there are two kinds of people

“I hope I deserve it”

Is what Dany days as Jon “verbally” bends the knee. But why exactly?

Dany is a proud woman, and when she’s not, she puts up a facade of being proud. Her neverending list of titles prove it, but it’s not like it’s not right for her to be or that there’s no reason to be - in the contrary, she both needs it and deserves it. She did endure all that she explained to Jon and she did achieve all that her titles means. The fact that so many - me included, at times - don’t like it, is because it’s a tad repetitive, but it’s completely true, and because it’s often put in comparison with Jon who, on the other hand, is extremely humile, and for whose honour Davos himself had to step in - because he doesn’t care. He came to Dragonstone for a diplomatic purpose and that’s what he’d doing, being the honourable, severe son of his adoptive father Ned Stark. All that he did, he did for others, never for himself, fully knowing he’d gain but hatred but for it. And if he doesn’t bend the knee all the times Dany asks him is because he and his men and women in the north have now different matters to take care of, much less “trivial” than a war in the south. Let alone “brag”, he doesn’t even state what he’s done exactly. David has to, in his place. And that’s when he says

“He took a knife in the heart for his people…!”

But Jon sends him a stare and stops him. Why? Because it’s already difficult to believe in dead armies and White Walkers, let alone resurrections.

But Dany is still a tad curious. This man is the North is a ruler of about her age, humile, mysterious. He’s here for a very specific purpose and doesn’t seem to be afraid of her, nor of her dragons. If she wants to kill him, so be it, he’s come simply to serve his people. And that’s how she starting to see him as very similar to her, unengaged in day-to-day personal matters. Because Dany too, for as proud as she is, wants to serve the people.

So she asks Tyrion about it, and he doesn’t give the matter importance. She then asks Jon in person, but they are interrupted.

Then he leaves for the mission beyond the wall. She can see again just how much of a leader. Just like she took Drogon and met the Lannister army in open field personally, so he wouldn’t let his men do something so stupid dangerous without taking part in it himself. He’s again honourable, severe, uninterested. When she arrives to save them, he’s about the take her hand and get away

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But he doesn’t. He lets the other go first while fighting off the wights. Selfless to a fault, so much that he almost loses his life for it, but he manages to return. And she sees his scars. At this point I guess she asks Davos for clarifications and this time, he gives them to her, explanaining that the King in The North did take a knife in the heart for his people.

At this point, to her, he’s the most honourable leader she’s ever met. He’s nothing like the lords and ladies she’s fighting, not even like her now deceased allies. He’s merciful and self-sacrifical. And after weeks spent together she should understand better the situation in the North and what exactly it implied for him to do what he did.

That’s where the “I hope I deserve it” lies. He’s a man she admires, not one of those sheep she either has the win over or threaten. What he did for his people, the kind of things he did, is what she’s like to do when she sits on the iron throne.

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Jon, at the same time, understood her better. What she did, at the cost of one of her children, to save them, is in the same way something he has profound respect for. The North doesn’t like southern rulers because they are not understood by them, it’s two completely different worlds. But this one dared to go north as see with her own two eyes what it is. Jon respects her now. He never had much love for power anyway, he doesn’t want it: if he didn’t bend the knee it’s because of his people most and foremost.

Whether you ship them or not, I think this relationship is beautiful because in this season we slowly see two people come together from opposite sides, backgrounds, experiences, even geographic places, united only by the so hard to find willingness to always put others before themselves. That they love each other is a consequence of this, because they both see this beauty of character in each other, which is indeed firstly in themselves.

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The evolution of Jonerys (warning: contains spoilers from 7x06)

Here’s why the fight against the Army of the Dead was a turning point in Jon and Daenerys’ relationship.

Until that scene, both had only met in a specific context: protocol and diplomacy. As we all know, Jon and Daenerys are two young -and not so experienced- rulers which necessarily means they’re kind of clumsy at it, and therefore wary of each other from the start. Every time they grew closer it was because they had stepped out of the whole political decorum (the dragonglass talk, the cave scene, the cliff scene with Drogon).

Furthermore, Jon and Dany are people of actions - their true selves shine through their courage and their actions. They’re not real talkers like Tyrion (Dany is too spontaneous whereas Jon is, well, not very loquacious). This is when the battle comes into play. Both show their heroic side, one you cannot see in a throne room. For Jon, it allows him to see the kind of Queen Daenerys is. As for Dany, watching him kill wights restlessly directly echoes to her “he’s too little” comment. He sees her loyalty and valiance; she sees his valor.

This would explain why they grow so close and intimate in the ship scene (yet another decorum-free moment). They are not Queen and Rightful heir to the Iron Throne and King in the North here, they are stripped of their titles actually (hence why she reacts to him calling her his Queen with the vulnerability of a young girl, and not with the strength of a monarch). They are just Daenerys and Jon, two young people whose heart and values appeal to the other. And in this moment, they both like each other for what they truly are (as Jon tells her).

I am so done with some Jalec shippers. I just a tweet that Malec would never be soulmates and that Jalec were the canon soulmates.

There are two different kind of soulmates:
1. Two people have such a close bond that it feels like their family and always have each others backs no matter what –> Jalec. (THAT MEANS PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP. FOR THE PEOPLE HAVING TROUBLE READING.)
2. Two people who have such a magnetic connection that they can’t stay away from each other and never want to spend a second away from their partner. –> Malec

Let’s see who is Alec’s real soulmate:
Magnus was his first kiss
Magnus was his first time
Magnus was his first romantic love (Hang on, I’ll get to the “alec was in love with Jace” situation bc Matt explained it in a perfect way and I’ll recap that in a bit)
Magnus is the person he realized that after a fight he couldn’t live without.

Malec are soulmates. End of fucking discussion. They are canon. They are endgame. Deal with it.

Don’t give me shit about “Magnus treats Alec poorly”

Let me remind you of Season 1 where Jace undermind Alec so much and treated him lile shit as well. Think off telling him that Robert was right and his best would never be good enough. Never listening to him, bringing them in trouble, etc etc.

But no. Thats tolerable right? Magnus having an actual reason to push Alec away, guarding his heart and feelings, isn’t? Your emotions are clouding your judgments, my friends.

Now for the “Alec was in love Jace” situation, Matt himself said this:

“He felt this love for Jace so strongly that he CONFUSED BROTHERLY love for ROMANTIC LOVE. I don’t think he ever loved Jace like that, he just didn’t know what really loving someone was like until he met Magnus. They love each other, but as brothers. He realised that and he has accepted that.”

Even Matthew Daddario himself claims that Jalec won’t be anything more then platonic. So Jalec are in a brother and fighting spirit way soulmates, but that’s it.

Malec are soulmates. They are forever. And that is the truth. I tried to put this is as friendly as possible to get through to people.

Sometimes I think of the development behind Bellarke’s friendship and I’m just kind of blown away by it all. It’s just so unique. Like, it didn’t start out as two people bonding over a common interest or similar mindset or personality trait (as friendships develop most of the time), it was them barely tolerating each other and sharing the mutual understanding that they had to work together in order to survive. And that tolerance and understanding eventually led to trust and faith in the other person. Their shared leadership was what gave way to their friendship- having someone there to share their burdens with was what generated fondness. Personal moments between the two (*cough*Day Trip*cough*)came after all that.

I just think it’s all very interesting and unique. Oh, and well done. All of it is so, SO well done.

As you’d expect, Whishaw rules the stage. He conveys immediately the lonely sincerity of a man possessed by a great vision, a genius with an idée fixe. As an actor, he exudes a kind of armoured niceness, an aura of sainthood, a careful magnetism that is also a complete closure to intimacy. At certain moments, almost inadvertently, Whishaw raises two fingers in a gesture reminiscent of Byzantine religious paintings. Then, in the second half, you can feel the gradual thaw that comes over his body, he begins to loosen up.

The beautiful thing about this play is not only its portrait of Luke as a present-day Jesus, but also the tender and tentative way in which it shows how people struggle to connect. It illustrates the emotional blocks, the deep uncertainties and how the weight of the past burdens the present.

On Ultz’s bare wooden flooring with a minimum of props, Whishaw propels the action, and his quiet energy is well supported by the rest of a large ensemble cast. 

 It’s one of the best examples of new writing at present on the London stage.

-  Review by The Arts Desk

Man, so much is happening that I’m pretty sure my brain is just a bunch of wadded-up to-do lists in a pile.

Apartment is super lovely but a bit of a fixer-upper (two appliances are broken and the freezer is unreliable), the office is incredible and full of great people, I kind of love the city already, it’s a great time, but I am just wiped out after the last couple months and my furniture/belongings won’t even arrive until Wednesday.

Half the time lately I feel like I can take anything on, and the other half something tiny will just seem unfathomably unmanageable. I’m having to take a step back from online/fandom stuff for a week or two to just have enough brainspace for the stuff that’s gotta get done here. Be back soon!


Now that hubby is finally here with me -  we will have a reception for all of my friends and family here in the US… so kind of like a walima 2.0 (ya heard it first tumblr - I haven’t announced it to anyone but the people we have invited).

It’s a little strange, I know, haha. As some of you know, I have been married two years - what the heck am I having a reception for two years later?! Well, my nikkah was in Bangladesh with my family there - and since he lived there, it kind of had to be.

So, then the plan was after he joins me in the US, we would hold a reception for all of my friends and family here!  So, after a year and some months of long distance - he arrived in February. Now in September we will have the reception so my sister and friends decided to throw me a bachelorette trip since they couldn’t be there with me the first time around to throw me one.

It was very lowkey. A lot of lounging around, junk food, and good laughs - just how I prefer it.

Sam x Reader - Hush

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: The reader and Sam are involved in a secret relationship.

Word Count: 1482

Warnings: smut, swearing

A/N: I posted this a while ago on my Wattpad account and decided to post it here as well!

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You watched as Sam’s eyes quickly flicked through the big lore book in his hands, as he countinuously tapped his foot under the table, his tongue occasionaly sticking out of his mouth, showing that he was trying hard to focus and pay attention.

You were currently stuck in some shit hole of a motel, somewhere in Louisiana, hunting a Chuck-knows-what kind of monster with the Winchester brothers. Two of the most, if not the most, admirable people in the hunter community.

“Ugh! This is pointless! We should be out there, searching!” - huffed Dean, while Sam just looked up from his book momentarily and rolled his eyes at his older brother. - “Dean, we don’t even know what we’re after here, man. We need to research more.” - he stated with his infamous ‘bitch face’ gracing his feautures, before going back to his book.

“Well, I say let’s hit up the bar and ask around, find out more.” - suggested Dean

“You do you. I’ll stay here and research.” - said Sam.

“Yeah, alright, then me and Y/N are going to the bar,”

You were so deep in your thoughts, you didn’t even hear Dean call out to you. - “Y/N? Hello, Earth to Y/N?”

“Uh, um-sorry, you said something?”

You watched as Dean’s eyes rolled almost all the way to the back of his head as he let out a loud huff, before answering - “I asked if you wanted to hit up the bar with me. You know, interview some people?”

“Oh, n-no, you go I’ll just stay here an-and… uh, research.” - you stuttered out, mentally slapping yourself.

“Alright, you two nerds suit yourselves.” - said the older Winchester, pulling his jacket over his flannel shirt,

“Don’t wait up, kids!” - and with that, he was out the door, slamming it shut.

Moments later, you heard the Impala’s engine purr to life, indicating that Dean had already left the parking lot.

You looked up from the spot on the screen of the laptop, you’ve been glued to for the past 10 minutes and were met with Sam’s eyes across the table.

“God, I thought he’d never leave.” - the younger Winchester let out and closed his book shut as you quickly made your way over to him, placing your legs on each of his sides and dropping on his lap.

“Yeah, me too.” - you said as you smashed your lips to his, engaging in a hungry kiss, each of you demanding control, your tongues dancing with each other passionately. One of his hands was on your lower back and the other on the back of your neck, while your own hands found their way into his brown locks and started tugging slightly, resulting in Sam moaning into the kiss.

You wanted, craved each other. Every kiss brought more and more of that primal need, almost like adding gasoline to a raging forest fire.

You and Sam had been 'sneaking’ around for over two months now, waiting, anticipating the next time you could be together, since the last time you two had some 'alone time’ was almost two weeks ago. You both needed to release all of this pent up frustration.

You decided against telling Dean, because having to put a label on what the two of you had would just complicate and make things awkward between you. And you certainly didn’t want that.

“Fuck, Sam…” - you moaned as his growing erection poked at your inner thigh. You ground your hips down against his, desperate for some friction, earning a deep growl from Sam.

Sam’s hands roamed your body, finally setting down on your ass, giving it a firm sqeeze, before picking you up with your legs immediately wrapping around his waist. You grabbed a hold of the collar of Sam’s shirt and started pulling it off his shoulders eagerly. You managed to yank it down just halfway before Sam threw you onto the bed, your body bouncing off the mattress a few times.

By the time you looked up at Sam he had already removed his flannel and was now pulling his white v-neck shirt over his head, revealing his toned abs and peck muscles.

Your mouth started watering and were pretty sure you were staring at him, judging by the laugh that escaped him, snapping you back to reality.

“Oh, uh, what?” - you asked, tilting your head to the side a little.

“I asked, if you are going to take off your clothes, or am I going to have to rip them off of you?”

Your eyes widened and a gasp rose up from your throat - “I, y-yes, um.”- you fumbled with the hem of your shirt before awkwardly tugging it over your head. You started unbuttoning your jeans, but he was quick to stop you - “Let me.” - he said, placing his hands over yours.

I one swift motion Sam had both your jeans and your panties off your legs and was throwing them across the room, your bra following after.

Suddenly something came over you and you felt a little too exposed and you found yourself wrapping your hands over your exposed chest, feeling a blush rise to your cheeks.

“Don’t hide from me, beautiful.” - he said, bringing his mouth down on yours. You reached between the two of you, undoing his belt, then unbuttoning his jeans. Sam ground his jean-clad croch against your bare core, making you shudder.

“Fuck, Sam.” - you whimpered beneath him - “Please, I need more.” - you didn’t care how desperate that might have came off, all you cared about was that primal urge inside of you. Sam was quick to oblige and pulled his jeans down, along with his boxer briefs.

He traced a finger down your clit, before puching in, almost all the way to his knuckles. - “God, so fucking wet, Y/N.” - he grunted as you ground your hips against his hand. “Someone’s a little needy.” - Sam teased, a smirk appearing on his face. He curved his finger inside of you, barely touching your g-spot, before pulling it out of you completely.

You gasped at the sudden loss, but soon the finger was replaced with his mouth, hot against your clit, his tongue pumping in and out of you lazily and his hands placed on your inner thigs, keeping your legs wide open for him. “S-Sam, I’m gonna…”

You didn’t get to finish, before your orgasm ripped through you full force, goosebumps rising on your flushed skin, your mouth falling into a perfect 'O’ shape.

You hadn’t even gained fully your composure, as Sam was already lining his tip with your entrance.

“Wait!” - you yelped, making Sam jerk back a little, “I want to ride you, Sam.” - you managed, your throat suddenly going dry. “Please?” - you added,

“Fuck yes, baby.” - said Sam, a huge smile plastered on his face. He quickly flipped the two of you over, so now you were straddling his lap, his cock just mere inches away from your dripping heat. You leaned over and gave him one last kiss, which lasted just a couple moments, before pulling back and reaching between the two of you, lining him up with your entrance perfectly before sinking down on him, going almost all the way to his base, before pulling yourself back up.

“So fucking tight.” - he said, his eyes squeezed shut, his head rolling back on his pillow.

You started moving back and forth, rolling your hips against his, adding just the right amount of friction. His hands found their way to your hips, then your breasts, rolling your nipples between his fingers before giving each one a firm sqeeze.

“Sam!”- what was meant to come out as a whisper, was actually a full blown scream as you felt your lower abdomen tighten for the second time. Stars clouding your vision as your body shot up one last time, before you fell forward on Sam’s chest and his hands hands wrapped around your body, his hips snapping up into you fiercely over and over again, before finally releasing his seed deep inside of you with a loud grunt.

Both of you stayed like that for a little while, wrapped in each other’s embrances, breathing heavily, chests raising and falling.

When you rolled off him, neither of you spoke for a while, you just laid there, holding each other.

“We should tell Dean.” - Sam broke the silence, making you look up at him, your brows furrowed “Sam, do you really mean that?”

“Of course. I want us to be official. I want to be able to do this and wake up next to you afterwards. And I definitely don’t want Dean flirting with you anymore…”

“So, what do you say?”

a few well wishes

💫 @ludork dan~ i just wanted you to know that you’re my favorite lu stan and that i’m always secretly wishing you and lu get married in the future one day hehehe i hope life is going well for you and that you are always surrounded by people who love and care for you because you deserve it 💕

💫 @chouxiu alexa~ i just love you a lot LOL and i always think about you when i feel a little more soft and vulnerable. so here’s some good vibes i want to send your way. i hope you will always remain cherished and loved and that the world treats you kindly. thank you for being such a beautiful soul 💕

💫 @taeyonghi daisy~ honestly, you and alexa are like two peas in a pod in my universe because you both are so sweet and so kind and you always make me think the kindest and softest thoughts. daisy, i hope your life is filled with yummy foods and lots of sunlight. you are your own ray of sun and i love you 💕

💫 @yixings2017 cat~ i think you’re magnificent. a good soul 10/10 would recommend hehehe i hope the universe is kind to you. i hope that everything you need to happen this year happens. i hope that you remain strong and resilient and brilliant and kind because i believe in you and that’s already how i see you as you are. also i hope yixing’s second album releases soon! hehe 💕

💫 @callmeminseok aislinn~ when i think of cat, i think of you and when i think of you i think of quynh so i’m probably gonna write her one too. anyways~ here’s some kind thoughts your way. if i wasn’t so invested in lu marrying dan, you’d be the runner up on the list of ppl i’d have lu marry. but it’s cool bc i’m mostly invested in you dancing on a pole to july by kris wu anyways LOL i love you and you’re hilarious and wonderful. keep strong. i love you 💕

💫 @squynhty quynh~ i think you are the most beautiful person in the whole wide world. no joke. you’re stunning. you’re also kind and strong and funny and all that is good in the universe. i hope that you are surrounded by iced drinks and refreshing weather. maybe share some iced coffee with bbh some time while enjoying a sunny day at the park. that would be great. wishing that for you 💕

💫 @yeolhighness batool~ i miss you and egg puns but i don’t have enough brain capacity to think of any new fun puns yet. i was really hoping exo would release some quality content where egg puns would be useful… rip. whenever i see yeollie, i always think of you and how you’d of course marry him before i do LOL you’re wonderful. your edits are wonderful too. but especially you 💕

💫 @laychiuchiu gina~ i just really wanted to send you a message. i kept thinking about you today which was kind of strange since we don’t talk much! but either way~ you’re in my thoughts! i hope all is going well for you whether you’re preparing to go back to school or just continuing on in life, i hope you’re doing well you lovely person 💕

💫 @sehunsface jui~ you’re so fucking funny omfg. it’s so much fun talking to you especially when yixing does a thing and we both kind of just melt into puddles because that man is lethaaaal. thank you for being such a great friend to me and for always making me laugh with your ridiculous jokes and puns LOL i love you lots 💕

💫 @smolbaekchen fey~ you’re my best friend~ my favorite person~ that has not changed. i wish i could send you all my strength whenever you need it. i’m always thinking about you and cheering you on no matter where you are in life and i hope that you’ll always be well. remember to eat 3 meals a day and to do your best whenever you can. i’ll always believe in you 💕

kcon17 day 1

I was overwhlemed to say the least. But in a good way.

This was my first kcon, and I am so excited to go the next two days eeep. 

I got to hang out with my fellow kpop fangirls, listen to kpop and watch people do the awesome choreos, and got so much free stuff

I felt like we spent the entire day trying to get good stuff but tbh there was nothing that wasn’t good. 

Mostly they gave out beauty stuff but I am really excited to have them. Gave away some pepero, and they did raffles (which I did not win lol). Butttt, I did win a t-shirt and voucher for bibigo after completing a sticker scavenger hunt kind of thing :)

I got a WLFKBJ poster!!! AAAhhh! I didn’t get to visit the dramafever booth but I hope I can get some Goblin goodies tomorrow lol. 

My gramma gave me fifteen dollars for the day (she probably felt bad I wasn’t gonna have money to spend lol) and I bought some awesome pins omg. I’ll probably buy some more of other groups I stan tomorrow because my aunt also gave me money today so I could buy my cousin some merch tomorrow and said I could have the rest :)

I also went to Kevin Woo’s pannel and omg he is the nicest person ever! (my friend got to touch his hand!!!!) And omg he talked shit (not really but he was being funny and you will know why I use ‘shit’ in a second lol) about Jae (from day6) saying he’s loud and always moving, and that he’s always in the restroom LMAO, which is why Jae tweeted this, Kevin said that him always going to the restroom is probably the reason why Jae is so skinny lol. When I saw Jae’s tweet notification I fangirled fscislkbdc LIKE YES I WAS THERE WHEN HE SAID IT JAE (also, who told him lol) .

The highlight though, I went to JRE’s fanmeet and he was so funny. We were close to the stage because there weren’t that many people, a lot, but not like Kevin’s, so we were close. AND HE BODY ROLLED. Oh and also, he let us take pictures with him eventhough we didn’t have tickets for a photo, he was so nice. And he’s so short, and he hugged me tightly which was surprising for me because I hugged him lightly (I’m awkward with hugs lol) but it was great! 

I can’t wait for day two, omg. And Kevin said Amber was going so I am going to keep an eye out lol. Overall, it was a great ass day! The only downside, my feet hurt like hell kjajdklajdjaigiudhaiwuebd but it’s worth it! xxx

With the reactions fans are making towards Raven, it kind of scares me to enter the BB house. Because I had two rare diseases in my life (I still have one) and I don’t want to get hated for it. I know I’d have to tell people at casting so I can bring in the appropriate meds and all that, but I’m terrified that they’d make me talk about it when I’m introducing myself. I don’t necessarily know how that works.

It just feels like the attention grabber and holy crap I don’t want my attention grabber to be my medical issues.

Food would probably get stuck in my throat or I’d show signs of being congested af and everyone on social media would be going, “There’s Kaitlyn. Faking again.”

Quick rule update before I go

Other than one ship I have now I will not be shipping with multiship accounts. please don’t take it personally or think I don’t agree with how you run your blog though! I understand it’s fun exploring different ships and dynamics but it’s just something that isn’t really for me and after several bad experiences on two accounts I’ve kind of been put off completely (again I do understand the appeal and why people do it)

I really hope people can understand and that I’m not trying to look elitist or overly selective. I’ve just got to stay in my comfort zone and unfortunately multiship makes me uncomfortable. 

lemme tell you about this dream i had last night

it all took place in a video rental store. but not something corporate, like blockbuster. it was one of those mom and pop places that blockbuster put out of business. the kind where you’d be lucky if they had even one copy of the latest new release, but where you could find all sorts of bizarre shit you didn’t know you were looking for. this one featured harvest gold shag carpeting and mismatched shelving. and a very old, worn out plaid sofa upon which sat two very old, worn out people. as i’m browsing, a deformed man in a white tuxedo came in. he had a severe speech impediment. he kept asking if i knew where richard was because he was here to see richard. every time he spoke, the store lights went out and he was lit by spotlight. i slowly backed over to the coach and mentioned to the elderly couple that this was like something out of a david lynch film. this caused them to begin a very heated discussion about the artistic merits of lynch’s work. this was eventually interrupted by the head of david lynch, which was sitting on the floor, next to the sofa. the disembodied head cleared its throat and asked me what i wanted. which is when i woke up.

so, you know, knock yourselves out explaining that one to me.

marinadanandphilfan  asked:

77 and 79 please

77. What’s your opinion on age differences in relationships?

“I honestly think this depends on the person, and people, involved in the relationship. Once you get to a certain age, age differences seem to matter less and less. And what you start focusing on, what you start worrying about, is whether or not the person is mature, honest, understanding, and kind. You want love. Usually when we’re younger, we worry about age differences (mostly for important reasons such as the inappropriate relationships between children and adults, etc) 

But two consenting adults in a loving, honest, and respectful relationship? Age is nothing. I mean, Yuuri and I almost have 4 full years between us, but out of the two of us, I’m definitely the least mature. It’s all about how you carry yourself.” 

79. When was the last time you felt jealous? Why?

“I mistook a fish statue for Yuuri’s ex girlfriend. I can laugh about it now, though.”