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Yes, we get that there are straight characters, but there are twice as many LGBT characters too. It takes up a lot of the cast, and even I find it odd.

I don’t see what the problem is. More than half of them are monsters. That’s something that doesn’t exist in real life. Whereas gay people DO exist. So if a few extra gay people ruins your suspension of disbelief then I’ve got nothing.

Also I will point out that that the cast on screen is not an accurate representation of the whole world’s population. They are a tiny sample of random weirdos and monsters and ghosts. Many of them are outliers who should not be counted.

Also, CK feels very strongly about representation and science and how judging the whole world based on a set of maybe twenty people is bad science. She says “Go to school!!”


*deep sigh* OK LET’S CLEAR THIS UP

  • You got 1 or 2 OCs? Good for you! They must be incredibly well developed and you must have put a lot of thought into creating them
  • You got 100+ OCs? That’s great! It must take so much work to keep all of their personalities unique and interesting
  • You got some number of OCs in the middle? Guess what? That’s impressive too! Ensemble casts are tricky to do right, but when they are, they’re so much fun to watch
  • There’s no such thing as too many or too few OCs. As long as you feel that it’s appropriate for your story/universe, then it’s the correct number of characters
  • My personal issue isn’t when people brag. I love it when people are proud of their OCs! My problem is when people put down others and act superior for having more or fewer OCs than someone else

So, yeah, TL;DR: create as many or as little OCs as you’d like and don’t make anyone else feel bad about their characters. this has been a PSA

So I’m watching Psych again after taking a 3 year hiatus from the show and I’m headdesking so hard right now because I can’t believe I never noticed before that Shawn is so very obviously written and played as bi.

I’ve always shipped him with Lassiter (Shassie ❤ ngl this is also because Timothy Omundson is wonderful) but I also really liked his canon romance with Juliet and I guess past me never figured that hey maybe these ships both make sense because he has chemistry with both characters and flirts with both, too (and with many other men and women on the show).

That’s not even mentioning his blatant crush on Cary Elwes’ character Pierre Despereaux

Past me was a dumbass.

you know what? chris wood is such a beautiful and caring and passionate and inspiring and smart and talented and incredible man with the biggest and kindest heart, and we chris fans are lucky to love and appreciate someone as amazing as him, so it doesn’t matter what a bunch of people on tumblr that are too busy screaming about the character he plays and the size of his forehead to get to know him or understand everything good he’s done and how many people he has saved or helped

so let them continue to pull reasons out of thin air or take one thing he’s said out of context and blow it out of proportion just to try to justify their disgusting and undeserving hate against him, because we know who he is and what he stands for, and we know how incredible he is and that’s all that matters

so hollow knight is a visually beautiful game with some weird audio issues 

like, so many of the enemy monsters in the game sound like “just some guy” making a weird noise with his mouth

and all of the intelligent, speaking characters in the game speak in a fake language, but their voices are too clearly enunciated and they’re very obviously american vocaroo voice actors asked to say “haha empenada” 

like, these characters are bugs, man. they shouldn’t sound like American 20 Year Old Woman With A Blue Yeti 

i have absolutely no energy to get emotional over the the last clip i really dont. its like when i start to think abt it but chest tightens and my mind quickly starts thinkin abt smth else. pls s4 was a fucking mess but this is too much. for so many months this has been something i looked forward to and thought so much abt, no joke sometimes it saved me at my worst moments. just breathe, stay another day, i told myself, skam isnt over yet dont you wanna watch the characters you love on screen till it ends? dont u wanna have a good excuse to stay alive and completely submerge yourself in a fictional universe so you wont have to think about or feel how much your life is going no where. and yeah, it helped. even that long ass 4 month hiatus was pretty good. but then s4 happened and well. yikes. it wasn’t all bad but… yeah, a lot of it wasn’t great. after all the shit ive experienced in the past 2 months with this fandom, im not too sad to see the show end, well, i am, but im more sad to let go of the feeling of happiness it gave me. it used to be the only thing that brightened up my day for just a little bit before i got too bitter, im sad to see that go. but alas dont they say all good things must come to an end.

I think Aidan Gillen, Rory McCann and Emilia Clarke are the worst actors on Game of Thrones. It’s too bad that two important characters are portrayed by bad actors on a show with so many good ones. Aidan Gillen is simply THE WORST - every time he opens his mouth I positively cringe, he’s that bad.

This is just my completely subjective opinion.

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ok but i am a kacchako shipper and you like converted me to bakudeku and now i am shamelessly shipping them as well and i just thank you ; 3 ; your art is so perfect and beautiful and your colors are ahhhh i have you on my notifications so whenever you post something i know right away please take all my money and everything i own.

yes hello my fellow shippers //tear 

@ anon
omg your support alone is worth so much as is fghjkdgfjk 
n for a new comer to the bakudeku side, I whole heartily welcome you! \; 7 ;/ 

I WELCOME YOU TO MY HOMEY BLOG I’M GLAD YOU ENJOYED YOUR STAY THAT MUCH. And it’s tots fine–! looked through for a bit n already got me to be more exposed to new yaoi and gotta say 👌👌

@obviouslystiles​ //cries when u wanna add more characters but too many that are loved to be put into a smoll frame
aaahhh– you say gem yet your ask is more of a treasure for me.really.

 JFSDGJKANDG to all of you THANK YOU ; ; 

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I usually ask this question to all of my favorite Artists in your eyes were do u se yourself and overwatch and your Tumblr page in 10 years and also your Art is God tier and YOUR AMAZING

:’) This is a very hard question tbh. 10 years is a long time…and I’m trying to teach myself to enjoy the journey instead of becoming fixated on the outcome (that may or may not come true…real life isn’t a straight line, it’s more roller coaster-y). I have the tendency to focus on the end result instead of appreciating the present…so tbh I’m pretty hesitant to answer this. ^^ I don’t wanna jinx the future by setting definite terms…Trying to go through each day one step at a time hopefully in the right direction.

I’ll say that in 10 years, I want to be better than I am now in every way. For Overwatch, we will probably know more about every single character’s backstory and meet many new characters too. As for my tumblr page…I might not be here anymore (10 years is a verrrry long time), but hopefully I’ll be somewhere where I can be a professional artist and my work can be enjoyed by an even wider audience. :’)

Thanks for checking out my art! ^^

I would be neutral to or even have a slightly positive reaction to this male character if you didn’t treat him so much better than all the much cooler female characters in terms of screentime, narrative significance, and ability to survive, but because you fridge all your female characters for manpain or never let them show up, now I hate him and I hate you - a novel by me

REPOST. DON’T REBLOG. post TEN characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same.  ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can. Feel free to go over ten, too. )

currently playing:

  • Griffith ( Berserk ) ​- active
  • Guts (Berserk) - @the-black-swordsman - semi-active, since Gri Gri isn’t back yet and she is my main only RP partner there )= (also because I kinda suck as Guts tbh <.<)
  • Miranda (Berserk) - @miranda-corkyslayer - not very active - CRACK, she is a canon character and we know nothing about her, so I decided to give her a name and a “personality” xD Basically 50% canon, 50% OC

have played:

  • Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji) - deleted - on Facebook back then, until my main RP partner started getting on my nerves with pestering me for replies, she couldn’t even wait few hours, honestly … So I deleted it
  • Ciel Phantomhive (also Kuroshitsuji) - deleted - a lot later, it was my first Tumblr RP blog, even though 99% of the content were asks…so it was rather an Ask blog than anything (the shitty blog had like 3000 followers tho lol, I still can’t believe a RP blog managed this much)
  • Kanda Yuu (D.Gray-Man) - I think I deleted this one too, it wasn’t really active anyway. That’s the one muse I WILL NEVER bring back, NEVER EVER

want(ed) to play:

  • Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles) - he is one hell of a character and I could never play him - I love him forever, but I don’t feel him at all, I wish I did though
  • Nina Fortner (Monster) - my faceclaim, I love her, she is amazingly well written, but let’s face it, the Monster fandom is dead
  • Johan Liebert (Monster) - same dead fandom + he is the hardest to read character I have ever seen, I love him to death, but he would be the most impossible character for me to portray

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  • Nicknames: Challa, (‘that angry Scot’)
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Height: About 5′ 4″ - I don’t actually know I’ve never been measured
  • Orientation: Panromantic Asexual
  • Nationality: Scottish
  • Favourite Fruit: Bananas or grapes 
  • Favourite Season: Winter
  • Favourite Book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Favourite Flower: Don’t really have one, roses maybe? i actually really like thistles too
  • Favourite Scent: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Favourite Animal: Dog
  • Favourite Colour: Red
  • Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?: Tea
  • Average Sleep Hours: 4-5 hours
  • Cat or Dog: Dog
  • Favourite Fictional Character: There are too many so I’ll list a few: Dr McCoy, Uhura, Dorian (Almost Human), Tony Stark, Hermione Granger, Fred & George, Tonks, Luna, The Doctor, Donna Noble, Merlin, the Grandma from Mulan,
  • # of Blankets: 1
  • Dream Trip: No idea honestly, Japan maybe? I’d love to travel to the other side of the world. Or visit the Harry Potter world at Universal Orlando.
  • Blog Created: 2012 I think? I was originally a Homestuck blog 
  • Favourite song at the moment: It’s between ‘‘Not Today - BTS” & “So Far Away - Suga, Jin, Jungkook Ver.”
  • Number of followers: 1981 <3
  • Favourite bands: BTS, Icon For Hire, Fall Out Boy, GOT7, Imagine Dragons, Paramore, Clean Bandit
  • Favourite solo artists: There are far too many; Troye Sivan, Dami Im, Halsey, Ed Sheeran, Lindsey Stirling, Kelly Clarkson, Melanie Martinez,  Måns Zelmerlöw, Sia, Madilyn Bailey,….. 
  • Song stuck in my head: PIZZA, PASTA, PUT IT IN A BOX
  • Last movie I watched: I don’t remember… I think it might’ve been ‘Mrs Doubtfire’, it was on tv the other day
  • Last TV show I watched: It was either Doctor Who or Mock the Week
  • What stuff do you post: Whatever I like really, most of it’s Star Trek or a funny post i see. BTS has recently joined that mix too
  • When did you blog reach its peak: What? 
  • Do you have any other blogs: Yeah I have my side blog @communications-officer-namjoon , and i’m an admin on our Fleet’s blog @themirrorcollective
  • Do you get asks regularly: Not really, I like it when people do send them though 
  • Why did you choose your URL: ’ve gone through several variations of -on-the-uss-enterprise because i love Star Trek and i usually incorporate something else i enjoy, like right now BTS is a band i really enjoy hence the URL. 
  • Following: 732
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  • Hogwarts house: Gryffindor (that’s where Pottermore put me, I don’t actually mind being in any house) 
  • Pokemon team: Valor? (i’ve never played Pokemon Go, i just remember Moltres was my favourite Pokemon card when i was a child) 
  • Lucky numbers: 13
  • What are you wearing right now: Grey t-shirt with the Starfleet insignia with the colours of the Ace flag, and blue jeans
  • Dream job: I don’t have a clue, a corpse? 

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It’s just cute when tumblr users use a character from a show as their main icon but then they put a different one on their side-bar and use the name of yet another character as their url. It’s like they are saying “Hey! Welcome to my blog, as you can see I love these characters a lot, and there’s so many more of them, but unfortunately I cannot show more”

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*slowly slides in a twenty dollar bill* so like,,, how do you feel bout that arab/desi repredentation in media?

I’m literally for every and all kinds of representation in media. I’m so sick and tired of seeing the same kind of people over and over again. I can watch almost any movie or show and see most parts of myself, but too many people don’t have that privilege. it’s unfair for kids growing up in a world where they can’t even realize they are beautiful and valid because someone who looks or acts like them is designated to a minor or supporting character every time. if I ever get to make my own cartoons, it’s actually going to look like the wonderful and diverse world we live in, because every type of kid is important and deserves to be seen.

32 Things About Yourself Game

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  1. Name: Hemera
  2. Nickname(s): Hemi, Hemi-chan, Hema, Hem (the sns discord is very creative) recently also “fic dealer” and “hema express” courtesy of the sns discord and @whoskiba
  3. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  4. Height: 5″2 (158cm) hella short
  5. Ethnicity: -
  6. Birthplace: Uzbekistan
  7. Sexual Orientation: dunno yet, for the mean time: straight
  8. Favorite Fruit(s): to many omg
  9. Favorite Season(s): autumn
  10. Favorite Song(s): -
  11. Favorite Flower(s): uhmmm
  12. Favorite Book(s): too many I could make a list
  13. Favorite Animal(s): FOXES!!!!! and cats
  14. Favorite Beverage(s): -
  15. Favorite Fictional Character(s): do we really want to start that list? Beacause it won’t end
  16. Dream Trip: London maybe
  17. Killed People: innocent
  18. Siblings: A little Brother
  19. Horror Films: nopenopenope -is a wimp-
  20. Reasons To Smile: SNS and all my other ships, friends, fanfiction, sleep
  21. Questions You Are Always Asked: “How do I pronounce/spell your name?” “Where are you from?”
  22. Favorite Food(s): too many, but I think Lasagne, or pizza or…
  23. A Gift You Currently Want To Receive: fanstuff
  24. OTP: SNS, viktuuri, killugon, leopika, prideshipping
  25. One Thing That Has Changed About You: dunno
  26. Your First Ship: hmmm…. puzzleshipping I think… bc I didn’t know better and then came prideshipping (but these are the ones I remember, I am sure I shipped people before I knew what shipping was)
  27. NOTP: 
  28. Fear That You Want To Conquer: too many
  29. Favorite FanFiction(s): ahahahahaha far too many ask the sns discord they could give you a piece of the list
  30. Favorite Sport(s): sleeping! and being lazy as fuck!
  31. Birth Of Your Blog: uhmmmmmm 2014..? maybe?
  32. Followers: 397 >.<

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I made the best and worst decision, to watch Containment recently. I watched it because I thought it would be good (it is!), however I knew that it was extremely tragic and thought that because I knew what some of the character fates were, that I wouldn't get attached to each character and I certainly wouldn't be too impacted. However I was extremely wrong. I felt my heart warm with love for them and completely break with each death. I have cried so many times because of the show. Wish it got S2

containment will always be one of my favourite shows and jake riley will always be one of my favourite chris characters, that will never change. (others in the show too like katie, jana and lex!!) and i will never get over the fact that we didn’t get a s2. it was just shitty because it was on the wrong network, it should never have been on the cw because it’s not the right sort of genre and if it was on netflix or another network i bet we would have got a season 2.

kristen and christina have both recently said about a season 2 of containment (obviously kristen wouldn’t have been it in 😭😭) but christina said she would go and do s2, and im pretty sure chris would jump at the chance to do containment as he loved jake so much!!

man i really get emotional thinking about it, we really were robbed, it was such a great show and always makes me sob like a baby.

Justice League Unlimited: Kara goes to the future, meets Brainiac 5, ten SECONDS later fall in love with him and by the end of the episode decides to leave the Justice League behind and stay in the future with Brainiac and the Legion.

Supergirl TV Show: Kara meets Mon-El, falls in love with him little by little, takes a shot at love by episode 13, and haters are like: “this is so out of character, this is not Kara”

BTW I’m pleased to see all DC shows are taking so much inspiration from the animated stuff (including the ability of forgive and give second chances that Kara has there)… saw many things I remembered from tv shows - and yes I’m watching it all… It’s really fun, haters should too instead of talking shit! ;)