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In the Tower, she counters with stories of Winterfell, her brothers, her adventures pretending to be a knight. Most of those Arthur knows, having stood silently by the Prince’s side for most of their relationship –from Harrenhal to the escape from the North, to the secret wedding in front of the burned weirwood at Summerhall, to Dorne. But he was all but invisible then. Just the sworn shield, the white knight in the background, worthy only of a cursory glance before all attention is focused on the prince.
The prince dies –her stomach swells –and suddenly, Arthur Dayne isn’t invisible anymore.

fic  +  mariya andreyeva as lyanna, santiago cabrera as arthur

     "It seems our father’s solution to every problem was to cover it up.“
    "Or to cast it out.  He told you you were worthy.  Said the same thing to me.”
    “You see?  You never knew him.  Not at his best.  Odin and I drowned entire civilizations in blood and tears.  Where do you think all this gold came from?  And then, one day, he decided to become a benevolent king, foster peace, to protect life.  To have… you.”
    “I understand why you’re angry and, while my sister and technically have a claim to the throne… believe me, I would love for someone else to rule, but it can’t be you.  You’re just… the worst.”
    “Okay, get up.  You’re in my seat.”

This is why the relationship between Hela and Thor is so central to the story, even for as little time as they spend together.  Hela may look more like the other son of Odin, but the overarching theme has always been on these two.

That they were both banished for being cruel and greedy and war-hungry. That they both wielded Mjolnir, that they were both Odin’s legacy.  They are the two halves of that legacy, the branching out into two different paths, as they each reacted to their banishment.

Thor learned and grew, he stepped back and looked at himself and became a better person.  He saw the damage around him and didn’t want it, instead he learned humility and what real loss meant.

Hela rejected her banishment and anything she could have learned from it, instead she fought all the harder, she dug her heels in and continued on her path of cruelty and greed.  She slaughtered the Valkyries that were sent to fight her when she resisted, she came right back to cut a bloody swath through Asgard and intended to move on to every Realm she could.

“Or to cast it out.  He told you you were worthy.  Said the same thing to me.”

Thor and Hela both had the same chances, both were dangerous and reckless and needed to be curbed.  One chose a better path, one became a better person, and one did not.

Thor and Hela are the two opposite sides of the coin in this story, they are the two paths someone with such power and authority can walk.  And Hela’s introduction to the story just really highlights that that’s been the point of Thor’s movies all the way along, that he rose to the occasion to turn away from thinking war a glorious thing, rather than rising to sneer at the mere idea of protecting life and peace.


Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 2 344
summary : story begins before the merge , when Kai moves in reader’s apartment building , the second half of the story happens after the merge …
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A few months ago in the apartment next to Y/N moved in a young man. At first she didn’t think any of it ,people move in and out of the apartment building all the time. Except that was no ordinary man. Her friend Stefan came over one night , and nearly killed the boy realising who was her new neighbour. Y/N’s new neighbour was Kai Parker , the siphoner who had been trapped in the same prison world as Bonnie and Damon after the other side disappeared. They had thought he had moved back to Portland , instead he had decided to stay in Mystic Falls and make it his home , even tho it appeared he was unwanted there.

After that night , Y/N and Kai sort of became friends. She knew there are two sides of every story and wanted to hear his.
Y/N made chocolate cupcakes the next day. It was early in the afternoon  when she moved some to a nice plate , took her keys and walked out her apartment , taking barely three steps away towards Kai’s apartment. A few knocks on the door later , Kai opened the door. He looked startled someone had come looking for him , his eyes widening when he realised who it was.
“Hi. I’m Y/N , your neighbour.” she said smiling and pointing behind her towards her apartment door. “I um … I heard you like cupcakes and I happen to have made a few dozen today…”
Kai’s eyes were glued on her , looking suspicious at the young girl. He noticed she was still wearing her PJ’s and fuzzy slippers. Who goes out of their apartment like that ? he wondered.
“Did your friends send you ?” he asked.
“Um … no. They’d freak out if they knew. I came on my own …” she laughed nervously. “I know you don’t get along with them ,and Stefan already tried to scare me the Hell away from you.. but I want to hear your side of the story. Create my own opinion about you.” she said taking one of the cupcakes from the plate in her hands swirling it in the air in front of Kai , his eyes following the cupcake. “It’s a bribe. Can I come in ?”
He sighed and stepped away from the door motioning for her to walk in , snatching the plate from her hands.
“Yumm , cupcakes !” he said taking one before leaving the rest on the kitchen counter. “Thanks.” he said with a small smile.
Y/N pointed at his couch , a silent question hanging in the air and he nodded. They both sat there , Y/N sat cross-legged and waited for him to tell her his story.
Kai told her everything , starting with his childhood and how his family had treated him like trash , pretending he didn’t exist.
“I was the defective twin … the black sheep that nobody wanted. They didn’t understand what I could do , so they isolated me …” he said , his gaze drifting somewhere behind her. “It was lonely…and then my father , the great coven leader , sent me to the Prison World after treating me like trash for 22 years. It was as if his children didn’t even matter. The coven always came first , no matter what.” he trailed off.
He couldn’t understand why he trusted her enough to tell her his story. They had just met , but she had stirred something inside him. Y/N was either really brave or really stupid coming to him like that. If he wanted , he could hurt her and no one would ever find out.
“I spent 18 years in isolation as the family reject in the Prison World. Repeating the same day over and over again…” his voice a little louder than a whisper.“I tried killing myself so many times hoping to end it all. None of the attempts worked , I tried every way in the book…”
Kai kept waiting for her to get up and walk away or more like run away from him. Instead she reached across the couch and hugged him. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had hugged him and he felt a kind of warmth spread inside him when she did.
Stefan had told her most of the story , the parts with Bonnie and Damon but the person he had described wasn’t the person standing in front of her. It was as if they had judged him too quickly , without even considering his version of events. Y/N couldn’t imagine what it must’ve been like for him to spend 18 years  completely alone , trapped with no way out. She understood why he had been willing to hurt her friends just to get out…and what he had said about trying to kill himself over and over again - it broke her completely.
Kai wasn’t a monster , he was just misunderstood. If his family had treated him better none of this would’ve happened. They had turned him into something he wasn’t and had destroyed him. Her heart broke hearing his story and she felt anger towards his family , specially his father.
“I don’t need your pity.” he said but didn’t push her away.
“It’s not pity. It’s compassion.” Y/N said softly. “I won’t pretend I know what you’ve been through but I understand you’ve suffered a lot. No one deserves the pain you had been through. Stefan was wrong … ” she said hugging him a little tighter.“ What he told me about you.. he was wrong. You are not a monster.”
Kai wrapped his hands around her , closing his eyes for a moment unable to believe that someone in this world might actually care for him or even remotely understand him.
“I’ll be your friend , Kai. So you never feel alone or isolated ever again.” she said. “Its a promise.”
That’s how their friendship started - chocolate cupcakes and hugs.
They’d spend a few nights a week together playing board games , watching a movie while eating take out or sometimes they’d cook together dinner (well , more like Kai would cook and Y/N’s sit around watching and talking to him). The rest of the time she spent either at lectures / work or with her boyfriend , only a text away from Kai. Whenever he needed her , she was there for him. He was doing the same in return. Y/N’s friends were against it , big time , but it wasn’t their decision to make. She didn’t feel afraid being around him and somehow she felt safer around Kai than around anyone else.

* * *

Y/N woke up in the middle of the night by a series of loud smashes and screams coming from Kai’s apartment.
“What is happening next door?!” she muttered , got up and nearly ran to his place. She knocked a few times on the door and a few moments later the door opened. Kai stood there in his pj’s (a white t-shirt and boxers) , anger flashing in his eyes , a baseball bat in his hand. He was breathing heavily , his hair was messed up and clearly hadn’t expect anyone to dare come looking for him in the middle of the night.
“Hey…” he said, running his fingers through his hair nervously.
“Hey , um … whats going on Kai ? Is everything OK ?” Y/N asked concerned.
Contrary to what other people thought about Kai , Y/N saw him differently. To her , he wasn’t a sociopath with tendency for murder and mayhem. He was a friend , a really close friend…
“I … um … I had a nightmare.” he said , putting the baseball bat away. “It’s nothing.”  
He was lying , she could always tell - his eyes changed when he did.
“Didn’t sound like nothing…” Y/N leaned to rest on his door. Kai looked shaken , whatever the nightmare had been about it had upset him way more than he cared to admit. “Mind if I come in ?” she asked.
“Um .. I … It’s kind of messy inside… I don’t think you should ..” Kai said , but Y/N just tilted her head slightly to the left , scoffed and pushed her way past him. “… or you can completely ignore me and just walk in.” he said in defeat.
The place was messy alright. Pretty much everything was smashed to bits , the couch’s pillows were on the other side of the room and even the curtains had gotten some of his anger - hanging semi torn off. Somehow his TV has survived his wrath. Y/N stepped carefuly over the smashed glass pieces and grabbed a plastic bag from the kitchen. Kai was following her around the house , trying to figure out how to get her to stop for a moment. He was scratching nervously the back of his head mumbling about how he didn’t need her help , but Y/N didn’t care much for what he said. She knew him well and knew he needed someone to be there with him right now , even if he didnt want to admit it.
“I’ll help you clean up , and while we do that …” she said , taking his hand looking him directly in his blue / gray eyes “… you will tell me what made you smash everything in your living room.”
Kai sighed and grabbed another plastic bag. Y/N always found a way to get through to him and he couldn’t explain how it happened.
“I dreamed that I was back at the 1994 prison world… Trying to … end it all.” he said , tears in his eyes mixed with flashes of anger and sadness.
Y/N stopped trying to gather the broken pieces of some destroyed vase and froze on the spot. She knew Kai had been trapped for 18 years reliving the say day on a loop. She also knew that he’d tried more than once to end his life , except there was a fail safe in the spell trapping him there. He couldn’t die … no matter what he had tried , he just kept coming back to life.
Y/N dropped the bag on the ground , taking the few steps separating them in less than a second and wrapped her arms around him.
“I’m so sorry you had to go through all this.” she said. “What your family did to you wasn’t fair. None of it… but it’s over now. If ever they try to send you back there , I’ll stand in their way making sure they fail.”
Kai wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back. His heart was beating so fast she could feel the vibrations. Y/N didn’t let go of him and he didn’t let go of her.
For a few minutes they just stood there , in the middle of the room. Kai’s breathing had calmed down and his heartbeat was beating a bit slower than before , tho still fast because of Y/N standing so close to him. When she let go , the look on his face had changed completely. There was no more anger. No more sadness. He reached to touch her cheek and smiled at her.
“How do you always manage to calm me down?” he said softly. Y/N closed her eyes for a moment , enjoying his touch, his palm was so soft… Her hand reached to hold his and the next thing she knew , Kai’s  lips were on hers. The kiss was gentle at first , deepening and getting more demanding. His touch felt as if electricity was going through her bloodstream , every fiber in her body coming to life. Kai pulled away , looking at her as if seeing her for the first time , his eyes glowing … and then he let go of her.
“I… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” he said nervously , picking up the plastic bag and awkwardly continuing to pick up smashed pieces from the ground. Kai knew Y/N had a boyfriend , he also knew that he had some ‘more than friends’ feelings for her. Somehow she was the only one who could get through to him. A few minutes passed in complete silence , he kept on cleaning without even glancing at Y/N … other ways he would’ve noticed her standing frozen on the spot with a smile on her face , her fingers touching her lips , her eyes glowing and following his every move. She was repeating the kiss over and over in her mind unable to believe it hadn’t been a dream.
“Kai ?” she said , running into his arms , her lips finding his before he has had even the chance to process whats happening. Kai wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her closer to him , their kiss getting deeper every second. When he finally pulled away , Y/N cupped his face resting her forehead on his , a wide smile on both their faces.
“W-what … what was that?” he asked. “You have a boyfriend , I don’t want to -”
Had. I had a boyfriend.” she corrected him. “We broke up about three weeks ago…when I figured out I .. I have feelings for you.” she said , gazing into his eyes , waiting for her words go sink into his mind. Kai’s smile got wider and his eyes got a darker shade of blue.
“That means that .. we can …” Kai was so happy he couldn’t even finish the sentence.
“… be together. ” Y/N finished it for him as Kai lifted her up and twirled her while his arms held her close to him. She jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist and kissed him passionately. “Nothing is stopping us.Unless .. you don’t want -”
“I want to.” he said interrupting her. “I want you.”


MASTERLIST March / April 2017