there brit are you happy now

Hey Taylor!! This is Brit and I doing the Shook memes because honestly we are sooo shook, excited, happy, free and confused right now. Brit and I actually met through you on Instagram, and I am so proud to call her one of my best friends. She is always there for me to talk to, laugh with, and go cray cray with. I am so grateful that I have met her, and I can’t wait to go to your concert with her one day! We love you so much!
Lots of Love,

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I think you have to put this in a historic context. Adidas. Thats all he wore. He was chained to it. And now all he can be seen in is more streetwear. Yeah that fits EDM, probably a happy chance given the Adidas history. But it adds in to Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut and Celebrity BB and all the other 'chav like' activities they've used to create Louis image. Its obvious the guy works out & eats well and yet? Im a Brit and I see what people think of him. Before I got into fandom I thought the same.

I get that, believe me, I do.  I completely understand it.  I’ve been fascinated by it since I joined fandom- the nearly overnight switch from striped shirts and suspenders to the laddy lad wear.  But I’m still standing by that it’s the image as a WHOLE and not just the clothes.  Again, I’m asking- what in particular would you like to see him wear?  What would make the difference for you do you think?  

Actually now I’m curious in general for anyone who wants to answer.  If you were completely in charge of Louis’ image- how would you shape it?  What would you have him wear?  What headlines would you promote? What kind of fan interaction would you have him do?  What kind of appearances would you have him make?  

So, as most of you know, I’ve struggled with disordered eating on and off for about 5 years. About 6 months ago, I decided I was sick and tired of hating my body and I jumped on the fitness bandwagon, hoping it would stick. I’m not ripped or anything, but as of now, I’ve never been more happy with myself and currently training for my first mud-obstacle race. Recovery is a beautiful thing💜

(I have to thank fitnika aubernutter thefitally oatsnjen blissfully-brit for all the amazing inspiration and encouragement. Yall are beautiful ladies that I look up to immensely!!)


Man little mix performing at the brits 2016(finally) after the brits ignoring the girls and their success for 4YEARS!!!!!!

I can just say..i feel so proud my heart could burst!!!!

We would get so pissed every year when they didn’t perform or get nominated…..but now their time has come.

I just know for a fact with all my heart..they’re gonna smash it and leave us speechless…like they do everytime they have a big performance (teen choice awards \ both times on xfactor 2015)

I’m so happy for want your favorite artists to be successful in everything they do. And nobody deserves this more than little mix..they’ve worked their lil british bums off for 4 years and still are!!!!

I actually could cry..I’m so excited for the girls. Like first black magic 3 weeks at number 1..then get weird at number 2..then get weird platinum in 7 performing at the Brits.

We are so blessed to be alive while little mix are having their moment.

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“They’ve come so far..but this is just the beginning ”

Update:and now for the first time they’re nominated for two awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aren’t most of the American superheroes played by Brits?  No, but I love Captain, I mean I love their story and Chris is a great guy who plays Cap amazingly so, nah, it doesn’t feel so weird.  What feels more weird is like what’s really going on in the United States right now.  I’m really happy to have Cap’s back but THAT stuff, I can’t handle.
—  Emily Vancamp when asked “How do you feel about cheering for Captain America knowing that you’re Canadian?” on eTalk (March 25th, 2016)