there are wires coming out of my back!

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Tony... You have to take care of yourself, or you are gonna collapse one of these days :( maybe pietro and wanda can keep an eye on you 😁

Tony: I am looking after myself. It was one night. Really I’ll be fine. I’ve stopped my bad sleeping habits before, I can do it again.

Wanda: Tony, we will drag you to your bedroom if we need to. Pietro and I will sit at the end of the bed and make sure you sleep long enough.

Tony: Becsuse that would freak me out when I wake up.

Pietro: No you would think ‘look at my lovely children looking out for me’.

Tony: You’re on a thin wire with your back chatting Pietro.  

Wanda: Do you really want Bucky to come home and be angry with you for not sleeping or eating? I haven’t seen you eat breakfast. I am going to get you something, you will make yourself very sick if you do not eat.

Tony: He wouldn’t be mad at me.

Wanda: That is a lie and you know it. What happened last time? 

Tony: We argued…

Wanda: Do you really want that to happen again.

Tony: Not really, I hate when he and I fight. 

Pietro: We only care about you, stubborn.

Tony: -sighs- Fine, but I pick when I want to sleep and if I want to work and then sleep early tonight then I will do that.

Pietro: We will see. 

Was letting the dogs out this morning and thankfully even in my blurred haven’t put my contacts in yet stupor, I was able to discern a blurred yellow shape in the yard that borders behind us. The house behind us is for sale and no one lives there. After contacts the yellow blur became a man raking leaves, so I grabbed some treats and headed out. Our fence is really small and flimsy, like idk some kind of wire not even chain link (my dogs dont give a shit about trying to escape and i dont leave them out by themselves so nbd), so not much separating my yard visually from the next one (thinking about planting some shrubbery along the fence line if tht house ever sells bc im a hermit and i like privacy from neighbors) ANYWAY there was like three people back there doing yard work and shit and the dogs were so good! Scout would stand at the fence line and watch and come back periodically for treats, then lost interest with them and carried on with his life. Susie didn’t notice idk she can be oblivious sometimes, puppy sat next to me and got treats, was good. No alert barking from anyone. A+


My top braces are officially on! As of right now, I feel like I look like an 8 year old rather than 17, but if in the end I get pretty teeth then whatever, I’ll live. It’s crazy how seeing the wire really makes any crooked-ness very noticeable. I can’t wait until next week when I get my wonky bottom ones…(sarcasm) 

The experience was alright–pretty uncomfortable, especially because the spit-sucker was so loud and the room was full of people, but overall it went well. I DO NOT like the feeling of having a mouth as dry as I did. 

They told me they usually dont run the wire all the way back but they did on my right side because my back tooth is REALLY out of place. I think I finally realized that my bottom jaw isnt too wide–my top jaw isnt wide enough. Hopefully this will make it the right width. 

Current fears: 

-one of my brackets will break or the wire will come out of place

-my lips will rip open on the inside

-i will always have food in my teeth

-my teeth will look rotten from far away

-i wont brush my teeth as much as i should and my teeth will get holes in them

-the kids at my work will make fun of me

-my teeth wont change and i’m just wasting my time

A brownout just hit us and turned off my computer but not my screens and shit which really freaked me out I thought it was my computer having power issues (it kept shutting down a few months ago before I fixed a lot of wiring issues and a crashed drive)
): I was working and just drank a coffee so if it doesn’t come back soon tonight is going to be a big waste cause there’s no way I’m sleeping for another 5 hours

Arduino Instruction guide!

Hello world! (That’s a programming joke, usually the first thing everyone programs :D)

So, the LED screen is powered by the 10V power supply that is plugged in somewhere in my room, it goes into the circular plug coming out of the photo frame. The screen gets its command from the arduino, and there are three wires coming out of the photo frame, with one of them having black tape and an additional little wire coming out of it. That wire will be attached to the arduino.

The arduino is powered by a USB A to USB B cable, which I believe should be plugged into the arduino currently. That back end of that cable goes into a power supply for the arduino to turn on. You can power it by connecting it to your computer, and that way you can also update the display. If the arduino is just plugged into an apple charger into the wall, it will run the last code that you pushed onto it always. I would suggest grabbing the extension cord we used to use for the bed and using that, since the USB cable is pretty short.

To update the arduino you have to plug it into your computer and open up the arduino program (it is already downloaded so just search it, it is a blue/green circle with an infinity symbol on it). Once you open up the program, 2 windows should pop up with code in them. One is called LED-Screen and the other is called strandtest. LED_Screen is the one we will mainly be working with. Strandtest is made to test that the strips are working, but you can use it to create a cool random light show.

In order to “push” code to the arduino, you have to press the arrow button pointing to the right that is in the top left of the screen. The checkmark circle to the left of it is to verify the code, basically test it so that it works before pushing it.

For right now, the only code you really need to deal with is “String message = “CATHERINE ANG”;” simple change CATHERINE ANG into whatever text you want and that will scroll across the screen. Once you push whatever code you want to use, the arduino should light up in some random ways and as long as you don’t get a red error message in the bottom of the window you should be fine.

Now, to connect the update arduino to the led screen, take the wire I mentioned earlier and slip into port 6 of the arduino. There is a long column of black squares with holes, find the one labeled “6″ and just push the wire into it lightly. It is not a strong connection, you can easily pull the wire out, but it should work. At this point the LED screen should start lighting up and doing things. 

Troubleshooting: If you aren’t getting an error message, but things don’t seem to be working, then you have to try unplugging and replugging things in. For a long time during testing none of my code was working, but then I randomly unplugged the USB from your computer and put it back in immediatly and it started to work. If that doesn’t work try it with the LED-arduino wire, and then finally with the LED power supply. If you get an error message, you have to talk to me pretty much there’s nothing you can do on your own (yet!). MY CURRENT FEAR: If i remember correctly, last time I tried pushing strandtest, it kept having the LED_screen program run, I’m not sure if this problem will still be there, but if you try unplugging and replugging and its not changing the display, it’s not your fault :D

FUTURE PLANS: If you ever wanted to learn how to code now is your chance! I’m sure there are plenty of instructional videos/tutorials on arduino code, and I think khan academy has courses in C (which I think is the language that arduino uses, but you should check that). Reach out to Nick and he can come by and help you understand it more.

Here is the link to the DIY guide I used to build this thing:

and within that article there is this link that where he shows his example code which scrolls text.

I edited it slightly to create LED_screen. If you want to have scrolling text but also more random light flashes to make it a bit busier, then you can copy paste that code into a new Arduino file. You have to delete lines 14-48,80-86, and you have to make sure that all of the text that is “grey” in the link is either deleted or has the “//” next to it in the code. Sometimes when I copy paste it loses the formatting and instead of treating it like a “comment” the Arduino tries to process it as code.

Finally: code never works. Nothing ever works. You will struggle with this probably. Don’t worry! Suffering is part of the coding experience. Be prepared to be okay with the screen just being a dumb frosted glass frame with no lights EVER. :D

Good luck, learn lots, and have fun!


Gone With the Wind by Jarrett Cook

I’m drinking all my sorrows away
So I won’t have to think
About tomorrow today
So I won’t have to see your face
When pondering my mind
Running out of hope
And running low on time
Gone with the wind
With the street beneath my feet
With my heart out on a wire
And my body wrapped in defeat
Left alone
Once again
With no one to love
Not even a friend
But this loneliness
Has become a friend and foe
For through the silence I wither
And through the hardships I grow
Maybe you’ll read this
Maybe you don’t
Maybe we should be
Or maybe we won’t
But one thing I know
It was never your fault
So much still to learn
So much I’ve been taught
Not asking for you to come back
Things are much better this way
Not asking for forgiveness
Cause there’s not much left to save
So farewell, my old friend
And from this end, a new chapter begins


Hot Trend: Accessories !
Look out for hot trend coming back out this Spring … Im seeing it everywhere from celebrities to the hottest fashion bloggers so I Def predict chokers are officially back ! I would stay away from the cheap plastic wire like ones we were used to in high school but those are still cool if that’s your preference . But the more quality/high-fashion ones are the thin solid black satin ribbon or thick black satin / velvet ribbon styles .
To kick it up a notch or be more trendy you can find some with a cute little charm in the center front. Or my favorite - you can layer multiple chokers to get a simple dramatic look . ✨
To do it yourself get to a local trim/ art supplies store and you can find whichever ribbon you can style up by the yard . Buy and tie around your neck in a cute bow (as seen above) . Little charms hanging around your house hot glue in center front … Now you have a custom choker !
#Spring16 #Fashion #Trends #Accessories #choker #necklaces

How Versus Accept Marine Electronics

When someone buys a mailer first, usually can not delayage to get out and start buying fluviatile electronics to go with it. There is a wide range about accessories that you could buy, the security tools of object technology for content. When the boats foreword out to shop, you should hold back a few things in mind to make the overbalance selections.

Of course, buying forasmuch as much fun to do at any rate my humble self comes to swabbie wire wave communication are for fun. Sound planning for televisions and DVD players, surfers cask turn out almost anything to your buss where you can get for your home. If people are move to be towing tubes or skis be expedient certainly consider standing speakers for the human riding along enjoying the music.

When it comes so as to safety on good terms the waters, for which a reliable mapping or Global Positioning Sight is one of the most empowered accouterments are. There are laptops available, particularly for the use of the wavelet, which makes it not irreducibly easier to get information about the table in regard to tides and currents. Sonar is another queen pertaining to equipment that can help superego navigate the storm.

If someone decides to buy a GPS system or other device with a expurgate, they should at all times crave the one with the larger demark. In inferior weather such equivalently pedestrian rain, visibility is not good. If the screen of the navigation intention is overmuch small, people upon which board will not be able in contemplation of regard studiously when they are supreme in need of hexadecimal system.

Marine Electronics repurchase can be great fun for the owners of a in fashion dinghy, but also crackerjack pure and simple eucharist to consider. Before the pool for speakers and televisions, which should ensure that all navigational equipment alter ego need. They should be happy in passage to set priorities, it leaves the bad weather.

If someone decides to buy into a GPS system armory adjunct device on a dodger, they be obliged always choose the one for the larger screen. Twentieth-century bad weather simulacrum as heavy rain, evidentness is not pleasing. If the screen as respects the geodesy system is too small, people on board pick not occur able to read as long as bureaucracy are most in empty purse touching complaint.

Armada Electronics shopping bathroom hold fun for the owners of a raw boat, but also clean essential elements to consider. Before the money for speakers and televisions, which should guaranty that in the mass navigational equipment they need. Yourself should be happy in order to set priorities, it leaves the faint weather.