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Some of the animals you chose for certain characters don't quite fit with the area they live in the present, how do they cope with that? Do they feel less comfortable or get cold/hot easily because of the thickness of their furr?(For example a snow leopard not in the mountains) (btww love your au and maybe I'm asking too many questions xP)

@sofpug All those characters whos animal form require a different climate from that of their territory surely feel less confortable (gosh, same with me in summer ahah). If the temperatures are too hot they often spend more time in human form to escape the additional heat given by the fur. If it’s too cold they’ll make sure to be always near a warmer fellow to cuddle up.

Hanzo actually do suffer because of the heat, especially during the most warm months of the year. Luckily he stopped growing out his winter coat, so every time that he shed he just end up with a shorter and lighter coat that make the whole situation bearable.
Sadly, this means that Hanzo is no longer a fluffy ball of fur ;w;

say the best things about mars oh geez there r so many shes awesome

like shes so sweet to the fanbase and hoenstly it brings happy tears to my lil heart??? every fandom deserves a creator like mars. she always supports fanart and fics and hcs and it really is the most amazing feeling to get recognized by the creator of the thing you love. despite that shes also incredibly humble???? shes got incredible story telling, character development, and artistic skills too??? like can we talk about her art style and character design???? like holy fuck? she puts so much fucking work into the comic and im so eternally grateful u kno??

just overall shes so loving and talented. shes created a wonderful story with wonderful characters, and by being so positive and vocal with the readers and fan-creators, it creates a wonderful enviorment. honestly so many kudos to mars. she is absolutely incredible with her craft(art and story telling) and is an absolute darling. I really hope  she sees all these and is happy becaUSE YOU DESERVE IT MARS THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO

one month after.. and I still don’t fully get the point of this arc. as you can see, it’s not keeping me so active, I’m just passively reading all of this while waiting for /something/ exciting to happen. however, one of the few things that are keeping me somewhat interested is the possibility of finding more about He Cheng -> He Tian, ultimately. hopefully we’ll get that, but I’ll keep my expectations at a fair level. so far it’s pretty much confirmed ✔️ that Cheng works for Jian Yi’s father, there’s actually no surprise there. but am I asking too much if I want to know the circumstances behind all of this? a glimpse of his past maybe, like, how he ended up doing this and stuff. what are his connections with Jian Yi’s family. how. when. is He Tian involved as well?  

but anyway, I actually enjoy the way Old Xian introduces new characters; not too many at a time, which brings some focus and interest in them. imo the She Li arc was amazing and I think that the prospect of giving us more characters sounds great! some change in all this dynamic won’t hurt. obvs I’m talking about this hot guy saving Jian Yi’s ass, I wonder if we’ll get to see more about him?? or if he’s there just for the sake of.. being tall and handsome and just because Jian Yi had to be saved (tho I have a feeling this is not the case, but idk). 

not to be ungrateful, but Old Xian should shift the focus from Jian Yi for a bit (while keeping him in the center) and reveal some stuff we’ve been curious about. I would dig that. 

Forever in our Hearts ~ Part III

Yes, it has been two days since Naruto finished and my heart is still very heavy. I feel like: What am I doing with my life now? But I’m not going to give up this blog. I wish that any single one of the characters is never forgotten and I do my best that Gaara will never be forgotten. ; W; * Tears up *

Here I continue with the third part of the wonderful story of my favorite character: Sabakuno Gaara. 
I know so many parts can be annoying. But such a great, emotional story is impossible to put into one post! That would be much too big and long, Tumblr would not create. : 3 That’s why I prefer to share it in Parts.

So, we were where Gaara had set off with his unit into the war. Alone that was epic enough, but now it goes into the legendary, fourth war of the world of the Shinobi and in this Gaara has shoewd incredibly often. It was great to see him there so often, even if some places were very sad or frightening, but I’ll come to that.

Now we come to an incredibly sad, emotional section of the entire anime: The fight against Rasa, his father and the fourth Kazekagen of Sunagakure. Weeks before it was already known that this would happen and I was so excited and could not wait to see this episode. 

But before that, Gaara was often shown in the episodes, if only briefly but hey! Gaara is love no matter how often and when you get to see him, right? :)

In front of his Alliance …

With the Tsuchikage …

In the Night before the first fight … 

The moment he saw his father in the distance. The moment before the big fight.

The next episode was super surpassing emotionality. The fight against Rasa, his father, the epic fight. The fact that Rasa wanted to evaluate him one last time and finally the truth about his mother, Karura.

The Flashback of Gaaras Death and rescue …

The Flashback of Gaaras Birth and Childhood …

I have to say it again and again: Rasa, this little Bitch. He kept Temari and Kankuro away from Gaara and did not let them play with him. He tried to kill him, several times! In his eyes, Gaara was a failure and it makes me angry when I think about it. Therefore: Small, dirty Bitch. I hate him for what he did to Gaara.

At last, however, in the fight, his conscience might be heard, and he began to tell Gaara the whole truth about his family, especially about his mother: people, really, I sat in front of my computer and cried like a fountain, like a rushing river . This still happens to me today when I look at the episode.

“Your Mother truely loved you!”

“Even after her death she is with you and wants to protect you.”

“After all this time, this is the first time I have received “medicine” from my father.”

“More than I ever could have hoped. You’ve surpassed me… I entrust the village to you now… Gaara…” 

Yes, this part has actually only related to this one episode, but I also find that it deserves so much. This episode was epic and emotional and I often look at it. This was a great milestone in Gaara’s story!

Part IV follows!

Want to read the previous parts?

Part II:

Part I

I love tarot decks based on books, TV shows, etc. but I’m kind of tired of seeing the villains cast as the Devil or the Tower. It’s easy to stick the villains in the “spooky” cards, but heroes too can be obsessed with something (see: so many revenge stories) and I think these projects seldom take the opportunity to show heroic characters at a point where they’re not in a good place.

The reverse is also true: the Magician can be an amazing creative force or a con man, the Hierophant is the upholder of tradition, and how often is “tradition” and institutions the Hierophant represents used to oppress people? How often do we see corrupt religious institutions in media?

IDK it would just be nice to see a little more creativity in this regard.

hey i just wanted to remind everyone that if you make one piece fanart or graphics, you should totally tag it with #opgraphics or #opfanart in the first five tags so that others can find it!!  only if it’s something you made personally, of course.

it really helps get your stuff out there, especially if you’re new to the fandom, or if the fanart/graphic is of a character whose name is a commonly used word (*coughs* carrot, etc) and therefore they don’t don’t really have a tag many people track.

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Omg gloria is one of my favorite Katie characters. I love how she just wanted to wear pants and shoot people! Also being taken seriously because she was the best. I have watched the scene when they're eating the birthday cake way too many times, she's just so funny in that scene eating cake with the spoon backwards, I love her. I hope you do more gifs of her in the future because there's never too many gifs.

She has jumped toward the top of the list for me too. Hahaha wear pants and shoot people. That’s it. That’s what she wanted. She was so excited to just throw on some jeans, kick ass, and show everyone up. She knew she looked hot doing it.

There weren’t enough gifs at all! Every time I had to use her in an analysis I got frustrated because I needed more!! Now I can just open the gif menu and *gasp*

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^That’s mine!! Wonderful 😉 More to come most likely. I just can’t get enough of her.

Andromodo update - I loooooove this gaaaaame it makes me happy

The exploration is SO MUCH FUN. It’s clear it’s the same engine as Inquisition. But yanno with guns and jet packs and spACE and it’s beautiful. I love all the characters. It feels like you’re forming a family on the Tempest and it’s adorable. You can talk to so many people. The Angara are very interesting and I love them. Same with the Kett. 

I already know I’ll be replaying it like 50 times much like the original trilogy. I have characters planned

Ryder is a bean. Noah in particular is just the sweetest thing and it’s so different from Shepard. Shepard was a badass. No matter how you played, Shepard was a badass. Ryder. Ryder is just a constant “WAIT WHAT” and trying to look cool in front of their friends. I like it.

I have no idea how much more I have to do but there is A LOT. I think I’m almost at 30%? I’m sure you could speed through if you just did main story but I really like running around doing side things cause the combat is actually really fun. And I haven’t really tried any biotics or tech (beyond a thing peebee gave me). My next Ryder I wanna try out biotics.

I love the Nomad. It’s basically the Mako and gives zero fucks and I can drive up mountains.

and I’m not trying to say it’s perfect. I’m disappointed in a few things that have less to do with gameplay and more choices bioware made that make me go 8\ and a few gameplay things. like. SAM. Please shut the fuck up. I know it’s cold. Stop telling me.

Overall it’s feeling like a solid game. I’m not done yet though, I don’t know how the story is going to play out yet. but yeh. If you’re a fan of Mass Effect, I’d say give it a chance. And you do not have to have played any Mass Effect games to play this one, so if you’re wanting to try it, go for it. (though you should play the original trilogy cause A++++++)

Background, Part 1: Alien Trust Fund Kids

Wow..its been a little over a year since I started doing my Alien Trust Fund Kids posts over at a separate story blog..cuz it was getting hard to follow here, mixed in with worldbuilding stuff.

I never thought it would have too many followers, I hovered at about 12 non-pr0n followers for about 2 months and  was brand new to’t put much thought into tagging things or organizing for later reference.

Well, here we are, much to my surprize, with way more followers than I ever thought this goofy shit would have. I think its time to organize some background summary sorta stuff for those who are trying to make sense of this kooky, tentaclular, psychedelic sci-fi story. It spans many worlds now..lotta characters..even sentient buildings and ships.

Sims 2 followers may be wondering why I tag some of my Murkimizu stuff with same tag..and how my Sims 2 game connect to all this..which so far, has been mostly Sims 3 material.

Anyhow..for all the VERY first starting info..see here this linky:

I will post some updates that bring us to present time, later in day..still trying to think h0w best to organize it.. with pix? Without? Separate posts each planet? All together in one monster post?

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I love your fat Taako. I love all the posting in your drawings even I small ways. I've always struggled with eating disorders and weight problems so seeing all the good and positive stuff in your drawings make me feel positive about my body. Plus your drawings of Taako and many other characters are amazing!!

to be super honest i’ve also had an eating disorder growing up that really messed some things up and it makes me really happy to hear that the ways i kinda cope with it comfort other people too. that stuff’s really important to me like yes!! love yourself!

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Name: Shauna

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Ethnicity: Caucasian

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Favorite Book: Don’t have one favorite

Flower: Lillies

Favorite scent: Anything tropical except coconut

Average Sleep Hours: 9-10

Cat or Dog person: Dog

Favorite Fictional Character: Too many

Number of Blankets you sleep with: 2-3

Ideal Trip: Greece or Venice, Italy

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and anyone else

Yes, I read xreader fanfic and what?! And yes, unfortunately I don’t have choice to read xfemale!reader. We don’t have many choice with male!reader *sigh*

This is short, or just smut/lemon or, hu, cliché gay. I don’t have problem with that (I mean, I read male!reader with male Canon characters soooo…) but seriously,., nha, I’m not a lil’ cute guy really slim and pretty.

But, yeah, this is difficult to read with a female!reader when I’m a man. This is rare a female!reader not too much girly or overly cute.

So, yeah, this is funny to imagine me in a dress without effort for a good passing.


(Because yeah, I AM, a 90kgs, 180cm tall guy. And the Canon characters are rarely more big than me)

sorry for my bad englisshhh

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I don’t feel like I read a lot of popular books bc I’m always behind on the times but this seems fun so I’m giving it a go. 

Popular book you disliked ~ I really didn’t like Divergent. Like at all. I hated Tris and I hated the insta-love romance. I really just didn’t see the hype

Book that everyone disliked that you love ~ I love Beautiful Creatures (and the rest of the series) but nobody seems to talk about it on here on when they do its very negative

Central ship you dislike ~ Clary and Jace. Don’t know why but I’m not like excited about their relationship whenever I read it

Popular genre you don’t usually read ~ Contemporary. I’m too much into Fantasy and Horror and I have so many books to catch up in those genres to bother with contemporary 

Beloved character you hate ~ Peeta from The Hunger Games series. He just annoyed me and I wasn’t a fan of his relationship with Katniss. He was just v dull imo

Popular author you can’t get into ~ Maggie Stiefvater. I like The Raven Boys but I remember trying to read her older series of Shiver and just really disliking that series

Popular trope you are tired of ~ Insta-love or Love Triangles. Hate them so much. Even tho I love The Infernal Devices the love triangle still bothered me

Movie/TV show is better than the book ~ Stardust by Neil Gaiman> I liked the book when I read it but the Film just gives so much more and I love the film so much

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An American in Emmerdale - Friday Edition (Mixed Bag)

The Ashley storyline is heartbreaking on so many levels. I don’t know when the last airdate is for John Middleton, but I know I will be crying. If Laurels reaction gets me upset now, it will only get worse later. Great acting. 

I really love Faith.  I noticed on here and on Twitter not too many people share my opinion. I guess I see something in that character. She could be a lot of fun. Especially if she hangs out with Emma. Local soap crazies stay together! Emma and Faith could be a fun friendship to watch. A Frenemy really.  

I kind of guessed that Faith really didn’t know about Emma and what she did.  Faith has a tendency to be self-absorbed so, of course, she missed the most important part of the confession. That or someone else knows out there. Dun dun dun! 

Carly ran out which, dude, Marlon, you didn’t see this coming? Love is blind I guess. I didn’t like seeing Marlon looking so sad, though. So, not cool Carly. Not cool. 

Seriously, Harriet and Cain. Is this a thing or a red herring for something else? 

I don’t know if this is just an American thing but usually, the soaps over here end on a huge cliffhanger or implication. I’ve noticed Emmerdale just ends. Thursdays ending could have been a great Friday ending. I might be completely off, though. The crazy cliffhanger might just be an American thing. 

Onto another week. As a Robert/Aaron fan, I’m hoping that Robert goes and sees Aaron on his own. Tells him something. Anything. To tell you the truth, I want this secret out in the open early. It is driving me nuts waiting.  I just want this storyline to move along so we can get back to those two repairing their relationship. 

I will leave you with a gif of one of my favorites. These two just make me laugh. OH! Also, where would one get a David’s Grocery Bag. I’m asking for a friend. 

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Its so rare to see a chubby/fat anime character. And if there is one theyre usually for comedic relief and have no personality. Thats why Hunk is such an amazing character that not only is funny but also is smart with so many talents and is relatable and is cowardly yet brave JUST SO HUMAN. So i get upset when i see fan art of him thin and muscular like?? Someone can be big and have muscles too?? Let us have this one fat character hes so relatable go draw Lance and his adorable lanky ass leave Hunk alone if he isnt gonna be the perfect chub boy he is now