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I'm probably a little ignorant but... About the list of writers you would punch: why?

dude don’t worry you’d probably only read most of these pretentious fucks if you were a pretentious english major like me lmao

  1. charles dickens: too many characters. ridiculously long books (like an average of 500+ pages) even though most of his shit could have had half the word count if he wasn’t so fucking longwinded. his plots are creative but at what cost
  2. f. scott fitzgerald: overrated imo. also became an alcoholic later in life, probably stole a lot of ideas from his wife, used her as his ‘muse’ but didn’t like. support her when she had mental health issues. fittingly, most of his female characters are weird unattainable trophies instead of actual people
  3. john steinbeck: this is more of a personal opinion but he’s so boring. i actually like his writing style (it’s pretty easy to understand), but he deserves a punch for making me read grapes of wrath
  4. william faulkner: reading as i lay dying is what i imagine having a stroke feels like. i’ve been informed that i should dislike faulkner more for being a cheating bastard than his actual writing though
  5. percy shelley: ‘edited’ frankenstein by swapping out common words for pretentious alternatives and making it 200% harder to read. i’ll never forgive him for what he did to that beautiful book
  6. ayn rand: blah blah blah helping people is bad blah blah blah capitalism is good blah blah blah altruism is a plague. that’s the plot of every single one of her novels and she’s a longwinded fuck, so she’ll hit you over the head with that social darwinistic bullshit for 700+ pages. racist and pretentious and i think i actually want to fight her the most

honestly i feel like i would punch most 19th-20th century writers at least once though

Running list of people A&E have deliberately fucked over and give no shits about it .....

Michael Raymond-James
Michael Socha
Meghan Ory
Sean Maguire
Emile de Ravin
Bex Mader
Jared Gilmore
The Rumbelle fandom
The Swan Queen fandom
The Outlaw Queen fandom
The Scarlet Queen fandom
Their entire LGBT viewing audience
Every POC character that was ever on the show (too many to list)
Every secondary character whose story was never resolved (too many to list)

Am I missing anyone?


So I was trying to find what is undoubtedly the most offensive comment ever said to Cortana’s character, when instead of I found this. 

All the years I’ve watched H4 videos, every single one of them had been filled with nothing but hate. 

So I came to this video expecting the same old shit, but instead found so many loving and positive comments, more than I could even list. Halo 4 is finally getting the love it deserves and even though it’s too late, I’ve never been happier. 

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What kinds of things would a German character call their loved ones? (nicknames, diminutives, etc.)

Hallihallöchen Nonnie!

What a cute question!

So, your German character wants to give their loved ones nicknames etc.? Wonderful! So, I made a list. Which is by no means exhaustive, because holy shit, there are so many variations and regional differences, that would have become way too long. (Though I certainly tried. Also, while there are lists online, some of the names listed there are so strange??)

Endearments for a significant other: Liebling (gender neutral)/ Liebste (female)/ Liebster (male) - “dearest”, Darling (gender neutral), Schatz (gender neutral) - “treasure, sweetheart”, (mein) Engel (gender neutral) - (my) angel (or the diminutive, Engelchen), Hase (gender neutral) - “rabbit”

Endearments for the character’s kids or grandchildren: Seriously, this is something family specific, like, so much. But often used are diminutives of animals, such as Fröschchen - “little frog”, Mäuschen - “little mouse”, Hummelchen - “little bumblebee” (all of those are gender neutral), my grandpa used to call me Fuchs or Füchschen - “fox” and its diminutive

Endearments for the character’s family: Mama/Mami - “Mum”, Papa/Papi - “Dad”, Oma/Omi - “Grandma”, Opa/Opi - “Granddad”, Cousinchen - diminutive of the female version of “cousin”, Schwesterlein/Schwesterchen - “little sister”, diminutives of Schwester “sister”, Brüderlein/Brüderchen - “little brother”, diminutives of Bruder “brother”

Endearments for other character’s kids: Unless you know the family well, you’d better not, but if you absolutely have to, use Spatz or the diminutive Spätzchen - “sparrow”/ “little sparrow” for small children, or Fratz - can be used like “brat” or with a positive connotation

Endearments for friends and acquaintances: Beste/ Bester - “bestie” (female/ male) for your best friend, Süße/ Süßer - “sweety” (female/ male) for a good friend or while flirting, Schöne/ Schöner - “beautiful” (female/ male) while flirting (and of course the abbreviation or variation of the friend’s name, for example Chrissie for either Christina or Christian, Eli for Elisabeth, Biene (“bee”) for Sabine etc.)

Those who don’t fit any of those categories/ are applicable to everyone: Grummelchen - for a person who is grumbling about something, Honigkuchenpferd/ Grinsekatze - for a person who looks particularly happy, Knuffelchen - a very cute person the character might want to snuggle, Kleine/ Kleiner/ Kleines - “small one” (female/ male/ “neutral”) for friends or members of the extended family younger than the character or children that are not the character’s

Hope this helps some!

Got a question about German stuff? Ask here!

P.S. (Personal Stories!): My Dad (and my Mum too) calls me “kleine Maus” (small mouse) or just “Mäuschen” (diminutive of “mouse”) and referring to both my younger brother and I “kleine Mäuse” (small mice) and my Mum is by extension the “große Maus” (big mouse); I call my younger brother Brüderlein and ever since he is taller than I am, he has taken to calling me Schwesterlein.

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thank you so much for this blog, u, guys, doin a great job ! i wish the best for you!:3 can i ask about your favorite characters and ships? (sorry if somebody asked already) another fandoms that you like? p.s. i'm shocked a bit that both of you are so mature q_q

My fave non-canon ship is Dean and Seamus; my fave canon ship is Aberforth and his goat.

I’m not much into fandom shit, but I do enjoy the show Criminal Minds, professional wrestling, and heavy metal music. ~Taiga

but my fave HP ship of all time is Sirius and Lily the end. 


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Fictional character I’d date: Mia Fey, Jessie from Team Rocket, SUSAN CRUSHBONE
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list of shit i love: hxh, stranger things, voltron AUs, voltron rare pairs: allurance, KIDGE, voltron in general, killugon, kurapika, aqours, yohane/yoshiko tsushima, guilty kiss, kotoumi, kotori minami, chrollo lucilfer, royai, touken, buying new makeup, stranger things crossovers with my favorite shows, crossovers in general, wearing all black, paramore, listening to shitty pop music, voice changing snapchat filters, being vegan, artist’s alleys at conventions, buying too many hxh prints at those conventions to put in my fucking room, every female character in akame ga kill!, sewing for cosplay, and the color red

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19, (I already know the answer to 21 😏) and 26 😘

19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom?

Making salty and rude obvious posts about other people and not tagging them. I mean if you’re gonna shit about someone then let them know so they can state their opinion!!!! And after acowar, the list would be endless honestly but I’m not spending my energy on it. But there is also so many wonderful people that I LOVE ❤️

26. Most shippable character?

Lucien jesus I don’t think there is a person I don’t ship him with. Tarquin and Cassian are close too

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Rules: List ten of your favorite characters from ten different fandoms and tag ten others.

- Skullgirls - Big Band

- Dorohedoro - Noi

- Dark Souls - Artorias

- Brutal Legend - Doviculus

- For Honor - Apollyon

- Berserk - Skull Knight

- Overwatch - Reinhardt

- Overlord - Ainz Ooal Gown

- Guilty Gear - Zato-1 (Strictly from a gameplay perspective, I swear)

- I dunno like Silver Karasu or some shit honestly I ran out of ideas around entry 6

Honorable mention goes to Claymore, which has too many great characters for me to actually pick a singular favourite

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Every time I see the "Ichigo deserved better" argument bc he didn't end up with the person they wanted and in soul society, I swear my mind explodes. Ya know what Ichigo deserved? A f*cking break! All soul society ever did to him was take and take and take. Now Ichigo's finally happy with a wife and son who he loves, surrounded by his friends who he loves... These fakeass ichigo "fans" were nowhere to be seen when he was having reduced screentime in his own manga. So, like you, im really salty.

it’s truly pathetic….. you can’t really talk about what he deserves when you don’t even know wtf is his character outside of your fanon bubble, the irony is that when you see these people [ who btw are right now hating on him directly they’re no longer pretending to like him which is great for them and me since i’m proven right ] making posts on how Ichigo deserved better, it has nothing to do with Ichigo it’s just what they wanted to see happen, but what they want Ichigo’s end to be like has no manga material to support it, it’s all in their head, in their fanon bubble where Ichigo is the guy who is supposed to be obsessed with their fav character, the guy who can’t wipe his ass alone, the guy who can’t function, the guy who can’t even breathe w/o their fav character because that would further prove how great their fav is? probably? to them he’s just a vessel to project their obsession onto and now when he undeniably isn’t he’s worth a dog shit because to them he had one purpose and one purpose only.

fuck his characterization, fuck how he actually is, fuck everything he is, he’s only good when he’s away from any character that threatens their ship, when he’s alone he’s meh, and when he’s with who they ship him with he’s great but not too great because that would somehow diminish the greatness of who they ship him with.

these are few things of the many things that Ichigo truly deserved, you’ll barely see any of them listing actual things he deserved and not somethings that goes against his entire character and personality and only should and was supposed happen because it pleases them.

in one week or less I saw a couple of people supporting posts that trash Ichigo like ones that says he’s ungrateful and useless and has no importance [ the posts were worse ] and ironically all of those that supported it are saying how Ichigo has been their favorite character for years + trashing posts that acknowledge him as an independent character and appreciate him as his own before appreciating him in a ship while also trashing those who make these sort of posts and calling them fake fans with no understanding of his character, isn’t it ironic? to support Ichigo-hate posts and reduce and refuse to acknowledge him as his own like they do with their other ~favs~ but still call him their favorite and shit on anything that support and appreciate him as his own well-written complex character that isn’t just half of a ship?

like how far are you willing to go just to humiliate yourself? why does anyone willingly make a fool of himself?

Ichigo deserved better, but it’s not about how chapter 686 was. he has powers and he’s in the human world just like he wants? you know in that manga? where he was saying “i’m finally home”? and the fact that in 686 chapters he never made any statement or hinted that he wants to be anywhere but the real world? basic Ichigo 101 knowledge? all he truly wanted that without it he’s miserable is the power to protect. and now he has it and he’s the most powerful and he is home where he wants to be and is also a doctor with a family, idc who the family consist of, he’s happy, they’re happy, he has a son and a wife that adores him, he adores them back. he’s happy. i’m not about to make things up and paint him as miserable and pretend he was a shit character from the start or that he was ruined just because he ended up with the girl i don’t ship him with, i’m not that shallow.

Why I hate Salad

Ok, let’s forget the fact that it’s the engender of one of my most hated pairings in the world (SasuSaku) and let’s be objective:

1-She is supposed to be an Uchiha, and we already know that Uchihas awake their sharingan by SUFFERING A LOVE LOSS. Sasuke awaked his sharingan when Itachi killed his family, Obito awaked his when Kakashi and Rin were in death danger, Madara by the war and the deaths of almost all of his brothers…. And, compared to that, Salad is able to use it just by crying like a baby when she is going to meet his father for the first time? Really?

Look, I’m not an Uchiha fan, but this shit is an insult for all the disgraces that Sasuke, Madara, Itachi, or even Obito had to pass for awakening their sharingans. When she awaked her technique, she wasn’t in a real danger, she didn’t even have to see her comrades dying in front of her or something great like the other characters I mentioned. Salad’s existence leave the rest of the Uchihas making the fool.

2-Related to the first point, this bitch is able to use the super strength at her 12 too, AND WITHOUT EVEN A TRAINING!

This is BULLSHIT. We already saw in the first series that it took 2 years to Sakura for learn how to use that technique. Sakura had one of the best chakra controls in all the ninja world, and yet she had to train hard.

And don’t tell me that Sakura probably trained her. When Salad punches and breaks the ground we can see perfectly her mother’s shocked expression. Why would she be shocked if she was teaching her daugther how to use the super strenght?

Again, Salad’s aptitude for doing this just because of script’s magic is AN INSULT.

3-For being a new character, Salad has nothing original or different compared to other old characters. Her back story is the most recycled thing that this manga has shown us in all of this 15 years of duration.

Oh! Poor Salad, she’s sad and traumatized because her family is shit!

-Oh, guess what? Sasuke’s family was trash too. And Gaara’s family was disfunctional too…And Neji’s, and the list follows.

Oh! Poor Salad, it’s the first time she meets her father and he tries to kill her!

-Another thing that we already saw before with Gaara. Don’t you remember? His father tried to kill him so many times, and tried to use him as a weapon, and made his uncle lied to him, and let him traumatized….

Oh! Poor Salad, she cries because she doesn’t have a father or because she can’t believe Sakura is her mother!

-Naruto and Sasuke cried all the f*** manga because they were alone or because didn’t have parents. Neji lost his father too. Hinata was rejected by her father…Sasori didn’t have parents either, and Orochimaru either, and Kabuto either…and the list follows.

Seriously, why I should feel bad about a so recycled thing like this? It’s like seeing a collage or a milkshake of all the traumatized characters of the old story put together. What does it have of interesting when you’re watching the same formula repeated for the umpteenth time?

4-And finally, the main thing that made me hate Salad:

The “OMG, Salad is osom! She prooves that Kishimoto is very able to write interesting female chatacters!!!1111 She is Kishimoto’s reivindication with the female gender!!!111″ argument.

Like, seriously? Kishimoto’s duty was to develop the female characters OF THE FIRST SERIES! He screwed up almost all of the females of this story, and that has no fix, no matter how stupid power ups he gives to the annoying Salad.

PD: And besides of that, Chiyo, Kushina and Konan had MUCH MORE DEVELOPMENT AND OSOM POWERS THAN SALAD. These three females (the only ones that didn’t got ruined by their author in my opinion) can piss above the bitch all the times they want. Because, at least, their powers had more sense in the story than Salad’s.

Commission list


Im finnaly know how work with paypal, sooooo i OPEN FOR COMMISSSION! (PAYPAL ONLY)

I do have a problem with money, so i am ready to work for you.
BUT i have a prerequisite. I cant draw what i do not want and do not like
please read:

i NOT draw:
▶ fandoms what i dont love (SU, Undertale, etk)
▶ mecha and robots
▶ humans
▶ 18+ and ships what i dont love
▶ character on what i loook and DONT UNDERTSND what is that

What i CAN draw:
▷ WOY fandom (ofcourse). Offician and fan characters (AND SONIC)
▷ your characters
▷ Antro (not a sparkles, a horses/cows/ girraffes/bears/fish ugh)

✦ you pay me AFTER i make your commission

at the moment this is my first list price, is why so many conditions and so few examples. I’ll be glad if you do the order
But the timing may be long(welll i have life) .SO if you want com, be prepared to wait.

(I’m not good at america pricing so i hope these prices are not too high!)

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Tea time: 1., 5., 19., 23., 9., :)

wow tumblr user alexromero really want me to lose followers okay here we go

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?*


5. Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?*

the hp fandom ruins every canon pairing for me by either calling them “unhealthy” or saying jkr doesn’t understand her characters 

9. Most disliked character(s)? Why?

Cameron from house. way too many reasons and i’m too Tired™ to list every one of them; ramsay and joffery from game of thrones;  Thomas from House of Cards (PLEASE DIE THIS SEASON PLEASE); Jaha from t100

19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom?

the inability not to shit on other people’s ships. (this applies to every fandom i’m in)

23. Unpopular character you love?

waaaaay too many. but most of all Nate from Leverage. 

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Okay so here is Sbj’s (the author) summary: There is no way I can make this sound original, ever. An attempt to write a believable RrB/PpG in high school fic. Rated M because teenagers use terrible language. “Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” - Camus


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bonus alternative background for the first picture:

... I still cannot keep a straight face while looking at it. Anyway, still trying to lighten the mood. Ya happy yet, pappy? (Oh, and if I’m already talking in Kureha… she loves umeboshi. Law hates umeboshi. They are destined to meet and be bfforeversies or worst enemies. Hell, maybe she IS alive because of the eternal life shit. Throw this on the pile of reasons as to why Law will live. For now at least, he’s on my “characters who’ll most likely die at one point” list, somewhere between Crocodile’s and Shanks’ entry.)

honestly clamp’s constant return to the theme of ‘you as an individual are important and worthy of self-appreciation and taking care of others is well and good and encouraged but part of that is taking care of yourself too because everyone is connected and the people you love and who love you aren’t helped by seeing you hurting either’ is what keeps me coming back. there’s a lot of goddamn shit in clamp works but characters like watanuki, kamui, karen, suu, ora, gingetsu, sakura, fai, kurogane - so fucking many stories and more than I’ve listed! they all mean a lot and they are stories with morals and lessons that I know many people would personally benefit from (that I have personally benefitted from) and that more than anything keeps me coming back to them and keeps me calling myself a clamp fan. god they are far from perfect. but they’ve told some immensely important stories that I will always be grateful for

It kind of bugs me when people totally write Jane off or call her a “bitch” or a “gold digger” or totally blame her for Jesse trying heroin. I mean, there’s no doubt that their relationship ended up being quite toxic and dysfunctional…but you know what? That isn’t solely Jane’s fault. They were both bad influences on each other. How can you blame Jane for “getting Jesse into heroin” but not extend that same logic and blame Jesse for “getting Jane to relapse”? Ultimately, I think that neither of them can solely be held responsible for the actions of the other, BUT there’s no doubt that they were influences on each other…negative influences because they were both at rather unstable places in their lives. It’s not all Jane’s fault that Jesse tried heroin, and it’s not all Jesse’s fault that Jane relapsed, but surely they influenced each other…and it’s completely unfair to blame Jane but not Jesse, you know? I see that so often and I find it so irritating. 

Tonight I’ve seen a few posts ragging on Jane, calling her a “gold digger” or a “bitch” and it just bugs me. I really don’t think that she was a gold digger. I mean, yeah, she got a bit overzealous regarding Jesse’s money once she learned how much he had (to get from Walt), but that was because she had relapsed and was being fueled by the drugs. I don’t think that she was interested in Jesse’s money or bleeding him dry – she was just interested in the opportunities that the money could present them…partly the drug-related opportunities coming from her addict side, but also partly the more adventure-related opportunities coming from the other sides of her. She had gotten involved with Jesse long before she knew how much money he was making. She was interested in that slightly dorky guy next door, whom she’d assumed to be a drug dealer, but it’s clear that she found him endearing early on. She wasn’t targeting him for his money. Therefore, I don’t see her as a “gold digger.” I think that her enthusiasm for his money was fueled by the drugs. She’d just freshly relapsed and was in a bad place, as was Jesse.

Obviously Jane had some flaws and had some issues, but so did everyone on this show. Why do some characters get a pass but she doesn’t? Why do so many people blame her for certain things but don’t blame Jesse for similar or the same things? Why do people accept Jesse (or Walt or other characters, for that matter) with all of his flaws but they don’t extend the same to characters like Jane (or Skyler or Marie)? Why can’t Jane be complex and still likable? Why did some people cheer about her death, and/or bend over backwards to justify Walt’s inaction as she was dying?

I don’t know, I’ve just always found Jane very interesting, especially for a side character who was around for only one season. She had just as much in her past as Jesse did, but we didn’t get to see as much of her background…which is fine, really, since she wasn’t a main character and there wasn’t a ton of time to delve too deeply into her background, but I still found her very interesting and tragic, much like I find Jesse. It just bugs me to see so many of the same nasty comments about her all the time. It’s certainly not on the same level as the nasty comments I see for Skyler (or even Marie to a lesser degree), but it still just kind of pisses me off. It seems like many people just won’t let female characters be flawed and complex. It seems like many people expect them to be perfect, and then the second they “misbehave,” they’re on people’s shit lists forever. It’s not very fair. I wish people would give some of these characters more of a chance. They’re a lot more interesting than you might credit them for. 

I updated my Commission prices. a few things i couldnt fit

What I wont Do:

- Sexual NSFW ((Nudity/romantic interactions ect are fine and if youre unsure ask me ill tell you))

- Drawings related to suicide/ a character committing suicide

I will do:

- Furries/anthros, ponies, fandom characters, ocs, character designs, Landscapes, ect

Extra info:

- Im not too strong on mechas, robots, weaponry of the gun variety

- Detailed characters will cost more, I may go lower if a character is very simple as my prices are based on how many hours it takes me ((discuss in fan mail))

-  I will only be taking 5 at a time. 

And I guess ill add anything i miss as i go. But here’s updated prices.

So I have decided to make a long ass rant about Bleach ending, the ships and also in defense of Kubo.

Please be warned that I will be talking about the main ships. I will try to be as neutral as possible because this post is dedicated to the mangaka and the story. If any anti/hater is reading this, let me tell you now I will not impose on you to stop hating Kubo, but rather have you consider for a moment to appreciate Kubo and the story he made. I would like you all to know that if you have anything against this post, spreading more hate, I’m telling you now you’re going to get blocked or ignored, so I suggest you go and do the same or just move on. You may not agree with me, that’s all right, but please don’t ask me to take down the post, because it is properly tagged as such. 

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