there darn it


the MOST AMAZING commercial for cat treats…EVER

anyways hi sorry bUt if yoUr white maybe dont wear tradional ethiopian clothing pls??? and thanks??

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I totally agree, he looks so darn happy! I really hope fans are going to let him be, he deserves so much love and happiness and I hope his (ex)gfriend didn't do this and is avoiding trouble cuz fans tend to get obsessive and are prob tracking her....

o god PLEASE FANS LEAVE HER ALONE, even if she leaked them, JONGDAE AND HER WILL TALK. IT IS BETWEEN THEM!!! it is or was a relationship between THEM just them two, the “fans” don’t need to get involved with tracking her down and release her info or anything.. omfg 

if you can’t take the fact that your fave is well and dating other people then maybe you should just save yourselves from some agony and just leave

ok even if she is the one who leaked need to go and invade her private life now. no matter how they ended their relationship she was once happy with Jongdae.. Jongdae was once very happy with her. That it all that matters. The rest of the stuff leave it between them two. we don’t know anything aside from the pictures.


I had this memory/dream (idek which it is?) where I was in an office building and I was just in a hallway. I was with one of my parents and walking towards to the exit when all of the sudden there was a laser beam (although that could’ve been one of the workers at the office). I remember that i had a ring pop and it was raining outside. That ring pop was darn good.

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i assume both you and ford have anxiety (though expressed in different ways) and know how to identify it in the other. do you look after each other and intervene when it gets bad?

We certainly try, it can be frustratin’ though because we have very different methods of dealing with our anxieties. Unfortunately what works for Ford, breathing exercise and meditation, doesn’t work for me. We try to work around it but, I swear I will pull my hair out if I hear another gosh darn relaxation tip. On really bad days we stop workin’ and do somethin’ fun which is always nice  

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Does anyone know how the fire was caused? I'm not gonna scream 'Pissy Opera Ghost' buuut... In all seriousness I'm happy no one got hurt in the catastrophe, but it really sucks that all that hard work has been destroyed.

I kinda waited for the first “angry Erik” comments to roll in. Seriously folks, DON’T GO THERE. PLEASE. This is a tragedy. It might mean the Paris production have to be cancelled. And it’s just darn lucky no-one was injured.

I’m really sad to hear about the fire. Sets, costumes and probably lots of props went up in flames here. The theatre is damaged. If they should be able to continue with the Paris production, it means lots of stuff has to be replaced. Maybe they’ll have to relocate. Maybe they must postpone everything. Worst case scenario, they have to cancel. I hope it doesn’t go that far.

All I know so far is that the fire started in the basement Sunday morning. I don’t know what caused it, or when, or why.

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Darn. I missed out on the party, didn't I? ~ Anon with a majestic flowing mane of hair

I mean i just got asked for my hand in marriage like 5 times and the anon competition is over but i dont think the party ever stopped

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Can I have some headcanons or scenarios (whichever you think best fits) with Sans classic (1) hearing his S/O playing violin for the first time, (2) reacting to his crush confessing feelings for him, (3) after his crush drunkenly kisses him, (4) finding his s/o crying but not telling him what's wrong, instead just crying into his jacket, aaaaaaaand (5) having his s/o be sick and him not knowing what's going on? Thank you hon <33333333

Sans Scenarios:

(1) Wow, that’s certainly something. Music has always been an interest of his, though it’s not like he’s ever actively pursued it. He thinks your talent, especially for an instrument like this, is pretty darn neat.

(2) Haha, good one kid. Wait, you’re serious? Oh, uh…wow. Okay. He wasn’t expecting that, uh…just…just give him a minute–nah, he’s fine, the room just started spinning. Okay it’s stopped now. Like his heart would have if he had one.

(3) Ah…jeez. That was…unexpected. He’d like to do that again, but uh, maybe once you’ve got your brains back. You’re not in a state to do much of anything, let alone smooching.

(4) That’s alright. Sometimes talking can’t help. Sometimes you just gotta cry. That’s fine. You just keep on crying, kiddo. He’ll be right there for you. He won’t leave you. He’s there. It’s okay.

(5) Dangit, dangit. He doesn’t know what’s going on–why are they sick, there’s nothing wrong with their HoPe–they were fine just a few days ago. Why this? Why is it always him–what can he do to help? What can he do?