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scraps / sanvers au

A middle/ending scene to some random sanvers au I thought of.


 Now this one is about a man out late on a fairy hill on the eve of Samhain. who hears the sound of a woman singing sad and plaintive from the very rocks of the hill. “I am a woman of Balnain. The folk have stolen me over again,” the stones seemed to say. “I stood upon the hill and wind did rise, and the sound of thunder rolled across the land. I placed my hands upon the tallest stone and traveled to a far, distant land where I lived for a time among strangers who became lovers and friends. But one day, I saw the moon came out and the wind rose once more. So I touched the stones and traveled back to my own land and took up again with the man I had left behind.”
She came back through the stones?
Aye, she did. They always do.

Here’s a weird shapeshifter AU:

Fareeha is a hawk shapeshifter who leaves home every morning to perch in the bell tower; awaiting the return of her mother from a war between magical beings (a war that never seems to end, it has gone on for two centuries already). Ana has promised to come back, and so Fareeha waits and she watches.

Angela is a human field medic and keeper of the war bell. It is her job to stay by the bell, at the top of the bell tower, day in and day out and keep an eye out for signs of a siege on the town below.

One day it comes. A massive army, too close and very powerful.

Fareeha, who has spent nearly a year as a hawk sitting at the top of the bell tower with Angela, sees this too, and when Angela rings the bells, Fareeha, who has already begun to fall for the medic, makes up her mind to help defend the woman and the town.

Little do either of them know, the army that threatens them is not what it appears to be, and it may take more than what Angela has and what Fareeha can offer to save the town and its people, from destruction.

so i’m listening to the the Welcome to Night Vale archives because i’m finally going to finish it after a million years, and just got to the the Story of Huntokar episode which tells the story of a god that tried to save her people by separating it from the rest of the world and ultimately destroyed it.  

Reminds me of a certain someone and now I’m dealing with feelings again. >:T

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eddiesrichie ?

ARE Y’ALL SPYING ON ME??? i was literally just on their blog (trying to figure out what richie’s powers are in their story but too shy to send an ask lol)

anyway ummm yeah i like them a lot. they seem really sweet and funny and i like their writing so much!!!! (plus im a basic ass r*ddie bitch so that helps)

send me a tumblr user’s url and i’ll tell you what i think of them


logan: well, let me introduce you to my princess
logan: her name is ashe and shes a soft lil girl ok
logan: if you do as much as hurt her in any sense i will drop kick you back to hell
logan: but anyways
logan: she likes to cuddle and watch kdramas with me
logan: shes kind of been my best friend for a while
storm: i thought you kept in touch with raegan?
logan: oh i do!! she just has a girlfriend now, so I don’t get to spend much time with her, but i love her too don’t get me wrong
logan: it looks like ashe likes you so far!! thats a good sign, she almost ate raegan alive
storm: shes so.. small!!! and so… adorable!!!
storm: she reminds me of you, logan..
logan: oh shut up!!!! … :’~)

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Last night I dreamed that by the time Todd was dragging Dirk out of the hospital by the hand, Dirk had taken off his red jacket and swapped it for a grey hoodie because he was so defeated and upset over losing the Boy that he felt he didn’t deserve to wear colour.

NaNoWriMo ‘17 Day 18 - New Parents

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Summary: Stan and Angie welcome their first child, or rather, chick. [Phoenix Enchantment AU]
Word count: 2074

               Stan tucked an extra stick in the nest.  

               Gotta make sure this thing’s stable and warm and shit like that.  He glanced at Angie, who was brooding the egg, half-asleep.  Gotta make sure the two of ‘em are comfortable.  Angie’s tawny gold eyes opened at the sound of voices coming from the stairs.

               “It’s been a couple weeks, do you think Pele’s forgiven me yet?” Ford asked.

               “I don’t know if she’ll ever completely forgive ya,” Fiddleford replied. “But she might be a bit more willin’ to let ya take her vitals.”

               “Perhaps I can check her cloaca.”

               “No,” Fiddleford said firmly.  The two men arrived at the attic landing.  “It’s a miracle she didn’t do the same thing to the vet she did to you. Don’t know why she held back.” Fiddleford smiled warmly at Stan and Angie.  “Howdy, Mr. and Mrs. Phoenix.”

               “Mr. and Dr.,” Angie crowed.  She adjusted herself slightly.  Fiddleford frowned.  


               “What?” Ford asked.  

               “I thought I saw somethin’ when Pele moved.  Somethin’ under her.”

               “Something under her?  Like an egg?” Ford asked eagerly.  Fiddleford shrugged.

               “Might be.”

               “I’ll look into it.”  Ford made a beeline for the nest.  He reached out to pick Angie up.  She hissed at him.  “Maybe you should grab her.  She likes you more.”

               “Sure.”  Fiddleford walked over and reached forward.  Angie eyed him suspiciously, but didn’t make any threatening noises. “It’s okay, honey.”  He picked her up.  His eyes went wide.  “Goodness, would ya look at that.”

               “I’ve never seen an egg like this,” Ford remarked.  “And now we have an explanation for her odd behavior.” Ford reached for the egg.  Angie let out a screech.

               “Ford, don’t,” Fiddleford said.  

               “I need to-”

               “Ya still haven’t recovered from Pele bitin’ ya.  Do ya want to reopen yer stitches?” Fiddleford asked.  Stan snapped at Ford’s hand.  Ford removed his hand from the nest.  Growing increasingly agitated, Angie nipped at Fiddleford’s fingers. “Oh, okay, sweetie, down ya go.” He carefully set her in the nest again. “Sorry ‘bout that, hon,” Fiddleford said, stroking her.  Angie burbled apologetically.

               “Sorry, Fidds, I don’t know what came over me.”

               “Why did you put her down?  I wanted to examine the egg,” Ford protested.  Stan hissed, his feathered crest rising.  

               “Stanford, Pele just laid it.  Both of ‘em are goin’ to be on edge fer a while.  It’s a miracle Pele didn’t draw any blood tellin’ me off.  She held back, and so did Prometheus.  Next time, it won’t be a mere warnin’.”  Ford sighed.

               “Very well.  Perhaps in a few days, they’ll have calmed down enough to let me examine their progeny.” Stan let out another sinister hiss.

               “Don’t count on it, Sixer.”


               “Hmm?”  Angie was woken by movement under her.  She blinked blearily, decided to dismiss it, and closed her eyes again.  The sensation of something rocking grew stronger.

               What is that?  I’m not sittin’ on anythi- the egg!  Angie abruptly stepped to the side, accidentally elbowing Stan close to the nest’s edge.

               “Angie, it won’t be sunrise for like, three hours, what’s the deal?” Stan croaked, waking up.  

               “The egg,” Angie chirped.  “It’s- it’s-”  Stan looked over.  His mouth dropped open.

               “Holy Moses, is it hatching?”

               “Looks like,” Angie whispered.  She and Stan watched with bated breath as the egg rocked back and forth viciously.  As suddenly as the movement had started, it stopped, and a small crack appeared in the shell.  “Oh Lord, oh Lord,” Angie whimpered.  The crack grew wider.  A small, fuzzy head poked its way out of the egg.  “Goodness.”

               “We’re- we’re-” Stan stammered as the chick struggled free from its egg.  “We’re parents.”  The chick turned in a small circle before catching sight of its parents, huddled together in shock.  Stan and Angie stared silently at their child, unsure of what to do.  The chick let out a soft chirp.

               “Oh my Lord, she’s beautiful!” Angie screeched.  She walked over to the chick and nuzzled its head.  “Stanley, look at her!”

               “I’m lookin’,” Stan said.  He joined Angie.  “You’re right.  She’s the most gorgeous kid in the world.”

               “Clearly,” Angie crooned.  

               “Wait, how do we know it’s a she?” Stan asked, cocking his head.  Angie blinked.

               “I’m not sure.  I just know.”

               “Same here.”  Stan stared at his daughter.  “We decided on Molly for a girl, right?”


               “All right, kid, here’s the deal,” Stan cawed.  The chick looked up at him with big, tawny gold eyes.  “Your Uncle Ford is gonna call you Pinatubo.  That’s not your name.  Your name is Molly.”  Molly blinked slowly.  “Oh yeah, and Fiddleford and Stanford are your uncles.  They’re humans, but you aren’t.  It’s weird.”  Molly let out tiny chirp.  “Good.  Glad you’re on board.”

               “Her feathers,” Angie whispered. “She clearly gets her pretty plumage from you, Stan.”

               “She’s got your eyes,” Stan replied.  Molly opened her mouth.  “What’s she doin’?”

               “I’m not- oh.  She must be hungry,” Angie said.  She looked over at the food stand. “Shoot, we’re all out!  Fidds refills the dishes in the mornin’!”

               “Think you can wait until then?” Stan asked Molly. She closed her mouth, looking disappointed.  “Yeah, it sucks, but we’ll get you some-” Molly abruptly opened her mouth again and began to emit a loud screech.  “Ah, fuck!” Stan yelped.  He stumbled back in shock and careened over the edge of the nest.  

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ok the poses people are making for pets are so fkin cute n also i got s&s a pet so those posts are supposed to start coming out on saturday :~D neatneatneat

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so i saw justice league today and it reminded me of how much i love superbat which reminded me how much i ADORE all of your fic (and art!!!) and i just thought i'd let you know that you're amazing!


I still cannot believe what I saw with mine own two eyes. JL went so hard with the manman, I keep remembering and then losing my composure at regular intervals. I’m going to write so much, holy shit.   

so i met this guy whos really not my type but somehow i take him home with me everytime i see him and we end up talking till 6am