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Sick Shield

Heyo! This little tidbit was requested by the lovely @alicemoonwonderland and the prompt was Gladio and your OC take care of each other when sick. I’m using our shared OC Angelica Venita. Doing it this way so I can tag because stupid second blog ya know. Tagging: @blindbae @themissimmortal @itshaejinju @zacklover24 @neko-otaku13 @sweetchocobae @cupnoodle-queen @nifwrites @rubyphilomela 

Angie dreaded when Gladio was sick. He was worse than any of the kids. The behemoth of a man would whine and cry if she didn’t constantly baby him. She had to take care of Lex and Calla on top of that. With them being Amicitia’s, that was no easy feat.

“Rub my feet Angie.” He pouted loudly

“I’m kind of busy at the moment Gladio.” She huffed as she tried to wrangle their 9 year old son to take a shower as she had their 10 month old daughter strapped to her chest

“His shower can wait. Your sick husband needs foot rubs and possibly some Ramen.” He huffed as he puffed out his lip

Angie marched into their Master Bedroom and firmly planted her hands on her hips. Gladio was laid up in bed with the blankets bunched up around his waist, his body propped up by pillows. His eyes were red and puffy, nose dripping with snot and tissues strewn about the bed. Angie just rolled her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself.

“Lex really needs a bath. He stinks. He was playing hard today with the other boys. I’m your wife not your maid. I’ve been at work all day training future members of the New Crownsguard who are practically incompetent, picked up the children, cooked supper, did dishes, in the process of trying to get Lex into the bath, laundry and I think Calla is coming down with whatever you have. So, no I will not rub your feet.” She growled as she shifted her weight to her other foot “Deal with it. You’re the King’s Shield. Act like it so I can start acting like your wife again and not your slave.”

Gladio pouted. He knew she was right, but he felt like absolute shit right at the moment and any sudden movement might send him to the toilet throwing up. He took a sip of his water before setting it back down on the nightstand and coughed. Now his baby girl was getting sick too? He felt like a real shitty father and husband. He looked into Angie’s green eyes and smiled lightly. Time to man up.

He swung his legs gently off the side of the bed and sat there for a moment before he walked over to Angie. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a light squeeze. He kissed the top of his daughter’s head before she turned and weakly smiled up at her father. He couldn’t deny that seeing his young daughter sick broke his heart.

“I’m sorry Angelica. I know I can be a huge butt baby when I’m sick. I shouldn’t treat you like that. Now Cal is getting sick too. You’re my wife and I should take better care of you. Especially when you have a shit day. What can I do to make your day better?” He hummed against her neck as he rubbed her back

Tears began to run down Angie’s face. She could never be mad at her husband for long. Even if he was a doofus and a jerk sometimes.

“Just watch Calla while I get Lex into the shower. She’s already sick and she is being very cuddly today. More so than normal.” She sighed as she leaned back to wipe away her tears

“I can definitely do that. Can never get enough cuddles with my Calla Lily.” He chuckled as he unstrapped the babe from the carrier attached to her mother and took the tired baby into his arms “My poor girl. Daddy is sorry he got you sick.”

Angie smiled softy as her husband walked back over to the bed and laid down with Calla on his chest. It made her happy that he was so gentle and soft with such a tiny person like Calla. She had spent the first four months of her life in the hospital because she was born at 30 weeks and was a rather sick baby. So it scared them whenever she got sick because they didn’t want to see her hooked up to all those machines again.

After she stared at the tender moment between father and daughter for a moment she turned on her feet and headed to find Lex. That boy was going to take a shower or bath whether he liked it or not.


Needless to say, the future King’s Shield hustled to the bathroom and took his bath. That boy was almost as serious about his Cup Noodles as his father. Never was the Amicitia household out of Cup Noodles. Angie stood in the doorway to make sure he cleaned up and didn’t just play around. She did not have the patience today.

Soon everyone was all cleaned up and they had their dessert and got ready for bed. Angie rolled Calla’s crib into their room just in case she got sick so she could get up and help her child.

Finally, the day was over and she could relax. She took a quick shower to rinse the dirt and grime from the day off her body. Maybe she would take a mom’s day out with her friends soon. Just the moms. No husbands or children allowed unless someone was pregnant.

She stepped into their room and ruffled her wet locks with a towel, wrapped in her favorite robe. She was happy Gladio had got her such a warm and fuzzy robe for Christmas. She loved to curl up in it on nights like these and read a book. She laid down on the bed before she picked her latest novel and began to read. She’d have to thank the Queen for lending her such a quality smut filled book.

As she read, a sensation filled her body. Angie removed the book from her line of sight and stared at her feet. Gladio was on his knees at the foot of the bed rubbing her sore and aching feet. She sat her book aside and smiled at her husband.

“You know you don’t have to do that. You are sick Gladiolus. I don’t need to have my feet massaged if you aren’t feeling well.” She smiled tenderly

“I was an ass to you earlier. You’re a busy woman and you deserve it after a long day at work and then coming home to take care of your family.” He hummed as he continued to work out the kinks in her feet

“You’re a good man Gladio.” She moaned. Soon they both got rather sleepy. Angie tossed her robe to the side and cuddled up to her husband. They said their goodnights and soon drifted off to sleep, waiting for the next day to come.


Angie sat up and wiped the sleep from her eyes. She saw that Gladio was still asleep. Good, he needed to rest up. Or well he pretended to be asleep anyways. She wouldn’t fault him for it this time. She cuddled her baby to her chest and sang a soothing lullaby and administered medicine to her baby before she crawled back into the bed with her baby next to her husband. Calla fell back to sleep soon thereafter. She always did relax when she felt her father’s warmth nearby.

“Here’s to a long night.” Angie chuckled lightly before she too fell back to sleep

Vague Implications and Seesaw Oscillations part 13


Hello! I’ve been extra busy, disgustingly so, so I apologize for the less frequent updates - part 14 this weekend, I’m aiming :) Thanks, possessors of patience!

If you do not yet have a gist of all the thank and feels I am in possession of regarding my beta and [lovely hooman], then I don’t know what you’re doing here but maybe you should start at my NEW FIC PAGE WOOOT (also made by Jenna the beta and lovely hooman. I swear I’m independent…)

Hartbig AU, SFW, 1,900 words. Has never to my knowledge actually occurred in this current universe. Bummer. Enjoy!

Part 12: Three Kisses and a Kiss

[Basically, Grace tries out for a student film. I have apparently not stated this anywhere in the chapter explicitly enough to quote. You can find the chapter on my FIC PAGE BABY <3]

Grace gets the role.

They tell her unofficially after auditions disassemble. Grace smiles. Angie winks. Grace fumbles.

The role of ‘her boo’ takes a bit more work, and Grace is called in to run lines with three best candidates the following Wednesday night.

Angie is there. She’s a bit of a player, Grace notices. It shows in her cockiness.

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you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt;

summary: “Peggy never stays until morning. Her parting kisses burn with love and fire, and she always returns to Angie, no matte rwhat. But still, she never stays the night.” Angie doesn’t understand, until she does.
note: my first attempt at cartinelli fic, so i’d love to know what you thought! 
warnings: just a warning for a non-graphic description of blood and injuries halfway through!
link: ao3 or read below

Peggy never stays until morning. 

Her parting kisses burn with love and fire, and she always returns to Angie, no matter what. But still, she never stays the night. 

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Kisses and Confessions

This was a prompt from exerciseindisguise. “Imagine Peggy & Angie going to the cinema, all innocent and shit and then suddenly LESBIAN KISS?! on screen (marlene dietrich kissing a woman suddenly?) and peggy looks over at angie like this wondering what she thinks about this.” If you’re interested, this is the kiss I used for reference.

It took a moment for Peggy to even realize what she had just seen. The kiss was short and sudden and chaste, but it had happened and Peggy wasn’t entirely sure what to think about it.

She swallowed around the lump that had risen up in her throat. The theater felt like it had suddenly gotten about a million degrees hotter and it was probably just her imagination, but it felt like everyone was staring her. It felt like they knew.

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