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Can we talk about this moment right here? Look how happy she is! Her eyes light up, her face is shining, she’s smiling with the realization that she finally has something good in her life and she’s so darn grateful for it! She- Betty Cooper - whose life sucked big-time - the boy she was crushing on broke her heart, her dad was acting crazy, her controlling mom is totally out of control, her sister who she loves more than anyone was confined to a home and is now pregnant, hurt and missing! Add to that her own battle with anxiety and the pressure of school. It’s hard enough for an adult, forget a teen! In all of this mess, it’s a miracle she can smile at all, let alone beam like the light of a million suns! And Jughead Jones, ladies and gentleman, is responsible for that look on her face!

She’s over the moon that she finally has someone she likes who likes her back! Someone that makes her feel protected, supported, wanted, loved. Someone who will always have her back, someone who’s her clarity and someone that puts her first! Don’t you think this sweet, kind, beautiful cupcake deserves that?

Don’t you think THIS tortured, troubled cinnamon bun deserves to smile like this all the time?

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Don’t you think these two adorable, precious puppies deserve to be happy above anything else?  

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We know next to nothing against the Sandaime Kazekage and yet he’s one of the coolest kage to exist. Like, as a person, not as puppet for whom Sasori may or may not have held an unhealthy fondness. I mean:

- aesthetically pleasing design

- considered the strongest Kazekage ever by his own people

- either they loved him so much or had so high an opinion of his strength that they didn’t believe he was dead for years and kept searching the desert for him

- they reluctantly elected a Yondaime Kazekage (Rasa) but still kept searching for their Sandaime

- he reverse-engineered Magnet Release by watching the One-Tails and created his own Iron Sand technique, the most feared weapon in Suna’s history

- was his Magnet Release a kekkai genkai or did he teach himself how to use it by combining wind and earth chakra natures without the benefit of a bloodline? I want to believe the latter since he reverse-engineered the technique, and that makes his accomplishment all the more impressive

- he could render puppets unusable by clogging their joints with sand and could bypass chakra shields with his Iron Sand

- he could turn other people’s weapons against them with his Magnet Release and form makeshift weapons of his own out of his Iron Sand

- when revived by Orochimaru with Edo Tensei in the anime, he is unimpressed with what Sasori did with his body (turning it into a puppet) and equally unimpressed with Edo Tensei

- he declares, “I am the Sandaime Kazekage. I am not your pawn,” and proceeds to actually break free from Orochimaru’s control and release himself from the Edo Tensei, leaving Orochimaru to face Sasori and Deidara’s attacks alone

- so savage

- he’s like ‘you raised me from the dead to defend you? think again. I’m not fighting for you even if it is against my own murderer’

- won’t even engage in a zombie grudge match because he’s so disgusted by Orochimaru

- just nopes out of there like breaking Edo Tensei is nbd

- leaves Orochimaru to get slammed by several tons of iron sand and dozens of exploding clay birds

- ur fave could never

- and he wasn’t even given a canonical name

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Can I have a hug, pls? Idk why I'm the only person who feels STRONGLY for Sans' death in Glitchtale. It's just that even though it's not canon and fictional, I can't help myself but depress myself to think of it. I mean, darn... Sans was my #1 favourite character of all time and when he died, I felt like a part of me was taken away. ._.

((Of course you can!

It’s not strange to feel this strongly for a character you love, especially when their death came as such a shock. This is a character you identify with and probably admire - the fact that his death hurt you like this just means you truly cared for him. I’m so sorry it’s affecting you the way it is, but try to keep your head up when you can. We’re here for you <3))

Headcanons about OFF Characters Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs

(Please don’t ask why, just let me get this out of my system)

The Batter
-its a hit and miss: some eggs turn out good and others look bad
-tbh he doesn’t really care because they’re just food to fuel his mission of purifying the world

-100% perfect, e v e r y t i m e
-what’s annoying is that he sells those freshly-peeled eggs pretty darn expensive. Dont even ask for the price if the eggs are organic, or free-range, or 
-when the batter tries to buy eggs from him he raises the price to twice what he usually offers

The Judge
-can cats even eats eggs? yes they do, but he can’t peel them
-just basically plays with them until the shell breaks
-but even then he still can’t eat them because the shell pieces will probably cut his mouth or something

-he doesnt touch them because he knows he will wreck them with his big hands
-he likes scrambled eggs better anyway, preferably slightly runny

-why would he eat eggs, that’s cannabalism

-actually okay??? like there are a few cuts here and there on the egg but overall it looks good
-sometimes he gives the pretty ones for his workers to eat. 
-he likes seeing the look of joy on their faces when he presents them with a nicely peeled egg

The Queen
-most of the time they look great, but when she’s agitated they look as though a bear ripped through them
-sometimes if you visit her there’s a bowl of hard-boiled eggs just sitting. at her kitchen table. you don’t know if they’re raw or not so you leave them be

-doesn’t even eat them
-he just
-draws on them? 
-most cute pictures of his family and friends
-lines them up at his bedside when he goes to sleep
-but then they smell funny after a few days and the smell makes cough so he has to throw them away
-this makes him very sad

-messy, sometimes a few eggshells will be found on the surface tho
-if you help her peel them she will be super happy because it means less work for her

-they’re actually quite good at it, its just that they’re so nervous about peeling it properly that they get burnt from the stress
-better to just help them instead
-or scramble some eggs
-zone 3 elsens are the exception, they’re 100% perfect…except they insist on eating eggs with the sugar.

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so,, I'm a Steph and my Kennith had a crush on a guy named Tyler and holy shit Tyler was an asshole. He called him lots of Terrible Things and I said I was gonna kick his ass. Kennith tried to restrain me but that didn't work and,, Tyler ended up crying oops

o h my gosh? that darned tyler………………..

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IT WAS SUPER FUNNY ! Man , play without lag or conection crash it's a relief , i hope you enjoy the firts day too Tammy ^^ , btw i see a "Frog" nickname , maybe you were X3

I am happy with the motion controls and pro controller felt pretty darn nice to use. I might try joycons in next testfire to compare them.

I had some connection troubles at the start but from that, it went smoothly till the last match where it kicked me out, probably due to overtime. Saw other people disconnecting a lot tho… 

And, I’m TammyFrog online so look up for that name.

Overall, it was fun. I’m not as hyped as I was after the first testfire of splatoon, but that’s understandable since back then splatoon was something so new and fresh (hehe). But yeah, the game is feeling good to play so far.

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How much Revali/Teba fan merchandise would you buy? :3 Charms, prints, dolls?

Probably more than I need to, just because it would be the first time ANY of my characters have been popular/important enough to have any merchandise of them made at all.

No one wanted to draw Cassim because of those darned dreadlocks, and even Japanese stores somehow found every other Season 1 character (including SIDE HENCHMEN) more interesting than him. Kiyotaka Ishimaru never really caught on, Zenke was from a very niche game/franchise, etc.

I actually have yet to have had that experience where I could go to a convention (or its Artist Alley) and actually find something being sold that I’m directly connected to. It’ll be a cool but very surreal experience for me if Breath of the Wild changes all that.

(But let’s be honest with ourselves, the first thing that’s gonna go viral is a 2-sided Kass body pillow cover)

(( It’s almost 2 am and i should sleep))

Just something i wanted to input real quick regarding the last re-blog:

1.There’s no source for these titles yet, so they may not even be real eps :P

2. If there’s a team hunting Star, you know for darn sure Tom is apart of it, and will have more eps this season.

3. You know perfectly well the episode involving Tom/Jackie will end with Marco just being paranoid over Tom making a new friend.

The Crew really wouldn’t reduce Tom and Jackie into people who would betray Marco like that, that would be super shady of them to make Jackie a cheater and Tom a guy who steals his friend’s girlfriend. 

If anything, it’ll end with Marco realizing he got too paranoid, Tom and Jackie telling him they wouldn’t do something like that to him and that they have no romantic interest in each other. And heck, maybe they bond over talking about Marco.

Don’t get freaked out just yet.

It’d be messed up to build a romance between them while Marco is still dating Jackie.

  • *a few months later*
  • Sabine: Hey Kallus, guess what?
  • Kallus: You...graffiti'd some of Thrawn's art collection during the raid?
  • Sabine: Yeah, no, you told me how he analyzes my stuff. We found your bo-rifle!
  • Kallus: Well, Thrawn technically did beat me in combat...I wasn't using it at the time, but...*glances at Zeb*
  • Zeb: As the actual Lasan Honor Guard here, take your darn weapon, Kal.
  • Kallus: All right then. Just checking.
  • Ezra: We found it in Pryce's office anyway.
  • Kallus: Huh. Well given she couldn't even have me thrown out an airlock properly, we can safely say she is not a superior combatant. My conscience is appeased.

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Hey, you're fucking adorable. I'm surprised bats hasn't just bagged and tagged you already, becuase you're so cute. ( And I'm not talking in reference to dead bodies 😏) Also batboy is shit at sharing feelings. He needs to improve on that a bit.

“You’re darn right he is!! He has NO idea what he’s missing out on sometimes!!!”

When you finish reading the latest translated book from R.A.Salvatore and you are just horribly angry at how the story turned out, because that one darn elf female is just…the personification of self-centered pride, debautchery, stupidity, EGO-complex and she just emotionally twists your favourite character. Damn you Dahlia ! 

But hey, Entreri my boy, your back, so thats an improvement !

Also, finishing a small project i have been wokring on, gonna upload it in a hour or two.