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Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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Human versions of Mae and Bea, two nerds in love

Looks like I actually did art for once (weird) still working on that voltron piece tho  I loved this game, and I loved Bea so much that I had to draw these two

tbh I always imagined Bea with tattoo sleeves and Mae constantly covered in small injuries because CRIMES 

Bonus + Germ:

^ from here

They should be around during the next Steven birthday party.


WHERE is the Zimbits version of the man who forgot who his wife was after he had surgery, and hit on her, and was totally incredulous that he was mARRIED to someone SO BEAUTIFUL???

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Listen to autistic people. 

Don’t support Autism Speaks. Don’t ‘Light it Up Blue’ this April. Go red instead and support autistic people and our voices. 

[ Image Description: A picture with a red background and a rainbow coloured neurodiversity ‘infinity’ symbol in the middle. On the top of the picture, above the symbol, it says in capital letters “Listen to autistic people”. Below the symbol, at the bottom of the picture, it says “#REDinstead for Autism Acceptance”.]

I actually have two versions of this picture. This one and one with an autistic person stimming in front of the neurodiversity symbol. Im gonna post that version as well. 

I wanted to make a picture for Autism Acceptance and anti “autism awareness” this April so here it is. 

It’s almost the end of Alyanette April and I hadn’t done anything??? Anyway they’re married now

Out of all the Legends’ behaviour, I just can’t get past how - how angry I am with Martin Stein.

He knew Mick had been hallucinating Snart. He knew. Mick came to him early in the episode, saying he’s seeing Snart again, saying that he thinks it’s real - and Stein just - dismisses him. Doesn’t even take two seconds to consider whether some version of Snart is actually walking around (despite the Legion being literally composed of past versions of known supervillains, so it shouldn’t have been an entirely impossible thought) or, just as likely, that his team mate’s mental condition is deteriorating to the point where he needs serious help.

But no. Stein dismisses him.

And then, when it turns out that Snart was real and Mick, thinking him a hallucination, told him their plans, Stein is right there on the “blame Rory” train.

And the thing is? He’s the only one aboard who could have said “No, Mr. Rory has been hallucinating Snart before.” He could have said: “Mr. Rory came to me and told me he’d seen Snart again and thought he might have been real, and I dismissed him.” He could have said many things.

He chose to blame Mick.

Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the Legends acted like assholes as well, and the fact that at the end only Ray seemed to even be willing to admit that they’d behaved poorly towards Mick, well - some heroes they are. (And not too bright, either - Mick had told them straight up, that if it came to a choice between them and Len, he’d choose Len - and Sara still handed him the spear…)

The rest of the Legends were stupid and assholes this week. But honestly? Martin Stein? Is a terrible, awful, despicable excuse for a human being.

On The Importance of Luna-P

I’m not really interested in comparing the manga to the anime directly for a myriad of reasons, but this was such a drastically different detail that I immediately started thinking about it. AND WHAT IS THIS BLOG IF NOT WHERE I OVERTHINK TINY DETAILS

Here, when Luna-P approaches Black Lady, she bats it away saying “What an annoying toy!” In the anime, we get this:

Black Lady hugs Luna-P to her (changing its crescent moon to the Black Moon mark) and says it’s her only friend. These two moments couldn’t be more different.

So why this change? The anime does have the additional element of this being when Usagi is forced to accept that Black Lady is really Chibi-Usa, but it’s not like this was the only way to do that, so it can’t have been the motivation behind the decision. Instead, I think it’s all about Black Lady.

There’s actually a lot of difference between the two versions of Black Lady, I think. In the manga, she’s really just more evil more than anything else. In my translation (assuming accuracy of course), her entire corruption at Wiseman’s hands is:

You have shown me the darkness in your heart. You were too strong for the world you came from, so you broke through all obstacles to reach me here, at the end of the world. There’s no turning back now. I can help you realize your unknown potential. Come with me. Come along with me.

She takes his hand, and that’s that.

It speaks, I think, to where Chibs is at in the manga, which is also a very different place to the anime. Manga!Chibs sees Pluto smiling at Endymion, becomes jealous because she thought she was special to Pluto and isn’t super cool with the idea of “sharing” her, and runs off to be found by Wiseman. Here, you can see elements of that darkness in Chibs. Her reactions are incredibly self-centered (which is not a condemnation; she’s a fucking child for fuck’s sake and her parents barely seem to care about her [who knows about the Senshi, they functionally don’t exist]) and you can see where she WOULD be angry. I’m not sure that motivation entirely bares out for me from there, as once she has power, she directs her attention to “claiming” Mamoru, who isn’t even PART of that situation. I think it would’ve worked much better for me had she focused on Pluto instead, but welcome to my manga experience, I suppose. My point being, Black Lady in the manga is born of selfishness and anger, and “evil” is mostly what she exhibits. By smacking away Luna-P, the response it elicits from us is “Wow, Black Lady is so bad! Chibi-Usa’s so lost to us!” Obviously I don’t know how her story is going to play out in the manga yet, but that moment’s intent is to produce hopelessness in the audience and the characters.

The anime handles this so differently. I think due in part to how we’ve, by necessity, spent so much more time with Chibi-Usa. We’ve seen her develop relationships not just with Mamoru and Usagi, but with Mako, Ami, Minako, and Rei. Her support structure is so much larger here, and so corruption by way of a smile just isn’t going to work. Because anime!Chibs has so much more she can draw on, the focus shifts from outside motivation (Pluto smiling at someone not-her) to internal. And the moment that sets events in motion frame this so well. What breaks her is that Usagi fails. Chibs has spent the entire season trying to heal her mother on her own, and then trying to trust the others enough to accept their help. By this point, she believes that Usagi will save her mother without question. AND USAGI FAILS. Unable to bear that her hero had failed, that everything she’d been through was for nothing, and driven by the guilt that her mother was beyond hope due to (she believes) her own actions, Chibi-Usa runs. This is when Wiseman finds her, and then spends the entire fucking episode confirming her fears, twisting her memories, and convincing her that nobody ever has or ever will love and care for her, the thing she’s most afraid will happen when the truth is discovered.

This is the part where the anime and manga meet on mostly the same terms: Chibi-Usa’s feelings that nobody loves her. Then they speed down different highways again. Rather than batting away Luna-P, in the anime, Chibi-Usa embraces it. It completely changes the face of the reveal: rather than the idea that Chibs is lost to them, the horror is in that this was done to her, that she could feel so alone to come to this. Black Lady hugging Luna-P reveals that however she looks now, in her heart she’s still just a desperate, scared little girl.

Despite how little I’m connecting with the manga, I do generally like how it’s handled Chibi-Usa. I’m not sure the Black Lady thing is working too well for me, though, but that’s for a variety of reasons, from what I feel is a misfire in her focus to Takeuchi’s over-reliance on brainwashing as a plot device to Black Lady being as generically evil as every other generic evil, when she should be packing a much greater emotional punch. Her batting aside Luna-P, though, as a moment, works well to further the divide between Chibi-Usa and Black Lady.

The anime’s choice to have her embrace it, however, furthers the connection between them. We’re seeing Black Lady, but also the Chibi-Usa who’s still there, and in pain. It does eliminate the element of hopelessness that the manga highlights and underlines, but trades it for a personal connection that, for me, resonates better in both the long and short term.

I think both are really interesting directions, though, and perhaps more than any single moment I’ve seen thus far, epitomize the differences between the two iterations of the story.

I’ve been drawing a lot of my Gaster interpretation (code named:Creepster), but there are actually two Creepsters, a Pacifist and  No-Mercy version.  I’ve been focusing a lot on the No-Mercy Creepster because I like drawing angry raging monsters, so I decided to shift a bit and explore Pacifist Creepster.

He’s a very sad goop, who misses his boys and tries to do whatever he can for them, even if all he can muster is tucking them in while they catch a few zzz’s on a bench in Waterfall.  Well, at least Sans is catching some zzz’s.

Tried to capture some of the utter darkness that actually is the Underground with this one.

SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 17 - Favourite Rock Type: Lycanroc (Night) 

The concept for this Pokemon is so neat. I actually prefer the day version of the two but I have that in another slot so I drew the night version for favourite Rock type. Lycanroc’s such a cool Pokemon and really good, too. Mine just happened to die in my Sun Nuzlocke. It sucked. 

I wasn’t all that impressed by the Night version’s design at first but it does have its charm. The way the hands are drawn in the original look a bit silly and I’m questioning the floppy ears. I’ve come to terms with the stubby tail, though. But what comes to the main and mainly the fringe, it is weird. And there is an explanation.The dex entry says “ delivers a headbutt, crushing their bones with its rocky mane” which would make it seem like the black part is actually solid, not fur. And in the official art it does look more solid. So, that’s why mine’s a punk unicorn werewolf.

More on the mood of a story

Today I was just randomly flashing back to the plot of BBR and I suddenly realized something.

I‘ve talked about the mish-mash of moods that I got lost in. My mainly concern is that it steadily started out as a violent creepy psychedelic Yume Nikki-vibe thing, but later gained more and more reality-grounded lighthearted elements that didn’t fit together. 

(Tbh I find it interesting that early!BBR was more of the MGM’s land of Oz - the one that took place in Dorothy’s head, revolved around her persona and had a dreamlike feel to it; while late!BBR was more faithful to the books where Oz was a real place and had quite an impressive lore with multiple stories about its different characters. But I digress)

I really didn’t like the ending I’ve planned, since it felt way too cruel and/or unsatisfying to wrap up a story like that. Early!BRR? Oh hell yeah, that’d be the best way to end it. Current!BBR with heartwarming scenes, uplifting morals and meaningful character development? Just let them enjoy their life, jesus fuck.

So then I thought, really, if I wanted to keep that ending, how come it feels so unbalanced with the beginning?

The problem is that somewhere in-between those two versions I actually tried to pull off Madoka (seeing how it was one of the biggest earliest inspirations) in the switch-and-bait kinda way. 

Like, Madoka’s schtick was that it pretended to be the usual innocent saccharine mahou shoujo, until BAM! corpses drama suffering. So my excuse for the drastic tone fluctuations in BBR was that same switch-and-bait thing.

But the funniest thing is that Madoka doesn’t really pull that much of a twist out of its ass. Remember what the very first scene was?

It was her dream about the final events. Dark, gritty, unsettling.

First scenes are very important for establishing the mood. If a story starts with a joke, the audience prepares for a comedy. If it starts with a sunlit room and relaxing music, we expect some heartfelt story about friendship, romance or the like. If it starts in a dark forest and is accompanied with some chilly music, you’d better get ready for a thriller or horror. 

Madoka may have fairly lighthearted first episodes, but the mood has already been established. They can show you that cute optimistic opening as much as they can, but deep down you remember the first scene and know that some shit is gonna go down eventually. And even then, the lighthearted episodes don’t take much of the story. The most unholy events in BBR didn’t even start until the last part of it.

(Btw, I’ve noticed that some movies cop out by starting with “I am X, and this is the story of how I robbed the bank / met the aliens / saved the world / etc”. Which is a bit cheap, but still works if your actual first scenes can’t establish the mood properly. It’s just a slightly disguised way of saying “hey audience, this movie is Y and it’s about Z” in the first five minutes)

(Madoka’s first scene is technically also a cop out, since it basically uses a fragment of another scene as a prophetic dream. But eh, here it has some logic behind it, so w/e)

The first scene of BBR doesn’t really do anything in particular. Its biggest achievement is lighting Dolly’s room with red, but even that’s undermined by Dolly just being a cute little Disney blorb that turns everything into a saturday morning cartoon. It’s not really enough to pave the way for the ending, which, ironically, is supposed to echo the beginning the same way Madoka’s does.

I sorta subconsciously tried to fix that with Dolly’s creepy nonchalant reaction to Pepper’s grotesque death. But it probably only made things worse, since it paints the situation in the slightly comedic light and waves the horrible implications off, which perfectly goes with the early grim indifferent BBR, but not with the current version that dealed with some actual human emotions.

I mean, it’s not the worst execution I could’ve done, but an opening scene akin to one from Madoka would’ve helped a lot, if I actually stopped for a second and considered it. All it needed is some page, a panel, a line of dialog that showed true pain and despair before Dolly could get up and cheerfully prance around.

Club Security - (1/?)

Summary: Being an almost Chief of the Italian Mafia wasn’t all that good, sometimes things would get boring. That was one of the motives that made Bucky create a “secret” club; and just as every important and rich establishment, there should be someone to take care of it. And that someone happens to be you.

Pairing: Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,162

Warnings: Cursing, mention of blood and guns, MAFIA, slight angst, mafia cliché.

A/N: HELLOOOO, so… Should I be starting another series when I didn’t finish none of the ones I already have? Nop. But can I get this freacking idea out of my head? NOP SO DEAL WITH IT. Anyway, I actually really liked this and I had two versions of it, but I ended choosing the one where the reader is kinda badass; Hope you enjoy it! <3 (btw, I have no clue how I’m almost reaching to 300 followers. No. Fucking. Clue.)


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The thick cloud of smoke was familiar to Bucky’s eyes and lungs, just as the taste of expensive liquor and the annoying sweet perfume of the woman dancing on his lap.

It was so familiar that it turned ordinary, monotonous, boring.

The same types of women, the same types of men, the same smell, perfumes and even personalities; it made him feel sick to his stomach.

“May I see the face of the gentlemen?” Her high-pitched voice made Bucky huff in annoyance, staring blankly at the blonde on his lap that was trying to look seductively by biting her bottom lip, but that just made her look ridiculous to his eyes.

“Stop the act and get the fuck out of me, you know who I am.” She hissed with how rude his voice sounded, but complied to his orders, knowing better then to challenge and disobey the owner of the club and almost chief of the Italian mafia.

The mask that covered part of his face gave him an even more dominant and mysterious look, causing all of the women to stare and desire him.

“You shouldn’t be that rude.” Steve scolded his best friend, earning a scoff from him.

“And she shouldn’t be trying to cheat on her husband.”

“How’s business?” Looking around, Bucky shrugged his shoulders and ignored the glances that the female part of the club sent him. “You’re on edge, what’s the deal?”

“The deal, is that shitty rule that says I have to marry to accomplish my right fucking spot.” Looking at his friend with sympathy, Steve patted his shoulder.

“You’ll find a nice lady to yourself, is not like you’re out of options.”

I don’t want to get married, Steve.” He hissed, annoyed with the line of the conversation. “Look around, they are all the same! I can’t just get fucking divorced; it is a literal ‘forever’, you punk.”

Some members – rarely – got the chance to marry a person they loved, but Bucky wouldn’t know how that felt, he never loved anyone.

“What about Natasha? You two are friends, she wouldn’t mind helping you. Besides, you two had a “thing” some time ago, didn’t ya’?” Keeping his eyes on the stage, where some girls danced the slow music, he laughed humorless.

“Said it right. Had. I won’t put her into a fate where she won’t be loved, she doesn’t deserve it.” Steve was about to list all the women that were willing to marry Bucky when something caught his eyes and made his voice get stuck on his throat.

The brunet followed his friend’s gaze and almost choked with his liquor at the sight in front of him.

You stood next to the bar, awaiting for your drink while tapping the wood slowly with your nails, the red dress clinging into your breasts and waist, the skirt of it falling like a cascade into the floor on the back while the front stopped in the middle of your thigh.

Turning your head when you felt the sensation of being observed, your Y/E/C lingered on both men and without giving a second glance, you turned back into your previous bored position.

You were the only women in there using a mask, all of the others had their faces uncovered since they objective were to find a pair, and they couldn’t do that if they weren’t able to show the beauty that attracted their prays.

Something in your eyes made Bucky’s palms tingle, noticing that he wasn’t the only one paying attention to you, he cocked a brow at Steve.

“You want her dead? If Peggy caught you staring, know what she would do?” Teasing, he chuckled at his friend’s failed attempt to hide that he was staring at you. But Bucky didn’t blame him, there was a ‘thing’ in you that called people’s attention.

You had a sensual and independent aura, and that was what made Bucky get up and walk into your direction. Confidence overflowing from him, making all men back away slightly.

“And how does such a nice lady find herself in my club?” It didn’t go unnoticed to you that he made sure to say that the place was his, your eyes burning into his, trying to catch any sight of the face under the mask. “Business or pleasure?” You would be lying if you said that his hoarse voice didn’t sent chills down your spine.

“Business.” It was the only thing you said before grabbing your whiskey and turning your back at him, slowly walking to one of the sofas and crossing your legs, eyes on the room like you were the queen of the place.

And to the men in there, you certainly did look like you were.

“Wow, right, chief?” Bucky nodded with his head, agreeing with the bartender and bowing on the bar counter.

“Who’s she?”

“Y/N Y/L.”

“The name is familiar.” Steve chuckled at his side before muttering his order.

“You should recognize the name of the women that takes care of the safety of the club and yours.” Cocking a brow at his friend, Bucky rested his arms on the wood, still watching you swing your leg slowly while solving the whiskey.

“And that was suppose to mean?”

“She’s the leader of the squad that takes care of you and your sisters… And Peggy… And me… And basically every single person of here.”

“So you are telling me she has sources?” Steve widened his eyes at Bucky’s smug, denying with his head furiously.

“I wouldn’t try the luck, pal. Y/N is known for turning down every men that tries to get into a relationship with her.”

You eyed Bucky, your smoky eyes sending vibrations through all his body. Feeling the chills caressing your exposed back when he grinned at you, you took a sip from your drink, smirking at him from behind your glass.

“I’m always up for the challenge.”

Before James could do a move, you quickly got up, aiming your gun at him and shooting at an incredible speed.

The club went silent as a women’s body fell to the ground behind the chief, dropping her own gun in a ‘thud’, the blood gushing out through the whole in the back of her head while a single line of blood flood from the one in the middle of her eyebrows.

You took off your mask, tossing it absently at the sofa you were seconds before; walking calmly to Bucky, you saw his eyes shinning in admiration.

“Threat eliminated, Mr. Rogers.” He nodded with his head, still in shock with how quick you were.

“Huh, I can see that.”

“I shall accompany Mr. Barnes to his car now; will you want an escort, also?” At any occasion, Bucky would’ve dismissed the babysitting, but he would never deny such a fine lady’s company.

“It’s ok, Peggy will soon be waiting for me downstairs.”

“In this case… Will you follow me, sir?” Bucky cocked a brow at Steve before following you to the exit.

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