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No.6 major fic rec list

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It seems 2 (two) human beings might be interested in a recommendation fic list. SO HERE IT IS  
Things to have in mind:  
.It was supposed to be short but I ended up mentioning 97 fics, sorry  
.I used 10 categories (highschool, college, modern setting, Kingdom / Fantasy Au / Magic, Miscellaneous Aus, Post-series, canon, reunion, Life Swap and Gender Bend)
. Links in bold are fics that are definitely a must. You MUST read them because of how good they are, I tried to highlight 2 or 3 in each category and rating, so you can go to those first  
.The rating of the fic is next to the name for easy choosing. Plus some small commentary I added on my favs.
.Have in mind that some of this are not finished and a pretty large amount might be abandoned, but read them anyway because they are still great  
.There’s a little list at the end with my favorite authors, I would recommend everyone to read ALL of their work, but some of those works might be in other categories.
. Feel free to reblog with your own contributions!! I definitely need more awesome fics to read :3

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this was one of my favorite songs from this season’s soundtrack. this was the clip right after isak first found that video of even where he mentions his love of baz luhrmann, the fact that he makes epic love stories and that a love story has to have one of its main characters die in order to be epic. and this was when quite a lot of the viewers started to wonder if isak and even’s story was going to end in tragedy. and this was when the romeo and juliet references began, and this right here was the first one

in the romeo and juliet movie, talk show host is used as a background song when romeo is introduced. in skam, it’s not used when we first see even on screen, but that moment when he walks in slow motion and he and isak lock gaze still feels like an introduction, because it’s the first time isak sees him after he learned his name, it’s the first time he sees him after we finally get to know more about him, and i think it’s also the first time isak truly sees him as someone he could want to be with - you can see that click. in the movie, that scene says this is romeo, and in the show, that scene says this is even bech næsheim. and at this point, we’re not exactly sure what role even is going to play in isak’s life. we’ve only seen a full episode and a few clips, and we do understand that he’ll probably become a love interest, but we don’t know at this point the extent of the impact he’s going to have in isak’s life. is even simply going to be a love interest? is even going to be isak’s lover, his romeo?

in skam, talk show host is not only used as a reference to the movie, it’s also used because the lyrics we hear (and which we don’t hear in romeo and juliet) fit isak’s situation perfectly

i want to be someone else or i’ll explode

isak has been pretending to be someone he is not for too long. he’s feeling the pressure of masculinity standards and internalized homophobia, he’s trying so hard to be someone he isn’t. and he confirms it at the very end of the season, when he talks to eva and tells her how his life was fake and boring before. and it was never something he was happy with, no one can be truly happy living a life where they can’t be true to themselves, where they feel like they have to hide not only from others but from themselves. living like this suffocates you, it makes you feel like you’re going to explode

so yes, this was a reference to luhrmann’s romeo and juliet. and at that point some people still speculated that isak and even’s story might be like romeo and juliet’s. but throughout the season, they’ve distanced themselves from romeo and juliet’s narrative. and in the end, even wasn’t isak’s romeo, and their story didn’t end in tragedy. even became so much more than a love interest. this wasn’t simply a love story. it was the story of how isak learned to accept himself for who he was, it was the story of how he slowly managed to get rid of that feeling of wanting to be someone else or he’ll explode. and even helped him in that regard, not actively because self-acceptance is something that has to come from within and isak is the one who went through that journey, but there’s no denying that even’s presence in his life acted as a catalyst that helped him reach the point where he is now, where he feels like his life is finally real. it was also the story of isak overcoming his prejudice against people with a mental illness, understanding and knowing and feeling like someone’s mental illness doesn’t prevent him from loving them, it doesn’t prevent him from wanting them in his life 

this was the role even played in isak’s life, his long lasting impact. and this is why no matter what happens, to paraphrase what isak himself said, he will never hate even, and he will always be insanely happy he met him

anonymous asked:

So I'm working on a story with a Romeo/Juliet theme. The princess lives in a castle that only the prince knows about. If the prince's kingdom finds out about the princess, a war will happen between the two kingdoms. Do you have any tips or dialogue ideas? (P.S. I love your blog, so helpful <3)

Hola amigo!

• Establish why this would cause a war: ex. the prince kidnapped the princess, so that’s why the kingdom can’t find out. Keep in mind that these are two kingdoms who may have a lot at stake (ie human lives). I don’t think a forbidden love would cause a war as long as the rulers have an average IQ. It’s gotta be bigger than that lest people begin a coup when they realize their leader is a dramatic idiot. Now, if the prince has hurt the princess, I could believe a war over that. I mean, WW1 began with an assasination.
• You don’t want to repeat the exact Romeo/Juliet plot because that would be boring. I’d pick one or two aspects (enemy families, the suicide ending, the secret marriage, etc) and twist the rest/ make it unique.
• For the sake of my sanity, avoid the falling in love in three days thing. If that’s unavoidable, at least make it believable. Personally, I didn’t like R&J’s love at first sight thing at all. It felt lame and fake. Now, Titanic on the other hand (which also happened over a short period of time), I felt the spark even if it wasn’t true love.
• R&J’s double suicide could’ve been avoided a million and one different ways, but the thing that ticked me off the most was that Juliet’s fake suicide was really dramatic when her and Romeo could’ve just left Verona in the middle of the night. If you go the double suicide route, at least make it seem like it was their only choice.


• “No one can know about us. It would start a war.”

“This is real life, Romeo. My father wouldn’t waste his soldier’s lives because his daughter is mutually crushing on an enemy. I’m 15 for God’s sake. No one would expect this to last anyway.”

• “Take me to your village. I need to get out of this castle.”

“That’s dangerous. If anyone found out about the castle…”

“I know, I know. But I’d rather be dead than trapped between these stone walls for another day.”

• “If you die, I die. Remember?”

“Consider this: don’t let me die.”

• “Forbidden love between royalty. Saucy.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. I never said I loved you.”

• “I’ll never let go!”

“Wrong Leonardo DiCaprio movie.”

(This would break the 4th wall so bad)

This post basically turned into me fuming about R&J and sarcastic banter between the prince and princess, but I hope it helped!

Delena fan comment in my post: “LJ Smith has always shipped Delena!”

Really? Is that why LJ always gives Bamon special moments? Is that why LJ Smith wrote Bamon as soulmates/as having a soulmate connection in the Evensong trilogy?Is that why LJ has recently written Damon being in a relationship with Elena yet he is still not satisfied or happy enough so he constantly seeks out/chases Bonnie? Is that why LJ wrote Damon paying way more attention to Bonnie than to Elena? Is that why LJ wrote Damon dying for Bonnie, not for Elena? Is that why LJ always writes Damon being more noble and selfless when it comes to Bonnie and selfish when it comes to Elena? Is that why LJ wrote Damon’s soul bursting for the first time in his entire existence and the stone cracking around his soul because of his powerful and strong love for Bonnie? Is that why LJ said that Bonnie is Damon’s weak spot, not Elena? Is that why Elena was so threatened by Bonnie in regards to Damon’s affections and Damon’s attention? Is that why LJ wrote Stelena as soulmates and said they were true love in the synopsis for the Evensong fan fictions? Is that why LJ has written Bonnie as being Damon’s humanity? Is that why LJ has written Damon as being jealous of any and every guy who pays attention to Bonnie or so much as looks at her? Is that why LJ always writes Damon saying that Bonnie is his or belongs to him? Is that why LJ has personally said that Bonnie is Damon’s girl? Is that why LJ has said that Bonnie is a much better match for Damon in many ways than Elena is? Is that why LJ wrote Elena calling Stefan her eternal beloved? Is that why LJ had Bonnie refer to Damon as her born nest mate (another term for one true soulmate)? Is that why LJ wrote Bonnie feeling like she can be with Damon for all of eternity? Is that why LJ wrote Damon referring to Bonnie as “his home”? Is that why LJ compared Stelena to some of the greatest love stories such as Romeo/Juliet, Samson/Delilah, and Anthony/Cleopatra? Is that why LJ write Stefan saying that without Elena, he is only half a person? Is that why LJ had Elena say that Stefan is “the other half of her soul, her equal and her opposite, her partner in the Great Dance, the other half of the Sacred Mysteries of Life to her and her lover and her beloved in the purest sense imaginable”? Is that why LJ had Elena refer to Stefan as her “true mate”? Is that why LJ Smith had said that Stefan were born for each other and they were born to love each other? Is that why LJ Smith wrote Stefan and Elena being linked soul to soul by the silver cord of destiny? Is that why LJ implemented the infamous soulmate principle between Stelena? Is that why Damon is cheating on Elena and always kissing Bonnie recently? Is that why Damon is emotionally and spiritually and physically cheating on Elena with Bonnie? Yeah, LJ Smith totally supports Delena over Bamon and Stelena, THE REAL LOVE STORIES OF TVD.

emi010  asked:

OH OH OH YOU'RE DOIN MORE FAN STUFF YAY Um 42 or 43 Kaishin? Both seem indicative of havoc, so. Kaishin havoc is best havoc.

Sure, I’ll see what I can do.  Not sure if I’m feeling up for havoc, per se, but I hope you’ll enjoy this regardless.  8)

The Detective Boys stood in front of Kaito, acting as a wall.  Haibara was sitting in the kitchen behind them.  She had two cups of tea.  When she met his eyes, she nodded to the extra.  His, then.

Shinichi narrowed his eyes.

“The kids seem to think you’re in trouble, and Haibara seems to think I need tea.  What exactly did you do while I was gone, Kaito?“  Shinichi met eyes with each child in front of him, ending with his boyfriend.

“Okay, so, I need you to promise you won’t be mad.“  Kaito held up his hands, placating.

Shinichi crossed his arms.  "I’m not going to do that.”

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In case you wondered what Romeo and Juliet would be in the form of High School Musical...

Start of Capulgue

Romeo: In the house of Montague, didn’t understandeth

That anything can befall at which thee trippeth a fusty sir

Juliet: I nev’r hath believed in love that couldn’t see.

I nev’r hath opened mine heart because I am a Capulet, ohh

Both: I knoweth That tis forbidden, But thee hath walked in the room

and with fatal loins this could beest the…


Start of Capulgue, It feel’st so right

though our families feud, ooh and now looking in thy eyes
I feeleth in mine heart The Start of Capulgue

Oh, aye

Romeo: Now who’d ever bethought that… oh
Both: We’d both beest hither tonight… aye
Juliet: Oh aye, mine friends wilt probably killeth me, (killeth me, killeth me)
Both: Oh, but I wanteth thee by mine side, By mine side

I knoweth that is forbidden but thee hath walked in the room

and with fatal loins this could beest the …

Start of Capulgue

It feel’st so right
though our families feud, ooh
and now looking in thy eyes
I feeleth in mine heart

The Start of Capulgue

I nev'r kneweth that it could befall

Until it hath happened to me
Oh, aye
I didn’t knoweth it ere

But now tis easy to see

Start of Capulgue, it feel’st so right
though our families feud, oh oh
and now looking in thy eyes

I feeleth in mine heart

That tis the
Start of Capulgue, it feel’st so right
So right
though our families feud

and now looking in thy eyes
I feeleth in mine heart

The Start of Capulgue

Get Thy Head in the Game

Mercutio: I see that Queen Mab
hath been with you
IN no shape bigger
than an agate stone
You gotta run the give and go
And take the ball to the hole ;)
But don’t be afraid
little Romeo

Just keep thy head in the game
Just keep thy head in the game
Don’t be afraid to be afraid to go to the part-aay
Just keep thy head in the game

thou gotta get thy get thy head in the game
ROMEOS SQUAD: We gotta get our get our get our get our head in the game (x3)

Mercutio: Prick love for pricking, and you beat love down
the best cure to a broken heart is to lay down ;)

If love be rough with you, be rough with love
Maybe this time you’ll see love’s a jOOOoooOOOoooke

Wait a minute
It’s not the time or place
Wait a minute
Get my head in the game
Wait a minute
Get my head in the game
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
I gotta Get my, get my head in the game
(thou gotta get thy, get thy, get thy, get thy head in the game) (3x)

Romeo: Why am I feeling so wrong?
My head’s in the game
But my heart’s in the son…net
She makes this feel so right

Should I go for it
Better shake this, yikes! *puts mask on*

I gotta
Get my, get my head in the game
Thou gotta
Get thy, get thy, get thy, get thy head in the game (4x)

What I’ve been Looking For

It’s hard to believeth that I couldn’t see, thee wast at each moment in that building. Bethought I wast alone

With no one to hold but thee wast at each moment in that building

This feelings like no other

I wanted thee to knoweth
I’ve nev'r hadst someone that knoweth me like thee doth

The way thee doth

I’ve nev'r hadst someone as valorous for me as thee

No one like thee so dearn ere I finally hath found

What I’ve been looking for

So valorous to beest seen

So valorous to beest hath heard

Don’t has’t to sayeth a word

For so long I wast lost

So valorous to beest hath found

Lest I loving having thee around

Stick to the Status Quo

Romeo: You can bet There’s nothin’ but net
When I am in a zone and on a roll But I’ve got a confession, my own secret obsession, and it’s making me lose control 

Romeo’s Posse: Everybody gather ‘round 

Romeo (spoken): Okay, so there’s this girl that I met at the party, and I’m in love

Romeo’s posse (spoken): What? 

Romeo (spoken): I love her! Juliet Capulet, she’s my soul mate.

Romeo’s posse: Not another sound! 

Romeo (spoken): Someday I hope to make her my perfect wife.

Romeo’s posse: No, no, no, noooo! No, no, no! Stick to the stuff you know, If you wanna be cool, follow one simple rule don’t mess with the feud, no, no!

Stick to the status quo!

Juliet: Look at me and what do you see
beauty just beyond compare but inside I am stirring something strange is occurring tis a secret I need to share 

Juliet’s Posse: Open up, dig way down deep 

Juliet (spoken): His name is Romeo Montague! I love his hair and eyes and face and physique! 

Probably the Nurse (spoken): Is that even legal? 

Juliet’s Posse: Not another peep 

Juliet (spoken): 
Tis just love! Oft thee can’t cease what fate starts…<3

Juliet’s Posse: No, no, no, nooooooooooo
No, no, no! Stick to the stuff you know, tis better by far to keep things as they are, don’t mess with the feud, no, no!

Stick to the status quo 

Benvolio: Listen well, I’m ready to tell about a need that I cannot deny.

Broth'r, there’s no explanation for this awesome sensation but I’m ready to let it fly 

The Other Guys: Speak your mind and you’ll be heard 

Benvolio (spoken): Alright, if Romeo wants to be in love…then I’m coming clean! I want peace! 

Guy 1 (spoken): Awesome! 

Guy 2 (spoken): What is it? 

Benvolio: *mimics meditating*

Guy 1 (spoken): A Buddhist! 

Benvolio (spoken): No, broth'r, tis like total harmony! 

The Other Guys: Not another word! 

Guy 2 (spoken): Do we have to get along with them? 

Benvolio (spoken): *shrugs* I can’t lie.

The Other Guys: 
No, no, no, nooooooooooo
No, no, no! Stick to the stuff you know, If you wanna be cool, follow one simple rule don’t mess with the feud, no, no!

Stick to the status quo 

Romeo’s posse, Juliet’s Posse, & Other Guys:  No, no, no! Stick to the stuff you know, tis better by far to keep things as they are, don’t mess with the feud, no, no! Stick to the status quo!

Prince Escalus: This is not what I want
this is not what I planned and I just gotta say I do not understandeth.

Something is really…

Count Paris: Something’s not right 

Prince Escalus: Really wrong!

Prince Escalus & Count Paris: And we gotta get things back where they belong…
We can do it!

Benvolio: Total peace! 

The Other Guys: Stick with what you know! 

Prince Escalus & Count Paris: We can do it! 

Juliet: Love. His. Physique.

Juliet’s Posse: She has got to go 

Prince Escalus & Count Paris: We can do it! 


Romeo’s posse: Keep your voice down low 

Romeo’s posse, Juliet’s Posse & Other Guys: Not another peep! No! Not another word! No! Not another sound! No!

Prince Escalus: Everybody quiet!!! 

Juliet: wherefore is everybody staring at thou?  

Nurse (spoken): Not me, thee. (Or thou)

Juliet (spoken): 
Because of thou-knoweth-who? I can’t has’t mine parents knoweth about that! I very much can’t!

Romeo’s posse, Juliet’s Posse & Other Guys: nooooooooooo
No. No. No! Stick to the stuff you know, If you wanna be cool, follow one simple rule don’t mess with the feud, no, no!

Stick to the status quo 
No, no, no! Stick to the stuff you know, tis better by far to keep things as they are, don’t mess with the feud, no, no! Stick to the status, Stick to the status

Stick to the status quo! 

Bop to the Top (of Tybalt and Mercutio’s Battle to the DEATH!)
Romeo: Molto amore!

Tybalt: Aye quel favoloso!

Mercutio: Vuoi ballare? Guardami

I believe in fighting and thou hurt mine best cousin!

T: thou shun that he’s a Montague, methinks he is a foe!

M: I’ll kick you and I’ll scratch you! I’ll grind you into dust!

T: Anything it takes to rid my kin of his rust!

M&T: by mine sword thou wilt kicketh the bucket! 

Thither can only beest one! I’ll blow you away!

T: Caldo!

M: Morbido! Yeah we’re gonna

M&T: dimico alla morte! Penso che sei un perdente!

Tybalt kills Mercutio!

M: I am hurt. A plague o’ both your houses! I am sped. Is he gone, and hath nothing? Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man.

Breaking Free (Balcony Scene)

Romeo: We’re soaring, flying, there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reacheth

Juliet: if’t be true we’re trying 

So we’re breaking free

Romeo: thou knoweth the world can see us in a way that’s different than who we art

Juliet: Creating space between us until we art separate hearts

Both: But thy faith t giveth me strength

Strength to believeth.

Romeo:—We’re breaking free!—

Juliet: We’re soaring

Romeo: Flying 

Both: There’s not a star in heaven 

That we can’t reacheth 

Romeo: If we’re trying 

Both: Yeah, we’re breaking free 

Romeo: Oh, we’re breakin’ free 

Juliet: Ohhhh 

Romeo: Can thou feeleth t building 

Like a waft the ocean just can’t control

Juliet: Connected by a feeling

Oh, in our very souls

Both: Rising ‘til it lifts us up

So everyone can see

Romeo:—We’re breaking free!—

Juliet: We’re soaring 

Romeo: Flying 

Both: There’s not a star in heaven

That we can’t reacheth 

Romeo: If we’re trying

Both: Yeah, we’re breaking free

Juliet: Oh running

Romeo: Climbing

To receiveth to that lodging

Both: To beest all that we can beest

Romeo: Now’s the time

Both: So we’re breaking free

Romeo: We’re breaking free

more than desire More than faith

Juliet: This is true, This is fate 

And together

Both: We see it coming

Romeo: More than thee more than me

Juliet: Not a wanteth, but a needeth

Both: Both of us breakin’ free—

Juliet: Soaring

Romeo: Flying 

Both: There’s not a star in heaven 

that we can’t reacheth! If we’re trying 

Romeo: Yeah we’re breaking free

Juliet: Breaking free!

We’re running 

Romeo: Climbing

Both: To receiveth to that lodging

To beest all that we can beest 

Now’s the time

Romeo: Now’s the time

Juliet: So we’re breaking free

Romeo: Oh, we’re breaking free

Juliet: Oh.

Both: thee knoweth the world can seeeeeee us

In a way that’s different than who we art…………………



And It’s currently very late for me and my mind is a swarm of emotions. They’re only 2 things I  do when I'm like this and this is the safer option.

This is really triggering btw so like. do not read if you get triggered easily. 

WARNINGS- Death by Suicide, it’s not happy. Self harm mentioned. self hating thoughts.

Song- Stop by Dalton Rapattoni

I’m holding on for my dear life to the railing on the roof

And the ground below me looks up and said “What are you gonna do?”

Are you gonna throw it all away, gonna end it all or not?

The Wind was cold and crisp. You could see the construction of the new buildings. The New York skyline was beautiful. You could here friends laughing, children playing, and cars driving home. 

There was a faint sound of jazz music. The cold stone on the roof of the building felt warm. Your hands have been there for so long. You peered over the roof, your hands and legs shaking. The ground looked soft, but your sight was blurred by tears. 

You gazed at the skies, clouds were forming and rain started to fall. You let out a dry laugh, it’s almost like Frank was saying goodbye. How you missed him. You missed all of Newt’s creatures. You hadn’t bothered saying goodbye to them. Too painful.

And I’m waiting for the phone to ring, to hear your voice again

cause your the only one who can save me from this dark and lonely end

And it’s getting colder by the second surrounded by these forget me not’s, 

And second thoughts

Your thoughts drifted towards Newt, would he even care you’re here. You left a note, had he found it? Would do anything about it? You loved him so much. The lanky hufflepuff stole your heart. 

He made you feel whole again. He loved you too. But, in some sick twisted way, You both ended up broken. A True Romeo and Juliet story. It pained you, watching him forget about you. It pained him, watching you ignore him. Every muggle fairytale was wrong. Happily ever afters. Are lies. 

Your mind filled with thoughts. it overwhelmed you. It was like you felt everything and nothing at the same time. You wanted to scream. Half of you begged you to jump. the other half told you to go home, go back to Newt. 

And I want them to Stop 

Please Stop


Please Stop

What could possibly stop these thoughts? They were so loud Queenie could probably hear them. Like she would care. All of Newt’s friends hated you, you were nothing to them. You tried, but you just didn’t click. You were a muggle, they didn’t like muggles in America. 

You watched as they slowly replaced you. Newt spent more time with them. They understood him. More than you could ever. They could do things you couldn’t. You wished to be like them, but you were a stupid muggle which is why you were on this bloody roof. Ready to die luike the worthless muggle you were.

Well the ground is looking softer, every second that I wait,  

and the rain is stinging on my skin, as tears fall down my face.

And I hold your picture in my hand, so you’ll be with me when I go.

Fresh tears fell from your eyes, mixing with the rain. You shakily reached into your pocket and pulled out a small picture. Newt gave it to you for your birthday. It was a magical one, it moved. Newt’s face broke into a small smile as you hugged him. 

You let out a small laugh, you were so happy then. the picture was taken when you and Newt went to a little town in England. It was in front of a little fountain. Happy memories swarmed your head. Hot tears poured down your face. You shoved the Picture back into your pocket. Not wanting to torture yourself with the past. 

And I recall all the moments that led me to this, all of my mistakes.

I say goodbye to all my memories and lies to my face, 

cause I was hurting on the inside, so I hurt myself on the outside too.

But then came you

And you begged me to stop. 

please stop.


Please stop.

You remembered the day Newt discovered your true emotions. Your mind was racing. All you wanted was release, to escape the monsters in your brain. Your arms stung and the sink ran red. Tears mixed with blood. Newt found you like this. Empty. His heart shattered seeing you so broken.

 He begged you to tell him why. You never did. He made you promise to stop. You lied. More memories flooded your brain. Your family, Newt’s creatures, Newt, every horrible thought, every celebration, embarrassment. Your head was spinning. 

You let out a heart wrenching scream. Wanting everything you’ve ever felt to disappear. Your hands met the cold edge once again. Your breathing slowed but your tears kept falling.

And I walk up to the edge, and I kiss your picture goodbye, and I turn around

to lean back and I see you with your hand out screaming stop!

Please stop. 


Please stop.

You took one deep breathe. You stood up on the edge. You weren’t shaking anymore. You felt at peace somehow. In some weird twisted way, everything felt normal. You peered over the edge, just darkness. You looked up at the sky, the rain clouds were parting. The beautiful stars were shining. 

You wanted to go looking at the stars. You turned so you back was facing the edge. You took out the picture to give it one last look. You kissed the picture. One last kiss for the man you would always love. One last feeling of doubt flickered in your mind. You pushed it away. You were ready. 

You leaned back and closed your eyes. The sound of a door opening made you open your eyes. It was Newt.

But you were just a little too late, I touched your fingers on my way down,

Falling faster than I fell for you. 

And when I look up I see you looking down on me, screaming, crying, begging,

pleading, weeping.

He was racing towards you. Calling your name. You reached your hand up towards him. Your hands grazed but, you kept falling. 

You gave him a small smile. he couldn’t see it. He couldn’t see that this was what you wanted. Newt was hysterical. He was screaming. Tears were streaming down his freckled face. He looked ready to jump after you. His voice was so loud, begging for you to be okay. 

His face was broken. you felt a twinge of guilt. Had you really caused him that much pain, You loved him but, he would move on. You soon would be free. Free from your thoughts, from every disapproving glance, free from every terrible moment. You were finally happy.

That’s when everything Stopped.




And like that, You were gone. Newt couldn’t save you but, did you want to be saved. He would never know. His heart crumbled. You were his world. You were gone. And In that moment. He was gone too. 

Honestly, this really cleared my head. This song got me through so much and it still does.