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Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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WHERE is the Zimbits version of the man who forgot who his wife was after he had surgery, and hit on her, and was totally incredulous that he was mARRIED to someone SO BEAUTIFUL???

ETA: WITHIN SIX HOURS FANDOM GAVE ME THREE: Here by @jacksbits, here by @redporkpadthai, and here by @zimsbitty

ETA2:  AND MORE: Here by @thebakinggay!

They should be around during the next Steven birthday party.

new perspective // panic! at the disco

I’ve been drawing a lot of my Gaster interpretation (code named:Creepster), but there are actually two Creepsters, a Pacifist and  No-Mercy version.  I’ve been focusing a lot on the No-Mercy Creepster because I like drawing angry raging monsters, so I decided to shift a bit and explore Pacifist Creepster.

He’s a very sad goop, who misses his boys and tries to do whatever he can for them, even if all he can muster is tucking them in while they catch a few zzz’s on a bench in Waterfall.  Well, at least Sans is catching some zzz’s.

Tried to capture some of the utter darkness that actually is the Underground with this one.

SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 17 - Favourite Rock Type: Lycanroc (Night) 

The concept for this Pokemon is so neat. I actually prefer the day version of the two but I have that in another slot so I drew the night version for favourite Rock type. Lycanroc’s such a cool Pokemon and really good, too. Mine just happened to die in my Sun Nuzlocke. It sucked. 

I wasn’t all that impressed by the Night version’s design at first but it does have its charm. The way the hands are drawn in the original look a bit silly and I’m questioning the floppy ears. I’ve come to terms with the stubby tail, though. But what comes to the main and mainly the fringe, it is weird. And there is an explanation.The dex entry says “ delivers a headbutt, crushing their bones with its rocky mane” which would make it seem like the black part is actually solid, not fur. And in the official art it does look more solid. So, that’s why mine’s a punk unicorn werewolf.

My take on Female Wes. Based on a old sketch at had in my sketch folder, colored today. 

I have two versions of the outfit actually. This one my friend said it should be and other that’s white. Kept going back and forth on which one. 

Idea basically is on what most people do when genderbending DP universe. Like how Das goes from a football player to a cheerleader. I saw someone make Wes a cheerleader as well and I just thought “ehhhh I don;t think it fits” So based off of a team at my school, who are the dance team. kinda similar to the cheerleaders, they just seem to have more going on. I don;t know. might be bias. Heck they used pom poms also so they are similar. Their colors were black that’s why I put them here.

And just to add the design was heavily influenced by @amethystocean-adr and her generbend take on the characters. They stand out to me the most and I like the design of Danny in it, just seems different and an unique take on his design, so Wes being very similar to him I included this.

no idea if I’ll give my take on the others I just felt like doing Wes, being a lack there of.


insp: x and true detective

the duet and the aria

I spoiled myself and listened to the duet ahead of time but it really couldn’t be helped. I thought it would be this grandiose production of a song and actually find myself more blown away by the simplicity of it.

In the aria, we have an entire ensemble. Brass, winds, percussion, strings, the whole crew. It’s a big performance because it’s by Viktor Nikiforov. He has a lot of this emotion built up from all these years of loneliness. He needs all the power possible to convey his message because he’s been doing it all on his own for too long. Yet, the song still sounds lonely. He’s still isolated. A solitary figure on the ice, putting on this extravagant performance.

And then we have the duet. It starts with the piano and on the same note and key as another familiar song. The airport reunion scene song. I realized today that although that song sounds like Serenade for Two, there are parts that actually sound like a softer version of the Stay Close to Me aria. So now we have a connection between these two songs. This gentle piano accompaniment. Note that the aria never had piano in it originally.

(Btw, what else uses piano? Yuri!!! on Ice (the FS program) does.)

We also have the string instruments playing here. And that’s it. No other instruments. Why?

Because this song is not a cry for help anymore. This song is between two people who have grown to love and cherish and respect one another. It is not for an audience. It is for each other. It is the sweetest melody sung from one heart to the other.

Notice how the singers are singing the same melody. It’s not really a harmony. They don’t have to complement each other. They are singing the same feelings to one another.

Did you notice how the aria ended? Building crescendo with blaring horns and pounding percussion and tinkling of bells. Everything gets louder toward the end. Louder and louder and it’s like Viktor is screaming from his heart. And then it just cuts off and he’s left there. Hanging.

And how does the duet end? On the softest note. Fading. The two people are not calling for each other. They are sure of what they have. They are right there, at each other’s side. They will stay close to one another. They are ready to go. Together.
Sataareth (Re-Vamped) - BelowBedlam - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
By Organization for Transformative Works

Remember I said I was editing/re-writing that one AU that was supposed to be “quick” and finished back in October?

Well. Chapters 1-5 are up and a brand new 6th should be up by next weekend, so that’s something.


joshler-squad YOU CALLED?

I actually made two other versions because I couldn’t decide how I wanted Tyler to look lmao so here you go: Blurryface TBP, and Tyler with white hair.

Anyway this was, like
horrifyingly great fun to draw

And I really love the idea of two of my faves being as huge MCR fans as me, so 
this was great :’)

Also I went with Famous Last Words style TBP outfit because #1 Famous Last Words is one of my favourite music videos and Gerard’s makeup/styling was amazing, and #2 didn’t Tyler say he liked that video? So it seemed appropriate haha. 

I’ve no idea if anyone would want to buy this so I haven’t put it up on Redbubble, let me know if you’re interested though! 

Edit: a few people showed interest, so here you go! You can get it from Redbubble here :)

// making progress. slow, slow progress. but i’m not dead and that’s what matters :’D