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Habit Tracker 2.0;

November 12, 2016

I’ve honestly just been really motivated lately, so I’ve been making a ton of graphics. People really liked my Habit Tracker 1.0, so I decided to make a second one! Information, rules, and the download link are under the cut. :)

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so… .I hit 3k today and I’m just????speechless ?? (((I’ve had this blog for almost 2 months and I did my first follow forever in the beginning of december so i hope i’m not being too annoying .…))

First of all, I want to thank every single person who follows me, sends me sweet messages, and everyone who takes their time to talk to me everyday, all of that means so much to me. Even though I’ve been here for such a short time, I’ve already met tons of amazing people who make my life more enjoyable 

Secondly, 2016 is coming to an end (finally) so I wish all of you a wonderful 2017. I hope this new year brings you the happiness and sucess that you all deserve.  ily and once again, thank you!!  

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Formally announcing Prologue Redux!

Most of you already knew we were “remastering” our dear Prologue episode using the current engine, but we never gave much info… until now. 

Originally starring the grumpy veterinarian Betty, her personal Slave Boy Deal, and an army of dogs that gave Jill a mild PTSD (she actually just can’t stand dogs anymore, not really a PTSD), the Prologue episode was a small three-chapter release meant to be a test to gauge interest, get some money to fund development, and a bonus for pre-ordering all at the same time. We got tons of feedback that shaped the final product and it was key to our survival.

However, after the full game was released, the fatigue took the best of us and we wanted some time off. As much as we love VA-11 Hall-A, we are the kind of people who get bored easily with one concept, so much of the past six months since release have been spent on tech research for our next title.

We did want to release Prologue Redux around this season though, so work started a few weeks ago and we’re in the QA stage right now. We’ll release it as soon as it’s rock solid and doesn’t break anything.

But that’s not everything!

Prologue Redux will sport extra, never before seen content. What is it about? you will have to wait to find out.

Please don’t wake up this Gaby.

Prologue Redux it’s gonna be a free update for the base game, and will be available for all storefronts (, GOG, Steam, Humble). You will be able to play it from an option in the main menu and it’s going to be isolated from the rest of the game, so feel free to check it out at any point when it lands.

The future of Sukeban Games looks bright, and while we won’t exactly Kill the Past, we’ll certainly move on after this… development-wise, we still have some good VA-11 Hall-A stuff on the way, just not more content like Prologue Redux… (´・ω・`)

9x06 Meta Links

A collection of literally every meta-y post about this episode on my blog :3

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R /// DE W/ ME


Hey music creator! As you might know (or not) i’m doing several animations lately with cool music soundtracks. People on my Instagram ask me tons of times why I don’t add music on my loops. Well the first reason is that I started here on Tumblr uploading gifs back in 2012, and of course gifs are graphic format. With the time I’ve started to make other loops and more complex edits in my spare time, and I’ve been doing nice pieces with rad dudes like Telepath, Silver Richards, Esprit, etc. 

Think of it as a collab between you and my animations. There will be posted on Vine as well on Instagram. Ideally loops (for Vine not have to exceed 6.5sec/Instagram up to 15) Proper credits and links to respective profiles will be given. This is NON profit and just for the love of making art. If you do music (synthwave/vaporwave/edm/infomercial/instrumental hip hop/or whatever you think it should fit with my styles) DM me or send an email @ 

Yo I ain’t no expert with these things lmao but! Here we go –
About two weeks ago, I made this blog, expecting to COMPLETELY abandon it within the first few days. Boy howdy was I wrong!
It’s been a while since I’ve felt so loved, wanted & welcomed to an RP account and I’ve reached over 300 followers somehow? ? ? Plus tons of OoC support, compliments AND people wanting to RP with me?!
Welp, I’m gonna give a shout out to a few people here. Please dew NOT feel bad if you’re not on here I am BOND to forget some people! ! !

@oursavior-ourlord ; TEA ! ! ! I’ve known you since Darkie Poo blog and you’ve been a near & dear friend to me for a good while now. If it wasn’t for you giving me a promo I don’t think I would have ever gotten this blog off of it’s feet. Thank you so much, friend! The story abt how you found Darkie’s blog STILL like… Surprises me tbh an ANON talking good abt me? ? ? LIKE? ? ? WHAT???????????

@craniumaniac ; Fuckin’ FITE me Kaycie I didn’t M E A N to ship Guzmeria but then you slapped me with matching/similar headcanons and fists-full of feels. To click so nicely with someone like I did with you doesn’t happen often. SO glad we did, though! MEET ME IN THE SKULL PIT @ 5AM SHARP NERD! WE’S GONNA FITE.

@grunt-j / @groudoned ; Ashblibbityblooshinififh? ? ? I got SO excited to see you follow me on Groudon. Then you brought J along and HOH BOY I LOVE THE #NO HOMO BROMO to fuckin’ BITS! Your posts always get me to crack a smile and I’ve been shipping your muse with a certain Gladion for a while now!

@hvrriccne ; Screams @ u tbh? ? ? The FIRST Gladion to approach me! Plumes is actually rlly attached to ur Gladion, not gonna lie haha. I want to protect him from EVERYTHING PLS. Let me keep him S A F E.

@prxyingmantis ; WELL EXCUSE U I SHOULDN’T PUT U HERE BECAUSE U BROKE MY RULES? ? ? NOT. ALLOWED. TO. BUY. ME. SHIT. B( … But no okay seriously I wanted to cry you didn’t have to do that for me and I LOVE Seer so so so so SO much such a presh little Lurantis and ur presh and djfvgjtkblv fite me, okay? FITE ME!

@notquitethelegend / @newtauconnor ; NERD NERD NERD NERD NERD. I’ve known you since, uh… My Princess Peach blog? Goodness I wish I could dew more to help you out too bgtnjvrkfdl. ; A; Take care of yourself, okay?

@mtsilverscryptid ; THE FIRST AND ONLY ONLINE FRIEND TO MEET ME IRL! ! ! We’ve been friends since my Yuga blog and holy shit I love you I’m so gay. I’m glad I get to RP with you in this fandom now too!

@vindecatcr ; SCREAMS AND STEALS U. UR MINE. MINE FRIEND. Another good, very very VERY good friend of mine I met on my Yuga blog u g h <3 I love u so much too




@kitterahsdollhouse ; /GRABS UR SHOULDERS AND SHAKES U / LoZ MUSES GUYS. OC’S. OC’S TO LOVE AND LOVE FOREVER U BETTER FOLLOW. They’re a good friend I met on my Linkle {Hyrule Warriors!} account! <3 LOVE U SO MUCH <3


Okay I could legit ramble on abt EVERYONE I tag but ! ! ! Then this post would be too long it’s already long enough omg ! So here’s other people I’ve enjoyed RPing with or simply watching from afar! Again if I forget to mention you PLEASE don’t feel bad! I’m bond to forget people and I apologize so so so so SO much!

@contritiohumana ; @deltaxtream ; @curious-objecthead ; @skulliisms ; @princess2x4 ; @belladrago ; @bluesquidz ; @skullgrxnt ; @seaboundsongstress ;  @malkukuia ; @astrophilisms ; @typenullandvoid ; @aethermina ; @giixma ; @gxtgxd ; @scientistofdevon ; @sableyecultist ; @beareroftheblueorb ; @aquaelegance ; @aquatocracy ; @reprisxl ; @thehouseofivo ; @unchangingloyalty ; @icelillie ; @mysteriousassistxnt ; @cattlxya ; @mallowofalola ; @musedimension ; @nharmxnic ; @xbugz-n-skullzx ; @skullbaddie ; @skullunderling ; @skulls-and-bunnies ; @moontouchxd ; @ladyofghostsalola ; @bagdestroyer ; @artifactious ; @pokemohn ; @pokemondeliverer ; @diluviumx ; @geoforza ; @fatedflare ; @vileplumeperfume ; @pouli-mana ; @punkgrunt ; @honoxtokage ; @alohalawaia

I’m following like 200+ people so I’m p sure I missed a TON of you guys but just know I love and appreciate you all so much and I’ve had the GREATEST time here! I’m honestly so shocked that so many people like and even LOVE my portrayal of Plumes I was afraid I wouldn’t dew her any justice. I apologize profusely for missing anyone okay? PLEASE don’t take offense if you’re not on here! ; v; I can’t stress enough that I’ve forgotten so many great people but a h h h h ! ! !

This year have been really wonderful for me, full with nice news, new friendships, and tons of love. Actually thank you so much to all of you for stay and make this 2016 a wonderful year. This year was really important for me since it helped me to find my real identity and accept myself with much love. I wouldn’t make that possible with the support of many people who now means a lot to me. I hope we can have together many nice things! Happy 2016, and almost Happy 2017!

♡ The love of my life ♡



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I just want to take a moment to appreciate the actual ray of sunshine that is Jung Hoseok. His birthday is coming up and I want to show how much we love him! A ton of people are trying to get the WINGS Comeback Trailer to 10 million because it has J-Hope’s solo dance in it. Please go stream it so that we can show our love for BTS’s wonderful dancer/rapper! ©


Marriage Material ♥ A Huntingbird AU 
     Part of the @thehuntingbirdnetwork‘s Secret Valentine Exchange!

For @memorizingthedigitsofpi who prompted me with: Family board game night

Summary: The path to marriage is a complex one, filled with vast Commitments that prove to your significant other that you are indeed “The Marrying Type.” Do too many of these Commitments and you may quickly find yourself…Marriage Material! 

(Aka, SHIELD Security is hosting its annual Valentine’s Day office party and Lance Hunter is stuck playing a silly game with certain people he’d rather never see again). 


You’re a Work of Art

Part 3

Rating: Mature

Summary: Frat boy Luke falls for “good girl” Y/N

Hot , sweaty bodies pressing against each other, pounding music, the smell of weed so strong you feel you can get high of of it, people making out in various public places, alcohol everywhere. This is what I needed.

I just needed to come to this party to forget it all. The break up, the cheating, the lying, Luke. I needed it all to fade my mind for at least a night.

So, I showed up to the party with Natalie, ready to start the night of drinking.

I entered the frat house, which was littered with tons of people outside and inside.

We walked in and went straight to the kitchen, already getting eyed by several guys hoping to get lucky tonight. Which was gross, but I couldn’t blame them. The way I was dressed tonight was much more different and teasing than usual.

Black dress, a little less than mid thigh, lace sleeves, and some certain parts of the ribcage were see through.

“C'mon Y/N, we have to get you something to drink immediately.” Natalie said while dragging me through the crowd of people.

So, I followed her. Seeming ad she knew her way around the house more than I did. She led me to the kitchen, which obviously held all alcohol.

“Okay, pick your posion. We see to hav-” Nat had started but was cut off by several guys screaming over the music and yelling at something outside. There was now a crowd surfacing towards the front door and Windows to see what was so important outside.

I looked outside the kitchen window, hoping the position I was in I would get a glimpse of what everyone was getting so worked up about.

Luckily, the way the house was set up, I was able to see the front yard perfectly. I looked outside to see a black car right on the grass of the home.

I saw a guy from inside the house step up to the car and made whoever was in the car roll down the tinted windows enough to talk,but not enough to see who it was.

“Hey, that’s Ryan right there!” Natalie told me, as she approached the window and I. I simply continued staring, so intrigued to find out who was inside and why it was made such a big deal out of.

“What the hell is happening?” I asked no one in particular. “Oh, you haven’t heard?” I heard a voice belonging to a girl behind me. “Heard what?” I asked looking over at Natalie. “Ryan crashed one of the other fraternities frat party’s and totally fucked it up, and now I’m guessing they’re getting revenge.” she replied walking over to the window. “Which frat house ?” I asked, hoping and pray to God it wouldn’t be Calum’s. “I don’t know, but they’re getting out right now!” she said with excitment full in her voice. “Ooh, he’s cute! I call dibbs!” she yelled over the music and walked away towards the front door. I walked up to the window and saw just what I didn’t want to see. -Gif- Like and Ashton getting out of the car. Fucking fantastic. Now I really needed a drink. I walked away from the window, back to the counter to prepare something that would get me drunk the quickest. I settled for some Rum and Coke, simple but enough to fuck someone up within a cup or two. “Hey Y/N, I’m gonna go say hi to a couple of people. You alright by yourself?” I heard Natalie say as she finished preparing her drink. “Yeah sure, go ahead. I don’t mind” I really do mind. I don’t want to be alone knowing Luke was here. I don’t want to have a run-in with him, that’s like hell on Earth. She walked away rather quickly and left me in the kitchen. Alone. Again. I sighed as I took another drink of what I had. The kitchen was starting to fill up quickly, so I really needed to get away from that. I walked away from the kitchen and waded my way around the crowded house. I was unfamilarized with it all, so obviously I had absoulutely no fucking idea where I was going. I walked around the house, trying to find somewhere partially quiet. I thought about going upstairs, but then quickly remembered this was a party and there was bound to sex being had upstairs. So, I avoided that and walked around drinking, like a complete loser. God, I’m so pathetic. Instead of living it up like I’m supposed to be doing here, I’m wallowing in my own self-pity. As I walked I kept thinking about how much I missed Calum, and how much it hurts to know I wasn’t good enough for him. That is until I bumped into something, or more like, someone and had my drink spilt all over my dress. I looked up to see who I had ran into and it just so happened to be Luke. Big surprise. Out of all people at this party, it had to be him. Just my luck. “Fuck! Can you watch where you’re going?” Luke scolded angrily while shaking his head, not even glancing in my direction. Fucking perfect. VERY SHORT CHAPTER IM SORRY BUT LIKE I KEEP GETTIBG WRITERS BLOCK AND WRITING AND THE DELETING AND ITS JUST A CYCLE AND I HAD TO SETTLE FOR THIS IM SORRY GUYS

SENTENCE STARTER: “C’mere, you can sit in my lap until I’m done working.”


The tower was quiet.

It was after another one of Tony’s successful parties that you found him in his lab. He was tinkering around with one of his suits when you walked in. Your feet hurt from the heels you had been wearing for the last few hours.

“Figured I would find you in here.” You spoke when you walked in his lab. He looked up at you and smiled a little, “It was a good guess.”

You walked over to his work bench and saw he was making adjustments to his helmet. “Did you have fun at the party?”

“Did I have fun? A bunch of people came over and drank a ton of my booze and ate a ton of my food. I guess I had fun.” He said sarcastically.

You rolled your eyes playfully, “Then why do you continue to have people come over?”

“Because…..I like seeing you get all dressed up.”

“Is that so?” You walked around the table towards him. He set his tools down and placed his hands on your waist. You and Stark had been seeing each other for three years after been friends for nearly six. The times that you were with him were some of your happiest.

He made you laugh with his eccentric humor and was always there when you needed him. You saw the softer side to him. The side that wasn’t normally shown to the anyone else. You liked having a part of him that was just yours.

“Did you have fun tonight?” He questioned.

You nodded your head, “Yes, I did. I enjoyed seeing you have a good time.”

“Doesn’t happen often. Don’t get used to it.” Stark joked.

“It’s getting pretty late. Aren’t you tired?” You placed one of your hands on his cheek and he leaned into it. You knew that he didn’t sleep much and when it was overdue, he would get cranky.

“Not really. Why don’t you head to bed and I’ll be there soon.”

“I’ve heard that line before. You say you’ll be in bed soon and then the next morning, I find you passed out in here.”

Stark chuckled, “I hope I’m not becoming too predictable.”

“You are,” you teased, “I’ll stay with you until you are done. That chair over there looks mighty comfortable.”

You started to walk towards the vacant chair nearby that you mentioned but Tony grabbed one of your hands.

“C'mere, you can sit on my lap until I’m done working.” He pulled you towards him and you took a seat on his lap. Tony wrapped his arms around you and you felt his lips on your bare shoulder.

“I thought you were working.” You joked.

“I think I’ve found something better to do with my time.”

Tim Burton: Batman Returns (1992)
According to Tim Burton the live penguins were the biggest divas on set.
The production had to fly in penguins from the English countryside in the refrigerated hold of a plane. Once on set they were given their own refrigerated trailer, their own swimming pool with half a ton of fresh ice every day, and had fresh fish delivered daily straight from the docks. Even though the temperature outside frequently topped 100 degrees, the entire set was refrigerated down to 35 degrees.

Capricorn Sun and Gemini Moon Confession, submitted by a follower

I want to have a ton of friends/ acquaintances to go out with and do things, but at the same time I prefer to be alone because then i know everything will be done right and turn out exactly like I want. Plus, people are kind of weirded out by me at first because I can be standoffish, but as soon as we get close I explode with people-energy for them and they’re like “who in the world did I just befriend?” I hate socks and laced shoes with a passion. Sandals are great because I can just slip them on in less than five seconds and be out the door. I like to be always on the move, I hate wasting time and having nothing to do.  [info on sun and moon signs]


Since the 2016 CB was announced, I got tons of asks from people interested in WINNER, asking where they could learn about them, so in an effort to help new and old Inner Circles alike, I spent 3 days compiling an organized & permanent masterlist for all things Winner! 

Here, you can find links to mvs, teasers, solo work, pre-debut videos, etc. The page works on mobile! While this is not a complete list, it’s enough to get you started…and even if you’ve followed Winner since they were Team A, it won’t hurt to take a trip down memory lane! I will continue to update & develop this page as the year progresses, so if you have links to videos or downloads not included here, please inbox me so I can include them! 

Please reblog this post to spread the word & bookmark the masterlist for easy access! (btw If you don’t know where to start, I recc. Winner TV!)

Stiles Stilinski: I could be a spy! No Stiles you couldn’t

You and Stiles were human, sucks to be you right? Well I mean you didn’t really want to be a werewolf to be honest so you weren’t complaining. Stiles loved the research and sometimes you couldn’t lie you kind of liked it too. The interesting part though, not the scrolling through creepy forums but the sneaking into people’s homes, hacking peoples computers, that kind of thing was very you. This is why Stiles and you would always make a perfect team, he was willing to do the boring part and you would do the ‘possibly get arrested and definitely get into a shit ton of trouble’.  

Although the endless teasing you and Stiles suffered due to the amount of time you spent in his bedroom was a proper pain in the ass, nevertheless it was harmless and they didn’t mean anything by it. In fact Stiles would even make jokes about it, you occasionally hitting him on the back of the head. You loved your best friend though and I mean yes you did have a crush on him but you had a handle on it so it was okay. In fact being friends with Stiles at times was more than enough.

It was one of those nights, you and Stiles were gathered round his computer, him researching hard into some facts about some weapon he had acquired, you picking off your nail polish praying it would get interesting sometime soon because you were about to go from picking nails to picking your own brain out.  “Yeah this is it” Stiles spoke pointing to the knife on the screen before reaching over to grab his backpack. Rummaging his hand inside you watched his face drop as he couldn’t find it. “What no!” Stiles panicked emptying the bag onto his desk, he scattered through it before putting his head in his hands. “I left it at school, in my locker to keep it safe Dammit we need it!” he exclaimed, watching as your eyes lit up, now this would be a challenge.

“Stiles chill, this is gonna be so freaking awesome!” you chuckled wrapping your jacket around yourself before opening his window. “It’s easy we can break in!” you ordered jumping out of the window, him following immediately.  Stiles started up the jeep seeing how excited you were and smiling before speaking. “You really love this don’t you? I mean all this, the hands on part” he chuckled driving down the pitch black road hoping that the jeep would make as little noise as possible. “Yeah it’s so cool, it’s like a rush of adrenaline and I love it, wait, pull here the cctv cameras will be on” you spoke tapping on the dashboard making Stiles chuckle. You always had to be in control it was something that would always make him chuckle, something he really loved about you. Waiting for you, Stiles lead the way up behind the trees into the back of the lacrosse pitch, dodging every camera and stumbling continuously. “Here let me” you whispered stepping in front and doing a much better job of leading the way.

See you always came prepared to situations like this, carrying in your pocket what looked like a nail set in a little pouch, but instead was a flat head wrench as well as many other tools, although the flat head wrench would really help as far as breaking in goes. Sliding the wrench into one of the side doors on the old building, a clicking sound indicated you were in. Creaking the door open slightly you and Stiles slipped through the slim gap, before letting him in front to your dismay just so you could find his locker. It didn’t take long to locate it even in the dark and although you were filled with adrenaline part of you had a bad feeling.  “C’mon Stiles we- “you stopped as a flashlight shone your way. “Who’s there?” the familiar voice of the caretaker spoke making you both jump.  Grabbing Stiles hand you pulled him down back through the school, thanking yourself that you took note of the way in the dark. Sliding back through the gap Stiles pushed the door shut as you both ran back to the jeep giggling.

You both hopped back in either side and burst out laughing, stopping and ducking as you noticed a faint flashlight through the trees although it disappeared as quick as it appeared. “That was so awesome” he whispered looking down at the knife in hand. “Although I think I’m gonna stick to the research side” he chuckled the moonlight reflecting on his face just so that it highlighted all of his handsome features something you were just beginning to appreciate. Taking a deep breath you leaned over and kissed him lips softly before moving back to your seat and biting your nails unable to look at him. Stiles just blinked a couple times before pulling you towards him and locking lips once again. Seconds passed before you were pulled onto his lap, making the horn blare and you both giggle and pull apart. “C’mon we need to go before he comes back” you whispered climbing back off much more carefully this time as Stiles started the engine.

Stiles placed his right hand on the wheel and began to drive slowly his left hand found yours gently and intertwined his fingers with yours. “I really like you y/n” he whispered squeezing your hand. “I really like you too Stiles” you spoke squeezing his hand back.

“Look, I swear to God Harry has a crush on you!” Y/F/N sighed, rolling her eyes when you shook your head with a scoff. The both of you had been over this subject countless times, only because she was the one who always had to bring it up whenever she could. You liked Harry, so what? A ton of people liked Harry - Heck, you couldn’t compete with his past relationships (or flings). Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift – All these long-legged celebrities with flowing locks, sparkling eyes, crystal clear skin.. And Y/F/N was crazy enough to think that Harry was interested in you

“Y/F/N. We’re not going to talk about this. I’ll get over him eventually, but I won’t be able to if you keep adding fuel to the flame. If you keep telling me that Harry likes me, my brain is going to trick me into actually believe that and then everything’s going to go to hell.” You snorted, taking a sip of your water as you looked around the crowded living room. Everyone was at Niall’s house celebrating his birthday, so naturally, you were there, Liam was there, Louis, and.. Harry. 

“You’re never going to get over him, no matter how hard you try. I saw you doing research on him and Kendall the other day.” Y/F/N pointed out, your cheeks burning slightly. What? You were jealous of the fact that Kendall had gotten so close to Harry and the most intimate thing you’ve ever done with Harry was give him a chaste kiss on the cheek. “Hey, did you like those yacht pictures, by the way? You know, the ones of her lying on top of him, of the two of them supposedly making out, the selfies they took, the cuddling-” 

“Okay! Jesus, you don’t have to make me cry.” You muttered, looking into your empty cup as you let out a sigh. “Can we stop talking about this now? I really don’t want to think about Kendall Jenner.” 

“It’s hard not to think about her when she literally just walked in.” Y/F/N coughed into her hand as you turned and glanced behind you to see Kendall walking in with a smile on her face as she greeted everyone. Niall was at the door, giving her a friendly hug as he took his present from her, the two of them exchanging words. 

“I didn’t know Niall invited her - I didn’t know Niall knew her?” Y/F/N shrugged, looking over your shoulder and towards the kitchen. “Hey, can you.. Can you just tell me why you think Harry likes me? A little pathetic of me to ask, but I-” 

“Oh yeah! Of course. Oh my god, so basically, I saw him looking at you the other day as if you were this angel sent from above. There was so much fondness in his eyes, it was crazy. And he always pays for you! Even though you try to fight him on it, he always manages to whip out his credit card before you do. Plus, he always sits next to you whenever he has the chance. Look, I could go on forever, but I really think you need to take the chance and ask Harry out on a proper date. Lord knows he’s probably too chicken to ask you, so you should do it! Girl power and all that, you know?” All this talk from Y/F/N motivated you. Maybe she was right? Maybe there was a possibility that Harry had a crush on you - which was perfect, since you definitely reciprocated those feelings. 

“Okay.” You found yourself blurting that out, giving yourself a little pep talk as Y/F/N led you towards the kitchen to fill up on drinks. (Drunk Y/N was a little more confident than I’ll-stick-to-water Y/N.) “I mean, you’re probably right! You’ve got solid evidence..” 

“I know I’m right.” Y/F/N grinned, subtly gesturing to the refreshments table where Harry and Liam were. “And now’s your chance.” You walked towards the table, swallowing thickly as you felt your heart beginning to beat a little faster. In a few moments, your life could change forever! If Harry said he liked you back.. You could die peacefully. 

“Hey!” You greeted cheerfully, picking an empty cup up for yourself, the marker squeaking against the flimsy plastic as you scribbled your name down. 

“Oh, hey, Y/N!” Harry chirped, picking up a cup for himself and smiling when you handed him the marker. 

“Great party so far, yeah?” You clicked your tongue, your eyes scanning over the various bottles of liquid gold sitting on the table. “What do you suggest I drink?” 

“I tried tequila and vodka together - Worst decision of my life.” Liam cut in, making a face as he poured himself a cup of orange punch. “The only thing here that’s alcoholic is water.. I told Niall to ease up on the beer, but I’m pretty sure he’s on his sixth bottle already.” You laughed along, but you were actually planning on how to talk to Harry. You were obviously a little more nervous than usual - And you had the right to be! “Anyways, Niall told me to open up another bag of chips, so I’ll be right back.” Now was your chance. It was just you and Harry. You and Harry. 

“Hey, Harry? I was wondering.. Well, this might sound silly to you, but there’s this really nice sushi place that just opened up last week, and I was wondering if maybe you were interested in-” 

“Harry!” You were interrupted by the sound of Kendall’s voice, making you turn around quickly to see her walking towards the table. You immediately stood to the side with a sheepish smile on your face, already regretting the choice of coming to this party. 

“Kendall! Hey, love. How’ve yeh been?” Harry smiled, pulling her into the hug before pressing a kiss to her cheek. 

“Oh, I’ve been great! We haven’t seen each other in a while! We should go out for dinner tonight. A new sushi place opened up down the block! I tried it last week - The hand rolls were amazing.” She gushed, her hand sliding down his arm to squeeze his wrist. 

“Yeah! Yeah, that sounds good! I haven’t any plans, so we can definitely go out fo’ dinner.” Harry nodded, turning to glance at you. “Oh, Y/N! You were saying something earlier?” Yikes. 

“Me? Oh, I was just.. It can wait.” You laughed uneasily, quickly pouring some vodka into your cup before shooting him a smile. “S’cuse me. Y/F/N’s probably looking for me.” You walked back to Y/F/N, feeling like you were about to explode into a million pieces. You should’ve known - You were Y/N. That was Kendall Jenner. Obviously Harry would be interested in you - What were you thinking? 

“So.. how’d it go?” Y/F/N grinned excitedly, her smile fading when she noted the slight frown on your face. “What happened?” 

“I.. I didn’t ask. Maybe another time.” 


part two maybe so maybe no??

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