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Accidental Date

Summary:  Your friends have set you up on a blind date.  Maybe this time it won’t be so bad. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1178

Warnings:  I can’t remember if Steve swears, just more teeth rotting fluff

Notes:  So I actually saw This Imagine over on @lillianfromaccounting‘s wall and my muse walked in, slapped me, sat down and told me we weren’t going anywhere until this was written.  I apparently have a soft spot for my Marvel boys in coffee shops.  Maybe a second chapter where the reader figures out who he really is. 

Accidental Meeting  |  Not So Accidental Meeting

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Christmas Cookies

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Summary: What better than to make cookies on a snowy day?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just some major fluff

Word count: 771

A/N: this is actually kind of bad but I was having holiday Bucky feels so it was necessary. Enjoy xx

You sit on one of the various couches of the tower, watching as the snowflakes frosted over the tops of every building in sight. You shift, hugging your blanket closer to your body.

“Why’re you sitting here all by yourself?” you crane your neck to look at the source of the voice, though you already know who it is.

“Care to join?” you offer, patting the cushion next to you. Bucky offers a smile and sits by your side. You extend your blanket out and he slides underneath. The warmth of his body immediately causes you to sink into his side.

His cheeks are rosy and you can’t tell if it’s the weather or the close proximity of your bodies.  

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” You question, eyeballing a particular snowflake, trying to keep it in your sight but eventually lose it amongst the thousands of others. They swirl in the wind, creating lovely patterns.

“Yeah it is.” He whispers. But when you turn to him, he wasn’t looking at the snow, he was staring at you. A smile plays its way onto your lips as you look back out the window, snuggling deeper into his side.

You sit there in silence for what seems like forever, just content in each other’s presence.

“Wanna do something?” Bucky asks after a few more minutes. You stare at him as he raises an eyebrow at you. “Like what?”

He thinks for a second before answering, “Make cookies?”

“Bucky do you even know how to make cookies?” you giggle as he leads you to the kitchen. “My momma taught me when I was real young. I don’t remember much, but I’m willing to learn again.” He grins.

“FRIDAY, will you pull up the best recipe for sugar cookies?” your voice resonates through the vacant kitchen and FRIDAY projects the sugar cookie recipe by the oven.

“You get the ingredients, I’ll find cookie cutters!” you smile walking to the giant pantry. The cookie cutters were in a tub under a shelf. You collected as many holiday related cookie cutters and walked back into the kitchen, your hands full. You set them down and turn to Bucky who has all of the ingredients laid out in organized rows.

You and Bucky waste no time and begin to throwing the ingredients into a mixer. Bucky tells FRIDAY to play his playlist, and 40s music fills the kitchen.

Bucky’s eyes sparkle as you swipe flour onto his cheek and he dusts some on your nose. You roll out the dough, both cutting out a plethora of different shapes.

Your personal favorite was the snowflake shape, and Bucky liked the snowmen.  You stick them in the oven, patting your hands together, flour flying off them. Bucky mimics your actions before reaching his hand out to you, “May I have this dance, doll?”

You can’t stop yourself from grinning as you nod your head, placing your hand in his own. He twirls you once, your giggle swirling with the music.

He hums along as he guides you along the floor, his hands barely grazing your skin, but eliciting warmth throughout your entire body. Your dancing is cut short as FRIDAY notifies you that your cookies are finished. Bucky is reluctant to take his hands off of you but moves to retrieve the cookies.

You dash to the fridge to remove a can of icing. You set it on the counter, then grab sprinkles.

Decorating the cookies has always been your favorite part. You lather every one of your cookies in a hefty layer of frosting. You watch Bucky as he intricately layers each cookie with a precise amount of icing. Though he isn’t able to avoid making a mess of his hands.

You smirk as you smear icing on his nose, looking back to your cookies as if you hadn’t done anything. Bucky playfully glares at you before smearing icing on your cheek.

“Bucky!” you mock gasp, “You’re gonna have to get that off for me!”

He looks at you quizzically, “Only if you get mine off for me.”

Without thinking you lean up on your tiptoes, licking the icing straight from his nose. He scrunches his nose and his cheeks become a shade of red you didn’t think possible.

“Your turn.” You wink as he leans down, licking the frosting from your cheek.

He looks down to his hands before smearing icing on his lips, “I think you missed a spot.” Your heart hammers out of your chest, staring at his mouth, you close the gap between the two of you.

And let’s just say, the cookies were long forgotten. 

Smut-entine’s Day!

So this year, for Valentine’s Day, I’m going with a kink challenge! I’ve gathered various kinks from all of you wonderful people and compiled them into this little (actually, super long) list. Damn, y’all are wild!

Without further ado… Here is the challenge! Choose a kink or two, tell me the (name x reader) pairing, write a fic! Kink options and rules below the cut.

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Secret talents.

Thanks for answering my question about submitting. Not sure if I’m doing this right but here’s one about secret talents the Elgang may have.

Elsword: Due to his eating habits he has developed the ability to identify ingredients used in the meals he eats. He could be a good cook if he tried since he knows what flavors go well together.

Aisha: Not really a talent but has great spatial awareness due to constantly teleporting around. Rarely does she bump into tables and chairs even while reading her books unless of course Elsword decides to move the furniture ever so slightly to the left.

Rena: Despite being a vegetarian she is good at tracking wild game. Usually paired with Elsword or Raven as they do the actual hunting part.

Raven: Can identify the various species of birds around Elrios by the sounds they make and can replicate them nearly perfectly.

Eve: Has a poker face players dream of, which, coupled with her skill at counting cards, make her unbeatable at cards.

Chung: Can hold his breath for longer than anyone is willing to try. There’s more steel in his lungs than you can find in most swords.

Ara: Unusually good with animals of any kind but has a strong affinity with foxes. They sense their kind.

Elesis: Can build a campfire faster than anyone. The Elgang slightly worries over how easy she can set something on fire.

Add: Has incredible balance on skate/surf boards. Same applies to similar sporting and recreational devices.

Lu: Best at earning the trust of even the most uncooperative of children. Especially if they are the same size as she is.

Ciel: Due to various circumstances he is very good at keeping track of small moving targets.

Rose and Ain: Having recently returned to the fandom I’m not well acquainted with these two enough to think of anything. D:


My Au Photoset: Luke, Han & Leia + Modern Sitcom AU

Requested by: culturevulture73 

PhD student Han needs roommates, the undergrad Skywalker twins have just been kicked off campus, it seems a perfect match. Only thing is, serious Han likes his alone time and the Skywalker twins love partying and playing pranks. A recipe for disaster? Maybe. Featuring: grumpy Han being awakened by water balloon fights, many hangovers, the Skywalkers bringing home stupid things like street signs, various attempts to get Han to laugh, a disastrous road trip, Han helping Luke and Leia not flunk out of college. Spoiler: turns out they actually like living together and continue to do so after graduation.

Leave an AU and a pairing in my ask and I’ll give you the plot of the fic I won’t write for it & a photoset!

Bad Case Of The Sniffles- Steve

Origional Request:  I am currently so sick, my nose burns. Could you do a one shot of Steve and/or Bucky and/or Various Avengers taking care of a sick reader? There could be some romance, but just a lot of fluff… Thanks <3

A/N: Hello! It’s been a while since I got this request and I sincerely hope you’re feeling better! I loved writing this so much that I’m going to do a second part with Bucky bc I love him. I hope you like it! Also! Putting carmex/blistex on your nose when it’s rubbed raw actually does help with the irritation.

Pairing: StevexReader

Word Count: 1443



“Steve, will you please take care of me?” I ask weakly, peaking over the couch to look at him pleadingly.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), I have to-” A loud cough wracks my body, causing me to fall back onto the couch. Steve rushes over to my side, placing his large hand on my forehead, suddenly worried. “Holy shit, you’ve got a fever. This might be bad.”

“Steve, it’s probably just a bad cold, calm down.” I say, my eyes widening at his concern.

Disregarding my words, he leaves the room, soon returning with, what looks like, a couple different thermometers.

“Open.” He says, holding out the oral thermometer, his tone demanding.

“Steve, really, I’m fine.” I roll my eyes at him. “This isn’t necessary.”

“Hey, you asked me to take care of you right?” I nod meekly and he smirks in response. “Then open up.”

“Fine,” I huff. Folding my arms indignantly, I open my mouth and he sticks the oral thermometer under my tongue. As soon as my mouth is closed he runs the forehead thermometer over my forehead and sticks the one that takes temperatures in the ear canal in my ear. “Think you have enough thermometers?” I manage to say the sarcastic line around the plastic stick in my mouth.

“99.3…” He says looking at the readout from two of the thermometers. After a few more moments he takes out the oral thermometer and checks the temperature. “99.7.”

“Yikes.” I say, checking the other thermometers in his hand.

“This is serious, (Y/N).” He says looking at me sternly. “You usually run at about 96.8, right?”

“Yeah,” I look right back at him, slightly worried by how serious he’s acting.

“This is a pretty high temperature then.” He stands to leave the room and I sit up from the couch, ready to follow him. “Stay here.” He says, gently pushing me back onto the couch.

“What? Why?”

“I’m just going to go cancel training for the day.” He says, smoothing over my hair. “Everyone could probably use a day off, and I’m going to take care of you.”

“Really?” I ask, my eyes widening in disbelief. “You do know I was joking about that, right?”

“Maybe, but you asked so nicely, how could I resist?” He pats my knee before heading off to deliver the good news to the rest of the team.

I decide to try and make things easier on him and get up and head down the hall to my room. Once inside I go straight to the bathroom in search of medication. I find Tylenol and a bag of cough drops and call that good. I take a couple Tylenol capsules to help with the fever and shove the bag of cough drops in the pocket of my sweatshirt just in case.

As I’m tugging a blanket off of my bed and successfully bringing most of my bedspread along with it, I hear heavy footfalls going up and down the hallway.

“(Y/N)!” I hear Steve call. He sounds worried. I really don’t know what for, I’m not a three year old. I can take care of myself for the most part. “(Y/N)?!” He calls again, more panic in his voice.

I can hear him opening and closing doors on the way down the hall. Why wouldn’t he just head straight for my room? Why would I be anywhere else? I think as he opens the door, looking at me with eyes filled with worry.

“What’s up?” I ask innocently.

“Why’d you leave the living room?”

“I was just getting some Tylenol to help my fever go down.” I say, balling up my chosen blanket and tossing the rest of the bedding back onto my bed. “And some cough drops and a blanket. Why?”

“I don’t know,” He says, standing a little straighter and scratching the back of his neck. “I guess I’m a little worried about you. You’re not really one to ask for help, y’know?”

“I’m sorry for freaking you out.” Wrapping my blanket around my shoulders I walk towards him, arms outstretched. Reaching up, I wrap my arms around his neck, effectively draping the blanket over him as well. In response, Steve stoops down, snaking his arms around my waist and lifting me up off the floor.

“I forgive you.” He squeezes me around the middle once before whispering in my ear. “Is that a bag of cough drops in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?”

“Clearly it’s the cough drops, Steve. Too lumpy to be anything else.” He lets me slide back down to the floor. “Unless what you’re thinking of is lumpy, then I think you might have something you need to get checked out.”

“Do you want some tea or something?” He says, his shoulders shaking from him trying not to laugh.

“Sure.” I say, pulling my blanket over my head to make a hood and then wrapping the rest of the length around my body.

I follow him quietly into the kitchen and watch him, as his shadow, as he makes tea for two. At one point I accidentally stand too close to him and when he turns around I startle him. At the time he was holding the mugs of boiling hot tea and nearly spilled their contents. Luckily he was able to swerve and avoids sloshing the hot liquid on the both of us. He hands me my mug and we settle on the couch.

We watch some miscellaneous movie that I don’t really pay attention to. I think it might be some old black and white film Steve loves. A lot of the dialogue is punctuated by my coughs and me blowing my nose. About halfway through the movie my nose has been rubbed raw by the tissues I’ve been using.

“It burns!” I whine after having wiped my nose for what seems like the thousandth time.

“What?” Steve asks, tearing his eyes away from the T.V. screen to look at me.

“My nose is all rubbed raw from wiping my nose.” I pout at him.

Steve chuckles, pauses the movie and pushes himself off the couch. I watch him leave the room and, not wanting to follow him, proceed to flop over onto my side on the couch cushions. As I wait for him to come back, I contemplate whether or not I will ever be able to breath through my nose again. It’s probably only been a few hours, but it feels like forever. Breathing through my mouth is loud and sounds gross. Why must life be like this? Why did God make humans so fragile and vulnerable?

I’m zoning out and totally drowning in my thoughts when Steve crouches down beside the couch, breaking my eye contact with the nothing I was staring at. I turn my focus to him and perk up my eyebrows. Steve chuckles in response, and lifts his hand to show me what he’s brough. It’s a tube of Carmex.

“What am I supposed to do with that?” I ask, scrunching up my nose at him. “My lips aren’t chapped, my friend.”

“No, you smooth it over the places on your nose that are rubbed raw.” He says, uncapping the tube. “It stings a little at first, but I swear it works. I used something similar when I was younger and got sick a lot. It has the added benefit of making it feel like your sinuses have cleared.”

“Are you sure about this?” I say, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Sweetheart, if I wasn’t sure about this, I wouldn’t be offering it to you.” He says, his tone serious. “If you want, I can put it on for you.”

“Alright,” I say, sitting up and pulling my blanket tighter around me. “I can’t really see my nose from here anyways.”

Steve laughs as he smears the chapstick over my red nose. At first it stings, like he said it would, but slowly the burning goes away and a cool feeling settles in.

“Whoa,” I say, breathing through my nose as much as my congestion will allow. “I was half expecting it not to work.”

“Would I steer you wrong?” He asks, settling back onto the couch next to me, starting up the movie again.

“I guess not.” I lift his arm and drape it over my shoulders before cuddling into his side. He looks down at me, confused. “What?”

“Nothing,” He says, pulling me closer to him and smiling, focusing on the television screen. “Just don’t get me sick.”

“As if my germs could compromise your super human immune system.”


Thank you so much for reading! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

> > > Random Fanmix Combinations - Part 1 < < <

OK these have been a blast to make so far! I’ve gotten various suggestions that are cute, interesting, horrifying, you name it…

(I dunno why, but I feel this trio would go on to have amazing adventures.)

Other parts here!

Hera & Ahsoka suggested by duaedesigns and anon

Kanan & Inquisitor suggested by duaedesigns

Shaak Ti & Tarkin suggested by lledra. I am now calling this, uh, pairing ‘cheekbone shipping’. :D

Inner Sea Races, man. Inner Sea Races. You spend enough time working through text about how various Magical Things happen in your fictional world, and you start wondering how conversations about these things actually go down.

Like, we say that aasimars (mortals with celestial blood, but not the first-generation children of celestials, which are half-celestials) come about through a variety of means–most celestial-human pairings that first introduce celestial blood into a mortal bloodline are the result of longstanding relationships of trust and affection between a celestial and a cherished ally.

So, given that celestials are good, so this stuff needs to be consensual, I’m just trying to imagine how these things actually get talked about.

Angel: how u doing today?

Cleric: pretty good, u?

Angel: good, good. was just thinking

Cleric: copper piece for your thoughts

Angel: <3 u, such a good friend

Cleric: aww, <3 u too!

Angel: u want wing baby, bae? 

Cleric: do i!? YOLO

Angel: ???

Cleric: hells yeah

Angel: erm

Cleric: sorry meant heavens yeah

Angel: cool beans, did u wanna come here or

Or, like, it’s not just the ladies bearing half-celestial babies with their angel friends. Sometimes celestials bless infertile couplesSometimes celestials just bless mortals (male or female) and that celestial energy means that the kids they have will be aasimars. Which, like, okay.

Angel: hey bro, been meaning to ask

Cleric: ya?

Angel: u want angel upgrade for babymaking?

Cleric: you’re the best

Angel: bro

Cleric: bro

It is possible that I am punchy and should not be allowed near text we’re planning to publish right now. 

FeMU x Noire S Support!

Well, after a bunch of fretting over this and having people read and re-read over it, here’s a S Support for FeMU and Noire. It’s a bit of an odd pairing, but it had to be filled and I had a lot of ideas I just ran with. I actually tried to give Robin some character development, but I think it might have turned out too long… Oh, well! Thanks so much to DeathChaos25 and TildeHat on GBATemp for helping me iron out some kinks and glitches, and @phrenotobe, @argonavistactics,@hbreckel, and various other for reading it over! Also, make sure you’ve read the FeMU/Noire C-A supports first, or else this won’t make much sense. 

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Tenzin & Asami

Can I just talk for a second about how much I love that Book 4 drew attention to the ways in which Tenzin and Asami are supportive to Korra?  I love that they’re paired together during pivotal moments in Korra’s arc.  It really highlights how just important they are to Korra and the kind of unconditional support they will always, always give her.  

A lot of Book 4 is about that, actually, how everyone immediately rallies around her once she returns from her three year absence.  It means so much how quickly her friends and mentors and peers are willing to join up with her to support her cause. Which is funny, because in Books 1-3 we saw how often she clashed with the various members of her support system. Virtually no one disagrees with her aims and methods all throughout Book 4, and in the few instances that they do, their hesitation is shown to stem primarily from the anxiety that she’ll get hurt again. When Korra was laid down her life to save the airbenders, she earned respect from everyone she knew.  And while they recognized the bravery and selflessness she demonstrated, they also wanted to make sure that she never had to go through that again. The clearest example of this shift is with Mako, by the way, and honestly, I just really, really loved his last scene with Korra.  His words were moving and perfect and I was just so proud of him.

But yeah, back to Asami, Tenzin, and Korra.  I don’t think I realized until now that Korra’s most important relationships in the whole show were with Tenzin and Asami and I just find it so beautiful that the series wrapped up with these three.  There is just so much devotion and love packed in those last five minutes of dialogue, I just, I just … ::sniff::

Okay, so I’ve been doing some thinking on exactly why Karkat is possibly so private and embarrassed about his relationship with Dave. Like it’s totally possible he’s simply a private person but I was considering this:

What if he’s embarrassed because there’s no way to explain the relationship between him and Dave?

I mean, we know how Karkat is. He’s a romance nerd. He can explain the various nuances, from the most simple to the very complicated, of a quadrant in one arduous rant. He’s supposed to be the quadrant guy who likes romcoms and romance theories and pairing people. Yet he can’t even get into his relationship with Dave. Why? Because he’s embarrassed not by the relationship itself, but because the relationship has no title he’s comfortable with. He wants things private because what is he supposed to say when someone asks? So he throws tantrums and gets uncomfortable because he wants to avoid explaining something he doesn’t actually know how to explain in the first place, because he can theorize it but it’s sort of outside his usual romance expertise.

I got a few things on Dave too but I’m tired. G'night.

  • Yvette: In my opinion I felt that Emma sacrificed herself for Regina, I felt this entire season was a great pairing of you two in various ways, I felt like a friendship was truly formed, a love was truly formed, you guys actually care about each other, and I felt like in that moment you gave up everything for Regina. But you have some other thoughts about this as well-
  • Jennifer: I think that if Regina were the only person in danger she would still have made the same choice. But from a story telling perspective it's also important for people to know that the darkness what threatening the entire town. So, although I think, with the friendship that they have formed at this point, and as much as she see Regina go through, she would absolutely have made that choice either way.