there are women taller than me

I went to the ER the other day because an old leg injury was acting up and I wound up getting crutches. A day later my sister got surgery at the same hospital and was admitted so I’ve been spending a lot of time over there. A nurse heard me complain to my sister about how I didn’t think my crutches were fitted right/were very painful to use. She asked me who gave me my crutches (male nurse) and how tall I am (5′11), and after taking a look at my crutches she told me that she would try to help me get a new pair because “they just handed you the ‘girl crutches.’” 

Basically she’s had several instances where male nurses or residents will just give tall women crutches that stop at 5′10 instead of a pair that extends above that because they don’t think of the possibility that girls are taller than that and need to be fitted to a different pair. Isn’t that something.

Another Kryptonian-Superman Imagine

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Warnings: mild violence

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Jinx was the hottest club in Metropolis, everyone young and hot tried to get in. Key word “tried” since Jinx had the best drinks, the best DJ, and the best clientele and only the best got in. Inside, the club was hot with sweating, gyrating bodies moving to the bass-heavy sound. All the women wore high heels and scraps of cloth they called dresses and the men dressed simpler but that didn’t stop them from trying to take the women home. I danced through the crowd, occasionally accepting drinks from men even though alcohol didn’t have any effect on my system. My eyes scanned the crowd for the perfect man. Most of them were already too drunk or high to be convincing and others made my skin crawl just by eye contact.

   Finally, I found him: he was a few inches taller than me, had tattoo sleeves, and was so muscular he was practically a wall. He finally made eye contact with me and I smiled at him. He smirked back and made his way over to me.

   “Hi,” he said.


   “Wanna dance?”

   I nodded and let him pull me against him as we began grinding against each other. I tossed my head back, making my long y/h/c hair fall against my back and revealing my neck to him. The man took advantage as he began nibbling and kissing it. I leaned my head back up as we continued dancing, smirking to myself as he muttered incoherent words which were probably his vain attempt to seduce me. If only he knew what he had gotten himself into.

  Five minutes later, he pulled me out of the back exit and into the dark alley. Quickly, he attached his lips to mine as we blindly staggered into the alley. I let him push me up against a wall and I kissed him back.

  “You’re so hot,” he whispered.

  “You too.” I cocked my head to the side.

  His hands roamed all over my body before he began dragging his hand up my cobalt blue dress. He was playing right into my plan. I dragged my hand down and grabbed his wrist firmly but not with all my might or else I would’ve easily broken it.

  “What’s wrong, baby?” he asked.

  “I don’t want to do this,” I said.

  “What?” he snapped.

  He pushed me up harder against the wall and I feigned as much fear as I could.

  “Look, you seem like a nice guy but I’d rather not—”

  He grabbed my throat. “You didn’t act like that back there.” He shook my hand off his wrist and gripped my thigh tightly. “You’re going to enjoy this.”

  I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes. “No, please…”

 He continued grabbing at me and muttering disgusting things to me as I pretended to fight him off.

  “Help! Someone, please, help me!” I screamed.

  He slammed me against the wall harder, causing me to hit my head against the wall hard. It hurt and even though I knew there wasn’t any real damage to it, he made me want to kill him.

   Finally, a familiar silhouette appeared at the entrance of the alley. “Let her go.”

  The man hesitated. “Mind your own business, buddy,” he spat.

  Outside, I was shivering and nervous but on the inside, I was smirking. A moment later, the man who had been “assaulting me” was ripped off me and slammed against another wall. He looked terrified as Kal-El, wearing a white button-down and navy pants, kept him pinned against the wall.

  “You should’ve let her go when I first asked.”

  “Listen, man, I’m sorry!”

  “Sorry” didn’t cut it as Kal-El knocked him out. “Are you all right?”

  I straightened out my dress and put on my best puppy dog expression. “I’m perfect now that you’re here.”

  Kal-El turned to face me and his dark eyes widened. “Ria?”

 “Only the aliens call me that. It’s Y/N on Earth.” I smirked. “Did you miss me?”

 Kal-El frowned. “What are you doing here?”

 “Looking for you. Everyone thinks you’re dead, well, all the humans at least. They lost all their hope when Superman died but I knew if this Clark Kent person was still around that couldn’t be true.”

  Kal-El grabbed me by the throat and pinned me to the wall. “If you try to hurt anyone else, I’ll end you.”

 I coughed and grabbed his wrist with my hand. “I didn’t hurt anyone, you did. Besides, we’re equally matched when it comes to strength.” I squeezed his wrist to prove my point.

 Kal-El frowned but finally released me. “So you did all this just to see me?”

 “Sure, I have missed our time together, handsome.” I skimmed my fingers over his jawline and he jerked away.

 “I haven’t, things have been somewhat peaceful around here without you.”

 “How can that be? Crime rates have spiked since Superman’s untimely death and the Flash and Supergirl can only handle so much. Isn’t the whole point of Superman’s existence to save the humans?”

 Kal-El didn’t respond as he turned away from me. Obviously, I had struck a chord with him and he wasn’t proud of himself going into hiding. Though I would never understand it, Kal-El had an intense need to protect the humans even though they got themselves into whatever mess they needed saving from.

  “They don’t want to be saved,” Kal-El said.

  “Yes, they do, it’s one of their many irritating points,” I said. “They didn’t know how to react to you, is all. Besides, all of these other heroes are boring, they don’t give me a challenge like you do.”

  Kal-El suddenly turned to me. “The last time I saw you, you were given four hundred years at Belle Reve for your crimes.”

  “Yeah, I cut a deal.” 

  “What was it?”

  I shrugged. “Oh, you know, prove that you’re alive and become a free woman.”

   Before Kal-El could react, a team of A.R.G.U.S agents were standing on the roofs of the surrounding buildings with their guns aimed at Kal-El. Kal-El was furious but held his hands up in a show of peace.

   “You set me up,” he said.

   “You made it easy.”

   Someone shone a spotlight on him and forced him to get on his knees. A few agents came down and handcuffed him in handcuffs made out of Kryptonite. 

   “Good job, Y/L/N,” one of the agents said. “Waller wants you back at base for debriefing.”

  “And then I’m out?”

  “And then you’re out.”

  While the agents repelled Kal-El onto the roof, I flew up there to meet them. The flight to Louisiana was so long that I decided to ride in the helicraft they’d arrived in. Kal-El was silent the entire ride and he looked grim. At least he hadn’t been in full Clark Kent disguise or else his weak cover would’ve been blown. 

  Sometimes, the lack of intelligence in the human race amazed me.

  A few hours later, Rick Flagg, a guard, and I stood outside of an interrogation room at Belle Reve. Waller was sitting at one end of the table and Kal-El, dressed in his Superman uniform, sat at the other end. Waller’s eyes were trained on him and she smirked.

   “Can’t believe it, he’s really alive,” the guard said.

   “And no one believed me months ago,” I muttered.

   “Shut up and listen,” Flagg said.

   My eyes burned with the need to burn him with my laser vision, but I kept my eyes trained on Waller and Kal-El.

   “It’s an honor to officially meet you, Superman. I must say I was a bit distraught at the news of your death,” Waller said.

   “Really? You don’t seem like the type to be distraught over much.”

   I smirked as Waller’s expression fell.

  “Well, I admire your work but I am extremely confused as to why you faked your death.”

  “It seemed like the right choice at the time.”

  Waller looked down at the open file in front of her. “Even though you are one of the finest superheroes and you’ve done amazing things to protect the people on this planet, you’ve caused a lot of destruction as well. It’s costing the government millions of dollars in repairs.”

  “And I regret that.”

  “Well regret isn’t going to pay the bills. Your abilities are very useful but also destructive so you can understand why my organization is interested in learning more about your abilities but also restrict them.”

   I frowned and turned to Flagg. “What does she mean ‘restrict’ his powers?”

   Flagg kept a stony expression as he faced forward. “Waller’s going to protect the interests of A.R.G.U.S as well as protect people from the possible destruction Superman’s powers.” 

  “You told me that they wanted to interrogate him and just ask him about his powers. You’re going to torture him,” I said.

  “We’re doing what is necessary to protect the people,” Flagg said.

  I shook my head and ran my hands through my hair as I turned to face the interrogation room. Kal-El kept a straight face but his eyes showed a lot more surprise. 

  “And Y/N knew about this?” Kal-El asked.

  “We gave her full disclosure and when she was informed that she would be a free woman, she had no problems with the arrangement.” Waller pursed her lips. “Are you really surprised that she cooperated with us? She is a hardened criminal but I was suppose she was set up that way.”

  I narrowed my eyes at Waller, feeling the laser energy burn behind them. She wasn’t going to do what I thought she was going to do.

  “What do you mean?” Kal-El asked.

  “Y/N was adopted by Ella Y/L/N. She was rich but had a cocaine habit that made her difficult to live with. Ella often abused Y/N emotionally and mentally. Shortly after, Y/N fell into a life of petty crime including theft and pickpocketing. By the time she was a teenager, she had gotten into illegal gambling, racketeering, and even narcotics. She had so many counts when she was brought in that we had to give her such a long sentence. Of course, she wanted to lower her sentence and was willing to do anything to make that happen,” Waller said.

  Part of me couldn’t believe it. Waller sold me out to make her and her stupid organization look better. Sure, I was Kal-El’s enemy but that didn’t mean that I wanted him to suffer like I did. They had tested my powers too at Belle Reve and it had been painful. Kal-El didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. 

  The guards took him away and I didn’t get the chance to speak with him as I was forced to enter the interrogation room.

  Waller slid a paper to the middle of the table. “Congratulations, by signing this you have your freedom.”

  “How could you do this? I’m used to being the bad guy but Superman doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.”

  “The world needs some form of protection from him, Y/N. By understanding his powers, we can do that,” Waller said.

  “This isn’t a ‘we’ thing.” I stepped forward and signed the paper. “I didn’t agree to put Superman away or to have you tell him my history.”

  “I did what I had to do.”

  As will I.

  About fifteen hours after my release from Belle Reve, I returned to the prison. I hid underneath a laundry van in order to gain entrance and once I was close enough, I dropped to the ground. There were lights in the major four corners of the prison that rotated around the prison area. I quickly made my way to one of the prison’s walls before flying up to land on the roof. From this area I could see the large open space where they kept the Joker’s girlfriend as well as the other cell blocks. Superman’s private cell block was on the other side of the prison which was no real problem. Swiftly, I flew over to his cell block and stood on the wall over it. There were two guards stationed in front of the cell block entrance and guards walking by every five minutes. I dropped down in front of the guards. They tried shooting at me but I effortlessly disarmed them and knocked them both out with one gun. I grabbed a key card from one of the guards and waved it in front of the scanner. It lit up green and the doors opened, letting me in. I stepped into the cell block, disarmed the cameras with my laser vision, and made my way to Kal-El’s cell at the end of the block. He was sitting on the floor and he looked miserable.

  I walked over to his cell and smirked. “You look down, Superman.”

  Kal-El looked up at me and he looked surprised. “Y/N.”

  “Waller lied to you. When they thought you’d died, I told them that it wasn’t true—that you were still alive. They must’ve believed me somewhere down the line because Waller and Flagg brought me out of my cell one day and said that if I agreed to bring you in for interrogation that I would be freed. If I knew that she was going to replace me with you, I would’ve found some sort of loophole.”

 “Why should I believe you?”

 “Because I just risked being put back in my cell for you.”

 Kal-El eyed me for a long time before he stood. “How much time do we have?”

 “It’ll be about ten minutes before the surveillance man notices four of his cameras are down.” I quickly unlocked his cell door and kicked it open.

  I backed up as Kal-El walked out of the cell slowly. He didn’t seem too banged up since I didn’t waste any time trying to make sure that Waller didn’t hurt him too terribly. By the time the guards reached his cell block, we had both flown out of Belle Reve. Kal-El changed into some normal clothes and we ended up in New Orleans for the night. We sat at a cafe and shared a plate of beignets. 

  “Thank you for helping me,” Kal-El said.

  “It’s the least I can do before giving you hell.” I smirked. “Superman’s gotta make his big return somehow.”

  “I suppose you’re right.” Kal-El smiled at me. “You’re not as bad as I thought.”

  “If that was true, I would’ve left you in prison or still be stuck in that place.” I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his.

  Kal-El stiffened up in surprise and his expression was priceless when I pulled away.

  “See you around, Superman.”

  With that, I left Kal-El sitting at the cafe and smirked to myself. That kiss had been fun but the plans I had for Superman’s return were going to be even more fun.

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I REALLY really love that Zendaya is a tall, woman of color. She's even a couple inches taller than Tom Holland. Not that I relate to that, I'm short. I still notice that too many heroines in movies are short & white. I'm so sick of it. It's becoming a stereotype. All the women in Star Wars look the same. Marvel has a long streak of white-washing & lack of diversity so I'm proud to finally like one of their decisions. All beauty needs to be represented.

I also love that she’s tall. If she’s taller than Tom in the movie that’s going to be so cute. Obviously Marvel has a lot of issues, but I’m really happy with the casting for this movie. Now let’s just hope the movie is good.

For men....

Here is the thing.

For women, attraction is not all about what you look like. Don’t get me wrong. We like your eyes. We like your mouth (maybe just me?) and we like muscles. We like it when you are taller than us and we like a strong jawline. A beard and/or tattoos is optional (again, just me?)

However, we like it even more when you are a gentleman. When you hold the door open for us. When you stand on the outside of the sidewalk when we are walking down the street. When you put your hand gently on our backs to steer us away from stumbling. We like it when you give us your coat when we are shivering.

Even more than that, we like it when you are a badass gentleman. When we feel safe walking down the street at night with you. When we know that no one will ever hurt us if you are nearby. When you don’t dick around, and you make it clear that we are yours and you protect what you care for. We like confidence. We like to feel safe. We like it when you talk to us on the phone in front of your friends and you call us baby. We like it when you worry if you haven’t heard from us in a long time. We like it when you curl into our backs at night and we feel small and feminine. We like it when you respect us, and our independence, and yet, you are still the man in the relationship. We like it the best when you make us laugh as we are curled up on your lap and we can giggle into that perfect place between your shoulder and neck.

So, for you men…its really not about what you look like. Its about how you make us feel that will make us fall for you.

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omg lady!tjeffs w her gangly figure being all self-conscious bc she's scrawny n taller than all the other women n quite a few of the men n short, plump lil lady!adams in awe of this giantess whose legs are longer than her entire body

adams has to take like three steps for every one of jefferson’s

tj being hella impressed and in love with ms. adams like “she’s a small chubby rage ball and that’s amazing!!!”

both of them having trouble finding dresses that fit them and also look good on them

tj having a hard time deciding if she wants to try her best a looking “ladylike” or if she can just capitulate before the fact that she’ll never be a very attractive woman and dress like she doesn’t care

adams being like “what do you mean, you’re not attractive?? you’re so tall and thin and have freckles all over!!” “exactly!!”

tj being extremely bad at hair n makeup and just like “whatever i’ll do one braid” while adams thinks it’s Important to look Presentable and is always ready to do The Most

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Someone: I only date guys taller than me haha — The Defender Of Men: "This is it.... We've reached MaximumOppression™,the proof of the Matriarchy is real... Men have act NOW to take back the world... Otherwise we'll deal with the SlaveryWhiteGenocide[InappropirateComparision]-locaust that is some random person.... Not dating short dudes...."

Peak Matriarchy is def some women preferring tall guys. That is The Worst. Obvs. /sarcastically

i honestly have never been into women much but last year i lived with a female roommate who was Huge she made me feel weird… I think most of why i like guys is because theyre generally bigger than me (and i never was into skinny or scrawny guys, altho i like guys who are short). she was like taller than me and really broad and had huge hands and i loved sitting in her lap and i had such a puppy crush on her. and then this year, OW comes out with zaryanova, we’re seeing more of jasper and like… I think… Im attracted to people who are fucking huge regardless of their gender… im pan…. for giants… Help