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Thrown out of a D&D game during the “Character Concept” phase!

So one of the guys in the group wants to run a “Nordic” campaign. You know, Grunty Northmen, furry shorts, everyone has a level in barbarian, etc.  These *can* be fun, but this is also a GM that Takes Himself Way Too Seriously, and really ought to be playing Vampire The Masquerade or something, but that’s Not Macho Enough.  Whatever.

We pitch character concepts to the GM to make sure they’re OK/party balance reasons.  Kyle, GM’s dramabro buddy, goes first.

PC Kyle: So I wanna play a Human Paladin Of Odin, a great explorer who made it to many exotic lands so he has twin scimitars and Knows about gunpowder.  his name is Halfdan, after the graffiti in the Haiga Sophia.

(that sound you heard was every former RA Salvatore fan cringing)

GM: I like it! Anyone else have an Idea?

Me, An Asshole: I wanna be a Goliath Barbarian with a belt of “enlarge person” named “Fulldan”

*six people chime in with various levels of distress over the pun.”

PCJenna: Aw, I wanted to be the barbarian!

Me, Still an asshole: Sure!  That was a joke. I’d really rather play a rouge.  I like  the stabby-hidey halfling build.

GM: Ok that’s great, this is as SERIOUS campaign, so no joke characters.

Me: His name is Quarterdan.


Update on Rian’s “reasons” for not including Lando.

Okay, so let me try and wrap my mind around this. How exactly did Lando not come up in this scenario?

You needed a character with a past in the Rebellion, who has a military career and who’s an old friend of Leia’s? Who would have a different approach to Resistance tactics and politics than Leia, but still shares a positive past with her? And who could clash with Poe, while still maintaining/gaining his respect?

And Rian’s solution to this is to invent a new, white OC for the role instead of pulling out Lando, whom he claims to love and who fits all those points?

Only way I’m going to accept this is if Amilyn turns out to be a First Order plant which I can see not wanting to use Lando for. 

Other than that, fuck Rian.

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Cryptid Rick

Rick Sanchez F-219

2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod

Barracuda - Heart, Bela Lugosi’s Dead - Bauhaus, I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper - Melora Creager

the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to

Anywhere that isn’t under water really. Stan’s caught him asleep on the couch and had to toss him in a bathtub before his scales dry up one too many times. He does get away with sleeping wrapped up in soaking wet blankets in Stan’s bed occasionally. 

the game they’d destroy everyone else at

Water polo 

the emoticon they’d use most often

💦 I hate this answer

what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep

He’s nippy when tired

their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.

He doesn’t tend to like hot drinks. But like any Rick will drink just about anything with booze in it.

how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump

Eats human junk food and watches old horror movies with Stan. Or cloisters himself up in his underwater lab for a while and comes out hours later with some new invention.

what they wanted to be when they grew up

Human. When that didn’t work out, he decided a Paranormal Hunting Cryptid was a pretty great and ironic career path.  

their favorite kind of weather

When he’s on land he loves a good torrential downpour. He’d rather his sailor husband avoid sailing through so many deadly storms though.

thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)

He sounds like an off key dolphin.

how/what they like to draw or doodle

He tends to get paper very wet, but has been known to enjoy painting abstract sea monsters with water colours.

Ahhhh, Ike, don’t you just look lovely in that dress :^)

So er, some background information to this beaaaaaautiful piece
I got an Ike obsessed friend (I’m not kidding haha-) and he wanted to see so many different versions of Ike in Fire Emblem Heroes. Cavalier, Halloween, Tank, bridegroom… But no Bride Ike! He needs love too, so I just HAD to doodle it as a tease! LOL

Character © Nintendo
Art © ME

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I've watched Javi's vid at least 100 times and only the last time I realised that Magnus's wearing black ear cuffs. Yes please! (And the coat OMG!)

MAGNUS LOOKS SO GOOD I’M YELLING I love that coat and the whole look is?? Gorgeous??

Also poor Javi dropped a spoiler LMAO although I guess it isn’t much of one since we all could’ve guessed that the warlocks collectively decided to remove Magnus, which I talked abt before. I’m excited to see that confirmed though and now there’s so much I wanna know like?? Was it a close vote?? How many warlocks were waiting for this excuse to kick him out? Do they have secret ballots?? Does his relationship with Alec impact their decisions? 👀👀

anyway, I really loved Javi’s live too and I’m super interested in his character, it sounds like he’ll be much more complex than just an annoyance. plus all this warlock politics is gonna be so fun. MAGNUS IS GONNA BE SO SAD BUT ALSO MAD AND THE GOOD ANGST IS COMING.

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Hey Josie, as you know im a slut for you story :D - anyway i wanted to ask is it possible for you to tag your posts with the characters names? bc you have so many characters and you tell their stories differently it would be nice to be able to view each characters posts individually and follow their posts chronologically sometimes i miss a certain part of a characters posts ... ofc you don't have to... i was just asking even if you don't i still love you!

I love this suggestion! It would make it easier for me to organize my tags too! I started with my recent posts and I’ll do it from now on! Thanks, Shy! For reading and for always giving me the best feedback! Love ya!

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Heya ^^ Just a small question or rather a dilemma I'm often facing. I employ a very personal narrating style, but I still want my readers to know what my main character looks like. Since so one would randomly describe themselves to the reader, Ive had other characters refer to eye colour, little flaws they might have, their hair and so on. I never give too many descriptions, but the ones I do specify should stick. Do you have any other ideas I could use? Thanks :)

It’s fine for a narrator or mc to think about their own appearance. You just want to do it when it makes sense. 

Think about it. When you first get up in the morning and you’re getting ready for a day at school, you’re not really closely looking at yourself and analyzing every detail about the way you look. 

But if your character is going into a situation where they realize their appearance is going to be criticized, yes, it’s appropriate to bring up these details. 


The other women in the room were tall, slender, and undeniably beautiful. It made me only too aware of my own short stature and frizzy brown hair. Giving one of the nearby models a close-lipped smile, I cursed my mother for deciding that orthodontia was too expensive for my family’s lower-middle class budget.

(Comparisons, as I used in the example above, are always a good way to bring up details about appearance.)

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is there a certain trope in fanfiction thats like a guilty pleasure to you?

I wouldn’t say guilty pleasure, but I always love fics that deal with time displacement/de-aging. When it’s done right, it absolutely blows me away. 

I think one of my favorite fics of all time has to be exactly how this grace thing works, which deals with a de-aged Dick trying to find his place in this sudden family he’s got around him. I also love the batfam having to see Dick in a different because Dick doesn’t feel like he has to put up a happy front for his family anymore. Because he doesn’t know them.

Also, displacement within Alternate Universes is great, too, because it upsets the balance of everything, and I like reading about the characters as they try to find either a way back to the norm or finding a way to establish a new norm. There are so many things that can go wrong, and that usually do go wrong, and the struggle to that norm makes me heart hurt, and when they get to the new norm, it’s downright satisfying.

im really sad so im watching ed edd n eddy rn and honestly ed’s style is SUCH a butch look i want his threads

also? he’s the most interesting character but they simplified him too many times to just be a random dumb strong dude, but catching all his interests from episode plots and his taste in garbage he’s like, the coolest. monster movies? and his room is so fucking tasty i wish i lived in that… anyways ed’s the alpha of random humor so take notes

Big changes + finally I’m happy with what I’m doing

I’m thinking about moving the focus on Leah and Tyson. I know, I change my mind every second but when I create my blog I had absolutely no idea of what I was going to do/post (plus, it’s my blog and I think I have the right of changing my mind). I’ve always wanted a main character (in case you didn’t notice I have too many characters) and maybe a main couple. I started with Leah but in the end I didn’t find the right storyline for her — even if I love her so much — and I ended up writing about my guys (crossroads). Now things apparently have changed and it seems I’ve found the right storyline for Leah. In these days I’ve found myself enjoying writing about her and Tyson and along with that I’ve found what I’ve always been looking for: a main character and a main couple for my tumblr.
So, I’m going to focus on them, they’ll be my main characters (probably I won’t tag their post as crossroads anymore, since they’ll be my main project) and occasionally I’ll write about my guys (crossroads project) and Rowan, just to avoid to get bored.
I hope that this makes sense to you and I hope you’ll still follow me.
Love you all 💕

— Mars

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how about stormlight archive characters (through words of radiance since I don’t have oathbringer yet :( )

(I have it but I can’t start it bc uni -_- so I’m avoiding any and all spoilers but okay here we go. Also there are SO MANY PPL i’m probably going to forget some but I will do my best) 

Kaladin - he is a hen. A grumpy hen. A grumpy mother hen. (I will not be swayed on this) 

Shallan - tiny squirrel. v curious. Will wander into any and all dangerous situations and not even notice til something attacks her. (hen!Kaladin sits on her quite a bit) Hoards information. 

Jasnah- A v distinguished owl. Will frown at you, and you will feel shame. 

Dalinar- Old lion. Giant mane streaked here and there with grey. Is honestly trying his best. Looks v, v majestic. Is old but can and will definitely kill you. 

Navani- A very distinguished fox. Sleek, and beautiful, and definitely devious. 

Renarin- Smol grey cat. Looks unassuming and is easily overlooked/underrated but he Knows Things. 

Adolin- Goofy young lion. So playful and happy all the damn time that u forget that he can and will kill you if you threaten him/his. 

Eshonai- Sweet, gentle elephant. V intelligent. Just wants to be left in peace tbh. 

Szeth- An albino bunny rabbit. Highly stressed. Very twitchy. Handle with care. 

Zahel- A v grumpy old german shepherd dog. Grumbles a lot. Frowns even more. But inside he is v Proud of the little flock he has gathered. 

Hoid/Wit- A parrot. Constantly talking. Surprisingly witty/insightful. Ever present annoyance. Cannot be gotten rid of. Pops up in unlikely places to prattle at people whether they want him to or not. 

Lift- Smol snake. V slippery and hard to catch/pin down. Inquisitive. Eats all food whole, does not require teeth/chewing. 

Elhokar- A meerkat. Easily startled. Always on the watch for Danger. 

Rock- A bear. Looks v large and threatening but is squishy on the inside. 

Rysn: that one picture of those birds that’s just like ‘I took a calculated risk, but man, am I bad at math’. 

Sadeas- A cockroach. Self-explanatory. 

Okay that’s everyone I can reasonably think of off the top of my head. If I missed anyone obvious/that u were BURNING to hear abt let me know. 


Yesterday I actually (finally) wrote a short story in my birdfolk world that I’m happy with. Outlined and paced to work out inside 12 pages, it’s in a very rough scripted-by-beats from at the moment. It’s not *directly* connected to the main plot I’d been working on, but that was kind of the point since I’ve been stuck in some kind of analysis paralysis for, oh, a few years on that. I just needed to start something that was mostly fresh, and it’ll make a good stylistic test for the Main Event. 

I already know generally what I want to do for a couple of the main characters, but there’s a small group of kids to flesh out. Speaking of which, anyone have some favorite birds that are not super colorful?

(I know I know, colorful birds are so pretty! But too many competing intense bright colors might make it harder to communicate some ideas visually.) 

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Relationship status: aloonnnnne and no longer willing to mess with indie fuckboys or have office girl crushes it’s all doomed

Favorite colour: pink and gold together.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick always, one of life’s great pleasures and luxuries. I try to wear a different one every day. Which means I have too fucking many.

Last song I listened to: A song my best friend wrote. I’m so proud of him.

Last Movie I Watched: The Disaster Artist.

Top Three TV Shows: Twin Peaks, Peep Show, Arrested Development. I seriously don’t watch much TV so I never know what the new cool it-show is.

Top Three Characters: Wait I’ve done this before ha. Laura Palmer, Alan Patridge, And ahhh I can’t even think of three.

Top Three Bands: The Libertines, Hole, and Tom Waits (not technically a band but those are my three most beloved of all time).

Book I’m Currently Reading: Brighton Rock because ahhh I’ve never read it. There I admit it. Got a copy for $3 at some random clearance sale that mostly had like Jamie Oliver cook books and such and it seemed like fate.

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Reasons why I have so many blogs and won’t delete them unless it is absolute necessary to:

  1. I love these characters.
  2. I know there’s still so much I could do in terms of interacting with others on them
  3. I know I will go back there to write some more on there, no matter how slow I maybe.
  4. I will never allow myself to get stressed out by any of them, and will take my time to carefully shape and mould each and every one of them.
  5. When I choose to stop writing one day, I will get to happily look back on the work I have put into each and everyone of them.

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ok so I’ve been developing characters for my novel for years and I’ve settled on four MC to take the journey — 2 kids who were adopted, one who had a rough time in foster care and struggles with mental illness and one who is Jewish and gay, a Korean trans boy and a boy whose family immigrated to the area when he was young. BUT! I want a female mc... is 5 mc too many? I have a lot of strong supporting female characters and 1 of them could be easily be made main... or should I switch her in?

I think there’s nothing wrong with five main characters, although you could easily make any of the characters (aside from the transboy, of course) female if you’re uncertain about it! It’s completely up to you!

A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 322

A bonus! Two title pages! I loved both!


(Honestly I had more than 10 so I really had to force myself to stick to only that number. I LOVE the pool arc! Anytime so many beloved characters gather together, I LOVE)

These guys are such con artists. I love them.

Just cuz the two of them look so adorable. I especially love Kagura’s swimsuit and hair.

I thought Tsukuyo looked stunning; too bad Gintoki only admired her body. I know I’m alone on this, but still think any time she changes her hairstyle from her usual one, she looks absolutely 10X more amazing. 

The effects of growing up in Yoshiwara.

Zura’s so sexy, even with that horribly dated bathing suit. 

Gintoki and Hasegawa are such assholes sometimes; they totally deserved that. Lmao. 

A blushing Kyuu-chan is BEYOND adorable!

Poor Zura, though I kinda enjoyed seeing how much fun the four of them were having. Shinpachi especially.

That was just unsanitary…in both their cases.

Even back then I was happy when ShigeShige popped up. Man, I miss that guy.


Gintoki x Hasegawa: they’re like the bosom buddies of disaster. If I shipped them, I would be very happy with how they were totally two peas in a naughty pod in this arc.

Gintoki x Kyuubei: Technically Hasegawa made contact too, but because Gintoki totally copped a feel (even if it was an accident) I have to give this one to him. 

Kyuubei x Otae: Kyuu-chan totally took advantage of the situation. If it was anyone but her, I would say it was so wrong, but because it’s Kyuubei and I do have a soft spot for her, I say, you go girl.

Kondou x Otae: yes, he’s a stalker, but he stalks out of love?

Toujou x Kyuubei: see above.

Gintoki x Sacchan: see above above and replace “he” with “she”.

Zura x Elizabeth: I mean, they were like a couple…Zura hunted the food, Eli cooked it for them…like a normal old school married couple would do. 

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so freaking amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, and I am forever grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.


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Yoooo for the ficlet ask, I was just thinking like post Lito’s psychic nosebleed, post rescuing Wolfgang and saving the day, what would it be like having all the sensates together physically in person? (Hernando and Daniela’s involvement always a plus too)

I’m gonna skip Hernando and Daniela because telling them about the cluster deserves very much an entire fic on its own. But here’s my take on what that feeling of physical presence is like.

Lito didn’t know whose hands these were that reached out for Nomi’s. It was like getting deep into character, lending his body to a fictional person who felt entirely real to him, whose thoughts shared space inside his brain. But it was so much more than that, because the truth is so much richer and stranger than fiction.

Sun’s steady breath was his breath, but he could also feel it warm on his face. He was one person looking through a funhouse mirror at himself. He was in a family of eight that after far too many years apart had its family reunion.

“Pah! Pah! Pah!” Lito said, expelling the sounds with his diaphragm, because he was the only one in the cluster whose body was practiced at the vocal exercises, the only one who could make that sound. Maybe it was pointless trying to find which body was his, maybe it didn’t matter, but he wanted to know.

Sun understood, and swept herself through the tai chi poses. Riley’s hands flew out to an invisible piano, playing the keys for Lito didn’t know what piece, but he did, it was a composition by her father, and Kala chanted a prayer to Ganesha, and they all found what was theirs and no one else’s.

“Maybe there’s a reason why clusters don’t hang out in person,” Nomi said. “If we’re going to do this, take control of Whispers’ organization, we can’t just be each other. We have to be ourselves.” She took a deep breath. “Feel who you are? Remember that.”

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You know, I don't buy the one-sided love ONE BIT. I wouldn't be surprised to find out he was into Jian Yi all this time, but because they were friends and he wasn't sure wat type of feeling this was, he decided to not act on it. Now my bro's crossing all the boundries of friendship to love in my book too, so it's not just Jian Yi anymore. Don't you think it will be a matter of time before they both realize they're actually on the same page in terms of their relationship?

preachhhhhhhhhhhhh. I mean, I’ve always said that I believed zhan zheng xi was in love with jian yi - just that he wasn’t the type of character to realize it; he just says and does sooo many things way too intense for friendship. as he’s coming to realize and slowly process his feelings for jian yi, especially after his confession.. he has definitely been pushing the boundaries of friendship, I mean he honestly already was kind of doing it before but now even more than usual .. like to deny is would just be stupid… forehead kiss, sleeping together, taking jian yi to an arcade date, literally putting his face only about a few centimeters away from jian yi’s… these feelings are very mutual.

they’re definitely becoming closer and I’m livinggggg for it.

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Top 3 characters: Impossible and there are way too many to choose but: fandom Draco Malfoy, book Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice) - I was also named after her, Jareth the Goblin King (Labyrinth)

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