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Motherworld (Ch. 1/?)
  • Title: Motherworld
  • Author: strane-stelle
  • Fandom: Final Fantasy X
  • Central characters: Tidus
  • Rating: 12+
  • Chapters: 1/?
  • Word count: 2636
  • Summary: “The fayth said it’s pointless to keep dreaming. The dream will disappear, he said. What did he mean?” After a long journey, Tidus finally gets to go home.
  • Warnings: Nothing too horrible content-wise (yet), apart from a ton of OCs (as required by the premise!)
  • Other comments: credit goes to @shuyiin​ for the idea. (that IS you, right?? with the @leviathkand RP blog?? pls tell me I’m not mistaken lol)  

Chapter 1 - The Storm

I love you.”

The words felt surreal, dreamlike; belonging to another time, another place. It was as though he could have imagined them, fantasized them; almost like he barely heard them. It was as though they were addressed to someone else; as though this was not really happening to him. Because the truth was, the words were real. She was real. Everything around him was real. He was the dream.

Tidus gazed down at his arms once more. There was a vague, glossy greenness, and a lot more airship deck where his muscles used to be. No wonder he couldn’t hear a thing. Were his ears even there anymore?

I love you.”

Then it hit him again; with full force, like thunder. Tidus swung around. He saw Yuna’s figure. She had gotten up.

I love you.”

He loved her too. And he had heard her loud and clear. He could see her with a striking precision; like he had never seen a living thing before. He was still here, he belonged here. He belonged with her. He had better go to her.  

His thoughts, his motions, his entire existence; it all seemed to just melt into a last, wordless goodbye. He lifted his pellucid arms and he embraced her around the shoulders; from behind, unable to bear looking at her. She didn’t turn around – and it was doubtful she could feel it. Time stood still, finally, after a lifetime of slipping away. It was the most perfect and the most unforgiving moment.

Even as he let go of her, he was still there. Even as he heard his steps – or imagined them clopping down on the deck – he felt the touch of her skin. He pictured every inch of her frame; walked up to her once again, caught the scent of her hair; imagined saying all the things he had wanted to say.    

He wanted to recall her face, but he couldn’t – it was too late. He was flying. Nothing was real anymore. He thought he saw Jecht, extending a hand to his son.

Way to ruin the moment, old man. Knew I could count on you.”

- - -

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This moment made me cry 😭
I’m fan of both and see they respect each other, makes me proud and happy 😊
Thanks John for what you did for Roman ^^
You had always my respect, but now you have respect from all Roman Empire 🤙💕

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top ten underrated anime series | (as voted by my followers)

# 2 : no.6 (2011)

“If I hadn’t met you, I never would have realized what kind of person I am. I would have grown into an apathetic, clueless, obedient adult. However, after spending time with you, in tears, laughter, and anger, I now know that I have all these emotions inside me, too. And that makes me proud. I’m glad to have known you.

So this is inspired by Sora’s beautiful Klance Vastaya AU art that’s based on the new LoL champions!! Check them out on @wolfpainters blog here: [1] [2] 

For the wonderful @wittyy-name!! Happy Birthday, Wittyy! ❤️💙

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In the aftermath of it all, Catarina can’t find it in herself to be mad anymore.

At the start, after Magnus had portaled home, staggering and hurt and halfway to death with this boy leaning against him, asking that she help this Shadowhunter first… she remembers healing him – Alexander – and feeling rage. With runes stark on his skin and blood on his knuckles, he had been every inch a Nephilim. The Nephilim who had stolen Magnus’s heart.

She remembers the way she’d frowned at his unconscious face, comparing him to the strip of photographs Magnus left on his desk. Watching him lying there on a makeshift cot in the living room, suffering from the shock of blood loss and broken bones, she couldn’t imagine him making funny faces, couldn’t imagine him looking at Magnus with soft, sweet eyes. Couldn’t imagine that he’d want Magnus’s touch, that he would smile that boyish, lopsided smile with her best friend’s arms looped around him.

She remembers thinking, you don’t deserve him. This Shadowhunter, this lying Head of the New York Institute, didn’t deserve Magnus and his love. Magnus, who had started sleeping exclusively on the right side of the bed, who looked at Madzie with something wistful in his gaze every time she ran toward him, who always protected his people at the expense of his own happiness.

He’s too good for you, she had thought as she glared daggers at the boy in front of her, with his angel blood and penchant for prejudice. But she hadn’t said anything, hadn’t rolled him down the stairs, and had gone to help Magnus instead; her best friend, drained of magic and still stubbornly trying to heal himself. She’d gone to the balcony afterwards to clear her mind for a minute, to rest her hands, and now, as she turns around to check in on Magnus…

The Shadowhunter is missing from his cot. Classic. Rolling her eyes, she opens the door to the master bedroom.

They’re lying in Magnus’s bed together, Magnus’s head pillowed on Alec Lightwood’s chest, nearly asleep as he slowly heals from the wounds of battle. His body still lies stiff from the aches of demon venom coursing through his blood, skin paler than its usual golden hue, bruises littered everywhere, yet his arm is still curled possessively around the Shadowhunter’s waist in a familiar motion.

And the Shadowhunter…

He’s looking at Magnus like he’s a miracle.

His eyes never leave Magnus’s and his face is soft and warm and content, like he’s holding onto something he thought he’d lost forever. He looks young like this, the way he smiles and whispers secrets into Magnus’s ear, the way his fingers trace patterns on his bare shoulder, the way he readjusts the red silk blanket so that it’s tucked carefully under Magnus’s chin.

Magnus can’t see it, with his face buried into the Shadowhunter’s shirt, but from the doorway, Catarina can. This boy… he’s truthfully, honestly, painfully in love. The type of love Catarina hasn’t seen Magnus receive in too long, the type that’s as helpless and natural as the sky is blue. And a part of her still wants to be angry, to shake Alec Lightwood until his teeth click in his skull, to tell him, don’t you ever hurt him, but from the way he’s staring down at Magnus with his heart in his eyes, she thinks he already knows.

Catarina starts to turn around, when unexpectedly Alec Lightwood’s eyes dart up to meet hers at the sound of her loafers swishing faintly against the rug. They stare, frozen for an awkward moment, and she nearly laughs at loud at the way his cheeks go rosy pink. She opens her mouth to say something, to make fun of him maybe, or tell him to let Magnus sleep, but right then Magnus shifts, groaning low in his throat, and the Shadowhunter breaks his gaze, mumbling something into Magnus’s hair that makes her friend smile gently.

Wordlessly, Catarina magics the door closed, staring at the smooth black wood as Magnus and Alec fade from view. In the kitchen, she makes herself a cup of chamomile tea, hands wrapped around the soothing, fragrant heat as she sighs in exhaustion. The two of them… they don’t make sense to her, not at all. They shouldn’t work. But Magnus is Magnus, and he’s never done anything by halves. If his happiness comes in the form of a too-tall Shadowhunter with gentle eyes and a cautious smile, then Catarina will be the very last person in this dimension to tell him no.

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Okay I'm not even kidding my boyfriend says I have an unhealthy obsession with Lotor but I think he's just jealous honestly


No matter what trouble he’s in,
The number one most coolest hero always wins in the end.”

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