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Creaky Floors ((Draco x Reader))

summary: Y/N’s studying Charms at the library, but the only thing Draco seems to be studying is her. 

requested: yeah, here. thank you so much :)

pairing: draco x reader



a/n: okay so I’m really sorry if this took a really long time for me to write, Tumblr forgot to notify me that you requested :( i hope you aren’t offended or anything xx

The library wasn’t your favorite place to be, but then again failing Charms wasn’t your favorite thing to do, so that’s exactly where you were spending your Friday night. There didn’t seem to be too many people joining in on your plans, so you had pretty free range of the tables, which you can’t say that you minded. You get distracted too easily to have any kind of background noises to compete with. 

The first few books you had to find were easy, but the last one was a different story. The title of the book had worn off the spine, so you’d spent half an hour looking in the same spot when really it was in the spot you looked first, and you were so frustrated by that that you didn’t even want to give the book the satisfaction of reading it. You add it to the bottom of your pile, picking up one of the ones that were easier to find and flipping to the pages recommended in your notes.

You’re about halfway through when you hear the floor creak from across the room, so you glance over, meeting eyes with a rather flustered looking Draco. His eyebrows raise briefly, before he flips his book shut, pretending to search the shelves for another one. It wouldn’t have been so weird, if he hadn’t done it so quickly. He could’ve been humming for all the subtlety he was showing, and you can feel your cheeks flush at the confrontation of it. You wondered if you had a dumb facial expression on, and felt your cheeks grow even darker.

“Do you know where to find this last one?” you glance up, meeting eyes with calm grey ones. Draco slides one of his hands through his hair, setting the misplaced pieces back in order. You glance at the paper he was gesturing to only to be met with same worn off spined book you’d spent half an hour searching for. 

“Oh, that one absolutely sucks. I think I took the last copy, but you can take mine because I’m kind of mad at it to be honest.”

He smiles, gazing at the book you were holding out hesitantly. “We can share it, if you’d like.” he suggests. “I’ll even read it for you so you don’t have to look at it any longer.”

You feel your eyebrows arch. Kind wasn’t the word you’d use to describe Draco Malfoy. But hey, wasn’t there a saying about not looking a gift horse in the mouth? “Alright. You can have my notes so far then, so we can do the last bit together.”

He smiles again. “Sounds good.” He’d already done those notes. He’d already done the entire notes packet, actually, including the part with the worn off spined book, but that’s not something you needed to know. “Page 381, you said?”

did anyone catch my pun and not stop reading immediately

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Y’know I wasn’t sure when I made this blog that anyone would really be interested in Jessie and I, but we’ve gotten a lot of love and gained a lot of new friends. You guys are the sweetest and have been amazing and really encouraging and so welcoming (which is really nice being one of the only active Toy Story rpers out there right now ^_^ }

As a character Jessie has always meant a lot to me and I could go on and on and on about that. And I know I’m not the only one. I’m so glad that I decided to write for her. I love her and I’m glad so many of you love her too! Honestly I was pretty worried I’d play her for a month and then drop her but I don’t see us going anywhere anytime soon. Three months strong already, also hard to believe! 

So really what I wanna say is thank you so much. We might not have a lot of followers compared to some but I think we have the best <3 And even if you aren’t listed here please now that I really really really do appreciate all of our followers and I love you. Thank you so much for being interested in us. We cannot say thank you enough honestly!

And here’s for more fun to come! ^_^

The Besties <3 

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That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

  • My Chemical Romance Fans: *hears first note of The Black Parade* *cries*
  • Fall Out Boy Fans: *hears first note of What A Catch, Donnie* *cries*
  • Panic! At The Disco Fans: *hears first note of Northern Downpour* *cries*
  • Fans Of All Three: *cannot listen to any music, they are forced to never put their playlist on shuffle, forever living in the world of repetetive alphabetically placed music, never going on Pandora for fear of the unknown and unexpectable*

Kdrama kisses


all.. mine!