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Vague Implications and Seesaw Oscillations part 13


Hello! I’ve been extra busy, disgustingly so, so I apologize for the less frequent updates - part 14 this weekend, I’m aiming :) Thanks, possessors of patience!

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Hartbig AU, SFW, 1,900 words. Has never to my knowledge actually occurred in this current universe. Bummer. Enjoy!

Part 12: Three Kisses and a Kiss

[Basically, Grace tries out for a student film. I have apparently not stated this anywhere in the chapter explicitly enough to quote. You can find the chapter on my FIC PAGE BABY <3]

Grace gets the role.

They tell her unofficially after auditions disassemble. Grace smiles. Angie winks. Grace fumbles.

The role of ‘her boo’ takes a bit more work, and Grace is called in to run lines with three best candidates the following Wednesday night.

Angie is there. She’s a bit of a player, Grace notices. It shows in her cockiness.

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you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt;

summary: “Peggy never stays until morning. Her parting kisses burn with love and fire, and she always returns to Angie, no matte rwhat. But still, she never stays the night.” Angie doesn’t understand, until she does.
note: my first attempt at cartinelli fic, so i’d love to know what you thought! 
warnings: just a warning for a non-graphic description of blood and injuries halfway through!
link: ao3 or read below

Peggy never stays until morning. 

Her parting kisses burn with love and fire, and she always returns to Angie, no matter what. But still, she never stays the night. 

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Kisses and Confessions

This was a prompt from exerciseindisguise. “Imagine Peggy & Angie going to the cinema, all innocent and shit and then suddenly LESBIAN KISS?! on screen (marlene dietrich kissing a woman suddenly?) and peggy looks over at angie like this wondering what she thinks about this.” If you’re interested, this is the kiss I used for reference.

It took a moment for Peggy to even realize what she had just seen. The kiss was short and sudden and chaste, but it had happened and Peggy wasn’t entirely sure what to think about it.

She swallowed around the lump that had risen up in her throat. The theater felt like it had suddenly gotten about a million degrees hotter and it was probably just her imagination, but it felt like everyone was staring her. It felt like they knew.

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