not show the true fear and terror you felt for his safety at the moment. He smiled lightly at you, rubbing his hands up and down your arms. “Y/N, I need to do this.” You resisted sighing, frustrated that that was the only excuse he’s given you since you decided to share your fright.

You pushed his hands away, walking away from him. Peter looked at your turned back with confusion, his hands slowly falling to his sides. You shook your head, looking at the floor of Peter’s bedroom and trying not to yell so that Aunt May didn’t hear. “I’m serious.” You declared, turning back around to look at him. You shocked Peter when he saw your eyes shine with unshed tears and he could see the actual fear behind them. “I’m always there for you. I’m the one that has to patch you up every time you get hurt-”

Peter looked taken aback by your words, looking down at the ground in shame. “I didn’t realize that it anno-”

“No!” You interrupted, making his head snapped back up to your own. “That’s not what i’m saying. Peter, i’m glad you come to me but it hurts me to see you in so much pain.” Your voice crack as you realized no matter how hard you tried to convince him, there was no way you were going to be able to get Peter to stay back. You figured you’d known that since the beginning but that hadn’t stopped you because you really didn’t want to see him end up severely injured or dead. “I-I can’t lose you. Not you.” 

Peter didn’t say anything at first, opting to walk towards you. You wanted to push him away, mad that he was going to risk his life for other people. But you knew he was doing the right thing, it would be wrong for him not to help and destroy something that was causing havoc if he was perfectly capable of doing so. Therefore, you let him walk up to you, and wrap his arms around you to comfort you. And for the first time since this disagreement had started you came to the conclusion he was scared as well.

Peter was feeble, shaking when he grabbed ahold of you. And though the both of you had shared many hugs together and you both weren’t new to the idea of being intimate, he hugged you with such force. Held on to you for dear life, like this was the last time he might see you. And that did nothing to calm your nerves.

“It’ll be fine.” He mumbled against your neck, his hot breath hitting you. “I’ll be fine.” 

“But what if it’s not?” You ask for the umpteenth time. “Peter, this- Vulture or whatever, wants your head. This isn’t like helping people on the street, this isn’t even like stopping those robbers, this is a man who wants to kill you. Even if you don’t want to kill him.”

“I know, I know.” Peter nodded, trying his best to reassure you. You sighed, watching as head turned toward the window. It was already dark, you hadn’t even noticed. You watched as Peter turned his head back towards you, offering you a small smile. “I need to go.” You opened your mouth to say something but it was too late as Peter turned, grabbing ahold of his backpack as he headed towards his window.

“Wait, Peter!” You called just before he left through his window. He slowly turned his head towards you, giving you a look to let it go. Sighing, you nodded his way, the sickly feeling still residing in your stomach but you pushed away. Peter needed to do this, and you weren’t going to be the one to stop him. Not anymore. “Just… be careful.”

“You know I will.” Peter sent you a bright smile, saluting you off before jumping off his window seal. You ran to the window, looking down for him but then he flew ahead, in his Spider-Man suit. You watched him shoot webs, flying from building to building. Rocking on your feet, you watched his figure disappear before you could no long see him anymore. Clenching your fingers against the window, you bit your lip, looking back at the door. 

I’ll be fine.

But what if he isn’t? Sighing frustratingly you ran towards the door, opening it and running to the front door to the apartment before Aunt May could call after you. You knew Peter would be mad if he knew you were following him, but you needed to. For his safety.

After hours of searching for him, you finally found him. It had taken you much longer than you had originally intended but he was quick, especially with his spidey powers and it was practically impossible keeping up with him. But finally arriving at the scene only made your heart feel even more heavy, there was rubble and destruction everywhere. Fire that had been caused by the place crash. You couldn’t see Peter or even this Vulture guy he was suppose to be fighting.

It was just rubble and destruction. Though your worried eyes caught sight of something red, and inspecting it close you confirmed it was in fact blood. Your heart dropped, looking around desperately for Peter anywhere. You had the worst feeling in your stomach, and you almost felt like you might be sick. He couldn’t be dead. He just couldn’t.

“Peter?” You called out hesitantly, your voice breaking as you continued walking through everything. Tears welled in your eyes, exhausted from your walk practically around the city and exhausted from the thought that you might have lost the one thing that mattered anymore. You continued walking, for what seemed like forever before you heard a soft groan.

Your head snapped to your left, your eyes snapping everywhere for any sight of Peter. “Hello?” You called out, “Peter?” Another groan, and then another. Looking everywhere, you practically begged in your mind that you’d find him. You felt hope fill within you when you caught sight of a familiar head of brown. Running forward, you pushed some rubble away, catching sight of Peter. “Oh my God, Peter!” You called, trying to wake him but he didn’t move an inch. You struggled to push the rest of the rubble away, but eventually you did, knocking it over and falling beside Peter.

You carefully turned him over, seeing the gashes over his face and the blood that was leaking from it. Your eyes fell on the rest of his body, seeing a long cut on his stomach, and some part of his leg was bleeding. Your hand shook above him, slowly grabbing ahold of his face. “Peter? Please, Peter, wake up.” You pleaded, tears falling from your eyes. He couldn’t be. Please.

“Please. You’ll be okay.” You repeated, “i’ll help you. Come on.” You beckoned but he didn’t move. You felt your heart break, sobbing lightly as you head fell against his stomach. No.

“Y/N?” Gasping, you shot your head up, catching sight of Peter’s brown eyes upon your own. A smile immediately emmited on your face, reaching forward and without thinking pressing your lips against his own. Peter seemed shocked himself, probably in a bit of pain but eventually returned the kiss. When you pulled back, you smiled down at him, tears falling down your face.

“I told you i’d be fine.”

Elijah Mikaelson imagine: Not Important (Part two)

A/N: So the second part of Elijah’s imagine is here ;) Hopefully you will like it, even though it’s not my best work.

Part one

Summary: Reader gets kidnapped, because of Elijah. Then is saved by him and his brothers. After that they talk everything out.

Word count: 1540

Originally posted by fandoms-broke-my-life

For next few days, I had successfully managed to avoid Mikaelsons’ maison and the members of the family.

The atmosphere in New Orleans was slowly getting tighter. Everyone was preparing for a war, that was coming.

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