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Ok so I made this ages ago and I never posted it because it was bad but I’m posting it now because it bothers me to see this crappy video in my computer without getting posted. Also I dared to post crappy Weeabootale “animations” so it can’t be worse lol (r-right????)

I’m actually ashamed by this…<x’D it has a lot of mistakes since I was very limited (I drew this on 3ds and animated with my phone so ye). The animation is kind of late compared to the music but I can’t modify it anymore ;w;

also the animations aren’t fast enough since my phone app couldn’t make it faster so here are better gifs:

voilà voilà.

oh yeah, here’s the original video btw.

No I didn’t die 23456765433456654 times against him why do you lie.

well it doesn’t matter since now I became a real pro against him hon hon hon

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I think even if she didn't want to offend that person bc for her "mental" is just a normal word to say on those cases she should've known better. A lot of words are used by many people and they just don't know why it shouldn't be used. Take for example calling people "gay" as a insult: it isn't and it shouldn't be done. Or (here in Brazil) people say a lot someone's retarded just like she did with mental and they really should bc it's a disease. She's a very smart person and she should know this

exactly. and even if she genuinely acted out of ignorance, SHE SHOULD HAVE APOLOGIZED and gracefully moved on.

she’s human, she made a mistake, it happens, but it’s how you react to those mistakes and how you handle the consequences of your actions that shows the kind of person you are.

Jon Moxley trying to get you back after you break up would Include...

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Requested by Anon 

💔 Jon would go absolutely crazy without you 

💔 Jon drinking a whole lot 

💔 Jon realises the mistake he’s made when its too late 

💔 But Jon’s determined to get you back 

💔 Before Jon makes any moves he watches you because he wants to know what you’ve been up too 

💔 Knocking out anyone who’s even attempting to flirt or touch you 

💔 Jon comes up with a meticulous plan to get you back 

💔 However, Jon gets drunk one night and drunkenly confesses that he misses you and how much he loves you before he pushes you against the wall and kisses you. 

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Highlights of the Liverpool-Real Madrid Legends Match

Highly biased, you have been warned.

  • Alan Kennedy preparing so seriously for this match that he was “off the ale for three weeks” until last night–what a legend.
  • McGrowler reuniting on the pitch!!! (I never got to see them play, how heartwarming)
  • Steven Gerrard’s assist for Michael Owen 
  • (look, I know a lot of people don’t like him, and I don’t much like him, either, but I genuinely believe he made a mistake and regrets it to this day so I’m glad that he got to have this chance to remember what it was like when everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.)
  • Lots of gorgeous runs!!
  • Dagger’s skillful move around the Madrid penalty box
  • Dagger’s face
  • Dagger
  • Stevie
  • Carra tackling like he’s trying to get into the team against Everton bless every (grey or otherwise) hair on his beautiful head
  • Luis Garcia (not gonna lie, he’s hot, even if his finishing was not hot today)
  • Aldo scoring!! In front of his grandkids!! Be my granddad Aldo, please!
  • Stevie assisting Aldo, who is a hero of his! (I’m not crying you’re crying)
  • Luis Garcia jumping onto Aldo to celebrate
  • Stevie leaning on Jerzy after he won the penalty
  • at some point, Jamie Carragher passed to Steven Gerrard and it felt so right that I nearly wept
  • Robbie Fowler getting booed by the Anfield faithful because he took the penalty off Stevie (we all felt the same tbh, but you can’t defy God, can you? … at least Stevie couldn’t)
  • Dagger being pulled off and the immediate karmic punishment of conceding three goals–next time, Rushie, keep him on!!
  • The guy who screamed “Go on, Ginger!” so loud they caught it on the commentary mic–you go, sir.
  • The fitting tribute to Ronnie Moran at the end of the match. You’ll Never Walk Alone, Mr. Liverpool, your legacy will live on forever, and I hope you are looking down on us and smiling at the lads you had such an impact on. 
I saw so much of myself in the Rangers this time around

They really were teenagers with attitude this time.

  • In Jason I saw the parental expectations I always struggled with growing up
  • Billy, well I was literally just talking about how my grandfather has Aspergers and I probably do too but my parents never wanted to let me be diagnosed and so I had to learn and create a lot of coping mechanisms 
  • Needless to say I was even more confused (and in denial) about my LGBTQ+ identity at that age than Trini was
  • Kim was holding so much guilt inside for a stupid mean mistake she made that I could relate too, guilt is crushing 
  • I don’t have a direct parallel with Zack but having trouble finding friends and simultaneously needing them to escape from the crushing weight of your responsibilities that you didn’t ask for is familiar

I think this film was really important and the characterizations were so far above what I was expecting (but were almost exactly what I was hoping for). I definitely think everyone that is a fan of Power Rangers and especially those fans who connected with the diverse and quirky identities and personalities of the Rangers as kids should go see it.

I straight up came out of this film feeling more content and whole than I have in so so long simply because I saw other people fighting through so much of what I’ve gone through to save the day. 

BTS Reaction To Cheating On S/O But Finding Out They’re Pregnant

Anon asked: Can I get a bts reaction to when they cheat on you but later find out you’re pregnant 

ooooooh pretty dramatic! Thanks for the request anon, this was a lot more fun to write than I expected.  -Spice

Rap Monster:

When you told him that you were pregnant, Namjoon would feel even more devastated than he already did for cheating on you. He wouldn’t know whether it would be best to tell you or not, but the guilt would likely eat away at him until he sat you down and told you the truth. Even if you didn’t want to be with him anymore, he’d do his best to provide for his child.

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If Seokjin were to cheat on you, it would likely be a mistake that he deeply regretted. When you told him of your pregnancy, he decided to be truthful with you and tell you of his unfaithfulness. He’d definitely try to reassure you that it was a one time mistake, but if you didn’t want him in your life anymore he would be absolutely devastated.

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His heart dropped into his stomach as soon as you told him that you were pregnant. Now he had to make the decision whether or not to tell you about his one night affair, or live with the guilt. For the time being, Yoongi would keep his secret to himself and would wait for a more appropriate time to tell you. He didn’t want you to be stressed while you were pregnant with his child.

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He’d probably start crying when you told him that you were pregnant. You’d think it was because he was so happy, but it was almost the opposite. Hoseok felt extremely ashamed for being unfaithful to you, and he wouldn’t be able to properly look you in the face until he told you. He would reassure you that whether or not you chose to stay with him, he’d support the baby.

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It is extremely unlikely that Taehyung would ever cheat on his partner, but if he did he would likely tell his partner of the mistake the very next day. Taehyung would want to punch himself for the poor timing of having a one night stand, but he would fight the hardest to get you to stay with him, especially with a baby on the way.

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Jimin would really struggle with whether or not he should tell you of his affair. Considering the fact that you were pregnant and he wanted to be there for you, he would likely push off telling you the truth. After the baby was born, he might tell if he felt the timing was right, but if the opportunity never came up he may never tell you at all.

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As much as he would want to be completely honest with you, to him it wouldn’t be worth risking the relationship over, especially with a baby on the way. Jungkook felt overwhelmingly guilty, but he swore to himself that he’d treat you and the baby like royalty to make up for it.

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Slavery on Daxam

*Trigger warning: Controversial subject, requires a bit maturity*

I came across a lot of interesting questions about it which motivated me to belt out a meta. The Daxam storyline could have completely left slavery out and pretended that it never happened like most TV shows do but the writers decided to get their hands dirty with this highly challenging and one of the biggest mistakes in human history and I respect them for not pretending like it never existed.

Why most shows get it wrong?

Game of Thrones is one great example because they atleast make fun of that simple approach. A lot of fictional content showcases one hero or rebel who wages a war, frees the slaves and everyone lives happily ever after. But anyone who has studied history knows that if it was that simple and easy, it wouldn’t have taken so long. 

The real world!

Even after modern civilisation, end of feudalism and establishment of democracy, it took a lot of known heroes and the heroes we will never know, who dedicated their entire lives and careers towards solving that problem. And after all of that the problem wasn’t truly solved. Even in 2017, ‘Black Lives Matter’ is something that has to be told to people and an openly racist man is the President of the most powerful country in the world. There are people in our world who still don’t understand how wrong slavery was!

The other side of things is, there are people who can’t really grasp historically what a complex and mammoth task it was and still is in many parts of the world. There are 46 million enslaved people in the world, 18 million in my country alone and a good part of the world doesn’t even acknowledge it and pretends like slavery is a problem of the past! 

Why is it a complex problem?

A lot of people look at it is a black vs white problem because they look at just the American part of the puzzle and simplify it as much as they possibly can but slavery predates America and it still exists in parts of the world where race is not even the issue. I can’t stress this enough, in no way am I discounting the issues many Americans face due to the country’s history with slavery. I am merely adding to the picture. 

It’s a sick human tendency to look at people like resources they can make profit off with minimum investment. They use a lot of prejudices and discriminatory factors to dehumanise people to look at them as mere resources and tell themselves things that help them sleep at night. Much like Mon-El’s mother mentions how they have actually “liberated the slaves” or given them a “better life”. 

Throughout history, people from both the oppressed and the privileged groups stood on both sides of the issue, keeping it alive and working towards curbing it. It is complex because it was never an us vs them problem. There were people who belonged to oppressed groups who found ways to make money off the oppression and there were people who were born into privileged groups who worked towards eradicating slavery.

Mon-El ‘s place in it..

Mon-El showcases the impotence of people like us who know slavery is wrong and don’t agree with it but comfortably live in a world where it still exists or is haunted by it’s after effects. And a lot of us benefit from it, how sure are you that all the products you use and clothes you wear weren’t made by an enslaved person working under cruel conditions against their will? When was the last time any of us did something about it let alone acknowledge it? Leave that, most people don’t even take a stand against racism.. 

I am not trying to justify his lack of action here, I’m just pointing out that at monarchy like Daxam would have required centuries of very active work from a lot of people to fix it problems and to get it to a place where our world is at this point in time (which still isn’t perfect BTW) and even though he had the illusion of power, his parents called the shots and we have seen their opinions on slavery and we have seen that Mon-El disagreed with them.

Which gives us all the POVs: Privileged oppressors(parents), outsider who can point out how wrong the system is (Kara), a passive privileged person deciding to put their foot down and disagree with the system (Flashback Mon-El and new Mon-El). All they need now is oppressed who agrees with the system & oppressed who disagrees. If they can pull that off, I’ll respect the writers more. 


Looking at the current state of the Daxamite royal family’s politics, it’s actually better for it’s citizens to stay refugees in other worlds than work towards rebuilding Daxam because if history has taught us anything, it will fall back into old ways very quickly. 

I really hope that they go deeper into the subject now that they have referenced Slaver’s Moon & Daxam, like they delved with the issue of prejudice against refugees the whole season and not just drop it without exploring it properly. I would hate for it to be one those fictional tropes where a saviour broke the chains and suddenly slavery just disappeared. 

Hate for characters:

I normally try enjoying storylines or stay neutral about them because when you get consumed by hate for characters it really skews your perspective of the story and blinded by the hate you end up missing out the entire point of why the story was written in the first place. So if you hate on this storyline irrationally because it talks about a horrible part of our history, try distancing yourself emotionally from the characters and you might be able to see the big picture about monarchy, slavery, treatment of refugees, prejudice & fear of the different. Supergirl does a great job with political storylines. 

Stories about the darkest elements of humanity cannot be told without mentioning things that make people uncomfortable but they need to be heard. Now more than ever!

“I don’t connect with a lot of the main characters. They are stronger than everybody, always written to have the moral high ground when feuding with recurring characters, and everybody looks up to them. It’s really frustrating. The character I connect with most is Father Gabriel because he has his high and low points, and went through a great character arc. I would like to see a main character maybe make a mistake that isn’t immediately forgiven, or just have them be in the wrong for once.”

Bailey’s Disney Quote Challenge - Masterlist

First of all, I would like to thank the academy for this award…lol jk…

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this challenge - and those that are a little overdue, but that’s not the point - I have made some awesome friends along the way and you have become very near and dear to my heart, it really means a lot that you took the time out of your lives to celebrate my little milestone.

These writers definitely deserve some more recognition for their hard work with every piece they post.

Anyway without further ado, on with the fics…

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Shading!!! and youtubers!

1st & 2nd: It’s cry/cryaotic being a little cutie!  I know I said that the lines were confident but these lines look a bit too confident, as if this was rushed. When drawing you need to be patient. If you try to draw something very fast, it won’t look good. As the popular saying goes, “Quality over quantity”. The shading is ok but the background is again terrible. My advice is the same as last time, pay more attention the the character’s environment.

3rd: I remember this. I did it after watching that video where markiplier says every word of the song “Bad Blood” It was hilarious. There are a lot of mistakes with the proportions of the characters. For example the guy in yellow’s arm is longer than the other. Both bodies seem flat and smooth, which is not how a body should look like. If you take a closer look you can see that your body, no matter what shape,you can see that it has many bumps and dents, whether it be muscles poking out or fat creating folds. My advice - research anatomy in real life and try colouring in one direction.

4th: This was an idea young me had, where markiplier snaps and goes on a rampage. And surprise, surprise, I still didn’t know how to draw hands holding knives. The guy at the door, Mark, has way too short legs and way too long arms. The perspective is a bit wonky as well. The couch should be at a more diagonal direction. Also the guy behind the couch, jacksepticeye , should be a bit bigger due to the dramatic perspective. I suggest using darker shading by pressing harder on the pencil, for a more dramatic effect. There is also a technique, were you draw lines from a certain point of view. This will help you map out each object more accurately.

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I think the mistake this season was putting the Nick and Jess development in the background of Nick and Reagan when it should've been the other way around. Nick and Jess' dynamic should be in the spotlight and Nick and Reagan's relationship should've been a background catalyst to a Ness reunion, but of course, that never happened. They spent a lot of time and energy focusing on Nick towards Reagan and very little on Nick towards Jess.

Because even if an episode focused on Nick and Reagan, Nick and Jess sharing one scene completely stole the show. And that terrifies the writers.

Im still laughign that Toffees shirt having nipples was in fact a mistake….

That sounds like a lot of excuses….hes just wearing a see through shirt…Toff likes to show off his lizard titties

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omg i thought i was just bad at using patterns! thank you so much for reblogging that post. im a beginner sewer (im better at props so i often buy costumes) and I decided to sew one completely last year, when I made a dress out of a pattern, i had a perfect fit using only 4 ouf of 6 necessary panels and I thought I had done it wrong and just made mistakes that cancelled out! I feel a lot better about that experience now!

Haha, no worries! :) 

Patterns are notoriously inconsistent. Many of them have huge seam allowances on top of ease, making the sizing wildly unpredictable from pattern to pattern and company to company. It’s important to think of them as springboards – guidelines, foundation pieces, etc – than as perfect right out of the envelope.

Honestly, the best thing I ever did for myself was learn how to use blocks, as it guarantees a far more predictable fit. It’s not feasible for everyone, given not everyone wants to learn to draft, but it is very helpful to understand the principles of pattern making so you know your way around commercial patterns better.

- Jenn

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Hi! Can u pls do somthin in the spn and marvel verse? Maybe Sam gets caught by baddies and put in a cage (which obvi doesn't go well) nd the Avengers n co. break him out & calm him down? U rock my socks ahhhhH

(I feel like I’ve been super inconsistent regarding FRIDAY/JARVIS in this verse but honestly sorry I forget).

By the time they get to him, Sam’s pretty lost.

When the Tower had been invaded, the bad guys had put a lot of time and attention into restraining the Avengers. Sam, who the world seems to see as powerless, the Avenger’s team mascot, gets thrown in a cage and forgotten.

If it wasn’t a cage, that would have been their biggest mistake. As it is, a cage was an unintentional sure-fire way to bring Sam down.

Turns out they misestimated the rest of the Avengers too, because they break out and come to find Sam with relative ease. But Sam doesn’t even realize they’re there, even as Hulk rips the cage open.

Sam doesn’t know who’s holding him, knows it doesn’t hurt but doesn’t expect that to last. Closes his eyes. If they’re not being forced open, no sense in exposing himself to what’s coming.

“Christ, he’s out of it.”

Sam whimpers. Isn’t sure who that is.

“Flashback.” It sounds grim.

“I could….Show him something nicer? Take this away?” A hesitant voice offers. Female. Sam pauses. Stops. Lucifer was good at imitating voices. Did Jess sometimes, even. Mary, once or twice.

“No,” a harsh voice says. “Leave Sam’s head alone. People messin’ with him is half his problem.”

Sam curls up, because whatever he’s saying, that voice sounds angry.

“How do we snap him out of this, then?”

Another voice. “We wait.”

They’re moving then, and Sam bites his lip to stop his whimper. He tastes blood.

They stop again, and something is thrown around him. Soft, so soft, and Sam doesn’t trust it even as it’s pushed around him further.

“It’s okay, Sam,” someone murmurs. “We got you. We’re headed back to the Tower.”

There are hands on him now, over the soft thing. Gentle hands, and Sam knows bracing himself is useless but he can’t help it.

They start moving again, in a way that makes sam think, car, even though he knows it has to be fake. And then he’s carried.

“Mr. Winchester,” a voice says. Sam flinches. “Anything I can do?”

“Probably not, FRIDAY,” a voice says.

“Should I turn the heat up?”

“Not a bad idea.”

It gets warmer, which is weird, and then Sam is put down, and the hands back off, and he’s on something soft, in something soft, inside the heat.

This is…abnormal.

He opens his eyes, is too curious not to risk it. It’s a bed. And he has a blanket around him. And the room is nice, too nice, and somehow familiar, and…

The Tower. The Avengers.

Sam gasps to himself, tries to sit up, blinking repeatedly. He scrambles for his own hand, pressing against the long healed-over scar, just in case.

“You’re okay, Sam. You’re okay.”

“Bucky?” Sam asks.

Bucky nods. “We’re okay. You’re home.”

Bucky looks ready to do battle, and Sam remembers the suggestion that they ease his mind earlier. “Thank you,” he says.

Bucky shrugs. “Others want to see you. You up for it?”

Sam nods, so Bucky lets them in.

The bed is big, but they stretch it to the limits. Thankfully, between Thor, Vision, Wanda, Bucky, and Steve, dragging several couches in is not a hardship, even as Sam claims the attention is unnecessary. Still, they refuse to leave him alone. Something, he has to admit as he drifts off against Steve’s shoulder, he appreciates more than he should.

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First.. I really love you and your blog! Second.. I hope you will post this because I want to know other opinions. If there hasnt been this page six rumour about Gillian and PM, would we ever thought about her dating him when we saw the pics? Sorry for mistakes but English is not my first language.

Probably not. It’s not the first time since Gillian is “single” that she attends a lot of events with the same (male) person. There was a few before PM, especially when she’s in the U.K. I guess the rumor of them dating would still be a thing in the fandom, because we know every time Gillian and David hang out near someone of the opposite sex, they’re right away rumored to be dating this person, but it would be less strong. There would be less “articles” in the press because they’re all based on Page Six. The rumor would probably be dead already.

Just had to turn off Grand Designs New Zealand because the host had an identical accent to an ex. Blast from the past and plenty of memories I didn’t want to remember. Isn’t it great that our brains file all this stuff away until there’s a reminder like a sound or smell and then the most obscure things come to the surface.

I don’t regret a lot but I regret that relationship and the fact I stayed in it as long as I did.