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I have such mixed feelings today.  For the most part I’m really excited to have so much new Harry material that’s so unique.  I’m glad to see so many absolutely adorable quotes from Gemma and glowing quotes from everyone else.

On the other hand, that interview is not free of narrative like people are celebrating it as.  No interview is ever going to be free of narrative.  While Harry’s amazing kindness and quirkiness is something that didn’t get highlighted often during the height of the womanizer!Harry phase, it’s not entirely unknown from the last year or two.

Hipster Harry who loves the aesthetic of classic rock is something we’ve seen quite often if you care to look back at the media about Harry.  It’s just that it’s always been something of a negative because it was paired with truly odd things, like mentions of placenta facials, and with Harry being isolated from the band as a “diva”.

This interview is positioning Harry’s solo image.  While it might be true to part of who Harry is, just like any officially branded image, it’s going to focus on certain things and not encompass all of who Harry is.  It’s going to set up narratives that they want to expand on, maybe even good ones that will allow Harry to be more free about his sexuality and relationship if he wants to.

Constructing an image is fine because that’s the way the industry works and at least it’s not outright lying and making Harry look like an asshole which is what Zayn’s constructed image has been doing to his detriment.  However, what’s not all that great is people hailing this interview as 100% truth.

It may be avoiding the sharpest edges of the official narrative, but they’re still there.

  • It’s still referring to Harry as post-band rather than during-hiatus.  
  • It’s still playing the “we’ll get back together but it’s nebulous so really you can still worry about whether we’ll get back together” game with the band.
  • It’s still playing the “Harry is separate from the band” game because I haven’t seen one quote from the other boys about him or one that had Harry referring to any of them individually and not just as a vague band entity.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: there was a marked difference in reporting between the US and the UK for ALL of the boys.  If 1D has a new team who’s been protecting them for over a year, as evidenced by their much better image presentation in the US media, that new team is expecting to make money from the band.  That means that the band will be back together and that it will be relatively soon.  They’re not going to wait 5 years to gain something from their investment when they’ve already waited 2 or more.

The boys themselves not only made it clear that they’d be back, even writing it into History, but they also said time and again that it wouldn’t be for long and that it would be shorter than everyone expected.  Liam, Niall, and Louis all said this more than once.  

While Harry didn’t talk about the hiatus as much, he was the one being vague and waving off talk about him doing solo stuff during the hiatus… which he’s now doing in spades.  He now sounds vague and is waving off talk about the end of the hiatus, so it seems to me that like the solo stuff, it’s just that the time isn’t ripe to reveal their plans yet.  Maybe they can’t at the moment because of their continuing ties to 1DHQ.

In summary, the pictures are awesome, most of the quotes are awesome, despite that this is still constructing a very calculated image for Harry’s solo career, and there’s still some BS mixed in, especially when it comes to talk of the band.

I visited the museum with a close friend. She is white. Not so long ago, I was having dinner with her and two others; I was the only black person at the table. The topic turned to philanthropy, entre­pre­neur­ship and community involvement. Why don’t black people do more? And it became clear to me that some things I knew intimately were not common knowledge: the role of historically black colleges such as Spelman and Morehouse, the legacy of black fraternities and sororities and the countless ways in which black people support each other and stand up for each other every day.

Our conversation was emotional but not angry. There were tears. It was the kind of honest, messy discussion activists and historians say that we, as a country, need to have. It seemed that despite the strength and endurance of our friendship, they didn’t know me.

I don’t mean my individual story, but the way in which I am connected to a diaspora of creativity and accomplishment, poverty and heartache. My friends know the gussied-up, Ivy League, lucky, blessed, striving part of me but not my paycheck-to-paycheck, distrustful-of-government-for-good-reason, front-porch-sitting, heartbroken, protesting extended family.

Stabbing the spears

It’s 2am my time and I’m sure most people are asleep, but hey it’s Evangelion meta time!

In this, I’m going to be going into detail talking about a couple points relating to Unit 13 stabbing herself during the climax of 3.0 and Kaworu’s involvement with doing do. 

All of this is theory, so please feel free to respond in kind.

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I was just reading the Richonne spoiler thread on Facebook (hilarious, go read it), and I noticed that someone wondered how they can have time for romance when Negan is still out there. I’ve seen people say this before–“how can they have time for or be thinking about sex in the ZA?” BITCH PLEASE. Why do people say this??? These two need some kind of release! What else is there to do during their downtime?? It’s not like they can go see a movie or go to a nice dinner. All they have is each other. And there’s only so much talking they can do. There’s only so much they can do to prepare and then what? I’ll tell you what…

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Okay then, if you don't mind this being posted then, just for curiosities sake; do you have to keep using Aro as the punchline for gay jokes with the whole 'Aro loves Carlisle' deal? Just curious. :-o

I’ve expecting something like this to come up for awhile and I’ve been kind of anxious about it, because I really don’t want to offend anyone, but I could anticipate that some people might interpret it in such a way.  And that’s their right.  But, to me, it’s not so much about gay or straight as that in the books Aro just obviously is a huge fan of Carlisle.  Aro is only in two scenes in the books, and in both of them he talks quite openly and affectionately about his ‘dear friend Carlisle.’ And I just love that.  I just love that they haven’t talked in 250 years but Aro still thinks of Carlisle as his BFF and talks about him all the time. I love that in Aro’s final lines in Breaking Dawn, he’s pouting about Carlisle being upset with him, even though Aro had just come to kill his whole family, but he hopes they can still be friends.

The joke, to me, is not that Aro is gay, it’s more that Aro just doesn’t care (or ignores the fact) that Carlisle clearly isn’t as interested in him—in terms of friendship, or love, or anything else—as Aro is with him.  Carlisle left centuries ago and apparently hasn’t been in contact since.  But Aro still talks about him like they are dear, dear friends. Talks about him so much and with such praise that Jane thought he was exaggerating. Carlisle’s this devout vegetarian who refuses to consume human blood and Aro sends him bleeding bodies just to see what he will do and doesn’t understand (or care) that this upsets Carlisle.

Thar’s sort of my thinking behind it. The dynamic that I find really endearing and funny and kind of sweet is that Aro has this huge amount of affection for Carlisle (romantic or friendship or whatever—I leave that up to the reader), despite the obvious evidence that Carlisle wants his distance. Because to Aro 250 years isn’t that long, but to Carlisle it’s most of his life.

I’ll try to be more sensitive going forward, but that’s my thinking behind it.

The first time around, I wrote these songs and found myself with a record deal kind of out of nowhere. Then when I realised I had to go out and tour and stuff like that, I thought “Alright, well the best thing for me to do is bring along a band that will distract from the fact that I don’t really know what I’m doing up here as a frontman or as a solo artist”. So I thought that if it was titled like a party or a celebration then maybe that’ll get people’s attention off of me.

Now, two years later, I don’t feel that way anymore. I feel like I’m more comfortable in my role and I know how to do this on my own terms. I don’t feel deficient in that role anymore. This time around, what I really felt like I needed to bring along with me was the ability to take a step back and appreciate the now and to have the patience to really take my time and take a deep breath and enjoy it. So that’s why I decided to name the band The Patience this time. I think for every record it’ll change and for every record it’ll be something that I need have with me that is a constant reminder. x


There were only two people to have been granted the knowledge of his true name. The kind elderly man who had aided them with their escape to the world and his boyfriend but as of yet he had not once been summoned. He was relaxed back on he couch with a book in his hand when he could hear a quiet whisper of his name and his skin began to tingle. This was far different from his world, the power in the air much weaker and causing him to shiver at the feeling. His eyes fell shut as he could feel himself slipping away from the room and suddenly appearing in the others room though unfortunately for Erik, he was still in a seated position so ended up dropping down onto the floor.

“Ugh…Please remind me I must stand when I know that is going to h-” His eyes widened up at the male, easily reading from his expression something wasn’t right. “What is it? Are you okay? What happened?”

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idk if you follow the-burnished-hart but did you see the thing where someone asked them if they support lgbt people and they basically went 'agreeing with and supporting them are two different things' and that they don't support 'the values of the lgbt community' :/ it seems like a really long 'love the sinner hate the sin' kind of homophobic post but they're trying to avoid scaring off followers by saying it framed in more SJ language...

Honestly I don’t follow them, and this news really isn’t making that notion any more tempting. It’s a bit unfortunate, but the best option moving forward is to unfollow or block them- whichever you feel is appropriate- and not turn the whole thing into some kind of witch hunt.

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Since I'm really interested in getting my dog into agility and after reading your post about beginner's burnout, what could I do to prepare my dog and myself best for our agility trainer to actually work on agility with us? Thanks for your time!

Thank you for asking! And also not taking my rant the wrong way, like I said I totally know it sounds kind of judgey, everyone is/was a beginner at some point and has to start somewhere and nobody is perfect.

Probably the two best things you can do are work on your dog’s obedience, and tricks. Obedience so your dog has a good sit/down-stay and recall. Proofed in different locations and distractions, most people only work at home and are surprised/upset when the dog won’t sit during class. Tricks so you learn how your dog learns, timing of markers and delivering reinforcement, criteria, etc. In addition to that, tricks can be used to motivate/focus your dog during agility exercises!

And toys, if your dog likes toys and you want to use them in agility (which is great), reallllly good to have your dog to the point where they retrieve the toy instead of playing keep-away. That’s probably the biggest struggle for beginner dogs with toys.

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Tord: Okay Edd fess up, why is your blood black? What kind of crime is worse than literal murder?? Edd: okay ugh, guess I gotta tell you guys... I don't hold the door open for people The others: Gasp! Edd: I kicked two dogs, one cat and squished about 20 or so bugs and stripped them of their wings when I was little The others: *even louder gasp* Edd: And uhh I don't return library books or flush the toilets in public and I don't wash my hands. Matt: *faints* Tom and Tord: You monster

Shame on you, Edd.

So, maybe I did wet my pants. What was I supposed to do, walk all the way in here just to pee. I get sort of comfortable out on the patio reading People Magazine on my lounge chair and it is kind of easy to let go after a couple of long island ice teas. Two of my girl friends still do it to.

Leslie is the worst and nearly always pees her bikini at the beach. She gets away with it to. So just like her, why should I worry.

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what would you think of a land with not a chosen one, or even a chosen few, but a chosen many, to the point where those who arent are more of the minority?

“You mean that ludicrous Smash Brethren tournament? Nearly every participant there seems to be a chosen hero or villain from their respective plane of existence. Or perhaps the Outrealms, where replicas of history’s greatest figures run amok, wreaking all kinds of untold havoc upon the unfortunate people who live there? 

No? Then what, pray tell? Perhaps there exists a kingdom or two where every member of the royal family has some kind of mystical connection to the land from whence they hail? Or perhaps a land where nearly every warrior shares common blood with divinity? What’s that you say? Hoshido, Nohr, and Jugdral all exist?

In my experience, good stranger, I’ve found that those who lack any kind of supernatural blessing are… well, blessed. Unbranded and unburdened by divine obligation, ordinary folks are afforded a slight chance to live regular, peaceful lives. Unfortunately, I serve a family of royals whose status as chosen ones are literally branded onto their bodies… As such, ‘regular’ and 'peaceful’ are two words I cannot say I’m familiar with.”

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I actually have a huge soft spot for Mercyroad, too, and you know? I don't think it's anymore crack than Junkmetra is, honestly. Is a junker and a pretty lady from two entirely different worlds coming together. I think, if you wrote about them at all, you could totally make it bangin' awesome.

I’ve seen people call Junkmetra crack, too. I guess it is? I don’t think it’s any more crack than any of the other pairings, really, barring some ships between the old Overwatch members because they have canon pasts with each other.

As of right now, the canon world is kind of thin with only chunks of background lore to pull things together, so I don’t know, we might not have enough to decide what’s crack and what isn’t just yet. Blizzard, please flesh out your world more. Everyone is dying for it. :C

I do like the tank/healer trope, though. My SO mains Roadhog and main Mercy (and we have mained tank and healer respectively in a bunch of other games), so that might be part of my attraction to the pair.

I feel tentative about writing the pairing though because I don’t know if I could do it that well. I also feel a bit tentative just because of how it might be received? I’ve seen only a handful of art/fic for it so far, and I don’t know if there’s really an ‘audience’ aside from some of you who have expressed interest.

I’m also slightly afraid of receiving hate for it like I have for Junkrat and Symmetra, but people seem to like Roadhog a lot less than they like Junkrat, so maybe there will be less rabid people looking to police me on what I ship.

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You look like dan goddamn avidan is what you look like

i understand that two people having large hair at the same time, especially when one of them is an epic gamer jokes, must be exciting for you, but that guy is absolutely hideous and the resemblance ends there. i know that sounded kind of mean but im so tired of being told i look like that guy

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Post two things you like about yourself and then pass it on to the first 10 people you see on your dash #teamselfesteem

@imsorryfortheinconvenience said: Post two things you like about yourself and then pass it on to the first 10 people you see on your dash #teamselfesteem

  • I always try to be nice because everybody’s struggling and kindness makes a difference, no matter how exhausted or no-in-the-mood I am
  • I’m resilient
  • I learnt to love my body no matter what it looks like
  • I have a good sleep pattern???? Like IDK yall seem to have that hectic 3 hours of sleep thing and I’m just??? How do you guys do that?

This time two years ago my hair was this length and I was also trolling around Portland but amazingly enough I’m happier now even with my cracks and I’m just the kind of animal who does really well when I have people to pour myself into

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Out of all Kubrick’s protagonists, Redmond Barry from Barry Lyndon has to be the most remote. On the surface, he seems bland and the voice-over narrator is rather biased against him, but every time I rewatch the movie, I feel like there’s something peeking beneath Ryan O’Neal’s blank expressions. I can’t put my finger on it though.

It’s kind of weird how most of Kubrick’s protagonists seem to come in two flavors: they’re either charismatic bastards (Alex DeLarge, Jack Torrance, Humbert Humbert) or somewhat bland, ordinary, but still sympathetic people with sinister undercurrents (Johnny Clay, Dave Bowman, Redmond Barry, Private Joker, Dr. Bill). It’s such a weird divide, but I’ve always thought about it.


I was tagged by @starklinqs (thanks!) to post three characters that describe me. I feel bad cause I could only think of two people :(

I just absolutely adore my love Caitlin Snow. Both of us are the Mom Friend of our respective friend group and usually think before reacting, and we both just love helping other people. Caitlin is one of the kindest characters, and its just so nice seeing that on screen because we need more kindness in the world. We also both have a love of science and biology (i’m majoring in it). 

Of course I have to include my baby Wanda. She is just so powerful and incredible and amazing and I love her. I just relate to her because we both love our siblings so much (my sister is absolutely my best friend) and we would do anything for them and I can just imagine the amount of pain she felt when Pietro died. Her wardrobe is GOALS and if i could pull that off I would.  

I’m gonna tag @pavechekov, @lullabynat, @adorkablebarry, @nghtnurse (only if you want to obviously!)