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A big happy birthday to @oti-sama~ I hope you like it and that you have an awesome day Lala ;u;/ You’ve been really kind to me ever since we first met and I can’t exaggerate how happy I am to have you as a friend~ hopefully i’ll be lucky enough to have you as pal for more years to come <3

kamari3  asked:

Edge~ Red~ Have you guys considered going to Anger Management Therapy? (I realize the issue isn't quite the same as having LV but the techniques might help?) or just trauma therapy in general? You know, since you both probably have PTSD and Shell Shock and all those other things from living in a virtual war zone?

Edge Lord:

The Legendary Fartmaster Red: … yeah, no. I mean… that’s a nice idea ya have there, sugar. I heard lots of people go to the therapy and have their noggins fixed a little thanks to that… But think ‘bout it.

The Legendary Fartmaster Red: First… we would have to be ok with tellin’ somebody we don’t know that somethin’s wrong with us. Imagine that? Then… well… correct me if I’m wrong, but ya gotta tell that person what ya been through to make it even possible for them to help ya. How are we supposed to do that without raisin’ any flags? We’re not from here. Our world is fucked up. This world’s monsters were just poor bastards that were locked up under a mountain. In our world… heh…  

The Legendary Fartmaster Red:  Let’s say that’s some high-level confidentiality breach shit if we ever tell either about alternate universes or about how our Underground works. I don’t think the Monster-Human relations are ready for somethin’ like that yet. Sans told us to keep our heads low ‘bout that for now and I think that’s a darn good idea.

Edge Lord: … what he said.

ask-mama-germania  asked:

*very heavy breathing*✿

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Fear Flavio, he may be a cinnamon bun but he can KO his brother in 1 hit. but yeah, this was probably the most positive answer Luciano could offer, he speaks more with actions than words anyway…

midoriya roping todoroki into doing silly couple poses did you mean: my will to live

here’s a colored version of a thing i did for @van1llababy a while back! hope you like it joe!