there are too many clubs based on race

@chekovscribbles based on this

Stripping wasn’t something Bianca did for the money. No, if she only cared for money then her father would happily provide that for his princess. Dancing was something she did for herself. Having that power over both men and women who entered the club was empowering to the brunette. One smooth move of the hips would have hearts racing in an instant. That was true power. The one thing she would never do though was get too personal. As many private dances as she did, there was a hard line between her professional life and the personal one. 

While she held fast to that rule there was one man, a bartender at the club, that she often rode the subway home with. They lived in the same area and the conversation between them came easily. Bianca wasn’t the most friendly person which is part of the reason she had such a hard time finding any friends but this man accepted whatever small talk she offered at the time, never demanding more from her. And tonight he’d be working which was lucky for her. She found him at the bar setting up for the night as she slid onto one of the stools, leaning on her arms to watch him. “Hey. Are you almost done setting up here? I have a huge favor I need to ask of you.”