there comes a time in every fandom

An open Tumblr letter to younger fans, from a 77-year-old TOS fangirl

* who has shipped Spirk since that night in 1967 that Amok Time first aired
* and helped storm NBC to keep TOS on the air for a 3rd season
* and wrote fanfic way back in the day
* and was privileged to be around for the earliest days of fandom, when Leonard used to come to your house if that’s where the fan club was meeting and sit on the sofa with you in that Spock hair cut and eat cake

All of you who are writing TOS/AOS fan fiction and creating fan art now: remember, YOU are the ones shaping the traditions of fandom. You have inherited the kingdom. Bless you for keeping it vibrant, growing, alive. In fifty years, you will be the ones who are remembered for molding it and handing it down to the future. It probably doesn’t feel like now, but you are making history.

Your current addiction to TOS and the feels you get when you contemplate the love between Jim and Spock will be with you for life. It won’t always be in the forefront; you will sometimes go years, sometimes go a decade, without Star Trek being more than a passing thought. But then something will remind you and every consuming feeling you feel right now will come rushing back, every bit as powerful and deep and strong as it is today. All there, right where you left it.

The friendships you make in fandom will be with you for life. Like all friendships, they will wax and wane as the focus of your life shifts over time, but you will always be able to pick up the thread. You will — to give you a hypothetical example — be 77 years old and discover Tumblr and get a rush of Spirk feels after a decade of not giving TOS a thought, and contact your 83-year-old fangirl friend in the nursing home, to whom you haven’t spoken in several years. You will open the conversation with, “So, Jim and Spock love each other and that just makes me so happy.” And your friend in the nursing home will sigh and say, “Yes. They do love each other. It’s such a comfort.”

That look that Jim and Spock give each other, of absolute adoration and acceptance and love? That’s real. It’s rare, but it’s real. One of my greatest joys in life is to see my son and his husband give each other looks like that. Of course I don’t know you; I don’t know your strengths and struggles or your place on the spectrum of gender or anything about your sexuality or what you look like or what your life has taught you to believe about yourself, but I do know this: YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED AND LOOKED AT THE WAY JIM AND SPOCK LOOK AT EACH OTHER. Please don’t accept less than that in your life.

The future of our planet does not seem very hopeful at the moment. But please remember that when Gene created Star Trek, the world was in turmoil and the future seemed very bleak. Star Trek is, was, always shall be about hope. Reach for it. When TOS first aired, we hoped to see some form of a Starfleet on the horizon in our lifetimes. That vision must be passed on to you. Do it. Make the world worthy of launching the human race out into space. CREATE STARFLEET.

You are all creative and funny and amazing. Far more amazing than you know. Be kind to yourselves. Live long and prosper, kids.

Tags are in reference to my first bullet point. Meant as a kudos to your work, but feel free to untag yourself if you don’t want to be linked to my ramblings; I won’t be offended! (Also, this extends to a thousand other artists and writers out there who deserve kudos. tag at will.)

Okay I really hope this doesn’t come off as arrogant or greedy but

Fanfic writers don’t get the credit they deserve.

These people literally bring fandoms to life. They spend countless hours working, writing, reading and re-reading just so fans can enjoy their favourite ships. And they don’t get anything from it themselves. They don’t make money, they don’t gain fame, and they don’t do it for jobs. They do it because they love that fandom, but everyone needs motivation sometimes, you know?

So the fact that people no longer really bother to comment on fics - which usually takes all of one minute to do, after writers spend days writing fics - really makes me sad because it’s like fans are taking writers’ work for granted.

So please show some support. You have no idea how happy authors get when they see a new message on their inbox from someone commenting on their stories. It can literally make their day and will motivate them to keep writing.

Give a little back to the people who work so hard to make fandoms more blissful and fulfilling for us.

Fandoms that I’m Not In, but reuglarly interact with:

Homestuck: Like oompa-loompas leaping out of the woodwork at the drop of secret words or phrases.  Generally Amiable to nonHomestucks, but often vicious with each other, so the trick is the same as when visiting the lands of the fairfolk: Never Actually Consume The Wares Offered.

Star Trek: By Osmosis, I know three (3) Star Trek Memes, but only know how to spell 2 of them (Tarmac Angel Lard Et Tokugawa?).  Massive, old and rife with hidden politics and some very exotic deviances.  Not Unlike my expiriences with the Catholic Church.

Transformers: Star Wars’ dumpsterfire of canon issues looks like a smoldering wastepaper basket compared to the chernobyl-like meltdown of Transformers Canon.  Fandom is somehow extraordinalrity polite, well organized and pleasant.  Like they’re having High Tea with the Fine China and Cucumber Sandwiches whils illuminated by the burning of Rome.

Steven Universe: The Show is like a coming-of-age tale set in the thunderdome, but the fandom is Thunderdome set in a McDonald’s Playplace. 

Supernatural: *Viva Lad Vida faintly plays on the sad winds that echo through the ruined throne room, but the cockroaches picking at the moldering buffet seem to be having a great time*

Discworld: Listen. Listen I wholly admit to worshipping at the Altar of Sir Terry, but after a while, comparing things to discworld starts to feel like the dreaded art “compliment” of “It looks just like Disney!”.  Let people have thier own creations.

Warhammer 40K: For people working with the Grimmest and Darkest of AUs, everyone here is spectacularly jolly and irreverent, at least until you bring up the price of miniatures.

Dr. Who: It comes and goes with wildly different actions and discourse every time, like the haploid and diploid generations of plants.

Star Wars: Is omitted from this list because I’m deep enough in the fandom that I’ve been through all five stages of grief and seven more stages of emotions that do not have names in the tongues of men, and have achived the nirvana of “The Fandom is those 12 people in your chat group”

friendly reminder that there are no minimum requirements you have to meet before you can write and post fanfic

  • you don’t need to be perfect in the language
  • you don’t need to have spectacular grammar and spelling and punctuation
  • you don’t need to have an intricate plot with subplots and red herrings
  • you don’t need to write a minimum number of words
  • you don’t need to be a “name” in the fandom
  • you don’t need to be caught up with every piece of canon content out there
  • you don’t need to be a superfan or know everything about every character

all you need is an idea and a willingness to write it down. the rest will come in time ❤

most of the martin bullying in the fandom is a bit of a misunderstanding of his character imo (all “soft gay boy uwu so silly and lovesick”) which is a shame bc we all should be bullying him for touching fucking every definitely cursed object he comes across

10 reasons to wear low kudos counts as a badge of honor
  1. You wrote a trope that isn’t popular in fandom right now and isn’t high on search lists—you’re expanding fresh content
  2. You wrote an out-of-the-box characterization 
  3. You’re learning to be proud of your work without external validation, which is a hard process and every little time you do it improves you
  4. You didn’t write smut and a lot of readers only click on fics with smut, while other readers are grateful for new G&T-rated fic
  5. You did write smut, a specific kink many people avoid, but other readers are thrilled to find it
  6. You tackled a difficult topic that might trigger readers and your warning tags rightfully reduce your readership but don’t diminish the importance of the work
  7. You wrote gen fic or wlw or a rare pair and are boosting content in underserved areas
  8. You wrote a longfic that takes readers longer to consume, which is an awesome accomplishment regardless
  9. You had a story in you that needed to come out, and you put it into the world
  10. Even if the story was awful, which it probably wasn’t, you took the risk of doing it anyway, which is how you get better every time you write, and that commitment and grit is 90% of the battle

Kudos are not a measure of merit, which can be hard to remember. Kudos are affected by a million factors, only some of which involve merit. Kudos trickle in over time. Kudos are affected by fandom trends, and how many followers you have. Kudos are affected by who reblogs or recs your fic, which is pretty random itself. There’s no end to the factors that go into it.

Want thousands of kudos? Go to high-traffic fandoms, pick the most popular ship, find the most popular tropes, and write a good fic in that trope. Put in the work of making friends with big names and hope they reblog your stuff. Turn fandom into a transactional experience if that’s what you want. But is that following your muse? Is that what will make you happy? Maybe; if so you’re lucky. But if not, realize that choosing to follow your muse even though it takes you elsewhere is an incredible thing, and the lower kudos counts that result are not evidence of lack of quality or reader hatred. 

Almost all of my fics have fewer than 300 kudos. A handful of longer ones have more, and my top kudosed fic is a silly short coauthored 8th year that is not at all what I’d consider my best fic. My longest fic (105k, took me two months of full-time writing) has only 200 kudos. I’m still super proud of it and feel like it had a great reception and amazing comments. I have a bunch of shorter fics with under 100 kudos.

I think there’s a misunderstanding that it’s expected to get a high kudos count, and in my experience that’s just not true, so I don’t really understand why we talk about it that way. Let’s change the conversation, and focus instead on our pride in our writing and our love for other fics, and move away from using kudos counts as a proxy for worth. You’ll never feel satisfied if you’re turning to ao3 stats for your self-validation.


It physically pains me to see people post awesome fanfiction to tumblr and nowhere else. Tumblr moves so fast! By tomorrow people who didn’t look in a tag at the right moment won’t know it existed. By next week even people who did read it won’t be able to find it back to reread. Finding anything on tumblr via search function is practically a fluke. For all intents and purposes, your hard work has a halflife of about a week at most.


  • People who come into that fandom in a month, a year, even a decade will be able to find your work!
  • People can bookmark it!
  • People can rec it to others!
  • People can reread it into infinity! (and people like me can do that and comment every time!)
  • You can get comments & kudos until the endtimes because people will keep finding your work! (seriously I still sometimes get new people finding and loving my work from ~2013)
  • And best of all, people can SUBSCRIBE to your work so they will get email about new chapters and stories! (I’m seeing people do manual ‘Tag you in the next chapter’ lists and seriously, physical pain, this wheel has already been invented and it is rolling beautifully)

“But I need an invite for AO3!”

Yes, and the waiting list is currently 2-3 days. That’s hardly worth not doing this for, right?

“But I only read fic, I don’t post it”

here is a post on why having an account just to read fic is also very worth it!

Lately I’ve been the tumblr person who jumps onto people who post cool fic to tumblr and going HEY HAVE YOU POSTED THIS TO AO3, YOU REALLY SHOULD, HIT ME UP FOR AN INVITE CODE and I hereby invite all you fellow fic readers and posters to join me into spreading the good word.

Please reblog this and tag your favourite fandoms and pairings! Spread this post to the people who need to see it! Save great fic from the tumblr void!

It would be REALLY FUCKIN GREAT if white people, SPECIFICALLY WHITE PEOPLE, would call out colorism and whitewashing within fandom.

When you leave it just to poc, not only are we having to look at things that actively harm us, but we’re having to waste time and energy on educating people.

But not only that, every single time we call it out, and I mean EVERY time, we also have to deal with racists coming out of the woodwork and harassing us for us calling it out, even months or years later on this garbage hellsite.

What can you do as a white person?

• educate YOURSELF
• educate fellow white people
• call colorism out when you see it
• when you see a poc trying to call it out, support them. Maybe message them to see if they’re okay, and definitely join in in the callout publicly to show that racism isn’t acceptable. (Just don’t talk over poc)
• QUIT SUPPORTING ARTISTS THAT WHITEWASH. Don’t give the artists your uncritical reblogs. Don’t just reblog with commentary in the tags. That doesn’t help. Call it out or don’t reblog. Simple as that.
• if you see people harassing poc for calling colorism out, defend them. Maybe send the person nice stuff to cheer them up. I know it always lessens the burden for me when friends tag me in or message me cute stuff, even if they don’t have the ability to get into the fight. Support poc.
And perhaps most importantly:

Quit ignoring posts like these where poc ask you to be a better ally.


The Challenge: Comment on every fanfic you read and enjoy in the month of January.

Every chapter. Every one shot. Every drabble. Every ficlet. Whether it’s on a personal website, a blog, or an archive. Whether you’ve read it a hundred times before or you’re reading it for the first time. Whether the fic was posted years ago or minutes ago. Whether you sign your name or leave your thoughts anonymously. Whether your comment is paragraphs in length or a few short words. Comment on every fanfic you read and enjoy in the month of January.

The Philosophy: Comments are what keep a fandom thriving and growing.

We don’t see comments as a transaction. They’re not a price paid for reading a fic. We see comments as an interaction, a way of building relationships. Comments are a courtesy, not a currency. [x]

Fandom is a relationship between dozens,hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of fans, and the only way for the greater fandom relationship to function, is for those fans to interact. One way to interact is by writing and reading fanfic. A writer prompts an interaction by posting their work; it is up to the reader to then acknowledge (or not acknowledge).

As one of our favorite blogs, @ao3commentoftheday​, said: [x]

“Comment if you can, but don’t be bullied or pressured into it. A comment should be written in the same spirit as the fic itself: wanting to reach out to other people who love the same fandom as you do. It’s not easy to do that, I know, and I don’t hold it against you at all if you can’t.”

The Only Rule: Be kind.

  • Be kind to your fandoms’ writers.

Please note that this challenge is to “comment on every fanfic you read and enjoy in the month of January.” As our fandom forebears were fond of saying, “Don’t like, don’t read.” For FaFiCoWriMo, we have taken that one step further by saying, “Don’t like, don’t comment.”

No matter how well-intentioned, critique is useless unless it comes from a place of trust. Unless you know an author personally and they have specifically asked for your critique, please keep it to yourself.

It costs zero of your currency and zero of your time to not be a jerk.

  • Be kind to yourself.

If you do find yourself unable to comment on every fic (for whatever reason), remember this: we forgive you, zero judgement. [x]

I wasn’t going to say any more but fuck it, I hope you racist pieces of shit obsessed with Rey sucking Kyle’s dick understand that when John talks about the racism he endured during his time in Star Wars, he’s talking about you. He’s not just talking about the white fanboys that tried to boycott, he’s talking about each and every one of you, whether it was harrassing him on Twitter (none of us forgot that little campaign y’all lead after he dared to make a joke about two fictional characters fucking) or otherwise just making it hell to be a Black fan of Star Wars, he’s talking about y’all. Remember that next time y’all wanna act like y’all are down with the cause the next time BLM starts trending, remember that the next time another Black actor comes forward about the racism treatment they recieved from the fandom their show or movie is a part of.

Y’all are fucking demonic and I truly hope you go back to hel where y’all truly belong.

Kpop groups and their fandoms
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> most ELFs have grown up with these legends, staying by their side through every obstacle and being their strength during the hardest times. While ELFs really miss having comebacks as a whole group, they know that it's enough just watching them succeed in solo projects and supporting the members who are doing/about to finish their military service.<p/><b>BigBang:</b> we truly do get treated like VIPs when it comes to these 5 weirdos who changed the kpop game ever since debuting. There's not a single concert or special video where they don't show their appreciations for VIPs, whether new or old. We love them when they're doing solos, and we love them even more when they're together.<p/><b>SHINee:</b> Shawols treat shinee like kings, just as they should be treated. We practically worship the ground they walk on, and all of us are guilty of baby-ing the maknae, don't lie. They've been through some difficult times, but shawols are always there for shinee to lean on, and they're always thankful for all the support and it always shows when they're together.<p/><b>Infinite:</b> Inspirit and Infinite go hand in hand, always. Woohyun is always assuring inspirits that no one else could steal his heart, and no matter how cringy he is, it's true. They're always giving us new things to fangirl and roll our eyes about, whether they've had a comeback or not.<p/><b>EXO:</b> "Exo-L, we are one." I've never seen a group that spoils their fans more than they do, not to mention always exposing each mf comeback to us. We have a self-proclaimed dad in the fandom and everything, constantly showing his love to exo-l's. True fans have been with them and supporting them since whenever, and will stick by their side till whenever.<p/><b>BTOB:</b> Melodies will always be one of the sweetest fandoms, esp when having to put up with how underrated our boys are. Stanning the craziest and most extra group in kpop isn't easy, but melodies got that down, and it doesn't seem right if at least 2 members aren't screaming in every interview.<p/><b>VIXX:</b> they're always reminding Starlights that they'd be nowhere without them, and that we inspire them everyday as well. Seeing them acting charitable and friendly only rubs off on us, and it's safe to say that we're probably the chillest and most accepting fandom. Starlights act like VIXX's bodyguards bc we'd never make them uncomfortable, and they're always thankful for that.<p/><b>B.A.P:</b> Babyz have been with them through thick and thin, and it's so heartwarming seeing the support after the group has been through so much bs. They treat babyz with so much love and respect, esp when they have so many fans around the world. We're constantly spoiled with social media updates, and it's so nice seeing the six of them working together again.<p/><b>Topp Dogg:</b> if it were any other group, fans wouldn't keep streaming and supporting topp dogg as much as topp klass does. We struggle with these boys everyday bc of the lack of exposure and attention that they deserve to get, but they never fail to remind us of their love no matter what- bc they know they'll always have topp klass.<p/><b>Got7:</b> iGot7, or Ahgase's, are probably the funniest fandom to ever exist. It's like we're besties with Got7, and there's always someone roasting the other, whether it's us or them. We're blessed to have them be so active on social media, and we're their personal hype men. A lot of us don't support them blindly, though, and we're always the first to call them out on their mistakes.<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> kings of fan service, never ever disappointing Monbebes. They make us feel so special when it's like we're in a relationship with them, but they're aware of how cheesy they are when they flirt with monbebes. Might be the meme-iest group alive, but we're also the meme-iest fandom ever so win-win.<p/><b>iKon:</b> yet another kpop group that's terribly underrated, but iKonics make up for all of that with all the love they show to these kids. They're always out to expose each other and we love them for it. They outdo themselves after each comeback, and they care so much about pleasing iKonics.<p/><b>Day6:</b> only My Day can appreciate how special and unique these boys are, and we always remind them of it. We go crazy over all their teasers and trying to figure out how all their music videos are connected, and tbh they love watching us suffer. Each member is so relatable that we can't help but bias all of them, and they're highly aware of that fact.<p/></p>
it’s gonna be ok

For those of you going through this for the first time: everything will be okay. Fandom always survives stuff like this. We’re good at it.

I know there’s lots of advice posts out there. This isn’t an advice post. I’m just going to tell you why it’ll be okay.

So far, on every commercial platform fandom has called home, there has come a tipping point when we leave. There have been a few scares on Tumblr before, but I didn’t think that we’d reached the tipping point back then. I do think so now. Given the way I’ve seen fandom leave platforms before, yes, this is the real thing. It won’t happen all at once, but in waves. You can afford to wait, but start thinking about it so you’re not taken by surprise when you reach your limit.

Take note of those advice posts that are going around, and especially of the things the BNFs in your fandom are planning – people will tend to follow them in clusters, so that’s a good place to start. But even if you leave it all to the last minute in the hope it won’t happen, and then realise you need to leave after all, it will still be okay.

We are fans, and the internet has always been our playpen. We all have multiple social media accounts, many with the same handle. We can find each other again. It won’t be the same. Of course it won’t. Tumblr fandom is different from Livejournal, is different from GeoCities. But it will still be fandom, it will still be good, and you will still find people you like, including some of those currently in your fannish circle.

We have the advantage of the OTW now too – this kind of thing is exactly why we built it. It’s our safe harbour, no matter what, because we own it.

Once you decide to leave Tumblr, it won’t be as scary as you think. You’ll recognise people’s handles. You’ve probably already done this without realising it – remember the people you used to share a fandom with, but no longer do? Their handles are still seared into your brain, and you’ll always feel that pang of nostalgia when you see them again.

It’s just the same when fandom migrates.

Some people will disappear, and you never will find them again. But mostly, you will still see the same handles, having the same conversations, sharing love for the same favourites, just in new places. You will find them on Dreamwidth, Pillowfort, Instagram, Twitter, Google docs, discord,, Wattpad, Deviant Art, YouTube, Vimeo, and so on. Most importantly, you’ll find them on Fanlore and AO3, because they are run by the OTW and we own it.

Fans and fandom will still be here long after Tumblr is full of rolling tumblrweeds.

We’re good at this. No matter where we end up, you will find your people again. Fandom will go on. It will be okay.


Lan Zhan ()

He had been like this ever since he was young. “Being wherever the chaos is” was the comment that the public gave him for his night-hunts and, also, praise for his moral character.


♤ yoda
♤ big eared elf that everyone loves
♤ yeolllieeeee
♤ gets lost because he depends on gps
♤ causes baekhyun to get lost too
♤ fucking clumsy af
♤ hair color changes almost at the same speed as sehun’s
♤ tallest in exo’s ot9
♤ tallest in exo-k
♤ fucking tall


Originally posted by messijoahae

occasionally most frequently harassing kyungsoo
♤ likes to get bullied by kyungsoo
♤ likes to harass kyungsoo
♤ ends up getting harassed by baek and ksoo
♤ always worth it
♤ also tries to harass ksoo but it comes back at him
♤ remember that time he touched ksoo’s water and got water spat onto his face
♤ and it’s so cute because he’s so tall aaaa
♤ also he’s just cute in general
♤ but his aegyo makes us want to cry because we can see that effort 


Originally posted by mindfuck-of-asian

♤ forgets what he’s going to say 
♤ sometimes it’s just an empty “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
♤ cute nonetheless
♤ he could literally breathe and he’d be cute
♤ also fashion icon much
♤ also he looks out of place in edgy mvs like monster n lotto bc i spot a baby
♤ literally a beagle
♤ should battle baekhyun and jongdae for the title of “cutest beagle”
♤ that babyface makes me just wanna like do you know what i mean
♤ honestly he’d be cuter than his own baby


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♤ chanyeol + glasses = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + black hair = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + cute hats = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + stuffed toys = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + exo = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + breathing = my ovaries
♤ honestly he could do anything and i’d think i’m pregnant
♤ how could you ignore this child though like


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♤ look at his legs
♤ if you look at them for a while you’ll just 
♤ also i feel like he just wants exo to baby him
♤ but he’s so precious so why not
♤ also don’t say bad things abt him because he’s a precious baby okay
♤ chanyeol stans be like “come at me i’m ready because fuck you love you <3″
♤ honestly he could be sexy and would ruin the vibe by being chanyeol
♤ example one: the eve dance practice
♤ example two: every time he laughed and/or smiled in the eve dance practice
♤ example three: all of the above


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♤ honestly if chanyeol is happy the fandom is happy
♤ it’s hard for him to be happy all the time so no pressure babe
♤ but seeing him happy just makes the world a bit brighter okay
♤ also him standing behind ksoo and baek and minseok is just the cutest
♤ he looks like a tree lmao
♤ a sexy tree
♤ a sexy tree i can’t take seriously until i have to
♤ just look at all the chanyeol moments compilations on the internet
♤ his laugh just 
♤ can i set it as my alarm because if it was i’d never miss school


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♤ everything he does is just cute
♤ you could spam my dash with cute chanyeol pics and i’d be happy
♤ literal puppy right there
♤ cuter than any puppy i’d get
♤ says he’s bad at aegyo but is secretly the best
♤ same with dancing
♤ chanyeol + jongdae + junmyeon = dance line
♤ also when he jumps it’s so cool bc he’s so tall like woah
♤ also “nice skirt” and “chogiwa” and you know what makes me cry
♤ he’s so cute and precious and amazing and talented i swear


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♤ his deep voice is so sexy and omg
♤ but then his amazing babyface omg
♤ t o r n
♤ also when he worships the rest of exo i just
♤ and when he was being interviewed by iheartradio 
♤ i think i died a little inside
♤ watching him be a little kid like 
♤ also watching him trying to be serious but failing
♤ and him trying to find his way around nyc
♤ and spilling so much cheese on his pizza lmAO


Originally posted by veriloquentmind

♤ also all the chansoo chanbaek and other chanyeol pairings are just
♤ and chanyeol swearing is just
♤ like his reaction after is just the most wholesome and pure thing i’ve ever seen
♤ also him being shocked is like woAH
♤ his face was just saying “i found the answer to life”
♤ highkey looked like a philosopher of some sort
♤ “i found the path to sehun’s dick”
♤ not saying it’d happen but he’d get lost and end up in junmyeon’s dick
♤ also him ordering for him and baek is just
♤ can you order for me too


Originally posted by sehyeols

♤ chanyeol in bed with sehun is literally just i love him so much
♤ and them learning english and reciting letters omg
♤ and him playing with his toys omg
♤ and him breathing omg
♤ just know you’re breathing the same air as exo apparently
♤ shocking right
♤ maybe you’ll be as tall as chanyeol
♤ also his hands compared to exo’s baby hands omg
♤ all chanyeol derps like why is he like this
♤ just love chanyeol like he’s an angel

Hey want some more pain about the bookshop fire?

I just. thought again about how in the tv show, canonically, in all their 6000 years, Aziraphale has never been discorporated before. Not even once. Fandom took the book’s slightly blasé tone about it and logically concluded discorporation was something that just tends to happens to them every now and again – an inconvenient but rather familiar job hazard so to speak – but in tv show canon that is explicitly not the case.

Aziraphale comes close to being discorporated a few times that we see, but Crowley saves him every time, and it never happens; neither of them has ever had to know the feeling of the other being just gone. So when the bookshop fire happens? That is not just Crowley thinking Hell killed Aziraphale because of their involvement, and it’s not just Crowley losing Aziraphale so close to the end of the world that he knows he’ll never get him back in time. No, that is also Crowley losing Aziraphale like that for the first time ever in his entire existence, and I am frankly not okay about that

i’m sorry but where did we as a fandom ever come up with the notion that kravitz was ever good at his job??  let’s look at what we know about this boy.  in the time since he was introduced as a character, we watched him:

  1. get his ass handed to him by the thb
  2. let literally every single person he was supposed to reap in a single room off with a warning except for the one person who went willingly
  3. go on a date with one of those former targets when it was SUPPOSED to be a business meeting
  4. fall in love with aforementioned target
  5. let a giant legion of the undead out of ghost jail
  6. get two liches, the very thing he’s supposed to be hunting, a position with the same job he has

statistically speaking it seems like krav is really fucking bad at his job to be quite honest

This Vagabond Fandom Life

The first thing you have to understand is that no one wants us. No one has ever wanted us. And by us I don’t mean fans in general, but creative Fandom, if you will. Transformative fandom–writers and artists and gif makers and vidders and podcasters and podficcers and the community that supports them.

Don’t be fooled by the occasional mainstream media article that uses mostly respectful language or the academic study that talks about transgressive fannish behavior like it’s admirable.  People reading those news articles laugh at us and you don’t exactly see universities creating Fandom Studies departments. 

Nor do we have the buying power we like to think we do. Think about it. We wouldn’t have to transform media to suit ourselves if that media already existed. If Marvel gave a damn about Fandom money vs fandom money, they’d be the ones posting the explicit Cap/Iron Man pics. They’ll take our money, but it’s not as important as small-f fandom money because there’s nowhere near as much of it. 

So that leaves ue as exactly what we are: extreme niche hobbyists. And you know what? We’re not even nice, easy, safe, niche hobbyists like knitters or…idk, curling fans. We like trangressive sex a whole lot, we tread a very fine legal line in a time when intellectual property laws are a big fucking deal, we’re hard to advertise to, and, to make things worse, we have a nasty habit of dragging our platform admins into our petty, internecine Fandom Drama.

(seriously it’s like if the dude who runs the Giants SB Nation site went running to the SB Nation admins saying that the dude who runs the Dodgers site is a pedophile just because he implied Madison Bumgarner might be a little racist.)

But Telesilla, you say. Are we really bound to your fate? Destined to spend our fannish lives like you have, migrating from one site after another, always losing people and history along the way? This is so depressing! There has to be an answer!

Well, once upon a time I thought the answer was “by fans for fans” and wow, have I been burned by that one. Our greatest triumph is routinely attacked by its own users and our best functioning social media platform doesn’t have the bells and whistles corporate sites can offer. And AO3 and Dreamwidth are the success stories. Ask me about JournalFen. (on second thought, don’t. I don’t have the energy to explain without overusing the word “robust” and talking about ice weasels.)

I’m enough of a Old Time Internet Person to still think doing it ourselves is the best answer we have, but it takes a special kind of person to dedicate themselves to  serving a notoriously fractious internet community that has no money and wants you to cater to their every whim. It takes an even more special kind of person to do it long term. Fandom history shows us that those people don’t come along often. (personal history shows me that I am, alas, not one of them.)

Until they do, we’ll just lurch from corporate platform that doesn’t really want us to corporate platform that doesn’t really want us. Because that’s the bottom line–we’re an extreme niche hobby and there’s no real money to be made off us. Under late capitalism…well, I don’t want to be that Fandom Old, but really, what did we expect?

What your favourite Haikyuu!! rival says about you

Ushijima Wakatoshi - You have never laughed at a single Ushijima joke that wasn’t made by one of your mutuals because you haven’t seen one that isn’t “You should have come to Shiratorizawa Farm by the way I’m an asshole and I’m going to kidnap Oikawa or something because he has enough emotions to cover my total lack thereof”. You don’t even look in your fav’s tags because it’s a hellscape. You’re mad that Karasuno won.

Tendou Satori - You had a Danganronpa phase. You had a Homestuck phase. You had a Hetalia phase. You reply to every person asking ‘what character is that?’ is Naruto. You’ve never actually referred to him as Tendou. You exclusively use Tendon, Nintendou, Tender, and so on.

Terushima Yuuji - Don’t even kid yourself. You’re here for the porn.

Iwaizumi Hajime - You’ve been kidding yourself since day one if you seriously think your though process isn’t entirely dictated by whether or not you think Iwaizumi’s biceps or thighs could crush your head faster. You’ve never even seen a ship that isn’t IwaOi. You only read the manga to say “When is Seijou coming back.” You cried when he cried. You also cried every time he came on screen. You’re mad Karasuno won.

Oikawa Tooru - This is literally half the fandom what’s even the point of trying to be funny I could put anything here and people would reblog it and say 'damn OP you called me out’. Shit, I don’t know. You wear glasses and feel validated by Oikawa in glasses being hot. You lasted about a week in the fandom before you started shipping OiIwa instead of IwaOi. You fucking suck at math.

Matsukawa Issei - You’ve had more cups of coffee than glasses of water in your entire life and every waking moment without caffeine is like one small step closer to facing God himself with a look of defiance. You can’t remember the last time you were stressed yet simultaneously you’re not actually sure what you’re stressed about. You have an eyebrow kink.

Hanamaki Takahiro - Every single item you’ve ever owned has been pastel colours. If you see something with a strawberry print you’ll buy it without any hesitation. Your tumblr theme probably has transparent pictures of Makki on it on some pink or blue background with lots of lines and circles on it. You’re also the gay cousin, but that’s a different matter entirely.

Kuroo Tetsurou - It’s been 7 minutes since you last insisted Kuroo is a nerd and not a sex god. You lovingly make fun of him. You then get mad when other people make fun of him. You use the fact you’re studying science to make 800 science jokes involving Kuroo. You’re mad Karasuno is going to win.

Kozume Kenma - You have 714 reblogs of Kenma gifsets. All of them have italicised quotes in Impact font at a 36 degree angle about how he doesn’t like people. Every single one is tagged as 'relatable’. You get angry when Kenma isn’t portrayed as an uke, or you are totally on the other side of the spectrum and get pissed off at the sheer mention of yaoi tropes. There is no inbetween.

Haiba Lev - leg

Yaku Morisuke - Chances are you have no friends who also like Yaku and you probably just roleplay a lot to fill the void of Yaku related content on tumblr. Your standards are only as high as what you would make yourself because you probably wrote at least a double digit percentage of the fandoms content.

Bokuto Koutarou - Why do you keep reblogging that one screenshot from the anime of Bokuto looking like he has an ass the size of a small european country? Stop it. No, that doesn’t mean reblog more memes about Bokuto being scrawny in the anime. Yes I know he’s a cinnamon roll. Ok, I give up. Return to your polyshipping Bokuto. At least it’s wholesome.

Akaashi Keiji - You have an aesthetic fixation on violins. You insist that Akaashi is a little shit but he’s your little shit. Everything you do is at a constant B+ level. You don’t even try and you’re a B+ player. Stop being so fucking smart Karen at least put the effort in to be an A+ student I know you’re capable of it just pick up a fucking book and GOD fulfil your potential.

Daishou Suguru - At this point you just think that generic sports anime cast members are fucking annoying or bland and repetitive and for once you’re just happy that there’s a multi faceted character with depth and reasoning behind their actions that makes sense. Too bad he’s a side character that’s basically going away forever soon so savour it while it lasts fucko you’re gonna need a new fav.

Miya Twins


as someone who only discovered d&d through critical role a year ago and has very limited experience with the game but also with other streams the roundtable CriticalBard did on twitch was very informative and educational. 

as a white person it was even more so to hear seven black creators speak their truths. i want to take time to learn and grow and the one thing that keeps coming back to is to listen and to spread the voices of those speaking up. 

the VOD is up on his twitch channel and i would highly encourage anyone in this fandom (and other TTRPG communities) to watch it.