there are two panels there that are transparent


Hey, guys! I’ve been wanting to redo my commission sheet for a while and since I’m in trouble again financially, I’ve been working hard to get it done ; v ;/

Okay, so! I really need the money, my family and I are struggling here at home and finding a job is still impossible so any help would be appreciated! The prices are not completely set in stone and you’re all free to message me for any info/questions. You can inbox me here on Tumblr or shoot me a private message, or email me at I will be accepting payment through PayPal!

I draw:

  • Splatoon OCs
  • Original OC’s
  • Furry OC’s
  • Fanwork
  • NSFW (will cost extra!)
  • Gore
  • Mostly anything! Feel free to ask if not sure!

More details on what the menu means below Read More! Feel free to ask about things not listed like bust, heads, etc! If you can’t buy anything, signal boosting this would be amazing! Thank you again! <3

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I loved how Damian looked in this panel so I made an edit with Jon in it. The two bottom images are transparent edits. I made one with the comic bubbles and one without. 

Feel free to use any of these edits!!


Hey, guys! I’ve been wanting to open commissions for a while and since it’s getting really rough here, I thought now would be the best time <3 

Okay, so! I really need the money, my family and I are struggling here at home and finding a job has been difficult so any help would be appreciated! Here are the price list so far, although it is not completely set in stone and you’re all free to message me for any info/questions. You can inbox me here on Tumblr or shoot me a private message. I will be accepting payment through PayPal!

It does not have to be Splatoon-related, so do not hesitate to contact me! If you can’t buy something, pls reblog to spread the word! Thank you all so much! ; v ; For anyone confused on the menus, check the read more for details and explanations!

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My Storm cross stitch featuring the opening line from Life-Death. I had been kicking around the idea of doing a Storm piece for a while. I was introduced to the Life-Death arc via Jay and Miles X-plain the X-Men and after that I knew I had do a piece referencing those two issues.

My design started with a panel by Victor Ibañez from issue #5 from Greg Pak’s Storm ongoing series. I altered her costume to match her Life-Death era costume. From there, like with my previous work, I placed a transparent grid over top.

I did this one before my Wolverine and it was the first time I had ever worked this small. I knew that I wanted for the entire piece to be largely in grey scale.

The stitching of her hair was a bit painstaking but I was very pleased with the results. 

I decided to have the lightening bolt be in colour to add a bit of pop to the piece. 

This piece ended up bring the first of three of my women of marvel series. The second being Black Widow and the third Wolverine.


Cartman: Okay, I guess it’s time for you all to learn more about the “spiritual"side of this world. You see, spiritual beings are set into three different categories: The Angels, The Demons, and The Purgatories. The angels and demons are pretty self explanatory, with a whole of subcategory hippie bullshit. But since the angels and demons are connected to Heaven and Hell, they have rules set upon them. Rules that make sure that they are never as powerful as God or Satan themselves.
Now the purgies are different. While they are just your normal, typical hauntings, like ghosts, phantoms and the such, they are not restricted to these Rules of Heaven and Hell. They are in a plane untouched by God and Satan, confinement in a void of nothing and grief. And since this plane is untouched, that is why they are able to go against every restriction God and Satan have placed.

Cartman: Purgies can be extraordinarily strong. You know those stupid, totally lame mary-sue oc’s that have every power they so desired? Thats the purgies, but way more badass. If they are able to maintain a physical form in any way, than that just tells you that they are extremely powerful! Purgies are typically really weak. Any kind of power to even hold a permanent form at all takes hundreds of years. To start doing badass moves takes thousands!

Cartman: And not only that, but they can take anything they want from the void. You know that blonde voidy girl in Homestuck who can form any object from the void? Thats the purgies, but with spiritual powers. If they want to shapeshift than there they go. They can do it in an instant. If they want, I don’t know, FIREBREATH?! Bam, all they have to do is reach into the void and there they go! It’s all weird logic, but they can do it, and they have no restrictions due to not being in reach of Heaven and Hell!

Cartman: Tweek now. Tweek died, but wasn’t able to move on. He’s a purgie. But what makes him…different is that only a week after his death, he has a physical form. Remember how I said that it takes hundreds and thousands of years to even achieve a permanent body, even if you’re transparent? Yeah.

Cartman: Tweek is a special case. He has powers that only one or two purgies theorized to exist have. It has been years since his death, and I can only assume that he’s gotten stronger WITHOUT even realizing of his potential! I have been begging him to take control of his abilities, his potential, but he always refused. I don’t even know why he does! Something about me making up bullshit or something.

anonymous asked:

How did you draw the cherry blossoms in the picture with haru in the pool?

Oh! woww um .. I don’t think I’m very certified to give drawing tips, because pretty much everything I do is experimentation. But well I want to help, so let’s see … I suppose a quick progress picture would be most straightforward. 

Do be aware that his could get a bit tedious, especially on bigger canvases (the haru picture was actually 1780px wide, which isn’t too much but still, I’m a loser with huge patience). There are probably better ways to do this, but I haven’t found any that works especially well for me. (a scatter brush option like in ps would be a blessing sent from heaven.)

This is my brush setting on SAI:

(By the way, it is also my favourite, my bae brush of all brushes, that I use for most drawings). Coincidentally, if you flick with the right amount of pressure on it, it will look sort of like a petal. 

On step two, what I meant with “erase with brush” is using the brush above together with the transparency thing located below the foreground colour selector. The brush has some nice effects when you erase with it.

Okay some tips:

  • Draw the petals in a constant angle, but press “delete” on your keyboard from time to time. It’ll rotate the canvas, and thus change the angle of your brush strokes. (In that way, you can make variation without crying out of frustration.)
  • The fringe effect should be on the Layer panel. Look for Paints Effect, then Effect, then Fringe. It should be directly over layer mode. 
  • If you don’t have PS, the filter menu in SAI offers decent stuff. If you have PS, I recommend you to just fiddle around with the adjustment panel for a bit. Don’t stop until you feel that it looks okay. For this, I used Colour Balance, Hue/Saturation, Curves, Brightness/Contrast and Vibrance (in case you’re curious).
  • Hm, yeah don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Every petal doesn’t have to be perfect. 

Phew, that’s it. Sorry it’s sort of lengthy. But I hope you understood and that it was helpful.

thatfaunycosplay-deactivated201  asked:

Please make a tutorial on your capable top! It's one of the cleanest folds I've seen!

Sure thing!

A couple things up front: A lot of this is done very much by the ear. I’m not, by any means, a professional at sewing.

Also, I have 32F boobs, so I have my own challenges in terms of getting things to fit right and not gape in places. This also means that my construction is based off of me wearing a strapless bra underneath. My method would probably not work if you didn’t have a wired strapless bra underneath. But, all the principles are basically the same no matter your size, and since it’s all off the cuff, there’s no pattern for you to take into account.


I used a cotton interlock fabric for my top, in a color called Ivory. You can make it out of any jersey-type material and get about the same results, and you could also make it out of white, rather than ivory, fabric (you’d have to tea dye it though — the wives’ clothes are all a bit dingy, so they wouldn’t be pure white). I think it was 6 dollars a yard at Joann Fabrics… I got 5 yards but in all honesty, that was a lot. If you feel like you’re going to mess up, though, always buy more than you think you’ll need.

The cotton interlock, because it’s a stretch fabric, will give you really clean pleats, but they won’t be sharp, even if you iron them. But the material is also very comfortable and soft.

Any thread will do. I used an ivory color. I suggest matching, as with anything, the thread and the material, even if you’re going to tea-dye white fabric.

I also recommend having a sewing machine. You don’t need a serger (i don’t have one) but something that can do both straight seams and zigzag stitches is best.


I built my top in three layers: The base tube top, and added modesty panel, and the halter.

A note about the modesty panel: The fabric, when stretched, becomes a little bit transparent. Not like, alarmingly sheer, but enough that I (who have never done a cosplay where I’ve been in a bra top) felt uncomfortable. If you can make a double layer tube top, do, because sewing in the modesty panel is annoying. Basically double up the fabric and treat two layers as one layer if you’re doing that. I will tell you about how i did my modesty panel though.


Take your fabric and find which way it stretches. That will be what goes around you.

If you have a flexible measuring tape, measure from where you’d like your tube to start (i chose right above my cleavage) to where you’d like it to end. Try to measure over a taut shirt, to get the idea of the roundness of that area. My distance was about 9”. Add a little more (I added 3”) so that you can attach the halterpiece.

Then, take your tape and measure around the fullest part of your bust. When you make it, you’re going to remove a few inches from this, because it’s a stretch fabric, and you do want it to stretch. I removed too few at first, but don’t worry.

Cut out a piece to your dimensions (I cut a piece that was 12”x36”). Pin it on you just to see how it does.

For me personally, I needed the top to not gape. Part of my reasoning in making a smaller piece was that the elasticity would pull in the bottom of my top. I was wrong. I ended up making a seam that looked like this:

So that it would fit right. As with anything, this might work for you or it may not. Pinning on yourself or on a mannequin that is your dimensions is key to figuring out what works.

Try it on, with the bra you’ll wear and see if you’re happy. if not, keep revising.


At this point I realized “oh, this is pretty light…” and summarily hurried to pin in a modesty panel. Basically I took a piece of fabric, laid it over my chest, and cut it to just cover all the front (because that was all i cared about). It it very rough, construction wise (i folded over the seam and sewed that and it’s pretty obvious) so this is why i say, before you make it, do two identical pieces for your tube top.


This is what ya’ll came here for.

So the basis of my halter is a piece of fabric that looks like this:

It’s very imprecise, but basically: thinner at the middle for the neck, wider at the ends, ends cut at angles. I think mine ended up being somewhere around 9″x40″. Layer the pieces over yourself (or your mannequin) while you have the tube top on to get length (you don’t have to be exact, as long as you have that wired bra).

Sew the bottom of your halterpiece —in a criss cross — onto your tube top (the few extra inches). Don’t worry if the seams look weird down there.

Put the whole shabam on.

Here’s where my pleats/ folds come from — I reverse the neckline so that one end of the halterpiece is over the other, then I twist the thinner piece up at the top 3-4 times, and that naturally puckers the halter fabric, creating the folds. you can redistribute these with your fingers/hands by just scrunching the fabric a little bit.

You should have some weird loose ends, though. Do not fret. Simply tuck the extra material up under your underwire. if the back is wide because you added some inches, scrunch it down like you would the pleats on your halter.


-This may not work for everyone. This is just how I did it.

-You might have more sewing skill than me and be able to create a clean seam at the bottom. You could them probably go braless or go with a nonwired bra if you can do that.

-Don’t finish any edges. I know it sounds crazy, but the outfit is supposed to be very loose and improvised. Plus, knit fabrics don’t unravel like woven fabrics do.

-You can conceivably create this without modesty panel if you felt comfortable enough.

-Don’t forget to distress! The outfits are not clean, and the fabric has a tendency of looking really pristine. I suggest character powder (I have Ben Nye in Plains Dust), coffee or cinnamon, tea dyeing, and rolling around in real desert dirt if you live near something like that.

finished products, for reference.

im so tired of stories that want to be epic and interesting so bad that they think turning friend against friend is the only way.

you know what i find epic? you know what i find really interesting?

  • stories where friends love each other so much that they search for a way to work together despite disparate beliefs–even though it’s fucking hard.
  • stories where the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood and found families are so strong that they fight for each other rather than against each other.
  • stories where an idealist and a pragmatist recognize and take advantage of the fact that they complement what the other is lacking, instead of getting into a pissing match about which way is better. stories where that partnership fucks villains up and makes the world a better place.
  • stories where shared history and knowing each other gets the weight it deserves rather than being used to elevate a character’s manpain or to emotionally manipulate a reader into caring about a story arc that is transparently about blockbuster panels rather than any real adherence to characterization and actually, sort of reeks of Patriot Act apologism in places
  • stories where moral complexity doesn’t mean being a fucking asshole to people who have been your best friends and family for decades jfc
  • stories where trust matters and stealing someone’s memories or agency isn’t seen as a the lesser of two evils because it's not used as the only other option when faced with worldwide annihilation IN THE FIRST PLACE
  • sorry
  • sorry, i got off topic
  • stories where characters can be gritty and real and multifaceted because they act out of loyalty, faith, and friendship even when the odds are against them, even when it’s easier to do something else. 


i’m so so tired of the circle jerk of betrayal and angst coming from WITHIN rather than ACTUAL SUPER VILLAINS damn

Boys they like the look of danger...

From the first moment he saw Tsukishima Kei in all his five-foot-two, eleven-year-old glory, clad in a hoodie from his older brother and shiny black glasses with a perscription stronger than his grandmother’s… Yamaguchi knew he was in for a ride.

Zohorat prompted: “Belle wears an Elie Saab dress to a ball (one with a sorta see-through chest and skirt) and Mr.Gold is pretty much nonfunctional for the rest of the event.”

Rated: T

Introducing my new absolute favourite side-pair: CruellaxMaleficent, which my followers almost unanimously decided ought to be called ‘Spotted Dragon’.

As in all AUs of mine, Maleficent’s ‘real’ name is Cara, from Carabosse in the Sleeping Beauty ballet. Cruella has been very imaginatively renamed Ella.

I absolutely loved writing this and may well do more in this universe.


“Please, Rum.”


“Rum, you’re going to be letting us down at the most important event of the social year.”

Gold raised one eyebrow at Cara. It was the night of the annual charity gala, to which all sorts of high profile businesses were invited, including their contractual law practice. As the two senior partners and owners, he and Cara were expected to attend. That did not, in any way, shape or form, mean that Gold had to like attending.

“I’ve got something that’ll make him think twice.” Ella was perched on the desk filing her blood-red nails. She was going both in her own right and as Cara’s plus-one, and she was always, without fail, seconded into helping Cara wheedle, cajole and downright beg Gold into going. More often than not, Ella’s methods of persuasion were closer to extortion and blackmail than Cara’s and thus far more effective, and Gold couldn’t help but be glad that she was married to Cara and not himself.

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So twilicorndog was like,

And I was like,


I obviously had way too much fun playing around with brushes and line colors on this one, but I have an excuse: I just learned how to remove the white bits of scanned linearts without leaving ugly gray/white pixels around the black lineart, and I celebrated by going apeshit. Also, his wings are semi-transparent!

Anyway, this is Zim crowing because his wings FINALLY grew in omfg he thought they never would. The top two are his actual wings; the lower two are “helper” wings provided by the Pak to help control steering and stuff. Before Zim’s real wings came in, the top panel on his Pak would pop out two fake larger wings, but OBVIOUSLY HE DOES NOT NEED THEM NOW, DOES HE?

Two seconds after this picture was taken, a stiff breeze came up and Zim was blown into a thorny bush.

What is Happening?

Many people are saying the game could be Glitched and that they still need to do the Reset, now that the cartridge is in, but some also think it’s the usual Homestuck silliness. And while we could just wait for WedsNEIGH for the next update, there are a few things to look. There are a few things noticeable…

  1. The transparency of the sky
  2. The lack of Salamanders
  3. ‘Sup

So about the transparent sky, LOWAS has not been transported to the new Session yet. LOWAS is in the Blank Space, the background of the comic where John has already been before two times. One, slammed out of the panel by Cans, the other, when his future self zapped him away from Jade and Dave, before sending him to Roxy. John could have just moved it out of the Timeline as a mid-point between its final location ((Possibly in the Timeline of the Jade talking with Callie, as that would explain why Typheus needed to get rid of John and LOWAS)), or to symbolize the state of a game before starting. Void, empty, a title screen of sorts where John can decide when to click Start.

The lack of Salamanders is unsettling really, and I have found three possible explanations for that. One, we’re just being silly and after the pipes were played, all of them moved closer to the Lair of the Denizen to hear the music. They are still there, just haven’t been shown. Two, there has indeed been a glitch, and the NPCs are bugged. Or three… John completed his mission. The symbol of his Denizen was glowing as he played the Calliope Pipe Organ. Could it be that they were removed, along with his Denizen? SBURB is a game. And sometimes, in a game, when you complete a mission, you have no reason to return to that place again. John did everything he had to do in his land. Maybe they are gone for good, because they serve no purpose anymore.

Finally, Roxy… While the Flash could be a silly reference, the amount of people thinking she’s glitched out made me think. After all, this can only be one Roxy, the one in the Doomed Timeline. John has zappy powers that have unstuck him from his timeline a long time ago- But Roxy doesn’t. She’s alive and out of the realm of Reality she should exist in. What will happen if Roxy of this Timeline arrives to another Timeline with a Roxy already there? Is she just being silly, or has she bugged out for good? And what Choice did she have to make with her Denizen?

Additionally, about the “Glitched, Restart Needed” theory… In old games, a Cartridge had to be not only clean, but inserted properly. Pulling it out slightly caused the whole “Get Down” meme to spawn, for example, and can lead to lots of corruptions. Now, look at Caliborn putting the game in:

External image

And now look at Lil’ Seb

External image

Caliborn’s Cartridge is shoved down to the shaded part of the cartridge’s label. Seb’s, down past that and until the label hits the floor. This could be Hussie not remembering how the Cartridge was inserted first, but if it’s intentional, this could very well be the cause of the glitching.

Caliborn’s had the Stardust Glitches and the Corn because they were shoved there, but were, otherwise, completely fine. Seb’s has already started with a Missing Skybox, Missing NPCs and a Player Character only saying “sup”.

Again, it could just be silliness and Hussie forgetting how to put the Cartridge- But if Seb has put it in a wrong position, shoving it too far, the game could have broken. Well, we’ll see what happens next.


commissions are OPEN!

here’s some explanations, examples, and rules;

  • lines ($5) is exactly what it says on the tin- you get a cleaned line drawing of whomever you choose, plus a transparent .png of the lines to color if you’d like! +$3 for each character after the first two. examples x x (last one) x
  • lines plus flats ($15) is again just that- lines with flats. if you’d like there can be a minimal background too, or flat shading. +$5 for every character after the first two. examples x x x (bottom one) 
  • the Works ($30) includes colored lines, flats, shading, and a background. +$10 for every additional character. examples x x x 
  • silly comics ($3 a page) are about three panels per page, and are usually of doodle quality. there’s no limit to how many pages, but i’d appreciate it if you kept it fairly manageable! an outline or a script is required for these- something like ‘character x and character y play a game and character x wins’ would be the bare minimum, a little more would be much appreciated. examples x x x
  • serious comics ($8 a page penciled, +$2 for inks, +$3 for flats, +$2 for shading) don’t have to be serious in content! serious just means they have panels with borders and art that’s of a bit better quality. there’s a 5 page maximum, and require an outline or script more detailed than that of a silly comic. x x 

rules! i will draw: 

  • your oc (with reference)
  • your friend’s oc (also with reference)
  • your lovely face (with ref)
  • a character from a fandom (ref here would be great if i don’t know the fandom)

i will not draw:

  • nsfw/nudity/etc. 
  • furries/mechs (i am not very good at them yet)
  • excessive gore- blood is ok? but intestines and stuff, nah.
  • anything i’m not ok with- i’ll tell you early on if your commission is something i won’t be comfortable with drawing.

send me an ask or an email at!


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