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1k follower GIVE AWAY!!!

I said I’d do a give away once I hit one thousand followers - and I did a while back, so THANK YOU! This is your chance to win some Blue exorcist stuff, as well as some random kawaii stuff too! 

MAIN PRIZE: Is this Yukio prize figure - it is in it’s box and brand new, I couldn’t get a good photo of it so I used a google picture.

Rin Okumura half age figure cooking ver! I used the stock photo for this as it hasn’t arrived in the mail yet - but don’t worry it will arrive within a few days, so plenty of time to spare!!

Ao no exorcist mini art book! (Disclaimer: It’s all written in Japanese, but its still totally cool - I actually bought one for myself too)

A sneak peak inside the mini art book:

I believe these are bookmarks? I’m unsure tbh but they pull out like strips and are laminated, so I guess thats what they are? Perfect for manga :)

Theres also a page of stickers! Featuring all of the exwires (apart from Nemu RIP - but like…um who cares about Nemu anyway), it also has a Mephisto sticker for your demonic daddy needs, and of course everyones favourite demonic cat, Kuro!

Just a few glimpses of the pages:

It also has a mini double sided poster inside:

(personally the Kyoto arc poster is my fave!)

Also you’ll receive some Yukio and Rin paper notes - I think they are meant to be used as little post it notes but they aren’t sticky, perfect for reminders!

You’ll also receive two mini figures of Yukio and Rin, a Knights of the True Cross pendent necklace, as well as the True Cross Academy logo patch (I’m unsure if it’s iron or stitch one - sorry) Also a Rin and Kuro badge set!

A closer look at the mini figures ^^^

And lastly, some Japanese/kawaii snacks! ( I believe all our suitable for vegetarians apart from the white packet which contains fish oil)

You’ll probably also find some extra cute little gifts in there too :)

Now…how you could win.


I have enough asks in my inbox so PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN YOUR SUBMISSION TO @askingexorcists

You can enter three ways, you can submit your entry to my other blog @pastelranicorn or you can message me on @askingexorcists or @pastelranicorn with your submission or you can repost your favourite Blue exorcist picture (a scene..character..your own art..a picture of your current merch…anything blue exorcist related) with the words: jordans weeb giveaway and tag @pastelranicorn in it, not this blog as I get too many notifications to keep up (my names Jordan btw - have I ever told you that?) (I would LOVE to see your fan art!)

When you enter please fill out this form (no matter which way you enter do the form):

Name: (first)


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Cute pet: (Do you have a cute pet - send me a picture of it and tell me it’s name! If you don’t have a pet don’t worry, just forget this part!)

Give me one reason why you should win: (Winner will be picked random, but I’m just curious! BTW, please don’t choose ‘I have never won anything before.’ try something like ‘Because I had chicken nuggets for breakfast today!)

Winner will be picked at random, if anyone has questions at all please message me on @askingexorcists


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  4. Only enter once
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  6. Do not send your submissions to @askingexorcists ask box, only my messages is where you may enter for this blog, however you can send me in questions by using the askbox if you prefer too!

WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED JULY 25th - so theres plenty of time to enter! Feel free to reblog this as well!


Yoo it’s Lee back at it again with a new ( also extremely problematic and tragic ) character! I’m posting her bio here because @fakcst ( it’s not posted yet, ik, but I’m too excited! ) is a new blog and it wouldn’t pop up in the tags. Also, she’s brand new to me too which means I don’t have many things figured out about her but you should still come plot with me if you happen to like her !

trigger warning: drugs, alcohol, death, self-harm.

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ship: iwaoi fandom: haikyuu!! —♛—

— iwaizumi. he moves completely on instinct one day, pulling oikawa close. he presses his lips towards oikawa’s. each movement is gentle, holding each other like they were holding the whole world in their hands. fragile, yet so tragically beautiful.

— oikawa. sometimes iwaizumi has his distracted days where he can’t concentrate on anything. once, oikawa was trying to cheer up the male, casually letting the confession slip out. needless to say, iwaizumi was even more flustered and distracted.

— all the time since they fight over every little petty thing. “trashykawa the dustbin looks better here” “wth iwa-chan you can’t just change my home design” “shut up trashykawa” “ SO rude, iwa-chan!”

— oikawa because he loves playing with iwaizumi’s hair, his fingers fiddling with iwaizumi’s locks. iwaizumi pretends to get annoyed but secretly loves it.

— iwa-chan and trashykawa usually. sometimes, iwaizumi lets pet names slip out in public (which matt-sun will never stop teasing about). in bed, oikawa occasionally calls iwaizumi ‘hajime’, which drives him crazy.

— iwaizumi is a surprisingly good chef. according to oikawa, he makes the best ramen. oikawa however, shouldn’t be allowed in a kitchen. ever.

— these two will never admit it but they both love kpop? they know every word of ‘overdose’ by exo. just saying.

— oikawa. contrary to his usual don’t give a shit attitude, he remembers every little thing they have done together. the day they started holding hands. when they met. when they fell in love. all that stuff. iwaizumi can’t even remember is own birthday, on the other hand. sometimes oikawa has to remind him.

— other than playing volleyball, these two nerds always do old-fashioned things. they would go to quiet diners, drive-in movies or just have a picnic together.

— iwaizumi, probably. he has to take charge most of the time, and lets just say oikawa loves iwaizumi’s dominance.

— oikawa would plan something for weeks, getting tons of people involved and even trying to find the balloons that would match iwaizumi’s eyes. however, at the last possible second, he stutters and isn’t able to propose properly. iwaizumi instead goes, “you’re such a dork you know? i guess i must have horrible luck, because i’m going to be married to you.”

— too much cake, so many guests, lots of fun and probably have a dorky theme (guests all show up dressed up as starwars characters) and the two were either over-prepared or underprepared and will probably still slay either way.

— four. two girls and two boys, and they love their children so much. they always dote on their children, iwaizumi gives in really easily because he literally melts at the sight of the eyes of his children.

—♛— ⠀ ⠀

post — @.spaceoikawa (ig) which belongs to me!
art — unknown artist! please send me a message if you know of the artist so i can tag accordingly.

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HELLO! want to see one of these of your favourite hk!! ship? just send an ask and i’ll try my best to get it done!

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REPOST. DON’T REBLOG. post TEN characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same.  ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can. Feel free to go over ten, too. )

currently playing:

Uta - Tokyo Ghoul (active)
Nico - Tokyo Ghoul (semi active)
Hisoka - Hunter x Hunter (active)
Prompto Argentum - Final Fantasy XV (hiatus - thinking of giving up on him tho)
Maxwell Sintos - fandomless warlock oc (hiatus)
Howl - Howl’s Moving Castle (hiatus)
All of love, Lili - Servamp (hiatus)

have played/might bring back:

Nero - Devil May Cry (might bring back???)
Genesis Rhapsodos - Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII (I am itching to bring him back)
Sunny - Metal Gear
Zwei - Soul Calibur
Abby Sciuto - NCIS

want to play:

9S - Nier Automata (100% doing this after exams)
Chloe Price - Life is Strange (50% doing this)
Rokudo Mukuro - Katekyou Hitman Reborn
Yuu Kanda - D.Gray-man
Pagan Min - Far Cry 4
Gladiolus Amicitia - Final Fantasy XV

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Okay so, anyone who knows me knows that I love the Pendulum Arc of Bleach so, of course, it’s one of the few volumes I own

In the back of the volume, they have the results of the fourth Bleach Popularity Poll

Pretty normal, right?

I just about lost it when I saw the rest of the results:

These are the ones that got 42 votes or less.  People actually voted for these:

And stuff that I couldn’t edit right like “The dried persimmon Gin gave Rangiku”, “The chocolate Nanao tried to give Shunsui”, “Yoruichi in Kiyone Kotetsu’s imagination”, “The blood Ukitake spits out” and “The sixth grader who beat up Karin”

People actually voted for these

This is now the best volume ever


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Tell us your favourite quotes from your character. Give us an idea of who they are by five things they’ve said. Then tag your friends.

  • “Maybe if your dick was thicker than your eyebrows, someone would actually want to touch you.
  • “Many don’t know what that life takes from you. This flame was how I felt for many years, just burning long enough to survive.”
  • “The world is too heavy for one person to carry without breaking. That’s why we need each other.”
  • “Destruction doesn’t have to be permanent. While building back up is slow, when we look at our own pieces, we can decide what part of us is worth keeping and what needs to change.”
  • “I don’t leave my people behind. Not without a fight.”

BONUS: “ Ooh Gods, Guts, I love your mercenary [REDACTED]!

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Tell us your favourite quotes from your character. Give us an idea of who they are by five things they’ve said. Then tag your friends.

  • “And here I thought you’d take this side too…”
  • “I mean, a new wave is coming you know? Riding it is way more exciting.”
  • “That is if all of you manage to survive…Let’s enjoy the trip, eh Yukihira?”
  • “Nakiri come on, cheer up! Why don’tcha just give up on those friends of yours? Come on hm?”
  • “Yo! ‘Sup you lot. Sure you wanna be worrying that much about what happened  on the other routes?  Aldini and Tadokoro went up against me for their Third Phase exams, you know. ”

BONUS: “It’s time to start the Survivor’s Hunt!”

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anonymous asked:

Do you honestly believe will we ever get a BW movie?

Well this is a question that cuts to the quick, doesn’t it?

I used to, anon. 

Back when Kevin Feige was doing the press circuit for The Dark World (a movie that had nothing to do with Natasha, mind you) I noticed that there was hardly an interview that was conducted or an event that he attended where he wasn’t asked about the possibility of a Black Widow movie. Now, there was a quote floating around at the time (I’m thinking it was from Louis D'Esposito but I’m not 100% certain on that) telling fans that if they wanted such a movie, they had to make noise, they had to let Marvel know, they had to push for it. So after seeing Feige barraged with question after question about the BW movie, I was on cloud nine. We had made our voices heard, and Marvel knew there was definite interest out there. 

But then no Black Widow movie announcement came.

Goalpost after goalpost went by. Catching Fire made a bajillion dollars soon after The Dark World’s release, dispelling once and for all the myth that female led action movies won’t make money. The time seemed ripe. Nothing happened. I was told they were waiting to see how Natasha was received in Cap 2 before making any decisions. The Winter Soldier was a huge critical and commercial success, as was Natasha in it. Nothing happened. Feige mentioned there was some development work done on a Black Widow movie and the internet exploded in excitement, article after article claiming a movie centered around Natasha as fact. People figured that if nothing else, Feige had finally painted himself into a corner. Nothing happened. We were told to wait and see how Lucy performed opening weekend, as its success would prove that Scarlett could open a movie. Lucy was number 1, beating the beefy male hero Hercules at the box office. Nothing happened. SDCC 2014 was underway, and we all waited with baited breath to see Black Widow announced (although personally, I was waiting for Black Widow and Captain Marvel). Something happened: we got an announcement for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 before the first one had even been released. But for Black Widow? Nothing happened. 

(And this is just within the last year. Let us not ignore the fact that dear Natasha could’ve had a film all the way back in phase one, if the studio had been so inclined.)

With Age of Ultron we will be on our fourth Natasha outing. Naysayers (Kevin Feige most likely among them) will cite overexposure as the reason Natasha isn’t getting a franchise at that point. I’ve already heard it said, in fact. (Let us note that at this point, Tony will have been in five movies, including three of his own, but apparently that’s neither here nor there.)

I’ve also heard that it would simply be too expensive, as Scarlett is a big name and her character doesn’t wear a mask, so they’d have to pay her a larger salary. And again, I will gesture vaguely in the direction of RDJ, his $50 million dollar paycheck, and the technology they developed so that we could see his face inside the mask and let you draw your own conclusions from there.

I expect to hear many more excuses in the future. And with each one, my hope dwindles a bit more. I’m not giving up, not by any means. I’ll be angrily posting to the ‘where is my black widow movie’ tag for many years to come, I’m sure, and every time I hear there’s a new announcement from Marvel imminent, I’ll be glued to my google alerts, waiting.

But seriously, Marvel: where the fuck is my Black Widow movie? 



they never went away but im bringin em back folks

SO i need some cash… basically my computer suddenly shorted and its unfixable due to age (no replacement parts, the motherboard is fried). i need money to get a new one! and on top of that, i need carpal tunnel surgery and a couple other medical things that id rather not discuss :’) so basically, if you love me and ya got some cash to spare, throw a commission my way!

not listed on the image but i offer some extra stuff too!

dakimakuras : $50-$70 per side depending on complexity (only the art, not the pillowcase, but ill link you to a cheap and reliable site to print!)

comics : price unlisted because it depends on length! please discuss with me if youre interested

doodles/chibis : $10

i’m finally desperate so there isnt anything i wont do! i am most experienced in drawin humans and lest experienced in drawing mechs and objects though, just to be up front about that! but if you really want that from me, ill give ‘er the old college try!

(click images for captions- all characters pictured are mine except the first, who’s from mogekos works)

$5 Commission Sale

The idea is pretty simple, $5 for a single drawing tbd within a day or two (that is of course assuming I won’t get too many of these. If it gets to be too many I’ll have to cut it off until I catch up). 

They will all be in the style shown below and e-mailed full res to you when complete.

***Click here for the submission form***

Anything goes! Any fandom or character, even if you’ve never seen me draw them before. Original characters are okay too, just be sure to give me a reference.

I’ll also be posting some of them on my blog here, be sure to add your tumblr name in the form if you’d like for me to tag you =)