there are very few things i can be awake this early for

Valentine’s Day: Mumen x Sonic

(Okay, so today is going to be a little all over the place, because Hubs and I are going to see Deadpool and making fondue at home tonight. But I’m going to do a series of little fluff pieces of some of my favorite pairings. Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Sonic is a very, very light sleeper, and it’s probably one of the few things that drive Mumen crazy about him. Anytime he wants to wake him up with a nice gesture (or even a dirtier one) those catlike eyes snap open immediately, and he wide awake.

So, this morning, Mumen climbs out of bed with no pretense. Sure enough, when he glances down while pulling on his pants, Sonic is watching him. He can just see how his eyes take on this liquid glow in the dark room.

“It’s early, hero,” the ninja says, reaching out to hook his finger into one of his belt loops. “Come back to bed.”

Mumen glances out the window at the sky that has begun to turn a navy blue. Overhead, there are still a scattering of bright stars. “Nope,” Mumen says, grinning mischievously and reaching down to pick Sonic up into his arms, along with the blanket. “You come with me.”

Sonic makes a bit of a face and rolls his eyes, but Mumen thanks any god listening because he doesn’t immediately break loose. Instead, he rests his head against Mumen’s chest and lets him carry him, through the living room, out into the hallway (that makes the lithe body spasm in his arms and he has to insist that it is so early no one will hear them) and up many fights of stairs.

“I suppose it’s futile to tell you I can walk,” Sonic points out as he notices Mumen getting a bit winded by the eighth flight.

“It is.”

“Very well.” He reaches out to stroke a spot of warm chest poking out from under Mumen’s shirt.

Finally, they are at the top, and Mumen fishes out a key from his pocket. He had sworn to the building manager that there wouldn’t be any funny business up here, and the sweet old woman had just laughed. Finally, they are out on the roof, overlooking the still-sleeping city. The view is just what Mumen had hoped. The sky in the distance is now taking on shades of orange and some purple, easing into beautiful blue.

Sonic curls up closer as a chilly wind passes through, and Mumen can’t help kissing his forehead. “Do you know what today is?” he asks.

“Yes.” When Sonic says it, he can tell that he’s trying not to seem dismissive.

“Well, I knew that chocolates or flowers or any of that stuff wouldn’t really fit for you. For us. That’s not really what I think we have. It’s more.”

He can see just the tiniest hint of Sonic’s teeth biting his lip, but he is still watching him, attentively.

“So I got you the sun. I hope it’s okay. Because it’s bright and warm and when we see it, it’s already moved so fast that we’re just seeing where it used to be. And that makes me think of you, how brilliant and fast and amazing you are. And you never have to worry about whether or not the sun is there. Even when you can’t see it, it’s still above us. We can see it every day.” He traces the curve of his lover’s face, brushing his nose. “I want to see you every day.”

It is such perfect timing that Mumen knows this was all worth it. Because at that moment, the sun reaches up over the horizon and begins its climb into the sky, just as Sonic is taking his face in his hands and kissing him in a way that he never has before, full of a slow, burning love that travels all the way into his soul.