there are two kinds of people

Back during slavery, when Black people like me talked to the slaves, they didn’t kill ‘em, they sent some old house Negro along behind him to undo what he said. You have to read the history of slavery to understand this. There were two kinds of Negroes. There was that old house Negro and the field Negro.

And the house Negro always looked out for his master. When the field Negroes got too much out of line, he held them back in check. He put 'em back on the plantation. The house Negro could afford to do that because he lived better than the field Negro. He ate better, he dressed better, and he lived in a better house. He lived right up next to his master - in the attic or the basement. He ate the same food his master ate and wore his same clothes. And he could talk just like his master - good diction. And he loved his master more than his master loved himself. That’s why he didn’t want his master hurt. If the master got sick, he’d say, “What’s the matter, boss, we sick?” When the master’s house caught afire, he’d try and put the fire out. He didn’t want his master’s house burned. He never wanted his master’s property threatened. And he was more defensive of it than the master was. That was the house Negro.

But then you had some field Negroes, who lived in huts, had nothing to lose. They wore the worst kind of clothes. They ate the worst food. And they caught hell. They felt the sting of the lash. They hated their master. Oh yes, they did. If the master got sick, they’d pray that the master died. If the master’s house caught afire, they’d pray for a strong wind to come along. This was the difference between the two.

And today you still have house Negroes and field Negroes. I’m a field Negro

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Kind of like how you did it with Signe and Jack with their little tweet interactions, you think you could do one with Mark and Amy with theirs?

those septiishu twitter comic are actually REAL convo between those two! XD i didn’t edit them myself, you can check their twitter for prove :3  

so for me to make amyplier twitter comic, i need the REAL convo between amy and mark on twitter, i can’t make it out myself because it will make “amyplier” fake in front of people, and its not true! amy and mark’s relationship are real and beautifully adorable!

and that’s one of the reason why i made “septiishu twitter comic” stuff, because i wanna prove that jack and signe are actually a thing. and to share the support feeling to other people! :D

conclusions from the night:

- as of my making this post i’ve received $516.19. this is more than i would’ve earned in two months of working at my old job. i don’t know how to express my gratitude. thank you to everyone who donated, thank you to everyone who circulated.

- so many kind people have reached out to me and provided multiple resources. i’m contacting a clinic that helps women facing violence and a lawyer to help me determine the logistics of my situation, the amount of money i need saved up, etc.

- in regards to the above: i know i need $137 to cover the legal name change. someone told me i should have about 300-350 saved for the legal help, and then estimate the cost of groceries, travel, and any emergency expenses.

- i’ve already received a lot which i’m very grateful for so i’ll be shutting down my paypal (or requesting that people not donate?) soon; i just need to determine exactly how much should be enough.

- i’m also attempting to sell old clothes, old books, and any of my belongings to make some extra cash on my own

- i don’t know how i’m supposed to “prove” my situation, the comments insinuating i’m a scammer are hurtful as hell. and i understand suspicions about donating money to strangers on the internet; i understand it fully. but rather than outright saying things that hurt me very much, if you have doubts please go ahead and message me

- i have my anon turned off because of messages invalidating my situation. this does not stop people off-anon questioning me. i am not doing okay emotionally/mentally and reading these messages (especially from anonymous people) hurt like hell. having anon off does not insinuate anything about my situation. like i said, if you don’t believe me you can message me. there are also a number of other tumblr users that can vouch to verify me. @canadad @rawrjoey @darkcomputerscience @fortidogi 

thank you to everyone helping me. 


Summary: Adrien gets Marirekt.

So have this hot mess. No literally, this is a hot mess. I’m sorry for the lack of betaing and the cringy sexual tension. Under any circumstances, I’m not sorry for seductress!Marinette. Also, this is long.

This is some kind of bad boy Adrien lol not really and good girl Marinette lmao as if.

Also, I could have sworn today’s prompt was tension, but oh well. I was a day behind. *shows later to the Love Square Week with starbucks*

One thing Adrien Agreste learned in his first year of public education was that people couldn’t take no for an answer. No matter how polite he was or how firm he tried to be, they never seemed to understand the meaning of that simple two letters word. Adrien hated it. And after a couple of months of putting up with that, he decided it was the time to do something about it. Of course, he couldn’t just start being rude to people. So he came to the conclusion that if he can’t push people away, then he should just keep them from approaching. That was what his best friend, Nino, called the birth of bad boidrien.

(What a good pun, he was proud of his best friend.)

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three types of MCR fans pt. 2, now with four types!

type one are the Smol Scene Beans, y'know, the teenz who dye their hair weird colors and wing their eyeliner to the sky. it’s like 2009 scene kids except smol, and soft, and pastel. thrives on calling themselves emo. they get a lot of shit, but lighten up, everyone grows out of it

type two are The Basement Emos. it’s 2004, their hair is greasy and black, they haven’t seen the sun since the 90s, they only wear various shades of black and the neighbors are convinced they live next door to a vampire. nobody understands them. also doubles as the Introverted Artist stereotype. probably stans Gerard Way more than they admit

type three are the Ascended Ones, they’ve crawled out of emo hell and live as normal human beings belonging to no particular stereotype, you would never guess their favorite band is MCR. very chill and kind people who don’t feel the need to look any type of way

type four are the Fandom Parents. they’ve been around for a long ass time and are probably all in their early 20s, they’ve seen some shit, they lived through the shit, and there are sub genres of the Fandom Parents. the kind who turned into hipsters who take minimalistic photos on instragram, and the intimidating punks everyone looks up to, probably have a shit ton of badass piercings and tattoos, emo phase never really went away but instead aged like a fine wine

A Gibbsy Christmas

gif is not mine

Title: A Gibbsy Christmas

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 481

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: I didn’t realize this before but two people made kind of the same request. So I smashed it into one! I know it’s short, and I apologize! This was requested by @profiler-in-training and @saranasai! I hope everyone loves this!

Christmas time was hard for Gibbs.  It wasn’t easy getting him into the Christmas mood.  Last year he spent Christmas in the basement working on his boat.  This year you wanted things to be different, but it wasn’t that easy…or was it?

When you woke up this morning, you rolled over to face Gibbs who pressed a chaste kiss to your lips.  You were surprised by his kiss, but smiled nevertheless.  “Good morning Jethro,” you spoke, your voice still groggy from sleep.

“Morning [Y/N],” Gibbs whispered.  The Marine paused sitting up in bed and peering out of the window.  “Holy cow, it’s a white Christmas.”

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ok let me tell you something quickly about “yuri plisetsky is only 15 you can’t ship him with someone” and this whole underage/pedophilia issue

first of all, maybe it’s time to realize that shipping is about relationships, not exclusively sex. someone could be thinking just about dates, kissing, cuddling, fluffy shit not involving fucking. so yes, you can ship a 15-year-old with another person (also 18+), although thinking they are too young to have sex.

but now, even if we do want to include sex

  • sometimes it seems like you forget we’re talking about anime: i can love a specific kind of relationship between two characters regardless of what i’d think of a similar situation in real life. love in fiction is not actual love, sex is not actual sex, abuses are not actual abuses, a character being fucked at 8 years old is not a real child actually being raped at 8. people can draw/write what they want: about problematic relationships, underage sex, crack ships, pedophilia, dicks with wings, anything. they can because that is not real life. it doesn’t need to be healthy or right or consensual. it has to be pleasant for real people, who are totally free to enjoy any type of sexual/romantic relationship between fictional characters.

  • speaking of real life as well, it would be very nice if you knew what pedophilia is before talking about it instead of throwing words around and getting worked up without reason. being a pedophile means being sexually attracted to children, like prepubescent children. having sex with an underage person has nothing to do with it. sex between two underage people is not necessarily wrong, sex between an adult and an underage person is not necessarily wrong (the age difference can also be minimal).
    generally speaking, is sex at 15 too early? maybe, it depends on the person, the situation, the partner. is sex at 15 inevitably horrible, unhealthy, out of this world? no, it is not.

basically let me just tell you that your idea of sex is not valid for everyone and that, above all, i can enjoy what i want, exactly like any other person should, and i can ship yuri plisetsky (or any other character) with whoever i want, like any other person should.

There’s a phenomenon that happens a bunch, where people express values that I find somewhere on the spectrum between weird and abhorrent.

(This happens moderately often because my values are kind of weird. Please don’t assume that this conversation maps well to any of the typical flamewar subjects).

And I want to argue with them, but there isn’t really a coherent argument to be had, because it’s actually a deep value dispute. So there wouldn’t be an argument so much as me being loudly disgusted at people whoe were just minding their own business and advocating things that horrify me.

I try not to shut these people out completely, for two reasons. One is that I like keeping challenges to my worldview in my reading rotation. (This is a major reason I read Ross Douthat). The other is that some of these people are good people and in some cases good friends, and I’m a big proponent of not leting politics get in the way of friendship.

On the other hand, sometimes I do have to step away from those conversations, or stop reading those people, because it’s just making me frustrated and not accomplishing anything. The more tempted I am to start making posts about how you’re so wrong wharrgarbl the more likely I am to try to step away.

But sometimes I feel a sense of loss. Because stepping away means I’m never going to get around to making the “wharrgarbl” post. And that feels, emotionally, like a huge loss. Even though the whole poitn is that that post would accomplish nothing for anyone, including me, and so I shouldn’t do it.

Consequently, here I am making a post about making those posts that I’m not going to make. :P

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To be fair, Jess said I love you to Ryan and dumped him out of nowhere a few episodes later. The writers also invested in them and he was out faster than you could blink. I see them doing exactly that with Reagan as well, the ILY doesn't really matter because it gets said a lot- but it only has true meaning between two people. Reagan and Robby are just there to waste time, but the ILY doesn't scare me because we know it means nothing to the writers.

I think it helped that Jess’s “I love you” to Ryan kind of got shoehorned into a weak episode so it was easy to overlook. Jess kind of loves everything so even though I hated her saying that to Ryan, it didn’t destroy the character for me. But Nick? I can’t see him saying it and having it not matter in the same way. He says that to Reagan and that means he’s spending the rest of his life with her. That’s kind of the place the character is in right now, no? He’s looking for his Maria. He knows he wants a future with marriage and kids and all that and it feels like he’s ready to take the leap now the way he wasn’t back in S3. He says that to Reagan and I just can’t buy him going back for Jess. The writers might try to force it but I personally would never be able to accept a Nick/Jess reunion after that.

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When you get this, say one nice thing about the person who sent it to you, two things that you are good at, three things you want to accomplish in life, and four words that describe who you are. Then send this to 5 of your tumblr friends.

Hi! Thank you for sending me this! I see you a lot in my notifications and in my messages and I hope we can be friends! You seem really nice!

Two things i’m good at:

  • Writing.
  • Being short.

Three Things I want to accomplish:

Four Words To Describe Who I Am:

  • Studious.
  • Kind.
  • Hard-working.
  • Creative.
There is like those personal dynamic, like family, obviously but then there’s like this young guy who is kind like of a terrorist.
Just the First Order, this group who thinks that they’re right, facing another group that —we almost could argue— is equally also terrorist, who think that they are right.
So you have two groups who are completely convinced and morally justified to do whatever they want. It means blowing up a death star which has so many families and people, even tough they’re supposed to be bad and then on the opposite side, Alderaan, a planet.
They are two terrorists —I mean maybe it is a bit harsh— but two sides basically thinking that they are justified and behaving however they need to protect (…)their way of life.
Just the idea that people think they are 100% convinced that they are correct…That was really interesting.
—  Adam Driver about Kylo Ren, The First Order and The Resistance, 5/12/16, for Variety (x). 

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Ok. When I said the next month or two would be wild. Louis' mom passing away was not factored into that. I'm just. OMG. How awful. As if Louis (and his family) haven't gone through enough. Sympathies to their family.

I am in shock and absolutely heartbroken for their family. She was such a beautiful and kind human being and mum. I can’t imagine the pain they are going through rn. Life isn’t fair.. She was such a good person. This just plain sucks.

sufxup replied to your post “I finally got a computer that will play games…. So I want to fulfill…”

Okay, important question. Are you playing as an Exact Double of cannon Solas, or is this some kind of time travel/alternate universe/amnesia/distant descendant doppleganger/spirit that’s accidentally manifested with Solas’s memories a la Cole type scenario?

I really think it’s a spirit that accidentally manifested with Solas’ memories!! Or at least, his really early memories. I imagine there were a lot of high emotions going on back then that would be able to manifest a spirit. I wonder what kind?

It’s amazing that Doppleganger Solas actually works in the canon of this series. There are two characters in Inquisition that are Spirits-Who-Manifested-With-The-Identites-Of-Known-People (Cole and the Spirit Divine*), so it’s really thematically relevant as well. He thinks that he’s a Dalish elf, but he doesn’t have vallaslin. I think he’s generally confused. 

Given Solas’ calm and accepting reactions to Cole and the Spirit Divine, it just makes the whole thing more interesting. I wonder how he’d react to it? 

Anyway, I think I’m just going to just play the game and then upload the gameplay without commentary because I think it speaks for itself. Any terrible characterization problems wrt my dialogue choices, I can blame on Inquisitor Solas being an amnesiac spirit rather than Solas himself.

*on second thought, even Leliana can be a Lyrium Ghost too, if she’d died during DA:O, so there could be three characters like this.

The general (but not totally universal) consensus among fetishists who are shy to say THE RELEVANT WORDS out loud seems to be that saying them in your non-native language doesn’t quite have the same gravity. I’m wondering if this is still true for people who speak two or more languages on an everyday basis; do you start to have the same kind of response to certain words/phrases as they feel more applicable to your own daily life, or is there still that feeling of Kink-Terminology-Once-Removed?

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What I find funny is that at first sight i thought Karamatsu and Todomatsu were similar in the sense that they're two-faced, being respectively cool and sweet. Then I dug a little further and realized that Kara is actually quite honest when it comes down to voicing his opinions, and now I can't get over the fact that the guy's the living embodiment of putting up an act yet can't really be called 'two-faced' because the act is what he lives for 24/7.

Right, like they do actually have some things in common as pertains to putting on acts. But like you say, I think Karamatsu is actually very honest. He, ah, ornaments what he’s saying, but I think he genuinely means most of it. He’s so genuine that it’s kind of disgusting, and it really puts people off. Like I think it’s true that he’s not always being entirely truthful, but probably not consciously so. If he’s fooling anyone, it’s himself.

I mean, Karamatsu does definitely adopt a persona, but I think he uses that persona as a tool to be honest, not as a tool to lie to people. It’s like he needs that security blanket, and it makes him feel confident enough to express himself the way he does. He doesn’t put on airs or affectations because he wants to fool people but because he actually desperately wants to be those things. You may not be seeing a pure self, but you are seeing his pure feelings and pure desires, and ultimately, they’re kind of depressing.

I’m gonna try to write an IbuEn fic today cuz I have mix feelings since some people didn’t like what En did to Ibushi in the manga…. I mean I was happy with the manga chapter I saw it as some kind of childish play, but now all my happiness has gone down because I keep thinking of the negative stuff….do you know how long I waited for canon interaction between those two????? I need to keep my happiness about that I need to write or draw something about them 💙💚