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We’re only getting older baby - Santa Clara, CA | July 11, 2015


This Christmas sees the Doctor join forces with a masked Superhero for an epic New York adventure. With brain-swapping aliens poised to attack, the Doctor and Nardole link up with an investigative reporter and a mysterious figure known only as The Ghost. Can the Doctor save Manhattan? And what will be revealed when we see behind the mask?

Peter Capaldi stars as the Doctor, Matt Lucas (Bridesmaids, Little Britain) as Nardole, Justin Chatwin (Orphan Black, Shameless) as Grant and Charity Wakefield (Wolf Hall, The Player) as an investigative journalist.

The special is written by Steven Moffat, executive produced by Brian Minchin, produced by Peter Bennett and directed by Ed Bazalgette (Poldark). It was shot in Cardiff at BBC Wales Roath Lock Studios.

The Return of Doctor Mysterio premieres Sunday, December 25 at 5:45pm GMT on BBC One and 9/8c on BBC AMERICA.


AU: Your boyfriend, Justin Bieber, accidentally posts a sexy lingerie picture you sent him one night while he was away. Needless to say, you were not happy about the picture no matter how much everyone else was.

“Don’t Be Mad, Daddy.” (Mature - REQUEST)

Could you do some more mature imagines?

Can you do another daddy image? :’)


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Daddy needs you, be ready for me upstairs, princess x

A burning sensation stirred in my core as my eyes scanned over the photo Justin had sent me. Clearly preoccupied, the slightly blurred and quickly shot image displayed his hardened crotch. Judging by the time, he was still in a meeting; only making my temperature rise, the idea of him getting caught turning me on, slightly.

Standing from the couch, I exhaled loudly and made my way to the bedroom, knowing there would be consequences if I didn’t comply with his request. As my bare feet padded towards my drawer tailored specifically for these moments, I chewed on my bottom lip whilst deciding on which set would be appropriate.

Settling on my burgundy babydoll and thong, I headed for the bathroom so that I could see myself in the mirror. I had fifteen minutes until Justin was scheduled to be home, fifteen minutes to prepare myself for what was to come.

Deciding against tying my hair up, I let my curled locks frame my face; Justin preferred it when he had something to pull on.

Three minutes on the clock.

I grinned to myself and chose to disobey Justin’s orders, I found myself walking back down the stairs. Leaning against the doorframe of the living room, I waited patiently and anxiously for my boyfriend’s arrival. I’d never really gone against what he’d said before, who knows what he’d come up with.

The door clicked and my heart jumped. Justin’s took three steps before noticing my presence, eyes widening for a split second.

“Hey baby,” I smirked.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait for me upstairs?”

His voice was raspy and deep, something that came naturally to him yet I’m positive it was emphasised when he was aroused. I loved it.

“Don’t be mad, daddy,” I pouted.

“You disobeyed me, (Y/N),” He spoke, hands now on the small of my back, “That’s extremely naughty of you. Now, what should I do with you first?”

I tried to suppress my grin, continuing to look up innocently at him, I knew it was something that got to him.

“Fuck,” He whispered, looking away for a moment; composing himself.

I continued to stare up at him, his features mesmerising. I watched as his jaw clenched, he was awaiting a response that I wasn’t going to give, “Well?”  


His brow raised, “Should I fuck you, first? Hm? Should I make you suck my cock for being so disobedient? Or should I put you over my knee and spank you for not listening to me?”

I whimpered, he noticed. With every word he spoke, he pulled me closer so that I was now flush against his chest.

Justin’s lips met with my neck once, before he picked me up and carried me up the stairs, I squealed as I was locked in his grasp; uncertain of what was about to happen.

Kicking the door open with his foot, he sat down on the bed and held me so that I was laid over his lap.

“You know, I should spank you for an hour for disrespecting my wishes. But, you’ve been a good girl and got yourself dressed for me, so for that, I will only give you ten.”

Pulling my thong down, I gasped quietly as the air hit my core. “Count,”

His hand came down on my ass and I jumped, “One,”


Again, he spanked me, “Two, daddy.”

“That’s a good girl, only eight more.”

With each slap, I could feel the handprint burning on my ass cheek; causing me to tug on my bottom lip, hard. “Ten, daddy.”

A satisfied hum left Justin’s lips as his hand slid over my ass and down to my centre, running his fingers up and down my slit, “Look at you, soaking for me. Does daddy spanking you turn you on?”

“Mmm,” I moaned, feeling him circle my clit.

“Answer me, properly, (Y/N).”

“Yes, daddy.”

This time, he patted my ass gently, signalling for me to stand. I complied, and I stood, my legs shaking slightly. Justin’s fingers felt like feathers against my skin as his traced my shoulders, pulling down the straps of my babydoll. As it fell to the ground, I felt my nipples perk as they came into contact with the air, “Beautiful,”

Justin turned me around in his arms and guided me onto the bed, my hands and knees against the plush comforter.

“Spread your legs for daddy,”

A groan left his lips as I done as I was told, the sudden dip in the mattress indicating to me that he was, too, on the bed. His fingers spread my wetness along my folds, my pussy throbbing for him.

Pushing back against his long fingers, another slap was placed on my ass for being impatient, “Don’t,”

His digits left my centre, and I whimpered in protest. I needed him. Soon, I heard the zipper on his work pants and I grew warm in anticipation. A tight lipped moan came from me as I felt his tip running along me, collecting my arousal.

Again, I pushed back against Justin in hopes of getting fucked sooner, but he pulled away. “Don’t, (Y/N). I want you absolutely aching for me.”

“I am,” I moaned, “Daddy, please. Fuck me.”

A small chuckle left his lips, “You think it’s that easy, princess? Look at you, dripping for me. Desperate for my cock. Tell me how badly you want me.” With every sentence he spoke, he teased me by only pushing the tip in, and pulling out again.

“So bad… I n-need you, Justin, please.”

“I can’t hear you,”

I heard his shirt drop to the floor and I bit my lip, imagining how he looked right now; toned, face stern, slightly flustered, cock ready for me.

“Daddy, please…” I moaned, this time louder; but not to the point where I would be spanked again for raising my voice.

“That’s a good girl,” He spoke, before finally giving in and thrusting once, filling me up completely.

My body jolted forward at the unexpected movement, and I gripped the bedsheets as Justin began to fuck me to the point of oblivion, there was no going slow with him, “Fuck,

Sweat laced our bodies as we connected as one, the sound of skin-on-skin and moans filled the room. Thrusting into me at what felt like every half-second, my legs shook and I felt myself involuntarily squeeze them shut.

“No, keep them open for me, baby.” He groaned, gripping my hips tighter.

Falling forwards, my cheek against the bedsheets, I moaned as his fingers toyed with my already swollen clit.

A tug on my hair forced me back up, and I whimpered as Justin’s body fell forward so that he was close to me. Peppering kisses on my neck, he moaned into my ear, “You’ve been such a good girl for daddy tonight, haven’t you?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“I won’t hold your disobedience against you, but that won’t ever happen again, will it?”

My eyes screwed shut and I couldn’t bring myself to answer him. My fingers gripped the comforter tightly as I felt myself edging closer to my climax. I yelped as Justin’s slapped my ass hard, “Answer me, (Y/N), or I’ll stop. I won’t let you cum.”

“N-no… It won’t happen again, I promise.” I breathed, struggling to form a coherent sentence.

“Good girl, are you gonna cum for me?”

“Yes, I’m so close,”

The warmth of his body being so close to mine disappeared as he sat upright again and rocked his hips faster, hands pulling me back against him. His soft pants spurred me on and I fucked back, eyes rolling to the back of my head as he hit deeper than before.

“Fuck, baby… I’m cumming,” I cried, head falling forwards.

“Cum for me, baby… that’s it, fuck,”

As my body shook, I could feel Justin’s thrusts becoming irregular and quick, causing me to clench around him, “Oh baby, do that again.”

In seconds I heard him groan and spill inside of me, the feeling sending another set of shockwaves through my body. Collapsing entirely on the bed, I breathed heavily. Justin came to lay beside me and he pulled me close, bending one leg to wrap around his own.

My eyes fluttered shut as I felt him place a single kiss on my clammy forehead, fingers running through my hair, “I love you so much, angel.”

I smiled to myself and nuzzled into his chest, “I love you more.”

Happy National R&L Day!!!

Enjoy some lesser known (or just forgotten!) Rhett and Link facts:

Rhett McLaughlin

  • once threw his back out while eating a sandwich (x)
  • got bitten by a puppy while filming and now has a scar on his ear (x)
  • has been kicked off a ride at Legoland for being too tall (x)
  • “stole” batteries from Walmart because he left baby Locke in the car (x)
  • as a kid, he wanted to grow up to be an architect (x)
  • R&L were on the same soccer team as kid, and Rhett punched a teammate in the gut for making fun of Link (x)
  • likes to tell people that his 7 year old son was 7′3″ (x)
  • claims that the reason he can make squirrel noises is because he was bitten by one as a child (x)
  • dumped by a cheerleader in high school through a cheer (x)
  • keeps a dream journal (or at least used to) (x)
  • created the first and only rule of GMM - never talk about Justin Bieber (x)
  • says he’ll never reveal what his favorite color is (x)

Link Neal

  • as a kid, he wanted to grow up to be a weatherman (x)
  • one of his first teenage jobs was barning tobacco (x)
  • wears women’s deodorant (x)
  • he and his wife’s song is “Stuck on You” by Lionel Richie (x)
  • once hooked his son Lincoln in the back of his head with a fishing pole (x)
  • seriously accident prone - broke his pelvis snowboarding, scraped up half his body when he tripped and fell while filming an episode of Commercial Kings, and has crashed on his mountain bike (x) (x) (x)
  • threw up at his 9th birthday party (x)
  • was 2nd chair trumpet player in school (x)
  • doesn’t have any video or pictures of his wedding because he hired his friend to do it and the camera battery died (x)
  • went to summer camp for a week and didn’t poop the whole time (x

Thanks @rhettandlink for being the bestest of bestest friends (x)

Poe Party BTS

Here’s another little behind-the-scenes from the Poe Party art department!

This “attic” we shot in was a) not a real attic, and b) probably the smallest room I’ve ever filmed in.

There was only one entrance to this room and it was about the size of half a doorway and you had to climb up a ladder to get in there. You can sort of see the opening behind Alex (our DP) in this pic I took:

(seen here: Alex doing some magic with lenses that make the room look twice as big)

Fun fact: during the scene when Wells and Lenore are sitting on the ground together I’m hiding just around the corner with Justin (our sound guy). 

Justin had to hold the boom over the wall because there wasn’t any space for him to stand anywhere else. I got stuck back there because I was doing some last minute set dressing when they brought the camera in and it (and the dolly track) blocked the exit. 

It was kinda fun tbh. :) Here’s a pic I took from my hiding spot during this scene:


random things i can’t stop thinking about

what the fuck me 

  • bitty probably has had a full blown dance/karaoke party by himself thinking no one was going to be home for ages only to have someone walk in on him shaking his butt to the beat 
  • he totally doesn’t let out a scream and fall over when he hears the laughter 
  • once ransom was so sleep deprived from exams and studying he walked into the kitchen and grabbed the first bowl he saw and put cereal and milk in it 
  • then started eating it
  • holster screamed in horror and snatched it away when bitty asked where the brownie batter bowl went 
  • ransom didn’t notice and he was too dead inside to care

got carried away and i didnt clean it up lmao

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I’ve realized Im in love with you. —Part III 

Part II: 

Part I: Y

/N’s email:

 Dear Justin: 

 I’ve found myself in troubles, not physical, but mental ones. I love you and that’s the only thing Im sure about. But my mind have decided to do a ‘pros and cons-list’.

 As I said before, I love you, and I really want to be with and grow as a person by your side. However, I know that goals can only be achieved with a normal person with a normal life. Dont misunderstand: I know your attitude has never changed in terms of friendship. Thats not the point Im making reference to. 

Dont want to write down anything else cuz I could say things that I dont want to. I’ll be away a few days. I need to think about everything. 

 See you, your BFF.

has anyone considered a soul eater au…

bakugou is this ridiculously strong flamethrower that no one can handle
he just ends up burning anyone who tries to partner with him, because of how uncontrollable he is
…if his shit personality doesn’t drive them away first, that is

until kirishima comes along

Broken Ink (Justin Bieber x Reader)

          (Y/N) pulled out her cellphone, scrolled through her contacts and pressed the name My Love, which represented her boyfriend Justin. It was late at night for the time zone he was in, but she hoped he would still be awake. She typed out her message and sent it.

           “Hey baby. Are you awake?”

           It took a few minutes but he finally responded back.


           “Did your concert go well?”


           (Y/N) thought it was a little odd that he was only responding with one word, but maybe he was just tired.

           “I got a surprise for you.”

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justin bieber


  1. jesus i have one question why you created justin bieber? only for make a mess in my life right? right.
  2. idk what i have to do cause sometimes i hate justin sometimes i love how someones can live like this?
  3. i’m so sorry mom but i love justin bieber
  4. don’t ask me if i love you bc you know that my one and first love is justin
  5. justin is better than pizza
  6. justin is the best then shut up
  7. justin makes me so happy at the same time makes me sad i’m confused
  8. justin makes me feel like I was in heaven i love this shit with all my heart
  9. when I look at the eyes of justin bieber I feel in paradise someone help me
  10. i was fine then i met justin bieber
  11. god please save my soul because i didn’t ask to be belieber
  12. roses are red, violets are blue, justin i cant live without you
  13. justin is perfect like… wait, anyone is perfect like justin
  14. i’m belieber hahaha this is not funny
  15. i’m belieber and… idk man, just give me a hug
  16. i try to stop listening to justin bieber, but i can’t, becAUSE JUSTIN IS PART OF MY LIFE NOW!!!1!!
  17. justin doesn’t know how much i love him and it breaks my heart
  18. all my life and all my story is about justin bieber
  19. you don’t like justin? you can hear my FFFFFFFUCK YOUUU??????
  20. the hell is waiting for me thx for that, justin, h8 u
  21. living for justin
  22. always in my heart justin bieber
  23. i love justin more than i love food
  24. justin is my angel
  25. justin is my drug
  26. the only thing i need is justin bieber
  27. i don’t love you, i love justin bieber
  28. justin is my heaven
  29. ✿ jesus loves you, justin doesnt ✿
  30. ☾my heart belongs to justin bieber xoxoxo☽
  31. i really believe that justin bieber was the gratest thing that ever happened to me
  32. it’s incredible the way that justin makes me smile
  33. jesus please make me understand how could someone be so fucking perfect like justin?
  34. vamos preservar o planeta, migas, em marte nao vai ter justin bieber nao
  35. to aqui pra sustentar meu filho justin
  36. a viadagem vai de 0 a justin bieber
  37. se nem o justin bieber agradou todo mundo quem sou eu pra agradar????
  38. justin foi doar sangue e não deixaram pq nao aceitam sangue de cobra la
  39. veneno de justin pra mim é drink
  40. justin bieber é o meu pastor e musicas boas não me faltará
  41. e tudo começou no shes confident
  42. minha vontade de te bater é do tamanho da bunda do justin
  43. protect jb all the costs
  44. justin bieber eh pai dos meus filhos
  45. o inferno ta vazio, por isso justin bieber ta na terra
  46. sobre justin bieber cuidado nao se deixa enganar por esse rostinho de anjo porque por tras disso existe obra satanica
  47. alguem me sustenta que eu nao to com dominio do corpo nao da olha isso aqui olha essa foto olha o justin puta que pariu assim não aguento
  48. o que ainda to fazendo aqui com a bunda sentada na cadeira de frente pro computador partiu justin deveria estar dando views
  49. justin é tao danadinho da vontade de desferir soquinhos na cara dele e depois beijar cada centimetro dos ferimentos como lidar
  50. no momento apenas erguendo as mãos aos céus e agradecendo pq justin bieber existe


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  17. prtectjustin
  18. biberiver
  19. drewfavx
  20. loveniemenie
  21. drthatpower
  22. jwstinsense
  23. jbiebermatter

INTJ: Can you imagine the things we would get into if we hung out? Lol

INTP: Oh it would be a riot, pal.

INTJ: Oh it would be. I think we could take over the world in three days if we hung out.

INTP: No way! Too much responsibility. I’d rather take over a zoo or something.

INTJ: What about taking over a Walmart and play Justin Bieber songs over the intercom, driving the patrons to go insane, then we lock the doors and give them weapons and proclaim, “Welcome to the Hunger Games. Only one of you will walk out alive.”


INTP: Okay that. That’s what we do.

Harry Styles christmas twitter packs (requested)

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Now I can die in peace after seeing this beautiful person dancing. 

P.D: Am I the only one the saw the video a million time with no stop? And don’t lie girls we all know you all have done it. ;)

anonymous asked:

can u rec ur fav holsom fics? :) only if u want to!!!!!

he’ll ya i wanna,, fair warnin tho i didnt wanna omit any fics i liked so like?? my ULTRA FAV ones will all have the ice cream emoj after the title

ok so i’ve only been thru the 1st 15 of the 18 pages in the holsom relationship tag on ao3 so there is a giant possibility i’m missin a great fic here (n also if any1 has any recs???? hmu)

the only order these are in is the order i opened em up in my tabs in

these r all rated t or g, or they should b!!! if there’s 1 in there that’s not, pls lmk so i can edit the post n let ppl kno

also this is more hc than fic however. ultra fav

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// make out with me //

“Yeah, I definitely can’t handle straight vodka,” My face scrunched up in dislike even after the chaser. Justin looked at the ugly face I was making and immediately busted out laughing.

“Shut up! You know I fuck with tequila more,” I nudged him away from me out of annoyance. He laughed again but this time poured me a tequila shot. We’d only been in the club for half an hour and he was already relaxed into his playful, giddy self. I was barely even tipsy but, I felt good. I gave Justin my best smile before taking the shot. Just as I was about to swallow, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye that made me completely choke up.

“Apparently you can’t handle tequila either,” Justin cracked up again.

“Shut up. She’s fucking here,” I quickly turned towards Justin and pulled more of my curls to the front to hide myself as best as I could.

“Who’s here?” Justin leaned to the side and tried to look past me.

“Don’t look!” I spoke frantically, pressing my nails into his thigh so he would stop drawing attention this way.

“Ohhhh! That’s that one girl that you’re friends with,” Justin started waving at her with a smirk.

“Justin she’s not my friend. Don’t call her over here,” I dug deeper into his leg making him yelp out.

“Too late,” He started waving harder.

“Justin, she’s fucking crazy! Please stop she’s literally obsessed with me,” I begged. He knew as well as anyone else that Victoria annoyed the shit out of me. I couldn’t even post a selfie without this girl being on my dick.

“Play nice with your girlfriend,” he teased.

“She’s not my girlfriend. She’s not even my fr-”

“Hey, Y/N!” I heard out of the corner of my ear, over the music. I gave Justin who was smiling, the nastiest smile before turning to the girl who constantly craves my attention.

“Hey, Victoria!” I gave her the fakest smile. She smiled back before pulling me into a hug that I quickly detached myself from. Uninvitedly she joins Justin and I in the booth. I grimaced to myself as Justin laughed at my annoyance.

“So, how have you been? I’ve texted you a few times but you didn’t reply. You haven’t been avoiding me have you?” She laughed playfully, not realizing that was exactly what I’ve been doing. She hits up multiple times a week, whether through Twitter, snapchat, or text, she wouldn’t leave me alone. She is the girlfriend I never wanted.

“No, I’ve just been really busy,” I strained to lie as I took a drink, trying to find something else to distract her or myself.

“You really look good tonight. We should definitely catch up soon,” She proposed with a hopeful smile on her face.

“Um actually I-”

“She’d love to,” Justin said loudly and gave Victoria a thumbs up. “Or actually, you guys can just catch up right now. I’ll be at the bar if you need me,” Justin smacked the table twice before getting out of his seat. I begged with my eyes but Justin took no mercy on me as he left me with my delusional admirer.

Victoria hung around me all night and followed me around like a puppy dog. I would be emerged in conversations with the other people but everywhere I turned, she was behind me. I couldn’t take it. No one can possibly enjoy their night if they have to babysit some random clingy person the whole time. Somehow, I managed to slip away from her on the dance floor and tried my best to not be found again. Tired of dancing, I made sure the coast was clear before taking a seat in the booth again.

“Hey, your girlfriend was just over her looking for you,” Za laughed.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” I grumbled. “But which way did she go?” I asked, staying on the look out for the girl.

“That way,” Atifa pointed towards the dance floor. I nodded quickly and went into the opposite direction. Coincidentally seeing Justin talking to some girl at the bar, I beelined straight to him.

“Sorry to interrupt but I fucking hate you,” I slid in right between the girl and Justin.

“What are you doing?” He tried to move me out the way to continue talking. I looked over my shoulder and saw Victoria on the way over to me. I quickly turned away before we made I contact with her.

“Make out with me,” I said quickly.

“What? Did you get high without me?” Justin laughed.

“Boy, I’m not playing with you. Make out with me,” I grabbed his hand forcibly. I was beyond annoyed with the situation he put me in and he was my only way out. Justin looked over my shoulder and saw Victoria.

“What do I get out of it?” He asked, putting a convincing hand in my cheek and slightly leaned in.

“I’ll cook dinner for you for a week,” I offered quickly and pulled him in closer to me by the loops of his jeans.

“I want cheese grits in the morning too,” He leaned in closer. He waited for me to nod my head before pressing his lips against mine. Trying to be as convincing as possible, I leaned in my tippy toes to reach his mouth better.

Forgetting why Justin and I were even kissing in the first place, I got really into it. I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around neck and pull him closer into me. A moan left my lips as Justin’s wet lips opened against mine. He licked into my mouth as to get as much as me as he possibly could. His hand met my waist before running down to squeeze my thinly covered ass. I gasped and pulled away from him, out breathe.

“I think that was very convincing,” He mumbled against my lips. I nodded up with him with wide eyes. “She’s still looking this way but it looks like she’s about to leave,” Justin caressed my face before leaning down and pressing his cherry vodka kisses down on me again. A moment later he pulled away again with a smile, his lips red and puffy from our feverish kisses. “And she’s gone.”

“Thanks,” I spoke, still trying to recover.  Justin grabbed my ass one last time before nodding happily.


from my best friends drabble list. send in numbers- drea