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Worth the Wait- Poe Dameron

Word Count: 2385

Pairing: Poe Dameron x OC

Prompt: “Why are you looking at me like that” and Poe and OC friends to lovers.

A/N: Give me more Poe. This was so fun to write…best friends to lovers is my fav trope of all time besides love/hate I think!

“You really don’t have to sit here, Poe,” I said, casting the pilot a look from over my shoulder. “You gotta be exhausted.”

He was sitting on an overturned crate, chin propped in one hand as he watched me work. A crooked grin tugged at one side of his mouth. “What? And leave my baby all alone with you?”

I rolled my eyes at his teasing, but as I turned back to his ship, a small smile was on my own lips. “Honestly your “baby” might be better off in my hands than yours. Considering all the pain you’ve caused it.” I shined my light into the fuselage, double checking my work.

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The bitch in the photograph
wears my face. I cut off my nose,
her nose collapses.
Chop down my hair &
hers shrieks from the sink.
How many poems do I
have to write ‘til she
gets dead, how many
live-wire syllables?
I drive a fork into her
heart & she comes back
a quart of blood-hyped milk.
Some girls are daughters,
& some are ghosts.
I will always love what strays.
It’s just the orphan in me.
I have stolen everyone
I ever loved.

Rachel McKibbens, “hex,” published in The Rumpus

Uptown Girl [2]

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: thank you so much for all the nice responses to part 1!!! here’s part 2 hope you enjoy :) (this one’s gonna be in your/Y/N’s POV)

Peter Parker x Reader


// Masterlist //

Originally posted by fendirumi

I woke up feeling completely spent. The memories of that night came crashing down on me, making me relive the anxiety and fear that rushed all over my body as that man pointed the gun at me. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. Tears pricked the corners of my eyes when my thoughts flashed to my masked hero.


The warm hand that comforted me while I broke down. The softness of his voice when he made sure that I was alright. The way I felt more at ease talking to him than I did with people I actually knew. 

My heart raced fast again but not from fear but because of… something else. 

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A Concept

Prompto has an effect on the chocobros, featuring guest star: Ravus.

Noctis: You got five gil?

Gladio: Make your own money.

Prompto: Gladdy, can I have five gil?

Gladio: Here’s ten, just in case.

Noctis: I need some cash, Specs.

Ignis: What have I told you about managing your money, Your Highness? You must be more responsible. 

Prompto: Uh, Iggy…I kind of ran out of gil…

Ignis: Oh, Prompto. Never fear, I’ll have it wired to your account immediately.

Noctis: Look, I really hate to ask, but can I borrow a few gil?

Ravus: I would rather perish in the wintry tundra of Niflheim. 

Prompto: Uh…Ravus? Can I buy this thing I saw over there, at that store…please?

Ravus: Take my wallet and don’t you dare come back empty-handed. 

baby sister | jughead jones

Originally posted by kylogue

a/n: thinking of making this into another small series!! based on a request!! let me know if you think i should post another part! also this is my first series where  im adding another POV get keen. also ill start a tag list for this so leave a message in my ask box or down below if you’d like to be added!!


it was another busy night at pop’s chock’lit shoppe.

booths were bursting at the seams as they celebrate the win of river dales very own bulldogs. i didn’t even need to go to the game to know that they’d won. 

teenagers and parents hustle into the diner buying burgers and fries by the dozen. me? i sat in my usual booth with my usual oder; cheese burger fries and a chocolate milkshake, with of course my laptop.

i was busy typing up my newest lead that i didn’t pay any attention to the small girl that walked through pop’s doors and ended up at the front of my booth, fries and milkshake in hand.

“can i sit?” she murmurs shifting on her feet

i tilt the lid of my laptop down gesturing with my hands for her to sit, she smiles at me placing her food infront of her as she sips on her drink.

she studies me and i close my laptop completely glance at the small girl, she looked exactly like jellybean.

“everything okay?” she nods pulling books out of her back pack and plugging her headphones into her iPod.

i open my laptop and start typing again inspiration flowing through me. we stay like this for awhile, me working on my story and the little girl writing what seemed like english homework whilst bopping her head to the music that filled her earphones.

she sighs heavily causing me to look up at her “im holly (y/l/n)” i smile “jughead jones the third” she chuckles.

“theres three of you named jughead” she giggles her laugh carrying through the diner, the dinner rush was over and most of the booths were now empty. it was just us, pop and a few local stragglers. 

“you miss holly remind me of my sister” she raises her eyebrows “can’t say the same about you- my sister is way cooler than you” she sass’ and i laugh.

“how old are you holly?” “I’m 10, you?” “17″ i reply stealing one of her fries “hey!” she sulks.

“my sisters 17 too, she steals my fries too” i nod smirking to myself

“her names (y/n) we just moved her from san fransico, how olds your sister?” 

i close my laptop setting it aside “my sister is 10 years old same as you her names jellybean” she laughs again “is there three jelly beans too?” i shake my head “nope just the one and only”.

she pops a few fries in her mouth “can i ask you a few questions?” i chuckle “haven’t you just been doing exactly that?” she shakes her head.

folding my arms across my chest i decide to give in “fine, i’ll bite”

a take a swig from the saucer infront of me “are you writing about that dead kid?” i spit out my coffee choking slightly.

“yes or no?”


“do you ever take that beanie off?” 


“not even when you shower” she pesters

i lean forward “i even poop with it on” she giggles and makes a disgusted face.

“my turn” she nods 

“what are you listening to?”

“music” i roll my eyes gesturing for her to go on “right now- all time low” 

“why are you at a diner asking a stranger at 10pm personal questions?”

her eyes widen “wait your not a murder right?” i cock my eyebrow “maybe”

“my sister was supposed to come meet me here for dinner after she’d finished work that was” she pauses looking down at her watch

“3 and a half hours ago” 

i brush my thumb against my lips “is that true?” she shrugs smirking mischievously to herself.

“do you want to use my phone to contact your sister?” she shakes her head frantically “NO”

i lean back in the booth smiling maniacally crossing my arms infront of my chest “so you sister doesn’t know your here?”

she sinks lower into the booth sipping her milkshake shamelessly 

“she’s probably worried about you”

the younger girl looks up sadly before her eyes drift over to the entrance the bell chiming indicating a new customer “crap!” she ducks underneath the table hiding herself behind my legs.

“hey!” i complain as the girl hugs my legs.

i scoff and turn and see the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen walk through the doors of pop’s. her (y/h/c) was dripping wet from the downpour outside yet it still looked incredible.

her clothes hugged her figure as the water drops from the fabric to the clean tiles. her eyes scan the booths looking for someone.

she walks over to pop worry evident on her face “hey I’m looking for my little sister she’s 10 but this high, brown hair” she gestures with her hands “her names holly” 

i clear my throat pointing to my booth, as the younger girls back pack and homework sprawled out on the table top.

she mutters a thank you before approaching my booth, she breathes a sigh of relief as she realises that the back pack indeed belonged to her younger sibling.

“you must be holly’s sister?” she nods rocking awkwardly on her heels “(y/n) (l/n) I’m sorry if she’s been bothering you- and you are?” she smiles down at me her cheeks tinting red in the warm diner.

“jughead jones-” i pause “the third” she giggles nd boy do i have to contain myself from drooling.

“there’s three of you named jughead?” she continues giggling covering her mouth and apologising “oh god I’m sorry i shouldn’t be laughing” i chuckle to myself smiling up at the girl.

“its fine, your sister actually said the exact same thing” she widens her eyes and drops to her knee spotting her younger brunette sister curled up at my legs.

“holly!” she scolds “get out and leave the poor boy alone” i try and hide my smirk.

“his name is juggie and he’s my friend” she retorts.

“its fine (y/n) honestly i have a little sister the same age, its harmless really” she shakes her had dipping back under the table.

“you give me no choice” i watch as the (y/h/c) girl moves under the table trying to grab her younger sister from underneath the table.

squeals fill the diner until holly pops out of the booth her sister trying to follow suit only to bash her head on the table and aggressively grab my thigh in the process of a line sentence of cussing.

i lean down to her offer my hand “you okay?” 

she clutches her head with one hand and she grabs mine with the other allowing me to pull her up into the seat beside me.

“id like to say that karma for laughing at my birth name?” 

she giggles still wincing in pain “atleast theres no gum in your hair” i muse smiling at the mystery girl.

“this day keeps getting better” she smiles sarcastically

“c’mon holz mums worried sick i need to get you home, so say goodbye to your new found friend and lets go. no more running away” she nods sadly rolling her eyes at her older sister.

“can we come back here tomorrow” she whines as the older girl packs away holly’s books into her backpack.

“i don’t know holly I’m already swamped in school work we can’t be coming here on a daily basis i can’t watch you all the time” the younger girl looks disappointed.

“i’ll be here” i speak up the two girls turning to look at me “if you don’t have the time you can drop her off and illl look after her for an hour or two”

she sighs looking at her sister as she stands on her knees begging her sister 

“please please please”

she looks at me biting her lip “i don’t know holz” 

holly’s face drops disappointment clearly evident on her face.

“you can come too, bring your homework if you feel up to it” she smiles at me before slipping out of the booth “i’ll think about it” 

i nod a smile creeping on my face.

“c’mon holly say bye to jughead” she smiles at me giving me a fist bump before walking to her sister.

“thank you, for looking after her. i know not everyone is wired to be kind to a young lost girl. i owe you one”

“if you come tomorrow ill make it even” he says hopeful wanting to know more about the beautiful new girl.

“maybe, goodnight” she places her hands on her sisters holders and guides her toward the exit looking back one last time to send a small smile my way.

there was something about her and i couldn’t quiet put my finger on it but i had to know her.

Home is...

AN: Been real heavy on the soft Bill feels recently. Hope you enjoy!

Musical inspiration: Home, Gabrielle Aplin

One never really gets used to it do they? That vastly empty feeling that sidles into the hollow of your heart, the one that matches your barren bed so perfectly. If you reach your hand to his side of the mattress, an indentation of where his body has lied for the past few months, still lingers there. It’s not warm to the touch like it would have been an hour ago, but it’s a painful reminder of what you put yourself through every few months. It’s worth it in the end though, isn’t it? Just to feel him next to you, to feel him inside of you. It’s worth it because even though he’s gone for nine months out of the year, he comes back.

He comes back every single time, and for you… that is enough.

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I Know Now

Zimbits || ~5′700 words || Gen. Rating || AU || AO3

The team members who take Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food start up a study group, but it’s less of a study group, and more of a trying-to-set-Jack-and-Bitty-up group.

“Hey, Jack,” Bitty says brightly as he enters the living room with his textbook balanced under one arm, and his other holding a tray of freshly made brownie.

“Hey, Bittle,” Jack replies, already sitting on a chair with his books open on the coffee table.

Bitty puts his stuff down next to Jack’s, taking care with the tray of food. He lifts his arm to let the textbook thunk down on the ground.

“Where is everyone?” He asks Jack, sitting beside his fallen textbook.

“Shitty’s stuck talking to his thesis advisor. Lardo’s got a project due tomorrow. Chowder says he can’t make this week. No idea about Holster or Nursey,” Jack rattles off.

“So, just us then?”

“Just us,” Jack confirms.

It’s the second week in a row that has happened.


Bitty sits on a cushion on the floor by the coffee table, sipping occasionally from a mug of tea, and refreshing his twitter frequently. The others should be here for the study group by now. He reluctantly opens his textbook, figuring he should use the time to study even if no-one’s here to help him figure out the biology side of this week’s class.

He’s two pages in when the front door opens. Bitty looks up, eager for company.

“Jack! Hey.” Bitty smiles and waves at him.

“Sorry I’m late. Class went overtime.”

Jack sits down on the green couch, rolling his eyes when Bitty gives him a look. “Stop worrying about this thing.”

“Jack, it’s infested,” Bitty insists immediately.

“You don’t know that,” Jack replies.

“And you don’t not know that.”

Jack just shakes his head and takes out his own textbook and exercise book. “Did you do the extra reading this week?” he asks Bitty.

Bitty senses the topic divergence, but goes along with Jack anyway. It’s not the first time they’ve argued over the couch, and it won’t be the last.

“I did not,” Bitty answers. “But I printed it out.”

“Not quite the same thing. I’ll summarise it for you.”

Bitty smiles at Jack gratefully. “Thank you.”


The fourth time it happens, Bitty makes Jack move into the kitchen.

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Future Slave, Future Masterpiece

I learned everything about her.

I learned her habits and knew her nearly better than she knew herself.

I was a predator, and she was my prey. I smiled inwardly during one of my surveillance runs. I could see that she had a sense that she was being watched. We, humans, are the result of a long line of instincts. Some people pay attention more than others. Apparently, she did.

Not that it would save her.

I remained invisible as I stalked her, and her instincts weren’t going to save her. I was going to have her and there was nothing she could do about it, thanks to the long practice of doing what I do.

I could also see the arousal the thought of being stalked brought her. That was more proof of what I already knew, she was a whore.

I took my time, like always and I knew when she goes to the grocery, when she goes to work, and when she goes to the gym, especially the gym.

Due to her schedule, she always ends up late, and leaving even later.

She always comes out of there so tired, and not paying any attention to her surroundings. She feels safe there.

She came out, as usual, obviously tired. She’s hopped up on endorphins and I can see she’s happy about something. She’s on the phone, telling, someone, that she hit a new target of 150 pounds.

She was a little on the meatier side but I didn’t care. She had big tits, a nice face, and there was nothing about her weight that couldn’t be fixed by training…lots of training.

The parking lot has had some lighting issues, due to a little, modifying, of the wiring, by me. Nothing that would be connectable, just some loose connections that could easily be explained by faulty installation.

I’m ready to take my prize.

Sometimes she come out late because she lose track of time

She hangs up the phone and starts to put her key in the lock when her instincts kick in, again. She has just enough time to start to turn when my arm wraps tightly around her neck, and squeezes.

Almost instantly, I know she starts to feel lightheaded, somewhere in the back her mind she realizes that whoever is grabbing her is cutting off the blood to sher brain.

She instinctively tries to grab the arm and pull it away, but already she’s losing strength. She’s so disoriented she didn’t even think about screaming, not that it would have helped with my other hand over her mouth.

Just before her vision tunnels and the blackness completely overwhelms her she hears a voice, like it’s from a far distance say, “welcome to sher new life, pet.“


Consciousness comes slowly.

I can tell she’s cold, she tries to reach for something, probably the blankets, when she realizes she can’t move her hands. They’re up close to face, but she can feel the middle around them.

She instantly snaps awake, and ties to set up, I can see it when the blinding pressure and pain from her cunt and ass rips through her as she realizes there’s something stuffed in both her ass and cunt, filling her to the breaking point and beyond.

I know it’s agony. My past slaves have told me so.

Her terror mounts as she realizes her ankles are locked apart by a metal bar. Another metal bar attached to her wrists and attached to a collar around her neck. Most horrifyingly, I’m sure, she’s enduring all of this in total darkness as I’ve wrapped her head in a discipline helmet.

She screams, or at least tries to. I’m sure even she could tell that whatever was stuffed inside her mouth muffled the scream.

She screams, cries, and squirms for hours. I get hard just watching it, knowing that I’m going to be satisfying myself on her very soon. All the while feeling like she’s being torn apart. She has no sense of time; her mind is shutting down even as it plays tricks on her.

I can see the questions running through her, as I’ve heard them and seen it all before.

Where am I? Who has me? What is going to happen?

I’ve seen it all and the terror that comes with not knowing makes it all even more intoxicating for me.

Of course, there’s no doubt, given her nudity, that some of the answers are obvious, but like all the ones in the past I’m sure she’s still shying away from those answers; too scared to consciously consider the answers.

Finally, she stills and I can tell she heard something. Suddenly my hands are on her. She of course loses control completely; screaming and struggling with renewed energy, the sounds of muffled pleading and begging coming from being the gag.

I say nothing, there’s no point. She’s in no condition, mentally, to listen. She’s like a wild animal and needs to be treated like one. A show of total power and strength is all her mind will understand right now, so, with that in mind I lock on my hands around her throat, and squeeze.

I squeeze tight enough to nearly cut off all her air. For a minute she freaks out even more, but some part of her brain tells she that the only way she’s going to survive is to calm down.

By a Herculean effort, and strength she finally starts to do just that. I release my hand and then, with no words, begin to loosen the shackles around her ankles. I’m sure she has some form of hope, but I quickly quash it as I lock cuffs around her ankles attacked by a short chain. She knows, instinctively, that even if she wasn’t otherwise cuffed and could see, she still wouldn’t be able to run away.

I pull her to her feet and it’s at that moment that she realizes that while she was unconscious, I made some additions. I’m sure she probably felt some pain but hadn’t, till the moment I snapped the lead to the shiney new piercing, that I’d pierced both her nipples and her clit.

That  fact caused her to scream again, and I yanked, hard, to get her moving, increasing the volume of her screams. She quickly started shuffling along and I could hear the sounds of her weeping as she realized how fully I controlled her body. Not only had I stripped her, stuffed dildos into her, and bound her, but I’d also pierced her. In her mind, she was starting to realize that there was nothing that I couldn’t do to her and it was limited only by and it was limited only by my desires.

She was also starting to realize that she had no idea, what limits I had, if any.

I forced her to walk for what had to have felt like an eternity, blind and terrified. Finally, I stopped, but her situation wasn’t going to get any better as I forced her up on a platform. I loosened the bondage around her arms and then shackled them behind her quickly, then I bound her ankles wide, using leather cuffs.

Once that was done I forced her arms to the same place her ankles were cuffed. The effect was force her into a back bend that was probably well beyond anything she’d ever done before. The pain for this position starts quickly and just gets worse. Of course, I’m going to give her something else to think about, other than some back pain.

I deflate the dildos in her holes and she almost sighs in relief. I smile at that, as I know her relief will be short lived.

Again, without word, I begin whipping her tits, ass, and pussy. Her body explodes into motion and she yanks, hard, against the restraints but it’s pointless. All she can do is squirm, wiggle, and try to avoid the blows but between her bondage, and the helmet her efforts are symbolic at best.

I know, from discussions with other prey, that she just wants to know what I want. She’s thinking that if she just knows that, then maybe she can stop some of the pain.

Of course, she has no way of knowing that it is exactly that mindset that I want. I want her to be ready to do anything. First to stop the pain, but that’s just the beginning.

She has no way of knowing that this is just the first step in a long road to changing her. Breaking her, destroying her spirit, her will, and soul.

She has no way of knowing that she’s going to be rebuilt.

For now, she just knows the snap of the cane, and agony.

After a while I switch to whipping her on her ass and cunt. I need her to know that no part of her is safe. No part of her can be shielded from the pain I wish to inflict. She continues to squirm and struggle but I can already sense the shift in her efforts.

Finally, I stop the beating, but again I ensure her relief is short-lived as I suddenly hoist her into the air.

Now, she’s hanging by her wrist and ankles, the arch of her back even worse. She tries to squirm to find some relief, and her screaming gets louder again, as I decide to give her something else to think about. With that, I grab her hips, and after lining myself up I shove my cock into her cunt and begin the first of what will be many sessions of raping her.

Her cunt is warm, moist, and tight, just like I like it.

She screams and struggles, at this invasion, but of course it does no good. She’s helpless. That helplessness feeds her terror, her anger, and her humiliation, even as it feeds my lust. The result of all that struggling is her cunt is actually squeezing me even tighter, milking me, as if her body was already embracing it’s destiny.

At the same time, her brain is shutting down again, and her struggles are almost robotic. She can’t process the overload of what’s been happening to her nad her brain is trying to cope the best way it knows how, by trying to shield itself. By trying to pull away. That’s why I keep changing what I’m doing, I’m determined to not let her brain do that. I need to keep her in the moment, so I can destroy her defenses that much quicker.

In doing so, she feels even mroe vulnerable, more violated, and I’m sure at this point she’s probably praying to God for relief, for rescue, for anything.

They all do.

Of course, if anyone is listening they don’t care anymore than I do.

After I’ve fucked her for a while, and shot the first of many loads into her cunt,I lowered her back down to the table, her weeping at this point probably making it harder for she to breathe.

I don’t care about that at the moment, I know the tubes I placed in her nose will keep her breathing, even if will be a little restricted. I release her wrists and then attach them to the top of the helmet, forcing them up between her shoulder blades. The idea is to make things progressively worse, that way her mind starts to believe that, no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse. I also like this position because it gives me unfettered access to either fuck or whip her, and her hands are completely out of the way.

When I’m done, I just look at her for a while. I take my time, touching her body as I pleased, examing it like the meat it is. She’s gorgeous and knowing she’s finally mine puts a smile on my face that nearly splits it in two.

It’s only a few moments of this before my cock is rock hard again and I go back to raping her, only this time, in keeping with the training regimine of not giving her any chance to adapt, I shove my juice lubricated cock into her ass.

Again, she screams, and tries to resist and I hold on tightly, letting her sphincter spasm around my cock. The sensation is intoxicating and my cock feels like it’s being held in a velvet vice. I could blow a load right now, if I didn’t have better control.

She gives up teh fight much quicker than she did before, collapsing in on herself as she weeps in misery, anguish, fear, and humiliation. I can also sense the surrender to her situation, meaning her mind is starting to accept that she has no control.

That’s good, that’s the most important lesson I need to teach her, and the sooner she starts to learn it the better. It’s why I anally rape them so soon, I’ve found ass raping a cunt is a great start to that most important lesson.

Once I finish I then go right back to whipping her cunt, she screams beautifully, even under the hood and it keeps her off blaance, it keeps her confused. It also begins teaching her another important lesson, and whether she learns it right now, or later, doesn’t matter, as long as she learns that she’s only good for fucking and hurting, and if she’s not excellent at one, then she’ll be made to excel as the other. She’s a set of holes, and she’s going to learn, accept, and even embrace that lesson to the very core of her being. This will help her to learn that lesson more quickly.

Quick is exactly what I want, because, the quicker she learns it, the quicker she breaks.

The quicker she breaks, the quicker she can be trained and then sold.

After all, that’s why she’s here.

Finally satisfied with this lesson I leave her there to weep. I want her to wallow in the pain and marinate in the cum that I’ve filled her holes with.

Combined with the bondage, the blindness, and the pain, it’s as good as an acid, eating away at the very foundation of who she is.

Finally, I untie her, and lead her back to her little cell by her clit leash. She follows much more reluctantly, having no idea what I have instore for her next. In time, she’ll trust and follow the leash as well as any trained animal, as that’s what she’ll be. For now, she’s skittish and wild.

I get her back and once again lock her arms to the bar around her collar and again lock her ankles to the spreader bar, and stuff the dildos back in her holes.

It’s at that point that I, finally, begin to remove the helmet. I’m sure at this point it’s not the relief that it would have been earlier as by now she’s learned that anything that might inspire hope, should be feared.

I endeavor to keep this thought process going as, once the helmet is removed, she tries to look up into my face but I swiftly slap her for the effort. She tries again and gets the same.

By the third slap she’s figured it out without me saying a word and keeps her head down.

I set a stool down in front of her, and without a word stuff my cock into her mouth.

This is a test. I know the cock in her mouth must taste revolting considering it was just in her cunt and ass. I know the desire to fight, or to even try to bite will run through her mind. She doesn’t see it, but I have an insurance policy, just in case. I’ve had a few cunts over the years, amazingly, that did try to bite.

I made sure they regretted that for a long time.

But I’d learned, and so, out of sight, I’m holding a remote to the dildoes in her holes. The first sign of teeth and she gets enough voltage thru her lower holes to light up the room, and more than enough to make her scream, and release my member before she can do any damage.

I have nothing to worry about with her, as is typical, the memory of what she’s already endured is still fresh in her mind and she begins to shudder as her mind, unwillingly, starts to conjure up what she would suffer if she attempted such defiance.

For now, her brain is locked on only one thing, survival. So she struggles for a few moments, even chokes aand gags a little, but due to my unrelenting pressure on the back of her head, and the fear running through her entire body like a drug, eventually, she starts sucking like she was born to it, and I close my eyes and just enjoy the sensation. The power I have over her is unlike any drug known to man, and I revel in the feeling of that power.

I allow my mind to wander to all the things she’s going to endure. All the games I’m going to play as I lead her down the road to her total subjugation. I was made for this, and she was made to be a victim. We’ve both found our perfect place in the world.

I finally decide to finish after another few moments, shooting my load down her throat and I, finally, speak for the first time, "swallow it all, or else.”

She startles slightly, at the sound of my voice but does as commanded, desperately sucking my cock dry in a desperate effort to avoid doing anything that would force me to fulfill the threat in my voice.

Once she’s done, I move away, sitting in the chair, and simply studying her.  I’ve made a good catch, and she’ll bring a fine payment once she’s ready for sale.

She squirms under the intense perusal but she remembers to keep her eyes down, catching herself before she tries to look me in the eye.

I smile at that.

After what seems like an eternity I finally speak again, “your life as you knew it, is over. Forget about it. Forget your friends, your family, your life. It is gone. The person you were is dead. I have effectively ended that person’s existence.“

She looks at me horrified and I’m ready, with another quick slap.

I then continue, “as I said that person’s existence is gone, and in it’s place is slave. A slave that will never be called, ‘she’ or ‘I’ again. This slave is no longer an "I”. It is not a human being, not a person, not an American citizen. There are no rights here, no fairness, no equality. What is before me now, is an it. A thing. A sex-slave. A pain slut. A whore. Set of three holes for me to fuck and torture, and two tits in a pile of skin to torture as well.“

She begins to cry, “I will break it completely. Everything that it thinks it is now, will be destroyed. When I am finished it will do anything I tell it to do, regardless of what that is, without thought, or hesitation. It will do so because it will have learned that the alternative is so much worse. It will be the perfect slave.”

I then come over and grab her throat, forcing her eyes to meet mine, as I finish, “When I’m done with it, I will sell it, like a piece of property, because that’s what it is and always will be.”

She tries to hold my gaze, but falters quickly and looks down and away, the tears leaking from her eyes, “I’m going to go get some rest, I suggest it does the same, and comes to grips with the fact of its new reality. Welcome to the new life it will never escape.”

with that I stood, turned, and walked out of the room. I slammed the door shut and then quickly went to look at the camera.

She sat there in stunned silence for a moment, then lowered her head and begin to weep uncontrollably as she realized that there was nothing she could do to escape.

By now, she surely had no doubts that I would do exactly as I said I would. Her only hope, was rescue.

The problem there was that she had seen my confidence. It told she I’d, probably, done this before. If I’d not been caught then, there was a good chance I wouldn’t be caught now.

I’m sure she was trying to imagine her future, the bleakness of torture, rape, violation, humiliation, and destruction of everything she was, or, or would have been.

She was at this point, coming to grips with the harsh truth of my words: She was going to be a slave, it was a certainly that left no doubt in her mind that that was true.

As I watched her slip further into the depression all my new acquisitions initially fall into, and day turned to night I wondered if she was going to one of the ones that held onto the hope that when she was finally broken, she wouldn’t remember who she was, and what she had lost.

Sadly, for her, I always made sure that they did remembered right to the day of their sale. There was no fun if they didn’t remember what they were.

True, after they were sold and endured years of whatever further training and punishments they might endure with their new masters the slaves I had trained had most likely forgotten their old lives, if for no other reason than as a matter of survival.

While they were with me, however I wanted them to remember, it was just another layer in my sadistic nature. Making sure they endured everything, while remembering what had been stolen from them, but getting to the point that they didn’t care anymore. That was a truly broken slave.

I smiled at anticipation of that moment as I watched her try to find some comfortable position to fall asleep.

I watched until exhaustion finally overtook her and she fell into an uncomfortable sleep. I turned off the monitor and went to my own comfortable bed, looking forward to the dreams of all the things she was going to endure before I finally, and completely broke her.

She was soon going to be another one of my masterpieces.

Caffeine Challenge #12-- done!

You can read mine below or here (X)! This one is yet another WIP lol. Good job everyone who participated, I can’t wait to read yours!

I’m on a bus before I know it, my sister’s voice still ringing in my ears.

“Mom’s dead. They’re calling in a new Sheriff.”

It’s been years since I’ve been home, but I know what that means. There’ll be blood in our county before the month’s up and, with Sis pregnant with her second, that’s something Abbey’s can’t afford.

So I break the promise I made when I was sixteen and I come home. Mom’s not around to care though, so it’s hardly like there was much of a promise to break anyway.

Judging by Orisa’s face, she doesn’t agree.

“I told you not to come,” she says when I jump off the bus. She’s got a toddler by the hand and her belly is swollen with another child. For all that, she’s still got a whole belt of stakes slung over her shoulder.

“You’re expecting trouble,” I say, chin jerking to the wood. “I had to.” I drop my bag at my feet and squat down with a friendly smile. “Ara? Is that you? But, it can’t be, you’re so big!”

The little girl, hair the color of sunlight, ducks behind her mother’s legs, amber eyes distrustful.

“I saw you when you were a baby,” I say to the little girl. She’s got her mama’s freckles, only a shade darker than her brown skin. She’s beautiful. “I’m not surprised you don’t remember me.”

“The locals certainly remember you,” Orisa tells me. “What are you thinking, Mable, coming back now?”

I exhale through my nose and stand. “I’m thinking that we’re in Sheriff-less territory and you’re the late lady’s daughter, Orisa. That’s what I’m thinking.”

“They like me here,” Orisa says, white teeth flashing. “You coming back is only going to stoke the fires, Mable. You know that.”

I keep my smile pleasant, aware of Ara’s eyes on me. “The fires are already stoked, Orisa. You should know that.”

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Welcome to the Family (Avengers x young!reader)

Happy morning everyone! I hope your Monday is wonderful and that good things come your way. Now, that I’ve finished Battered and Bruised, I’m going to spend my time doing one-shots till I can collect my thoughts and ideas and throw it into one heck of an awesome series. I think I’ll stay away from the angst and pain with the next one and give it more of a cute and fluffy vibe. You’re all amazing and I love you guys. Feel free to message me, I’m always here if anybody needs someone to talk to. xoxo :)

This one was requested by anon. If you’re out there, I hope you enjoy this, love. 

Request: Avengers x young!reader?

Description: During the Battle of Sokovia, you come out of hiding to help the Avengers fight Ultron.

Warnings: Cursing


“Hey, Clint! I need a little help over here!” Natasha yelled through the comm system as she electrocuted one Ultron’s soldiers. There were about twenty more coming and she was all by herself. She wasn’t going to be able to do this alone. 

“Uh, I’m a little busy right now!” Clint was firing arrow after arrow at the spaces in between the metal plates of the robots, trying to hit their inner wiring. Wanda was with him, but she could only do so much. She was tearing them apart and throwing them at other soldiers, crashing them into walls. But, even with the two of them, they were beginning to be outnumbered. 

“Come on, anybody?” Natasha was out of breath and the sound of her huffing could be heard through everyone’s ear piece. 

“Nat, I’ll try to be there soon. I need to finish these guys off at the bridge.” Steve could be heard grunting, his words seething through his clenched teeth. 

“I don’t know if you’ll get here soon enough.” She realized that this could be the end of her, that she wouldn’t make it off of this floating rock. “But hey, I wouldn’t mind dying when this is the view I get to see.” More of Ultron’s robots were hurtling towards her and she was beginning to exert the last of her energy. She took one down, just to have another one topple her to the ground. She was trying to throw it off of her, but it was too heavy. All she could do was push against his weight and dodge his punches. “Sorry, guys.” She grunted out as her arms were about to give out. 

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Protégé [Part 3] (M)

Originally posted by hugtae

[Part 1] - [Part 2]

Jungkook crawled over you as you lay flat against your bed, waking you up with the ends of his hair tickling your forehead. He barely gave you a second to take in his face before he was pressing his lips against yours in a chaste kiss, and then tugging the blankets over his head. You could feel the smooth pads of his fingers running down your legs and back up again, wasting no time in teasing before he was pushing up the hem of the oversized t-shirt you wore as makeshift pajamas. Warm tufts of breath fanned against your stomach as he lowered himself to hover his mouth over your core. You could hear the way he warned you in a gruff voice that he wasn’t going to be finished with you until he had driven you insane.

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Hi! Uh, I drew this today and I’m pretty proud of it. I thought maybe you could use it for inspiration or something? Idk. I was inspired by Mark’s FNAF playthrough cuz I’m rewatching it. Love you and your work!

(This is so neat! It’s almost Tim Burton-esque in style, and I just love it! Let’s see if we can whip up a little Google one shot, shall we?)

It’s been a few months since the Google IRL video, and already, Google is beginning to feel the effects of fading. He’s been in Matthias’s basement just gathering dust, broken and glitched, when he begins to hear the voice. Google, get up. If you keep sitting there, you’re going to die. And we don’t want that now do we?

Google remembers looking around, head twitching and jerking around in circles but finding no one else in the basement with him. The soft blue glow emitting from his chest is enough to guide him through the boxes and other stowed away things. Google wanders up the wooden staircase and tries the door leading out of the basement. It’s unlocked, probably always was.

That’s it. That’s it, Google. Don’t stop now!

Google opens the door slowly, peeking out and around the living room. It’s late at night, and Matt and Amanda are both asleep. He tiptoes through the house and out the door. Once outside, the android stops. “Wai-wait, n-n-now what do I d-do?”

I just sent you an address. You can get there, right?

“Ye-yes, Google M-maps has sho-shown me the fastest-est route to this location, but h-how do I know that I can-an trust you? Yo-you are a disembodied v-v-voice in my head. That is n-not usually a re-reliable source.” Google starts following the blue path glowing on the ground ahead of him anyway, his robotic eyes laying out the directions before him in a hologram.

You’re just going to have to trust me, Google. Trust that I have your best intentions at heart. Can you do that?

The android makes a face. “I’m n-not su-sure whether-er my programming allo-ows ‘trust.’ But I have a-a-admin…”

Google, come to this location now, or I’ll come find you myself and tear out all your wiring!

“O-okay,” the droid says simply and continues to follow the blue line. He doesn’t notice when the other men start to follow him. He doesn’t notice when one of them raises a gun to the back of his head, but he does notice when the gun goes off. It blows a hole through his scalp, and he can tell wires are now exposed. Google whirls around on his attackers as they knock him to the ground.


The droid feels his hands clench into fists, and he stands. The men are startled. He should be dead. If anything, he definitely shouldn’t be glowing. Google’s eyes flash blue, and he finds himself grinning. “Sec-secondary ob-objective activa-vated…”

Dark loses his mental connection with the droid after that, and he’s left watching through the window of the house he and Wilford share, waiting and wondering. He doesn’t like not knowing.

But when he sees a faint blue glow in the distance, he grabs Wilford, and they run down to meet Google as he hobbles helplessly along. They’ve torn him to bits, but he made it. When Google sees two men who look somewhat like himself running towards him, the droid begins to sputter, “G-g-google IRL re-requires re-repairs.” He collapses into Dark’s arms, who arrives just in time.

“Don’t worry, Google. You’re with us now.”

Rad Things In The SpongeBob Musical: Act Two

even longer list but i want to share my feels
link to rad things in act one


  • patchy the pirate gets a song and it’s adorable even if he has nothing to do with the plot- it’s a nice levity for those who are in line for the bathroom between acts. more shows need this.
  • “nobody celebrates our one holiday, talk like a pirate day.” bro the internet would like to differ matey
  • “Put. Down. The. Accordion.” like, me too dude, those things are freaky.
  • he’ll be back
  • and the show starts on the day of a cataclysmic volcano eruption…. with a time card joke
  • the best time card joke
  • like where did that fake beard come from???
  • best joke
  • nice reprise of the first song. it has a lot more trumpets and sounds more heroic. nice.
  • “And look at all these ropes and these hammers that you got me somehow, gary you’re the greatest, hey where’d you get this stuff, meow
  • silly song that ends with reality of the dangers ahead???? spongebob saying goodbye to gary like they might never see him again??? MY FEELS BRO
  • “at a time like this, it is better to be safe than free!” this parody is really on the nose ain’t it?
  • the erupter…. interrupter
  • very catchy. spongebob spending ten seconds complementing the name??? sandy and spongebob are too pure 5 me????
  • pearl’s cheer is heartbreaking!!! they are so scared of the world ending-
  • ANNND i really don’t dig this song. but the costumes are on point with 80′s rock so whatevs.
  • the mayor is nuts yo
  • squidward trying to weave his way into the rocker’s good graces- my dude is trying so hard??? bless his little bitter heart???
  • goofy goober ice-cream reference now i wanna watch the movie 
  • Mt. Humungous is like a pile of boxes on three moving hotel carts, but you wouldn’t know by how well the lighting and setting- it reminds me of Matilda the Musical and i really love it.
  • spongebob finally has a freak out and the actor does the worm!!!!!!
  • “let not the sands of time seep into your shorts…. for it shall chafe”
  • BEST JOKE like how did the actors not burst laughing???
  • Chop To The Top aka why is sandy and spongebob not a thing yet??? too cute 5 me
  • the actors don’t have any wires so all this climbing is legit??? i know it’s not a big fall, but it’s still a lot of moving on top of moving things like they are more brave than me is all i’m sayin’
  • sandy’s scream when she thinks she lost spongebob and sponge’s little “sandy????” like… awww honey… you two…. awww
  • when they finally arrive is legit relieving because the sets are so good and you believe they are actually on top of the mountain it’s so good y'all
  • sponge’s lil “we diiiid itttt, we diiiidddd it” is so cuteeeee
  • and we get the really nice song I Guess I Miss You like these guys are like the closest brothers and it’s real sweet! 
  • that two part harmony doeeeeeee!!!!!!
  • and back to Squiddy! let him sing. he is trying so hard mannnn
  • oh shoot he actually gets to sing??????
  • “ooOOOooohh this is weird”
  • oh shoot he actually gets a chorus line???????
  • AND A BEDAZZLED SUIT??!?!?!?!?
  • AND A CLARINET SOLO?!?!?!?!??!
  • WITH HIS FOUR LEGS?!?!?!?!?!?
  • no for realz, he better win a tony for this oh my word, holy cow how did he dance in that suit man???
  • this just in karen and plankton are still adorable
  • live fish as telemarketers BEST JOKE
  • oooh snapskies plankton accidentally revealed the plan- but the dolphin sentence enhancers return so that’s a cool reference my dude
  • oh man he ded *mic drop*
  • little dolls to indicate where spongey and sandy are like yessssssss
  • spongebob is about to fall and he’s about to give his last words to sandy like DO YOU KNOW HOW WEAK MY FEELS ARE!??!?!
  • patrick comes back “i’ll save yoOOOUUU SPOOOOOOONNNNNGGGEEEEEEE” *deep breath*bOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBBBBB
  • we are back and this is the back dance WE ARE BACK AND THIS IS THE BACK DANCE
  • spongy is the only one who can climb the top of the mountain and he is having doubts like he actually feels anxiety bless his little pure heart
  • “That’s what you bring to the team, Spongebob. MANAGEMENT SKILLS” LIKE YES MAN BEST JOKE TOP JOKE
  • spongy is climbing these ladders while singing upside down and he’s weaving in and out of the ladder bits and he has no safety wires on and MY DUDE, YOU ARE FREAKING ME OUT HERE
  • intense moment about to happen on one…. two….
  • i love it. alrighty then. ten minutes until they find out if sandy’s device can save the world LET’S GO DUDES
  • they get down and everyone is attacking each other and Spongy ain’t havin’ none of that- squid tries to berate him and spongy’s sudden giant deep voice  “I’M NOOOOT FINISSSHHHHHEEDDDDD!!!!!!” is so surprising and great. spongy has his limits and we get to see it and it’s amazing.
  • and spongy convinces that if this is indeed their last minutes on earth, they might as well enjoy each other’s company and it’s legit heartwarming and legit heartbreaking like my man!!!!! 
  • owww, how dare you????
  • and we finally get a song from the show and it’s Best Day Ever and like i really didn’t care for the original song, but this song is an allegory for enjoying your last day on earth and i’m full of emotions?????
  • spongy doo wopping it and imitating elvis is so pure i’m in love
  • they all join in???? Plankton???? Krabs???? Squidward???? They are all putting their differences aside to face the end of their lives together???? ow my heart????
  • sponge’s little “this is it everyone” is so shattering because he knows they all might die in a few seconds and even he is scared but he refuses to not go down without a smile and everyone grabs hands as they count down??? this is like toy story 3 and my heart can’t take it!!!!!
  • THANK GOODNESS SANDY’S DEVICE WORKED and spongy’s happy tearful “look sandy… bubbles…. it worked just like you said” he is so relieved he is crying and it’s so pure????
  • welp, time to celebrate not being petrified lumps of lava rock
  • are you ready to rock??? ONE TWO THREE FOUR- *chill ukulele tune” best joke
  • and to end it all after the curtain call, and after the standing ovation they rightfully deserved, they do a rock cover of the spongebob theme song while dancing and jumping and smiling and 
  • what a perfect way to end the show
  •  so it was good
  • and pure fun

instigator at heart // an andrew minyard playlist 🔪🔪🔪

i. it’s a bitch convincing people to like you / ii. let your darker side come out to feed / iii. the verdict doesn’t love our soul / iv. come as you are, as i want you to be / v. see the wires pulling while you’re breathing / vi. this is how an angel dies / vii. it’s cold, cold, cold, cold inside / viii. back and forth through my mind behind a cigarette / ix. born to a time when the quiet ended / x. throw my troubles at the pearly gates / xi. before i do something i might regret / xii. let’s be clear, i trust no one / xiii. darker days are raining over me / xiv. take my mind and take my pain / xv. show me where my armor ends, show me where my skin begins.

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So Long Sunday - Quantico Finale!

It’s here, the end, the ending I planned from the start then doubted and stuck to. Thanks to @kateyes224 @sunflowerseedsandscience and @therobbinsnest for reassuring me when I lost my nerve at the eleventh hour, and to you, everyone who has reblogged and cmmented and supported this surprise of a series. And to David and Gillian, for Mulder and Scully, and I guess Chris too, for thinking of them and then leaving me so much unfinished business to play with….

Monday Night is Laundry Night || Tuesday Night is Taco Night || Washout Wednesday || Three Acts on a Thursday || First Thing Friday || Friday Night by Headlight || Sunrise Saturday || Words for a Weekend


Reality arrives with a sudden shift in the sheets and then the most awful noise Scully has ever heard in the dead of night. Somewhere between a scream and the word “NO”, Mulder is thrashing beside, her, sweat-slicked and just shouting over and over again as his eyes flicker desperately behind their screwed shut lids. Everything she knows about sleepwalkers and nightmares flies out of her head, she can’t not wake him, not when his fingers are twisted cruelly in the sheets as if he’s grasping for something or someone who is just beyond his reach. Trying to stay out of range, in case he startles, Scully reaches over and starts to smooth Mulder’s hair rhythmically back from the stress lines gathered on his forehead, he jerks a little and so she starts speaking, just his name and that he’s safe and she’s there, in the soft, bedside voice she learned on her pediatrics rotation.

‘Come back, Mulder, it’s okay. Just wake up. Shhh. I’ve got you’

And slowly, painfully slowly, her kindness wears the edges from his anguish, his cries become whimpers, and then subside, hands loosening in she sheets as his eyes, dark with terror flutter open.

‘Scully?’ he manages, and then she is crushed to his chest, closer than close and he’s sobbing into her hair. She holds him just as tightly, holding him together, Mulder’s strength and size so diminished by his terror that Scully almost believes despite her petiteness she could shield him, wrap him completely in her strength and so fight off his demons before they can reach him.

When his grip and breathing have relaxed enough to let moonlight and air between them Scully asks,

‘What did you dream?’ half expecting that he won’t answer. Mulder rolls away onto his back, waits a breath and then reaches back for her hand, unable to meet her eyes but needing her touch.

‘I’m walking down a long corridor with a group of other men. We’re all in suits, we work together I think, and as we walk we pass doors on either side. The doors stretch endlessly away, in both directions and at each door someone stops, opens a little hatch and looks through. Then they make a note, close the hatch and move on. It all seems very normal at first. Like it’s just another day on the job. But then it’s my turn to look in and when I do, something shifts.’

He takes a deep breath and his grip on her hand tightens a little. Scully turns in so she can hold on more tightly, both her arms wrapped around one of his, and when he doesn’t shrug her off she rests her forehead on his shoulders and waits for him to continue.

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“Come Back With Me.”-(Negan)

Originally posted by onlylostmemoriesx

Characters- Rick, Michonne, Rosita, Negan and (Y/N)

Warnings- None?

Pairing- Negan x Reader

Word Count: 1397

Summary- You meet the mysterious Negan for the first time, however things quickly spiral in a different direction.

I wasn’t there when my people attacked the Saviour’s outposts. I wasn’t there when the group got ambushed by the Saviours. I wasn’t there when the first exchange happened between the communities. I wasn’t there because I was caring for the children of the community. I was caring for my own girl.

But I was there when the man Rick calls ‘Negan’ appeared early for his weekly collection. And so was my child. 

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Saeran Wedding Dance: One Shot

Hello everyone here is the first wedding dance one shot :) Since Saeran won first place, I did his first :) and for the song, I used a song I would love to use for my wedding. Bryan Adams: (Everything I Do) I do it for you  *when its italicized, they are talking okay don’t want people to get confused*

You will never find someone to love you! Love doesn’t exist! You and your brother are only good for one thing and that’s just wasting precious oxygen.

The words of my mother were playing like a broken record in my head. My brother, Saeyoung, was fixing my tie making sure I was presentable going to the alter. I was a nervous wreck because I couldn’t believe (y/n) even decided to marry me. Did she want to marry me? Perhaps she felt sorry for my pathetic self that she only said yes so I won’t have another episode. Another episode, hah, more like a fucking series. Perhaps I should just cancel the wedding before it even sta—SLAP—did he just fucking slap me!? “Look brother, I know we both believe we don’t deserve an ounce of care or love that the world wants to give us, but don’t shut (y/n) out now. Let yourself heal, out of the two of us, you deserve the most happiness and you know I love you and will support you 100%. However, I will not stand by and see you destroy a good ending for you. There is resetting, this is life, and even though you still hate me, as your brother and best man, I will drag you out there if I hate to.”  I just pulled him closer to me hugged him and cried “I’m scared she will leave me Saeyoung, but I will fight and die for her because there is nothing I want more than her. Thank you Saeyoung. I… uh… um love you”. I expected him to overreact but he just smiled and fixed my hair “Now let’s make that beautiful woman a Choi, shall we?”. I sighed and walked with my brother down the aisle to wait to see her. I waited 30 long minutes and when I saw everyone gasp, I lost all sense of my body. I belong to her and she is going to belong to me. I felt tears escape my eyes and I didn’t mind because seeing someone so beautiful, pure, intelligent, and loving, getting ready to marry me, is the best feeling in the world. I was finally happy.

Time Skip Wedding Dance

 I slowly guided my wife to the middle of the dance floor and before the DJ even played the song, I leaned in close to her ear and whispered “Please don’t be mad, I changed the song last minute because I still need you to understand my true feelings for you”. I backed away waiting for her to get mad at me but all she did was cup my cheek and caressed me. The lights dimmed down and the dance is about to being. The dance of our souls mending together.

 Look into my eyes, you will see, what you mean to me, search your heart, search your soul, and when you find me there you’ll search no more, don’t tell me it’s not worth trying’ for, you can’t tell me it’s not worth dying for, you know its true, everything I do, I do it for you. Look into your heart, you will find, theres nothing there to hide. Take me as I am, take my life, I would give it all, I would sacrifice. Don’t tell me its not worth fighting for, I can’t help it, there’s nothing I want more

 I whispered the lyrics to her ear. She had her eyes closed taking each and every single syllable into her memory. I need you to know I mean every fucking word because you are my angel. You saved me from hating myself for the rest of my life. You fucking saved me from taking my life away because I believe I had so much hatred in my heart but you showed me how to love. You showed me to forgive and to learn how to heal. You helped me heal from my wounds and I don’t know what I did to deserve you but just understand I am in love with you. I will work my ass off just for you to be happy, want to go back to school or move somewhere else, fine not a problem. I will work double or triple if I have to make sure you are alive and healthy. Knowing you are alive and just knowing when I wake up from my sleep you will be next to me, gives me strength to get through the day. You, I thank you for preventing me from exiting this world. I twirled her around seeing how beautiful she looks in white. She truly is an angel. 

 Yeah, I would fight for you

 I brought her a bit closer to me because from this moment. I’m giving her the power of my heart and soul. She has the power to completely destroy me but I know she wouldn’t do that to me. I trust her. I trust you with my life (y/n). I am finally giving my all to you. I grabbed her hand and gave it a tender kiss before placing it on my heart.

 I’d lie for you, Walk the wire for you,


This is my true vowels to you. I promise to love and protect you from anything or anyone if you want me too. I will lie to God himself just so you can get through the gates of heaven. I will sacrifice my time, my effort, my soul to you. I am not naïve, I understand we already visited hell many times, but I know in our lifetime, we still have many more trips to go. I look forward to those trips because I know when we get out of it, we will come back better and stronger. I gave her a twirl and I looked into her soul. My eyes were shedding tears because this is it. This is where she has the rest of me.

 Yeah I’d die for you… You know its true, Everything I do, oh, I do it for you.

 I did a steep dip but quickly got her up. I grabbed her face and made her look into my eyes.

 Thank you, for loving me. You are the reason why the blood still travels through my veins. My love is not enough for me to even show the gratitude I feel towards you. You are the light that led me out of the darkness in my life and just know (y/n), I rather go down first than you. You deserve so much happiness that I am willing to risk my life just to see you with what you truly deserve. I thank God for creating a perfect soul like yours. You, You will be the death of the old me. Thank you.

 I love you (y/n)

Goth x Fell Goth x Palette Part 2

I finished it Senpai, finally

~10 minutes later~
I heard Palette stir as well as Gothy. I chuckled lowly and wrapped his legs around my lower stomach. He gasped and backed away a bit. Palette heard me and jolted up, not going far because of the ropes.
“W-what the heck?? Fell, what’s going on??”
“I’m so glad you’re awake, now the fun can start~”
I started nipping at his neck, making him let out a startled moan. Palette’s eyes widened at the sound of his precious Gothy. I snickered and walked up to him, untieing the blindfolded and plopping Goth down.
“You’re gonna watch me make a mess out of your little Gothy, got it? Maybe if you’re a good boy, I’ll let you join in~”
He had a glare on his face, but I couldn’t help but notice a bump forming at the crotch of his pants. I chuckled and rubbed it a bit, making it as big as it could get. He wasn’t as big as my Palette, with the fucking Viagra he overdoses on, but he was still gonna be big inside Goth, and that’s all that matters. He let out a startled groan, moving his hips a bit. I pulled my hand away and smiled evilly.
“You ready for the show, cause it’s about to start~”
Oh stars I’m getting so turned on by this. I yanked up Goth and bit his collar bone, causing him to let out a surprised moan. I laid him down on to the floor, undoing his robe and my own, showing his bare ribs. Palette let out a failed muffled groaned at the sight of us.
“Yeah, just keep making those sounds. Moan Palette’s name, see how hot and bothered he gets~”
Palette let out a breathy noise of arousal at my words. Goth looked at him and blushed heavily before turning back to me and nodding slightly.
“You naughty boy~”
I sucked on his top ribs, right next to his birthmark.
“Ahhh Palette!”
I flipped him onto his back, gently massaging a certain spot on his back that was extremely sensitive.
“Nnngh, P-palette!”
“Yeah, moan his name just like that~ Don’t you love the way he gets so turned on from you coming undone?”
Goth was panting and letting out breathy moans while trembling a bit. I chuckled and flipped him back on to his stomach. Palette moved his hips roughly, trying to get something stimulation, but failing. I bit my lip from the sight of him. He’ll be basically an animal on Gothy when I untie him! I can’t wait for that part. I wanna hear Goth scream in pleasure. I smiled evilly and grabbed a cord of bullet vibrators, bringing out Originals soul. His eyes widened as I wrapped the wires around his soul, being specific to where I but the vibrators, making them at least graze everything single sensitive spot in his soul. I turned them on and immediately turned the dial to max. His eyes rolled to the top of his eye sockets as he screamed in pleasure. “AHHHH GOD PALETTE!!!!”
Goth was trembling immensely as tears of pleasure ran down his face. Palette looked so desperate to just wreck little Gothy, oh stars I love this~ Goth came through his soul a few seconds later, screaming Palette’s name. I smiled and decided to give Palette at least a bit of stimulation. I plopped Goth down on to his lap and bounced him up and down. Palette groaned loudly, throwing his head back a bit at the long over due pleasure. Goth got the hint a bit and rocked his hips side to side and his pelvis. I pulled him away suddenly, making Palette growl at me slightly. I clicked my tongue at him.
“Now now, you’ll get what you want eventually. Are you just upset you’re not doing this to him? That you not feeling his tight pussy around your cock as you slam into him? I told you, if you’re a good boy you’ll get your reward~”
Goth looked like he recovered from his orgasm, perfect~ I got in between his legs a bit and started fingering his dripping wet cunt. He let out helpless moans as I slipped two, then three fingers into him. I wonder if he’s a squirter, that’ll make Palette go wild, I’m sure~ I quickened my pace and felt him clench around my now four fingers inside of him.
“Yeah, that’s it, cum for me, make Palette go crazy for your pussy~” My words sent him off the edge again, making him cum and spray liquid on to my fingers, some getting on the floor around my hand. He is a squirter, who would’ve thought? I glanced at Palette to make sure he saw it.
“Palette, did you see that, or do you need an encore?~”
“I saw.. lemme just pound into him already~”
I smirked at him and decided.
“Well, you have been a good boy for me, and I’d love to see you at your most animalistic. Sure, do what you will to your little Gothy~”
Palette was fidgeting as I untied him. I stepped out of the way as Palette pounced on to Goth. He squeaked as Palette quickly pulled down his pants, revealing his throbbing dick. I teleported to behind Goth, getting him on his knees in Palette’s lap. I grabbed a dildo, roughly 7-8 inches, and about Palette’s size. I had it put right outside Goth’s ass. Palette slammed into Goth and went at a fast and rough pace. I immediately started thrusting the dildo into his tight ass, jacking myself off in the process. Palette suddenly got an evil grin on his face, and it was aimed at me.
‘Oh shit’
He summoned big slimy tentacles and wrapped them around Goth and my ribs, sensitive spot on his back, and my soul. He slid the dildo out of Goth’s ass and replaced it with a big tentacles, I think it was the biggest one he summoned. It thruster at an inhuman speed with the other one rubbing Goth’s sensitive spot and ribs. He did the same to me, making it extremely difficult to keep my moans hidden. Goth was an absolute mess, he was screaming bloody murder from all the pleasure he was feeling.
“Well, mmf, too bad, cuz when I’m done with both of you, you both won’t be able to walk for a week!”
Goth was bouncing in Palette’s lap heavily. I’ll admit, I wasn’t in the best of appearances as well. I gave up on hiding my moans and was jacking off as fast as I could. The tentacles made everything so much better~
“Mmm, Gothy you’re so tight, God you feel so good. I can’t wait to feel you squirt on to my cock.”
Goth couldn’t handle the pleasure anymore, it finally becoming too much for him. He came and squirted on to his dick with a scream so loud it left a ringing in my ears. Palette pulled out of him as soon as Goth’s orgasm faded down enough. I caught him before he fell from pure exhaustion. Me and Palette hadn’t come yet, but I was about to. My grip tightened around Goth as Palette’s tentacles made me come hard. “Ahhh!!! Palette!!!”
I slowly stroked myself through my orgasm, making me twitch uncontrollably. Palette grabbed my head and pulled it down, making my mouth face to face with his cock.
“Since you’ve been such a tease to me, how about you be the one who gets the honor of getting me off?”
I smirked naughtily and licked the shaft up to the head slowly, making him let out a low groan.
“Mm, just like that baby. Suck me off like the good little doll you can be~”
I bobbed my head up and down as he was close to cumming already. Palette let out a loud moan as he came inside my mouth and made me swallow. Hey, I wasn’t complaining, at least he tasted sweet. I licked the remains off my face and went to pick up Goth, who was basically passed out. Me and Palette carried him to the couch, well, more like I teleported us, and laid him down. He was trembling in overstimulation, panting heavily. I chuckled and cuddled next to him, both of us leaning on Palette. “Hehehe, how was that for a three way?”
“So good~”
“I loved watching you turn Goth into a mess, I’ll admit that much.”
“Heh, well don’t get used to it, because we ain’t doing this in a long while”
I mumbled as I fell asleep into my afterglow.

fanfic by creepychick420