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i don’t understand how some of you can sit here and try to force this mind set on people to believe that harry is doing this whole big solo thing when actually hes been doing nothing extra so far & doing a normal single release (just a little more dramatic and artsy) and that hes trying to erase himself from the band or trying to move on and forget the past / the boys and trying to convince everyone that hes the one ending the band when

1.) the band has been on hiatus since the end of 2015
2.) harry could’ve been a solo artist since like 2013 but never left the band
3.) its been over a year since the band went on break and hes just now releasing music, if he wanted to be the next jt he would’ve did it like a month after the break
4.) he explained in his magazine how they are on break and doing their own things
5.) he also explained in his magazine how this band was the best thing that ever happened to him
6.) just because hes being over hyped by his friends and the media doesnt mean harry asked / wanted them too, they have been over hyping everything he does for attention since xfactor tbh why is everyone acting surprised now ???
7.) he supported niall on his single, he supported louis at the xfactor with his new single
8.) the team (jeff & co) you are saying are encouraging the harry + ot3 hate were also the ones tweeting for 1d to win a brit rmbr ??? like ???

also did everyone forget that the boys all just wished him happy birthday publicly, even louis, louis !!! who hasnt tweeted harry publicly since like what 2013 or 14 i think like ??? if harry was this hot shot who wanted nothing to do with them they would’ve ignored him and not posted anything like they do on zayns birthday :) sooo i think that until harry says himself that hes over 1D (like zayn did when he went solo) im going to ignore this negativity around him because he doesnt deserve it, its not his fault that they put this image on him, he deserves a chance like niall and louis to be listened to and supported like we havent even heard him fucking speak yet and everyone is already turning on him relax, breathe, jesus christ.

Choices - Falling Apart

Characters: Y/N, Dean Winchester, Kaylee Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Mick Davis, Arthur Ketch, Garth Fitzgerald, Beth Fitzgerald, unnamed bmol,    

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: character deaths, implied character deaths, implied smut, violence, blood - dunno SPN stuff I guess.    

Word Count: 2200ish

A/N: This is the 3rd and final part of my choices series. It is also my stupidly late entry for @plaidstiel-wormstache’s Push Yourself Challenge. I am so sorry Jessie. My prompt for this part was Rocks by Imagine Dragons.

Thanks to everyone who has followed and offered feedback on this wee mini series. It actually proved a hell of a lot harder to write than I initially though. I am sorry this chapter sucks, but it really was the best I could do.

Thanks a billion to my friend and editor @blacktithe7 - this series would not have been the same without you darling.


Y/N always got quiet when she was nervous. That hadn’t changed one bit, and Dean was desperate to reassure her. There was nothing he could do from his place in the driver’s seat. She sat quietly next to the angel, Dean had had the good senses to call for backup, staring out of the window, so Dean couldn’t even tell her with his eyes that he loved her, and she had nothing to worry about. When he couldn’t get her eyes to met his in the mirror, his eyes moved, and Cas’ blue eyes stared back at him through the mirror reassuring him that she was fine. Cas had healed her before they even got on the road, so physically Dean didn’t have to worry about her.

The drive stayed quiet except for when Y/N spoke up to give Dean directions. Three hours later, they pulled up infront of a small cabin, and Dean jumped from the car before she had a chance to get far. He pulled her into his arms, breathing a sigh of relief when he felt her relax against him.

“It’ll be okay Serenity,” he whispered against her hair, kissing the side of her head. “I’m here.”

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The price we pay (John Laurens x Reader)

Prompt requested by anon: “Hi! :) I was wondering if you could do a John Laurens x reader where she’s really good at fighting but some soldiers don’t like that a woman is fighting along side them and they’re horrible to her so Laurens stands up for her and gets super over protective. If that makes sense? lol Thank you!”

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A/N: Okay, so this totally escalated. I’m not sure if this was what you wanted anon, but I just couldn’t help myself. Sorry, guys! Alright, Off to write We had our chance

Also, since two of my absolute favourite people on this website, @ruth-hamilton-delrio and @yayhamletnonstop published amazing chapters on their own today, I couldn’t help but to be inspired. Thank you for your awesomeness!
Also, I would like to tag @hopeandlovelastlonger because you’re the best. If you want me to stop tagging you in things, then please tell me. Hugs! <3

Warnings: A lot. Violence, blood, mentions of sexual harrassment and swearing. Slight bit of angst. Seriously, if you don’t like this kind of thing, then don’t read this. I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable!

Wordcount: 4,173 (Yeah, sorry…)

After spending months on the battlefield, you could no longer understand how there could possibly be any glory to gain from this. The fighting conditions were horrible, more people died every second from fatigue and malnutrition than on the actual battlefield. There was mud, blood and bug infestations everywhere, and when it wasn’t too hot outside to even move, it was raining for days, washing away every bloodstain that told the story of the horrible actions that had been committed there. At night it was so cold that the water froze, along with some extremities that were lost to frostbite.

Yes, to say that war was a prestigious thing would be an outright lie. Men without much wealth, who was seeking a way to rise above their stations looked to the military to maybe have a shot at a better life after the war, but was more likely to be killed in the span of a week.

You had managed to survive on that particular battlefield for a month now. Why, you didn’t know. maybe it was because of the brilliance of the officer in charge of the company, Captain John Laurens, who with bravery and passion took good care of his soldiers. Or maybe it was because you, surprisingly, had been a lot better at this than you initially thought.

They had wanted to enroll your brother at first, but seeing as he could barely walk on his malformed feet, you had begged and begged your father to let you go instead. After weeks of trying to convince him, he had finally agreed. The news of a woman fighting alongside the men in the military had not been recieved with joy, and from day one you had been exposed to everything from bullying to sexual harassment. This had not made you crack, however. You were determined to show that you were just as capable as the men, if not even more capable.

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Hey Taylor!! This is Brit and I doing the Shook memes because honestly we are sooo shook, excited, happy, free and confused right now. Brit and I actually met through you on Instagram, and I am so proud to call her one of my best friends. She is always there for me to talk to, laugh with, and go cray cray with. I am so grateful that I have met her, and I can’t wait to go to your concert with her one day! We love you so much!
Lots of Love,

Well that was.. abnormally fast. Turns out I had downloaded some shorter semester mod in fucking August and then forgotten all about it! Why would I download such an unholy concoction in the first place is beyond me. It’s back in hell where it belongs now so we’re getting the full college experience going forward but ugh, upsetting nonetheless..

I mean is there enough time in the world to enjoy this crazy bitch that was slapping Gunther yesterday (for ‘cheating on her’ even though they’re not even friends) heartfart over him now? Girl what is wrong with you.


Aren’t we all.


You also keep washing dishes that aren’t your own.

-A girl sees you voluntarily cleaning up, she starts to wonder what else you could offer without her asking ;)

Ew yea that’s definitely not a thing.



-Ah there you are <3 I saw you washing worm covered dishes earlier, you have to keep that for my eyes only baby <3



LOL looks like you got yourself a girlfriend, Gunther! Congrats, didn’t think you had it in you.

-Help. me.

No can do baby. And I actually mean that, I wouldn’t know how to break you two up even if I wanted to. I mean you slept with someone else in the middle of your date and she stood there smiling, there’s obviously no stopping this crazy train. See you at the wedding!  

Meanwhile Daniel is making a very important call that I’m sure is gonna fail.. but you never know if you don’t try..


LMAO see you never, nerds.

-Ooooh a love letter for me from a secret admirer <3

Yea that’s obviously for Gunther from a very special lady. I legit don’t remember which one but PUT THAT DOWN BRITTANY IS COMING, she’s gonna think you’re some kind of player. 

-Well 2 minutes of conversation are gonna take care of that misconception.

Yea you can say that again.

UUUUUUGH this can’t NOT work they’re perfect for each other I know it!!! COME ON BRIT DON’T LET ME DOWN


-UGH you could not be more wrong, comrade Brit Brit, but bourgeois college apathy has obviously crushed whatever critical thinking skills managed to survive the sorority confirmation process.

Good god. Ok that’s enough, time to see what we’re really dealing with here. GET UP.


FUCKING BYE I KNEW IT. I KNEW THEY WERE MEANT TO BE. I mean both popularity and both suck ass at it + polar opposites at everything else?? Romeo and Juliet who.

Marvin Gaye - Let’s get it on.mp3

Interrupting our wonderful time is the cow harassing the girl Gunther woohooed in the middle of his date with Meatballs. I love college <3

Time to move this party to the bedroom! Just us, Brit, and our new best friend. Judging from the positions in the above photo, Daniel’s first sexual experience isn’t going to be a conventional one.

Aw come on Brit, don’t be like that, there’s plenty of Dan to go around!

Ok now you’re just making Mr Cow sad. Stop excluding him!!

UGH he left, hope you pillowchested assholes are happy with yourselves.

That’s right, get them, crazy secret society blonde!




Hope you enjoyed the view, blondie!

The love juices have yet to dry as Wyatt rushes to occupy the bed. I feel the need to remind readers THAT DORMIES HAVE THEIR OWN BEDS. You literally wouldn’t know from looking at my game.

Case in fucking point, immediately after Wyatt awakens, another one of Jojo’s semi-lovers helps himself to our communal bed. Remember Ti-Ning? He’s stinking under the covers and as I suspected, Jojo ‘hates him’ aka is secretly into him. Good to see the Blue Meatballs stalking method gaining more fans!

WELL WELL WELL look who moved in. After Gunther ‘cheated’ on the redhead lunatic sis, the responsibility of getting us into the secret society has fallen squarely on Jojo’s frail shoulders. 


SORRY, on Jojo’s buff, well-defined shoulders. 

-Thank you.

You keep your eye on the prize, right?

-Of course. Every step she takes, every breath she takes-

-So as I was saying, it’s an absolute disgrace that there isn’t A SINGLE flat earth class in this college. Of course we all know who’s responsible.. Starts with -I, ends with -lluminati..

-Yea, I’m out.

NO YOU DON’T. Must I remind you what’s at stake here??

-Must I remind you I don’t care about resurrecting that stupid cat? I mean if it was Victor, we’d be having a different conversation.

Ugh fucking Victor istg. But NO, I’m talking about finally getting what your tiny, murderous heart has been craving all those years.. THE COWPLANT. Just think about it, Jojo..

-Oh god, the power, the unlimited power.. Fucking Ti-Ning is first on my list.

Yea we all know you want to fuck Ti-Ning but I don’t think you have to threaten him with a cowplant, he’d probably say yes if you asked him out-


-You know what repulses me, dear Jojό? Musique classique, is absolutely the worst, no? I mean who likes it apart from bores and killers seriàl? 

-Oh yea, you’re so right, Ti-Ning WYATT.

God Jojo are you so committed to this charade of denial that you’re gonna date someone who hates creepy classical music? What’s next? Does he hate bow-ties and oedipal complexes too?

-’Scuse me, my.. girlfriend.. is waiting for me.. When did life get so unfun :(

-Oui, I think it’s imperative that you sever all relationships with anyone wearing plaid pantalons, Jojό.. Très unseemly..

-Oh my <3

Well this stamp of approval is the fucking deathblow, JOJO GET OUT NOW. TI-NING’S DOOR IS RIGHT THERE


-My god, Wyatt, your manipulative criticism of my interests and family is attractive to say the least! 

NOP I don’t accept this, even you can’t keep this bullshit up!



Speaking of ‘</3′ looks like Meatballs hired a sniper to hit Gunther with the arrow of love. I extremely have other plans for him so this is obviously not happening but NICE TRY MEATBALLS


-HA. Watch and learn bitch, first I let him be his gross whoring self.. and now that I have him.. the era of Blue Meatballs.. BEGINS.


i can see the clouds are moving faster now (1 of ?)

This is my CSSS gift for @thegladelf! It has been an absolute pleasure chatting with you, Margaret, and I hope you enjoy this actually-married-but-pretending-that-they’re-not thing! This is the first part of… a few. Not sure how many at the moment. 

Many thanks to @literatiruinedme and @becauseyouwantme-itwouldbeenough and also my sister for reading over this also.

Merry Christmas to all!

Emma Swan Jones woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. Judging by the sound, she had left her phone in the kitchen last night. Killian, lying beside her with his arm tight around her waist, groaned into the pillow.

“Your turn,” Emma muttered. It was probably Ariel, their next-door neighbor with absolutely no concepts of boundaries, probably asking to come over and watch Netflix. There was literally no one else in the world save their boss who liked risking the wrath of the Joneses prior to 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday. And literally no one else in the world save their boss knew that they were, in fact, part of the CIA. The go-assassinate-someone part.

“Nope,” Killian whispered back. She pinched his back. “Fine,” he muttered, standing slowly and kissing her briefly before slumping to the kitchen. Emma grinned after her husband. His hair was gorgeous all scruffy, and he really needed to shave. Adorable.

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Happy Halloween from the Hellpoint crew!

I want to address some concerns (mostly on webtoons) about updates. I will be attempting to add more content per page, so please be patient with me as I figure things out. (This is my first webcomic after all and with your feedback I am able to improve.)

Thank you all for reading and stay safe tonight!

The Color of Forever

Day 5 of the usukgetaway!

It wasn’t even the Fourth, but the people were festive and the night was lit up with fireworks.

Alfred looked up at them appreciatively, the reds of apples, the blues of the oceans, and the greens of Arthur’s eyes.

It was a lovely night.

A knock on the door. “Artie? I’m here, you ready?”

Out came Arthur, dressed as usual, in a light button-up and jeans. “I wouldn’t have opened the door if I wasn’t.” The colors erupting in the sky painted his face in a soft and warm light.

God he was so beautiful.

Alfred smiled. “I was just being polite!” Alfred grabbed Arthur’s hand, leading him to the car. “Aren’t you always getting on my case about my manners?”

The Brit sighed. “I suppose you have a point. I appreciate you trying love.”

Alfred opened the car door and gestured for Arthur to get inside, which the former rolled his eyes at, muttering under his breath.

They drove, soon arriving at Arthur’s favorite restaurant. The Brit was a little suspicious, favorites were usually reserved for birthdays or anniversaries, but who was he to complain? They sat down at Arthur’s favorite table, which was quite the nice touch. He tried not to let his suspicions show, especially since Alfred was calm through all of this.

They ordered, and gave their menus to the waiter, who soon returned with their drinks. Alfred insisted on no alcohol, which was even more weird, but Arthur obliged, taking a water while Alfred took a coke.

“So,” The Brit said, breaking a silence, “your birthday is coming up, is there anything you would want?”

Alfred paled at the normally exciting topic for him. Odd. The list was ever growing.

“Nothing really, haha!” Alfred laughed nervously, taking a sip of his drink.

Arthur knew that was a lie, but decided not to press it. They continued the rest of the wait for their food with idle chatter, which was unusual. Alfred was never this distant.

When their food arrived, Alfred ate almost painfully, and that’s when Arthur really started to get concerned. He put a hand on the American’s. “Are you ok love? You’re rarely this quiet.”

Alfred shook his head and it seemed like his regular self was back. “Yeah I’m fine Artie! I just had something on my mind. I’m good now, I promise! Now about my birthday earlier…..”

conversation was easier after that. Arthur felt relived as his boyfriend’s boisterous laugh filled the room.

As they finished, Alfred paid, quickly overpowering Arthur when he reached for the bill. With excitement in his eyes, he pulled Arthur to the car, hurrying him in. Yes it was a bit rude, but the Brit was happy that the lad seemed to be more chipper.

When they arrived at a field, Alfred pulled out a blanket, laying it down for the two of them.

The fireworks were bursting in the sky, illuminating their smiles as wordless, they sat down, Arthur resting his head on Alfred’s shoulder and Alfred intertwining their fingers.

“It really is beautiful, all those colors isn’t it?” Alfred said after watching the fireworks in silence. “Reminds me of someone I know.”

Arthur flushed, kissing Alfred on the cheek.

“But that’s the thing though, you can’t keep their beauty forever. But I can try, can’t I?”

The next thing Arthur knew, Alfred was leaning down in front of him. “Arthur Ignatius Kirkland, will you marry me???”

Arthur, overjoyed, teared up, leaped forward, and kissed Alfred lovingly.

“Of course I will you idiot.”

Alfred, beaming, slid the emerald ring unto his fiancé’s finger. “The color of your eyes. I still have never seen anything more beautiful. I love you Arthur.”

When they kissed once more, Arthur could’ve sworn it was brighter than the fireworks in the sky.

Ok, no really, I don’t understand this frog thing. I mean, you do you, whatever makes you happy guys, but why are we making fun of this beautiful golden boy’s mouth?

That’s literally just what his mouth looks like.

Tom Holland is very active on social media. Undoubtedly, he’s seen this. Either he thinks it’s funny, (if that’s the case, good on you man,) or he is now self conscious about something that he shouldn’t be and may or may not have been before.

Nervous - Valenna

“Hey love!” Val says happily answering Jenna’s phone call.

 “Hi. Are you busy?”


“Well now and maybe later.”

“I can always make time for you babe. You know that. You’re more important than anything else that could be happening right now. What’s wrong love?”

“I want to talk to you about something but I don’t really want to do it over the phone.”


“It’s not like that Val. I promise. We’re ok.”

“I thought we were better than ok. What’s up?”

“Can we meet up for dinner tonight? I was thinking…”

“Are you asking me on a date Jenna Johnson?” he asks with a smirk she can hear through the phone.

“I um…”

“Hey, what’s going on? Why do you seem scared? What happened?”

“Nothing happened. Where do you want to meet tonight?”

“Jenna, I know you don’t normally ask someone on a date but that’s not how this works. You have to plan the date.”

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empressvegah  asked:

Omg omg i want that "am i worth it" prompt, so much potential angst! It's so gooood to imagine the scenarios for that omg. Esp Arthur asking that to Al who is courting him!

Title: Worthwhile
Summary: The soon-to-be queen of Spades is unsure if he is worth the affection Alfred shows him. 
Pairing: USUK
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,709
A/N: Thank you for the request! I had so much fun writing this! 

Alfred beamed as he stepped in front of Arthur, blue eyes bright and shining. He greeted the elder enthusiastically, flinging his arms around the man’s shoulders and easily plucking him off the floor. He spun the sputtering Brit around once before setting him down, then proceeding to present him with a red rose.

“It’s so good to see you!” Alfred exclaimed happily, holding the delicate flower out to his fiancee.

Arthur’s cheeks bloomed in the color of the rose he now held in his hand and he lowered his gaze, embarrassed. “Thank you, your highness. As usual, I’m delighted to see you too, despite the fact that I visit three times a week.” The Brit replied, working to keep the sarcasm out of his tone while his parents were still present.

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@mybeautifuldecay Happy Birthday my wonderful favorite brit! This year has brought us face to face for an epic adventure all over your bonnie country with even more amazing memories. Here’s a painting I made you months ago and still haven’t gotten printed for your phone case as you requested, but now, since your birthday is on the wonderful day of Printshop day, I may need to start a new one in honor of your day! I LOVE YOU BEST FRIEND!

You’re Not Fine

You’re not fine~Syndisparklez College AU~Happy birthday communitymc you massive pile of nerd trash.

Plot: Jordan gets sick. He lies to his roommate about exactly how sick he is. Things happen.

Triggers: Tiny blood mention, and if you’re not a fan of colds you might not wanna read this.


“Hey dude, how’d your day go?” Tom asked, dropping his backpack onto the ground heavily and flopping down on the bed.

“Shitty as hell.” Jordan coughed, tossing a tissue into the trashcan by his bed. “I bailed out of my last lecture because my brain decided to pour itself out of my nose.”

Tom made a face. “Nice mental image there. Thanks dude.”

“No *cough* problem.” Jordan replied. “Glad I could help.”

“Forreal though, dude, are you okay?” Tom asked, his facial expression morphing into a serious one. “You sound absolutely awful.”

“It’s just a cold.” Jordan waved him off. “I’ll be fine.”

Tom eyed his dark-haired roommate doubtfully. “Dude, it doesn’t sound like just a cold. Do you need anything? Meds? Tea?”

“No offense dude, but why do you care?” Jordan asked, and Tom’s face flushed. “If I were you, I’d get the hell out of here before I got you sick.”

“Aww c’mon, I can’t leave my best… friend alone in the room, helpless.” Tom replied, even though his head was screaming at him liar! liar! massive fucking liar!

“I’m not helpless.” Jordan tried to protest, but he launched into a coughing fit. Well, Tom certainly wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to take care of Jordan, that’s for sure. Most times Tom had to be careful about hiding his sexuality around his peers, especially since their college was affiliated with the church. If he came out, it could jeopardize just about everything- the most importantly of which was his relationship with his roommate.

“C’mon, I’ll make you some tea. My mum’s favorite.”

“Fuck you, you idiotic Brit.” Jordan teased. “You and your damn tea.”

“You won’t be saying that when you feel ten times better afterwards.”


For the rest of the day, Tom messed around their room tending to Jordan in various ways. The American dutifully drank the tea and despite the faces he pulled, he thanked Tom. Tom was more than happy to take care of his roommate now that he had an excuse to spend time with him.

Tom never left the room for long that weekend, taking a few trips to the grocery store for some supplies or other various things he or Jordan needed. Tom watched his roommate with a close eye, trusting that if something started going pear-shaped, Jordan would let him know.

“Thanks dude.” Jordan said as Tom handed him yet another cup of tea. “I can’t get enough of this stuff apparently.”

“You’re pretty much an honorary Brit at this point.” Tom said. “You’ve drunk more tea than anything else for the past few days. Are you sure you’re ok going back to classes tomorrow?”

“I’ll be fine dude. Don’t worry.” Jordan assured him, sliding his headphones on over his ears. Tom had learned a while ago that that was a cue for him to stop bothering Jordan and to stop worrying. He’d learned not to take it personally, people needed their personal space sometimes.

Still, as he tried to fall asleep listening to Jordan’s muffled coughs that night, he couldn’t help but worry. He hadn’t been getting better despite having been sick for the better part of a week. Tom had proposed the idea of going to the doctor on Friday, but Jordan had dismissed it almost immediately.

If Tom had a dollar for every time Jordan had told him “I’m fine,” he’d have more than enough to pay off his student loans.


Sure enough, the next morning, Jordan didn’t seem any better. “Dude, I’ll cover for you. You can copy my notes. Just get some rest.” Tom tried to tell him. Jordan gave him a glare.

“Tom.” He said tiredly, and Tom stared back at him unapologetically. “I’ll be fine. Thanks for everything you’ve done, dude. I mean it.”

“Erm… you’re welcome?” Tom turned away slightly as a blush flooded his face. “It’s really the least I could do-”

“Normal roommates don’t do this much for each other. Thanks for being there for me dude. You’re a good guy.”

Tom muttered something about getting his stuff together and quickly ducked out of sight. His face was probably a violent shade of pink right now. Man, I am in way too deep. He mused. There’s no way in hell this could ever work out for me.

“If you need to bail, let me know.” Tom said cautiously as Jordan headed out the door. He could hear him coughing all the way down the hallways. That man will be the death of me.

The lecture was a long and boring one, and throughout the duration of the professor’s dronings Tom could hear Jordan trying to muffle his coughs in the back. Suddenly, Tom saw Jordan jolt to his feet and sprint out of the lecture hall. After a moment’s hesitation, he followed.

Tom exited the hall and witnessed Jordan disappear into the men’s bathroom. He followed, just in time to see Jordan cough up a disturbingly large amount of blood into the sink. He was oblivious to the fact that Tom was watching him with a shocked expression on his face until Tom spoke.

“What the fuck?” Tom exclaimed. Jordan nearly jumped a foot into the air.

“Jesus Christ! Oh, Tom. Hi.” His already-pale face blanched further.

“How long has this been going on?” Tom asked loudly, brow furrowing as his temper spiked.

“Um… not long? Today? Maybe longer? I dunno…” Jordan wouldn’t meet his eyes. “I thought I was fine. It was just a cold.”

“Just a cold my ass.” Tom snapped. “We’re taking my car right now. We’re going to the hospital.”

Jordan began to protest weakly, but Tom pushed past him and grabbed both their book bags from the hall before practically dragging his roommate behind him and forcing him into the passenger seat of his car. “Why did you try to hide it from me, you absolute idiot?” Tom demanded, angrily revving the car and peeling out of the parking lot.

“I didn’t want to miss class and… well… the doctor costs a lot. My family isn’t the wealthiest one out there, I didn’t want to pressure them further.”

“You’re a dumbass.” Tom muttered, turning the corner abruptly. The hospital wasn’t far, luckily. “A complete and total spoon.”

Jordan snorted weakly. “You’re a spoon.”

“Get your ass inside the emergency room. Now.” I can’t believe it. The idiot was coughing up blood and he just expected to recover normally?

“My family-“

“I’ll cover it. Calm your tits.”

“I can’t-“

“Jordan, if you’re coughing up blood, something in your body is fucked up. Get your ass inside right now or I’ll carry you.” Jordan flushed, but he agreed to Tom’s angry demands. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.” Tom muttered, pressing his fingers into his temples in frustration. “You said you were fine, and like a dumbass I fucking bought it.”

“Tom-“ Jordan started to protest again, but Tom dragged him up to the front desk without even pausing for a moment.

“My friend needs to see a doctor. He’s been having severe cold symptoms for a few days and just recently started coughing up blood.” Tom quickly gave the clerk the information he had managed to get out of Jordan. Jordan had to wait a few minutes before any doctors could see him, but Tom headed outside to try and clear his head for a moment.

“He said he was fine. I believed him. I’m such an idiot.” Tom groaned, running a hand through his short blue hair. “I’m so fucking stupid.”


“Mr. Maron has rather severe pneumonia.” The Doctor informed Tom, his face a mask of professional calmness. Tom’s heart dropped into his toes. On the other side of the glass, Jordan was sleeping peacefully in the hospital bed. Various tubes and machines were hooked up to him, and the stubble that had begun to grow on his face contrasted sharply with the white sheets and pale skin.

“Will he be alright?” He asked quietly. He’d stopped being angry several hours before, when he was told Jordan had been admitted into the ICU.

“He’ll be kept here for a few days, but he is expected to make a full recovery.”

“No lasting effects?”

“Not usually. He should be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“I see dozens of patients with pneumonia every year, Mr. Cassell. He’ll be fine, I promise.”

Still Tom couldn’t help but worry as he watched his roommate (and crush) breathe in and out steadily. For the love of God, please don’t get worse than you are now.

Tom stayed overnight at the hospital one night before his other friends dragged him home. Still, even after that, he spent as much time in the hospital as he possibly could. On the second day, he was finally allowed to see Jordan again.

His roommate looked exhausted, lying in the hospital bed, but some color had returned to his cheeks at last.

“Hey dude.” Jordan murmured quietly.

“How are you feeling?” Tom asked, sitting down in the chair beside his bed.

“I’m not gonna lie to you, I feel like total shit.” Jordan replied, cracking a small smile.

“Glad we got beyond that.” Tom replied, rolling his eyes. “Dude, next time you get pneumonia, give me a little heads up ok?”

“The doctors said you’ve been hanging around here a lot.” Jordan said cautiously. “You didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to.” Tom said. “I needed to know you were okay.”

“Tom.” Jordan said. “Normal people don’t do that for their roommates.”

“I do.” Tom said. Jordan was giving him a look- one that he was not sure if he liked or not. “I care about my… friends.”

“Tom.” Jordan repeated. “Can I ask you a question?” His face was deadly serious, and Tom’s pulse increased dramatically.

“Sure dude. Shoot.” Tom replied nervously.

“Forgive me for asking this, but it’s been bothering me a bit. Are you gay?” Immediately, Tom’s heart stopped. He felt like ice water had been dumped over his head. Jordan’s eyes widened. "Dude, if you aren’t it’s cool I was just wondering-”

“No! I mean yes- wait, no… Fuck.” Tom jumped to his feet. “I dunno man I don’t-”

“Tom if you aren’t it’s fine it’s just you’ve been so good to me the last few days and I needed to know before my heart got broken any more.” Jordan rushed out, his hoarse voice quiet in the empty room.

Tom blinked. “What? I broke your heart?”

Jordan rubbed his eyes tiredly. “Tom, I’ve had a crush on you since the beginning of the year. I figured that after you took care of me these last few days I owed it to you to be honest for once.” He sighed. “You can leave if you want.”

“Are you contagious?” Tom asked, blinking like an idiot just standing there after he froze just as he was about to leave.

“Not anymore, why do you-” his sentence was abruptly cut off as Tom kissed him on the lips with sudden eagerness. “Oh.” He whispered after Tom pulled away.

“Jordan, if you get sick and tell me you’re ‘fine’ ever again I will hurt you.” Tom muttered. “Don’t you dare scare me like that ever again. Promise?”

Jordan smiled. “No more lies, I promise.”

a list of songs to listen to when you are feeling down:

are you happy now

it’ll only get better


the outside


tied together with a smile



fix you





by the grace of god

just keep breathing

art of war 

little things


if you have any others that i may have missed, feel free to add on to this. these are just a few “pick me up” songs that i find to help me when i am feeling down that i decided to share.

shattered-raine  asked:

Okay, what if Alfred tried really really hard to surprise Arthur for his birthday, and Arthur plays along because it's adorable, even though he figured it out a while ago. (Aight I did my best--take it and run lol)

Title: Surprise Party
Pairing: USUK
AU: Human
Word Count: 701
A/N: Thank you for the adorable prompt, I had fun writing this! :)

Alfred had tried. Arthur knew he had.

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New Preference #12- You’re Both Nominated for the same Award


It was the Brit’s and you were attending with your boyfriend, Harry Styles of One Direction. You were happy to see that you would be sitting next to Harry and the boys. When you got to the table, Niall smirks sitting down next to you. 

“Excuse you.” Harry says. “That’s my seat.” 

You giggle. “Aww, but what if I wanted to sit next to Niall?” 

“Too bad.” Harry smirks before jokingly pulling Niall out of the seat. 

You laugh as Harry sits down and Niall sits on the other side of Liam. Harry wraps his arm around your shoulder and pulls you in a for a kiss. 

“Now, are you going to be this lovey dovey, when I beat you boys for the British Single” You smirk. 

He gasps. “First off, what makes you so sure that you’re going to win?”

“Oh, I think we both know that I’m going to win.” You smirk. 

Harry rolls his eyes. “’We’ll just see about that, now won’t we?” 

You all had to wait to about midway through the award show. 

“And the Brit goes to…” They say. “Y/N!” 

You stand up happily and all the boys hug you. You smile and turn to Harry, who is playfully pouting and has his arms crossed. You laugh and hit his arm gently as you wipe the happy tears from your eyes. He smirks getting up and wrapping his arms around you in a hug before giving you a quick kiss. He wipes your tears. 

“I’m so proud, baby.” He whispers before letting you go up on stage to get your award.


The Teen Choice Awards were tonight and you and your boyfriend were both nominated for Choice Hottie Male and Female. You both had joked that you two would would either be the hottest couple or half of a hot couple. Since the TCA’s weren’t a super formal award show, you were able to sit next to Liam. 

It was halfway through the show when the announce the presenters for your awards. 

“And your Choice Hottie for Male and Female are…. Liam Payne and Y/N!” They shout in the microphone. 

You and Liam both look over at one another. Liam smirks pulling you in for a kiss before you both head up on stage, hand in hand, to receive your surfboards. 

Liam takes his and walks over to the microphone. “Wow. This is probably one of the best awards that I’ve won and I guess I can only thank my parents for this.” He jokes. “And I would just like to add that I’m not sure if I should be honored or jealous that so many of you think my girlfriend is hot.” 

You laugh rolling your eyes before stepping up to the microphone for you to do your speech. 

“I just want to thank my parents and my beautiful amazing fans.” You smile. “You all mean the world to me and I’m glad to know that I have hot man by my side.” You joke. 

You and Liam then both head backstage carrying your big surfboards. 


It was music’s biggest night, The Grammy’s. You were so excited to go because you were nominated for Album of the Year, however, so was your boyfriend Louis Tomlinson and his band One Direction. You were sitting next to the boys and you were nervous. Part of you really wanted to win, but you also really wanted Louis and the boys to win. This would be their first Grammy win. 

“You know, I’m not going to be upset if you win instead of us, right?” Louis whispers to you as the end of the show was nearing. 

“I know, I’m just nervous because what if neither of us win?” you whisper. 

“Well then this is just a piss poor award show init?” He smirks. 

You giggle taking his hand in yours. The award show was finally coming to a close and they were about to announce the winner. 

“The biggest award of the night is Album of the Year and it goes to…” They say. “One Direction for Made in the AM!” 

You immediately stand up, jumping up a down with the boys. You hug each of them and lastly hug Louis tightly. You sniffle from tears of joy and watch as the boys make their way up to the stage. Each of the boys say something and you can’t help but smile and tear up as you see the biggest and brightest smile on Louis’ face. 


The Teen Choice Awards were tonight and you were sitting next to your boyfriend, Niall Horan. You both were nominated for having the Best Fanbase, something that you two constantly were “fighting” over. 

“I’m tellin’ ya Y/N, We’ve got the best fans in the world.” Niall says. “Tonight ya gonna find out.” 

“Oh, whatever.” you say. “We both know that my fans are the best.” 

Niall just rolls his eyes. “We’ll see.” 

It soon comes down to the announcement of the winner and you’re ready to smirk in the glory. 

“And the Best fanbase surfboard goes to…. Y/N!” They say. 

You smirk jumping up and looking at Niall. He just pouting and shaking his head. You giggle giving him a quick kiss causing him to laugh before going up to the stage. 

“Wow. This thing is huge.” You laugh. “I definitely have to say that this one of my favorite awards because it’s not for me, it’s for my fans. I always say that you’re the best and now you are.  This is for you and for all the One Direction Fans out there, we’ll share this with you because you too are the best fans in the world.” You smile before walking off stage. 

👁 dan’s younow march 1, 2016 👁

read on google drive with links

-he’s got a tumblr jumper on
-tumblr gave it to him when they went for answer time in nyc
-he’s not fixing his bed
-final fantasy 7 is the best final fantasy
-he’s Exhausted
-he’s been vibrating slightly all day
-he went to sri lanka
-Climbed A Mountain
-uncle dan’s history lesson
-he taught us about a prince who built a palace on top of a rock who had 400 wives
-he’s getting really worked up about this piece of history
-wifi was pretty bad
-his hair is nice
-his hairdresser was late so he didn’t have to pay and he felt bad and they wouldn’t take his money and he left feeling empty inside
-he saw some wild elephants
-it was an experience
-thank god he didn’t do a liveshow when the damn daniel meme was in full swing
-he didn’t actually buy the white shoes because of the meme
-it was actually part of the outfit
-us tour talk
-hope you liked the little tour video
-sorry for ticket confusion and touts
-don’t buy overpriced tickets
-cropped trousers
-he’s so excited to go on tour in america
-pokemon excitement
-it’s march wtf
-oscars talk
-congrats leo
-the meme is dead
-good on people for bringing up important issues
-kanye talk
-it’s wild to stan kanye
-he wishes he got to see the madison square garden thing but sri lanka
-he doesn’t know what to say since the album was supposedly not finished
-nathan zed is great
-they tried using their voice for chimpbot but it didn’t read
-he watched saving mr banks on the plane home and was ugly crying the whole time
-they can’t accept food or gifts at VIP on tour because they can’t bring them home
-go to it’s cool
-his door is actually shut
-he’s been in a coma since friday night
-they start tour rehearsal in a few weeks
-the piano in dan’s room is 150 years old
-he’s SO EXCITED for the new pokemon games
-they’d like to make pokemon gaming videos but how do you record a 3ds
-he has no mouse how is he gonna end the liveshow
-he did Nothing yesterday he had a day off
-when they got the brits cupcake none of their production team wanted any and they didn’t want to ruin their suits so they took them home
-he’s had 6 cupcakes in the past few days and it was great
-he doesn’t care
-he had those cupcakes and he was So Happy
-nothing in the whole world brings him more joy than food
-he’s just accepted it now
-he did the thing where he plugged his ears during a captain america trailer at the cinema and phil told him to stop again
-he’s listening to the tame impala album because he never got around to it last year
-he highly recommends it
-he cried listening to eventually
-he’s hungry he might eat the last cupcake
-new gaming video this week
-new dinof video soon
-he hinted there’s a possibility it’s internet support group
-hope you’ve all been Good
-happy to be back in the land of wifi
-relieved to have the tickets Out There
-hope the rest of your week is nice
-now he’s gonna hold the off button on his computer until he liveshow ends

Album #6

Taylor’s blonde strands rested against her pillow as she tried to drift off into a deep sleep. Breakups were never easy, but for some reason, this one didn’t compare to her breakup with Adam. It absolutely hurt, but Taylor didn’t feel so hollow for some unexplained reason. It had been a few weeks since her breakup with Tom, and she focused on writing and recording. However, she found more often than not, her lyrics and songs were not centered on her relationship with Tom, but on her relationship with Adam.

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